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SMi! XotniMtiljts, fcars, Giilits, SliitioiBitj injints, 

Mjmmns the ITiGight Depot of the Bn&lo ft JUhany Bail BmiL 



■n»« B.n. .™ hung wllh the pU« 


Ibe Bell, Hereby pn)li>n(lD( ibg !<>d 

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the Hndion, Kt 

A. MBNBBLT'a SOHS, West Troy, N. T. 
. PRATT A CO., . . AQKNTS, . . BUFFALo! 



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■W-- - - -^ " «• * » »? 


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3 M- Boiler, Plate, Fine, mmI Sheet Iron, Angl^ 
y Iron, Steel, Boiler RiTeti, AmeRcan KiTeta Idt 
- Sheet Iron, Ac Ac tot «al& 

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nraa^lS wo^ay *0T ?"■ 1*!H I" "P^W ITV -JM 









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BT ■. u>rusar, oirr ■ubvbtob. 


CtmmneuL AmmnnB BooavfiL 


V te 

V m 

V «to 



Amocia^aim and Societies.* WMNk 

Medical College... ,...• SS 

YonngMen'sJLaaociatioB SI 

Young Hen'B Christiaa Union jff 

German Young Men'a Aawciafion Stt 

Medical Aasociation SB 

Erie Co. Medical Society SB 

Orphan Aajlum (Protertant) SB 

City Hospital i.... 

Sisten of Ch#rify 

Orphan Aajlnxn (Catholic) , 

AflBociation for the Relief of the Poor 99 

Firemen's Benerolent Assoeiatioii......^. M 

81 Andrews* Society 38 

St Vincent de Panl , M 

Waterworks 31 

Ladies* Temperance Society 3$ 

Horticnltaral Society.... ^ ••...••.... 31 

Sons of Temperance .^.•. —♦•....--. 31 

Odd Fellows 3S 

St Joseph's Orphan Asylum for Boys 29 

City Dispensary 29 

Homoeopathic Dispensary 29 

Sunday School Association 30 

St George's Society 30 

Buffalo Catholic Institute 30 

Cartmen's Society 30 

Erie County Agricultural Society 31 

Free Masons 31 

Knighti TemplaiB 31 



Board ofTrade 21 

Buffalo Post-office 21 

Banks 21 

Buffalo AdvertiBements.. 47 

Buffalo Female Academy 22 

City Qovemmen t , 17 

Canal Officers 18 

County Officers ^ 19 

Commissioners of D^ds - 19 

Commissioners of Deeds for other States 19 

Commissioners of Loans 19 

Courts .- 20 

Custom House Officers. -^ 26 

Churches, Pastors and Trustees 35 

Coin, American and Foreign, Value of 43 

Gas Works 23 

Xistof Nursea 16 

List of Streets - 38 

List of Names of Residents 113 

List of Physicians.... 14 

Militia 33 

Notaries Public 19 

Kev York State Militia— Eighth DiTision 33 

Newspapers and Periodicals ,.., 34 

Nev York Advertisements , ,.387 

Post-officesin Erie County 42 

Railroad Companies , ,.. 23 

Road Companies ;. , 24 

Telegraph Companies 25 

Water Works.. 31 



Xgencjflaaid and Insurance, T.S. Catting 96 

AgricnltaTal WardiioiiBe, and Seed Store, Mason dk LoYering....l01 

Alcohol, Camphene, <kc. <fcc. Enapp dk Oillet 53 

Attorney and Commissioner of Deeds, James Sill 91 

Attorneys and Counsellors, Le Grand 4s Q. L. Marvin 91 

Attorneys and Counsellors, Shumway dk Curtenius 91 

Beef and Pork Inspector, Miles Jones 53 

Bellows Factory, Wm.F. Beaman 68 

Bookstore and PuUishing House, Derby, Orton dk Mulligan 58 

Bookstore, O. G. Steele 69 


Books, Printing and PuUisbing, Phinney dk Ca 60 

Bookseller, Publisher and Stationer, T. Butler 57 

Booksellers, Stationers, Ac, Danforth, Hawley dk Co. 57 

Book Binding and Blank Books, J. J. Parsons 97 

Book and Periodical Depot, A. Burke 61 

Boote and Shoes, O. H. P. Williams 84 

Botanic Physician and Medicines, M. W, Hill 96 

Brass Founders, Colligon dk Brothers 76 

Brewery, Boyle dk Gibbons , -. 56 

Brick, Rolled, Common and Pressed, Raze dk Dickey 91 

Brick, Pressed, Stock, dkc. P. A. Balcom dk Co 92 

British Pill of Health, Ac. Dr. Hannam 95 

Buffalo City Furnace and Steam Engine Works, Swartz dk Br& . 68 

Burr Mill Stones, John T. Noye 88 

Butchers and Proyision Dealers, F. A. dk J. L. Allberger 56 

Butcher and Provision and Ice Dealer, H. Lamb 56 

Butcher and Provision Dealer, J. Boorom 56 

Cabinet Ware and TJpholstery, Cutler dk Deforest 85 

Cabinet Furniture and Chairs* Taunt dk Baldwin 85 


Cabhiet Furniture and Chairs, W. GaUigan 85 

Carpeting, David M. Qrant 64 

Carpeting, Dry Qoods, <fec. W. B. Bishop <fe Co 65 

City Furnace, S. Swartz <& Brothers 88 

Clinton Line, W. Monteath 48 

Coffin Makers and Undertakers, Kraft <fe Gray 67 

Coffin Warehouse, E. AH. D.Farwell 67 

Commission Merchant, M. S. Hawley 47 

Commission Merchant, O. S. Bruce 50 

Commission Merchants, Geo. A. Mo<»'e <fe Co 51 

Commission Merchants, Hill, Fleming <fe Co. 49 

Commission and Shipping Merchants, Daw <fe Son 49 

Composition Roofers, &c, Warren A Brother 84 

Confectionery, J. Benson <fe Co. — 55 

Confectionery, James Heth 55 

Contractors and Paving Stone Dealers, Holloway <fe Co 93 

Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, Zuck A Brothers 96 

Coppersmiths, J. Otto <fe Co. 79 

Crockery, Glass, Ac. E. C.Brown A Co 62 

Daguerrean Rooms, McDonell A Co 80 

Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Ac. J. W. "Williams A Co. 65 

DrtSgs, Domestic and Foreign, Ac. Ac. A. B. Moore TT 66 

Diy Goods, B. Fitch A Co. 65 

Dry Goods, Howard A Whitcomb 64 

Dry Goods, (Fancy) and Upholstery, W. B. Bishop A Co 65 

Dry Goods, Fancy and Staple, In. Rub., Ac. Van Santvoord A Co. 65 

Ear Infirmary, Smith A Bowers 94 

Eagle Brass Foundry, Colligon Brothers 76 

Engraving and Copperplate Printing, G. D. Wightman 81 ' 

Engraving on Wood, Vanduzee A Barton 81 

Engravers and Lithographers, Compton A Co 81 

Erie Canal Transportation Line, John Pease 48 

Fireworks, J. S.Morris A Son , 85 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Walker .A Clark 47 

Forwarding Merchant, W. Monteath. 48 

Forwarding and Produce Merchants, Swan A Son 49 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Buckinghams A Guthrie 50 
Forwarding Merchants, Western States Line, A. R. Cobb A Co... 51 

Forwarding and Commission Merchant, W. A Fox 52 

Foundry and Steam Engine Works, Swartz A Brothers .• 68 


Famishing Establishment^ Jeirett <fc Brother •• 69 

Grocers and CbmmissLon Merchants, H. O. Cowing A Oa 50 

Grocers and Ship Chandlers, Hart, Newman A Ca 54 

Grocers and Ship Chandlers* Morse A Johnson 51 

Groceries, Wines and Xaqnors, H. Hagar A Co. 51 

Groceries, Paints, Oils, Glass, Ac. Ac Ooenther <fc Stevens 54 

Groceries, ProTJsionsand Produce, J. Jamieson..* 53 

Groceries, Xhrags, <fcc. J. W. Williams <& Co €5 

Gunsmith, P. Smith 77 

Hardware, Pratt A Ca 74 

Hardwars, Stoyes, Ac, 4^. Parmelee tfeHadley 73 

Hardware, AcF.M. Pratt 73 

Hardware and Cutlery, Edward F. Folger 73 

Housekeeper's FumiUung Establishment, Jewett Brothers 69 


Western, F. L. Brown 99 

Merchants', Slocom Brothers 96 

Niagara Temperance, Bajlej A S<m 99 

Ijovejoy, Capt H. Gray 98 

Wheeler's, E. Wheeler ^ 99 

United States, Z. Bonney 99 

Bailroad, A^N.Larreau 99 

Huff's Original, A. Slocom 98 

Clarendon, H. Van Allen 98 

DeL' Europe, F. M. Jacobs 99 

Imported Wines and Liquors, Ac Edwards A Bancroft 50 

Inqporters of Wines and Liquors* Wright, Clark A Co. 53 

Intelligence Office and General Agency, Thomas S. Cutting 96 

Insurance Agents, Moore, Presbrey ^ Crittenden 90 

Insurance Agent, Edward Brewbter 89 

Iron Fence, Railing, Balustrades, Ac. R. H. Eddy A Ca 76 

Iron Fence, ^ W. Leak , 76 

Jewelry, Watches, <kc. D. B. Castle 69 

Jewelry, J. F. Pitkin 62 

Jewelry, Watches, Ac. T. Stephenson <!; Co. 62 

Jeweliy, Watches, Ac. O. E. Sibley 62 

Jewelry, Watches, Lee A Brother... 62 

Justice of the Peace, H.B.Burt • 91 

Lantern Manufncturets, Sangster A Sons 67 

Last Makers, Ac Wing A Co. ^ 84 


Leather, Hides, Oil, &c. Bush A Howard. 60 

Leather, Hides, Oil, <kc. N, Case A Co 80 

Lithographers and Engravers, Compton <b Co. 81 

• Liquor Dealers, Importers, <fec. Edwards A Bancroft 50 

Livery Stable, G. A F. Mount, 96 

Lumber, Farmer, De Blaquiere <fe Deedes 86 

I'umber, Charles L.Pierce 87 

Lumber and Planing Mill, P. B. <fe L. L. Eaton 87 

Lumber, Shingles, <fec. Tsaac S. Newton 87 

Lumber, James A. Perry ^ K7 

Lumber, Perry A Herritt ^ 87 

Leather Polish, Sheldon's Premium Oil, Water Proof 97 

London Art Journal Agency, R. J. Abbott ..•• 90 

Marble Works, D. Belden. 68 

Merchant Tailor, W. Dodsworth : 63 

Merchant Tailor, A. B. Bidwell ...64 

Merchant Tailor, Thomas Eennett 63 

Merchant Tailor, J. B.Dubois 63 

MerchantTailor,B. T.Harris : 63 

Merchant Tailor, L. D. Hibbard 64 

Merchant Tailor, P.W.Sawin 64 

Melodeons, Improved Patent, George A. Prince <l;Co 85 

Millstones, French Burr, John T. Noye .^ 88 

Music Store, Sage <!; Sons /- 82 

Medicine, Great English, Dr. Hannam 9$ 

Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario Steamboat Company 104 

Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario Express Company 105 

Oyster and Fruit Dealers, Rowe <& Co 54 

Oysters, Nuts, Fruit, Ac, Orange Burrows 56 

Oysters, Lobsters, Fish, Fruit, Game Ac. Jackson A Newton 54 

Painting, Glass Staining, Ac. George L. Bums 64 

Paper Warehouse, Jewett, Thomas A Co 110 

Paper Warehouse, Bradley, Brothers 57 

Paper Hangi ngs, N. Wilgus 61 

Piano Fortes, A. A J. Keogh 82 

Piano Fortes and Musical Instruments, Sage A Sons 82 

Planing MiU, P. B. A L. L. Eaton 87 

Plumbers and Gas Fitters, Hampton A Grattan 78 

Plumbers and Tinsmiths, Candee, Renwick A Co 79 

Plumbers, Hubbard A Hart 97 


Phrenology, A. Clapp 100 

Printing, Book and Job, A. F.Lee • 85 

Printing, Stereotyping, Ac Ac. Jewett, ThomM A Co. • 110 

Printing, Book and Job, Jewett, Thomas & Co. Ill 

Produce Commisdon Merchants, Reynolds A Deshler 47 

Produce Commission Merchant, Robert D. Boyd 50 

Produce, Forwarding and ConL Merchant, J. S. BneU 48 

Produce Commission Merchants, Cobb A Co. 48 

Pump and Block Makers* Klein A Dobinson 80 

Railroad Lines. 

Buffalo and State Line 106 

Michigan Southern, 108 

Michigao Central 109 

Buffalo and Niagara Falls 119 

Real Estate Agent, Quy H. Salisbury 96 

Rectifiers, Dealers in Alcohol, <fec. Knapp A Gillet .*.. 53 

Saddlery and Carriage Hardware, Pratt A Letchworth 75 

Safes, Scales, <fec. Weeks A Prescott 73 

Salt Dealers, Brainard A Avery ." 49 

Scales, (Fairbanks') Weeks <fc Prescott 73 

Sexton and Undertaker, Loring Peirce 67 

Ship Chandlers and Grocers, Mack, Pickering A Blossom ... 49 

Ship Chandler and Commission Merchant, £. K. ^uce 51 

Shipping and Commission Merchants, H. Daw A Son 49 

Steam Engine and Mill Gearing Works, Swartz A Brothers. . . .1 68 

Steam Engine and Boiler Maker, 3. Shepard 73 

Stoves, Jewett A Root ,.-— 73 

Steam Boat Lines. 

Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence. 104^5 

Buffalo and Sandusky 107 

Stoves, Hollow Ware, Gearing, Ac <bc. Jewett A Root 79 

Stoves, Sheet L-on, ^. J. OttoifeCo. 79 

Stoves, Furnaces, Cauldrons, <l;c. <fec. T. J. Dudley A Co, .. •....70-1 

Stoves, Hardware, Lamps, Ac Jewett Brothers 69 

Tailoring Establishment, J. B. Dubois.. ,..,... ...r 63 

Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron, John Miller 76 

Tinsmiths and Plumbers, Candee, Renwick and Co. 79 

Troy and Erie Line, John Pease 48 

ITpholstery, Armstrong A Co .<«. 61 

Upholstery, Cameron <b McKay 61 


Fpbokterj aad Fsnej Dry Goods, W. B. Bishop A Co. 65 

Watchmaker and Jeweler, D. B. Castle 63 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Ac. T. Stephenson A Co. 63 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Ac. Joseph F. Pitkin 63 

Watches, Jewelry, Fancy Goods, Ac Lee A Brother 63 

Western Literary Messenger, Jewett, Thomas A Ca 103 

Western States Line, A. R. Cobb A Co. 51 

Wines and Liquors, Importers of. White, Clark A Co. 53 

Wines, Liquors and Cigani, P. S. Stevens «>. 53 


Agricnltaral Warehouse and Seed Store, E. J. Try<m 393 

Atlantic Railing Works, George Foster «.. 393 

Billiard Tables, BaUs^ Maces, Ac. D. D. Winant 393 

Bookseller, Publisher, Ac. WilHam Radde v 463 

Cloths, Cassiraeres, Vestinge^ Ac. Wm. H. H. Enoepfel A Co.... 403 

Commission Merchant, Oliver Hull 403 

Composition Iron Bridges and Railing, George Foster 398 

C<yrdage, Patent, Wm. Wall A Son L 403 

Daguerreotypes, Brady's NatronM Gallery 388 

Diamond, Pearls, Precious Stcmes, Ac. Mendel Brothers 396 

Dying and Printing 394 

Fairbanks' Patent Platform and Counter Scales cover p. 4 

Fancy Gkiods, English, German and French, D. M. Knight A Co. 395 

Frui^, Foreign, Rich A Enowlton 403 

Furnace, Walker's Warnjing and Ventilating, Geo. Widker 391 

Grindstones, Wiekeidiy, S. D. WiHmott 404 

Groceries, Teas, Coffee, Ac. Rufus Story ^5 

HomcDopathic Mediciikesy Books, Ac W. Radde 403 



Patten's 405 

Oirard, John A. Dayifl .' 405 

St Nicholas, Treadwell, Acker <fe Co. 405 

lietropolitan^ Sinieon,^Leland A Co 406 

Perkina'a Coffee House 406 

Western, Winchester's 406 

Earle's 406 

Manhattan, S. Hawk 406 

Harps, Grand, Semi-Grand. Ac. J. F. Browne 999 

India Bubber doods, D. M. Wilson 404 

Indigo, Madder, Dye Woods* Ac Ac, Wm. Partridge A Son 409 

Leather Banding, Kambel's Maehine Stretched 400 

Leg, Selpho's Patent Anglesey, WiUiam Selpho 396 

Magnetic Powder, Lyon's 397 

IS^eedles and Varieties, Bichard Bichards 403 

Oil and Candles, Samnel Judd'SrSons 4; Ca 405 

Oil and Candles, Litchfield <k Co. 404 

Optician, John Boach 404 

Powder, Lyon's Magnetic 397 

Kailway Works, Atlantic, Geo.FQ«ter 393 

Salamander Safes, wader's Patent, S. C. Herring ,....390 

Salt, Samuel Hotaling 403 

Saws and Files, Grindstones, Ac, Samuel D. WUmott .404 

Scales* Patent Platform and Counter, Fairbanks' coyer p. 4 

Mantels, Patented Metallic Mirror, Geo. Walker 391 

People's Line, Steamboats and Bailroads 396 

Paper Warehouse, Cyrus C. Field A Ca 401 

Sewing Machines, Groyer Baker A Co 389 

Tea% Coffee and Groceries, Bufos Story 405 


Adams, Augustas, 294 Main* 

Bailey, Samuel G. over 144 Main, b. 43 South Division. 

Baker, (Tharles H. over 5 East Seneca, b. Niagara Temperance House. 

Baker, J. Follett, (Homoeopathic) 193J4 Main. 

Barnes, Josiah, 8 Exchange, h. 104 East Swan. 

Bates, S. G. cor. Court and Morgan. 

Beck, John, 1 Centre. 

Bissell, H. H 382r Main, h. 22 West Seneca. 

Blanchard, Joseph, (Botanic) 239 Main. 

Boardman, John, over 298 Main, b. 21 South DivisioiL 

Bristol, Moses, cor. Delaware and Feny. 

Brunck, Francis C. Niagara between Carolina and Virginia. 

Bunnell, Bradley, 386 East Seneca. 

BurweJl, Bryant, 120 Franklin. 

Burwell, George N. over 1 East Seneca, h« 66 Pearl 

Campbell, John A. 48 Morgan. 

Gary, Walter, cor. Delaware and Huron. 

Chambers, Hiram, 10 Terrace, h. 205 Oak. 

Congar, H. M. 137 Pearl. 

Czeicke, Joseph, 212 East Genesee. 

Dayton, Lewis, cor. Niagara and Amherst, h. Dewbom. 

Dayton, Charles L. with Lewis Dayton. 

Dellenbough, Frederick, cor. Main and Lafayette, h. 87 Batavia. 

Devening, Daniel, Michigan cor. Gay. 

Decker, Alexander, 293 Washington. 

Dupie, Victor, 69 Sycamore. 

Eastman, Saiidford, 221 Main, b. with Key. M. Schuyler. 

Edmunds, J. J. Elk near Michigan. 

Ehrman, Louis, (Homoeopathic) 4 West Eagle. 

Eidenmiller, , 372 Michigan. 

Felgemacher, J. A. Batavia near Pine. 

Flint, Austin, office and h. cor. Washington and Swan. 

Foote, George E. (Homoeopathic) 226 Washington. 

Forbush, B. G. 91 Main, h. same. 

Fox, John W. (Homoeopathic) 4 West Eagle. 

Fresang, Frederick, Oak near GoodelL 

Furlong, Joseph, Sixth near Pennsylvania. 

Garvin, H D. over 152 Main, b. 125 PearL 

Gillifli, Charles* 9 Boston Block, Niagara. 



Gould, William^ over 153 Main, h. 135 PearL 

Qnj, Eldred P. 6 West Swan, bu OUvendon. 

Omnholzer, John J. cor. Elm and Genesee. 

Haksteen, J. J. K 414 Michigan. 

Hamilton, Frank H. Erie near Main, Knotth-wMt eor. Erie and PevL 

Hannam, William, 161 East Seneca. 

Harvej, Geo. D. L. (Homoeopathic) 235 KorthDiTJaion. 

Hanenstein, John, 358 Main, h. 355 Washington. 

Haven, Simon Z. (HomoBopathic) 378 Main, h. 30 West Eagla. 

Hawley, James S. 15b Niagara cor. Carolina. 

Hill, John D. over White's Bank, 146 Main. h. 70 BeUwarsi 

Hill, Milo W. ( Botanic) 345 Main, h. 93 North Division. 

HoYt, Oraon C. 147>^ Main, h. 498 Washington. 

Hubbard, Silas, 21 Exchange, h. 183 East Seneca. 

Hutchinson, Elisha, (Botanic) Pearl above Virginia. 

Jewetty Charles C. over 317 Main, b. 94 East Swan. 

Jeyte, John A. Main above Huron, h. Delaware beloW Virginia. 

Johnstm, George, 1 East Seneca, h. Black Bock. 

Eing, James £ over 177 Main, b. 35 Pearl. 

Iieach, Leman R. junction Swan and Seneca. 

Leake, Wellington J. 18 Mart, Ohia 

Lewis, George W. (Homoeopathic) over P. O. h. Del above Tapper. 

Iiewis, Moigan G. cor. Niagara and Auburn, h. Niag. south of Aubnm. 

Lockwood, T. T. over 179 Main, h. 351 East Seneca. 

Loersch, Philip, 198 East Genesee. 

Loomis, H. N. 79 Franklin. 

Mackay, Edward, 123 PearL 

MiUer, L. A. (Botanic) 245 Main, b. 93 North Division. 

Milnor, Robert^ cor. WHliam and Potter. 

Mixer, S. F. over 140 Main, h. 74 East Swan. 

Merriam, E. D. 137 Pearl, b. 73 East Seneca. 

Murphy, Thomas, 5 Upper Terrace near West Eagle. 

Nelson, Richard W. cor. Main and Eagle, b. Miss Cutler. 

Nichel, Henry, Sycamore near Michigan. 

Newman, James M. over 234 Main, b. 16 East Swan. 

Norval, John, Reed's Dock, Long Wharf, h. 213 South DiviaioiL 

Nott, Samuel, E. S. H. 215 East Swan. 

Peabody, Joseph, cor. Pearl and Court 

Porter, S. Goodell near Oak. 

Pratt, G. F. 8 West Sw^, h. 155 East Swan. 

PreslM-ey, Otis F. Niagara Temperance House. 

Rankin, Francis, 290 Main, h. 86 Clinton. 

Richards, Charles B. Niagara opp. Baptist Chnrch. 

Ring, William, 8 Townsend Hall, h. 5 Boston Block, Niagara. 

Roesch, Adam, jr. Carroll near Michigan. 

Root, John, cor. South Division and Michigan. 

Rothr John A. cor. Sycamore and Walnut 

Rumsey, Daniel, 71 Clinton. 

Samo, James B. over Post-offie^ h. 385 Oak. 

8oott» W. K. 39 West Mohawk. 


Sclimidt, Frederick, 144 Baft GeneBee. 

Smith, Ellery P. 336 Main, h. 303 Waslungton. 

Smith, G. W. 18 Delaware. 

Smith, Joseph R. Main above North. 

Spearman, Alfred S. cor. Ezehange and Washington, b. Mansion. 

Sprague, A. 8. 20 Clinton. 

Stephenson, James D. Q. Niagara near Bonck. 

Strong, P. H. over 237 Main, h. 12 East Mohawk. 

Thomson, William, cor. Com. and Water, h. Delaware, Gold Spring. 

TUden, J. H. (Eclectic) 232 Main, h. 11 Franklin. 

Treat, William, Niagara near Pearl. 

Trowbridge, Joeiah, office and h. cor. Pearl and Swan. 

Wallis, Erastus, over 302 Main, h. 58 West Chippewa. 

Walsh, John, Fifth near Carolina. 

Warner, N. H. (Homoeopathic) 301 Washington. 

Weiss, Charles, 19 Batavia. 

Weyland, Francis J. 73 Batavia. 

White, James P. 230 Main, h. 27 East Swan. 

Wiggins, D. B. (Botanic) cor. Niagara and Eagle, b. 118 Pearl. 

W flcox, C. H. over 302 Main, h. 70 West Huron. 

Winne, Charles, cor. Washington and Eagle. 

Wyckoff, C. 0. 4 Brie. 


Dnnker, Maria, Michigan near Sjcamore. 

Fraser, Mrs. J. 27 East Seneca. 

Harrington, Jane R. Main (east side,) above Ohippe 

Hesse, Eliza, 103 East Genesee. 

Jones, Isabella^ comer Swan and Elm. 

Kinssley, Laura Ann, comer Fulton and HajwanL 

Liuderberrj, Elizabeth, 201 East Genesee. 

Long, Christiana, 489 Washington. 

Mc Yoj, Elizabeth, 35 Court 

Ohneeorgen, Mrs. F. Potter near Gay. 

Philh'ps, Ann, 31 EUicott 

Rauscn, Mrs. Hickonr near Batavia. 

Reithardt, Barbara, 373 Michigan. 

Richardson, Hannkh, 115 Franklin. 

Schroeder, Charlotte, 132 East Genesee. 

Scabio, Mrs. Ash near Sycamore. 

Standidi, Amanda, with Ansel Chamberlin. 

Swanbro, Mrs. M. comer Tnpper and FranUia. 

Wolff, Margaret, comer Hickory and Genesee. 


€timmtxthl %)ihtxihtt ^ixttiatv 




MayoT-^lEXi Cook. 

Aldermen — First Ward — John Walsh, Charles S Pierce. Second 
Ward— John R. Evans, Chandler J. Wells. Third Ward— Alexander 
McKay, A. S. Bemis. Fourth Ward — J. CI Harrison, Daniel Deven- 
ing, Jr. Fifth War4 — Albert L. Baker, H. S. Chamberlain. 

Standing CommiUeee. — Finance — Aid. Harrison, Baker and Walsh. 
Schools — Aid. Baker, McKaj, Harrison, Evans and WaUh. Streets- 
Aid. Bemis, Evans, Chamberlain, Pierce and Deveningr. Local Assess- 
mentB — Aid. Evans, Wells and Pierce. Fire aud Water — Aid. Cham- 
berlain, Wells and Pierce. Claims-— Aid. Evans, Harrison and WaUh. 
Police — Aid. McKay, Bemis and Pierce. Markets— Aid. Walsh,' Mc- 
Kay and Chamberlain. Wharves and Pablic Grounds — Aid Pierce, 
Chamberlain and Bemis. License — Aid. Deveninff, McKay and 
Bemis. Public Lamps — Aid. Wells, Chamberlain and Devening. 


Comptroller — M. Cadwallader. 

City Clerk — Roswell L. Burrows. 

City Attorney — Cyrus O. Pool. 

^ Street Commissioner — James Howells. 

* City Treasurer — George R. Kibbe, 

City Surveyor — Henry Lovejoy. 

Collectors of City Tax — First Ward, Warren Lampman ; Second 
Ward, Joel S. Raze ; Third Ward, William I. Williams ; Fourth 
Ward, Seth Clark ; Fifth Ward, George Drullard. 



CoUeeton of Local AaseismeDts-^Firit Ward, M, Hottioger ; Second 
Ward, J. T. Flint; Third Ward, J. H. Dawson; Fourth Ward, 
John Hellriegell ; Fifth Ward, James Miller. 

Superintendent of Common Schools — Victor M. Rice. 

Health Phjsioian — E. P. Gray. 

Clerk of the Market— Elias W. Palmer. 

OTOrseers of the Poor— Patrick Dermody, Samuel Fursman^ J, G. 
Bralnard, Conrad Saner, N. T. Otis. 

Harbor Masters — ^Thomas Green, Frederic S. Wheeler. 

Oity Sextons — Francis J. Kraft and G. F. Warner. 

Captains of the Watch — Robert M. Lore, Rodney GoodiBj;. 

City Scavenger — Augustus Hirte. 

Sealer of Weights and Measure*— Edwin W. Weston. 

Board ij/^Hea^t^— Gorham F. Pratt, Myron P. Bush, D. Francis. 

HeaUk /tupedor^— William Allen, Henry Inraan, Isaac L. Schroeder, 
Rodman Starkweather, Thomas S. Guck, Henry Smith. 

PoUet ConsidbUs — Benjamin Toles, J. Emerick, J. Pierce, A. Ciem- 
OBs, J. Tyler, S. Reed, Jr., £. E. Boyingtoo, W. W. Mason, Asa P. 
Harrb, Greorge B. Mitchell. 

SuptaviBors — 1st Ward, Patrick Milton ; 3d Ward, Orlando Allen ; 
3d Ward, Philander Sawin ; 4th Ward, J. M. V\^ilbur ; oth. Ward, C . 
£. Clarke. 

Assessors — 1st Ward, C. R. Nevitt ; 2d Ward, Horace Danlap ; 3d 
Ward, E, F. Fowler ; 4th Ward, Francis G. Patterson ; 5th Ward, 
Lyman A. Page. 

CoUedors County Tax— Ui Ward, John O'Donnell ; 2d Ward, An- 
sel Raze ; 3d Ward, Thomas Merrigan ; 4th Ward, Peter Rechten- 
wait ; 5th Ward, W. J. Lavery. 


ColUclor — Harrison Park. 

C/0rib— Philander Hodge, Everett L. Baker, D. G. Bronson, John 
C. Giddings, V. B. Hoyt. 

Inspectors — Michael Houck, Robert Nevitt» James Fuller, Bjrton 

Superintendent — Henry Barnes* 

Lewis P. Dayton, Collector, Black JRock. 



Coumiy Judgt^^Bmea Sheldon. 

District Attomey^^John L. TalooU. 

Surrogats — Charles D. Nortoa. 

County CZerfe— William Andre. 

D^uty CUrk—h, Le Clear. 

SwarintemdaUs qf the Ptfor— Elias Ghreen, Baffalo : Uiraai Carpen- 
ter, Evans ; Ezra P. Gosling, Nowstead. 

CoutUy 7V«Miir«r — Christian Meta^ Jr. 

Coroner — Charles BL Morse. 

8kerif—'Jo&&ph Caadee. 

Under iSHer^— Nelson Hopkins. 

DepuHee — John Pierce, Edwin Hnrlbext, Boffklo ; Byron Cochrane^ 
Springville ; Aogustns Oakley, Clarence ; M. W. Green, Hamlmrgh ; 
Nelson Woodward, Evans ; Josiah Emery, Jr., Aurora. 

Jailer^^ H. Drake. 

Commissioners of Deeds — Alex. W. Harvey, W. F. Miller, Leon- 
flotl Wilson, L. A. Miller, Jacob Krettner, William Andre, Perrv P. 
Bogers, Daniel D. Bidwell, S. L. Hull, David F. Day, Hiram C. Dav, 
Samuel B. Hard, Alonzo Tanner, Geow B. Ketchnm, W. P, C. Whi- 
ting, H. W. Warren, E. P. Charopin, C. H. Cowar, Cyrus Onffin, £. 
W. Clark, R. L. Burrows, Samuel Lake, B. H. Colemve, L. K. 
Haddock, Anrns Cameron, J. D. Gros, Salmon Shaw, T. J. Dudley, 
Jr., J. C. Mallet, R. Starkweather, Geo. Drullard, V. W. Kingsley, 
James GilfilJin, J. Beard8ley,L. Le Clear, H. A. Swartz, J. L. Fairchild, 

Commissiontre qf Duds for Other STlote^— Frederick P. Stevens, for 
New Hampshire, Penui^lvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wiscon- 
sin. W. W. Mann, for Massachusetts and Ohio. James S. Gibbs, for 
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvaoia, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, 
Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Vermont, Iowa, 
California, Maine, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Le Grand Marvin, for 
Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. George L. Marvin, 
for Ohio. I. T. Williams, for Massachusetts. Douglass W. Williams 
for Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. L. K. Haddock, for Maine. 
George Coit, Jr., for Ohio and Wisconsin. John A. Sherwood, for 
Michigan. Nelson K. Hopkins, for Ohio, Michigan, and Massachu- 
setts. Joseph L. Fairchild, for Wisconsin. Perry G. Parker, for 
Kentuckv. B. H. Colegrave, for Connecticut and Pennsylvania. 
James Vandeventer, for Michigan. Henry D. Tiliinghast, for 

ComnUssioners o Loan«— Almon M. Clapp, Buffalo ; J«mes Wood, 

Notaries Public — Seth B. Grosvenor, Nelson K« Hopkins, J. S, Tbr- 
rance, S. T. Atwater, Charles M. Hefkins, Andrew Houliston, Jacob 
Krettner, R. Starkweather, L. K. Haddock, R. L. Burrows, Jno. R. 


Lee, Elmore H. Walker, James M. Ponderson, Samuel B. Hard, E. 9- 
Tbayer, Hamilton B. Dox, F. A. Mayhew, Samuel Strong. 


County Court and Court of Sessions — Hon. James Sheldon, BuiSkloy 
Judge, Z. Ferris, East Hamburgh, Jesse Lockwood, Boston, Justices 
of tne Sessions. William Andre, Boston, Clerk. John L. Talcott, 
District Attorney. 

Recorder's Couit— Greo. W. Houghton, Recorder. J. S. Torrance* 


Jan. 3, Ifit Mon. Recorder's Court, Special Term Houghton. 

** 10, 2d " Circuit Court and Oyer and Terminer. Bowen. 
Feb. It Ist *• Recorder's Court, Special Term Houghton. 

** 14, 2d ** County Court and Sessions, with Jury. Sheldon. 

** 16, 3d Wed. Supreme Court, Special Term ..Marvin. 

Mar. 14, 2d Mon. Recorder's Court, General Term. Hongbtoo. 

April 4, tst ** Circuit Court and 0}'er and Terminer.. Mullet. 

4, Ist ** Recorder's Court, Special Term .Hooghton. 

1 1 , 2d •' Supreme Court, Special Term • . Bowen. 

25, 4th ** Supreme Court, General Term 

May 9, 2d •• Recorder's Court, General Term Houghton. 

** 23, 4tb ** County Court and Sessions, with Jury. .Sheldon. 

June 6,1st •* Recorder's Court, Special Term Honghtouj 

•• 20, 3d •« Circuit Court and Oyer and Terminer.. Manrin. 

J uly 1 1, 2d " Recorder's Court, (^neral Term Hongbton. 

•• 11, 2d " Conaty Court, no Jury Sheldon. 

Aug. 1, 1st *( Recorder's Court, Special Term Houghton. 

•* 29, 5th *• Supreme Court, Special Term Marrin. 

Sept 12, 2d « Recorder's Court, Genera] Term Houghton. 

** 26,4th ** Circuit Court and Oyer and Terminer. Bowen. 

OcL 3, 1st *• Supreme Court, Special Term Mullet 

" 3, Ist •• Recorder's Court, Special Term Houghton. 

•• 10, 2d " County Court and Sessions, with Jury.. Sbeldonj 

Nov. 7, 1st •• Supreme Court, General Term 

" 7, Ist " Recorder's Court, Special Term Houghton. 

" 21, 3d •• County Court, no Jury Sheldon. 

Dec. 5, Ist •• Circuit Court and Oyer and Terminer.. Marvin. ' 

5,1st •• Supreme Court, Special Term Bowen. 

12, 2d ** Recorder's Court, General Term Houghton 

Police and JusHces* Cai*r«5— Police Justice— Charles R. Gold. 

Justices— James G. Dickie, Henry B. Burt, C. T. Shattnck, A. S. 
Merrill. C. A. Waldron (after January 1, 1854.) 
Justice for the Watch House — C. T. Shattock. 



Organized in ihe Spring of 1845, for the facilitation of the commeroe 
of Bnfialo. 

O0lcer<— President, Samnel J. Holley. First Vice President, Septi- 
mus Lathrop. Second Vice President, £. O. Gould. 

Secretary — R. Wheeler. 

Treasurer — Samnel J. Helley. 

Directors — C. S. Avery, Schnyler Coye, James C. Eyans, Williaoi 
Fleming, S. S. Gnthrie, John A. Hopkins, N. P. Spragne, Elias Weed, 
fl. C. Walker, Richard Williams. 

R^eraue Committect 8. H. Fish, Gyms Clark, Philo Dnrfee. 


Postmaster — Jameo O. Putnam. 

Assistant Pikstmaster — C3rni8.P. Lee. 

Cflerks — John Powers, John W. Stewart, George Walker, James H. 
Lee, Lansing B. Littlefield, Charles Lay, William S. Rice, Henry H 
StBmley, Henry Smith, Leois Filner, Joseph Saltar, Hugh M. Case, P. 
P. Rogers, C. A. Gar<faier. 


Oliver Lee 4* Oo.^s Bank, — Capital $160,000. BaDking hours, from 
9 A.M. till 3 P. M. Ueniy L. Lansing, President; Ef. S. Thayer, 
Cashier; W. V, J. Mercer, Jr., Teller ; N. Thayer and C. H. Payne, 
Book-keepers ; Frederick Field and J. Cronio, Ulerke. 

Paichin Bank of JBuJWo.— Capital $100,000. Aaron D. Patchin, 
President ; Thaddeus W. Patchin, Vice President ; Samnel P. Stokes, 
Cashier; Frederic A. Mayhew, Teller; Moses Chapman, Discount 
Clerk ; Henry J. Shattleworth, Sookokeeper ; W. A. Chard, Assistant 
Teller. Discoants Daily. 

White*s Bank of Buffalo Capital $100,000. George 0. White, 

President ; William Williams, Cashier ; J. L. White, Clerk ; G. Bailey, 
Book-keeper. Office 146 Main. 

HolUstsr Bank of Bujo/o.— Capital $300,000. James Hollister, 
President ; Robert Hollister, Vice President ; R. H. Shearman, Cashier; 
H. B. Dox, Teller ; W. P. Shearman, Book-keeper ; H. R. S. Coltou, 
Assistant Teller ; E. P. Hollister, Clerk. Office, 220 Main street 

Bank of Attica.— Capital $160,000. Banking hours, from 9 A. M. 
till 3 P. M. Office, No 1, Spaulding's Exchange. John S. Ganson, 
President ; A. J. Rich, Cashier ; George H. Ganson, Teller ; Seth B. 
GrosYeiior, Book-keeper and Notary Public; Henry H. Miller, Assistant 


Bitfalo (My Bant;.— Capital f 100,000. Banking honra, ffom 9 A. 
M. till 3 P. M. John L. Kimberiy, Preaident ; Joseph String^hani* 
Cashier; H. B. Starkweather, Teller; Goe D. Tows, Book-l^eper* 
Office* corner Lloyd and Prime Streets. 

Exchange Bank qf Bvjfo^.— Capital $50,000. Office, 162 Main 
street, Robert Codd, Banker ; R. B. Despard, Cashier. 

Marhu Bank Capital 1 1 70,000. Oeo. Palmer, President; J. M. 

Ganson, Cashier ; Chas. M. Hopkins, Teller and Notary Public ; F. H. 
Day and L. L. Frink, Book-keepers; Elfsha T. Smith, Clerk; H. C. 
Dudley, Assistant Book-keeper. Office, 75 Main street 

PraU Banfc.— Capital $60,000. Thaddeus W. Patchin, President ; 
John F. Smith, Cashier ;, Henry P. Taylor, Book-keeper; 'William H. 
Clark, Clerk. Office, 139 Main street. Discounts Daily. 

Buffalo aamngs Bonik.— Chartered May 8th, 1846. This institution 
has been in operation nearly six y«ars« and its deposits have amounted to 
over $700,000. Whole number of depositors, 8,500. Office, 330 Main 
street Houra of business from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Russell H. Hey- 
wood. President ; K D. Efner, Viee President ; Henry Howard, Secre- 
tary ; John F. Townsend, Book-keeper ; John U. Wayland, Clerk ; O. 
H. Marshall, Attorney. 

Weatem Savings Banit.— Chartered July 9th, 1851. Office, Town- 
send Hall, entrance West Swan street Dean Richmond, President; 
Harry Thompson, First .Vice President ; James L. Barton, Secretary 
and Treasurer ; H. B. Potter, Attorney, 

Sacketts Harbor Bank, Bujfdto.-^CopiUH $200,000. £. G. Merick» 
President ; J. C. Dann, Cashier ; Henry A. Dann, Assistant Cashier ; 
£. S. Dann, Teller. Office, No. 5 Spaulding's Exchange. 

Farmert and Mechanics Arn Jb.— Capital $100,000. E. G. Spaulding* 
President ; C R. Ganson, Cashier : David Houliston, Teller ; John U. 
Clifford, Clerk. Office, No. 3 Spaulding's Exchange. 

Buffalo Trust Company.^OTf^mzeA. under a Charter passed April 
ICth, 1852. Capital $100,000. Office, 242 Main street Open from 
9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Stephen G. Austin, President; Orsamns H. 
Marshall, Vice President ; Robert Pomeroy, Secretairy ; Elihu J. 
Baldwin, Attorney. 

Trustees — (George Coit, G. R. Babcock, Henry W. Rogers, Guilford 
R.. Wilson, Orlando Allen, Alanson Robinson, Aaron D. ratchin, James 
Wadsworth, Stephen G. Austin. Elihu J. Baldwin, Samuel F. Pratt, 
Orsamus H. Marshal), Philander Bennet, Peter Ourtb, Henry L. 

Buffalo FlsTnale Academy,— 'ChaileB £. West, LL. D., Principal. 
Delaware Avenue, above Cnippewa street 

Trustees — Horatio Shumway, Elihu J. Baldwin, Thomas Famham» 
Samuel F. Pratt, Noah H. Gardner, George W. Tiffl, Benjamin Hodge, 
James Hollister, Aaron Rnmsey, Thomas M. Foote, Chas. £. Clarke. 
Dennis Bowen, Judson Harmon, Joseph Dart, Geo. B. Walbridge, 



Organized Febraary 26, 1848. Capital flM^OOa laoiMMd ui 185S 
to $250,000. « 

Ogieers. — Sanrael F. Pratt« President ; Oliyer G. Steele, Secretary ; 
Samuel F. Pratt. Treasurer. 

Dnvctors.— Samuel F. Pratt, Stephen G. Austin, William K. SooCt, 
OUveT G. Steele, £lbridge G. Spanlding, Qeoige Coit^ WiUiam 
Bnckoell, Jr. 

The Company was organized in 1848, under the general law author- 
izing the formation of Gas Light Companies. The works were com- 
pleted and Gas supplied to tlie city in NoTember of the same year. 

The works are situated on the spacious lot on the north side of Gen- 
esee street, between Jackson and Fourth streets, and occupy about 
two-thirds of the block between said streelt and the Wilkeson slip. 

In the construction of the works, all the modem improvements are 
embraced, and they are believed to be unsurpassed by any other similar 
work in the State, in capacity and economy of working. 

The large improvements ud extensions of 1852 were made with ref- 
erence to supplying the entire city with Gkw, and the future extensions 
of Pipe to accomplish this object can be made at comparatively small 
expense. The quantity now laid is about twenty miles, and the' Grasom- 
ters are of sufficient capacity to supply the city with a daily consumption 
of 350,000 cubic feet The price of Gas was originally fixed at $3,50 
per thousand feet, but was reduced in 1851 to $3,00 nett, when promptly 
paid, which is the price now charged. It is believed to be as low, if not 
lower than Gas is furnished by any private company in the United 

The power to furnish Gas cheap, consists in the ability to manufkc- 
ture it in large quantities, and the greater the consamption, the lower it 
can be afibrded to consumers. • 

The increased facilities which may be afforded hereafter by the eon* 
stmction of the Pittsburgh Railroad, to obtain coal at ches^ rates, to- 
gether with increased consumption, will enable the Directors to furnish 
Gas at the lowest prices yet reached by any other company. 


Bi^alo and Niagara ^a2Zs.— Capital $420,000. Albert H. Tracy, 
President ; William A. Bird, Treasurer and Superintendent. 

Directors>-Albert H. Tracy, Wm. A. Bird, Israel T. Hatch, Theo- 
dore Dehon, Rufus H. King, J. B. Plumb, Peter B. Porter. 

J. H. H. Wheeler, Receiver, Buffalo. H. W. Clark, Receiver, 
Niagara Falls. 

Buffalo and RoehesUr.-~Cnpii&\ $2,281,000. Joseph Field, President ; 
Dean Richmond, Vice President; Henry Martin, Superintendent; 
Geo. H. Mnmford, Secretary ; J. 0. Putnam, Treasurer. 


Directors — H. Martin, W. F. Weld, Asa-Spragne, H. J. Redfield, 
Dean Richmond, Aaron Rumsey, Joseph Field, Greo. H. Mumford, 
Samael Dana, D. W. Tomlinsou, F. H. Tows, Thomas Kempshall, 
Lewis Brooks. 

Buffalo and New York CUy Railroad, — Russell H. Heywo6d, Presi- 
dent ; A. D. Patchin, Treasurer ; Robert Poiiieroy, Secretary ; J. G. 
Hoyt, Superintendent 

Directors— A. D. Patchin, James S. Wadaworth, R. R. Folsom, B. 
Bagley, Samael Swain, Jr., R. H. Heywood, James G. Hoyt, Hiram 
Cooley, Martin Adait, John Smith, Isaac C. Bronson, George B. Chase. 

Buffalo, Corning and New Fori;;.— Capital $3,000,000. H. W. Bost- 
wick, President ; ConstaDt Cook, Superintendent ; Miles P. Lampsou, 

Directors— John Magee, Constant Cook, T. J. Dudley, Orrille Corn- 
stock, J. S. Wadsworth, A. B. Dickinson, Tmmbnil Cary Miles P. 
Lampson, — Brown, (of Caledonia,) J. A. Gray, (Now York,) S. 
v. R. Watson, J. Clark. 

Buffalo, Brantford and 6)^(^eric^.— Capital $2,000,000. James Wads- 
worth, President ; A. Gilkerson, Secretary ; James Christie, Treasurer. 
Buffalo Directors — James Wadsworth, M. P. Bosh. 

Buffalo and Staie Line. — Geo. Palmer, President ; Dean Richmond, 
Vice President ; H. A. Risley, Secretary and Treasurer ; C. C. Dennis, 

Directors — George Palmer, Benjamin Loder, James S. Wadsworth, 
Joseph Field, Homer Ramsdell, Dean Richmond, Asa Sprague, H. A. 
Risley, William JVilliams, John Wilkinson, Chas. H. Lee, Henry L. 
Lansing, Horace White. 


Buffalo and Hamburgh Turnpike Company. — Capital $21,500. Geo. 
Palmer, President; John Borland, Vice President; H. W. Rogers, 
Secretary; John Borland, Treasurer. 

Directors — George Palmer, Henry W. Rogers, I. T. Hathaway, Sid- 
ney Shepard, C. H. Smith, John Berland, Charles H. Lee, J. O. Put- 
nam, George W. Tifft. 

Buffalo and WUliamsmlle McAdam Road Company. — Wm. T. Mil- 
ler, President ; John R. Lee, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Directors— William T. Miller, Ira A. Blossom, Samuel F. Pratt, H. ^ 
Seymour, Jr., Wm. Hodge, E. Herr, J. G. Masten. 

Capital $60,000. Annual dividends, 5 per cent 

White*8 Comers and Buffalo Plank Road Company. — J. 0. Putnam, 
President ; Aaron Gould,. Vice President ; Z. D. Thomas, Secretary ; 
J. J. Culbertson, Treasurer. 


EMrecion— J. O. Patnam, O. AUen, Aaron Martin, Aaroii Gould, 
Jonathan Hoag, Clark Dart, George Lamb, Alvio Salisbury, J. J. 

Aurora and Buffalo Plank AoaI.-- Capital Stock $60,000. Robert 
Person, President ; James Wadsworth, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Directors — ^Janies Wadsworth, Robert Person, Daniel McCoun, 
Joseph F. Hill, R. U. Ma3^ard, Lewis M. BuUis, Charles L. Meyer. 

Cattaraugus and Buffalo Plank Road Company. — Thos. J. Dudley, 
President ; Cyrus Cornell, Vice President ; Charles Gardner, Secre- 
tary ; Elias Smith, Treasurer. 

IMrectors— Isaac N. Fisher, Thomas J. Dudley, Elisha Smith, Henry 
Haight, Cyrus Cornell, Daniel Albert, Benjamin Maltby, D. H. Wood, 
£. Palmer. 


New York, Buffalo, and Albany TeUgrai^ Company. — Office, 145 
Main. Theodore S. Fazton, Pireeident and Treasurer ; W. J. Bacon, 

Operators — Bnffido Office, M. V. B. Bnell, 0. C. Marsh ; George R. 
Ghilloway, Book-keeper. « 

Buffalo and Canada Junction Telegraph Company, — Office 145 
Main. James McKay, President ; David Kissock, Secretary. 

Erio and Michigan Telegraph Company. — Offices, No. 15 MtMchanta' 
Exchange, up stairs, and 145 Maiu. J. J. Speed, Jr., President ; J. 
Haviland, Superintendent ; N. Hucker, Jr., Agent ; Ogden Wyckoj^ 
Receiver ; A. P. Bacon, Operator. 

House's N. F. Stale Printing Telegraph Company. — Office, Concert 
Hall Buildings, 157 Main street. Levi A. Ward, President; J. U. 
Elwood, Secretary ; A. Stager, Superintendent ; John H. Parsons, 
Receiver ; J. E. Selden and Samuel Burrall, Operators. 

New York and Mississwpi Valley Frmtmg Telegraph Company.— 
H. S. Patter, President; J. R. Elwood, Secretary ; A. Stager, Super- 

Atlantic, Lake, and Mississippi Telegraph Company. — Section 5, 
**Lake Erie Line." Principal office, 2 Exchange street, up stairs. 
Auxiliary office. No. 23 Central Wharf. Jonathan Child. President; 
H. B. Ely, Secretary ; Charles S. Cutler, Manager; George E. Allen, 


Medical College ofBvffalo. — The University of Buffiilo was chartered 
during the legislative session of 1846, and endowed with all the powers 
and privileges which belong to any College or University in the State. 
The Medical Department was established and organized in August of 


the BBme year. The lectures commence on the fiipt Wednesday in No- 
vember, and continue sixteen weeks. A preh'minary term will com- 
mence four weeks before the regular term, which will be devoted to 
dissections, clinical instruction, and lectures on special subjects. The 
preliminary term is voluntary and gratuitous. 

Hon. Millard Fillmore, Chancellor. 

Council — Ira A. Blossom, President ; Joseph G. Masten, Vice Presi- 
dent; James 0. Putnam, Secretary; Oaius B. Rich, Treasurer ; 
Thomas M. Foots, James O. Putnam, Orsamus H. Marshall, George 
W. Clinton, Elbridge G. Spaulding, John D. Shepard, Gains B. Rich* 
Millard Fillmpre, Orson Phelps, Orlando Allen, Ira A. Blossom, Isaac 
Sherman, George R. Babcock, William A. Bird, James flollister, 
Theodotus Bnrwell. Austin Flint, Member elect from the Medical 
Faculty. Mayor of the City of BnlEklo, Recorder of the City of Buffalo, 
Ex' Officio, 

Faculty. — C. B. Coveniry, Dean ; Oreorge Hadley, Registrar and 
Treasurer ; AURtin Flint, Member elect of Council ; C. B. Coventry, 
M. D., Professor of Physiology and Medical Jurisprudence ; Charles 
Alfred Lee, M. D., Professor ox Pathology and Materia. Medica ; Ben- 
jamin R. Palmer, M. D., Professor of General and Special Anatomy ; 
James P. White, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and diseases of Women 
and Children ; Frank Hastings Hamilton, M. D., Professor of Princi- 
ples and Practice of Surgery and Clinical* Surgery ; Austin Flint, M. 
D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Med- 
icine ; George Hadley, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy ; 
John C. Dalton, Jr., M. D., Professor of Physiology and Medical Juris- 
prudence ; Corydon La Ford, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

Young Men's Association. — The Young Men's Association is an in- 
stitution of a literary and scientific character, and was established by 
the young men of this city in the winter of 1835 and *36, and subse- 
quently incorporated by an act of the Legislature, passed March 3d. 

The Library, comprising many rare and valuable works, numbers 
about six thousand five hundred volumes, ani is gradually increasing. 
It is open to members from 9 A. M. to 12 M. ; from 2 to 5 P. M. ; and 
from half piist 6 to 9 P. M. A small Cabinet, consisting of minerals 
and specimens in conchology, dec, is connected with the society ; and 
specimens in any department of the natural sciences, or curiosities of 
any kind, are respectfully solicited. 

The Reading Room is supplied with all the daily city newspapers, 
snd many from the principal cities in the Union, together with the 
ablest American and Foreign quarterlies and monthly periodicals. It is 
open every week day from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. to members, and stran- 
gers introduced by members, the latter being entitled to its free use for 
one month from their introduction. The rooms are in the American 
Hotel Block. 

Lectures, literary and scientific, are maintained duriog the winter 

Terms of Membership. — Initiation Fee, $h Annual dues, $3 ,* 
payable semi-annually in advance. 


OflSe0n.-^BroiMon C. Ramsey, President ; A. W. Hanrey, 1st Vice 
Frasident; W. D. Walbridge, td Vice President; C. G. Miller. 3d 
Vice President ; R. L. Burrows, CorrespondiDgf Secretary ; David F. 
Day, ReoordiDfif Seeretaiv; Edward F. Folger, Treasurer. 

Managers. — James Wadsworth, James D. Sawyer, W. 7. Wardwell, 
Angus Cameron, Everard Palmer, J. H. Bliss, S. H. Fish, Carlos Cobb, 
J. F. Lockwood, and R. L. Howard. 

Standing Committees— Ways and Means, Messrs. Walbridge, Miller, 
Wadsworth. Library, Messrs. Bliss, Barrows, Sawyer, Folger, and 
Walbridge. Lectures, Messrs. Wadsworth, Harvey, Cameron, Datt 
and Wai^weH. Newspapers and Periodicals, Messrs. Miller, Lockwoo^* 
and Bliss. Natural Science, Meters. Cobb, Bliss, and Camerou. Local 
HistoiT, Messrs. Barrows, Cobb, and Sawyer. Donations, Messrs. 
Fish, Howard, and Cobb. Rooms and Fixtures, Messrs. Liockwood, 
Palmer, and Howard. Law, Messrs. Harvey, Wadsworth, and Bur- 
rows'. Printing, Messrs. Folger, Wardwell, and Lockwood. By-Laws, 
Messrs. Cameron, Day* and Miller. Auditing, Messrs. Palmer, Fish, 
and Folger. Collecting, Messrs. Wardwell, Palmer, and Fish. Mem* 
bership, Messrs. Sawyer, Howard and Day. Library Fund, Messrs. 
Howard, Fish, Bliss, Harvey, and Wadsworth. Fine Arts. Messrs. 
Daj, Sawyer, Cobb, Cameron, and Barrows. 

Young Men's Christian Union, — This society has for its primary ob- 
ject the moral welfare of the young men of the city, and of those in- 
tending to take up their abode here. It was organixed in May, 1852, and 
incorporated in March, 1853, and contains about fonr hundred members. 
Its library and reading rooms are in the Odeon, comer of Main and 
Mohawk streets. 

Officers.— N. A. Halbert, President ; Isaac 0. Tzyon, 1st Vice Presi- 
dent ; £. A. Swan, 2d Vice President ; O. H. P. Champlin, 3d Vice 
President ; A. R.'^Wright, Recording Secretary ; E. J. Baldwin, Cor- 
responding Secretary; J. Clement, Treasurer; G. W. Perkins, 
Librarian ; J. S. Hawley, W. D. Fobes, Charles Hill, J. O. Brayman, 
John Root, and C. £. Toang, Managers. 

Standing Committees — Finance, E. J. Baldwin, E. A. Swan, J. 
Clemeht, Charles Hill. Library, O. H. P. Cbamplin, C. E. Young, 
W. D. Fobes. Lectures, James O. Brayman, J. S. Hawley, John 
Root Pnblications, A. R. Wright, G. W. Perkins, I. C. Tryon. 
Chairman Church Committees, I. C Tryon. 

German Young Men's Association — Founded May 10, 1841 ; char- 
tered in 1846. 

This is a literary Association, having in yiew the same objects, and 
conducted upon a plan similar to the American Toung Men*s Associa- 
tion. It was originally founded by a few of the German young men of 
this city, and has greatly increased both in numbers and means. Its 
library now contains fourteen hundred volumes, mostly German litera- 
ture, the greater part of which were procured directly fVom Germany. 

Officers William Rudoff, President ; Henry Tubesing, Vice Presi- 
dent ; J. P. Munschauer, | Corresponding] Secretary ; Christopher 


fUdenlnch, Recording Secretaiy ; Francis Georger, Treaaunr, George 
Gethoeffer. Librarian. The alMve officers conatitate a board of 

Staoding Committees.— Ways and Meana — Francis Georger, Jacob 
Reichard, Ch^topher Redenbach. Lecture Committee, J . P. Man- 
schaner, William RudoU^ Dr. John Hauenstein. Library Committee, 
George Grethoeffer, F. A. Gieorger, Charles Haetter. Donation Com- 
mittee, Christopher Redenbach, J. P. Manschaner, Gottfred Berger. 
Auditing Committee, Henry Tuhesing, Henry Naaert, Frederick 

Bufalo Medical Assoeiaiimi — C. H. Wilcox, President ; J. M. New- 
man, Vice President, John Root, Secretaiy and Treasorer ; S. East- 
man, J. S. Hawley, William Ring, Primary Board. 

Members. — Drs. Josiah Trowbridge, Moses Bristol, James F. White, 
Alden S. Spragne, H. H. Bissell, S. F. Mixer, George N. Bncwell, 
Austin Flint, 6. F. Pratt, H. M. Congar, Frank H. Hamilton. William 
Treat, Erastns Wallis, James E. Eing, Silas Hubbard, C. H. Wilcox, 
William Ring, Josiah Barnes, Bryant Burwell, T. T. Lockwood, C. C. 
WyckoflT, John Hauenstein, H.N. Loomis, H. D. Garvin, Walter 
Gary, James M. Newman, Charies VL Hanrey, Phineas H. Strong, 
James S. Hawley, C. C. Jewett, S. £. H. Nott,' H. B. Van Deventer, 
Greorge Johnson, Sandford Eastman, William Grould; C. H. Baker, 
John Rooty E. D. Merriam. 

Erie Ommte Medical Sodeiy.-^?. H. Strong, President; J. G. 
House, Vice President J, M. Newman, Secretary. S. G. Bailey, 
Treasurer; S. Eastman, Librarian; W. Ring and S. Hawley, Pri- 
mary Board. F. EL Hamilton, J. B. Same, William Van Pelt, William 
Treat, H. M. Congar, Censon ; G. N. Burwell, Delegate to the State 

Buffalo Orphan Asylum — Organized in 1835. Incorporated April 
24th, 1837 ; and an amendment of the charter in 1839. Located on 
Virginia street near Delaware. 

Russell H. Hey wood. President ; Heman B. Potter, Vice President ; 
Roswell L. Burrows, Secretary ; William Coleman, Treasurer. » 

Trustees — Douglass W. Williams, Amasa R. Ransom, Jamea 
Crocker, Charles H. Coleman, George W. Tifft, Latham A. Burrows^ 
Joel Wheeler, Jason Leyton, John R. Eyans, C. Athearn, F. H. Root. 

Directresses — Mrs. P« M. Vosburgh, James C. Eyans, E. T. Bond, 
J. Jones, Joel Wheeler, S. N. Callander, J. H. Coleman, G. W. 

Houghton, Wibert, Scott, J. E. Marshall, D. Lathrop, 

J. Dart, S. G. Austin, G. B. Rich, J. R. Lee, £. S. Clapp^ John Otto, 
H. H. Hale, G. W. Tiff\, L. K. Plimpton, H. Hamilton, R. H. Hey- 
wood, Seth Grosyenor, C. Athearn, D. Burt, H. N. Kinne, J. G. Masten, 
S. Hemenway, J. P. White, M. P. Bush, M. Hazard, Jesse Clement, 
Silas Sweet. 

Buffalo Ciiy Hospital. — A charter has been granted, bat its organiza- 
tion IS not yet complete. 



Bt^alo HotpUal of ths Sisters of Charitv* — Corner Miun unA Vir- 
gima. streets. Rev. Johu Timon, Rev. F. Guth, Rev. P. Bede, Geo. A. 
Deuther, Patrick MUtoo, Wm. Garland, and E. Thomao, Tmstees. 

JfenuUe Orphan Asylum — Catholic, corner Bntavia and Ellicott 
streeta. Under the care of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph. 

8L Joseph's Orphan Asylum for Boys — Incorporated December, 
1851. John Timou, President ; Johu B. CoIJios, Stxretaiy : Peter 
Bade, Treasurer. 

Board of Trustees — ^John Timon, Peter Bede, John 6. Collins, 
Thomas Oolcn, Franc Helicnsprecht. 

Association for the Rtli^ of the Poor.-— >Orgranized in the winter of 
1849-50. This Society has for its object the suppression of three great 
eviLs: indiocriminate alms-giving, professional begging, and the actual 
wants of the poor. To carry out the plan of the Association, the city 
has been divided into 57 districts, with a rtsitor located in each. A map 
and directory have been prepared, by which an applicant for alms can 
be directed at once to the visitor within whose district he or she re- 
sides, who examines the case, and, if relief is really needed, the visitor 
gives an order on the Treasurer. The funds of the Association are 
raised by voluntary subscription ; and every annual contributor and 
every visitor, is a member. 

Officers forlR53 — James Scxtout President ; G. A. Moore, G. How- 
ard, J. L. Re}'nolds, Chas. H. Coleman, S. G. Walker, Vice Presidents; 
W. Chard, Secretary ; S. K. Cal lender, Treasurer. 

Chairmen of Ward Committees— 1st Ward, P. Smith ; 2d Ward, 
Samuel Carey ; 3d Ward, H. Daw ; 4lh Ward, A. Mc Arthur ; 5th 
Ward, G. Davis. 

Relief Storci 194 Washington street, opposite Carroll. 

CUy Dispensary.'~^K. H. Heywood, President ; Silas Hubbard, 
Secretary; 3. N. Callender, Treasurer. 

Managers — Jason Sextofi, James Hollister, Geo. Jones, Peter Cnrtiss, 
Charles H. Coleman, O. G. Steele, Francis J. HendeU, James Bennett 
Samuel Carey, S. N. Callender. 

Physicians — 1st Ward, J. M. Newman, Silas Hubbard, James B. 
Samo. 2d Ward. H. M. Congar, Austin Flint. 3d Ward, T. T. Lock- 
wood, C. H. Wilcox. 4th Ward. J. J Ilauenstein, Wm, Treat, J. A. 
Felgemacher. 6th Ward, James S. Hawley, Erastus Wallis. 

Consulting Physicians — Josiah Trowbridge, B. Burwell. 

Consulting Surgeons^Charles Winne, Frank H. Hamilton. 

Apothecary— A. I. Mathews. 

Homoeopathic Dispensary, — S. N. Callender, President ; George W, 
Clinton and J. Salter, Vice Presidents ; A. R. Wright, Secretary ; 
James Hollister, Treasurer. 

Trustees — A. A. Eustaphieve, E. A. Maynard, Greo. W. Bufh, John 
H. Coleman, Nelson Randall, H. G. White, S. T. Atwater, Henry Tan- 
ner, G. A. ScroggH, Thomas Le Clear, O. G. Steele, J. G. Dodge. 

Physicians — N. H. Warner, G. F. Foote, Haker, Lonis Ehr- 
mann, G. W. Lewis, A. Decker. G. F. Foole, Surgeon. 


Firemen's BenePoUni AssocuOion^ of the City of Bufialo.— •Incorpo- 
rated March 23d, 1887. 

Officers— Joel S. Raxe, President ; John De Long, liWVice Presi* 
dent, James M. Kendall, 2d Vice President ; Geo. W. Hall, Secretary; 
W. T. Wardwell, Treasurer. 

Directors — J. P. Rundell, Engrine No. 1 ; C. S. Bidwell, Engine UTo. 
8 ; John Healey, Engine No. 3 ; C. F. Almendinger, Engine No. 4 ; 
H.-G. White, Engine No. 5; John F. Wedge, Engine No. 6; J. P. 
ShuUz, Engine No. 7 ; F. A. Hotchkiss, Engine No. 8 : Benj. Dickey, 
Engine No. 9 ; James Wadsworth, Engine No. 11 ; John Lorenz, En- 
gine No. 12 ; John H. Carpenter, Hook <fe Ladder Co. No. 1 ; Jacob 
rietz. Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 ; Geo. H. Tryon, Hose Co. No. 1 ; 
E. G. Gardiner, Hose Co. No. 2 ; John Hayes, Hose Co. No. 3. 

SL Andrew's fifodety. — Hugh Cameron, President; James Dnthie, 
1st Vice President ; Donald McDonell, 2d Vice President ; Archibald 
M. Daff, Treasurer ; John Jameson, Secretary ; William Robertsoi^ 
Assistant Secretary. 

Managers — James Smith, John Cameron, Alexander McKay, John 
Murray, Alexander Allen. 

Buffalo Sabbath School Association."^OfRc»n — J.. Clement, Presi- 
dent ; S. {iockwood. Secretary ; D, W. Williams, Treasurer. 

Executive Committee — J. Clement, S. Lockwood, N. A. Halbert, J. 
O. Bravman and C. R. Nevett. 

Society of 8L Vincent de PauZ.— Founded in 1837— John Timon. D. 
D., President ; P. Bede, 1st Vice President ; Patrick Milton, 2d Vice 
President; W. A. Pierce, Secretary ; John Walsh, Treasurer. 

SU George's /Soctefv.— -Robert Hadfield, President; Thomas Carr, 
1st Vice President ; William Boggis, 2d Vice President ; John Robin- 
son, Secretary ; M. Morrel, Treasurer. 

Managers— Ireson, Gibson, Aaron, Linder and Acton. 

BvffaJU) Catholic Jn«<»toto.— Wm. Carland, President ; D. McDonald, 
Vice President; P. M. Duggan, Treasurer; J. J. Dolan, Recording 
Secretary ; Michael Hagan, Corresponding Secretary ; J. J. Flynn, 

Standing Committees.— Printing and Library, D. Vanghan, J. Dil- 
lon, M. Rowan, Jas. A. Burke, P. Duffy. Finance, Jno. Walsh, Thos. 
Dolan, T. Cochran, J. Cronin, Thos. Thornbury. Wajrs and Means, 
J. Flannigan, R. McDonald, P. Milton, J. J. YiTalsh, Wm. Boland. 

Cartmen's ^Sfocirfy.— Henry Stewart. President; John Scott, Vice 
President ; William Wade, Secretary; Edward Dorr, Treasurer. 

Ladies* Temperance • l/nton.— Organized March 14th, 1850. — Mrs. 
M. L. R. P. Thompson, President ; Mrs. G. W. Bush, Vice President ; 
Mrs. W. Chard, Secretary ; Miss L. Pratt and Miss C. Loomis, Assist- 
ant Secretary ; Mrs. O. Phelps, Treasurer. 


Erie Oimnty Agrieultiaral &MMty^-> Aaron Gould, of Hamburgh, 
President John a. King, WiltiamaTille ; J. W. Hamlin» Amoa Chil- 
cott, Ellicott ; Joaeph Plumb, Collioa; Jamea Wood, Walei ; H. Al- 
wood, Lancaster ; William R. Coppock, fiuffalo. Vice Presidents. J. 
J. Cnlbertson, Hambnnrh, Secretary. John Carter, Eden, Treasurer. 

Officers. — Warren Granger, President W. U« Coppock, Secre- 
tary. Jason Parker, Treasurer. John W. Hamlin, Aurora ; O. Fields, 
Alden ; V. Rogers, Amherrt ; Lewis F. Allen, Black Rock ; Orin 
Lockwood, Boston ; Jouathan Hascall, Brandt ; B. M. Pratt, Collins ; 
B. F. Maltbj, Golden ; Mr. Cook, Concord ; Alonio Rayuer, Clar- 
ence ; Amos Chilcott, East Hamburgh ; Horace Parker, Hamburgh ; 
P. D. Riley, Holland ; Elisha Burnham, Nowstead ; David Strickney 
Sardinia; Mr. Failing, Tonawanda; James Wood, Wales, Vice 

Buffalo HorUcuUural ^oaety.--Chaile8 Taintor, President; Warren 
Granger, Vice President; Benjamin Hodge, Treasurer; John B. 
Eaton, Recording Secretary. 

Buffalo Waier Works. — Henry W. Rogers, President ; George Coit, 
Vice President ; Oliver G. Steele, Secretaiy ; Henry L. JUinsiDg, 

Directors — H. W. Rogers, George Coil, O. G. Steele, H. L. Lansing, 
Joseph W. Pharo, Jos. Dart, Jr., Joseph Battin, H. Cartwright, H. B. 


There are four Lodges in this city, and one Chapter of Royal Arch 

1st Lodge is '* Hiram "—James H. Barton, Master, and meets 
Friday Evenings. 

2d Lodge w ** Concordia " — J. P. Kline, Master, and meets every al- 
ternate Tuesday Evening. 

3d Lodge is **Erie" — Cyrus P. Lee, Master, and meets Monday 

4th ••Washington" — Horatio Warren, Master, meets Thursday 

Buflbio Chapter^N. Case, H. P. ; Le Roy Farnham, K.; J. Mc- 
Credie, Secretary, meets Wednesday evening* 


Lake-Erie encampment — meets every Thursday Evening, Le Roy 
Farnham, Grand Commander. Cyrus P. Lee, G. ; Henry S. 
Mulligan, C. G. 


There are seven Divisions of the Sons of Temperance in this city, 
under ihe jurisdiction of the Western and Eastern Grand Divisions o 


tUiB state. The follow! D{f are (he officers of the respectiye Divisions for 
the present term. 

Western Grand Division — James O. Brayman, G. W. P. ; Marshall 
H. Trvon, D. G. W- P. 

Buffalo Division. No. 33.— W. N. Albro. W. P.; A. S. Schroeder, 
W. A. ; W. P. Thompson, R. S. Meets at Sons of Temperance Hall, 
274 Kremlin Block, every Thursday evening. 

Lake Erie Division, No. 94. — Thomas Gardner, W. P. ; J. T. Hing- 
stou, W. A. ; James B. Love, R. S. Meets at same Hall every Moo- 
day evening. 

Crescent Division, No. 634. — - , W. P. ; , 

W. A. ; P. McNally, R. S. Meets at Hall of Sons of Temperance, 
Kremlin Block, every Friday evening. 

Crystal Division, No. 34.— George W. Sweet, W. P. ; W. M. Gray, 
W. A. ; £. R. Morgan, R. S. Meets on Wednesday evenings, in the 
Kremlin Block. ^ 

Washington Division, No. 257.— William D. Wells, W. P.; John 
Booth, W. A. ; S. Hume, R. S. Meets on Taesday evenings, on the 
curner of £lk and Illinois streets. 

Eastern Grand Division. — O. H. P. Champlin, D. G. W. P. 

Adelpkic Dicmon.— No. 414.— Seth Clark. W. P. ; H. A. Hoyt, W.- 
A. ; £. L. Spencer, R. S. Meets at Hall of Sons of Temperance, 274 
Main street, every Tuesday evening. 


There are' six Lodges of this order in this city, and two degree 
Lodges under charters granted by the Grand Lodge, of the I. O. of O. 
F. of the state of New York. 

The oldest is Niagara Lodge, No. 25, instituted Nov. 6, 1839. Regu- 
lar Meetings, Monday evening of each week. 

The next is Buffalo Lodge, No. 37, instituted Msy 6, 1840. Regu- 
lar Meetings, Tuesday evening of each week. 

The third is Tehoseroron Lodge, No. 48, instituted December 28, 
1840. Regular Meetings, Thursday evening of each week. 

The fourth is Hesperian Lodge, JSo. 171, instituted August 22, 1845. 
Regular Meetings, Tuesday evening of each week. 

The fifth is Walhalla, (German) Lodge, ^o. 260. instituted Nov. 7. 
1846. Regular Meetings, Thursday evening of each week. 

The sixth is Odin (German) Lodge, No. 403, instituted Feb. 19, 1849. 
Regular Meetings, Monday evening of each week. 

Erie Degree Lodge, No. 3. Regular meetings 2d and 4th Wednes- 
day evenings in each month. 




Edda Degree Lodge, No. 33, orgmaized February 13, 1850. 
JoHir Sbwabo. D. O. G. M. Diet of Erie. 

Mount VemoD Encampmeot, No. 8, I. O. of O. F., instituted Aug. 1, 
1841. Regular Meetings, let and 3d Wedoesday eTenioge in each 

CooLKT a Cbapm, D. D. G. p. Diet of Erie. 

The Niagara, fiuffitlo and Teboieroron Lodges meet la the Hall 
oTer the Poet-office. 

The Hesp^an and Erie Degree Lodges meet io their HaU in the 

Kremlin Block. 

The Walhalla, Odin and Edda Ledges meet at the new reoro on 
Court, near PearL 


Major General 8lh Divisioot 

Judge AdTOcate, 






Brigadier General 3 1st Brigade, 

Judge Advocate, 



Brigade Inspector, 

Colonel 65th Regiment, 

Lieutenant Colonel, 






Assistant Surgeon, 


Caralry Co. 

Company A. 




Nelson Randall, 

W. W. Mann. 

J. M. Griffith. 

Andrew J. Rich. 

Walter Cary. 

Bronson C. Rumsey. 
{ R. L. Howard, 
\ Henry L. Lansing. 

A. D. Paichin. 

Asher P. Nichols. 

J. D. Vanderrort 
D. Donnelly. 
Gastayos A. Scroggs. 
Jacob Krettner. 
Alexander Sloan. 
W. F. Rogers. 
P. S. Stevens. 

James E. King. 

Wm. H. Dudley. 
Capt. John Galligan. 

J. P. Kline. 

John Peterson. 

J. F. E. Plogstead. 







Armory of the 6&th Regiment on 

Francis Fischer. 
Adam Bachnaann. 
A. Rowley. 
South Division street, near Main. 



- I 




Bufalo Commercial AdDerti3er.^^The oldest dally paper in tbe citf« 
Theodore N. Parmelee, Editor. Elam R. Jewett and Thomas M. 
Foote, (QDder the firm of £. R. Jewett &, Co.) Pablishers. 

TVt- Weekly Commercial Advertiaer. — £. R. Jewett A. Co., Pablishers^ 

Patriot and Journal, Weeldy.-^E, R. Jewett & Co^ PaUishers. 

ITsslsrw LUorarff Metsenger^ JfonlA^.— J. Ckment, Editor. Jewett, 
- Thomas &> Co., Publishers. 

Bitfalo Medkal Journal and Monthly Jtmeie.— Anstin Flint, M. D.» 
Editor. Jewett, Thomas &. Co.. Pablishers. 

AU the foregoing are issued from the Commeicia] Advertiser Build- 
ingSf No. 161 Sfain street. 

Bufido Courier, Daify, Tri^WedUju aud Weddy.—W. A. SeaTor, 
Editor and Publisher. Office 7 West seoeca street 

Morning Expreet, Daily, Tri- Weekly and WeeUy.-^A, M. Clapp & 
Co., Publishers. Office Exchange Buildings, 156 Main street 

Buffalo RepubUct DaHy^ Tri- Weekly and Wedtly.^lS^. A. Maynard 
A Co., Publishers. Office, Washington street, adjoining the Post-office. 

Rough Notes, Daily, — M. Cadwallader, Editor. Geo. Reese & Co., 
Publishers. Office, West Seneca street 

Buffalo Chrittian Advoeate^^John E. Robie, Editor aud Publisher. 
Office, Exchange Baildings. 

Der Weltburger*~^{C^rmnn.) Published semi-weekly and weekly, 
by Brunck, Held Jj^ Co. Office, Court street, near Main, ' 

Buffalo D0nio<»'at— (German.) Published daily by Bmnck, Held db 
Co. Office, Court street, near Main. 

Buffalo Telegraph. — (German.) Published daily aud weekly by 
Adolphns Heilman. Office, Genesee street, near Main. 

Eeelesiasiieid It^ormer. — (German.) Pablished semi-itoonthly, by 
Conrad Baer. Office, No. 7 East S^eca street. 

Evening Poft^-Calvin J. MiJls, Proprietor. Office, No. 7 West 
Seneca street 

Library and_ Garden, Weekly. — D. S. Manley & Co., Editors and 
Proprietors. Office, Biowu's Buildings, second Floor. 

American CeU and Catholic Citizen. — ^Published weekly. Thomas D. 
M'Gee, Editor and Proprietor. Office, Washington street, two doors 
from the Post-office.- 

School and House Friend^ Semi-Montkly.-^Conmd Baer, Editor and 
Proprietor. Office, No. 7 East Seneca street 

SuTiday Visitor, Weekly. — Reed & Moore, Publishers. Office, cor- 
ner Seneca and Washington streets. 

Youth*s Casket, Moftihly.^Qa^d^ &, Broiher, Pablitfhera. Office, 
Wtftft Seneca street. 

tx>imiiimAi. AnvnoiBsm DflUMmotT. 95 


firsf PrtiyUfian. — On the triangle boasded bj Chareh, Pearl, and 
Hiiima fltreets. M. L. R. P. Tb«mpaoii« Paator. 

Trasteee-— Aaron Rameey, T. Bailer, N. K. Hopkins, Daaiel Bar- 
vongfae, Chiiftiaa Metx, Jr., N. WUgfu, GeMga Cott, Jr., Eldiidga G. 
8pauIdiog, L. K. Haddock. 

LqfajfdU StruL^^nAyiMUn, Between Main and WasbioftOB, 
north of the Park. G. W. Heacock, Pastor. 

Tmateea^George Howard, G. R. Kibbe, £. Weed, Geo. Brownell, 
8. Sears, John Otto, O. F. Presbrey. 

Cmirml iVMfy<ma».— Old School Comer Geaeaee and Pearl 
John C. Lord, Paetor. 

Tmatees-^George Palmer, £. J. Baldwin, Wm. Wilkeeon, Lnman 
K. PUmpton, Menell B. Sherwood, William K. Scott, Watwn A. Fox, 
Wm. Tweedy. 

Mbrtk Pteshfterum.'^M^tm. atreet, between Huron and Chippewa. 

A. T. Chestw, Pastor. 

Txaateeo— A. J. Rich, Tbomae J. Dudley, Denniv Bowen, Jaaon 
Sexton, Charles G. Miller, P. P. Pratt, James Wadswortfa, A. A. 
Howard, H. a Walker. 

AsMcitite R^ormed Scotch Presbjteriao. Washington, beiow Et- 

gle. Clark Kendall, Pastor. 

Trustees— J. S. Lytle, Robert Latta, Andrew Bread, Alexattte 
Sloan, D. McGeivery, Robert Cameron. 

Brformed PreshyUrian —Ninth street ■ , Pastor. 

Trustees-— Ezra W. Ba^um, Robert Barnes, James Scott. 

East Pr«8&9<sri<m.— Colored. Jacob A. Prime, Pastor. 
. Tmstees — George Weir, Jr., Joseph Adams, £ P. Williams, 8. 
Gamb^rlee, J. Johnson, D. Tonng. 

Niagwm Street Methodist Episcopal. — Niagara street, between Pearl 
aod Franklin. B. T. Roberts, Pastor. 

Tmstees— 0. Wormwood, H. O. Cowing, H. W, Perce, John R. 
Evans, M. A. Campbell, P. M. Vosburgh, D. S. Provoost, J. D. Him 
l9elson Hopkins. 

Asbury Methodist JSpiseopal, — Comer of Peari and Chippewa. L. 

B. Stiles, Jr., Pastor. 

Trustees — Joel Wheeler, Christopher Pierson, J. Sally, Abram 
Twichell, Salmon Shaw, John D. Berry, Samuel Jose^n. 

/Sloan Street Methodist fjpiscopa^-— Comer of Swan and Miohigaa. 
A. D. Wabor. Pastor. 

Trustees— F. U. Root, A. Swan, W. Dodsworth, H. B. Burt, D. B. 
Hull, W. W. Mason, P. L. Sternberg, C. G. Playter, A. Joselyn, 

Vine Stre^ Methodist Episcopal. — Colored. J. P. Campbell, Pastor. 
Trustees— Moses Burton, James Woods, Sainnel Smith, John Butler. 

German Mdhodiik .^piss<fMi/.--JohA Swahlea andC. £[. Affleabiwh. 


Troftees — X, Joslyn, Jo^ Weber, D. Provoost, J. S. Lyon, Richard 
Tafi) John Mulbauser, Ste|Ren Abraham. 

Bttuca Street Methodist IJpifcopa/.— Hydranlios. Zenas Hard, 

W€tshmg;t9n Street 2?aj9lt«f.— Waahin^on street, north of Swan. V * 
B* Hotchkiss, Pastor. 

Trostees— J<rfui Bush, D. 0. Beard, MUee Perry, Haffh Webster, A. 
L. Baker, Jason Parker. 

Niagara Square Bapfist — North-west eorner Niagara Square. C. P. 
Sheldon, Pastor. 

Trnstees^P. A. Baleom, S. O. Gonid, D. W. Williams, H. Wood- 
bvry, Charles W. Smith, W. D. Huntley. 

Free B^piitt, — Corner Pearl and Genesee streets* Geofge H. BaB, 

Trastees— E. Farwell, Silas Sweet, David N. Clark. Peter Corbin» 
•— » Cjrtis, Abel Davis. 

MUMgan Street BaptUL — Colored. Between Clktou and Batavia. 
Samuel H. Davis, Pastor. 

Trustees— William Quails, Henry K. Thomas, Peyton Harris, Cho^a 
SflAth, Green Gibbine. 

German BapUtL — Spruce, north of Bstavia. Christopher Schoe* 
maker. Pastor. 

St. Paul's, Episoowd. — On the triangle bounded by Erie, Pearl and 
Church streets, william Shelton, Rector. 

Wudens — Geo. B. Webster and R. H. fliywood. 

Vestnrmen— Lester Brace, Elijah Ford, J. L. Kimberly, S. Di ^, 
£. S. Warren, Geo. £. Hayes, A. I. Matiiews, and Benj. Bradley. 

THiMty, ^nseonal. — Comer Washington and Meliawk streets. Ed* 
ward Ingersoll, Kector. 

Wardens — Jerry Radcliffe and H. Daw. 

Vestrymen — John Cooke, J. B. Dubois^ J. Fleeharty, H. W. Rogers, 
S. Y. R. Watson, James Ia Reynolds, R. H. Maynard, Rollin Ger- 

St. John's, EpisaypaL — ^Corner Washington and Swan streets. Mont- 
gomery Schuyler, Rector. 

Wardens— William J. Mack and George S, Hazard. 

Vestrymen— Wm. G. Fargo, J. Christopher, William Fitch, William 
8. Phillpot, Austin Flint, Henry T. Gdlet, Edwin Jackson, A. H. 

ffoUand BaptisL-^oTner of Eagle and Pine. C. Schoemaker, 

FirM Unitarian. — Comer of Eagle and Franklin streets. George 
yr, Hosmer, Pastor. 

Trustees— E. H. Howard, O. W. Raney, Joseph Saltar, E. O 
Sprague, P. S. Marsh, William T. WardwelL 


Bird ZTnitfersdlisL — ^Washington stref^Hlftr the comer of SoutJk 
Division. A. O. Laurie, Pastor. ^^ 

Trustees — Miles Jones, B. R. Johnson, George A. Moore, W. A. X 
Cameron, Charles T. Rand, George W. Scott, John HoUister, Seth 
Austin, H. W. TownsemL 

Fird French ProUdanL — ^North-east comer of Ellicott and Tupper, 
George 8. Vcgt, Paetor. 

Trustees — George. F. Peugeot, E. Sirret» Frederick Monin, Peter 
Faver, Charles H. Duck, S. Kapin. 

•SL Lo>ai9, ij^erman (Mhoiic, — Main street, opposife Goodell street 
'—y Pastor. 

Trustees — Matthew Housle, John Koch, A. Allenbrant, George 
Fisher, N. Ottenot» Michael Mesmer, Martin Roth. 

8t Mar^%, Caihoiic — (Order of the Redemptorists.) — Comer of Bi^ 
tayia and Pine streets. Joseph Helmsprecht, Superior. 

8t. Patrick's, Catholic. — Comer of Bataria and Ellicott streets. John 
Timon, Bishop ef the Diocese ; P. Bede, Pastor. 

8t Jo»sj^s Cathedral. — Comer of Franklin and Terrace. John Ti« 
mon, Bisnop of Buffalo. 

8t. JohsC%t Caihoiic. — Mulberry street Z. Kuntz, Pastor. 

9t. Peter's, French Catholie.---Cora!eT of Washington and Clinton 
streets. J. M. Maurice, Pastor. 

8L Mar^a of the Lake, Catholic. — Near the Bufblo Orphan Asylum. 
Peter Brown, Pastor. 

German United 8t. PcmPe, JSvangdical. — Washington street, between 
Genesee and Chippewa streets, kaltenheuser. Pastor. 

Trustees— Phillip Graf, Henry Hellriegel, N. Weber, P. Houck, 
Charles Emerick. 

Evaingdical jOutheran.^B.ickmj-, between Batavia and William 
etreete. F. H. Guenther, Pastor. " 

Trustees— George Kney, Frederick Geib, Daniel Long, Frederick 
Pfeifer, Abraham Weiss, Jacob Seib. 

German EvangduKd. — Ooroei* of Genesee and BJckory streets. Qea 
S. Vogt, Pastor. 

•Trustees— Christian Stolle, Jacob F. Staats, Henry Steinicke. 

TrinUy, German.— CGmer of Goodell and Spruce. J. A. A. Grabau, 

Trustees — George Henulng, Ludwig Dette, Henry Jopp, Emi^ 
RoUier, John Reinseh, Frederick Bodemeier. 

/8t Micha^9, C<rfAo?lc.— Washington between Chippewa and Tup- 
per. Luke Caveng and B. Fritch, Pastors. 

Trustees— S. Bettinger, Martin Zinns, John Swartz, George Kolb, 
Peter Mesmer. 

St. BridgePs, Catholic.— Corner of Fulton and Louisiana istareets. 0. 
JDt McMuUen, Pastor. 

88 oomoitoiAx. adtsbtissb dxbbctobt. 

ZiUm% Otrman Brfarml^fbomeT of Cherry and Spring streets. 
Hermann Bielfield, Pastor. 
Trustees — ^Henry Nep, Micliael Dorr, Adam Miller. 

Lutheran TritiU^, Cferman. — William street Diehlman, Pastor. 
Trustees — F. W. Hahn, Valentine Brick, F. H&mpratli, Christian 

JBdhei, — ^Peny street P. Griffin, Pastor. 

Trustees — ^H. B. Potter* J. Dart, Jr., T. FamLam, J. Mayhew. 

Evangelical Mtukm, Oerman, — Goodell^ near Oak. C. Doeppen'^ 
aclunicat* Fasten:. 


Abbott Road, 

Alabama street, 








Borton'iB Alley, 



Burwell Place, 


















Central Wharf, 




from Elk to Ferry; 

from Seneca to big Buffido Creek; 

from Main to College; 

from Genesee to Batavia; 

from Ohio to the Creek; 

from the Court House to Jeffierson; 

from Yirgima to Carlton; 

from Exchange to Green; 

from William to Batavia; 

from Main to Elm, above Goodell; 

from Batavia to Huron; 

from Goodell to Tupper; 

from Scott to PeiTv; 

from Spring to Jefferson; 

from Sycamore to Batavia, below Spring; 

from Main to Commercial; 

from Delaware to Stato Reserve line; 

from Main to Jefferson; 

from Tupper to Erie Canal; 

from Michigan to Pine; 

from Washington to Alabama; 

from Swan to Batavia; . ' . 

from Seneca to Swan, below EllicotI; 

from Spring to Mortimer; 

from Imchigan to Virginia, near Jefferson; 

from Swan to Eagle; 

from Buffalo Creek to Swan; 

from Genesee across Main to Georgia; 

from Main to !^'ie Canid; 

from Main to Jefferson;" , 

runs along the harbor from the foot of Main to 

from Ohio to the Creek; [foot of Commercial; 

from Viiginia to North; 

from Scott to the harbor; 




Daugherty's Alley, 
le. East, 
jle. Weal; 

Genesee, East, 
Genesee, TTesI; 
German Alley, 

from Terrace to big Buffalo Croek; 

from Virginia to Hudson; < 

from Main to Erie Canal; 

from Terrace to North; 

from Lon^ Wharf to Water; 

from Seneca to Folsom, below Michigan; 

from Main to Prime; 

frx>m Main to Jefferson; 

from Main to Terrace; 

from Georgia to Virginia; 

from Carolina to Noi-th; 

from Ohio to City Line; 

from Seneca to North; 

frx)m Swan to North; 

from Main at the Churches to Water; 

from Terrace to Water; 

from Main to City Line; 

on line of Indian Reservation; 

fr>om Court to York; 

from Park Place to Carolina; 

frx>m Maiden Lane to lie Couteulx; 

from Michigan to Pollard; 

from Genesee to York; 

from Teri'ace to North; 

from Main to Commercial, along the Creeks 

from Michigan to City Line; 

from Carolina to Virginia; 

from Michigan to Potter; 

from Main to Jefferson; ^ 

fr<om Main to Eria Canal; 

from Chippewa to Canal; 

from Main to Cherry; 

from Chicago to Canal Slip; 

from Cherry to High; 

from Washington to Michigan; 

from Delaware to Virginia; 

fr*om Genesee to Sycamore; 

from North Canal to Eagle; 

from Elk to Perry; 

from Seneca to Buffalo Creek; 

from Seneca to Elk; 

from Swan to Cherry; 

from Main to Jefferson; 

from Spring to Jefferson; 

from Spring to Mortimer; 

from Mohawk to Erie Canal; 

from Cottage to Erie Canal; 

from Oak to Niagaia; 

from Main to Prime; 

from Scott to Creek; 







Johnson Place, 




Kinney's Alley, 

Koon's Alley, 





Line !oo«t Dock, 


Long Wharf, 
Le Ooutenlz, 
Matthews' Alley, 
. Miami, 

Maiden Lane, 
Nichols's Alley, 
Kiagara Square, 
North Canal, 

from Perry to Buffalo Creek; 

from North to Erie Canal; 

from Church to Wilkeson Slip; 

from Eagle to High, on line of Black Rock; 

from Delaware to Fir; 

from Genesee to Sycamore, near Jefferson; 

from Mackinaw to St Clair; 

from Carlton to High; 

from East Seneca to Swan; 

from Ellicott to Oak, near Huron; 

from St. Clair to the Creek; 

from Main to Washington, opposite the Park; 

from Cherry to North; 

from the Main Hamburgh Canal to the Greek; 

on the Canal, east of Commercial; 

from Cherry to North; 

runs along the harbor from foot of Commercial 

from Kock to Water; [to Ship Canal; 

from Main to Creek; 

from Terrace to Erie; 

from Seneca to Buffalo Creek; 

from Ohio to Feiry; 

from Mississippi to Indiana; 

from Spring to Jefferson; 

fr'om Pearl to Franklin, between Eagle and 

from Ohio to "FeTry; £Court; 

from William to Cfay; 

from Eagle to Batayia; 

from Elk to Ohio; 

from Canal to Warter; 

is the Main sti'eet — ^runs north and south; ' 

fi«m Cherry to High; 

from Elk to Perry; 

frx>m North to £^e Canal; 

from Elk to Peiry; 

from the Creek to North; 

from Van Rensselster to Ferry; 

from William to Batavia; 

from Scott to the Creek; 

fi-om Ellicott to Niagara; 

from Terrace to Erie C^al; 

from Genesee to Chipjje^a; 

from William to Geiieseer 

from Cherry to High; ^ 

from Seneca to Folsom, between Court and Mich.; 

from Main to York; 

Junction of Delaware, Genesee, Court and Niag.; 

from Huron to York; 

from York to Jefferson, on north line of the city; 

tnan Grosyenor to Indian Reservation; 



Nofrth DiYudon, 






Packet Dock, 

Park Place, 














Red Jacket, 





Seneca, East, 

Seneca, West, 





South Division, 




si Glair, 

Sbip Canal, 



Swan, East, 

Swan, West, 







Tupper, East, 

Tupper, West, 

from Main to Jefferson; 

from Peacock to Water; 

from Swan to High; 

from Main alone the Creek to the toll bridge; 

from Cherry to N'orth; 

from Georgia to Hudson; 

from Commercial to Evans; 

from Delaware to Fir; 

from Virginia to Allen; 

from Cherry to North; 

from Evans to Erie; 

from Commercial to Tupper; 

from North to Erie Canal; 

from Main to Ferry; 

from Swan to Sycamore; 

from-Mill to Eagle; 

from William to Batavia; 

from Heacock to Ferry; 

from Dayton to Commercial; 

from Eaf^le to Genesee; 

from Main to Washington, below Exchange; 

from Seneca to Elk; 

from Cbmmerciid to Erie and Genesee to Hos- 

from Virginia to High; [pital; 

from Ohio Basin to Hamburgh; 

from Main to Michigan; 

from Main to the Indian Reservation; 

from Main to Terrace; 

from Terrace to York; 

from Terrace to York; 

from Church to Erie Canal; 

from Creek to Hamburgh; 

■from Main to Jefferson; 

from Seneca to Cherry; 

from Batavia to Cherry; 

from Rock to Water; 

from South to Ohio; 

from the Creek across Erie; 

from Mohawk to Court; * 

from Alabama to Ferry; 

from Main to Seneca; 

from Main to Terrace; 

from Oak to Jefferson; 

from Canal Slip to Hamburgh; 

from South to Mackinaw; 

from Carolina to Hudson; 

from Main to junction of Sixth and Court; 

on north side of Erie Canal; 

from Main to Michigr i; 

from Main to Virg^ia; 


Van Rensselaer, from Seneca to Elk; 

Vine, from Oak to Michigan, above CL'nton; 

Vincennes, from South to Mackina^ir; 

Yaudalia, from South to Mackinaw; 

Virginia, from Erie Canal to Cottage, and thence to Main; 

Union, from Eagle to William; 

Walden Alley, from Main to Delaware; 

Walnut, from Eagle to Genesee; 

Warren, from Little Buffalo Creek to Canal Slip; 

Washington, east of Main, from Creek to High; 

Water, from Commercial to the beach; 

William, from Michigan to Jefferson; 

Wabash, from Mackinaw to Ohio, on north side Erie Basin ; 

York, from North to the Canal, on line of Black Kock» 


Post-officea. Names of Towns. Podmcutera, 

Alden, Alden, Joseph Freeman. 

Angola, Collins, Caleo Taylor. 

Akron, Newstead, J. Wainwright, Jr. 

Buffalo, J Buffalo, J. G.Dickie. 

Black Rock, Black Rock, M. G. Lewis. 

Boston, Boston, John Churchill. 

Brandt, Brandt, Simeon Brown. 

Buffalo Plains, Black Rock, J. B. Scott 

Big Tree Corners, Hamburgh, Aaron Gould. 

Clarence Center, Clarence, David Van Time. 

Clarence, .-. Clarence, J. B. Bailey. 

Colden* Colden, •. B. Bates. 

Collins, Collins, Samuel C. Noyes. 

Collins Center, CoUins, P. H. Perry. 

Cheektowaga, Cheektowaga, Nathaniel EUingsworth. 

Clarksburg, Eden, Simeon Clark. 

Crittenden,. -- Alden, Seymour Putnam. 

Evans, Evans, Orrin Clark. 

East Evans, Evans, George Sweetland. 

East JHamburgh, Hamburgh, A. T. Fish. 

East Eden, Eden, .* J. G. Dijyton. 

Eden Valley, Eden, Joseph Webster. 

Eden, ...^ Eden, Lyman Pratt 

Elma, r Lancaster, "W arren Jackman. 

Ellicott Creek, Lancaster, James M. Greene. 

East Aurora, .Aurora, Joseph Riley. 

Grand Island, Tonawanda, Daniel Morgan. 

Griffin's Mills, Aurora, O. B. Baker. 

Harris Hill, Amherst, Michael Shuts. 


PotA-<fficn, Namn cf Tcmmt, Po^tmaden, 

Hamburgh, Hamburgh, John 8. Weld. 

Hamburgh on the LakeHambmgh, Theron B. Rogen. 

HoUand, Holland, P.D.Riley. 

Lancaster, Lancaster, H. L. Bingham. 

Marshfield, Eden, John Potter. 

Mill GroTe, Alden, James £. Case. 

Nortii £vanB, Evans, John Borland. 

Korth Clarence, Clarence, Jacob Baxter. 

North Boston, Boston, Jacob B. Cook. 

Nevstead, Newstead, William Pratt, 

Patchjn, Boston, G«orge Brindlej. 

Red Jacket, Black Rock, A. Whittemore. 

South Alden, Alden, J. Chaddendon. 

South Wales, Wales, David 8. Warner. 

Springyiile, Concord, C. C. Clark. 

Sardinia, Sardinia, R. Simons. 

Shirley, Shirley, 

Spring Brook, Aurora, D. J. Morris. 

Town Line, Lancaster, Clinton Dodge. 

Tonawanda, Tonawanda, Jacob Eibler. 

WiUiamsrille, Amherst, J. S. Tafft 

Wales, Wales, James Wood. 

Wales Center, Wales, Ira Hall. 

Wate5;v-ille Comers, . . . Concord, Abner Wilson. 

West Concord, Concord, A. K Ostrander. 

West Aurora, Aurora, O. Thompson. 

West Falls, Aurora, .* George tt Palmer, 

West Newstead, Newstead, J.Wheeler. 

White's Comers, Hamburgh, Z. D. Thomas. 

Water Valley, Hamburgh, Richard ForsteK 

Winspear, Lancaster, 

Woodward's Hollow, . Concord, Stephen Woodward, 

West Seneca, Seneca, Joseph Johnson. 

West Seneca Center,. Seneea, Ira Deuel. 

Zoar, CoUins, Jehiel Hill, 



Eagle, American, $10 00 

HalfEi^le, do! 5 00 

Half Eagle, do 1798 and 
1833 525 

Quarter Doubloon, Spanish, 

^90 a 4 12 

Eighth do do 190 

Doub'n, Columbian, 15 50 a 15 75 



Quarter Eagle, 2 50 

Doubloon, Spanish, 15 60 a 16 75 
Half Doubloon, Spanish, 

7^0 a 8 37 

Doubloon of Ecuador, 15 50 15 75 
Half Doubloon, Central 

American, 7 75 

Quarter Doub'n, Peruvian, 3 87 
Half Joe, Portugal, 

b^ weight, 7 90 a 8 50 

Moidore, do. do...4 70a 6 40 

Sovereign, English, 1844.. 4 83 

Dragon Sovereign, do. 1824 4 80 

Half Sovereign, do. 2 41 

Guinea, da 5 00 

Half Guinea, do 2 50 

One-third Guinea, do 1 66 

One Mohur, East Indies,. . 6 75 

Double Louis D'Or, France, 9 00 

Louis D'Or, do... 4 50 

Forty Francs, do. .. 7 66 

Twenty Francs, do... 3 83 

Eighth do 187 

Doubloon, Mexican, 15 50 a 15 75 
Doubloon, New Oranadian, 

15 50 a 15 75 

Hundred Livre, Sardinia,. . 19 16 

Twenty Livre, do 3 83 

Ten Scudi, Rome, 10 00 

Twenty Lire, Italy, 3 83 

Quadruple Ducat» Austria,. 8 80 

Sovereigns, do 6 50 

Five Roubles, Russia, 3 90 

Double Frederick D'Or, 

Prussia, 7 80 

Double Christian D'Or, 

Denmark, 7 80 

Ten Thalers, Hanover, 7 80 

FiveThalera, do 3 90 

Two and a half Thalers, do 1 95 

Ten Thalers, Saxony, 7 80 

Ten Gilders, Netherlands,. 4 00 

Five Gilders, do 2 00 

Ducat, do 2 20 

Silver Coins, 

Dollar, American $1 00 

Halves and Quarters in pro- 

Dimes 10 

Half Dimes 5 

Dollar, Spanish, Mexican, 

and Peruvian 1 00 

Halves, Quarters, Eighths, 
and Sixteenths, in propor- 

Dollar, Brazil 100 

Four Reals, of La Plata... 35 

Head Pistareen 18 

Cross Pistareen 16 

English Crown 115 

English Half Crown 57 

Bank Token, 3 Shillings 

English 50 

Rupee, East Indies 40 

British Colonial Quarter Dol- 
lar 23 

English Shiliing! ".'"!^'."I 23 
English Sixpence 11 

English Fourpence 7 

English Threepence 5 

Tenpence, Irish 12 

French Crown 1 07 

French Half Crown 50 

Five Francs, French 93 

Two Francs, do 35 

One Franc, do 17 

Half Franc, do 8 

Quarter Franc, do 4 

Scudo, Sicily 93 

Five Livre, Italy 93 

Two Livre, do 35 

One Livre, do 17 

Five Livre, Sardinia 93 

One Livre, do 17 

Florin, Westphalia........ 48 

Florin, Brunswick and Lu- 
nenburg 48 

Florin, Tuscany 20 

Florin, Hanover 50 

Double Thaler, Baden 1 32 

Crown Thaler, do 1 04 



Thaler <if Baden and Han- 
over - 66 

Thaler of Pmaaia 66 

Double Thaler of Prussia... 1 32 
Imperial Thaler of Austaia. 97 

Rouble, Russia 65 

Grown DoUar of Bavaria... 1 04 

Double Gild«r do 72 

German Crown 1 04 

Crown Thaler, Hesse 1 04 

Oilder of Nassau 36 

Third of a Thaler 20 

Quarter Florin, Netherlands 8 
TbirtvHBiz Orotes. Bremen. 30 
Six Grotes, Hanse Town... 4 
Specie Dollar, Norway..... 1 04 

Specie Dollar, Sweden 1 04 

Specie Rix Dollar, Denmark 1 04 









CHABLEs WALKKB, No. 8 Oentrml WharC otbus olarks 

■■ ■■ ■ " ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ " I M ■■ ■■■■—■i n ■ ^^— ^M^^.^W^^— ^— ^— ^^^^^^ 




NO& 14 & 16 OSNTRAI. WHARF. 





jr. ai. eixjjsccjXj. 

FroducBi Forwarding & Commission 

JtVor JFoof of lAa^a Sireet* 

Futknihr attention ghen to the purchase, sale and shipment of all Kinds of Produce. 
GeneraDly supplied with Bee^ Hides, Tallow, Pork, Lard, &c. 



The Trade supplied on liberal terms— ordnrs are^soUcited. 


1853. T ROY & ERIE LIN E. 1853. 
JOHir PEASE, Proprietor, BTTEFALO. 


> as Coeatles Slip N T. 

A. C. Teirt, ' 
M. E. Bradky, 
M. H. Hovey, 
J. H. More, ^ 

J. Gillespie, > 17 South 8trB<>t . N. T. 
P. B. Bowman, $ * «p stairs. 

C. T. Colt Jt Co Troy. 

C. T. Oott, 100 Pier, Albany. 

J. J. Austin, 101 Pier, Albany. 

L. F. Conger, . 100 Pier, AllMuiy. 

Wm. F. Holmes, Bochester. 

Hark Packages « T. & E. Line.** Ship by Albany and Canal Une Barges from Pier 5, 
foot of Broad Street, which leave daily, at 5 P. M. 

Produce Gominission Merchants 

0. COBB, 28 OENTRAI* WHARF. o. oobb. 

1853. CLINTON LINE. i853. 

W. MOHTEATH, Proprietor, - - BTFPFALa 

ik AS^o'jOUNE \ ^ ^^ ^*°^^ ^'•' ^^ ^^^ ^^"^^ ^^'^^ ^^ ^^"^ 



Mark CkwdB " Ctae CUnton Line," and Ship by Eckford Line Tow Boats, which kate 

(oot of Broad Street, daily, at 5 P. M., Sabbath excepted. 











1853. BHAINABB & AVERT. 1853. 



Eo. 26 Central Whar^ up Stairs. 

Particular attention giyen to the purchase, sale and shipment of all 

kinds oiProduce. 




Beceiveri and Shippers of Lnml>er and Staves. 


Freight for Caniil Boats coiutontly on hand. 





Eo. 10 Central Whaif. 






* J^o. 11 Central IW^Harf. 



BUCKIN6HAM8 & McCULLOH, im Broad Street, N. T. 


A. BUCKINGHAM, Pre«., ZanemiUe, Ohio. 

■■I ■■■■■■■■■ I- n . • ■ ■ - III. 





Porter, Scotch A^, Cigara, 4bc. &c 



For the purcliase and sale of 

Floor, Orain, Pork, Butter, Cheese, etc 


omee JTiOn 7 East Seneca St. 


Groceries & Provisions, Wholesale & Retail, 


Agent for Rochester Scale Works, Dorjeew Forsyih A Co. 

H. O. COWINQ & CO., 




Saleratufli Wooden Ware, Soap, Candles, Fish^ &c., &a 

Prime Street and Dock, foot of Datfton. 



_^^____^ FOR 




A. R. COBB A Co^ - - - Dockjooi of Uovd SL, Buffalo, 
A- W. PALMER & Co., - - 121 Broad 8L, Neva York 

E. W. 8LOANE, Agent, 121 BrOMl 8ti«et, New York. 
Maik Ftekagei, " W. B. Lra^^aad sliip by Weatern States Line, ibot Broad St^ N. Y. 




68 Kiln Strttt, and HMMfvr Street 




TfiheiMin ft™^ Giflen. PaiLk TnlM aiid Bfeeoma. 

(successor to IrOX A BRCOE,) 




Dealer in Anchoirs, Chams, Canyas, Tarred and ManiUa^Cordage. 


Ageney of the BniBJe White Lead Co. Caah paid for Old JmlL 




9, 8 ir4 Ohio BuUdins»f foot Main Street. 

AnehonaadCliaiiMLTar.Fltch, Twred and ManiDa C(irdaM»OalniiD, WUto Lead, 

OU, OtaMt Water Ubna, Atfc 

D. 1. MOMB. B. B, «( 





dt^er Srigi. Olippir Sebaoturt. 

GBETHOUllD, Datisoh, Master. FOX,... Isaac Pbilups, Maater. 


Brigi. Sekixmen. 

LOWELL, HoTABD, ■' MIRANDA,.NealBbowm, " 

A.R.COBB, FiBBU, " PETREL,. . .Oko. Mooae, " 

0. A.BEUI5,...STAin>BD, " EXCELSIOB,.R.Stoi>dau>,« 

BOSTON, A.M0K1R11Y," CONaRESS,.F. O. HoopKB, " 

Profdler CHARTER, Capt JiS-pRAii. 

as Central. 19'Hmrf, Buoralv* 



¥«!«hMiiii« fenrwM DailT to wd tram N«w ToA, Tr^ud BaflUg^ 
and aU Forti M tb« WMlen iMkM, CHMb Mti BriMftdi, 

W. A. FOX * Co, 

^ , ._ ■. HAJItLTOM,) —OofmBMOHm. 


hapoHm and Dolor in 


148 M^MJT smmim r; 


No.*86 Main Btnet 

&1 eonnection ivith H. & W. J. ATenJl & Co., M ew Tori^ ud Bncket^ AtwcH 4 

Oo^ BodiMter* 

Groceries, PFOvisions, and Produce, 

Vo. 4 Bfarkhflftd Bttilding, OnmaMnial Btnet 


MolMSM, Wince, liqaon, Bpioei, Rruit, I 
Bariey, Soam Caadlee, Oil, FUi, Poric, &e. 

Sogir, TeM, Goflbe, llolnse|i, Wince, Liqaore, Bpioee, Rruit, Floor, Qetieel, F^ttl 


Ooosteiitiy on band, an Unde of 

And ProTidone of an ]cinda.Mi 


Mann&ctnrera o^ and Dealeia in 

UCOIIII.UITIIII. limit mil. 

Pure ^pkifei^iid Sectifled WlddEej. 
JTo. 19 JLiaydi Streets 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers ia 

eim, rum mis, m mn. wm m. 


Drugs and Medicines, Dye Stuffy BrudieB, etc 
J^o. 163 JiTain Street. 

Mannftotaren* Ageota fi>r the sale of PATENT MACHINE CARDS. Trodvub ift 

all kinds received on commiflaon. 
ioa o. QusimsB. xilo aisrsn. 


( Svooeaaors to Williams, Howard & Co, and Howard & Newman.) 


Wholesale and Betafl Pealers in 


Manilla and Taned Cordage, Tar, Fitch, Oakum Blocks, Bh^ and Boat Spikes, White 

Lead, Faints and Oils, American Hemp. 

Oft the IMoekf Corner of JRrh&ke mnd U^ya SI«. 




mAUESs nr 

(B)i)0ter5, l^kiUb Q^ptrrs, Sobsttts, 3||t)»i 

And all Klxids of Fruit and Game— Also in Oigan. 
O. H. Blosiei's Phoaniz OH aiwaini on hand. 

JT^. 146 JVrmim Bir^ei. 



J^Om 197 JfEain Street. 




JTm, 1 MUrhMwmd BMUtmg; Ctmmtwxt^ BIrttt, 

Choice Cigars, Fruit and Nut«aliraj'soDliand. Alio, Motlo YenM, 
Tinue Paper, BDil pure Oils, eipretely for CunrectioneiB' use. 


MiMi&ctann ua WMMde Dtdni b >n kMi or 


JSTlxtja, etc. 






A genend tdmortBomA of Fnab, fitft and BMoked M«aU ; also, Lard, Taflow, iee> 
Ae., always on hand. Fttniliei and Steamboats mpplkd with lee by teanag thllr 
•itfrese at my oiBoe is T«rraoa Market. 

ll^vit\tx mib Ir^toimi §lealer, 

A good^nortaunt of FtmI^ fMXr aad Smoked Xeati, tofflUior wifli 


Funilies and Steamboats supplied promptly by leaving their address at my Oflhw. 

* _^ 

F. A. & J. K ATiTiBEBGER, 

Store ITo. S and 4 Gosunereial tnd Bearl Streets, 

Three doors below Terrace Market 

▲hrge assortment ef all Idnds of IVcsh, Salt, and Steok^d Meats. Abo, Lar^ 

gtftow, lee, dec, Jbe^ eemttaBtiy on hand. 



59*. r^VE^a SrMMIST. 
Jnat bejtmi. <Jw IStj Lne, near Main Street 


I«4LaL IK 

/rrsi! <fDi)5ti»^ Ipkilf^ #|8trH| f ilstrn^ $||iil>i 

And an kinds of Fruit and Oame. 

JT0* 18 mmd 90 Jff^wA Memeem Sireei* 




ManafaciamB and 

Dealers in all Kinds of Paper. 

OIBm tad Wftx^houe, Vo. S Weft tauM ttreet 
Ako, entrance throufliPhmDej A Oo's Bookstore. Cash paid for Riig^ 



Stfttionery of all IdiidB imluuid at tlio Y9rj lowvft prioai. 


Bold at the loweiit New York Prioes. PurehMcra are inirUed to call and ezaoiiii* 

before purchadng. 

Stationery and Blank Work^ 

We offer for aale a general aasortnaent in our line— Theological 
Jjegai, Medical, Literarj, Scientific and Miscellaneous Works, School 
Books, and Juyeniles ; Bibles, Prayers, Hymns, and the publications 
of the Maasachnsette SabfoaAh School Society, of the Bible and Tract 
Societies, and Sunday School Union ; Papers, Stationery and Blank 
Work of all kinds. Any book or article not on hand, will be pro- 
cured to order on the wiortest notice, at the lowest rates. We are 
manufacturing and offer at Retail and to the trade on Cash or special 
exchange. Tuck Memorandums, Pass Books and Blank Books of 
▼arious sizes and styles, and are prepared to make Blank Work, and 
Book Cases, to any pattern. iUso, to do Bindma, Uttlwff, Paging and 
Embouing to order, havuig the most approyed machines for these 

Irayeling Agents and Pedlers supplied on the most liberal terms. 

All OBDEBS FOR DOMESTIC OB FOBEioiT BOOKS ezccuted with the utmost 
economy and promptitude — Public and Prirate Libraries furnish^ 
at a small commission on wholesale prices. 

Books for Public Libraries imported duty free. 

IMJmXETH, HAWIiET ft CO^ 2S0 Sain fit 






1§7 JIMMn Street, Brown* s BuildingBf 

Keep coBttamtlj on hand the largest and best selected stock of 

Stisalkneotts, Jab, W^tinml anb Bt\fid 


To be found west of New York city. Being extensively engaged in 
publishing, they are enabled, by exchanging their books for the pub- 
lications of eastern houses, to sell at loWest New York rates, toUhtnU 
additiovwl charge for tramportaiion. Of 


They have a fine assortment, and at prices that cannot &il to be 



Received by every steamer, and sold at a trifling advance. Orders for 
FoREiGir Books will receive prompt and earefal attention. 


Will be found at cur store as early as at any other. 

^^Wholesale Dbalees can rely on having their New York, Bos- 
ton and Philadelphia invoices duplicated on same terms. 



No. 206 Main Street. 








Rnled and Botind to any Pattam, In tha B«it Btyki 




In eveiy variety for business purpoHs, in the most modern style. 

A large stock, ta uBuaL 




ITo. 188 Main Street, aad Ves. 1 and S West Seneea Street* 

(At Che old stand of F. W. Brxbd, who contiaiieB in the New firm.) 
Haying been long extensively engaged in t^e manufacture and sale 
of Books, are prepared to furnish every article in their linS'at the lawe^ 
prices. Obtaining in exchange for their own publications most kinds 
of Miscellaneous and School Stock from the Eastern publishers, they 
are thereby enabled to sell them, like their own books, ai a small 
advance on the Bbd of mafmfadure. 

Particular attention is invited to theil" new edition of 



And also, to their assortment of 

School and Sdiool Library Books 

Which is probably the largest in the State, having been selected with 
care from almost every Book Mart in the Union. 

Obtained directly from the heaviest manu^Mstarers in the country; and 

BLAHK B001D9, STAXnonEEY, &0. 

TRAYELIirO AGENTS will find a Stock suited in style and 
prices to their wants. 

WESTERN DEALERS can generally duplicate their N^w York 
bills of purchases here, at the same prices or less. 

Thus Saving the CoETt of Transportation 

From New York]^to Buffalo, and from ten to twenty days* delay in 
the transmission of goods. All ordei's filled with promptness, and at 
the same prices as if the purchaser were present. 





Mpljoktera ^ P^^^ Ranging 


Vo. 189 Kain Street, Xaneion Hbuee Bloek. 


Carpets, Kugs, Bngg^ India Mattii^ & Fk>or Oil Clotlu, 

Fntber beds, Mattrewan, and Cuahioiia, Paper Hangings and Bordnn, 

Bilk and Wanted Drniaafca, MoMeni^ Laoei^ ¥ViBna« Gim9% and Embioidtred 

31 uaQna, &c^ constantly on band- 

The Wgarti cbeapaak and bait aeleoteditock of 

IP^tr Panpgs anD ^aptr ^htbolD Curtains 

' Ever brought to this Bfarket, at Wholeaale and BetaQ prfeea, bj 

N. WILaXTS^ 231 Blain Street. 

|3r Cotmtry Mdrchanta and Dealers will please caH and examine my Stock, before 
purchasing elaeirhere. 


Ho. 1 Stow Block, up Stairs, 
rmsT HOOK from thk mmrnQK, ooMMBfecnAL ftTKExr. 

CbjMmm AiaMofM. Chabues O. IBLcmxr* 

Hotel, Steamboat, Boarding House, Vessel and Boat Bedding constantly on hand and 

made to order. Also, Hair Seaiting, Springs, Manida, Carlsd Hair, 

Sea (hws. fte. (Ad work repalMd. 


E«. O. BROWN 8l Oo., 


Silver Plated aadBritaimU Varea, Cfhiiia and BfthwnianVaaet, Table 

Catleiy, lainpe, Ae. COdnadeeoratedte order. 
l.">.l5g££'l^"B...«.{ No. 175, Main Btmkt. 



210 Main Street. 
O. B. SIBLE7, 


Watchesy Jewelry, Silver Ware, 


STo. 186 Main Street 



Impoxten, Manufutoren and Dealen In 

900 «Watft Street. 

N. B.— Watchea» Jewelry, &c^ repaired «t short notioek and warrmted. 


And Dealer in Oold and Silver Watches, 


N*. 186 UaAm Bbetit, «n4«r MmelMk 

M. B.— Furticnlnr attomtion paid to Watch Bepaiiing. CSash paid fbr old Siher. 
Second hand Guna and Waitches boqghtand iold. 





Clocks, Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, 

164 JKmin Street. 

W»tcbM aad Jewetay Btpalnd and Wamnittd. Cvh paid fiir CaJifbnto Gold and old SaTvr 



BOSOMS, <fc:o., 
149 Bi«in Street, lie €o«tealx Ml«ck« 


And Gtentlemeii's FurniBhinyStorg, 

" 183 MAIN ST., BROWN'S Bli OOg. 



No. aoi BSain Stnet. 


ynn be in attendance to wait tqjon his friends, and all others who mi^ can. 


iWinl)anl Sailor ani (Gentlemen's Invmsijm% 0tort 

106 Slain Street, Oomer of IJoyd. 

K. B. — Oonstautiy on hand, a full and general assortment of 
Beady Xade Clothing^ Shirti, OoUan, Snspenden, Cravatii and flrery 

artiole in hii lin0 of buriiuM. 

64 <;01imiMnAL ADTSRnSKt DimOTOHr. 

A. B. BIDWE1.I., 


fientieio^'^ T^$i}mf(hk Jtth>i3Mv^0 £$t^bii«t)in^(}t. 

IF. ]>U]XIOIVT« Foreman. 319i Maia 8tre«t« 

■■ ' ' ■ '■ ' ■ ■ .. ■» , .«.■■> I III I I »r 





P. "W. SAWIN, 



GonitMiiOyii^iand, a SEttMBortment of French, Geriaan and American Clotlii, 
CaasimereSi Yestings^d Gei^lemen's Famishing Ooods in grei^ variety. 



tmm. 1 Qji$ m niim; m m. 

No. 198 Main Street, np Stairs. 

I II I . I.I . ..- — ■ I, . _ , ■ ■ . ■ I ■ ■- . ■ 



Fore^^ and Domestic Dry Goodsi 



oomanmkh advbrtiskr dirbctobt. 65 


179 mAWn flTRBET. 

Constantly on hand, a Urg« asBortment of Domeatic Dry Goods, by the package, as 

low as can be puicbased in New York. 


W. B. BISHOP & Oo, 


Jfmtcj M)i Staple grj (§aQh, 




W. B. BI8BOP. ) 

Jolk^KORTzf' 1 Mo. 218 MAIM STRBBT. 


Wholesale sad Retail Dealers IqL •* ' .^ 








Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 



BaODet Vatps, Reeds and Shuttles, Pfck^n, Fkiker String and Lacing Leatiier, Lei- 
cester ICachine Cards, Paints, Oils, Window Glass, &c. 

Jt*o« ISO JfMain. Street* 









xAHvrAonmB or bbimol's tMscmawD 

And sole Agent for the sale of 







And Agent fbr the 


Orders fron» the Trade promptly executed at the lowest market 
prices for Cash* or on four months' credit for approTed notes. 

%%.ik Mmin Street. 





iSt FrmMlclit Street* 

Oea. An»ip»riMie» o€ Imn^-flrt jwiii mm1« hioi hi rdfartag to Un cMm irf 



384 1-3 jm^Mjr armsxr. 

Crilkm of nvT •'" ■"■I qM^V C0Driui% en bud. QmhtM and lU imiMiij 

BaqoUla kx FoHn^ tomUisd Uihoct Hidn. 
AgW fcr IMfi htMtt Mrt>llto Bertol Otmrn. 

E. & H. D. FARWEIiL, 

««ill9 W&£81«93B» 

Comer of Hiagua and Pearl Stneti. 

Ehp eoMtntlT OB iMnd, OcAb ctf in ktadi M 


Patent Sfinnj; £anteims,iprapcUtr U \>tS9t[ ^mps 


ll^ ^akn In Fmln and Dtnnstfa Hudmn, Kudi, JupUMd Tin 'Wa% te. 
HantdicMm orCuppar, BtaeM lion iind Tin Vat of «tut dewr^Ood. 

JVto. 41. SeMCMi Sireet. 




C^rwter of Terrace ana JErie SireeUm ^ 



Cabinet Slabs, Marble in Block and Slab, Qarden Vasei, 


lire Briok^ Vova Sootiia FUste, Silex, Water Idme, Etc, 
For Sale at Wholesale and KetaiL 



(Late Na W Uoiyd Street.) 


Warranted Smith's BellowB* Lons and Extra Long do., Oomnum 
and Fancy House Bellows, Brass and Iron Founders' Bellows, Port- 
able, Circular, Single and Double Action Bellows, and every descrip- 
tion of Bellows made to drawing or to order on the shortest notioe 
and warranted. Old Bellows-repairing at moderate charges. 

A fall assortment of each size and quality always on hand at the 
Warerooms of Messrs. Peatt <fe Co. Terrace street, Buffalo, at Whole- 
sale and KetaiL 

BFFM BTY FMliB iM SUM tl lE inns. 



Stationary and Marine Engines 


Iron and Brass Castings, includiDg Columns, Pilasters, Cornices, 
Balustrades, Verandahs, Door and Window Caps and Sills, and every " 
other Tariety of Oastinffs required for Building or Machinery purposes, 
made to order and in tbe most approved style ; also a full assortment 
of Patterns for 

Slevaton, Water mdOas Woiin, Pmiiys, Kaebinety, fto. 


Ezeeated on short notiee by experienced workmen. 
Oomtr of SIk and Mississippi Streets. 







Planlih T«bl« Wsn, 

Japanned and PUin Tin Ware, Tin Trays, Toilet Beta, Battling 
Apparatus, Wooden Ware, Bird Cagea,So]ar and Hand Fluid Lainpe, 
Campliene and Baming Fluid, Brushes, Hats, <tc. ic. 

JVo, SIT JWfain, and S JEa»i Swan Sts. 


Te areeitensirely engs^din maiii!' 
6uitiirinff, of the best RiateriaU. in > 
thoroagh and workmanlike mannrr. t 

which, for conrenieuce, far surpa;ai - 
aoythiug of the kind now in use. 

Thej are of the closet form, tcil) 
double doors, and are rentilated nmi 
fitted upwith Slate Shelvts. Theyn:-'. 
so finished aa to render them a liaua- 
Borne piece of Furniture. Diahes of . 
Butter, <tc, Ac, are kept cold without __, 
Ice is kept longer than in any other. 

We tn *:aD nuau&clnrbig ■ tUI 

Closet and Box Befrigeiater^ , 

Of a cheaper quality, snitsUe for Families, Stores, Steanboats, 
Hotels, Ac., Ac. Orders from A distance promptly ^e^d^db). 



f aW '§0t%k Cffoking ^toks, 


MUES, BlllGlijis,ii STEUDM^ 




Selected bj the OAtuDixn ConaMioH for tbe "^obld'b Eihiditioh." 




Holding from HBlf-Barrel to four Baireli. 


In giMt Tul«^ of S9IM and SIiML 
Potuh, Soap, and Sagar KotUai, Waffla Ironi, 

lom MM IF IP ram mm. 

Building OiwtmgB of emj duoription, mide to order. 

Flr«> Pipe B*ni, Luke Kumb, Ban» bmiI Cobb^ 

m»V»MH«, JV1>. 9S .VWn SHtBl, C»mtr if *h"W BIretl. 



azes Nev Eagle Hot 

fcitoyeB, plain sme. 

eies Prairie Flower 

Hot Air Stoves, plaio et^le. 

I aizes Nev Premium 

Stoves plain style. 

ila^ Queen, ele- 

Stove, new atti- 

D aizcg Diuinc Roohl 
■ee s zeB Folding Door 
wlor Stoves, wood or coal 
iir B zea Improyed Air 
gilt Parlor Stover 

Plate StoTes 
Qaa Burner Coal 

r B z H Egg Coal 9tovee. 
SI71B Extra heavj Plate. 
ill Stove and Drum, 
.rce uzee ScK-Regnlatw 
« an of oiiglxal dalgn, got op b; lu, aud moit]; of pUn ttjls. 


Cast Colnmnfl and Lintels, for Store Fronts, 

imudoT Caps and Sills, for Stores, Dwellings, &o., 

In great varieiy, from tlie latest Btvle^ which are now wiiTerBally 
DMd. Also. 



Potash Kettles, ^proved kind ; Csnldron Kettles, fto. 
Large additions have been erected to our establisliment (luring the 

giving them a high chajocter. which we ai 
at ao J expense. 


So. 31 Main SUiMt. 






MatlfintXTSi for 0teamboat0 anb |)rope(Ur0. 

Worts on Ohio Street S. 8HEPABD . 




Fairbanks' Scales, Salamander Safes, 

Tale^ Pktent Magic Bank and Paie Locks. Also, agenU for the lole of MarhMfd 

Iron MiuaUes, TMie Topa, Oolmnnay &c. &c. 

ITo. 81 Main Street. 

■^ 1 m — I — n-TT-'i 1 M-i - - — Tw— ■- - -I -■ r ■■!■ ■ II— ■ ■ ji I ^w^^i^^i^l^— ^^i- 





Cooking, Parlor and Plate Stoves, 

Plain and Japanned Tin Ware, Lamps, Campbene, BumiDg Floid, ^e. 

No. 119 Main 8tz«et. 



No. 170 Mkin Stxeet. 

Agent for tiie Saperlor Jf stittnal Oil Stone. Cash paid for Sorap Iron, 
^ Old Copper and Braaa. 




107 Main Street. 


tOVAaO F. rObOEB. WV. A. BQU)^ ». 




Terrace Street, 





No. 165 Main Street. 








No. 397 Main Street, 



ttBlo ^fL^ w^^ ^fe i»|[ ^fe @? wk 



Beer and Cidei Pumps, Latbefi, Punchee and Dies, Bottle Moulds, 
Malt Mill Rollers, Leather Hose and Rollers, Brass Cocks for Steam 
and Water, Hose and Plain OouplinM. Also, Brass and Copper 
Castings, Gas Fittings, Babbet Metal, Ac, <fec. 

Shop corner JVasHingtan and. JRerry Streets* 


R. M. EDDT & CO., 


fm Iroof loora anit ^iniiora ^[luto, 


Pinin and Ornamental Iron Bailings, Fencm, Balustrades, Yerandahs, Balconies an^ Stair 
Cases for Dwellings, Ac. Cnstings made to order. 

No. 13 OUnton Street. 




Balconies, Balustrades, Iron Doors, Shatters, &o. , 

Main St, Opposite Korth ChnroL 

Smith Work Is all its Bnmdwii Orders promptly attended to on the moat reaaonabla terma 

comaRcnAL abt^stisir dirvotort. 77 



ALSO, or 

Jot0tmg ^itcts anb pistols of tkq hkb. 





Powder Flasks^ Oame and Shot Bags^ 



Gkmpoi^cpdler in Kegs and OanistexB^ Sec. 


Ko. 6 Birkhead BuildingB, Ckmiineroial Street. 



Practical Plambers and 0as Fitters, 

■fVom New York and PhUaddphia. 
On Mhe earner at Femrl mma Seneett SirteU. 

Would lespectfuUj apprioe the citJMQS of Buffalo, 
that (liey are prepared vith worlcmen and materiala 
to answer any demand for Herrieea or fixtures in fitr 
ting up Houses, Hotels, Stores, Shope, and Steam- 
boats, with dispatch, and to tlie most approved 
Among their atock maj tie found a full asaort- 
^^^^Jment of the various styles of 

Hot, CoM, Plunges, and Shorei Baths, 


Water and Oliamber Stop*, 

8ey-aiiitig and Pan a-ntU, MarbU and othar WatK Batiiu, laA SUvtr 
or BratiFiUinffMiStrata'ndOardeiiUMtofZtaihtT.Rilli- 
btT or Himp, Ctut Iron Sinit ^ a imid ii>- 
scripttOB, EyiraaiU, WaJi Trayt, 



For Oordens or Saloons, of emrj description, fitt-ed up, both is 
town or country, and in anj form Uiat ma^ be desired. Lead, Iron, 
and Block Tin ripea of all sises and descriptions, supplied or laid at 
the shortest notice. 

All orders, from city or country, promptly executed, and in a su- 
perior workmanlike manner. 


72 Xain & 13 Haoorar Streflti, 


BhMtlnm, Lead and Ziso, Lead Pipe, I j'^^ 


JqMmwd W*R, Cntlo?, TiDmni'* IbrUiH nd Tadk, jll. 

NiOiiJu. FHdnliiriitlnitiiUfaidUtnimit^ 
■ad in kiudi of JobUag. 


A^ 38T JOatm Strtet, 


Cnlnfi Pktant Hot Air VaniMM «tf OwAliif BwgM. 

Sole Agents for Ball'a Patent Indettnictible Water Fipea, 



\i\% m\ ^umbers, 

Z*cttexi.t Xdlfe JBecttfl^ 

Ooppv Rheted Boa, Steun ud Witv OuigH, LDeomitln Uupir Sura Ibi 
Hutch and Slambooti, Fin Engliw Pumiah FurouMi &e. 



No. 107 Main Stroet. 


80 coimiBROiAL ADVERrridfiit x>tRKctaKir. 


Suceesson to B. S. Taff, 


Comer of Water omA J%*orMon Sis. 


and a general assortment of fixtures in tlie above line. Repairing 
done at short notice. LignumyitSB for sale. 

Wholesale and Retail D«alen in 


No. 14 Bxchange Street, 
O>pp0»iie the JfMmntioMy comer of IV^shingiom* 



Curriers^ Toots a»Mt Shoe JFiwutings^ 

No. 91 Main Street. 
Oash paid for Hidee^ Sheep Skins, and Wool. 




JTm^ 308 Amf 910 Jttmin Street ^ 



Of every description, thaak the pabKc ft»r the liberal patronage extended to them. 
Hanng enlarged their Rooms and added a splendid Skj-Light to their facilities, tor 
making their superb Pictures, their patrons con have a choice. Having also added 
largelv to their supply of Ini^ruments, Flates, Cases, Chemicals, and Gold Locket Pins, 
Bracelets, Locket SesJs, Rings, &c., for iMiniatures, would invite strangers visiting the 
city, or Falls of Niagara, to give a peep into their new Room% where can be seen the 
largest supply of Specimens in Western New York. Daguerrean Artists sending 
orders, with the cash, by mail, can have them filled, to an^ extent, as cheap as New 
York prices. Artists will do well to call and examire their stock, as they have made 
a wonderful deducti<m. hnCruetions given in the art. 

Rooms open to the public from 6 A. M. to 7} P. M. 


^ngrabtri anb f it|o0rap|ers 

161 Ualu Street. 

nrmTU, Ck*«Bea, CertUcBies, l**taa, «:e., BDsn(T*«. 


W*ddlB|^ md Tutting Oaid>. 

Bxaont*d prompUj, and In arorf ityl* of tha Art, upon 
th» moit raaftonable tenna, by 


161 HAIH STREET, Conuneroul AdvortiMr BniWngi. 



156} Uus SniR, is fully prcnred to exeento all Work 
id to his care, vitli promptD^u and in the beat it^Ie of tfae art. 

>, two, llirea or more cnlois, Ac. &c. 

f^T Orders from a diBlasce, accompanied hy tbs DeccHWj Dntwln^ 
or i)affpeiTeotjpe^ will raoeiT* immediate ittenliaD. 

Q. D. W. receiTOd a premium for Uie best specimen of the art 
•xhibitMl at the lat« Fair. 



A. & J. EEQG-H, 


Comer Pearl aad Seneca Streets, 

A Large Assortment of Piano Fortes, 

Whidi ua warrantecl inferior to lume, in pdst of tons andwurtaiumahip. 
Sealera Supplied on Liberal TermB. 


Piano Fortes & Mnsieal Merchandise 

^0, 90a JfMmtm Slretl . 

ChickeriDg'a, and Boardnan <t Oray'a celebrated Pianoe, at maken' 


Jfrnprooed patent Utelc^tona. 







S ' 


1 1 




Ho 200 Kun Btn«t, BUTFAIO. 

GEO. P. HEED 4 Co., 

6 Fourth Street St Looia. 


H. "WING & OO. 


8 EzchaDge St ^.^^BtA Bnffolo, X. Y. 



Rreach and Americu Calf SUna, Morocco, Linings, Bindings, Kips and Splits r 
Threads, Webs, Cords, Lacets, Laalings, GaUoons, Ribbons, Hammers, 
Plooers, BMq[M, Tacks, Fegs^ Naita, &c. &c. 

B. wnro, 0. J. wnco, h. wing* jb* 




79 MA/oyA Sireeif nemr JtKain. 

A gjBneral assortment of QenUemen's Ladies', Misses', and Children's 

Boots and Shoes from the Eastern Markets, and of his own 

manufacture, coDstantlj on hand. 

Also, a general assortment of Shoemakers' Tools. 



And dealers in Booflng Materials. 

0me« hmtir9 frmm 9 ## 10 •#• .W. mmS 9 #« 3 JP« Jm. 


House, Sign, Steamboat, and Ornamental 

Parttemlaar attenttai paid to Chnveh Glass StaiDii« and Laadiag. 

comcnout mrwKrmwm bibsotort. 85 

Book an) Job {Printer^ 

Cartter ofJUfaim ana JExehamgef 



And Printing of every detcription, done with neetneti and diipatch. Fferticiilar fltten- 

tion paid to work in Bronie and Fancy Colora. 


vaoutAUi JJI9 mmub 


occimnt« SIX vifvbbbnt axoBBa. 

Btttranoe 848 Main Street 


Jrim. 233 JITmim »irt9t. 

Mahogany, Veneen, Vamlali, Oaae Seata, Ac 



aV«. ftft JExeHOMge Sireei. 



Horthweit end of Hiagara Street, 

Beg to inform their old and new patrons that their residence 
and laboratory is remoyed from Main Street, near Tapper, to the 
northwest end of Niagara Street, fronting the river, where the 
Pyrotechnist art will be carried on, on a more eztonsive scale than 
formerly. Erery kind, size, and quantity of Fireworks, to suit 
Committees, Merchants, Proprietors of OudoBSf or Public Ezhi- 
bitions, to any extent. Buyers may be a8sured« by enlrasting 
their orders throagh the post-office, to be seryed witA the newest 
articles, and at the lowest prices^ according to the amoaat of mat- 
ter, machinery, and colorea fires, they may contain. 



- WHEEI^R HOTOHKiag, Agent. 

OJFM'ICE-~Cor. JViagOra ttFeart StreeU. 
MECEIVVVG r^Itn—OHio BaainttElh St. 



I'fae dnderdgned bKTin; . 
in? jUw> entered IptJ^ >n 
businMa Ihej bavA 

itliuent to Um ■■"■■"-■< IMUit dtpot^ ■ lugi uhI cDnunndliiiii lard. flanked bj IMO 
ftflt of dwkws, uud MOofltaetb, vbera the; Imd tl»irowu ImnbFr, anabujuidKll 
at nkotenk or reUil, all kindi of Lnmbsr, 'Timber. BldngTe^ LaUi, &c. 

BlJneTe^ Li_, _.. 

' N. B.— Tb« bi^btwt mutet prlcei pHid for all doerlptiMU dT Bsialack iwd oUwr 
tiUVber, LUta, &c, bnmglit hi bj IukI or witer. 

To Boll Road Ooutraoton «nd BIiip-Bnlld«n. 

The labsniben eipeet to nceire tnuudiitelToii Mx aowiag of milgadoii, ■ hxft 

vd T*n EDHiior lot of aquare PIm aod Omk l^ber, irvm ^fr to DO ftwt lon^ ud 

fromlito!4ICKdiHiqsHC, wUidilhejwUloa^rforHlelDlotalonill pnrcliutn. 






Cor. Ohio & Chicago Streets. 


Foot of Muylaiid St, on tiie Eiio OaoaL 

J. A. FERBT. B. ■. MSRItlTT. 



Office a43<>>ii^^ilMBi^*GuuU,iiMff tlMFoolofCbudiBt 

Has constantly on hand and for sale, 

}Drr00eb J^loortng, Sibtng, |Ianel 0tnff, Ut. 



Corner of Ellicott and Swan Streets, 

Constantly on band a good assortment of Linnber of every description. 

»aAS9iir% piaa« 

DEALEms nr 

Offioe--Com6r of Court and Hospital Streets, 

Near the Niagara Falu R. R. Depot. 

Hare constantly on hand and for sale all kinds of Pine, Ash and Whitewood Floorinff , 
Siding and Panel Stuff, dressed ready for use. Also, Mouldings, Sash, Doors, &c. 
A large assortment of Lumber of all descriptions, unplaned, kept constantly on hand. 
Planing, Sawing and Turning of every description done ; and boxes of all kinds made 
to order, and with promptness, at thAir milL 


j-oscxr n*. zoro 

uAKvrMmjuMw or 



Oenuiiie Dutch Anker Bolting Cloths^ 

$ort^6Ie aHsf Wi\k, Bamti mtcs, 




Soott Street^ l>etw«en Xain and Waahing^n Stnets. 

Corner Main and Biaiawt Street, near Kain Street Bridge. 


The nibicriber ii now prepared to faniiah, «t the Old BvflUo ICill FimiihiDg Ei- 
UMMiTnimt, at the shortest notice, his Gentriftigal Feeding, Fattent Portable Floaring 
and Orlst Mills, from twenty-four to thirty-six inches in diameter. 

Tlie assurances frofai all to whom these Bfills have been sold, more than lostain the 
most sangnine ezpectationa of their soocess. The subscriber has In his po s ses sion 
■certificates and letters from purchasers, going to show their great superiority over 
every other deacriptloii of Mill now in use, either Portable or Large Stones, both oa 
the score of economy, of power, and quantity and quality of work done, in flouring or 
grist grinding. The amount of work these Mills are capable of performing is tndf 
extraordinaiy. The certificates in the po sseoai wi of the subscriber, of Mr. White aad 
Mr. Brown, of the Red Jacket MiUs, on the Reservation, near BuffiJo, show that the 
regular work of each of the Mills of this description In that establidunent, is from 
thirty to forty bushels corn per hour ; and that one of these MiHs, three ftet in diame- 
ter, ground, the last winter. In three months, 85,000 bushels of com, without requiring 
one cent for repairs. Of the Milla sold last year, not one but has given perfoct satit- 
fliction in every particular, and performed fitr bey<Hid my recommendationa. 

BuoonaoB to Batwabd & Nozb. 

oomfsmoiAL ADTmrniE »«»aev<mr. 80 


Zf*E3 .A.I^ID X^IZ1.E3 

ItsndattBii l^ift InssraiKt Cmpqi, 0f |[tto |0rlt. 

OAPITAI^ ••§ , •>• B^IXAKA. 

100,000 Dollan dtportted with OompCroDer. 

A.A.ALVORD, PreMdenL O. Y. WEMPLB, SecreUtty. 

URut BOABO or BwntBvcn. 


B. H. HBTW0OD» 8. O. HAYKM, a B, UGH. 


tf0ntiiitntel Inssnina ^0., 0f t|(t tfUs of |[tiir |0rk« 


AH p«id la eaah aad nfU|7 teTattad. 

WM.y.BRAI>T, PreddenL GEO. T. HOPE, Stcrdary. 

^Ifringfitllt f ift Insmntt 60., 0f lls888t|(ssttl{. 


An paid np, with a lai|« aaiphia, aad aalUjr faivMtad. 

EDMUND FREEMAN, PreMmi., . .WM. CONNER, Jr., Secrdarf. 

B«r«r to J. S. OAKSON. Praddont Bank of Attleo. 

SStsttm Pajsat^sttts Insmnct €0.» 0f littsfttlli. 


All paid up, with a larfo sarpliu and lafiilj Inveslad. 

CHARLES M. OWEN, Pr«tidwrf....J. C. GOODRIDGE, iS«flr«te»y. 
Bofer to JAMBS HOLUgTBB, Pnaidoiit HoIilMar Baidk. 


All pidd up and safely inToated. 

CHARLES CRAMER, Pra««fe»rf.... FRANCIS D. MOE, /Sccrdiary. 

Befer to OBO. W. TIFFT. 




Merchants' Insiirance Company, 



Mutual Insurance Ca 









The Standard and Blastrated Publications of 


No. 158i Main Street, Exchange Buildings. 


DELivEBiira Agent. 


Erie, PennsylTaaiAy 

^tonttjat Saio ^ Commissiontrof Jtebs, ^t. 

For New York, Massachugetts, Connectlcuty Indiana, Miflsouri, 

and Wiflconsin, 

Will giye attention to collections and other bnsineBS in Pennsylva- 
nia, Western Kew York, and Northern Ohio. 

Beferencei, Cvabias M. Rbko, Erie: J. O. PvnrAii. J. O. HAmsnos. Buffalo; Jot. BL 
BBXfftnui, RioBASD H. Bowau, K. York: W. B. Bbbi^ J. ▲. Uammmall, PhlladalpliiA 
A. H. MoOvrvsT, CiacfiiiMtti; J. W. Au.ik, CleT«lMidt a 



JVo. 196 JOaiM Sireei. 

Commiaaioiien to take Mknowledginenti and Depoaitlons for Records aad Ooortt in Ohio, 

Peimaar iTanIs, Oonnectlent, ladiaaa, Ao. 

Their acqiiafatance(fVoin ISSO,") with the laws and people In tiae Weitem and other States, 
and in Canada, onablee them to giro dispatch to tasineM thereiik 

%■■■ ■»■—■■ I ■ I I - I ■ - ■_■ ■■ ^— ■_■■ ■■ ■ .1 ■ . ■_■__ ,_, „ ■— ■ ■ - , ■ I ■■ , I I ■ »■» 



OMc€9 13 Spa9§Mine*s Exchange. 



OMce JITo^ 3 Terraee* 



North of Exchange Hotel, HYDRAULICS. 

Orders by Mail or otherwise promptly attended to. 


92 cxnoissoiAL adykbtissb i^erbotoet. 



QiBoef Ho, 813 Elm Streeti (above Ooodell 8t) Buflklo, and ooronr of 
XaiB and Ferry Streeti, Oold Springs. 

All of our Brick will be found to be of a superior quality^ being 

made by 

HaU*8 Patent Press Moulder, 

Wbicb makes a stronger and more compact brick than those made 
in the old way by hand (called Yankee Slop and Boll Brick.) 

Constantly on band, the best of 


llith C^tnitr9 ^(saASf (tit |mlMiq| |rifi 

We have also made arrangements to manufacture mwe extensively 

those fashionable and pretty 


Ftessed and Stock Brick 

Which are allowed by some to inake as splendid a firont as cut stone. 

We have also on hand Octagon and Circular 

WUoli we ofbr at the low price of $6 per flue, 
ioe and other Vaaoy Briek made to order. 

N. ■•— Briek dclirered •!! alMrt notice. 







41VftSIBtt» f liAV9#ftB8 




Or delivered to any part of the Oity. 

OMee an MUhigan Street^ ai Canai Bridge* 



^efo toll fe Ittfimarj, 

Comer of Hain and Mohawk Streets. 

(kvA ' I 



Dr. smith — ^" I have been cured of deafness of 72 years 
fitanding, in the incredibly short space of three days." 

. J. G. WALDO. 

^ A Gbntleman, and successful ia his profession." 


" He is fully competent for every emergency." — Bepublic. 

•*He has performed some remarkable cures." — Com, Adv*r» 

** One of the noble ngen of earth." 


" We have been troubled with an affection of the ear, which 
completely destroyed the hearing of that organ ; but, thanks to 
Dr. Smith/wc are now as well as ever.*' — Buffalo Repvhlic. 

OommunicationB by letter, post paid, $1. 

Bib. smith; & 




The» tnlj InviliHble FtOi u< etrtapoaoAed oo Medlco-Chpmiial prteJpiH^ (toD> 

■nd ixnialii Iha Altar^n ExtnM conbliKd wkh ■ ^lolce Aptrfnt, otiicli mrriM 
ofl; b; tlu ardlnHj eivnilkiin, mH li>al imd unhealUij huiDOn, m Ihejr ue tipeUed 
from tbe Mood bi the V>|[etiible AllanUn. Tbej will, thenton, be fiHuid to partly 
Ibe T*tm, ud Artlft It iplut ittuki of Cholerm and Dthtr epidunhs. The; lie 
■Ik iptdanaT iwiU la f CUM when It la Deedftil lo Kt at once oa lbs Uter, bomb, 
kidoBja, and ikin. Tb^ ntog ii foaitfiubla In djipapda accompukd bj bDe, 
ackbty,linrtbnm, gldtUiwMtbettdacba.uaac^flaCDleikcatCaiKtiniLtkBiof Ibeboweli* 
depRW«iorUK^rUa,aDdDenDwiRltabUUT. lomuiraHHtlKTban, b; 0117- 
ingofflbiga^iiUimlchiiimBlitlignpmibaDdHat bnnior^ ainited UupnKmaof 
MwaDiiipliDa. Tims ue cRbctind In rdkrlng otnigba of all dncripCioii^ are taTaba- 
bl« fbr Ow con of bmoobla] liiimEi of Iba •nanA ttrm, aad u* of moat tanpoitaiiC 
naa In inllHDia. Taken ngularir fai tb« ifting and Mi, tb^ gtnnitban tbe [one of 
Ibsil«naelLaDdaocaia,andlbrtIQ,aodlailganla iaaalBgBaOm, TbetreflKtoa 
tba ildn and aacndorj orranu nnden Ibeoi ■iarahr^ eDkcUve la caiee of gont, 
Tbenmallno. Utreriah altaclii, &c, &c.; wUiit to Ibe nnrae and tlie motber tber an 

.... -'■^- -rinnaTar ToiietaiaM,aitbaactiirdTieo(Uy all female obacnu- 

idd fiea tlM noM nlu£Ie and gnleful nlief to inStiring 

tbe dtio, tbej mton it, wben Beaded, to ilwaUlif Kale, puri^ ibe blDod, clear tbe 

Indlgsation, Flatulanoy, and Aficctiou* of the IiivBr, 

fd mia- BjmptoHU Indloatlva of these dlaur- 

CBp n l i Mi and Wnkipg titer eatinc. w«n( of apiMfite. bearthum, laD^uor, dfjactlen 
ofqtirit^ Bad ganeral debi£t;. 1^ removal of ibe cauae of complaint ii tbe most 



r poaaeaaaDcbckanauigaadreaoraaiigprepertkt that the action of tl 
Ij oometei^ tha r«dandancj of tbe tue earried oS tbe alomach atrenj^thencd, 
. BplrMi RTiied, and (be patient 1> redond to ptaAa health. Tbta fluoiite liid 

Imirerail medlcbia la aold in BuflUo In bom at Sa ceola eaebt b; 


ji Uie UnUed Btatea. Dlnetleaa 


No. 246 Main Street. 

Choice Botanic Medicines, Herbs, Roots^ Barks, Extracts, and Syrups 
of all kinds* Medical Books^ <&c.,'4fec., at wholesale and retaiL 



No. 264 Main Street, under the Patchin Bank. 

Attends to the Purchase, Sale, and Renting of Houses, Farms* Lots, 
and other Real Estate, with promptness and on liberal terms. 


$ttffal0 §nh Office mh (Btnmi |lgettfi!; 


J^o. 915 Washington Street. 



Coppet, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware, 

Camphene and Burning Flaid, Lamps, Glasses, Wicks, ito. 

Also, a variety of Cooking and Parlor Stoves, 

JTm 94 €'0mm€rHmt Sirt^t. 

R. 8. ZUOK. J* L. ZUCK. • D. V. ZUOK. 

Citjetg Stable Keepers, 

Good Horses and Carriages, at all times^ on reasonable terms. 


brilliant anb Sttrprising Jist^hrj. 




This arUde, now in high repute, took the Premium at the Ohio 
and New York State Fain in September last, and more merit is 
awarded it than any similar article known. 

Ji*o« Z9 Exchange Street^ 



Iftlank '^uk "^uuhttutx 



Is prepared to execute all orders in the above business in & manner 
as, he flatters himself, will give satisfaction to the public 


JBb§gazii»§€S ana Oia BookB 

Bebound with care in all the various styles of binding now in 

the market. 



H. TAir AIiLEir Proprietor. 


Nm. 81 Bnd S3 naia Bl. 


A;, Farmerlj ol the Hartfsfd Hotel, Conw 
and Hcdunica' Hail, Troy, H. Y. 

Carriage and Baggage Wagon always 
ill reudinesa to cunvej Fassengen to 
uiid from thii House. 

FaeBengtn arrivins in the £aateni 
furs, and going; to this House, will pleaae 
j>iit their Baggage under die sign of the 
Original Huff's Hotel, at the Depot. 


Hear th« Hiagaia lUls vtA Eartem Sailroad Depati. 

SLOOOM & 'bEOTHEK, Paopjuircm. 




This House is newlj fitted np, and witliin four hundred jarda of tlia 
Eastern Ratlroad Depot, and fooT rods of the Niagara Can. 


OmnibuKs leave this Honeeeveryhalf hoar for Black Book. 

Offioa of Batari* Stag* Oompany. 

comiBBoiAL Aomrmut DntsevMnr. M 


Ckxnier of Temoe and Patfl Stro0t& 

Kear Kiagara Falls R. R. Depot F. Is, BROWN, Proprietor. 



JTo^t^ 89 mmd9 Cmmmmrtimt Sirmmi, 

WUMn ten rod$ ofihe Sieamboai, and two roda from the Packet a$tdljime 
jdoat Landing, near the Raiiroad Depot. 

The House has undergone a thorough repair, and is neirlj fitted iq» 

and renoTated throughout. 





Adjoining the Albany and Buffalo, New York and Erie, and Buffalo 

and Cleveland Railroad Offices. 
A. N. UkRRB AU, Prop'r. PBTBR TOUNGh Bnp^ 




Cmrmer IFeari Street ama Terrace* 

Please put your Baggage under the Sign, at the Depot. Inquire for 

Carriage at the Door. 


F. M. JACOBS, . Proprietor- 

J^os. *27 ana 99 M^eari Street. 


- k i 



jn», 1«S jnMn street. 



jtm. 11 mmS is 1W>< jSnwcoi M. 

agbichltukal ahs horticultukal 

Field, Garden and Flower Seed!, 
Fertilizers, Fruit Trees, Agricultural Books, Ae. 





Westell ITiferarg pessengtr 



jLIieir^fqi'e, Stirt, §clei|ce, ^o^^li%, 




Single copies, sent by mail, $ 1,50 

Three copi^, one year, 4,00 

Five copies, one year, 5,00 

Eleven copies, one year, 10,00 

Twenty copies, one year, 18,00 

Adyertiaeinents insarted ttfc reasoni^le rates. 


The Western Literary Messenger, of Buffalo, edited by JT. Clement, 
Esq., commences its twentieth Yolume with the March number, which 
is now before us, bearing the marks of much improvemeot in its gen- 
eral appearance. We are glad to see these evidences of prosperity in 
the Messenger, and congratulate our esteemed friend andcorrespond- 
ent, its editor, upon this auspicious commencement of a new volume. 
— ^. Y, Recorder, 

The Western Literary Messenger for March, comes to us in a new 
dress, making it now one of the handsomest, as it has long been one 
of the best monthly magazines in the country. — Conoordt N. H., Dem, 

It will compare with the best literary monthlies published in Phil- 
adelphia and i^ew York, for the interest and instruction of its pagesa 
and vX half their price. — UtMOk RogideT* 

We do not hesitate to say, that the Western Literary Messenger is 
at the head of American raagasines. — Aumra^ (I^') uuardian. 

JEWKTI, TEOIEAS & CO., Pnblishen. 








<8)iitart0 m\f % (mttutt $Umbeai €ompm 

Will, daring the Maaon, run two daily lines, Sundajs excepted, between 





Compoaed of the large and ootmnodiow Lake Steamer^ 





And the beantiful River Steamers, 




One of these large and 8ni>erior Lake Steamers leaves Le wisf^on every day, connecting 
at Oswego with the railroad to Albany, at (^enabnrgh with the railroads through 
New England, to Boston, and the above named River Stnimers to Montreal, as follows : 


Leave Hamilton 7 ▲. 

Leave Lewiston . 3 p. 

Leave Rochester 10 

L^ave Oswego, connecting with 

oars for Albany 7 a. m. 

Leave Sacketts Harbor 10^ " 

'Leave SJngston... 1 p. m. 

Leave Ogdensbuigfa.. 8 a. m. 

And arrive in Montreal at 5 p. m. 

Fasrin^ the thousand Islands and all the 

Rapids by daylight. 



Leave Montreal 4 p. ■. 

Leave Ogdensburgh on arrival ot 
cars from Boston 8 p. u. 

Leave Kingston 7 a. m. 

Leave Saeketts Harbor lOi^ •• 

Leave Oswego on arrival of can 
from Albany 4 p. m. 

Leave Rochester 9 ** 

And arrive at Lewiston 5 a. k. 

In time for boat for Toronto and Hamil- 
ton, and Trains for N. FUls and BufiUo. 

Passengers up the Lake, by this line, arrive at Kiagara Falls and BnflUo in time for 
Iweak&st and morning Boats up Lake Erie, having an opportnnUy to see the Palls. 

Passengers leaving BufUo at 12 o'clock, m , and Niagara Falls after dinner, can take 
this line and reach Albany, via Oswego, next afternoon at S o*ck)ck, in time for Oars 
an 1 Steamers to New York, making the trip with diq>atcb, and without fatigue, attd 
•( less expense than by any other route. 




1853. ^/-MA^ A 1353, 


Composed of the new, large and splendid Lake Steamers, 

NEW YORK, Capt. R. B. CHAPMAir. 

BAY STATE, Capt J. H. Ledtasd. 

And the beautiful River Steamers, 

JENNY LIND, Capt L. Moody. 

MllTISH EMPIRE, Capt D. S. Allkw. 

BRITISH QUEEN, Capt Laflamme. 

Sxpresslj adapted to the navigation of the Rapids, 

Wm, in eonneetlon with the RaflroadB between Oape Vincent end Albaaj. at Ogdentbnrgh 
with the Ratlroede throash New Knglwid to Bottra, nad tfae Biver Slenmen to M ontrenl, form 
• daily line, Snudaye excepted, between 

Lewistony. Toronto, Oap« Vincent, Albany, Ogdensbnrgh , 

Boston and M ontraaL 


Leave HaraStoo 7 a.m. 

Le*TO Lewiaton ...12 m. 

Leave Toronto 3p.m. 

Leave Cape Vincent ^. 3 a. m. 

Leave Ogdensburgh, 8 a. m. 

And arrive at Montreal at 6 p. m. 

Pa«8inf^ the ThouMmd Islaada and all the 
Rapids by daylight. 

Leave Montreal 4 p.m. 

Jjun^ Ogdeniibttrgh on arrival of 

Otnfrom Beaton, 2 p.m. 

Leave Cape Vincent on arrival of 

Cars from Albany, 6 p. m. 

Leave Toronto 7 a. m. 

And arrive at Lewiston in time for Boat 

for Hamilton, and trains for Niagara 

Falls and Bufialo. 

N. B.— Paesengcn wishing more variety, on going Eact from Klagara Falls, than is aflbrdvd 
by Railroads, and not having time to go by way of Montreal will find the rente by the Amer- 
ican Express Line, and railroads between Cape Vincent and Albany, agreeable and expe- 
ditions— lea^ng Niagara Falls at II A. M.. going via Toronto, and reaching Albany next after- 
noon in time for Cars and Steamers for New Vorlc- 

Both the United States Mall and AmeHeaa Express Lines eoonect, at Ogdensbnrgh, with 
the River Steamers, down the Rapids, to Montreal, and Cars for Boston, over the Ogdensbnrgh 
Ridlroad to Rouse's Point ; thence, by either the Vermont Central, or the RnUand and Bur- 
lington Railroads, through the valleys of the Green Monntaius. Those for Saratoga, IVom 
Ogdmsbui^gh by Railroad, or from Montreal by Railroad, take Steamer at |louse*s Point for 
Whitehall, from thence, by Railroad ; or those wishing to make the delightful trip through 
Lake GeoiEe, leave the Champlaln boat at Fort Ticonderoga. 

104 oomnKiiAL ABrrnxnoM itntEtmwr. 




Imtc on thb BMd, bMi flH Deprt flf aw 


Exeltmuge strett. 

This Row! runs ilong the South ihore of Lahe Erie, uid, vJth its 

connecUoD, eiteoda to 


Colitmlins, CtnriDniiti, ^o^iiiitiiiiiiliSj Calrlu, 


In ito appointmeDte of LocomotiTec and Coaehea, it ja Dot excelled 
bj aaj Boad ; and having genUemanlj Conductors ftod train men 
it affords (o the traveler a pleasant, easj and safe route to on; point 

a a DBmna, sn^ 


ooHianflui. ABTUonm BiBMMBr. \ lOY 


S999&&% ASS 8&BM8CT 


1853. a *'"'"- : a^1mv, 1853. 

ftinmiiio IN comBcnoM wm tm 






WiU leave the Sandusky Line Dock, near the foot of Commercial St., 




faeoaneetiMi witii the above road* at SandiidKy, 0. 

Through Tickets, or to any roint oa the above Ooada can ho had of the Agen^ on 
the flMidosky Line Dock, foot of Main street, or on board the steamboats. The boats 
m the line are the Hissisrippi, M. Hasard, Master; and the St. Lawrence, John J 
HoUister, Master. These two boats have been built expressly for this Line, and ran 
&ect to Bndosky without «toppin|f. 

JAMES O. aiBSON, Agent. 


ainiiiT, wm. mmm m ma. 

Twelve Hours saved, and nnequaled for Comfort 

1853. flBBBBGHMBJB^S- 1853. 


Curying the Great Western United States mail, between 


Waukegan, Kenoaha, Racine, Milwaukee, and Sheboygan, via Toledo, 


Pasaengera, if thejr hare any recard for th«ir own comfort, will take tbit Una of Boati to 
Clevelaad and ToIaclQ, in preference to taking the cars, and thns eubjectiag; thomselvaa 

to ao many chaugea and detentions. 

The ibilowing magnificent and unequaled Steamers ibrm the connection in the line 
between Bnffido and Toledo : 


Ijeavea Bnffalo Mondays and Thuradaja Leaves Toledo Wednesdays and Saturdays* 


Leaves Bnffalo Tuesdays and Fridays Leaves Toledo tfondays and Thnrsdaya. 


Leaves Buffalo Wednesdays and Satnrdays Leaves Toledo Tuesdays and Fridays. 

No expense has been spared in the constructing and fitting up of 
the above Steamers. Their engines are of large power and low 
pressure. Each boat is abundantly supplied with Life Boats, Life 
Spars, and Life Preservers. 

One of the above splendid Boats will leave the M. S. R. R. Dock, 
(foot of Commercial Sti-eet,) every eveninj?, (Sundays excepted,) at 
93^ o'clock, or as soon after the arrival of the Express Train from 
New York, as will allow the Hail to be changed and Baggage selec- 
ted and taken to the Boats. 

Passengers can have their Baggage taken to the Boats Free, by 
delivering their check to the Baggage Agents of the Line, who will 
always be waiting at the Cars. 

The distance saved by this Line over any other route is between 
60 and 70 miles. 

For Freight or passage apply at the Office of the 


JFomi of Coimimereimi 9ire9i» 

H. M. XUIAE, Agent 




1853. fiiaOHB^Pai 1853. 


ST. XOVIB, GALENA AVB BTTBVaVB. Detroit in 17 Hours without Landing. 

nn onmArmn, avientt, jon van moon. 

Distance to Chicago hj way of Michigan Central* Railroad, 518 milei. 
Distance to Chicago by Lakes StChiir, Hiiron,<b Michigan, 1056 miles. 

PMMngen eu hare tlwlr Bagga«» conrered to the Bo«to frM of chatVB, hj dellTerinc 
their Checks to the BAgtage Ageot of the lAwt, and will have siiffleleat time to fo to the 
Hotel! Ihr Sapper, belbre the departure ol the Boat. 

The New and Splendid Low Preeenre Rteamen, 

B0OkZITB 8TATB Oapt J. Xmaoiii. 

MATFIiOWBR Oapt. Om. E. WiUonghby. 

OOBAN Oapt.D. H. BTBride. 

Learo tfte Mieblcan OBnftral Railroad WharC Dafbr, at half-past nine o'clock p. M , or on 
the anriTal of the Cake Krie Express Train from the East, in conneetton with the Michigan 
Oentrantallroad. Throngh without landing, arrlrlng at Detroit In time for the aaemooa 
Train going West. 

BUCKEYE STATE leaves Buffalo, Mondays and Thursdays. 
MAY FLOWER " Tuesdays and Fridays. 

0CEAX9' " Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Paawng«ra by this Rente wfll be aure of maUng the c<nmection at Detroit, at the 
Steamers make no stops at ports difHcnlt of entry. 

For FMigfat or FMHge, apply on bourd, or at the ofifee on the Michigan Oentral 
Railroad. Whac£. 

J. MO YIlTSi Agont* 




WHOUHULS ijiD bjetah. dkalebs nr ' 




ConunercUU tMAvertiaer BuiiMnga, 

Na 101 Main Street, BIIFFieLO. 

saffls sdiEs sai^is s® ©aiigS: 





ooMmcsAL ADvaamn DouovoKr. Ill 


rinting €stabl}s|mtni 

Vo. 101 KAnr 8TBBBT, BUFFALO. 


1%%S 6M9 l%8 f UmifiA 


or tile most ftpprovwl coastraelles, thqr «n f bte J l» tkiow off l«ice orten with grt»( 
m>Mltr, at pilcM to eompote with tfao \mrgn% Eastoni BrtaMtthimim. 


Inetndlng Lako end Canal Bttk of Ladiar. Draila, Ohaeln, Votes, Reeef pit. Ae. fltnamTwaU 

and Railfoadi nippllad wtOk the T«rt0aa fciada of BfUa, Tlekel^ Blaak«» 

Ac^ with ekgant and appropriate de»%Bfc 


Having a aeparate depcitmeat eepedallj devtoted to tUe deaerlptloB of worir, thej are enabled 
to oflSur inch tenna for the execntlen of Boohi, Pamphlets, Periodicals^ Sm 
papeiBk Jke.« as wfll be entinljr satisfhetory. 

Ovr BtereoiTpa Foimdiy is now in complete operation. Orders fbr Books, Pamphlete. Worka 

in Plfwe''Work, Small Jote, Cuts, Mc, Stersotyped in the best manner, and 

at prices oonespoBdinc wita the Eaetsrn Fonadriea 


II extenslTe Biadeiy Is attached to ovr eetabllahment, where ^»1~*taif tf aroix dsetslpUua 

Is eaecnled la a superior manncK. 

O^Blaak BooiDi, of every dMcriptioi^ « hud or BiAdfi to ordir. j^ 

';i. ■'^>M.n-^"fJ*i% ABTSmSKB DIBBOTOBT. 


^Ma anJr Pagara Jfalls 


Iieaves BufFalOi 

FIRST TRAIN, at..-,. 9.1B A. M. 

SECOND TRAIN, at 12-00 M. 

THIRD TRAIN, at 6-00 P. M. 

Iieaves the Falls, 

FIRST TRAIN, at : 7^00 A. M. 

SECOND TRAIN, at 2.16 P. M. 

THIRD TRAIN, at 6.00 P.M. 


LEAVES BUFFALO, at 9.16 A. M. 

LEAVES NIAGARA FALLS, at ....,..,. 6.16 P. M. 

«f The down Trains connect at LEWISTON with the Steamers 
for MONTREAL, OGDENSBURGH, and the various ports on Lake 

'rains stail on Syracuse time, which is about fifteen minutes 

faster than Buffalo time. 

WM. A. BIRD| Superintendent 
Buffalo, May, 1853. 




AMUMfuaaom^-in tbe pagw Mkming.ft. ilaiidi tebodfe;— ^. forboArdt;— tf«r. fbr 
eomtt t d j y. fcr opporito. TIm word 4frNf Is impiied. 

Aabenfiiheiney Miehael, laborer, with IX Belden. 

Aaron, Isaac, aoctioneer, 19 ezehange b. Union abore Clinton. 

Abbey, Jamea H. barkeeper, SontJbem HoteL 

ABBOTT, R. JAMES. Agent London Art Journal, 156}^ Main, b. 

IS SixOL-Set atkf, p. 9(k 
Abbott, George 8. foreman Dart% h« 21 Sbtlh. 
Abbott, Abram, 258 Pearl. 

Abbott, Walter S. book-keeper, 152 Main, b. 356 PearL 
Abbott, John H. in planing mill, h. Tenth, near Maryland. 
Abbott, Orrin, 5 East Seneca. 
Abbott, Richard, 391 East Swan. 
Abbott, Wm. joiner, h. Carroll, below Louisiana. 
Abele, Joseph, cooper, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 
Abell, Louis, laborer, h. Tenth near Virginia. 
Abell, Wm. H. firm Lee, Abell <fe Co. h. 1^ Chiroewa. 
Abell, Chas. L. liquor store, Com. Hotel block, Omo^ b. Main st. Hotel. 
Abell, Thomas Q. 235 Franklin. 
Abell, Christian,* Mrs. widow. Camp near Genesee. 
Abraham, John D. architect, 253 ]uist Seneca. 
Aln-ahams, Abram, clothier, 38 Exchange. 
Abrahams, James, painter, h. Seneca near Heacock. 
Abrams, Robert, laWer, h. near Jubilee Bridge, Kaek Rock. 
Absolom, Kicholas, clerk J. H. Miller, h. Micfa^gvi near High. 
Abwender, Joseph, shoemaker, 116 Cedar. 
Abwender, Joseph, shoemaker, 12 Elm. • 
Academy of the Sacred Heart, cor. Delaware and Allen. 
Achert, Joseph, bookstore, 416 Main. ^ 
Achtadgest John, soap boiler, h. 115 Pine. 
Ackerman, Francis, tanner, JNT. Case A Co^ 
Acker, Joseph, fanner, Abell, near Amherst. 
Aclend, James, sawyer, h. Elk near HaywarA. 


ActoB, Henry, provision dealer, h. 346 East Seneca. 

AdalbeH, Patrick, machinists b. 8 Sixth. 

Adam, Augustus, ir. n. 294 Main, h. same. 

Adam, Philip, fumaceman, h. Syracuse near Pratt 

Adam, Peter, tailor, h. Niagara north of Amherst 

Adam, John V. saddler, b. A, Young. 

Adam, Carl, 294 Main. 

Adams, Walter H. ship carpenter, h. Illinois near Perry. 

Adams, C. D*Q. music teacher. Female Seminary, Delaware^ 

Adams, Henry D. prii^ier. Rough Notes, b. U. S, Hotel 

Adams, "Wm. miller, Niagara north of FeiTV. 

Adams, David L. grocer, h. cor. Fulton and Hayward. 

Adams, Martha, widow of Robert, fancy store, 407 East Seneca 

Adams, Daniel P. printer, h. 25 Seventh. 

Adams, James, firm of C. Atheam <fe Co., h. 11 Ellicott 

Adams, Allen M. clerk, 207 Washington, b. 11 Ellicott 

Adams, Hiram, grocer, 37 East Seneca, h. 23 Carroll. 

Adams, Wm. watchman, J. Newman, h. Ky. near Mackinaw. 

Adams, Milan R. Court near hospitaL 

Adams, Adeline, widow, 9 Sixth. 

Adams, Robert law student, N. H. Walker. 

Adams, Joseph, barber, hr 40 North Division. 

Adams, Eli, ^tone cutter, h. Ellicott above Burton Alley. 

Adams, Anthony, machinist h. Smitii Block, Exchange. 

Addington, Samuel H. Niagara near Franklin. 

Adler, John, Ash near Batavia. 

Adler, John, laborer, h. 104 Batavia. 

Adolph, Louis P. clerk, P. Beyer. 

Adriance, John Y. S. firm Albro <b A. h. 97 Ellicott 

Afinger, Frank, laborer, h. Amherst near Military Road. 

Afflick, G^o. weighman, h. cor. Chicago and Fulton. 

Afflick, David, at Rogers' Elevator, b. cor. Fulton and Chicago. 

Agan, Edward, blacksmith, h. Park near Virginia. 

Agan, Michael, laborer, h. Moose near Elk. 

Agan, Luke, stove mounter, h. Steuben near Alabama. 

Agins, Theodore, clerk, 4 East Seneca, b. 66 South Division. 

Agnew, John, ship carpenter, h. Elk near Hayward. 

AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE, Mason A Lovering.— <8(?tf f. 101. 

Ahnert, Frederick, cooper, b. 219 East Genesee. 

Ainsworth, Benjamin, nnisher, h. corner Palmer and Carolina. 

Albert, John, shoemaker, 4 Commercial, h. Maiden Lane. 

Albert, Jacob, grocer, 184 South Division. 

Alberry, Benjamin, saddler, 10 Exchange, h. 123 East Eagle. 

Albery, Robert, hamessmaker, 10 Exchange, h. 129 East Eagle. 

Albrecht, Francis, sr. Palmer's tannery, h. S. Division below Spring. 

Albrecht Francis, jr. Palmer's tannery. 

Albrecht, Fred. W. h. Goodell near Elm. 

Albrethson, Albert, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Albro, James, printer. Com. Adv. office, h. 340 Michigan.. 

Albro, Stephen, editor Republic, h. 215 South Division. 


Alhj, Lindej A. hmm-occo dresser, h. Hamilton near Amherat 

Albro A Adriance^ grocers, Clinton near Elm. 

Albro, Wm. H. firm A. <& Adriance, h. 215 South Diyision. 

Albro, Wm. H. clerk canal sup't'a office, h. cor. Niagara and Eagle. 

Albns, Jacob, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Alckschnk, Francis, laborer, h. GloodeU Alley. 

Alder, John, foremau Bidwell, Banta <& Co. b. aeroes the creek. 

Alexander, Isaac, clothier, 12 CommerciaL 

Alexander, Charles, confectioner, h. 38 Chippewa. 

Alexander, Wm. route agent, b. Western Il!oteL 

Alexander, Capt Souire, h. 324 Michigan. 

Alfes, Engelbert, latwrer, h. Michigan near Cherry. 

Alsenah, I^uis, cabinet maker, 2^ Main. 

AJ^Ein, Robert P. grocer, Ohio near Chicaga 

AULBEBGEK, fIA^AJ.L, butchers and provision dealers, 3^4 

Commercial and PearL Se« ad»,fK 5o. 
Allberger, Franklin A. firm of F. A. A J. ll A., h. Main, Cold Spring. 
Allberger, Job, Cold Spring. 

Allberger, John L. firm F. X <& J. L. A., b. Job Allberger. 
Allbright, Christian, teamster, b. Elizabeth Crowder. 
Allbnght, Joseph J. coal agent, office Norton near Peacock. 
Allbright, Michael, upholsterer, 233 Main. 
Allen, Orlando, 73 East Swan. 
Allen, Charles, b. Mrs. E. Tilden. 
Allen, William, grocer, Carroll near Lonisiana. 
AJlen, Col. Qeorge W. office of N. T. and E. R. R. Co., foot of Oom- 

mei-eial, h. 62 East Seneca, . . T . 

Allen, Jeremiah, grocer, 49 Ohio, h. Elk cor. Mississippi 
Allen, Wesley D. operator Erie and Mich. Telegra{^ office, h. 5 Scott 
AUen, Philo, jeweler, over 170 Main, h. Chippewa near Main. 
Allen, Carlisle T. melodeon finisher, h. Chesbiut cor. Swan. 
Allen, Orlando, jr. clerk, 192 Main, h. 73 East Swan. 
AUen, Otis <fe Co. steamboat office, 6 Efner block, CommerciaL 
Allen, Melissa, 127 Chippew& 

Allen, Eliza, widow of Archibald, 30 South Division. 
AUen, George W. barber, 8 Terrace. 

AUen, Zadoc G. miUwri^t, h. Seneca near Van Rensselaer. 
AUen, SUas M. firm H. W. MUlai-d & Co. h. Johnson Place. 
AUen, Crayton O. grocer, 182 East Swan. 
AUen, James, cook, h. 64 Elm. 
AUen, Steven D. book-keeper. Western Hotel 
AUen, Ira W. book-keeper, 149 Main, b. cor. Eagle and Washington 
AUen <fe Cook, dry goods merchants, 316 Main. 
AUen, Elisha M. firm A. <& Cook, h. 8 Boston block, Kiagara. 
AUen, William, carman, h. Miami east of Chicago. 
AUen, George B. b. Isaac HoUoway. 
AUen, John, jr. firm AUen, Oatman <b Co., b. American. 
AUen, James M. with Pratt & Ca b. 80 East Seneca. 
Allen, Oatman A Co. for. and com. merchants, foot of Indiana. 
Allen, Caroline, recess. Rock near Evans. 


Allen, Mrs. Harriet, 47 BOlicott 

Allen, Hiram P. clerk, 192 Main, b. 73 East Swan. ^ 

Allen, Henry F. cabinet maker, h. Sonth Diyision below Spring 

Allen, William, machinist, h. 242 South Division. 

Allen, Thomas H 174 Delaware. 

Allen, Lewis F. Niagara north of Ferrj. 

Allen, James, sawyer, h. Squaw Island, Black Rock. 

Allen, Albert F. turner, 233 Main. 

Allen, James A. law student, b. 126 PearL 

Allen, Otis, firm O. Allen A Co. b. IT. S. Hotel 

Allen, Levi, cor. Delaware and Sumner, 

Alleni James, ship joiner, h. 84 Clinton. 

Allenbrand, Aloisius, cabinet maker, h. 206 Elm. 

AUenbrand, Aloisius, jr. tinsmith, b. 206 Elm. 

All^ewahr, Lewis, cabinet maker, h. South Division near Pollard. 

AUinhart, Timothy, lantern maker, with Sangster & Sons. 

Allinder, Nicholas, engineer, h. Niagara near Maryland. 

Allinger, Charles, turner, Hersee & Tlmmermazi. 

Allispach, Mrs. Ida, Main above Chippewa. 

Allman, George, clerk, b. 159 Ninth. 

Allmendinger, Charles F. flour dealer, cor. Genesee and Main. 

Aloysia, Mary, principal St Vincent Or. Asy. Batavia near Ellicoit 

AlpK>rt, £. S. book-keeper Risley & Squire. 

Altimoee, Nicholas, taUor, h. Cherry near GoodelL 

Altman, Henry, butcher, h. }67 Batavia 

Alvord, P. G. watchman, 159 Main, b. Mansion. 

Aman, William, morocco dresser, h. Exchange near Louisiana. 

Amann, , Walnut near Batavia. 

Amann, John D. 162 Oak. 

Ambs, Joseph, tanner, 335 East Genesee. 

Ambs, Eervas, cap maker, 15 East Huron. 

Ambs, Joseph, sash maker, h. 206 East Genesee. 

Ambs, Jarvis, hatter, 15 East Genesee, h. 11 Sycamore. . i 

Ames, Albert F. nail maker, h. corner Niagara and Clinton Avenue. 

Amend, Michael, saddler, h. Cedar near Eagle. 

Amplemen, Philip, ship carpenter, h. Clinton All^. 

Amsden, Ira R. book-keeper, J. A Pitts, b. C. W. ritts. 

AmstuetE, Anton, laborer, h. hickory above Sycamore. 

Amstuetz, Mrs. midwife. Hickory above Sycamore. 

Anders, Charles, turner, h. 201 East Genesee. 

Anderson, Alexander S. wholesale erocer, 62 Main, h. 31 Niagara. 

Anderson, James, engineer, h. Nortia Division near Cedar. 

Anderson, Capt. An(&ew, b. 30 Seventh. \ 

Anderson, Frederick, ship carpenter, h. across the creek. 

Anderson, William, 456 Michigan. 

Anderson, Charles, with Burr <fe. Waters, h. 1 Vine. 

Anderson, George, clothes scourer, h. 240 Michigan. 

Anderson, James, plumber, b, James Morrison. 

Anderson, James, white washer, h. Swan opposite Pine« 

Anderson, Charles, carver, 307 Main. 


Andre, WillUm, county clerk, h. ElliooU near Tapper. 

Andre, William, jr., firm O. B. Titus <& Co., b. 35 £a8t Swan. 

Andre, John, tailor. 76 Bennett 

Andre, Conrad, tailor, 76 Bennett 

Andre, Conrad, tailor, comer Oak and Burton Allejr. 

Andreas, (George, Camp near Genesee, 

Andreas, John, cJioemaker, h. 340 East Qenesee. 

Andrew, James, upholsterer, Cameron A McKajr. 

Andrew, William, marble cutter, D. Beldin. 

Andrews, Hercules, comer Clinton and EUicott 

Andrews, L. B. clerk 236 Main, b. 31 East Swan. 

Andrews <fe Sons, opticians, 171 Main. 

Andrews, Charles, nrm Andrews <& Sons* 171 Main. 

Andrews, Robert £. firm Andrews A Sons, 171 Main. 

Andrews, Joseph, saw-filer, b. Rainbow. 

Andrews, Qea laborer, b. G^enesee House. 

Andrews, David B. mariner, h. 61 Fifth. 

Andrews, William H. firm Dajr <fe A. h. 45 South Diyision. 

Andrews, Robert F. mathematical and optical instrument maker, 171 

Main, h. comer Ninth and York. 
Andrus, Reuben, clerk, 218 Main. 
Angle, Lloyd, comer Jefferson and Genesee. 
Anneka, John, laborer, J. A. Pitts. 
Annis, Ezekiel, 217 Washington. 
Annowsky, Henry, piano forte maker, 10 Court 
Anny, Nicholas, laborer, h. Pratt near William. 
Anson, James* waiter Thomas' Dinine^ Saloon. 
Anthony, Jacob C. firm Thayer <b A. h. 68 South Diyision. 
Anthony, E. M. tanner, N. Case <fe Co. 

Appleby, Gilman, Capt. Steamboat Lady Elgin, h. 74 East Sen 
Appleby, James A. lumber dealer, h. corner Batavia <fe Spring. 
Arbour, William, piano maker, h. 14 German. 
Archer, Abel, finisher, h. 159 East Eagle. 
Arden, Charles, painter, h. 19 Main. 
Arey, Oliver, teacher. District No. 7, h. 47 Seventh. 
Argrer, Michael, cooper, h. Dearborn near South. 
Argus, Henry, shoemaker, under theatre. 
Argus, John, shoemaker, b. 31 Union. 

Argus, Catharine, widow of John, h. Niagara north of Amherst 
Argus, George, laborer, b. Niagara north of Amherst 
Argus* Anthony, cooper, h. Amherst north oi Military Road. 
Arhorn, Frederick, at Gas Worka 
Arken, Lewis, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 
Arkenbnrg A Weber, tobacconists, 5 Terrace. 
Arkenburg, Robert, firm A. <fe Weber, 5 Terrace. 
Arkwright, Hiram, Ohio, near Swing Bridge. 
Arkwright, Edward, moulder. Eagle Furnace. 
Armand, Ellen, eating house, can^ dock. 

Armbruster, Anthony, grocer, corner Exchange and Washington. 
Armbruster, Joseph, joiner, h. Batavia near Bennett 


ArmBtroDg, Galbraith, shoemaker, h. 229 PearL 

Armstrong, Charles, firm A. <fe Co. h. Palmer near Virginia. 

Arm8trong> Charles F. mason, h. 44 West Tupper. 

Armstrong, Christopher, painter, h. 58 EUicott 

Armstrong, Charles J. Indiana near Ohio. 

Armstrong, Alonzo, clerk Wm. D. Talcott, b. Elk Street House. 

Armstrong, William, barber, Sannders' Exchange. 

Armstrong, Mrs. W. milliner, 50 Clinton. 

ARMSTRONG A CO., upholsterers, over Packet Dock. See adv. 

p. 61. 
Armstrong, John, boiler maker, b. Lousiana near Elk. 
Armstrong, Ann, widow, h. comer Illinois and Mary. 
Armstrong, Andrew, mariner, b. Ann Armstrong. 
Armstrong, Thomas, joiner, b. Ann Armstrong. 
Armstrong, Edward, boiler maker, b. John Armstrong. 
Armstrong, W. at Shepard's Foundry, h. Elk near Marvin. 
Armstrong, John B. warehouseman, n. Elk junction Ohio. 
Armstrong, Charles B. book-keeper, 62 Main. 
Armstrong, Isaac, tinsmith, h. 117 Oak. 
Arndt, Henry, clerk Pratt & Co. 
Arnold, John, milkman, h. Siicth near Virginia. 
Arnold, Richard H. cabinet maker, 20 Exchange, h. 141 Carroll. 
Arnold, Joseph, laborer, h. Utica near Seventeenth. 
Arnold, James, clerk J.. Petereon. 
Arras, L. with J. A. Pitts. 
Arthur, William, sailor, h. 8 Chestnut. 

Ash, Robert, teamster, h. comer North Washington and Bouck. 
Ash, Franklin, tanner, N, Case A Co. 
Ashby, John, carpenter, h. Park near Virginia. 
Ashfield, Mrs. Ann, widow, h. 40 Delaware. 
Ashley, Henry O. clerk, Kirkpatrick's office, b. Commercial Hotel 
Ashley, William M. firm A. A Cutler, b. 3 Franklin. 
Ashley <fe Cutler, for. com. merchants, corner Dock and Water. 
Ashman, William, steam washing machine, h. 42 Fifth. 
Ashman, Albert L. clerk, 4 East Seneca, b. 66 South Division. 
Ashton, Thomas E. broom maker, with E. Sternberg. 
Ashton, Isaac, engineer, corner North Washington and Forest Av. 
Ashton, Cieorge, Sherman, b. I. Ashton. 
Aspel, Patrick, mason, h. Carolina neai* Ninth. 
Aspudent, engineer, h. 2 Scott 
Athearn, Cyms, firm C. Atheam A Co. h. 3 Erie. 
Atheam, Cyrus <fe Co. tobacconists, 207 Washington. 
Atheam, George F. b. Cyms Athearn. 
Atkins, James, secretary Buffalo Building Society, comer Exchange 

and Washington, h. Cold Spring. 
Atkins, Mrs. widow of Joel, 89 Clinton. 
Atkins, James, ship carpenter, b. 14 Green. 
Atkins, Barton, firm Wmship A A. h. 56 Oak. 
Atkinson, Edward, soap maker, h. 12 William. 
Atorf, Theodore, bookbinder^ h. 369 Main. 

ooannBoiAL adyertisbs dirbctobt. 110 

Atwater, Edward K. firm Tlioii^Mson A Ca b. American. 

Atwater, Samuel T. firm Durfee and A. h. 18 Ellicott 

Atwater, Francis J. clerk Thompson A Co. b. Miaa Cutler. 

Ats, Matthias, laborer, Eagle Furnace, h. 100 Weot Tupper. 

Anchinvole, Charles J. clerk 315 Main, b. 28 South Division. 

AuchinYole, John, -with A Rumsey A Co. b. Mansion. 

August, Daniel, watchman in piano factory, h. next to 180 Cherry. 

AugsteU, George, lockmaker, h. 107 East Genesee. 

Augstell, Peter, lockmaker, h. Goodell near Elm. 

Aumock, Abram, blacksmith, h. 28 North Divifiion. 

Aures, John, joiner, h. Virginia, neaa Sbcth. 

Auris, Frederick, joiner, h. S^nnce near Genesee. 

Austin 4^ ScroggS) attorneys at law, cor. Washington and Eagle. 

Austin, Benj. H. firm Austin <k Scroggs, h. 291 Washington. 

Austin, Benj. H. jr. law student, b. 291 Washington. 

Austin, Benjamin, b. 31 East Swan. 

Austin^ Dolphus S.insnector high wines, 27 Cent Wharf, b. S. Austin. 

Austin, Emmetk book-Keeper, Davis <fe Sutton, b. S. Austin. 

Austin, Stephen G. attorney, office Granite Block, h. Niagara Square. 

Austin, Seth, 101 East Swan, 

Austin, Earl C. farmer, h. Niagara near Austin. 

Austin, Edmund, carpenter, h. cor. Austin and Dearborn. 

Austin, John B. joiner, h. Elk near Chicago. 

Auton, Remer, joiner, b. John Chamberlaiu^sr. 

Avers, John, joiner, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Avery, George, opp. Swan Street Foundry. 

Avery, Christopher L. firm Fish <fe A. h. Delaware near I'upper. 

Ave^y, John T. turner, with Van Slyke, Evans A Co. 

Avery, Geo. W. at Gas Works, b. Geo. Avery. 

Avery, Capt. Norman, 105 Ii"orth Division. 

Averell, Capt James M. 13 Sixth. 

Averell, Cajit Charles M. 13 Sixth. 

Averill, Loriston, 35 West Tupper. 

Avery, Samuel, musician, h. Cedar near Eagle (rear.) 

Avery, Wm. H. at Gas Works. 

Avery, Emily, widow, 15 Sycamore. 

Axmaker, Gustavus, joiner, h. 124 Elm. 

Aykroid, H. Bean's Alley. 

Aylesworth, Henry D. clerk, 215 Main, b. 109 South Division. 

Aylesworth, Mrs. widow, 109 South Division. 

Ayres, Ebenezer, grocer, 117 East Seneca. 

Ayres, Mrs. Anna, 210 Oak. 

Baas, Conrad, cabinet maker, h. Spruce near Sycamore. 

Baalen, Ivan, clothier, 3 Pearl. 

Baader, Joseph, jeweler, 59 East Genesee. 

Babcock, George R. firm Babcock <b Burroughs, 51 Lloyd, h. Niagara 

Square, cor. Delaware. 
Babcock, James, Ninth near Virginia 


Babcock, Edwin, joiner, Kintii near Virginia. 
Babcock, Christopher, joiner, h. Palmer near Virginia. 
Babcock, Andrew, clerk 175' Main, b. Niagara Temperance House, 
Babington, Hugh, joiner, h. Van Rensselaer near Seneca. 
Bachman, Robert, confectioner, corner Cherry and Maple. 
Bachmann, Adam, marble manufacturer, h. Main near Chippewa. 
Bach, Simon, cooper, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 
Bach, Gabriel, sr. 61 Batayia. 
Bach, Gregory, cooper, h. Bennett below Batavia, 
Bach, Valentine, furnaceman, h« GkK>dell near Mulberry. 
Bach, Jacob, laborer, h. Boston. 
Bach, Gabriel, joiner, h. Cedar near Batavia. 
Bacher, Joseph A. cigar maker and grocer, Genesee near Hickory. 
Backle, Jacob, laborer, h. Genesee near Hickory. 
Backman, Frederick, cabinet maker, h. 164 East Genesee. 
Bachis, Peter, laborer, 15& Oak. 

Backus, Harry, Buflf. S. Engine Works, h. corner Del. and Ea^le. 
Bacon, Charles E. l)ook-keeper, 200 Main, h. 131 South DivisioS. 
Bacon, Marshall J. attorney at law, oyer 190 Main. 
Bacon, Henry, -60 South Diyision. 
Bacon, Augustus P. telegraph operator, Speedls office. 
Bader, Anton, umbrella maker, n. ISO Oak. 
Bader, John, tanner, h. Mulberry^ near Vir^nia. 
Baethig, Henry, daguerrean artist, 214 Main, h. 3 Huron. 
Baer, Franz, Mortimer near Batavia. 
Baer, Andrew, laborer, h. comer Maple and Genesee. 
Baer, Conrad, publisher, 7 East Seneca, h. 444 Michigan^ 
Baender, David, 575 Main. 

Baeumer, John, laborer, h. "Walnut near Batavia. • 

Baeumler, Lorentz, plasterer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 
Baeumler, Courad, Hickory below Sycamore. 
Baeumler, John, joiner, h^ Cherry near Spruce. 
Baggerson, Charles, eabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Bagnall, Benjamin, ins. agent, custom house buildings, h. 165 Klagara. 
Bagnell, Samuel W. carpenter, h. 37' Seventh, 
Bags, Charles, engineer, h. Michigan near Cypress. 
Bahler, John, stove mounter. Eagle Furnace, 
BAILEY <fe HULL, keepers Niagara Temp. House — See adv. p. 99. 
Bailey, John H. firm Bailey A Hull. 
Bailey, Samuel G. m. d. 144 Main, b. 43 South Division. 
Bailey, Gordon, book-keeper. White <fe Williams, b. 43 S. Division. 
Bailey, Michael, ship carpenter, Alabama opposite Can-olL 
Bailey, Abraham J. 5 Packet Dock. 
Bailey, Wm. stone dealer, h. Batavia beyond Jefferson. 
-Bailey, Michael, sawyer, with D. J. Townsend. 
Bailey, Daniel, ship carpenter, b. Sarah Whitney. 
Bailey, Lanson, ship carpenter, b. Sarah Whitney. 
Bailis, Edward, ship carpenter, h. Perry near Louisiana 
Bain, Thomas B. organ builder, h. 32 Fifth. 
Bain, Donald, clerk 13 East Senec& 


Bain, Malcolm, joiner, h. Johnflon Place. 

Bain, Wm. on the lake, h. 4 Georgia. 

Baitinger, Wm. F. 289 East Qenesee. 

Baker, Albert L. attorney at law, 1 Brown's buildings, b. cor. Huron 

and Delaware. 
Baker, Everett L. clerk, canal collector's office, b. Moses Baker. 
Baker, John O. builder, h. T7 CarroU. 
Baker, J.FoUett, v. d. Homceopathist, 193)'^ Main. 
Baker, Martin, printer. Express office, h. Pearl near Chippewa. 
Baker, William H., on the lake, h. 103 East Ea^le. 
Baker, William, Sheldon House, cor. Commercial^and Rock. 
Baker, Christian, tailor, h. Hickory near Batavia. 
Baker, Moses, plow maker, h. Main near Huron. 
Baker, Joseph, laborer, h. 66 East Tupper. 
Baker, Adam, Folsom near Hydraulics. 
Baker, Lewis, Batavia near Hickory. 
Baker, Philip, saddler, A. Manning, h. Staats. 
Bakfr, Peter, steward, h. Spruce near Batavia. 
Baker, Geo. A. clerk 218 Main, b. Mrs. Mathews, Swan. 
Baker, Geo. W. butcher, 190 East Seneca, h. 154 East Seneca. 
Baker, Horace, lumber dealer, Ohio above Chicago, h. 59 E. Seneca. 
Baker, Peter, laborer, J. A. Pitts. 
Baker, G^. shoemaker, h. 234 Elm. 

Baker, Henry, barkeeper, Thomas's Dining Saloon, h. 11 Sycamore. 
Baker, Geo. M. plow maker, b. Mosos Baker. 
Baker, Edward, grocer, h. 24 East Seneca. 
Baker, Bernhard, joiner, h. Walnut near William. 
Baker, Edward B. fanner, h. 166 South Division. 
Baker, John L. foreman, C. F. Miller's stable, b. 45 Pearl. 
Baker, John P. grocer, h. 358 Michigan. 
Baker, Lawrence, Phcenix Iron Works, h. 70 Bennett 
Baker, Sarah, widow, 265 Franklin. 
Baker, Peter F. carman, h. Lutheran near Batavia. 
Baker, Henry K clerk Daily Express office, b.W. H, Joy. 
Baker, Silas, musician, h. 362 Michigan. 
Baker, Charles, clerk 402 Main, b. same. 

Baker, Charles H. m. d. over 5 E. Seneca, b. Niagara Temp. House. 
Baker, Milan, medical student, 177 Main, b. cor. Carroll and Wash. 
Baker, Fayette, clerk 190 Main. 
Baker, David, 45 Pearl. 
Baker, Geo. P. 154 East Seneca. 
Baker, John, clerk, b. 265 Franklin, 

Baker, John, carpenter, h. cor. Seventh and Pennsylvania Avenue. 
Baker, Rev. Sheldon H. pastor M. E. Ch. Black Rock, h. Niagara 

opp. Clinton. 
Baker, Michael, porter, Clarendon. 
Baker, Daniel, porter. Clarendon. 
Baker, Adam, barkeeper. Exchange near Michigan. 
Baker, Augustus, shoemaker, 20 S. Division. • 
Baker, John, teamster. North eafit of Main. 



Baker, John, recess, Sheldon House. 

Baker, Charles L. clerk 106 Main, b. Bennett's Temperance House. 

Baker, Emilj, widow. Elm near Batavia. 

Bakewell, Benjamin, clerk, "W. H. Glenny, b. 33 East Swan. 

BALCOM, P. A. <& CO. brick makers, 313 Elm,— See adv,p. 92. 

Balcom, Philo A. firm P. A. Balcom <fe Co. h. Cold Spring. 

Bald, William, joinei-, h. cor. Eleventh and Virginia. 

Baldauf, Adam, tailor, Pratt near Clinton. 

Baldensperger, Philip, 17 Cherrv. 

Baldwin, James J. Le Couteulx TPlace, Black Rock. 

Baldwin, Elihu J. firm Greene A; B. h. Niagara comer Georgia. 

Baldwin, Henry D. clerk F. !Newbould, b. Mansion. 

Baldwin, David, 138 East Swan. 

Baldwin, James A. firm Taunt <& Baldwin, b. Miss Cutler. 

Baldwin, Daniel, lumber dealer, comer Huron and Del. h. 131 DeL 

-Baldwin, Eliza, widow of John, 436 Michigan. 

Baldwin, Seth C. firm Maginnis A B. h. Niagara, opp. Baptist church. 

Baldwin, Charles H. mail agent, b. Clai'endon. 

Baldwin, John, last maker, b. E. Pullen. 

Baldwick, John, Green near Washington. 

Baldy, Christopher M. printer Com. Advertiser office, h. 79 Ellicott 

Baldj, William, steamboat i^ent, h. 15 Chestnut. 

Ball, Ashley H. firm Ball <& Barton, h. Niagara comer Tork. 

Ball, Francis, ship carpenter. Bid well, Banta & Co. h. Carroll bel. Mich. 

Ball, George H. blacksmith, Swartz & Brothers. 

Ball, Rev. G. H. pastor Free Baptist fchurch, h. 172 Pearl, 

Ball, John N. firm Hubbard <fe B. h. Clinton below Oak. 

Ball, Joseph, sti'eet commissioner, h. 171 Oak. 

Ball, Geo. 46 German. 

Ball, Henry B. 83 EUicott 

Ball, S. L. clerk tf ing «k Co. b. 39 Oak. 

Ballhimer, Geo. M. brewer, b. J. Scheu. 

Baltser, John, mason, b. Camp near Sycamore. 

Balser, Christopher, laborer, h. comer Thompson <fe Parish. 

Baltiei James, engineer h. North Division below Pine. 

Baltz, Peter, laborer, h. 500 Michigan. 

Bammel, Philip, shoemaker, h. Mortimer near Gtenesee. 

Bamann, Jacob, cabinet maker, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Bamberg, John A. Spring near Sycamore. 

Bamberger, John, mason, h. comer South Division and Pollard. 

Bamberger, Christian, blacksmith, b. C. SchinahL 

Bancassier, George, 102 West Tupper. 

Bandle, E. engineer, h. Albany near Monroe. 

Bangassier, Frederick, firm B. & Brothers, h. 100 West Tupper. 

Bangassier, Jacob, firm B. A Brothers, h. 100 West Tupper. 

Bangassier & Brothers, locksmiths, 15 East Seneca. 

Banguter, John, stone cutter, h. Cedar near Batavia. 

Bangratz, Jehoicin, ship carpenter, h. rear 99 Cedar. 

Bank of Attica, Spauldiiig's Exchange. 

Banks, Levi, firm Hicks <fe B. h. 115 Clinton. 


Sannerman, John, book-keeper, h. Seventh near Carolina. 

Bannister, Jackson, but^sher, h. 317 Michigan. 

Banta, Jacob W. firm Bidwell, Banta <fc Co. il cor. Hayward and Perry. 

Bantun, Capt. John S. opposite Swan street Foundry. 

Banticne, Wm. £. 193)^ Main, b. 21 South Division. 

Banyard, Richard, watchman, h. William near Michigan. 

Barag, Joseph, meat market, Seneca near Louisiana. 

Barbei, Geo. F. joiner, h. 106 l^yc^ffifore. 

Barber, Daniel, grocer, h. 396 East Seneca. 

Barber, Nicholas, coppersmith, b. 14 Green. 

Barber, Moses, baggage master, h. Folsom near Sfichigan. 

Barber, Thomas, sawyer, h. Sguaw Island, Black Bock. 

Barber, Wm. H. sailor, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 

Barden, Orrin B. millwright, h. comer Morgan and Huron. 

Bardgett, Thos. merchant tailor, comer Seneca & Ellicott 

Baigy, Jacob, laborer, h. Ellicott above Burton Alley. 

Barham, William, mason, h. Oak near High. 

Bark, Henry, moulder, h. comer Michigan and Cherry. 

Barker, Peter, fumaceman, h. Fourteenth near Vermont. 

Barker, Geoige W. brickmaker, h. Seneca comer Heacock. 

Barker, William, wagon maker, h. 80. South Division. 

Barker, Jacob A. office and h. 72 Pearl. 

Barker, Alden, insurance agent Merchants' Exchange, h. 19 Seventh. 

Barker, Joseph, boarding house, cor. Morgan and Genesee. 

Barker, Mason P. at HoUister's Elevator. 

Barker, Henry, blacksmith, h. Connecticut near Fourteenth. 

Barker, Lorenzo, brickmaker, h. Exchange near Pollard. 

Barker, Jonathan, brickmaker. Hydraulics. 

Barker, Geo. W. at Buffalo Iron Works, h. N. Wash, near Bird Avenua 

Barker, Stephen, at Buffalo Iron Works, h. Forest Avenue near Niag. 

Barl, Francis, at Buffalo Fumace, b. G. Wurster. 

Bamard, Selah, 374 Washington. 

Barnard, Elizabeth, widow of Albert, 86 South Division. 

Bamard, Robert, firm Fero «fe B. h. 93 Washington. 

Barnes, Henry, canal superintendent, Kiag. near Pearl, h. 110 Chip. 

Barnes, Joslah, x. d. 8 Exchange, h. 104 East Swan. 

Barnes, Joseph C. clerk 205 Main. 

Barnes, Joshua, butcher, 201 Washington, h. Swan near Spring. 

Barnes, John, butcher, 1 Terrace market, h. Seneca near Hydraulics. 

Barnes, William, runner, h. 123 North Division. 

Barnes, Norman H. joiner, h. Eagle near Michigan. 

Barnes, William T. patentee, cor. Washington and High. 

Barnes, Jacob L. Niagara near Hudson. 

Barnes, William N. clerk 201 Washington, b. J. Barnes. 

Barnes* W. L. <fe Co. brokers, 2 West* Seneca. 

Barnes, Woodmff L. firm W. L. B. A Co. h. 5 Erie. 

Barnes, Bradford, joiner, h. cor. North Division and Michigan. 

Bamee, William, baker, h 40 East Seneca. 

Barnes, John L. butcher H. Lamb, b. W. Gregory. 

Bames; Abram, on the lake, h. 15 East Mohawk. 


Barnes, William H. painter, h. Carroll near Alabama. 

Barnes, John, cooper, h. North Porter near Auburn. 

Barnes, John H. snip carpenter, h. Hay ward near Peny. 

Barnett, Peter, joiner, b. Palmer near Virginia. 

Barnett, James, tailor, h. Elm near High. 

Barnett, Frederick, moulder, h. 26 Green. 

Barney, N. D. jr. b. 21 South Division. 

Bamum, Ezra w . cigar maker, h. 73 Chippewa. 

Bamum, George Q. firm H. Hagar <fe Co. h. cor. Cippcwa and Morgan. 

Bamum, Stephen O. variety store, 215 Main, h. 74 East Eagle. 

Bamum, Austin, grdter, 31 Exchajige, h. 29 Exchange. 

Bamum, Richard S. variety store, 215 Main, h. 72 East Eagle. 

Barnum, Milo, flour dealer, h. Ferry west of Niagara. 

Barr, William, clerk. Eastern R. R. Depot, h. 181 East Seneca. 

Barr, Robert, on railroad, h. 101 Folsom. 

Barr, William R. clerk, B. <fe S. L. R. R. b. American. 

Barr, Tony, vamisher, 200 Main. 

Barr, Charles, Main near Ferry. 

Barrett, Stephen, cabinet maker, 196 Wash. b. Bennett's Temp. House. 

Barrett, G^rge, coffee roaster, h. cor. Union and CUnton. 

Barrett, John, joiner, b. 34 Clinton. 

Barrett, George, fisherman, h. FeiTy near School St. 

Barrett, John, laborer, h. Albany near Ferry. 

Barrett, Moses, at woolen factory, h. Niagara near Farmer. 

Barrey, Andrew, laborer, h. Lutneran. 

Barrows, Eugene Q. bookkeeper, J. G. <fe W. I. Mills, b. 40 W. Eagle. 

Barrows, Isaac N. with Bidwell, Banta <fe Co. h. across the Creek. 

Barrows, Almon Z. teacher. District Ko. 1, h. Ninth near Virginia. 

Barrows, Thomas G. ship carpenter, b. D. Mathews. 

Barrows, Joseph, ship carpenter, h. Swan near Spring. 

Barrows, NeweU A. n. across the creek. 

Barrows, Gershan S. clerk, 168 Main, b. 31 East Swan. 

Barray, John, laborer, h. Palmer near Maryland. 

Barry, John, tailor, h. Blossom near Huron. 

Barry, Richard, blacksmith, h. Cotta^ near Maryland. 

Barryman, George, on the lake, h. William near JBennett. 

Bartelheim, Christopher, tailor, h. Hickory below Sycamore. 

Bartel, Joseph, car builder, h. cor. South Division and Cedar. 

Bartell, Victor, cabinet maker, h. 231 Ellicott 

Bai-th, JacTib, blacksmith, h. Batavia near Ash. 

Barth, Matthias, laborer, h. 556 Michigan. 

Barthauer, Charles F. barber, at the Clarendon, h. 120 Clinton. 

Barthell, Joseph, painter, h. 521 Washington. 

Barthel John, bai'oer, h. Maple above Goodell. 

Barthel, Marcus, shoemaker, h. Maple above GoodelL 

Barthel, Frederick, barber, C. M. BartheL 

Bartholomew, I. D. wagon maker, h. Niagara north of Amherst 

Bartholomew, Almon, mechanic, h. Seventh near Virginia. 

Bartholomew, Chauncey, 261 Elk. 

Bartlett, Samuel, at Iron Works, h. Auburn near Niagara. 

ooimsBota. Abvnwnsn DiBsoftORr. 125 

Builett;, Elliott^ teamster, h. 28 Jackson. 

Bartlett, TliomaB, finisher, b. 23 Exchange. 

Bartlej, Casper, truckman, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 

Barton, Bei^amin, 2 Delaware. 

Barton, James L. secretary Western Savings Bank, West Swan, h. 

Church cor. Delaware. 
Barton, Hiram, attorney at law, 155 Main, h. 23 Church. 
Barton, James H. firm Oilman A Barton, b. 2 Delaware. 
Barton, Theodore D. firm BaU A Barton, b. Western Hotel 
Barton, Mary, teacher music, Tupper near Oak. 
Barton <k QUbert^ foundry, comer Le Couteulx and Fly. 
Barton, Pliny F. firm B. A Gilbert, h. 43 Jackson. 
Barton, Thomas D. clerk, John Pease, b. J. L. Barton. 
Barton, Daniel, Oreen near Washington. 
JBarton, Mary, widow, comer Perry and Indiana. 
Barton, Leonard H. engraver, 161 Main, h. Seneca b^ow Michigan. 
Barton, Charles, gardener, h. cor. Niagara and R. I^' ' 
Barton, Wm. warehouseman, b. Mary Barton. ,^^. 
Bartram, Henry, joider, h. 188 Oak. Jf' 

Bartz, Nicholas, tinsmith, b. Commercial Hotel. ' ^ 

Bascom, Willard, draftsman, h. Smith Block, Seiaieca. 
Basket, Geo. tailor, h. Niagara north of Breckeujidge. 
Bass, Conrad, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. Hick<)ry. 
Baas, Jonathan R. clerk, 269 Main, b. 25 PearLv 
Basse, Frederick, barber, comer Main and Esoghange. 
Bassett, Oustavus, hatter, 161 Main, h. 34 Soujoi Division, 
Bassett, Thomas, hatter, 154 Main, h. 161 Fri^klin. 
Basted, Qeo. joiner, h. 13 East Huron. 
Bastet, Lewis, wiemaker, 204 Main, h. 50 Eiist Eagle. 
"Baetf Nicholas, laborer, h. Pratt near Batavift. 
Bate» Richard L. cor. Exchange and Beak. . 
Bates, Henry, brickmaker, h. Burton Alle^' near Elm. 
Bates, James, Brickmaker, h. 333 Elm. 
Bates, G^eorge, brickmaker, h. Cold Spring. 
Bates, Wni. J. moulder, h. 124 Court 
Bates John, shoemaker, h. Steuben, Hydraulics. 
Bates, Issachar I. book-keeper, h. cor. Court and Morgan. 
Bates, S: 6. v. n. cor. Court and Morgan. 
Bates, Issachar K. book-keeper, Jewett <fe Root 
Bates, Wm. brickmaker. Hydraulics. 
Bates, Mary, widow, 124 Court ^ 

Batii, Richard, hair manufacturer, h. Oak near GkK>dell. 
Bath, Thomas, at County Clerk's Office, h. Twelfth near Penn'a. 
Battin, Dungan A Co. water works, over 214 Main. 
Battie, Henry, laborer, h. Hijgh near Jefferson. 
Baty, Wm. laborer, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 
Battle, Henry, teamster, h. Fifth, near Virginia. 
Baubisch, Henry, laborer, h. Walnut near William. 
Bauer, Michael, tanner. Bush A Howard. ■* 

Bauer, John, baker, h. Niagara north of Amherst 


Bauer, John, foundry, h. Cedar near - William. 

Bauer, Wolfgang, laoorer, h. Hickory near Genesee. 

Bauer, Gottleib, gardener^ h. GoodeU near Elm. . 

Bauer, Catherine, widow, 103 Cedar. 

Bauer Nicholas, Palmer's tannery. 

Bauer, Christirn, tailor, h. Maple near Cherry. 

Bauersfield, John E. shoemaker, 230 Washington. 

Bauermeister, Joseph, 15 East Huron. 

Baumeister, Michael, laborer, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Bauemfeind, Frederick, combmaker. Maple near Cherry. 

Bauemeister, Jacob, laborer^ h. 234 Elm. 

Bauemeister, Jacob, cabinet maker, h. Elm near Tupj>er. 

Bauemeister, Henry, boatman, h. Hickori^ near Batavia. 

Baumstadt, Egede, tailor, h. cor. Elm and Tupper. 

Baumgardner, Jacob brewer, b. Ealkenback & Haeflin. 

Bauman, Eustace, cooper, h. Hickory near Genesee. 

Baum, Otto, blacksmith, h. 36 Union. 

Baum, Geo. grocer. Walnut above Sycamore., 

Baumann, Andrew, wagon maker, h. 567 Washington. 

Baut, Ludwig, joiner, h. Michigan neai* Cherry. 

Bautz, Jacob, 51 East Genesee. 

Bawerlein, John, printer, Brunck, Held & Co. 

Baxter, John, farmer, h. cor. Elk and Hamburgh. 

Baxter, Peter, printer, h. Geoi^ia, between Fourth and Fifth. 

Bay, Joseph, stone cutter, h. Washington below Virginia. 

BAYLEi <& SON, keepers Niagara Temperance House,— jSw adv. 

p. 99. 
Bayley, John H. firm Bayley A Son. 
Bayley, Charles E. firm 6. i Son, 

Beaber, Peter, between Allen and Vir^nia, west of Delaware, 
Beach <& Wheeler, dealers in marble, ic. cor. Court and Main. 
Beach, Eli as, firm Beach & Wheeler, h. cor. Court and Main. 
Beach, Abel, law student, L. G. «fe G. L. Marvin. 
Beadle & Brother, stereotyperSf 5 West Seneca. 
Beadle, Erastus F, firm Beadle & B. h. Delaware near Virginia 
Beadle, Irwin P, firm Beadle <fe B. h. 16 Union cor. Clinton. 
Beahan, B., widow of James, Water near Evans. 
Beal, John, warehouseman, Ellis, Petrie & Co., h. 48 Jackson. 
Beal, James A, clerk, b. L, H. Braym^n. 
Beals, George, book-keeper, 222 Main, h. 226 South Division. 
Beals, Edward P. firm of Pratt <fe Ca h, Delaware above Carey. 
Beals, Julia, Vidow, 305 Michigan between N, Division and Eagle. 
Beals, D. Warner, carpenter, b. John DelL 
Beam, John, blacksmith, h. 205 Delaware. 
BEAMAN, WM. F. bellows mwiufactarer, h. Walnut near Clinton. 

See adv,p, 68. 
Beaman, Lucy, teacher, b. Wm. Hastings. 
Beaman, Mumford, breakman, h. North Division near Cedar. 
Bean, William, painter, b. 200 Washington. 
Bean^ Dixon, clerk Allen <fe Cool^ b. E. M. Alkn. 


Beard, D. C. & Co. grocers, 103 and 105 Main. 
Beard, Daniel 0. firm D. O. Beard <fe Co., h. Franldin sSboYQ Tupper. 
Beard, W. H. artist, oyer 9 East Swan, b. 33 East Swan. 
Beard, David H. clerk 103 Main, b. D. C. Beard. 
Beardfiley, Joaiah, agent, 190j^2 ^f^^r ^' 5 Franklin. 
Beardfilej, Thomas, laborer, n. Chicago near Ohio. 
Beardsley, Geo. P. clerk J. C. Evans, D. 5 Franklin. 
Beatty, James, joiner, h. rear of 193 South Division. 
Beatt^, Henry W. firm Webber A B. b. Clarendon. 
Beattie, John, at gas works. 
Beaver, Jacob, Penn. near North. 
Bechman, Gotlob, 482 Michigan. 
Bechstein, Henry, pedler, h. Pratt above Batavia. 
Bechtold, Peter, marble cutter, h. Main near Chippewa. 
Beck, Philip, cooper, b. Anna Born. 
Beck, Charles, boarding house cor. Water and Dock. 
Beck, Joseph, joiner, h. Pine above Batavia. 
Beck, John, brewer, b. Anna Born. 
Beck, John, ir. d. 1 Centre. 
Beck, Magnus, brewer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 
Beck, Geo. brewer, b. J. Roos. 
Beck, Jacob, truckman, h. 147 East Eagle. 
Becker, Matthias, shoemaker, h. Spruce near Genesee. 
Becker, Frederick, boardinc; house, 1 Water. 
Becker, Christian, brewer, S. Anna Bom. 
Becker, Hugo, grocer, corner Delaware and Tupper. 
Becker, PhUip, clerk, 44 Main, h. Perry near Burwell Place. 
Becker, Ferdinand, shoemaker, b. F. Schottin. 
Becker, Lorentz, at Phoenix Iron Works, h. 70 Bennett 
Becker, Valentine, ship carpenter, h. Bennett near Batavia. 
Becker, Peter F. Lutheran near Batavia. 
Becker, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Walnut near William. 
Becker, Ferdinand, tailor, h. 353 Michigan. 
Becker, John P. grocer, 358 Michigan. 
Becker, Christian, 358 Michigan. 
Becker, Frederick, moulder, h. 358 Michigan. 
Becker, Jacob, laborer, h. J&ichigan above Batavia. 
Beckle, George, cigar maker, h. 203 East Genesee. 
Beckle, Jacob, with Keogh & Co. h. 224 East Genesee. 
Beckle, Michael, piano forte maker, h. 228 East Genesee, 
Beckwith, James L. mariner, h. Folsom near Pollard. 
Beckhardt, David, North Division near Spring. 
Bede, Rev. Peter, 64 Ellicott 
Bedford, John, 10 Gay. 

Bedson, Wm. H. hatter, 202 Main, h. 348 Washington. 
Beebe, Lemuel, ti-uckman for S. Varley. 

Beebe, DeWitt Clinton, hackman, h. North Division near Cedar. 
Beebe, Geo. attorney at law, over P. O. 

Beecher, Hiram S. forwarding <fe commission merchant, foot of Lloyd, 
on dock, h. 32 South Division. 


Beem, Godfried, sheepskin dresser, h. Porter near Van Rensselaer. 

Beemer, Oscar F. Hack man, b. Bennett's Temperance House. 

Beer, Joseph, laborer, h. Burton's AUej. 

Beer, John B. carpet weaver, cor. Ash and Sycamore. 

Beer, Andrew, laborer, h. Maple cor. Genesee. 

Beer, Susan, widow of Francis, Ash near Genesee. 

Beer, Adam, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. Ash near Gknesee. 

Beer, Wilibald, blacksmith, h. 143 Sycamore. 

Begg, Robert, basement Medical College. 

B^ringer, Peter, firm B. <fe Paul, h. Batavia near Milnof* 

Behringer, Henry, butcher, cor. Genesee and Ellicott 

Behringer A Paul, butchers, corner Batavia <& Milnor. 

Beierlein, John, mason, h. Lutheran near Batayia. 

Beier, Michael, joiner, b. S09 Michigan. 

Beiger, Henry, on the lake, h. 49 Cedar. 

Beifein, J. Maple near High. 

Beilmann, Jacob, laborer, h. 225 Elm. 

Beilmann, Jacob, jr. painter, h. Mulberry near Virginia. 

Beilman, Frederick, laborer, h. Main, cor. Burton Alley, 

Beime, Peter Y. firm Carland A Co. b. Miss Cutler. 

Beis, Christoph laborer, h. Pine near Cypress. 

Beiser, Adolph, firm Buehrmann <& B . h. 565 Main. 

Beitter, Herman C. with Burr A Waters, h. 1 Vine. 

Beitz, Gustavus, watchmaker, h. 3 East Huron. 

Beitz, C. Frederick, cabinet maker 167 Main, h. Oak above Sycamore. 

BELDEN, DEXTER, marble factory, Terrace near Eric, h. ITnagara 

Square. — See ado. />. 68. 
Belding, David, brakeman, b. 44 Sixth. 

Bell, David, Noi-ton Street Iron "Works, h. Terrace near Genesee. 
Bell, James, fihisher, K. St. Iron W'ks, h. cor. Walnut and Sycamore. 
Bell, John, blacksmith, with David Bell, b. Mrs, Page. 
Bell, Francis, pattern maker, J. Newtnan, h^ear the gas wcnrks. 
Bell, George, tailor, h. Utica near Vermont 
Bell, Robert W. cabinet maker, Cutler <fe D. h. Oak near Batavia. 
Bell, Brampton, meat mai-ket 19 East Eagle. 
Bell, Edwin, sash maker, h. 13 Court. 

Bell, Alfred, blacksmith, h. corner Washington and Chippewa. 
Bell, Albert W. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Bell, John, whitewasher, h. 163 Seneca. 
Bell, Robert, clerk 216 Main. 

Bell, Thomas, boiler maker, h. near comer Miami and Alabama. 
Bell, William, cooper, h. Fulton near Chicago. 
Belle, Wendelin, mason, h. Walnut near William. 
Bellinger, Henry, laborer, h. Hamilton near Michigan. 
Bellinger, Jacob, lumber dealer, h. Dearborn, south of Amherst. 
Bellinger, Adam, Mulberry above Goodell. 
Bellows, Charles C. merchant, h. 5 E. Huron. 
Bellows 4fe Co. elevator, and for. com. merchants, cor. Evans, Ship 

Canal, and Creek. 
Bellows, James^ firm E, A Co., b. Mansion. 




Bement, Rlioda» iridoir of JeremTj 11 Church. 

Bement^ Anna M. teacher; h. 1 1 Church. 

Bement, Wm. H. commiflBion merchant, h. 51 West Topper. 

Bemer, Syhrenns, saloon, Canada Dock. 

Bemia, Brothers, grocers and com. mer. Sidway block. Long TThart 

Bemis, 13ijah St John, firm Bemis Bros. h. cor. Wash, and K. Div. 

Bemis, Asaph S. firm Bemis Bros. 

Bemis, Mrs. Anrelia, 109 Franklin. 

Bender, Louis W. laborer, h. 91 Cedar. 

Bender, Jacob, joiner, b. Jacob J. Gmeber. 

Bender, G. Frederick, grocer, 133 Oak. 

Bender, David, 575 Main. 

Beado-, Philip H. painter, b. G. F. Bender. 

Bene, Francis, momder. Eagle Furnace. 

Benedict, Georgp B. attomer at law, 147 Main> h. 26 Oak. 

Benedict^ Joel, finisher, S. Shepard. 

Benedict, £zra T. school teacher, Dist No. 5, h. 163 Kiagsra. 

Benedict Aaron, foarwarder, h. S30 East Seneca. 

Benner, Peter, engineer, h. Exchange near Chicaga 

Bennett, Philander, Ewle cor. Pina 

Bennett, Wm. H. melodeon maker, h. 38 Ellicott 

Bennett, Grares A Ca paroduce and commission morchantfli, 9 Central 

Bennett, David S. firm B. Grares A Co. b. Clarendon. 
Bennett, H^^, hxdt dealer, h. Tenth near Carolina. 
Brainet^ & W: irholesale grocer, 59 Main, h. 10 Union. 
Bennett, Israel, dotibier, h. 309 Washington. 
Bennett, Seymour, book-ke«per, Jason Parker, b. 11 Oak. 
Bennett, Bran B. saddler, 123 Main, b. 4 Oak. 
Bennett, James, in eleyator, h. Carroll near Louisiana 
Bennett, Daniel, express teamster, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 
Bennett Jk Manley, merchants, cor. Niagara and Amherst 
Bennett, Henry, nrm B. A Manley, b. iUijsa Tilden« 
Bennett, Nicholas, grocer, 80 East Seneca. 
Bennett, Samuel, clothier, 3 CommerciaL 
Bennett, Edward, mariner, h. 17 Water. 
Bennighof, Mrs. Jacobine, Spring near Sycamore. 
Bens, George, blacksmith, h. Marvin. 
Bensing, Gottlieb, butcher, cor. Eagle and Hickory.^ 
Bensler, Herman, cabinet maker, h. Ash near Batayia. 
Bensler, Bemhard T. clerk, 286 Main, b. H. Bensler. 
BENSON, JOHN <k CO., confectioners, 131 Main,— Sm adv. p. 55. 
Benson, John, firm J. Benson A Ca h. 294 Franklin. 
Benson, George, maltster, h. Seventh cor. Virginia. 
Benson, Silas* on the lake, h. 63 Delaware. 
Benson's City Malt House, cor. Carolina and Fourth. 
Benson, De Lancey, clerk, 316 Main, b. E. M. Allen. 
Bensted, Richard, blacksmith, cor. Elk and Van Rensselatt. 
Bentley, R. C. flriin Bellows <fe Co. b. Mansion. 
Bentley, George T. beok-ke^>«r, 17 Central Wharl 


BentLeji Wm. ennneer, b. Southern Hotel I 

BentLej, George w. last maker, h. Cedar nets North DiTanon* 
Bentlej, Angtustus, laborer, b. Edmund Austin. 

BenUey, A. G. proprietor Cold Spring house. i 

Bentlej A Co. com. merchants, 17 Central Wliarf. 
Bentlej, James R. firm Bentley <fe Co. b. Westera.' 
Benton, John B. civil engineer, b. 31 East Swan. 
Benton, R. O. daguerrian gallery, 268}^ Main, h. SO Jdllcoti 
Bents, Henry, cooper, h. 134 Elm. 
Bents, Florian, laborer, h. Cedar near William. 
Bens, Ehrhardt, laborer, h. Oak abore Goodell. 
Benzing, Gottlieb, butcher, h. corner Ea«rle and Hldlftny. 
Benzing^ Jacob, joiner, h. Bennett near Batavia. 
Bensing, John, Mortimer near Clinton. 
Bensing, Christian, laborer, h. ccnrner tfeffei^n and Eac^a 
Benzinger, Jacob, bricklayer, h. cdmer Clinton and Jefferdbn. 
Bensinger, ^-^—, TecesB, comer Washington and Seneca. 
Benzino, Jacob, hotel keeper. Exchange below Washington. 
Berdell, Jacob, mi^lodeon maker, 200 Main. 
Berg, Frederick, on the lake, h. comer Cherry and IBchigaiL 
Berg, John, joiner, h. Ellicott abore QoodelL ^ 

Bergais, , painter, h. comer Ei^le and Pina 

Berger, Gottfried, keeper Cold Spring cottage. 

Berger, Conrad, idioeniaker, George Hess. 

Bergin, James, plasterer, h. Seventh near Hudson. 

Bergman, Lotds, 366 Main. 

Bergmann, Henry, laborer, h. Bfxinett near William. 

Bergmiller, Susan, Widow of John, h. Walnut near Baftana. 

Bergtold, Margaret, widow of ^ob, grocery, 386 Main. 

Bergtold, John, finii&er, 233 Main, h. 105 Spring. 

Bergtold, Jobn, clerk 165 Main, h. Genesee near Oak. 

Bergtold, Jacob, clerk 169 Main, b. 386 Main. 

Beregotz, Wilhelm, lithographer, 12 Water. 

Berlinghof, Martin, tailor, Lutheran near Batavia. . 

Berlinghof^ Louisa, widow of John, Cypress near MlchigaD. 

Bemd^ Peter J. type caster, N. Lyman. 

Bemhard, Christian, laborer, h. Huron near Oak. 

Bemhard, George, mason, h. 447 Michigan. 

B^nhard, Peter, Eagle furnace, h. Ellicott near Burton alley. 

B^nheimer, E£btt J. store 61 Ellicott. 

Bornt, Peter, type caster, h. Elm near GoodeU. 

Berringer, Peter, comer Eagle and Niagara. 

Berry, John D. Delaware, near Cold Spting. ' 

Berry, James, Merchant's Hotel saloon. 

Berry, John, ship carpenter, b. comer Morgan and Geiiesee. 

Berry, Richard, olacksmith, h. comer Cottage and Virginia* 

Bemck, Charles, mason, h. Smith Block, Exchange. 

Berrin^n, Alfred, carpenter, h. across the creek near l^bthbuse. 

Berst, Peter, hackman, h. 106 Chippewa. 

Bent, Martin, engineer, h. 240 Elm. 


BcortUng, Reinlwrd, cooper* ii. Cheny mmr fipHag. 

Bertrand, Jooqrfi P. at the theatre^ b. Tremont hoi»e. 

BoLtia nd, IfaiT, widow of IfiehaeU 184 Chetrj, 

Beprtrand, Mathe^, printer, Ohriatiam AdTocaieolBeev b. 314 'ISTaak 

B^trand, Michael, jr. iniiiier, b. 184 Cherrj. 

BeBons, Peter, joiner, b. J. Ohurchyard. 

Beaser, Gotlteb, J.flraoer, cetaer wilUam-and- Pratt, 

Beasancer, Frank, laborer, h>. Oberry near cibr line. 

Best, William F. clerk W. H. Glenny, h. 909 Sovth Dtrimon. 

Beat, Robert H. 59 West Mohawk. 

Bea^ Charles A. Western Hotel 

Best^ Joel, joiner, h. Louisiana near Pcrj*. 

Bes^ Wia.Uborer,-h. Tomiaiana near Penr, 

Best, Martin, d40 Elm. 

Best, Wm. sawyer, Bidwell, Banta 4f Oo. 

Best, Joseph, sawyer, h. acreaa tlio ereek. 

Bettinger, Stephen, dry goods and grooeriefl^.390«Bd 405 Main. 

Bettinger, Sebastian, joiner, K 17 Syeamore. 

Bettis, Sally S. widow of Stephen, m Weat Eagla 

Betta^enry A. bnikler, K SB West Sagia 

Bett^fenry* foreman, 307 Main. 

Bet^o^uy, laborer, h. S^etehum Alley. 

Beta, Philip, with N. Case <fe Co. h. Hiokevy near WtUiam. 

Bey^y, L. seamstress, Lonisiana near Seneca. 

Bevens, John, shoemaker, h. Siztib near Carolina. 

Beyeredge, John, clerk, oT«r 6 Exchange^ h. eor.- Tenth and yjrginia 

Beyel, Jacob, laborer, h. SOS Elm. 

Beyer A Graner, grocers, 69 East GeDesee; 

Beyer, Frederiek, laborer, h. Elm near Geneaee. 

Beyer, Jacob, mason, h. Walnnt below Geneaee. 

Bayer, Philip, erocery and h. Main eor. Chif^Mwa. 

Beyer, Jacob, &j goods store and h. 119 East Genesee. 

Bliuper, Jacob, blacksmith, h. 40 Bennett 

ifjfit, Sarah, widow, 106 Goodell. 

Be}f«r, John, at Burton's livery stabla 

Beyer, Philip, sr. Oak aboye Tupper. 

Beyer, Anthony, joiner, h. Bennett near Batana. 

Beyers, Moses, olacksmith, h. 570 Washington. ■. 

BftEold, John, Maple near QaodeU. 

Bfenning, Francis, hat maker, h. 204 East Genesee. 

Biehy, Herman, tailor, h. Maple near Cherry. 

Biek, Henry, ship carpenter, a H. Ohlmar. 

Bick, Adam, la|K)rer, n. Hickory near Batayia. 

Bickle, John, woodsawyer, h. Ketehnm -Ailley. 

Bidenia, Jaeob, at Bnff. Iron Works* h. N. Waah* near Clinton At. 

Bidwell i Co. dry goods and ffroceries, 53 Main. 

Bidwell, Banta A CV>. ship bnuders, Ohio on the eveek. 

Bidwell, Benj. firm B., Banta <k Oa h. eor. Cottage and Maryland^ 

Bidwell, Vincent, iirm B.,Bairtadr Co. kdO BastSeaeea. 

Bidwell. John, ship joiner, B., Banta <k Co. hu Blk near Alabania. 


Bidwell, Charles S. ship Irailder, b. Mk near Alabama. 

Bidwell, Daniel D. clerk 53 Main, h. oor. Swan and Pine. 

BIDWELL, ALFRED B.clotliier,213 Mam, b. Maudon. 8ee€Kh.p<U, 

Biehl, Jobn, blaekamitb, b. cor. East and Hamilt4^ 

Bielefeldt, John H. laborer, h. Vine near Micbigan. 

Bielefeld, ReT. Herman, Spruce near Genesee. 

Bienoa, Gottlieb, tailor, b. Hickory above Sjcamore. 

Bieflsenthal, Samnel, pedler, b. 51 Sllieott 

Bigden, Gbarles, porter, 218 Main. 

Bigden, Robert, 184 Ellicott 

;^elow, Samnel A. 107 Niagara. 

Bigeloir, Albert, b. 107 Niacara. 

Bigge, Frederick WilllAm, fireman, b. MicKigan aboTo Bfltsria. 

Bigffs, Cbristopber, tailor. North Diyision eor. Hickor^r* 

Bigler, Charles, payer, b. Pratt near William. 

Bik, Magnus, brewer, b. Walnut near Batavia. 

Bile, Fr^erick, chandler, h. 145 Batavia. 

Biles» William, carpenter, h. Louisiana cor. Exchange. 

Bilger, Jolm, bell hanger, h. 34 Seventh. 

BilBiorer, George, laborer, b. Amh««t near Tcmawanda sfc 

Billings, James A. student, b. 106 South Division. 

Billings, Capt F. P. firm B. A Mills, h. Ill CUnton. 

Bilton, HenzT, cor. Fifth and York. 

Bilz, John, Cedar near William. 

Binder, George F. Mulberry above Goodell. 

Bindig, Helen, widow, William above Union. 

Bindiff, Samuel, grocer, cor. Michigan and Clinton. 

Bingel, Conrad, Camp near Sycamore. 

Bingham, Robt M. firm R. M. Eddy ^ Cah. Delaware abore Tapper. 

Binton, Nicholas* carpenter, h. 67 East Genesee. 

Bird, William A. Jr. firm E. F. Folger A Co. 193 Main, h. 85 K Swan. 

Bird, William A. Niagara north oi Albany. 

Birdick, Lucy, wife of Julius, <3eorgia below Sixth. 

Birdsall, F. clerk in B. <fe R. R. R. fireight office, b. J. H.R Wheeler. 

Birge, Martin H. paper hanging depo£ 174 Main*, h. 81 N. Divinon. 

Bimdt, Peter J. type caster, h. Elm near Goodell. 

Bisber, John A. clerk 379 Main. ^ 

Bisgood, John, civil engineer, h 35 North Division. 

BISHOP W. B. <fe da carpet and dry goods dealers, 318 Main. 8m 

adv. p. 65. 
Bishop, William B. firm W. B. Bishop A Co. h. 41 South Division. 
Bishop, Christopher F. melodeon mikee, 300 Main, h. Ellicott abort 

Bishop, Samuel, law student^ 161 Main, b. 31 South Division. 
Bishop, John, blacksmith, Bidwell, Banta A Co. h. La. near Peny. 
Bishop, Gustavus, melodeon maker, h. 503 Washington. 
.Bishop, James D. contractor, h. 133 Clinton cor. Union. 
Bishop, Nathaniel, miller, h. cor. Niagara and Ferry. 
Bishop, Stephen, miller, i, cor. Niagara and Austin^ 
9iahpp, John, b. S. Bishop. 


Bi8ho|H Charley, cmaBotr, b. Perry new Chkago. 

Bisinger, Franx, joiner, h. Elm near QoodeU. 

Bismer, Philij^&Biiii Bloek, SeiMca. 

BiflBeU, Harn^^^orer 383 Ham, b. 33 Wert Geneaee. 

Biaaell, Jo]i2i;^^^K>, 11 Central Wharf, h. Delaware abore North. 

BiM^ WmiaiMMr b. 33 Obio. 

Bivena, Jobn, joiner, b. Pine near North Diviaion. 

Bixman, Jamea, tanner, N. Caae A Go. 

Black, Oapt Hugh, 64 Fifth. 

Black, Angoaliia, porter, b. Waahingten near Obippewm. 

Black, Joseph, millwriffbt* b. cor. ifintfa and Maaaaohnaetta. 

Black, H. Spencer, milTwrigbt, K Joaeph Black. 

Black, Patrick, laborer, b. Seneca near Alabama. 

Black Rock Poat-Kxffice, cor. Niagara and Anbom. 

Black, Marr* widow of G. W. boarding booae, ETana near Water. 

Blackmond, Edwin, carpenter, b. Feiry ^ar Adama. 

Blackfield, William, maaon, b. Bataria mar Walnnt 

Blackman, George, mariner, K Pine near Sooth DiTiaion. 

BljM^kwell, Edward R. chief engineer N. F. Hydrwilic canal, Spanld* 

ing'a Exchange, h. 47 South Diyialon. 
Blade, Gharlea>331 East Seneca. . 
Blaedel, Philip, fumaceman, b. Pntt near Geneaee. 
Blaedei, Barbara, widow of Jacob, Hiekorr near Genesee. 
Blahinger, Valentine, butcher, Ohio cor. itackinaw. 
Blain, Rer. Jacob, 19 North Division. 
Blain, John F. liquor dealer. Main near Ohippewa. 
Blain, James, ship carpenter, b. Elk near Lonisiana. 
Blake, George, blacksmith, h. Hayward near fi^k. 
Bbur, Nancy, widow. Main cor. Burton Alley. 
Blake, Oliver, milk dealer, h. Niagara near Bouck. 
Blake, Catharine, widow, 55 Ellicott 
Blakely, Robert, Maryland near Cottage. 
Blakelej, J. A W. wine and fruit dealers, foot Commercial. 
Blakeley, William, firm J. A W. Blakeley, h. 64 Chippewa. 
Blakeley, Joseph, firm J. A W. Blakeley, h. 63 ChipiMhra. 
Bkkeslee, Charles, clerk 169 Main, b. itain above Chippewa. 
Blakefull, Francis, clerk 73 Main. 
Blanchard, Ira, laborer, b. D. S. Manlej. 
Blancbard, Amos A. firm Torrance A B. h. 118 Pearl 
Blanchard, George, engineer, h. Water st Black Rock. 
Blanchard, Joseph, x. n. 339 Main, h. same. 
Blancfaett, Edward C. on the lake, h. Niagara near VirgimiiL 
Blanck, Daniel, tailor. Maple above GoodelL 
Blanck, Charles F. shoemaker. Walnut near William. 
Blankert, Henry, on the lake, b. 175 Cherry. 
Blassar, Joseph, carpenter, h. Ash near Sycamore. 
Blaaser, Nicholas, laborer, b. Pratt near Sycamore. 
Blast, John, mason, h. East near Amherst 
Blast, John, jr. East near Hamilton. 
Blattaiw Jacob, farmer, h. cor. Delaware and Oalyin. 

IS4 mtmmmtux iJiYBKnuR mmanoKots 

Blecimer, Henry, joiner. It Wahrat nete Sycamdn. 
Bleidel, Phili{>, pcnrter, Jewett A Boot 
Bleier, Frederick Joiner, h. Pratt near Batavia. 
Bleiler, Matha, grocer, cor. Prime and Lloyd. 
' SteU«r, George, grocer, cor. Gommercial and ^ 
Bleiler, Kaspar, grocer. Long Wharf, h. 379 J 
Bleaker, WilUam, tailor, h. Soeton near QeodelL 
Blesel, Oeo. laborer, h. 557 Micbigtt. 
Bletzer, John, shoemaker, 34 Chippewa. 
Bley, T. merchaitt, Ooauaerdai* h. Macn and Ohi|^w&< 
Bliss, CoL John, 61 Eisst Eagie^ 
Blisa^ Henry, carpenter,Ji. Nii^l^ani south of HamiUon. 
Bliss, Hamilton B. labmr^ b. Allen Conant 
Bliss, John H. attorney at law, €1 East Eagle, h. same. 
Blodeli PhiUp,. Pratt near Gene0e& 
Blodgett, J. H. organist Str John's ehnrehy b. 33 Eafet S'wan. 
Blondell, Peter, painter; Green. 

Blood, Ira, melodeon maker, 900 Main, b. S3 South Diyiaton. 
Blood, Mim Luceita* teacher District No, 2, b. D. Blood. 
Blood, David, 19'iagara foarth door beyond Virginia* 
Bloodsaw, John, cook, h. 62 Elm. . 
Bloom, Jacob, sailor, Middlo AU^, opp. Seneca. 
Bloombury, Friend M. joiner* h. OottMpe near Maryland. 
Bloomer, Tooker T. restaunmt, West &gle near Main. 
Blossom, Ira A. 24 Franklin. 

Blossom, Ira H. firm Mack, Pickering A B. h. 125 Fianldbi. 
Blossom, Jane, widow of Samuel F. Niagara, n<Hih of Hani^ton. 
Blossom, Skinner A Mabie* lumber dealers, Ohio, comer Mackinaw, 
Blossom, Thomas, firm Blossom, Skinner <fe Mabie, h. 26 East Swan, 
Blossom^i Exchan^, comer Exchange and Washington. 
Bluecher, George, joiner, h. Cherry near Jefferson. 
Bluecher, Henry, mason, h. Cherry near Jefferson. 
Bluehmer, Rudolph, carpenter, h, EUicott near Y irginiA. 
Bluemslein, Margaret, widow, rear 99 Cedar. 
Blum, Peter, grocer, 12 East Huron. 
Blum, Jacob, shoemaker. Water near Maiden Lane. 
Blum, Jacob, cigar maker, h. Clinton near Pratt. 
Blumehofen, Austin, laborer, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 
Blumenbeig, William, taUor, h. 101 Cedar. 
Blumstein, Gootlieb, shoemaker, corner Batavia and Jefferson. 
Blumstein, Edward, laborer, h. comer Batayia and Jefferson. 
Board of Trade, RcAding Rooms, Merohant^s Exchange. 
Boardman, John, M. D. oyer 298 Mahi, b. 21 South Diyislos. 
Boasberg, Nathan, dothier, 3 Pearl, h. 6 CsrrolL 
Bock, Frederick, mason, h. Walnut bdiow Genesee. 
Bock, Frederick, shoemak^, 178 East Genesee. 
Bodamer, John, tailor. Swan near Railroad. 
Bodamer, Jacob, 23 West Mohawk. 
Boddet, Joseph, sfdlor, h. 128 Elm. 
9ode» Wm. joinen b. Ellieott near Virginia. 


Bodkin, Patrick, diip earpenter, h. LoainaBa near Seneca. 

Boecliat, Francis, shoemaker, comer Water and CommerciaL 

Boehm, Philip, Ma^on, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 

Boehm, Adolph, t^or, b. J, Lentard. 

Boehringer, Jacob, joiner, h. Adam near Geneaee, 

Boekman, Frederick, joiner, at Eaton's Planing Hi]]* h. 123 East 

Boemmel, Francis, tailor, 380 Michigan. 
Boepre, Henry, ship carpenter, b. 140 Elk. 
Boeeant,- John, joiner, h. 241 E^st Genesee.^ 
BoesBe, Edward, shoemaker, 400 East Beneca. 
Bogardus, Samuel, firm Geo. A. Moore A Ca h. 111 East Eagle, 
Bi^ardns, Harriiton, clerk J. W. Williams <& Co. b. Ill East Eagle. 
Bogenshuetz, Anton, cabinet maker, h. Batavia near Pine. 
Boggis, William, saloon. Comer Pearl and Eagle. 
Bom, Fredrick, laborer, h. Mi^le near Goodell, 
Bohlinger, John G. tailor. Hickory near WUliam. 
Bohme, Charles, clerk 103 Main, b. T. Cotter. 
Boice, Isaac, tailor. Tenth near Virginia. 
Boillattat, Domenick, p., stone cutter, h. Cherry near Maple. 
Boillattat, Domenick, jr., stone cutter, h. 100 iHm. 
Boillattat, Joseph, stone euttor, b. 109 Elam. 
Bols, George, basket maker, h. South Division beyond Pollard. 
Boland, Wm« clothier. Main, h. Sixth near CaroUn^ 
Boland, Michael, clerk 104 Main. 
Bollar, William, turner, 233 Maia 
Boler, Henry, carpenter, James Reid. 
Bommer, John, laoorer, h. cor. Goodell and Mulberry. 
Bonaberg, David, laborer, North Division near Spring. 
Bond, Ephraim T. grocer and glass dealer, 11 E. seneca h.27 Ellicott 
Bond, Ofiver, cabinet maker, h. Steuben near Alabama. 
Bond, Daniel, farmer, h. Delaware near Dr. Lord. 
Bonnetl, Mahlon, lumber dealer, h. Eleventh near Maryland, 
^nneister, Michael, tanner, N. Case A Co. 
Bonneville, Amable, clerk 218 Main, h. 39 Court 
BONNET, ZOROAaTER, proprietor tJ. S. HoteL-^Sw adv, p. 99. 
Boorom, Cornelius, b. Clarendon. 
BOOROM, JOHN, butcher, Terrace market, h. 252 Franklin.— S9« 

ad», fk 56. 
Booth, John, lumber dealer, Ohio at Swing bridge, h. Chicago cor. Elk. 
Booth, James W. clerk A. R. Cobb ^. Co. b. Merchants Hotel. 
Booth, William M. tinemith, h. 113 Clinton. 

Booth, Reuben, machinist, Buff. Steam Engine W*ks. h. Perry Cor. IE 
Boothroyd, Thomas, laborer, 175 Carey. 
Bootr, Margaret, widow, cor. Genesee and Morgan. 
Borcherdt, Mary, widow of Julius, Hickory near Geneaea 
Borck, John J. bricklayer, h. 78 Bennett 
Borden, Amasa» clerk. 164 Main, bw 3 Niagara. 
Bordley, Rachel, 99 Oak. 
Bork, Joseph* shoemaker, h. Milnor near Willijua. 


BoTtneith, Henry, mason, h. Kaene near Genesee. 

Born, Jacob, joiner, li. l(Pk Sycamore. 

Bom, Anna, iridow of Jacob, German near Delaware. 

Bom, Anna, widow of Philip, 383 East Genesee. 

Borst A Hnck, grocers, cor. Genesee and Ellicott. 

Borst, John, firm of B. A Huck, h. 219 Ellicott 

Borst, Frederick, laborer. Cherry near Spring. 

Bortel, Joseph, car bnilder, D. Bowen. 

Bosburj, Nathan, 6 Carroll. 

BoBche, John, carriage painter, 44 Exchange. 

Boss, Susan A. music teacher, b. 100 East Eagle. 

Bost^ Andrew, Eagle Furnace, h. Walnut near Eagle. 

Boston Block, Niagara beyond Morgan. 

BoBwell, James, clerk 172 Main, h. 47 PearL 

Bot, Joseph, book-binder, J. J. Parsons. 

Botholmy, Peter, shoe store and h. 6 West Eagle. 

Botsford, Jerome, steamboat agent, h. 17 Chestnut. 

Botsford, Andrew, clerk 172 Main, b. J. Beardsley. 

Bottom, ManJiall W. mason, h. Black Rock. 

Bougard, laborer. Eagle Furnace. 

Bougard, Frank, Ash near Sycamore. 

Boughtcm, Myron, clerk, O. W. Huff, b. W. W. Huff. 

Bourke, Pierre P. grocer, 174 East Seneca. 

Bourzutschky, Ro^rt, grocer, cor. Exchange and Van Rensselaer. 

Bow, James, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Bowden, John, laborer, b. P. Bowden. 

Bowden, Patrick, laborer, Burwell- Place near Scott 

Bowder, Augustus, 127 Franklin. 

Bowen, John, furnaceman. Eagle Furnace, h. Elk near Mich^an. 

Bowen, Daniel A. car manufacturer, D. Bowen, h. 144 East Swan. 

Bowen, Dennis, firm Rogers <& B. h. 39 South Diyision. 

Bowen, Israel, wood-yard Michigan near R. R. depot, h. 251 Swan. 

Bowen, Byron W. book-keeper Pratt <k Co. b. Seneca and Terrace. 

Bowen, Daniel, car maker, Uarroll east of Chicago, h. 216 East Seneca. 

Bowen, Samuel W. clerk Pratt <fe Co. 

Bowen, Thomas, moulder, h. Steuben near Alabama. 

Bowen, Lucius, joiner, h. 32 West Genesee. 

Bowen, Goodrich J. b. 32 West Genesee. 

Bowen, Robert J. b. 32 West Genesee. 

Bowen, John, 220 fellicott. 

Bower, Jacob, carpenter, h. Carolina near Niagara. 

Bower, Jacob, jr. joiner, h. Carolina near Niagara. 

Bower, Michad, tanner. Bush A Howard, h. cor. Steuben <fe Van Rena. 

Bower, Peter, cooper, h. Seneca near Railroad. 

Bower, Philip, sash and blind maker, b. J. Bower. 

Bowers, John, ship carpenter, 51 Ohio. 

BoweTS,'John,b. Southern Hotel. 

Bowles, Mary, widow of John, b. J. Z. Reed, S. Division below PoUan). 

Bowman, Francis D. book-keeper, 17 Central Wharf, b. 34 Seventh. 

Bown, Thomas, moulder. Eagle Furnace. 

OOMMBBOUL A P f M ffJBlll KMNnOpT* 187 

BowB, Patricit, caulker, K 14 Green. 

BOYLB Ai GIBBONS, star brewery, St Paul near Main. Bm ath.p, 5C 

Boyle, Andreir, joiner, b. Seventh near Hndaon. 

Boyle, Thomas, book-keeper, 175 Main. 

Boyle, B. laborer, h. Pennsylyania. 

Boyle, James, truckman, h. Barwell-Place near Scott 

Boyle, Ellen, widoir of James, Niagara near Virginia. 

Boyki, Hugh, firm B. A^ Gibbons, h. St PanL 

Boyle, Daniel, Porter near Van Rensselaer. 

Boyle, John, brickmaker. Hydraulics. 

Boyle, Andrew, sailor, b. Bnrwell Place, near Scott 

Boyd, Robert, in lead &ctory. 

Boyd, Thomas, truckman, h. Niagara between Georgia and CaroliniL 

Boyd, James, potash manufiacturer. Elm cor. Carlton. 

Boyd, Dayid, potash manufacturer, h. 45 Delaware. 

Boyd, Alexander, 45 Delaware. 

Boyd, John, laborer, k 45 Ddaware. 

BOYD, ROBERT D. produce and commission merchant, 7 East Sen- 
eca, b. 35 East Swan. See ach-jK 50. 

Boyd, D. W. A Ca ab4 Main. 

Boyd, Darid W. firm of Boyd <b Co. h. 384 Main. 

Boyd, Wm. potash manufacturer. Elm cor. Carlton. 

Boyd, James, tanner, N. Case A Co. 

Boyd, Milton, machinist b. 14 Green. 

Boyden, Augustus H. clerk 318 Main, b. Mansion. 

Boylan, Edwin, boatman, b. T. Cotter. 

Booyer, John A. melodeon maker, 300 Main, b. 9 Court 

Boyer, Richard, miller, b. Joseph Phillipa. 

Boyington, Eli £. constable, h. 33 Franklin. 

Boynton, Thomas C. book-keeper G. W. Rogers <k Co. b. Western. 

Boynton, Theodore N. saah and bb'nd maker, 48 Clinton, h. 318 PearL 

Braam, John, joiner, h. 383 Oak. 

Braam, Nichous, painter, h. cor. Eagle and Pine. 

Brace, Lester, 180 Franklin. 

Brace, Cmiiss L. cor. Court and Morgan. 

Brachman, Michael, tanner, h. Pine below Batayia. 

Brachman, Joseph, laborer, h. Walnut near Bataria. 

Bracken, Sijpeon, 45 West Eagle. 

Bracket William B. Ceumer, h. Hayward near Perry. 

Brady, Martin, laborer, h. Virginia near German. ' 
'Brady, Daniel, grocer, h. Palmer near Virginia. 

Brady, Michael, laborer, h. Virginia near German. 

BRiiDLEY A CO., paper warehouse, 3 West Seneca and 188 Main^— 
See ode. p. 57. 

Bradley, Bei^amin, firm Bradley Brothers, b. Miss Cutler. 

Bradley, Elias A. WiUiamsrille ropd^eyond Cold Spring. 

Bradley, Henry, clerk D; M. Grant^Si93 Terrace. 

Bradley, Thomas, leather finisher, N. Case A Co. 

Bradley, William B. carpenter, h. 105 North Division. 

Bradley, Learning H. foreman pail factory, h. cor. Hamilton and East 

laa oamaaeuL.: AJ^navsmjun pnrjigyowr, 

Bradford <fe Ohase, coffee and spice nuurafacterr, 871 Main. 
Bradford, Jc^n L. firm Brad£ora <& t7hase, b. Clai^iidon^ 
Bragdon, Charles, laborer, h. HilitaryRoad near Amherst 
Bragg, Charles M. inspector of Gas Works. 
Bra^, Milton W. machinist, h. George near Fourth. 

Braiob, , b. Philip Keibecker. 

Brainard, Joshua G. flora* inspector, 39 Central Wharf* h. 63 Court 
BRAINARD A AVERY, salt dealers, 26 Central Wh'f,—«8^.arfv,;>. 49. 
Brainard, Geo. H. fem B. <k Avenr, h. 1X3 IsTortib. Biviaionu 
Brainard, Mrs. Cornelia, widow Jeremiah, 27 Sixth. 
Brainard, Daniel, with Stevenson Bro& b. Gknesee Houae. 
Brainard, Lewis, clerk, b. 5 Erie. 
Biake, Jonathan, blaoksmith, h. Lomsiaaia near Perry. 
Braley, James, piano maker, h. Kiagara aboTe Morgan. 
Brand, William, potter bakery, 14 Hitkorj. 
Brangier, Madam A. superior of the Sacr^ Hearty BeL near. Allen. 
Brandel, Philip, joiner, n. 238 Pearl. 
Brandel, George, stone cutter, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 
Brand, John, &borer, h. Bristol near Jenerson. 
Brand, James M. actor, b. Tremont 
Brant, Henry, joiner, Ix H. J. Harvey. 
Brant, William, commissioner, b. H. Ohlmer. 
Brant, Frederick, laborer, h. Perry west of Delaware, 
Branchley, William, laborer, L & J. Wheeler, h. 6 Batavia* 
Branchley, John, laborer, h. William near Unions 
Brauer, Christian, laborer, h. Maple cor. Burton Alley. 
Braner, John, laborer, h. Maple near Burton Alley. 
Braun, John A. shoemaker, L. 99 Cedar. 
Braun, Jacob, blacksmith, h. 501 Michigan. 
Braun, Peter, joiner, b. A^ Raeker. 
Braun, George, clerk Pratt & Co. 
Braun, John, mason, h. Cherry near Jeffersoa. 
Brauner, Michael, coppmmiui» h.'142 Oak. 
Braunlich, Frederick, Walnut near William. 
Braunlich, Charles, finisher, h. Sou^ Division beyond Pollard. 
Braunfels, Henry, dioemaker, h. Mortimer near Gfenesee. 
Bray, Michad, ship carpenter, h. Alabama near Mackinaw. 
Braymau, Lanaine H. 139 Elk. 

Bray man, James O. assistant editor Daily Courier^ b. 127 Pearl. 
Brayton, Robert, 24B PearL 

Braxmaier, Thomas, basket maker, cor. Spring and Batayia-. 
Bream, Elias, pedler,h. Thompson nortii of Amh^:^ 
Breay, Wm. tajor, h. Carroll near Michigan. 
Brechner, Frederick, cigar maker, h. cor. Michigan and Batavia. 
Brecht, Alexander, grocer, cor. Tupper and Fr»iklin. 
Brecht, Wendelin, grocer, cor. Tupper and Ellicott 
Brecht, Charles, wa^on maker, h. Hickory near Batavia. 
Brechtel, John, truckman, h. 145 Hickory. 

Breckenbridge, Stephen P. attorney at law, C^urt near Mainj h. 
Huroa near Delaware. 

(ummmmkx, iDweuMs ftiasoNKr. IM 

Breed, Frederick W. firm Pluimej A Oa K 46 Court 

Breininger, Joeeph, joiner, h. EUicott new Hi|^. 

Breisacker, Lewis* laboreri h. 489 Waahingfcoiu 

Breising, John, Michigan near High. 

Breithaup, Loiua, sheep skin tanner, h. Seneoa near HydrauUcB^ 

Breitwieser, Michael, laborer, h. 55 Cedar. 

Bremer, Mrs. J. boarding house, 24 JIxehaagB* 

Bremchley, WUUam, Wiuiam near Michigan. 

^«nckle, Charles, joiner^ h. Elm above Qoodel). 

Brenclle, Leopold, boarding house, 93 Exchange^ 

BrendeL Androw, Maple near Virginia. 

Brendie, Adam, fumaceman, h. Cypress near Michigan. 

Brenkworth, Franeis» blflekamitih, h. Mandn. 

Brennan, John, labover* h. Misaisaippi near Elk. 

Brennan, Andrew, truckman, h. William near Cedar. 

Brennan, Patrick, truckman, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Brennan, James, laborer, h. Exchange near Chicagow 

Brennan, John, laborer, b. Exchange near Chid^^o. 

Brennan, James, laborer, h. 36 Libwfcy. 

Brennan, John, coppersmifli, h. Fifth near Oonri 

Brennan, James, truckman, h. 5 Scott 

Brent, Benjamin, boiler maker, h. Fulton abore Chicago. 

Brethauer, Jacob, Spring near Sycamore. 

Brewster, John H, porter, American. 

BREWSTER, EDWARD, insurance agent, Spaulding's Exchange, 

b. J. Gkiild. 8eead9.f, 89. 
Brewster, Adam, porter Excnaii^ Hotel, h. Exchange near Michigan. 
BrewOT, Frederick H. clerk, b. 56 East Swan. 
Brenxhley, John, soi^ boiler, h. William near Union. 
Bresnahan, James, ship carpenter. Elk near Louisiana. 
Bretty Peter, shoemaker, KMa^e near GoodelL 
Brey, George J. clerk Hovt A Watson, h. Eagle near Union, (rear.) 
l^eunig, J<mefh, shoemaker, h. 105 East Genesee 
Breunig, Harmon, tinsmith, h. William near Walnut 
Bl'ianson, Anthony, laborer, h. 94 Elm- 
Brick, Peter, laborer, h. 102 Qooddi 
Brick, Nicholas, at Gas Works. 
Brick, Nicholas, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. h. 109 Pine. 
Brick, John, Mulbeny above QoodelL 
Brick, Valentine, tailor, h. 259 Elm. 

Brideson, Augugtus, with Bidwell, Banta <fe Co. h. across the creek. 
Bridgeford, Benjamin, grocer, cor. Main and Huron, h. same. 
Bridgford, William, masen, h. 32 Seventh. 
Bricks, Felix, joiner, h. Hickory near Genesee. 
Briggs, Wray, clerk 51 Main, h. same. 
Briggs, Ira C. clerk Savage <& Co. 
Briggs, John, joiner, h. 151 Ninth. 
Brigham, Pierpont, Michigan above High. 
Bright, Lewis, engineer, h. 155 East Swim. 
Bright, Lewis, blacksmith, ait Qm Works* 

146 oomiaaciAL Aonmisss bibsot<»y; 

right, Andreas, tmsmith, h. 155 East Swan, 
riney, Debo, tailor, b. Agnetis Furnace. 
Brintnal], Oeorge, sliip carpenter, h. Cedar near Eagle. 
Brintnall, Phineas, 245 East Swan. 
Brifls, John, teac W, h. 88 GoodelL 
Bristol, Moses, x. d. h. cor. Delaware and Feny. 
Bristol, Dan, cor. Tenth and Jersey. 
Bristol, Cyrenins G. forwarding and commission merchant> cor. Ohio 

and Cincinnati, h. cor. Eagle and Ellicott 
Bristol, Edward, conductor, b. E. Tannt 
Bristol, William W. at County Clerk's Office, b. 44 Franklin. 
Bristol, Henry, b. Moses BristoL 
Brittin, Lewis, nainter, 80 Main, h. 171 Washington. 
Britting, Nicholas, beer maker, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 
Britton, Nicholas, copper, tin and sheet iron workman, 34 Main, h. 

5 EUicott 
Brits, Peter, shoemaker, 55 Cherry. 
Broad, Andrew, joiner, h. 209 North Division. 
Broadwell, Thaddeus, barber, under 147 Main. 
Brocker, Charles F. chair maker, h. Oak near Tupper. 
Brocker, Michael, saddler, b. 386 Main. 
Brockway, Reed, 173 Terrace. 
Brockman, Michael, tanner. Bush A Howard. 
Brode, William, gardener, b. Porter near Van Rensselaer. 
Brodie, James, tanner, h. 438 Michigan. 
Brodr, John, ship carpenter, b. A. GKllmore. 
Brodhead, F. T. teacher, 367 Washington. 
Brodhead, William W. attorney at law, h. 367 Washington. 
Brodhead, N. L. private school, 367 Washington. 
Broigstett, Henry, cabinet maker, b. A. Rolf. 
Brokenbrough, A. S. dyer. Com. Hotel Block, h. 193 East Genesee. 
Brooks, Augustus S. attorney, over 146 Main, b. 127 Pearl. 
Brooks, WeUs, attorney at law, over P. O. h. cor. Virginia and Tenth. 
Brooks, Alonzo, moulder, h. 34 Jackson. 
Brooks, Lester, moulder, h. 34 Jackson. 
Brooks, Albert, cor. Ferry and Adams. 
Brooks, Lewis, foreman J. A. Pitts. 

Brooks, B. F. A Son, wholesale dry goods, 4 Brown's Bulldogs, Seneca. 
Brooks, Benjamin F. jr. firm B. F. B. A Son, b. Mrs. Kimbiui 
Brookhouse, Ham, cooper, h. Amherst near Military Road. 
Brooker, (Carles H. ship carpenter, h. cor. Clinton and Pine. 
Brooker, Charles* teamster, N<xrth CanaL 
Broomer, Gecoge, tanner, N. Case A Co. h. Goodell Alley. 
Brombacher, Rey. Wm. F. pastor Lutheran Church, h. Amherst near 

Military Road. 
Bromley, S. D. b. Railroad Hotel 
Bron, Joseph, clerk W. C. Dinwoodie, h. 80 Sycamora 
Bronner, Mrs. widow of Phi^p L. grocer. Elm cor. Sycamore. 
Bronner, Christian, melodeon finisher, h. 126 Oak. 
Bronsop, Jane, widow, Alabama near Seneca. 

oowcsBouL AdVBRvniB omoTOur. 141 

BroeiKS Peter> boatman. Smith Block, Seseca. 

Brodiard, Chiyrles, tanner, h. Steuben near Heaeoek. 

BroflBj, Fianciiy recess, 95 Exchange. 

Broswell, Fillmore, grocer. Smith Block, CanoIL 

Brothers, Lewis, joiner, h. 274 Franklin. 

Brots, Fnuus, shoemaker, b. F. Riea 

Brown, John F. atUmiej at law, b. Washinirton near Batavia 

Brawn, James W. at Eaton's plane mil) , h. Cold ^Spring. 

Kiown, Romsey R. mariner, L Sixth near Virginia. 

Brown, Benjamin, book-keeper Ellis, Petrie A Oo. h. 89 Niagara. 

Brown, William O. forwarder and oommiaaion merchant and elevator, 

Ohio cor. Michigan, K Clarendon. 
Brown, Benoni S. dentist, oyer 311 Main, h. same. 
Brown, Lyman, attomej at law, oyer 148 Main. 
Browiir Aiez. H. engineer, h. Fulton near Ohio Slipi 
Brown, WDliam W. painter, h. 11 Seventh. 

Brown, Sam'l, gold pen manufac'r, 146 Main, h. Park St near Virginia. 
Brown, Alexander, cooper, h. 393 East Seneca. 
Brown, Benjamin F. 7(f East Seneca, h. 38 West Eagle. 
Brown, Samuel, 891 EMt Seneca. 
Brown, Rey. Peter, LdiuA. 
Brown, Phcebe P. wi<k>w, 30 East Eaffla 
Brown, William, firm Otis A Bmwn, L 55 Seotii DLyision. 
Brown, William, blacksmith, h. Bloasom. 
Brown, John, with O. Raffertj. 

Brown, Joeeph, engineer Palmerls Tannery, Ik. Carroll below Ln 
Brown, Joaeph P. 34 Niagara 
Brown, Alya, 46 West Tupper. 

Brown, Michael, clerk 34 Main, h. cor. Waahinffton and Exchange. 
Brown, David, clerk J. Story, h. Mill near Exchange. 
BROWN, EPHRAIM C. k Co. china, crockery, and glass dealera, 

175 Main. SeetuhjxG^ 
Brown, Ephraim, firm £. C. B. <k Co. b. Western. 
Brown, J^n, laborer, h. Mississippi near Perry. 
Brown's Buildings, cor. Main ana East Seneca. 
BROWN, FRANCIS L. proprietor West«m Hotel 8math.jK99. 
Brown, Beaver, laborer, h. over 68 Main. 
Brown, Lewis, recess, Rock near Evana 
Brown, Qeorge N. saloon long wharf, b. 48 Fifth. 
Brown, James T. mariner, h. Smith Block, Seneca 
Brown, Benjamin F. liquor dealer, h. 38 West Eagle. 
Brown, Stephen, Vine near Elm. 
Brown, Edward, engineer, b. 62 Ellieott. 
Brown, Gecnrge, jr. with J. Story, b. David Brown. 
Brown, George, sr. b. David Brown. 
Brown, Charles, 137 North Division. 

Rrown, Dennis, blacksmith, h. North Division near HickoT^. 
Brown, Emanuel, 391 East Seneca, 
rkown, William H. 394 Franklin. 
ISffown, Henry J. clerk H. C. Walker A Co. h. 386 Franklia 

143 €KaafBB€UL.vumu»xtKB ^nncrvoBT. 

Brown, Jerry K. medical student^ 375 Main, b. 34 If uigara. 

Brown, Henry W. pattern makesr, b. 345 Sonth DirialoB. 

Brown, Chester H, grocer 182 Soi^ Division. 

Brown, A. L. paint^> h. Smith Block, Exchange. 

Brown, Lyman S. salesman, 186 Main. 

Brown, John B. pattern maker, h. 16 Smith Block, Seneca. 

Brown, Arehihald, on the lake^ h. Qeneaee near Morgan. 

Brown, Martha, widow, EzohaDge below Alahama. 

Brown, John 0. shoemaker, h. 55 JBlMcottb 

Brown, Joae^, watchman. Palmer's tannery. 

Brown, Ohajues,.finn Orane A Oo. Southern HoieL 

Brown, Wm. firm Comptou A Go, 161 Main. 

Brown, Wm. H. 67 Elm. 

Brown, James, with R. M. Eddy A Oa b. 53 ElHcott 

Brown, Parker, laborer, h. KevuL- Jaffiesoanear Ferry. 

Brown, F. Q. artist, b. 11 Court 

Brown, Oaear, clerk 316 Main. 

Brown, Wm. H. jewder, 161 Main, h. 250 Genesee. 

Brown, James, butcher, h. Niag. north oi Breckenridge. 

Brown, John, cooper, h. Military Road near Amheorst 

Brown, Parker, cor. Indiana, (Black Rock) and Adams. 

Brown, Josiah A. in Colton's planing mill, h. Elk near Iia. 

Brown, Henry R. engineer, h. ralmer near Maryland. 

Brown, Taylor, recess, cor. Water and Evans. 

Brown, Henry J. tallyman, H. C. Walker <k Co. • 

Brown, Wm. 193>^ Main. 

Brownell, George, commission mer. 18 Central wharf, h. 9 Park Places 

Brower, Wm. H. joiner, h. Smith block, Seneca. 

Brower, Wm. billiard i^oon, b. 10 East Swan. 

Browing, John, clerk propeller Illinois, h. 88 Nortii Division. 

BrozweU, Charles* carpenter* h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

BRUCE, ELIJAH E. ship chandler, 24 Central Wharf, h. 33 West 

Seneca. — See adv. p, dl. 
Bruce, Harlow, foreman, P. W. Sawin, h. 88 East Seneca. 
Bruce Wm. R. grocer, 260 East Seneca. 
BRUCE, OLFvER S. commission merchant* 58 Mam, h. lOSfiwan. 

8ee adv. p. 50. 
Bruce, Benjamin F. clerk Fox <fe Bruoe> h. 12 CanK^ 
Bruce, Jacdb, laborer,. Delayan Arenue, Black Roek, 
Bruce, Charles] clerk b. 33 West Seneca. 
Bruch, Charles, tailor, h. 464 Michigan. 

Bruen, James D. firm J. M. Yan Santroord <& Co. h. 5 Boston B. lif ia. 
Bruggeman, John H. clerk 288 Main, h. Cyprus near Michigan. 
Bruhn, Anton, barber, Lovejoy house, h. 52 Sycamore. 
Brumer, Bernard, mechinisl^ b. 108 West Tuf^ier. 
Brummer, Geo. tanner, h. Goodell Alley. 
Brunbach, Daniel G. painter, b. cor. Pine and Clinton. 
Brunce, Norman, haclcman, h. 101 Clinton. 

Brunck, Held & Ca publishers Weltburger, W. Mohawk near Main. 
Brunck, Francis C. ic n.firm Brunck, Hdd tk €k>. h. ITiagara, betwaen 

Carolina and Virginia. 


Bnmdig«^ Charles G. clerk, K. S. "Rswley, h. 196 PearL 

Bnmk, Angostos, shoemaker, h. Walnut near Eagle. 

Bnmn, Charles, machinist, h. Michigan above Batavia. 

Kronner, Andrew, laborer, h. Ma^e and Cheny. 

Bmnner, Joseph, finisher. Eagle Furnace. 

Brunner, Wougang, laborer, h. Walnut near Batayia. 

Bmiinet, Mrs. widow of Louis, cor. Srcamore and ISm. 

Brunsour Sheldon, warehouseman, W m. O. Brown. 

Brunson, Horace, carpenter, cor. Heacock and Senees. 

Branson, Darwin G. wagon maker, h. eoraer Heaeock and Seneea. 

Brunt, Thomas, engineer, S. Shepard. 

Brunton, Wm. saloon keeper. Theatre. 

Brush, William C. bricknaaker, h. STorth Oanal, HydranlioL 

Brush, Alexander, b. Wm. C. Brush. 

Brushy Hiram, salesman, 50 Main, h. 5 Chmch. 

Bruso, Peter, sawyer, Townsend's MUl, Black Rock. 

Bruasel, Conrad M. F. on the lake^ h. Cedar near Clinton. 

Bryan, Qeo. J. 7 West Seneca. 

Bryans, Joseph, Itiarkeeper, Phoenix HoteL 

Bryant, Abner, horticulturist. Main near Barker. 

Bryant, Hexp7 C. j^laware near Barker. 

Bryant, Wm. U. macldaistf b. Jno. Chambeiiain, sr. 

Bryant, Warren, grocer and importer of toys and fimcy goods, 145 
Main, h. 73 Clinton. 

Bryant, Adeline, 42 North Division. 

Bryant Israel, Be^el Church, Perry. 

Bud, Conrad, laborer, h. Mortuner near Srcamore. 

Bubach, William, on the lake, h. Cherry below Spring. 

Bubach, Joseph, Genesee near Jefferson. 

Buchanan, Robert G. painter. Court near Mun, b. Tupper near Ellicott. 

Buchanan, Henry H. painter, h. Tupper near Ellicott 

Bucher, William, laborer, Goodell near Michigan. 

Buchert, Matthias, blacksmith, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 

Buck, Hulbert A. machinist D. Colton <k Co. 

Buck, Mrs. dressmaker, 134 Ellicott 

Buckhardt Gottfried, Shepard's Foundry, h. William near Bennett 

Buckhart, John, carpenter. Dearborn near Amherst 

Buckhart Matthias, mason. Dearborn south of Amherst 

Buckheimer, Mrs. Barbara, Clinton near Walnut « 

Buckingham, A. R. b. Genesee House. 

BUCKIlfGHAM A GUTHRIEi forwarding and cornmission mer- 
chants, 11 Central Whaif. See adv,p, 50. 

Buckland, Leverett grocer, cor. William and Michigan. 

Buckland, John A. cabinet maker Hersee A Timmerman, h. 211 Elli. 

Buckland, Andrew J. clerk 164 Mun, h. 4 Niagara. 

Buckley, William, coal dealer. Blossom's yard, Erie, h. 41 W. Eagle. 

Buckstan, John, tinsmith, h. Bfltavia near Pine. 

Buddemeyer, Frederick, joiner, Ellicott near Burton Alley. 

Buddemeyer, Benry, teamster. Oak near Burton Alley. 

Budlong, Alfred W. 538 Washington. 

Biiehler, Frederika, widow, Spruce near Genesee. 


Baechler, Angosty laborer, 107 Cedar. 

Biiehr, Henrj, bricklayer, h. 163 Blm. 

Buehrmann A Beiser, orewers, 565 Main. 

Buehrmann, Conrad F. firm B. 4s Beiser, 565 Main. 

Buell, Lyman, hotel, cor. Beak and Exchange. 

BUELL, J. SHEDER, forwarding and commifision merehantk Cor. 

Lloyd and Prime, h. 74 Chippewa. 5m ach,p» 48. 
Bnell, Madison, 163 PearL 
Buemen, Ehrhart, brewer, b. J. Hiemena. 
Buessing, Bamhard, monldor, Bennett near Batayia. 
Buettler, Matthias, shoemaker, Batayia near Pine. 
Buffalo Steam Eng^e Works, Ohio eor. Washington. 
Buffalo Steam Cotton Mills, foot Court 
Buffalo <fe Niagara Falls R. R. office. Western Hotel block. 
Buffalo <fe Canada Junction Telegraph office, 3 Exchange. 
Buffalo A Rochester Railroad Machine Shop^cor. Green and Chieaga 
Buffalo A State Line office, 190^ Main. 

Buffalo A New York cit^ R. R. office. Exchange below Michigan. 
Buffalo A State Line freight depots cor. Alabama and track.* 
Buffalo <fe N. Y. City R. R. Macnine shop, cor. Exchange A Louisiana 
Buffalo A N. Y. City R. R. freight depot, Exchange near Alabama. 
Buffalo and Rochester freight depot, cor. Elk and Moore. 
Buffalo A Rochester Railroad passenger depot, Exchange near Hkh. 
Buffalo Printing Ink Company, Vine near Elm. 
Buffalo Pail and Tub Factory, Tonawanda St n^ar Amherst 
Buffalo Nursery, Utica west of Delaware. 
Buffalo, Coming A N. Y. City R. R. 190)^ Main. 
Buffalo City Bank, cor. Llojd and Prime. 
Buffalo Orphan Asylum, Virginia west of Delaware. 
Buffalo Hotel, 41 Main. 
Buffalo Gas Works, Genesee cor. Fourth. 
Buffalo Sayings Bank, Main near Court 
Buffalo Medi(^ Uniyersity, cor. Main and Viiginia. 
Buffalo Female Seminary, Johnson Park. 
Buffalo Car Wheel Works, Maryland below Fifth. 
Buffalo Water Works, cor. Sixtin and MasBachusetts. 
Buffalo Iron Works, Niagara* on the creek. Black Rock. 
Buffalo Woolen Works, cor. Hamilton and Niagara. 
Buffalo Car Works, Tonawanda street near Amherstl 
Bugbee, Oliyer, lumber mer. 2 Mart buildings, Ohio, b. 24 W. Eagle. 
Bugbee, Alyen W. fancy grocer, 310 Main, b. 35 Eagt Swan. 
Bugler, John, 35 Liberty. 
BuD, J. B. A Co. leather dealers, 23 Lloyd. 
Bull, Jabez B. firm of J. B. A Co. h. Seneca near Franklin. 
Bull, George, B. firm of T. J. Dudley A Co. b. T. J. Dudley. 
Bull, Cadwallader, c<^ dealer, cor. Ohio and Mich. h. Black Rock 
Bull, John M. lumber dealer, h. Niagara cor. Yirginia 
Bull, Georee W. 128 East Swan. 

Bull, Abeolom, attorney at law, h. Breckeuridge near Niigar& 
Bnller, Charles, joiner, n. Michigan near Higk 

Bnlljmore, Richard, bnteher, 139 Hmin, h. Oold Spring. 

BaUymore, ThomtB, butcher, 396 UuD, h. 115 FnoUiii. 

BnlljiiKmii JMepb, butcher, h. Main above NotUl 

Bulson, Peter, baker, Elm oear BnrtoB AUej. 

Bolaon, Duiiel B. clerk 91S Uaio, b. 3 Niagata. 

Bandy, Thomaa, carcaan, h. WKhinaloii near FeTTf. 

Bnndy, Thomaa, Mil maker, b. A. Oillmore. 

Bviiker, Albert, on the lake, h. 905 Washington. 

Bannell, Bradley, icii. 386 East Seneca. 

BantinK, Wra. H. tawmaker, rear 14 Ewt Swan. 

Borcfaill, Joneph, ahiji carpenter, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

Bmchfield, James, piuter. Republic office. 

Bnrchard, Frederick W. tailor, it. 110 Clinton. 

Bnrek, Henrj, mason, h. Michigan above Batavis. 

Biu{[, Hichftel, grocer 7 and h. 350 Jlain. 

Burg, Jacob, clerk 350 Main. 

Bnrgard, John, butcher, Balaria near Hickory. 

Biirgard, Jacob, en>cer, cor. Carolina and Ninth. 

Bnrgardt, Peter, batcher, h. Elk near Chicago. 

Bniier, WUliam J. 319 Ean OeoeBee. 

Borgen, Thomas, finisher, h. Carroll Dsar *i|>tTna 

Burgeai, James W. clerk 338 Main. 

B nrgo a^ James, pedler, h. Terrace new Erie, 

Bargv, Victor, shoe shop, IG9 Washington. 

Biwhard, Pet«r, cor. Michlgui and Q&ifeee. 

Bnrhans, John, silver plater, 10 .Court, h. Yil^ia near Nia, 

BUEKE, ANDREW, liook and periodical depot, und( 

49EUiCDtt Bet ade. p. 61. 
Borke, John, ship carpenter h. Ninth near York. 
Burke, Victor, bricklayer, h. Clinton new Ptstt 
Burke, EdTin R. clerk Oothjc Hall, b. 35 £ast Swan. 
Borke, Patrick, porter, Gothic H^ b. W. Carland. 
Borke, Michael, laborer at Bnffaio Car Wheel Warka 
Burke, Patrick, Jaborer, h. Marvin. 
Borke, John, laborer, b, P. Burke. 
Borke, William, ship carpenter, fa. Moor 
Borke, Martin, lHb<ncr, h. rear 99 Cednr. 
Borke, William A Co. boot and shoe slon 
Burke, William, firm W. B. it Co. h. 9 J K 
Borke, Patrick, on the lake, h. Nichol:^ A 
Borkhard, John, Hickory above Batax in. 
Bnrkhard, Theobold, pedler, h. Ash n r'nr 
Bnrkluird, Mn. widow of Ignai, 76 Sv':a 
Bnrkhatt, Henry, at woolen factory, b. Niu) 
Bnrkhart, Mrs. widow of Conrad, 553 Mich 
Burly, Edward, paper hanger, k Morgan n 


BurmeiBter, Frederick^ tailor, Mulbeny above GoodelL 

Bumap, Cicero G. moulder, h. Fifth near Carolina. 

Burnett, Capt Charles, 249 Franklin. 

Burnett, James, at Townsend^ Saw Mill, Black Rock. 

Bun^ham, Alfred M. auction and commission merchaDt, 7 Peart 

Bums, William, Main near Chippewa. 

Bums, John H. clerk 282 Main, b. 71 South Division* 

Bums, Michael, baker, h. Park Place. 

Burns, Patrick, laborer, h. 118 Chippewa. 

Bums, James, 64 Fifth. 

BURNS, QEO. L. painter, 106 Main, h. 14 £. Eagle.— ^m adv. p. Si, 

Bunuaii Dennis, carman, h. Fifth near Carolina. 

Bums, Edward, b. Lovejoy House. 

BumSf John, 10 Morsm. 

Bums, Philip, at Buffalo Iron Works, h. Sixth near Niagara. 

Burns, Stephen, laborer, h. cor. Elk and Chicago. 

Burns, Thomas, laborer, h. Elk near Chicago. 

Bums, James, warehouseman Kasson's Dispatch. 

Bums, Mrs. widow of Geo. 178 Delaware. 

Burr i Waters, porter, cider and vinegar manufiMstur's, 21 A 35 E. Sen. 

Burr, Sidney, firm Burr A Waters, h. 6 EUicott 

Burroughs, Daniel, cor. Mohawk and Genesee. 

Burrows, Latham A. 78 East Seneca. 

Burrows, Roswell L. attomey at law, and city clerk, b. 78 Seneca. 

BURROWS, ORANGE, fruit and oyster dealer, 18 and 20 E. Seneca, 

h. Carroll near CMc^jo.—See am. p. 56. 
Burrows, John, clerk 21^Bain, b. 71 South Division. 
Burrows, Clarence G. printer, Jewett, Thomas & Co. b. 130 S. Dir. 
Biirt, Mrs. Da\id, widow, h. Court and Niagara Square. 
BURT, HENRY B. Justice of the Peace, Terrace near Main, b. 148 

South Division.— <8(M ad9. p^ 91. 
Burt, Frederick N. book-keeper, K Mrs. D. Burt 
Burt, James B. carpenter, h. 31 Exchange. 
Burt, Henry W. clerk Robinson A Co. b. Mrs. D. Burt 
Burt, Mary, widow, rear of 240 Sout)i Division. 
Burt, Mrs. widow of George, cor. Oak and GoodelL 
Burt, John, laborer, h. South Division, below Grosvenor. 
Burt, Patrick, cooper, b. 140 Elk. 

Burtis, Rev. Arthur, general agent Westminster College, h. 48 S. Div. 
Burt is, Morse, bookkeeper, 11 Central Whorf. 
Bm-tle, Andrew, wiflyl. M. Eddy <fe Co. h. Fiftji. 
Burton, Charles, J. cllHc Pratt <fe Co. b. 44 Frankljn. 
Burton, LauroA, liverj^table. Pearl near Sen., h. Geneoee n. Temujd. 
Burton, J^WT^SJ" 
Burton, Ehrastus, ma^nist, Swarts Brothera 
BurweU, Henry, eAfl^eer, h. 163 South Division. 
Burwell, Bryaokjdfoffice and h. 120 Franklin. 
Burwell, ^^'S^HmP* office 1 East Seneca, b. 66 Pearl 
Burwell, Thec^^H'SSpatdding's Exchange. 
Busch, Jacob, German Alley. 
Blue, ItoiuB, joiner> h. Walnut near William, ^ 



BUSH <b HOWARD, leather dealers, 91 Mmin^uid tannery Chicago. 

See €Kh, p. 80. 
Bush, Myron P. firm Bush A Howard, h. cor. S^wan and Elm. 
Bnah, John, wool dealer, 39 East Seneca, h. 8 OarrolL 
Bush, George Webster, firm W. B. Mann A Ca 11 4 Chnich. 
Bush, Isaac, jr. keeper Commercial Hotel, Ohio near Main. 
Bush, Isaac S. clerx Bush A Howard, b. Bennet's Temperance Honae. 
Bush, William, carpenter, h. cor. Hamilton and Dearborn. - , 
Bush, Adam, Niagara north of Hamilton. 
Bush, DayiSy firm Thornton <fe B. h. Amherst near Military Boad. 
Bu^er, John, laborer, h. Twelfth cor. Pennsylvania. 
Bushy, Lewis, on the lake, h. Folsom near Pollard. 
Bussemer, John, blacksmith, 37 East Genesee. 
Butler, Charles W. book-keeper 188 Main, b. 6 Ellicott 
BUTLER, THEODORE, bookseller, 159 Main, h. cor. Delaware and 

Carey. — 8ee ad»,p, 57. 
Bntler, Ormand, stone cutter, h. 3 Park Place. 
Bntler, Ormand, jr. contractor, h. 4 Park Place. 
Butler, Frederick J. with Jewett <fe Root, h. 337 Ellicott 
Butler, James L. book-keeper S. Shepard & Co. b. American. 
Butler, Egbert T. b. Clarendon. 
Butler, Hope, in new Court House. 

Butler, Wm. H. book-keejper over 316 Main, b. 31 South Division. 
Butler, John, laborer, h. Folsom near Kenny. 
Butler, James, on the lake, h. 31 Illinois. 
Butler, George, whitewasher, h. Walnut below Genesee. 
Butler, Miss li. 63 Ellicott. 
Butler, Hart, baggageman, h. 170 East Swan. 
Butler, Capt James M. 85 Cedar. 
Butler, Martin, laborer, b. James Clark, Evans. 
Butcher, Peter, joiner, h. Lutheran near Batavia. 
Butler, Cyrus, piano forte maker, Keogh ^ Ca h. 437 Main. 
Butler, Seth, stone dealer, h. 3 Park Plac& 
Butler, John, Carpenter, h. Walnut near Sycamore. ■ 
Butler, Gordon, on the lake, h. 454 Michigan. 
Butsch, Wm. boiler maker, h. Walnut below Batavia. 
Butter, John, brick machine manufacturer, h. Main near High. 
Butterfield, James H. 60 Dak. 
Butterfield, Geo. agent, b. 33 Sixth. 
Buxtine, Edward, plumber, b. 3 CarrolL 
Byers, David, laborer, h. Cedar near William. 
Bylan, John, laborer, h. Moore, near Elk. 
Byrne, William, baker, Jacob Lapp. 
Byrne, Peterj carman, h. Steuben near Heacock. 
Byrne, James and Wm. grocers, 31 Ohio. 
Byrne, James firm J. A W. B. 31 Ohio. 
Byrne, Wm. firm J. A W. B. 31 Ohio. 
Byrne, Thomas, laborer, h. Mississippi near Perry. 
Byms. Cornelius, truckman, h. Steuben near ildabama. 
Byms, Edward, clerk, 318 Main, h. 130 CarroU. 


Bjras, Paifcriek, porter, dl8 Main, b. Edward ^jnis. 
Bjwater, Wm. B. cabinet maker, P. Staats. 


Oabot» Mn, widow, Mieliigan near Cherry. 
Cadagan, Thomas, boat bmlder, Hawkins A Co. 
Cadro, Mrs. widow of Peter, Pollard oppoaite Folsom. 
Cadwalhider, Miehener, city comptroller, and editor of HoagH Notes^ 

h. Seventh near Virginia. 
CadwaUader, Joseph B. printer, Geo. Keese A Oo. b. Tremont 
Cadj, Sheldon, mmwriuit, with John A. Pitts^ h. Court near Fourth* 
Cady, James, boatman, b. Scott Alley. 
Cadwell, Norman, over 88 Main. 
Cain, Mrs. P. widow. Fifth neu* Georgia. 
Oaine, James, caulker, Jones' yard. 
Calberer, Christoph, laborer, cor. Main and Alabama. 
Caldar, Mary Ann, widow, 3 Vine. 

Caldar, Mrs. Margaret 6. boarding house, 198 Washington. 
Caldwell, Mandeville, on lake, h. Walden Alley near Delaware. 
Caldwell, Maria, widow of Samuel, 133 South Division. 
Caldwell, Samuel, boarding house, Evans near W^ter. 
Caleb, Elijab H. produce dealer, hu 141 East Seneca. 
Callagan, Kichard, porter. Western. 
Callahan, Michael, marble polisher, h. Fourth near Court. 
Callahan, Bridget, widow, Marvin. 
Callahan, Richard, porter, Weston. 
Callanan, Cornelius, grocer, 30 Terrace. 

Callard, Mary J. widow of Capt George, eor. Hospital and fifzdi. 
Callard, Abraham, grocer, cor. Rock and State. 
Callender, Samuel K. grocer and oil dealer, 229 Main, h. Erie near Pearl. 
Callender, Amos, cor. Chippewa and Delaware. 
'^ Cameron, Hugh, firm Wad8W<Mrtii A Cameron, b. American. 
Cameron, Angus, law student, Wadsworth A Cameron, b. €2 E. Swan* 
CAMERON A MoEAY, upholster^«, 125 Main.--^8^ adv.p, 61. 
Cameron, John, firm Cameron A McKay, h. €5 East Seneca. 
Cameron, Joseph A. ship carpenter, h. Palmer above Maryland. 
Cameron, James, clerk, Cameron A McKay, b. €5 East Seneca. 
Cameron, Capt Franklin, cor. Ala. and Fulton. 
Cameron, Archibald, Dayton near Main. 
Cameron, Malcolm, finisner, h. Folsom, near Chic«flo. 
Cameron, Rob^ ship carpenter, h. Perry near Haywird. 
Cameron, Walter A. J. ennneer, h. 92 North Division. 
Camp, Saloma, widow of Merlin, h. Georgia near Sixth. 
Camp, Catharine E. widow of Asahel, 120 Chippewa. 
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, boarding house, comer Washington and Carroll. 
Campbell, John A. v. d. h. 48 Morgan. 
Campbell, Beinamin, boarding house 21 South Divi^on. 
Campbell, Andrew N. 93 South Division. 

Campbell, Mig*. A. liimb^ merch't, Ohio near Skinner's 8lip,li. 1 Erie. 
CampbeU, George, ship carpenter, h. Fulton above HAywwd. 


Campbell, Waltor» engineer, h. 3 Oak. 

Campbell, Henry C. Mok-keeper, Cutler ds Deforest 

Campbell, John A. B. building mover, b. Jamett Cairiek. 

Campbell, William, on the lake, h. Hajwturd near Fulton. 

Campbell, William H. prints, Qeorge* Reese A Ca 

Campbell, Daniel, blacksmith, b. 8 Sixth. 

Campbell, John, laborer, K Mason, near Breckenridge. 

Campbell, William, book-keeper D. Bell, h. seyenth near George. 

Canal Collector's office, Packet Dock, Commercial Street Bri^g^ 

Cande, Gilbert, on the canal, h. 113 Folsom. 

Candee, Charles £. clerk J. S. BueU, h. 97 £ast Seneca. 

OAJ^DEE, RENWICK A Co. tin and copper smiths, 72 JdaiiL-See 

Candee, Fernando C. Arm C^Renwick A Co* h. Palmer near Maryland 
Candee, Joseph, sheriff, b. American. 
Cane, P. widow of James, Fifth near Court ' 
Cane, Marttn* laborer, h. Perry near Michigan. 
Cane, J. B. turner, 233 Main. 
Cane, James, derk, h. Burwell near Soott 
Canevin, OUyer, gardener, h. Fulton near Chicago. 
Caney» Thomas d. joiner, with Colton <fe Co. 
Canfield, Comeliud H. Palmer near Hudson. 
Cann, William Miller, b. Thomas Chester. 
Cannell, Thomas, shoemaker, h. Niasara near Bouok. 
Oannell, William H. tinsmith, b. If. Britton. 
Canning, John, harness maker, 10 Exchange, b. 45 Oak. 
Cannon, Patrick, shoemaker, h. 66 Fifth. 
Cannon, Richard, comer Court and Fourth. 
Cannon, Thomas, Carpenter, h. Court near Fifth. 
Cannon, Michael, laborer, b. H. Carbine. 
Cannon, Patrick, boarding house, Le Couteulx, near Water. 
Cannon, John E. finisher, b. West Creighton. 
Cant, Alexander, machinist, b. Mrs. Page. 
Canty, John, tailor, h. Sixth near Virginia. 
Carbery, John, at Gas Works. 

Carbine, Hannah, widow of John, Albany near School 
Cardinal, Francis, Perry near Alabama. 
Carey, Hezekiah C. hat store, 144 Main, h. 134 Swan. 
Carey, Samuel, 275 Washing^n. 
Carey, Richard J. brakeman, h. Steuben near Railroad. 
Carey, John, 68 Cedar. 
Carey, Hannah, comer Chicago and Ohio. 
Carey, Edward, truckman, h. 77 Jackson. 
Cai-ey, James, boarding house, Evans near Peacock. 
Carl, Charles, brewer, b. Annii Bom. 
Carl, Peter, German Alley near Genesee. 
Carl, Roger, boarding house, Ohio near Chicago. 
' Carland A Co. Gothic Hall Clothing Establishment, 153 Main. 
Carland, WiUiam, firm Carland <fe Co. h. 237 Washington. 
Cary, Walter, il dv office and h. comer Delaware and Huron. 


Csrley, ITriali, constable, h. Kiagara north of Breckenridge. 

Oarlile, John^ druggist and apotnecarj, 38 Main. 

Cannes, Dennis, laborer, b. J. Marr. 

Cannon, Mrs. widow, Exchange near Chicago. 

Carnegie, Andrew, saloon keeper, 45 Main. 

Camer, Charles, tanner. Bush A Howard. 

Carney, James, ship carpenter, h. Ohio aboye Chicago. 

Camej, James, boarding house cor. Eyans and Peacock. 

Camej, John, laborer, ^S East Seneca. 

Carpenter, Michael, boatman, h. Black Rock yillage. 

Carpenter, Lewis B. lantern maker, Sangster A Sons. 

Carpenter, Almon S. freight agent Ellis, Petrie A Co. h. 106 W. Huron. 

Carpenter, Socrates W. nocer, 288 Main, h. cor. Washington A Eagle. 

Carpenter, John H. sadme and hamess maker, 277 Main, h. 46 Ofuc 

Carpenter, Samuel K 20 Batayia. 

Carpenter, William A. 78 . Oak. 

Carpenter, Can*, recess, foot of Commercial. 

Carr, James, mariner, h. 62 Fifth. 

Carr, Peter, laborer, Chicago cor. Fulton. 

Can, Thomas, manager theatre, h. 126 Eagle. 

Carr, Maria Ann, widow of A. 0. Terrace near Mechanic 

Carr, Joseph, clerk 77 Main, h. Hayward near Fulton. 

Carr, John, express driyer. Smith Block, Canx)ll. 

Carr, Philip, Fulton near Chica^. 

Carr, Dayia, carpenter, h. Oarohna near Tenth. 

Carr, Isaac, 126 Main, b. T. Cotter. 

Carr, Thomas, tailor, b. Buell's HoteL 

Carr, E. S. painter, b. 36 Seyenth. 

Carr, John, carman, h. Louisiana near South. 

Carr, Matthew, ship carpenter, b. R. Carr. 

Carrick, Margaret, Fulton cor. Hayward. 

Carrick, Mrs. widow, Eyans near t^eacock. 

Carrier, John, b. 7 Church. 

Carrik, Jennett, widow. Elk near Alabama. 

Carrington, Wm. mariner, h. Smith Block, Folsom. 

Carroll, Timothy, clerk, b. Stephen McGuire. 

Carroll, R. upholsterer, 307 Main. 

Carroll, Fanny, widow. Court near Fourth. 

Carroll, John, mason, cor. Mark and William. 

Carroll, Edward, plater, 165 Main, h. 167 East Seneca. 

Carroll, James, ship carpenter, b. M. McEenzia 

Carroll, Patrick, ship carpenter, b. James Sulliyan. 

Carroll, John, laborer, 11 Mississippi 

Carroll, Peter, cainpenter. Perry cor. Burwell Place. 

Canoll, Martin, blacksmith, h. 5 Green. 

Carroll, Thomas, grocer, .33 Exchange. 

Carse, Thomas, clerk B. A S. L. R. R. office, b. R. R. Hotel. 

Carscadin, Robert O. engineer, h. Carroll near Alabama. 

Carson, Joseph, Pratt near Batayia. 

Carswell, AQen, farmer, h. Ontario near city line. 


Garter, Michael, shoemaker, Ellicott above Tupper. 

Carter, Charles, ship carpenter, h. 287 Michigan. 

•Carter, Wm. butcher, h. JMaware near Delavan ayenue. 

Carter, Washington, cook. Walnut near Sycamore. 

Carter, Wm. whitewasher, h. William near Pine. 

Cartney, Geo. sailor, h. Tenth near Maryland. 

Cartrir, Louis, shoemaker, h. Walnut near Clinton. 

Cartwright, Edward, clerk W. Hotchkiss. 

Cartwright, Qeo, Niagara near York. 

Cam, Ross, mariner, h. Elk near Chicap^a 

Cam, Michael, mariner, h. Elk near Chicago. 

Carver, Norman, 7 CarroU. 

Caryl, Benjamin C. insurance office, 3 East Seneca, b. Miss Cutler. 

Caryl, Henry G. clerk, h. 74 Carroll 

Case, Whitney A. coppersmith, K 178 Washing^n. 

CASE, N, & CO. leather dealers, 14 Exchange^— 4S90 adv, p. 80. 

Ciee, Kehemiah, firm N. Case A Co. h. 19 CarrolL 

Case, Joseph G. 178 Washington. 

Case, Warren, with N. Case A Co. h. 19 CarrolL 

Case, Hugh M. clerk P. O. K Franklin House. 

Case, Samuel H. jeweler, 155 Main, b. 4 East Mohawk. 

Casey, John, blocksmith, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Cash, Asa W. carpenter, h. 26 Green. 

Casler, Wm. foreman in boatyard, h. Louisiana near Exchange. 

Cassady, Patrick, laborer, h. Ninth near Pennsylvania. 

Caasady, Robert, steamboat agent, h. 9 East Ghenesee. 

Castelli, Francis, derk, b. S. Hettinger. 

CASTLE, DAN. B. jeweler, 135 Main, h. Delaware near Cold Spring. 

See adv. p. 62. 
Castle, Hiram ». book-keeper J. 4l W. Blakeley, h. Oak above Tupper. 
Castle, Isaac, b. D. B. Castle. 
Castle, John E. engineer, b. James Thornton. 
Castle, George W. clerk 316 Main, b. E. M. Allen. 
Cathcart, R. S. joiner, b. Genesee House. 
Cathcart, Homer, Capt b. Levi Hicks. 
Catlin, Ira, boarding house, under 25 Commercial 
Caoley, CcMnelius, 260 Exchange. 
Caudell, Richard, joiner, b. 58 Ellicott 
Canghey, David v. clerk 147 Main, b. 14 Church. 
Caughey, John, sawyer, h. Amherst near Tonawanda street 
Canghfield, Anthony, laborer, h. Amherst near Military Road 
CaTanagh, John, Cottage near Maryland. 
Cavanagfa, Andrew, laborer, h. cor. Court and Sixth. 
Cavanagh, Patrick, laborer, h. Hamburgh near Seneca. 
Cavanagh, F. tutor St Joseph College. 
Cavanagh, Lawrence, mason, h. Burwell Place. 
Caranah, James, laborer, h. Fulton near Chicago. 
Cavanah, Garrett, ship caxpenter, h. Elk near Louisiana 
Cavalli, Charles, on the lake, h. Seventh near Hudson. 
Caynean* Henry R. book-keeper, b. 5 Franklin. 



C&B, Charles, laborer, li. Haple near Higk 

Central PreBbvterian Churcn, junction Pearl and Qenesee. 

Cezar, RandaUj barber, h. 139 North Division. 

Chadwick, James £. clerk Mason & Loyering, h. cor. Eagle and 

Chadwick, Charles, b. Bennetts Temperance House. 
Chadwick, Phlneas, b. 63 Lloyd. 
Chafer, Peter, shoemaker, h. cor. Illinois and Elk. 
Chamberlain, Sylyecter, 162 Pearl. 
Chamberlain, SRmting S. wagon maker, h. 102 PearL 
Chamberlain, Samuel M. firm Yiele <fe C. b. American. 
Chamberlain, Alonzo J. carpenter, h. 164 East Swan. 
Chamberlain, John sr. building mover, h. Elk cor. Chicago. 
Chamberlain, Luther, Capt Lady Elj^in, h. 233 East Swan. 
Chamberlain, Edward 117 South Division. 

Chamberlain, Edward blacksmith; b. 162 Pearl. • 

Chamberlain, Jonathan, blacksmith, foot of Washington. 
Chamberlain, Benjamin S. Perry near Chicago. 
Chamberlain, Jonathan, blacksmith, near foot of Washington. 
Chamberlain, Culver P^ student at law, b. 11 CarrolL 
Chamberlain, William B. clerk 249 Main, b. 11 CarroE 
Chamberlain, Mr& H. H. 11 CarrolL 
Chamberlain, Frank, carpenter, h. 104 Folsom. 
Chamberlain, John jr. ship calpenter, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 
Chamberlain, Franxlin, joiner, h. 432 Michigan. 
Chamberlin, Ansel, salesman 205 Main, h. Niagara near Virginia. 
Chambers, Hiram, m. d. firm Chambers <fe Co. h. 205 Oak. 
Chambers, George, Chicago near Ohio. 
Chambers A Co. drugnsts, 10 Terrace. 

Chamot, Christopher P. shoemaker, 209 Washington, h. 86 Clinton. J 

Chamot, Catharine, widow, Clinton near Michi^^. | 

Chamot, George, moulder, b. Clinton near Michigan. 
Champion, Daniel, Green near Hnff% stable. 
Champion, Michael, bricklayer, b. D. Cham^n. 
Champlin, Stephen, Capt TJ. S. N. h. Main, Walden HilL 
Champlin, Oliver H. P. druggist, 290 Main, b. American. ' 
Champlin, Thomas A. P. c^iu mer. cor. Dock and Water, h. 2 Sixth. 
Champlin, Wm. B. clerk 107 Main. 
Chandler, James B. S. Weeks <fe Prescott, h. East Eagle. 
Chandler, Capt. Daniel, h. South Division near Spring. 
Chandler, Heniy, printer, Jewett, Thomas <fe Co. lOO Pearl. 
Chanon, Wm. joiner, h. 216 Washington. 
Chapin, Edward P. firm Mann A Co. over 190*^ Main. 
Chapin, Roswell, attorney at law, b. B. Hosford. 
Chapin, Sidney, teamster, h. 65 West Chippewa. 
Chapin, Cooley S. joiner, h. 240 Franklin. 
Chapman, George L. 253 Washington. 
Chapman, Moses, clerk Patchin bank, b. 224 Washington. 
Chapman, Geo. S. moulder, h. Louismna near Elk. 
Chapman, Wm. C. iron finisher* b. Tremont 



Oliapot, John T. ship earpenter, li. William near Bennett 
Chappies, John B. stone cutter, h. eor. Washington and Ohippeira 
Chappell, Capt. Nathan L. 170 South Diyiaion. 
Chard, William, book-keeper Buckingham A Oathrie, h. 46 W. Eagle. 
Charles, Geo. maaon, h. 352 Michigan. 
Charlock, Wm. coppersmith, 43 Imion. 
Chamlej, William, cabinet maker, 333 Main. 
Charnacy, Thomas, laborer, b. H. Hope. 
Chace, £ber C. book-keeper, 172 Main, h. 56 East Eagle. 
Chase, Jacob, painter, h. cor. Maryland and Ninth. 
Chase, Jerome J. Carolina near Niagara. ' 

Chase, Charles E. on the lake, h. Seventh near Niagara. 
Chase, Thomas B. jeweler, 185 Main, h. 31 Ellicott 
Chase, Weslej, sash and blind maker, h. 90 Ninth. 
Chase, James H. firm Bradford ^ Co. h. 36 Court. 
Chase, Geo. H. clerk, b. 5 Erie. 
Chase, Marcellus, joiner, h. 90 Ninth. 
Chase, James, elenc 316 Main. 
Chase, Jacob, truckman, h. Hajward near Elk. 
Chase, Samuel E. dlip (Carpenter, h. Miami near Louisiana. 
Chatfield, Edward J. clerk 315 Main, b. 74 East Eagle. 
Chatterton, Margaret, widow, Fourth near Carolina. 
Chayel, Peter, grocer, Washington cor. Tupper, 
Chayel, Susanna, widow of Frederick, Seneca opp. Spring. 
Chayel, Charles, machinist, h. Seneca opp. Spring. 
Cheeseman, William, firm C. <fe Dodge, n. 60 Franklin. 
Cheeseman <fe Dodge, livery stable, 116 PewL 
.Chendler, Andrew, clothier, 3 Water. 
Cheney, Gilman G. joiner, h. Carroll near Alabama. 
Cheney, Eleazer, watchman, h. Bristol near Spring. 
' Cherry, Moses, farmer, K Military Road near city line. 
Chessel, Andrew, joiner, h. 228 Elm. 
Chester, John, dyer, 18 Batavia, h. 337 Washington. 
Chester, Rev. Albert T. pastor North Presbyterian ch., h 389 Pearl. 
Chester, Anson G. assistant editor Daily Express, b. Clarendon. 
Chester, Thomas, firm Thornton A C. h. Dearborn n&ar Amherst 
Chester, Lucas, dyer, h. Oak above Tupper. 
Chevalier, Edward, at St Joseph College, Prospect HilL 
Chevers, Thomas, grocer, Ohio near ColumWa. 
Chichester, James L. book-binder, C. E. Young, h. 263 S. Division. 
Chidsey, Charles H. clerk Pratt A Co. h. 40 Seventh. 
Childs, Henry, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block Seneca 
Chiesa, Louis, grocer. Rock near Norton. 
ChlUcott, Julia, teacher District No. 8. b. A. Paxson. 
Chaicott, Robert, diip joiner, h. Perry near Hayward. 
Chillcott, William, ship joiner, h. Hayward comer FlJton. 
Chittenden, George, carpenter, b. 356 Main up stairs. 
Chittenden, Mary, widow, 356 Main. 
Chiquet, Joseph, carpenter, h. Walnut near William. 
Ohoate, I<Vancis» insurance agent> 2 Court. 


Chowing, Henry C. engrayer, over 206 Main, h. Swan opp. Chestnut. 
Chowingy Henry C. s**. tailor. Swan near Chestnut. 
Choy er, Thomas, silver plater, over 1463^ Main, h. Oak above Clinton. 
Chretien, Charles, painter. Main near Chippewa. 
Chretien, John, shoe and clothing store, Genesee near Main. 
Christ, Franz, joiner, h. Cherry near Jefferson. 
Christbaum, Joseph, h. 63 Sycamore. 

Christey, Arthur, printer, Jewett, Thomas & Co. b. 14 East Eagle. 
Christey, Joseph, 14 East Ea^le. 
Christian, William, tailor, h. Carolina near Sixth. 
Christikn, John, fenyman, h. FeiTV near the canal. Black Hock. 
Christholm, John, polisher at Belcfen's Marble Works. 
Christmas, Noah, mason, h. Matthews near Mortimer. 
Christoph, Eugene, clerk W. Bryant, b. Mrs. Christoph. 
Christoph, Frederick W. painter, Batavia near Michigan. 
Christoph, Clara, widow of Henry, Batavia near Michigan. 
Christopher, Charles, morocco dresser, 402 East Swan. 
Christopher, Joseph, firm W. W. Howell & Co. h. DeL comer Allen. 
Christopher, Christian, cooper, b. J. Roos. 
Chubb, Henry A. book-keeper, 205 Main, b. Western Hotel. 
Church, Charles H. clerk 210 Main, b. 24 East Eagle. 
Church, Thomas, auction and com. 5 TJ. S. Hotel block, h. 4 Ellicott 
Church, Ralph, watchmaker, cor. Swan and Wash'ton,h. 24 E. Eagle. 
Church, Edwin, clerk 180 Main, b. East Swan. 
Church, Charles D. firm MiUiken A Co. b. 77 Sixth, 
Church, Frank, labors, h. Ferry near Delaware. 
Church, Levins S. 77 Sixth. 
Church, Francis, paver h. Palmer near Maryland. 
Churchill <fc Parker, grocers, 336 Main comer Court. 
Churchill, Charles P. firm Churchill & Parker, h. 511 Main. 
Churchill, Putnam, ^oemaker, 72 Lloyd. 
ChurchUl, WiUiam, painter, b. 14 East Eagle. 
Churchyard, Josepli, joiner, h. Clinton below Jefferson. 
Ciemer, Adam, shoemaker, h. William near Batavia. 
Cingdo, Mfu*tin, laborer, h. Bouck near Korth Washington. 
City Hotel, 41 and 43 Main. 

Ciabeux, John F. ship carpenter, William near Milnor. 
Clabeux, Peter, joiner^h. Pine near William. 
Ciabeux, Philip, ship carpenter, h. Hickory near Clinton. 
Clabo, Augustus, butcher, 94 Elm. 
Clampher, (Jeorge M. boat builder, h. North neur Jersey. 
Clancy, William B. painter, h. 93 Ninth. 
Cleassfey, James, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 
CLAPP, Prof. A. phrenologist, over 193 Main.--fifee adv. p. 100. 
Clapp, A. M. <& Co. Morning Express, Exchange Buildings, 156 Main. 
Clapp, Almon M. firm A. M. Clapp A: Co. h. 92 East Swan. 
Clare, Jacob, farmer, h. Delaware near city line. 
Clare, Peter, farmer, h. Delaware near city- line. 
Clare, James, boiler maker. Phoenix Works. 

CLARENDON HOTEL, H. Van Allen proprietor, cor. Main and 
South Division. — Bee adv, p. 98. 


Clarhond, Jolm, carpenter, b. William near Milnor. 

Clark, William H. derk 198 Main, b. 11 Court 

Clark, Seth, firm C. A Shaw, h. 352 Waahington. 

Clark, David N. cooper Bm^ell Place, h. 63 West Tiipper. 

Clark, Horace, 89 West Huron. 

Clark, Thomas, mineral water mannfacturer, Carolina near NiaganL 

Clark, James, trackman, h. Evans near Peacock. 

Clark, Alexander L. melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. 98 Clinton. 

Clark, Francis J. firm B. Fitch & Co. b. Manaon. 

Clark, Zenas, sexton North Presbyterian Church, h. 333 PearL 

Clark, Elisha, 294 EUicott 

Clark, Richard W. carpenter and joiner, h. 62 Oak. 

Clark, Lemuel J3. attorney at law, h. 89 West Huron. 

Clark A Damon, yariety store, 25 Main. 

Clark, Morris P. firm Clark <fe Damon, b. 68 East Seneca. 

Clark, George W. 306 East Seneca. 

Clark, Eraatus, freight agent, h. 30 EUicott 

Clark, Stillman A. firm Wright, Clark A Co. h. 70 PearL 

Clark, Alfred, ship carpenter, h. Perry near Hayward. 

Clark <b Williams, rectifying distillers, 8 Ohia 

Clark, Thomas, firm Clark & Williams, h. 18 Carroll 

Clark, William, foreman, h. Palmer near Carolina. 

Clark, Erastos, deputy street commissioner, h. 21 PearL 

Clark, Thomas, boarding-house, Indiana near Ohia 

Clark, Charles S. firm Sears A Co. b. American. 

Clark, B. B. carpenter, b. 69 Batayia. 

Clark, James M. mason, h. 18 GoodelL 

Clark, Justis, warehouseman, J. Parker. 

Clark, Orange W. clerk Hiram Adams. 

Clark, William A. at Eaton's Planing Mill 

Clark A Shaw, lumber dealers, 359 Washington. 

Clark, William H. painter, h. 94 East Eagle. 

Clark, Dayid, with D. Belden. 

Clark, Peter, at Qas Works. 

Clark, Benjamin B. office American Express Company. 

Clark, Delayan F. firm Houghton <fe C. D. 68 Clinton. 

Clark, Thomas, sailor, h. 11 Sixth. 

Clark, Seneca, clerk Dayis A Sutton, b. 162 East Seneca. 

Clark, James, engineer, h. cor. Steuben and Heacock. 

Clark, Sarah, 180 East Seneca 

Clark, Bradford, millwright, b. Amos Root 

Ckrk, William, finisher, b. Hayward near Elk. 

Clark, William H. pedler, Mugridge A Co. h. Elk cor. Illinois. 

Clark, Edgar JJoiner, h. Perry near Alabama. 

Clark, James W. joiner, h. Perry near Alabama. 

Clark, WillUm R. clerk B. Fitch A Co. b. 5 Terrace. 

Clark, Michael, porter, b. T. Cotter. 

Clark, George R. jeweler and fancy goods, 207 Main, h. same. 

Clark, Thomas, tailor, b. Exchange below Washington. 

Clark, Melihda, widow of Stephen, 21 PearL 

Clark, Ensign M. cleek, 176 Minn, b. J. Seibold. 
Clark, George N. joiner, b. GSi West Tnpper. 
Clark, Frederick C. clerk 310 Main. 
Clark, Myron H. clerk J. M. QriffitlL 
Clark, Jaspar, clerk 178 Main. 
Clark, Edward, trackman, b. 145 Clinton. 
Clark, Antbony, laborer, b. between Albany and ScbooL 
Clark, DaTid, laborer, b. 19'ii^ara n«ar Rbod'e Island. 
Clark, Jobn H. clerk 318 Mam, b. 38 W^st Seneca. 
Clark, William, joiner, b. 516 East Seneca. 
" Clark, C. clerk 404 Main, b. Genesee House. 
Clark, William, clerk 44 Main. 
Clark, Daniel, mason, b. cor. Oak and CarltoiL 
Clarke, Cyrus, firm Walker A Clarke, b. American. 
Clarke, Chas. E. attorney at law, 3 Granite Block, b. 117 Franldin. 
Clarke, Frederick, shoemaker, Carroll near Cbicaga 
Clarke, Jas. A. for. and com. mer. Lloyd and Doek^ h. 13 K. Division. 
Clarkin, Mrs. Fulton near Hayward. 
Clarkin, Cbarles, trackman, h. 37 Water, 
Clayey, Nicholas, laborer, h. Delaware near city line. 
Clayton, Jobn R. printer. Commercial Adyertiser office, b. 5 Beak. 
Claude, Louis A Co. dyers and cleaners, Miebigan car, E^le. 
Claude, Louis, firm Claude A Co. b. Michigan comer Eagle. 
Claus, Daniel, tailor, 133 East Genesee. 
Clear, James, boiler maker, h. 31 Scott 

Clement, Jesse, ed. West Lit Messenger, b. Niag. 5 doors beyond YiL 
Clemens, John, blacksmith, T. J. Dudley A Co. h. Walnut near Batavia* 
Siemens, John, jr. with T. J. Dudley A Co. b. Walnut nearBatavia. 
Clemens, Jacob, stoye mounter, Dudley A Co. h. Walnut near Batavia 
demons, Alfred, constable, b. oyer 436 Main. 
Cleyeland, Palmer, joiner, h. 91 West Huron. 
Cleveland, Anna, teacher Dist No. 10, b. 91 West Huron. 
Cleyes, Capt William, Morgan near M(^awk. 
Cleyei", Frederick, grocer, Ohio near Cincinnati * 

Clexton, Mathew, morocco dresser, h. East near Amherst 
Clexton, Samuel, firm Gordon A Clexton, h. Dearborn near Amherst 
Clifford, John, Lafayette near Main. 
Clifford, John, plumber, h. Pine near William. 
Clifford, John U. mariner, h. 114 Folsom. 
Clifton, Henry C. book-keeper. Mansion. 
Cligen, Josepn, stove mounter, h. Evans near Water. 
Clinton, George W. att'y at law. Main near Court, h. 10 E. Mohawk. 
Clinton, De Witt, law student, b. 10 East Mohawk. 
Clinton, Charles, clerk, 38 Central Wharf. 
Clinton, Jane, widow of Thomas, cor. Niagara and ^'eckenridge. 
Clinton, Henry P. merchant, b. Jane Clinton. 
Cline, Madame E. astrologist, 414 Main. 
Cline, John, wagon maker, b7 Eagt Seneca. 
Clink, Henry, shoemaker, h. Niagara near Massachusetts. 
Clor, Michael, shoe store, 133 Mam, h. Delaware above Htiron . 


CQcBcher, Jacob> tanner, h. 59 Exchanga 

Olofle, John W. blacksmith, h. 309 East Senaea. 

Gloae, Jerome B. printer, Republic office, h. 176 Sagt Swan. 

Oloae, Batavia near Spring. 

Oloae, Ornery, sailor, n. 176 East Seneca. 

Close* Thomas, brickmaker, with James White. 

Clouston, Samuel, laborer, h. Fenj near Ghicaga 

Clnff, Wm. at Buff. Iron Works, h. Niamra near Bonek. 

Clure, Peter, cooper, h. Dearborn near Pariah. 

Olyths, Mary Ann, widow of A. cor. Amherit and Thompaon. 

Coak, Jones, blacksmith, h. 20 Green. 

Goan, Gharles, grocer, cor Niagara and Virginia. 

Coan, Gyms, siuoon keeper, 44 GarrolL 

Goats, Jacob, laborer, h. If orth near Delawara 

Goats, Lucy Ann, widow, Gourt near Homital. 

Goatsworth, Qeorge, medical student, 903 Main, b. 56 Ghippewa* 

Goatsworth, Galeb, grocer, cor. Union and Glinton. 

Goatsworth, Joseph, carpenter, h. Gay cor. Potter. 

Goatswortibi, John, tarmer, h. Elk aboye Alabama. 

Goatsworth, Galeb, Elk above Alabama. 

Goatsworth, Thomas, wood dealer, h. cor. Union and Glinton. 

Goatsworth, James, wood dealer, h. cor. Union and Gltnton. 

Goatsworth, William, wood dealer, h. cor. Union and Glinton. 

GOBB A Go. commission merchants 38 Central WharCr-vSMocEv. jar48^ 

Cobb, Carlos, firm Cobb dlr Go. h. 98 East Swan. 

Cobb, Oscar, firm Cobb A Go. b. 35 East Swan. 

Cobb, Samuel, cabman, h. cor. Huron and BkMnom. 

GOBB, A. R. 4^ GO. forwarding and commiatton merchants, Dock, 

foot Lloyd.— -iSm atbf.jK 51. 
Cobb, Ansel R. firm of A. R. Cobb ^fe Go. h. 100 East Swan. 
Cobb, E^hrin H. clerk, b. 305 South Dirision. 
Cobb, Francis, 102 GarrolL 

Coburg, Philip, laborer, Buffalo Gar Wheel Works. 
Cobum, Sarah, widow of Theodore, 375 Elk above Alabama. 
Oobum, Geo. b. 275 Elk. 

Cochrane, A. G. G. forwarding commission merchants, Long whart 
Gophrane, Andrew G. G. firm A. G. G. G. <k Co. h. 51 East Eagle. 
Cochrane, Andrew G. firm A. Q. G. G. <k Go. b. 15^ Oak. 
Cochrane, Timothy, foreman, J. R Rielly, h. 83 Main. 
Cochrane, Patrick, truckman, h. Folsomoelow Michigaau 
Cochrane, Oorley, with Seymour A Wells. 

Codd, Robert, banker and Canada Vk aeent, 118 Main, h. 116 E. Eag^. 
Codner, Solomon S. cooper, h. Haywara near Ferry, 
OOs, Spencer G. attorney at law, 1d6 Main. 
Coffee, John, joiner, h. south Division near FoUard. 
Coffee, Patrick, 323 GarrolL 
Coffee, Mary, Louisiana near GarrolL 
Coffee, John, joiner, h. Mackinaw near Alabama. 
Coffee, John, sawyer, h. BurweU Place. 
Coffee, Margaret* widow, Blinoie near Seott 


Cogley, Thomas, with 0. F. Miller. 
Cogswell, Henr;^ F. b. R H. Howard. 
Cogswell, Mortimer 0. millwright, h. 158 Franklin. 
Cofi^well, Wm. sailmaker, b. Mrs. Page. 
Cohoon, Thomas, pail mjiker, h. Thompeon near Amherst. 
Coit, Rev. John T. 53 PearL 

Colt, G. C. A tVelch^ auction and commisaion dry goods, 56 Main. 
Coit, Gurdon C. firm G. C. Coit 4s Welch, h. Main near Tuppor. 
Coit> Adam, cooper, h. cor. East and Amherst, 
Coit, AngustuSy salesman, 56 Main. 
Coit, George, sr. 53 Pearl cor. Swan. 
Coit, George, jr. firm Townaend <fc C. h. 53 PearL 
Coit, Francis K firm Thompson, Whitney, <fe 0. h. 48 Pearl 
Colbum, John G. across the creek, near Hatch's eleyator. 
Colby, Philetus S. on the lake, h. 215 Delaware. 
Colby, O. D. on the lake, h. 215 Delaware. 
Colbat, N. with J. A Pitts. 
Colbert, Jonathan, first waiter. Clarendon. 

Cole, George M book-keeper, L. A L J. White, h. cor. Ala. and Perry. 
Cole, George, civil engineer, Dudley Hall. 
Cole, Lewis, millwright, b. J. Black. 
Cole, John, tallyman, b. Horse Head House. 
Colegrove, Bela H. attorney at law, over 156 Main, b. 11 Carroll 
Colin, Xavier, shoemaker, n. cor. Clinton and Pine. 
Coleman, Richard, engineer, h. 165 South Division. 
Coleman, Charles, druggist and apothecary, 268 Main, b. Miss Cutler. 
Coleman, Charles H. clerk 223 Main, b. Mrs. Lanterman. 
Coleman, John H. druggist^ 223 Main, h. 135 Franklin. 
Coleman, William, book-keeper, 223 Main, b. 135 Franklin. 
Coleman, Henry, laborer, h. 223 Adams. 
Coleman, Morris, cigar store, 55 Exchange. 
Collin. Peter, grocer, Ohio near Michigan. 
Colie, Samuel D. lumber dealer, h. 339 Michigan. 
Colie, OUvCT S. rear 108 Clinton. 

CoUamer, Danvers G. com. merchant, 66 Main, h. Pearl above Court 
Collen, Walter, on the lake, h. Walnut above Sycamore. 
Collette, Leon, freight agent, foot of Lloyd. 
Collette, Lambert N. b. Hotel de 1' Europe, PearL 
Colley, David, carriage maker. Pearl cor. Mohawk. 
Copier, William H. paintez^r h. 371 Michigan^ 
CoUier, Amos, joiner, h. Korth Division near Grosvenor. 
COLLIGON & BROTHERS, Eagle Brass Foundry, cor. Washing- 
ton and Perry, — See adv, «. 76. 
Colligon, Frank, firm Colligon & Brothers, h. 138 Ellicott 
CoUigon, Lewis, firm Colligon <k Brothers, h. 131 Oak. 
Colligon^ John, moulder, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Collins, Dennis, truckman, h. Seventh near Pennsylvania. 
Collins, John B. firm Garland A Co. b. 21 South Division. 
Collins, John, carpenter, b. Mrs. Page. 
CtJlUns, Thomas G. clerk 218 Main, b. 62 West Huron. 



Collins, James, rectifier, 2 Stow Block, Erie, b. 78 Sixth. 

Collins, William, miller, cor. Hamilton and Niagara. 

Collins, Patrick, laborer, h. Sixth near Niagara. 

Colli nson, Samuel, file cntter,'h. Fulton above Alabama. 

Colson, Augustus, 75 East Swan. 

Colson, Thomas, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 

Colson, John, ^ocer, 4 Terrace, h. same. 

Colton, Mrs. widow of Henry, 302 PearL 

Colton, D. & Co. door maker, at Dart <St Brothers' planing mill 

Colyin, Marj, widow of Alexander, 134 Folsom. 

Comarford, John, grocer, Washington below Green. 

Commercial Hotel, 2 Ohio, foot of Main. 

Compton, Ellen, widow of H. B. 245 East Swan. 

Compton, Lewis, carpenter, h. North Division near Cedar. 

COMPTON <fc CO. engravers and lithographers, 151 Mainr-nS^ odb. 

p. SI. 
Compton, Richard J. engraver. Com. Adv. Buildings, b. 91 W. Huron. 
Compton, John R. paper hanger and finisher, h. 310 Michigan. 
Comstock, Marcus Ij. firm Eetchum & C. 202 Main, h. 39 Delaware. 
Comstock A Laing, grocers, 81 Main. 
Comstock, Martin, finn Comstock A Laine, h. 291 Michigan. 
Comstock, George, in lumber vard, Carrofi near Alabama. 
Comstock, Henrj, clerk, 58 Main. 
Comstock, Myle, b. C. Mason, Black Rock. 
Comte, Francis, carpenter, h. 40 Sycamore. 
Conant, Allen, carpenter, h. Ohio near Chicago. 
Conant, Joseph, with R. Conant. 
Conant, Robert M. joiner, h. Elk near Louisiana. 
Conant, Elbridse, jeweler, 185 Main, b. 21 ElHcott 
Condit, A. H. clerk, b. James Lord. 
Condon, John, on the lake, h. Seventh near Pennsylvania. 
Cone, Wm. printer, b. 205 Washington. 
Cone, H. dry ^oods, 190 Main, b. Niagara Temperance Honsa 
Conelly, Patrick, laborer, h. North Porter near Auburn. 
Conelly,^John, laborer, h. Ferry near Adams. 
Coney, Patrick, mason, b. Catharine Roach. 
Congar, Horace M. h. d. 137 Pearl, h. same. 
Congar, Benton A. clerk, b. 137 PearL 
Conner, D. C. joiner, b. 34 Clinton. 
Conklin, Burnett, boardinghouse 73 East Seneca. 
Conkling, Aurelian, clerk u. S. District Court, h. 52 East Seneca. 
Conley, rajrick C. currier, h. Carroll near Chicago. 
Conley, James, huckster, h. Green near Washington. 
Conley, John, cooper, b. Ohio, opp. Buffalo City Mills. 
Conley. John S. carpenter, h. Bristol near Spring. 
Conley, Daniel, ostler R. R. HoteL 
Conley, Neal, teilor, 76 Main. 
Conley, John, clerk 117 East Seneca. 

Conlisk, Patrick, engineer, h. cor. North Division and Chestnut 
Conner, Michael, laborer^ h. Mississippi near Elk. 



Conner, Daniel, laborer, h. State near Roolc. 

Conners, Martin, p<H'ter, Emerald House. 

Oonuers, John, painter, h. Qenesee near Gas Worka 

Oonners, Daniel, ship carpenter, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 

Ck>nnerB, Margaret, widow, over 88 Main. 

Gonnoly, Patrick, carpenter, h. Stenben near Hamburgh. 

Connor, John, laborer, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Connover, Seth, saloon, Front cor. lUinoig. 

Conron, Sarah, widow of James, cor. Fifth and Court 

Constantine, Lewis A. at Phoenix Hotd* 

Conway, Laickaway, grocer, Le Conteulx near Bock. 

Coodbrew, John, blac&mith, b. J. Strupp. 

Cook, Eli, attorney at law and mayor» 156^ Main* h. 170 Franklin. 

Cook, William, mason, h. 65 Sixth. 

Cook, Ephiaim F. 326 South Diyision. 

Cook, Charles L. butcher, H. Lamb, h. 226 East Seneca. 

Cook, Peter, Exchange cor. Chicaga 

Cook, Edward, barber, at Mansion, h. Potter near William. 

Cook, Josiah, law student, E. Cook, h. Washington, near Chij^Wfl. 

Cook, Benjamin, mason, h. Hospital near Seventh. 

Cook, Thomas, shoemaker, h. Qerman near Virginia. 

Cook, Frank, clerk 908 Main, b. U. S. Hotel. 

Cook, Peyton R. produce dealer, h. 100 Pearl 

Cook, Lyman, joiner, h. Blossom near Batavia. 

Cook, WiLiam H. firm AUc» 4k Cook, h. 39 Ellicott 

Cook, Thomas, blacksmith, Geo. Jones. 

Cook, WiLiam J. laborer, h. Mississippi near Perry. 

Cook, Susun, teacher District No. 14 

Cook, Edward, tinsmith, h. Michigan above Clinton. 

Cook, Adam, tinsmith, h. 77 Church. 

Cook, James, mariner, h. 301 Noiiih Division. 

Cook, Johj, shoemaker, foot of Commercial. 

Cook, John, joiner, h. Sev^iith near Hospital 

Cook, Jacob, grocer, 160 East Genesee. 

Cooke A Lvtle, saddlers, 10 Exchange. 

Cooke, John, firm Cooke <k Lytie, h. 30 Oak. 

Cool, James, carver, h. comer Widnut and Eagle. 

Cool, John, mason, h. Sixteenth near Utica. 

Cooley, Caleb, Mulberry above QoodelL 

Cooley, Lois, widow, 447 Washington. , ^ ^t.. 

Cooley, Alanson, cabinet maker, 115 Main, h. 67 Chippewa. 

Cooley, Wm. S. cutter, 183 Main, b. Mulberry above GoodelL 

Cooley, Luther, tailor, 183 Main, h. Hospital near Sixth. 

Cooley, Homer H. bookbinder, J. J. Parsons. 

Cooley, Charles, clerk 115 Main. 

Cooley, Joseph, runner, h. 23 Exchange. , ^ «, , 

Cooley, George, printer, Jewett, Thomas <fc Co. b. 67 Chippewa. 

Cooley, John C. Wkeeper, steamer. Southern Mich. b. U. S. HoteL ^ 

Coolican, John, laborer, b. Mtehael Henson. 

Combs, Robert, brewer, h. 179 East Swan. J 


Coon, Joseph, iteesBi 3 Water. 

Coon, Henry O.ckrk, 305 Mam. 

Coon, Joeeph, blacksmith, P. Stanton, K L Oatliii. 

Coon, Leonard, b. 69 Sixth. 

Goon, Henry, boatman, h. Cedar near William. 

Coons, Georee, truckman, h. 104 Folaom. 

Cooper, NatLmi^, aaddler, 133 Main, h. 4 Oak; 

Cooper, David, joiner^ h. 149 East fiagle. 

Cooper, John M. with R. M. Sddy A Co. 

Cooper, Ezia, currier, Bush A: Howard. 

Cooper, James, laborer, h. Court near Fourth. 

Cooper, Thomas carman, h. Carroll below Michigfta. 

Cooper, Michael, fisherman, h. Court near Fourth. 

Cooper, William, laborer, h. North Washington near Auburn. 

Coots, William A. <fe Co. merchant tailors, 137 Main. 

Coots, William A. firm W. A. Coote <fe Co. h. 9 Oak. 

Copeland, George D, clerk, 10 Central Wharf. 

Coppock, William R. nrofeseor of music. Main beyond Cold Spring* 

Coppins, Samuel, garaener, h. Ninth near Vemiont 

Corbett, William O. keeper Bloomer Saloon) Ameriean Hotel Block. 

Corbett, Andrew, ship-joiner, h. 90 Illinois. 

Corbett, Henry V. wrecker, iL corner Sixth and Maryland. 

Corbett, Mra Martha, 31 Exchange. 

Corbett, Mithael, blacksmilii, h. 5 C^een. 

Corbin, Peter, constable, 73 Nortii Division. 

Corbin, William G. carpenter, h. 186 Sonth Division. 

Corbitt, Daniel, tinsmiui, 317 Main. 

Corbitt, William, teacher St Joeeph College. 

Corcoran, John, baker, 17 Water. 

Corcoran, Martin, laborer, h. Ninth near Hudson. 

Corcoran, Michael, shoemaker, Lloyd near Prime. 

Corlett, Philip, moulder. Eagle Furnace, h. Elk near Michigan. 

Com, Francis, boatman, h. Lock near Terrace. 

Cornell, Gea 333 East Seneca. 

Cornell, James H. b. comer Eagle and Oak. 

Cornelisse, Myrenus, shoemaker, Bouck near Niagara. 

Cornish, Jane, widow of Orlando J. M. 17 Sixth. 

Corns, Joeeph, agent Bufiyo Iron Works, h. 18th near Niagara. 

Comua, Claude Francis, joiner, h. Delaware near Virginia. 

Cornwall, William, gardener, h. Ontario near city line. 

Cornwell, Samuel C. Prospect Hill, on Niagara Street. 

Cornwell, John M. confectioner. Commercial Hotel Block, h. 53 Weit 

Cornwall, «John, on railroad, b. Southern Hotel 
Corp, Charles, Phoenix Saloon, h. Huron near Delaware. 
Corr, William, tulor, 390 Main. 
Corran, John F. piano maker, h. 71 Oak. 
Corran, Mrs. J. F. dressmaker, 71 Oak. 
Correll, George, painter, 33 Batavia. 
Corstein, Joseph, blacksmith, with R. Beusted, 


163 oomoBOZAL ADvmBxmaM naaicnoKr. 

Corilejfm, John, clerk, 4 Teme«. 

Corwin, Rockwell B. on railroad, 1l 213 East Seneca. 

Oorwin, S. K at Townaend*B Saw HilL 

Coagrore, Arthur, boiler miJ^er, Buffalo Steam Engine Werka. 

CkiflgroTe, Francis, laborer, h. Fulton above Hajward. 

Colore, William, plasterer, h. 63 Oak. 

Coagrore, Philip, on the lake, h, Francis Cosgroye. 

Ooagrove, Terry, on the lake, b. Francis Oosgrove. 

CoegroTe, Peter, shoemaker, h. Ohio, at toll gate. 

CoegroTe, James, carpenter, b. J. Lawler. 

Coesitt, Asa L. earria^ maker, h. Peny near Alabama. 

Coatello, Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 3 East Swan, h. same. 

Ooatello, John, Newman's Foundry. 

Coatello, John, shoemaker, comer ifain and Swan, b. Cit j Hotel. 

Oostello, Mrs. widow of Philip, Pine near Clinton. 

Gott, Valentine, joiner, h. Walnut near William. 

Cotter, Thomas, recess, under Spaolding's Exchange, h. 173 Wasifa. 

Cotter, Patrick H. tailor, h. Palmer near Virginia. 

Cottier, Robert, gold beater, 190 Washington, h. 103 North Diyisioii 

below Chestnut. 
Cottier, Elisha B. gold beater, 190 Washington, b. 103 South DiTision. 
Cottle, Octayius O. law student, W. H. Gi-eene, b. 126 PearL 
Cotton, George W. 226 Pearl. 
Cotrell, Henry, laborer, h. Utica near Delaware. 
Couch, Christian, laborer, h. Niagara near Massachusetts* 
Couch, Charles, Ninth near Massachusetts. 
Couch, Charles, hotel keeper, Niagara near Parish. 
Coughlin, Ellen, widow of Jeremiah, Ohio near Michigan. 
Coureux, Peter, blacksmith, h. Pine, aboye Batavia. ' 
Courter, R. A Co. dealers in fruits and gro.8 Packet dock. 17 Main^ 
Courier, Ralph, firm R. Courter & Co. h. cor. Niag. Square and Court. 
Courtney, John, mariner, h. State comer Fly. 
CoyiUe, Capt Erastus, b. 16 East Swan. 
Coyille, Henry, iron fence maker, h. Jackson near Court 
Coyille, Peter, joiner, h. cwner Court and Georgia. 
Cowan, Charles H. clerk, 183 Main, b. 57 East swan. 
Cowan, James, constable, h. 142 South Diyision. 
CowgiU, Edmund L. comer Mohawk and Ellicott 
Cowl, William A. lumber dealer, cor. Ohio and Chicago, b. B. R. Horion. 
COWING, H. O. A Co. grocers, 20 A 21 Central Wharf. Seeadv,p.50» 
Cowing, Harrison O. firm H. O. C. A Co. h. cor. Penn. and Tenth. 
Cowing, Estes H. firm H. O. C. A Co. h. 4 Park Place. 
Cowing, Fordyce, accommodation stabler, h. 130 East Swan. 
Cowles, Timothy, clerk E. Cowles. 
Cowles, Chauncey D. North near Delaware. 
Cowles, Edward, starch and candle manufacturer, Mun near Virginia. 

h. North near Delaware.' 
Cowles, John H. taHyman, A. R. Cobb A Co. 
Cowles, Samuel H. clerk, E. Cowles. 
Cox, John, laborer, b. Henry Tabor. 



OuMf ICdwurd P. gardener, h. «or. Rogers and ^fenwr, Black Rock. 
Ooz, B. A. at Eaton's PlaningHiU. 
Ooz» Martin, laborer, h. oyer 88 Mai^. 
Coje, Schuyler, firqi Cutter <fe . b. Clarendon. 
Coyne, William, troekman, h. 164 Seneca. 
Cojne, James, soap boiler, h. Fifth near CaroUna. 
Oossena, Alfred A. miller, b. J. M. Thurston. 
Crabtree, Wm. engineer, h. Pcrrjr near Chicago. 
Crafts, Samuel P^ clerk, L. H. Pratt 
Craig, Francises, lumber dealer. Elk near Michigan. 
Craig, John N. clerk 193 Main, b. 20 West Ea^le. 
Crain, Patrick, mason, h. cor. Vermont and Niagara. 
Crane, Thomas, 96 South Division. 

Crane A Co. keraers Southern Hotel, East Seneca cor. Miehlgaa. 
Crane, Samuel, m>m Crane A Co. Southern HoteL 
Crane, Ruth, -widow of Thomas, 96 South Division. 
Crane, Geo. B. jmner, h. 153 South Division. 
Crane, Henry A. tinsmith, b. Tremont. 
Crane, Samuel, blacksmith, h. 109 CarrolL 
Cranton, Rob^^ ship carpenter, b. 2 Chestnut. 
Cranton, John, ship carpenter, h. 3 Chestnut. 
Crapo, James, cutter, 213 Main, b. Mansion. 
Crary, Oscar F. clerk. Custom House, h. Cottage near Virginia. 
Crary, Qeo. clerk J. M. Griffith, b. Cottaee near Virginia. 
Cravy, Charles, on the Railroad, b. cor. Michig[an and Carroll. 
Crate, James, watchman, h. Sixth near Virginia. 
Crawford, Thomas H. printer, Daily Courier, b. Western HeleL 
Crawford, John, stone cutter, h. Niagara near Huron.. 
Crawford, Thomas, painter, b. T. Cotter. 
Crawford, Charles, carriage driver, h. 12 Batavia. 
Crawford, William, at Swan St Foundry, h. opp. sam« 
Crawford, Charles, North Division below Walnut 
Crawford, Hugh, laborer, b. T. Cotter. 
Creede, Benjamin, on the lake, h. Washington below Scot! 
Cre^, David R. trunkmaker, 157 Main, h. Palmer above CarelinflE. 
Creight, Jane, recess, Le Couteulz near Rock. 
Creighton, William, sr. finisher, h. Fulton near Alabama. 
. Creighton, William, jr. finisher, h. Fulton near Alabama. 
Crimmons, Michael, at Terrace market, h. Nichols*^ Alley. 
CRITTENDEN^ SAMUEL W. insurance agent, obr. Commercial 

and Terrace;'b»^ East S enec tL-See oA^ 2SL 
Crocker, James, attorney at ISv^~230 Main, h. 100 East Seneca. 
Crocker A Ferris, 6 Hanover. 

Crocker, George L. firm C. A Foris, h. 158 East Swan. 
Crocker, Henry C. firm. C. 6l Ferris, h. 158 East Swan. 
Crockston, William L. clerk 193 Main, b. 31 South Division. 
Orolius, S. V. ship Uacksmith, Miami near Moore, h. 317 E. Seneca. 
Cromwell, William, alley between Hospital and Georgia. 
Crona, Charles W. .m^xhant, 94 East Genesee. 
QtoDML, Theodore, clerk 94 East Genesee. 

164 ooMKBtcruL xanBitmuL rxmaonmr^ 

OroniB, P«triek» hmniM* Yadker, h. Folsom near Doof^iertyVi JkJky*. 

Cronin, Jeremiah, laborer, fa. eor. Peaofylvaiiia and Niagara* 

Oronin, John, laborer, h. Niagara cor. PennajlFaiua* 

Cronin, Jeremiah, clerk O. Lee ^ Ca's Bank. 

Oronin, James, ship carpenter^ Bid'vreU, Banta A Oo. 

Cronin, John, Ontario near city line. 

Cronin, Ann, widow, Michigan near canal 

Crook, William, at pail factmy, b. Mosea Thmnpaon. 

Crooker, William, boarding house, 17 and 19 PearL 

Crooker, Erastus, tayem keeper, Seneca cor. JSanney'fl AUey* 

Crooker, William W. b. 37 PearL 

Croabj, Julia Ann, receao^ Rock. 

Croibj, Geo. T. with J. A. Pitts. 

CrosgraTe, Jamee» upholsterer, 903 Main, b. Niagara oni, Morgaa* 

Croa^ave, James, cabinet maker, h. Niagara near Mohawk. 

Crosier, Hamilton, uf^olgterer, d70 Main. 

Crosier, John M. express i^ent, h. Seneca near Temce. 

Croaa, Addison O. grocer. Elk nerr Louisiana. 

Cross, Daniel, Capt Elk near Hamburgh. 

Cross, Jason, teamster, h. 8 Scott 

Cross, Ayiral J. watchmaker and salesman, 186 Main, h. € Beak. 

Cross, Thomas, moulder, h. Louisiana near Perry. 

Crossan, Owen, with Stevenson Bros. b. Genesee House.. 

Crosthwaite, William, ship carpenter, h. Miami near Jjouisiana. 

CroBWell, Jacob, carpenter, h. l^reckenridge near North Waahingtoa. 

Crow, Henry, miller, h. Amherst near Thompseoi. 

Crow, Jphn, laborer, h. cor. Hamilton <fe Thcnnpeon. 

Crowder, Jacob, grocer, h. Albany near Monroe. 

Crowder, Elisabeth, widow of J. L. cor. Ferry and Adama. 

Crowley, Timothy, watchman, h. Seventh near Pennaylya&i& 

Crowley, Michael, on the lake, h. Sixth near Hudaon. 

Crowley, Patrick, shoemaker, h. Eyana near Water. 

Crowley, Dennis, b. Mansion. 

Crowley, William, at Gas W^Mrksi 

Crowley, Dennia, Niagara near city line. 

Croxson, Richard, clerk 23 Main. 

Cruice, Catharine, superior of Ladles of the Sacred Heart 

Cruddel, James, boarding house, Evans near Book. 

Cruse, Martin, blackamiw, Terrace. 

Cmthers, ThomaSy'engineer, 51 Ohio. 

Cruttenden, Delia, widow of E^ Tuppor near Ellicott 

Cuff, Francis, Fulton near Alabama. 

Culbertson, Cyrus A. lumber inspector, h. Louisiana near Elk. 

Culllngham, thomas, laborer, h. Elk near Clark A Skinner canaL 

CuUin, Thomas, ship carpenter, Louisiana near South. 

Culver, Betsey, tailoress. Fifth near Carolina. 

Cunuung, Patrick H. firm Murray A 0. b. 33 East Swaa. 

Cummlng, James H. clerk 193 Main. 

Cummings, Pierce, on the lake, h. Exchai^ near city liaa. 

Cumming*, William S. warehouseman, h. S3 Sixth. 

oommouL JOffmnmuL maMCtosr. 165 

Oanuningfl, Thomas, wtehmsii, h. Exeliaiig« near citjr line. 
CammingSy John, warehoofleman, M aanrell A Patten. 
CnmniiiigB, Meli«a, 131 Soath Diviaicm. 
Cummmga, Emer^, shipping elerk, P. L. Stemhnrg A Oo. b. I3l 

South Division. 
Cnnningham, Daniel, laborer, h. cor. Yirginim and Palmer. 
Cnnningham, James, laborer, h. cor. Oarwina and Tnpper. 
Onnningham, John, caiman, S3 Delaware. 

Oimningham, Patriek, ship carnent^, h. Washington below Seott. 
Onpp, Qea wood dealer, n. 14 Meehanie. 
Gnrl, Wm. eail<», h. Qenesee near Gas Worka 
Cuiran, Thomas, blacksmith, Norton St Ironworks. 
Corran, Andrew, laborer. Tenth near Maryland. 
Cnrran, Michael, carman, b. W. Duffj. 
Ourran, Jobsk P. melodeon maker, 2QiO Main, h. 74 Oak. 
Cnrran, Mrs. J. P. dressmaker, 71 Oak. 
Onrrie, Robert, clerk 4 Birckhead Bnildkigs, OonmiereiaL 
Ourrie, Alex. Oanal alley near Jaekson. 
Gnrrie, Wm. M. labofer, h. Lonisiana near Seneca. 
Carrier, Rnfps, carpenter, h. North DiTiston bc^kifw Pine. 
Gurry, Archibald, cor. Amhent and Pen^ 
Cnrry, John, recess, 27 Ohia 

Cursong, Joeiah, wmterman, h. William aboTe Michigan. 
Curtenins, John L. firm Shumwar A 0. h. 33 West Eagle. 
Onrtis, Cyrenns A. painter, h. 400 Seneca. 
Onrtis, Capt Edward, Walnut near William. 
Curtis, Elmira, Oak near High. 
Curtis, Seir, dock clerk, J. C. Evans, h. 87 Pranklin. 
Curtis, Walter L. elerk Pratt, A Co. 
Curtis, Mrs. Emtl^, nurse, h. 113 Main. 
Curtis, Daniel T. joiner, h. 390 Eas^ Swan. 
Curtis, Franklin, watchman, h. cor. Hucbon and Seventh. 
Curtis, Stephen, at pail fisbctory, h. Dearborn near TonawMida. 
Curtiss, Peter, 440 Main. 

Ourtiss, Henry A. custom house inspector, h. eor* Hndtoon and Kittth. 
Curts, OmwfMrd> b. Jerendah Allen. 
Curtz, Joseph, wmghman, b. Jeremiak AHen. 
Cusaick, Michael, laborer, h. 100 Walnut 
Cushing, L. firm A. Brown Jk Go. b. Clarendon. 
Cuson, Mitchell, boat builder, h. William near Milnor. 
Cnson, Mitchell, firm Hawkins <fe 0. h. Washington near Geneeee. 
Ciatis, Thomas, moulder, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 
Cuthbert, John, Union near Clinton. 

CUTLER A DEFOREST, cabinet makers, 333 Main. Bfead»,p, 65. 
Cutler, Abner, firmr€M$erand Deforest, h. 35 South Division. 
Cutler, Samuel, jr. melodeon makea*, b. 33 South DiVlaion. 
Cutler, Christopher, Seventh near Hu<l9on. 
^Cutler, Mrs. P. dressmaker, cor. Genesee and Ellicott 
Cutler, William H. firm C. A Davis, h. 173 South Division. 
Cutler, Miss Oler^ boarding house, 303 and 305 Washtngton. 


IM coummnkh AmmnsBB DmaoioftT. 

Cafler» Qeorge* jouor, h. Ocpc a ec and EUicoti 

Cutler & BaTiBy attorneys at law, over S33 Main. 

Cutler, Charles S. at O'ReUlT'B Teleffraph office, b. Min CaUcr. 

Cutler, Charles, joiner, b. R. it. Hot«I 

Cutler, Wm. R. firm Ashley <fr C. b. Miss Cutler. 

Cutter A Coje, oommissiom merchants. Merchants' Exchange^ 

Cutter, Ammi W. firm Cutter A Coye, h. 39 East Eagla 

Cutter, James C. clerk, Murray A Cumming, b. Capt Whitak^r 

Cuttinff, Harmon S. attorney at law, 7 Townsend Hall, b. American. 

CtJTTINO, THOMAS S. land and general agency and intelUgenea 

office, 315 Washington, h. 160 S. Division^-^SM mi».p. 9^ 
Cutting, Harvey T. shoenoaker, 16 Clinton. 
Caeicke, Joseph* x. a 313 East Qeneaee. 


Baab, Lndwig, tailor, h. Locust near Cherry. 

Babber, Christian, Michigan near QoodelL 

Backer, Ludwig, butcher, cor. Tupper and Michigan. 

Baemick, Ferdinand* grocer, Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Baemmer, Jacob, wagon maker, h. 119 rine. 

Baffnon, Patrick, laborer, h. 18 Illinois. 

Bahan, N. widow. Pine near Clinton. 

Bahl, Henry, boiler maker, h. 383 Bast Genesee. 

Bahlman A Ca dry goods merchants, 376 Main. 

Bahlman, Louis, m-m Bahlman A Co. 376 Main. 

Baigler, Geo. painter. 111 Main, b. 94 Oak. 

Bale, Norris, painter, b. 4 Scott 

Bale, Robert, painter, b. 4 Scott 

Da Lee, Almaneon, J. joiner, h. Eleventh near CaroKna. 

Baley, John, ship carpenter, h. Eolsom near Chicago. 

Baley, Martin, S» Pearl 

Baley, James, engineer, h. 114 Cedar. 

Baley, Patrick, laborer, with G. O. VaiL 

Baley, David, tailor, h. 35 Chippewa. 

Baley, Wm. grocer, 36 North Division. 

Baley, Danid, boarding house, junction I3k and Ohiou 

Baley, Owen, truckman, h. cor. Chicago and Folsom. 

Baley, TimoUiy, Niagara, north of Bouck. 

Baley, James, Chicago near Ohia 

Ballude, Thomaa, laborer, h. Green near Washington. 

Balony, William, 304 Washington. 

Balton, Peter, laborer, h. Fulton near Chicaga 

Balton, Michael, laborer, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 

Balton, Michael, ship carjMnter, b. Catharine Roach. 

Bamainville, Augustus, wine and spirit stor^ 361 Main. 

Bambach, Justus, joiner, h. 164 Sycamore. 

Barnes, Joseph A. 15 Ellicott 

Dames, William, 15 Ellicott ^ 

Banes, Joseph H. b. 15 Ellicott 

Bamon, Hiram, firm Clark <k Damon, b. 171 East Seneca. . ^ 


ooMitiaoiAL AOYBBnan biksotobt, 167 

Dams, HeBTT, firm Looia A Oow eor. Btgle and 

Damaey, Jonn, on the lake, h. 103 Oak. 

Dana, tana* widow of L. cor. Tenraoe and Couri. 

Dana, Georse, 39 Jackaon. 

Dana, Slisabeth B. widow of Leon, Haddock's Block, Carolina. 

Dana, Jacob, grocer, cor. Oonrt and HoapitaL ^ 

Danakr, DanMl, 39 Saat Seneca. 

Dann, Peter, teamster, h. comer Ninth and Oonneeticnt 

DANFORTH, HAWLSY A Co. bookaeUers, bookbindera, and pnb- 

llaheia, 230 Main.-H8^ oAr. j». 57. 
Danforth, Loring, firm Danforth, Hawle/ 4s Co. h. S. Dir. cor. Mich. 
Danforth, Joel, elerk S30 Main, b. L. Danforth. 
Danforth* Ri^iard, miller, h. Smith Block, Exchange. 
Danhanaer, Geo. Chippewa near SUicott 
Daniel, Hubert, grocer. Exchange near Hichiflou 
Danielfl^ Joeeph, gardener, b. cor. Sixth and York. 
Daniela, Charlee, attorney at law, Erie Hall, b. 115 Sootli DiTiaioii. 
Dann, Jease C. SS Ddaware. 
Danner, Michael, grocer, cor. Spmce and Sycamore, 
Danner, Peter, m^odeon maker, h. 904 East Eagle. 
Dans, Felix, bricklayer, h. 304 Elm. 
Dantcer, Moran, soap maker, h. Fifth near Carolina. 
Danael, Joseph, laborer, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 
Darcy, Daniel, mason, h. 71 Fifth. 
Darcy, Michael, grocer. Rock cor. Evan& 
Darig, Bridget, widow, 343 Michigan. 
Darley, Geoige, sawyer. Black Rock village. 
Darlington, Charles, tinsmith, b. 14 Green. 
Darmstaedter, William, laborer, b. Michigan near Tnpper. 
Darragh, John, book-keeper, Reynolds £ Deshler, h. 311 8. Dinsion. 
Dairow, Mrs. widow of Henry P. Clinton comer Oak. 
Danrow, Noyes, comer Delaware and Summer. 
Dart, Joseph, jr. firm Dart A Brothers, h. 6 Erie. 
Dart, Erastus, firm Dart & Brothers, h. 5 Erie. 
Dart's Elevator, comer Harbor and Ship CanaL 
Dart, Lorenzo, h. 89 Clinton. 

Dart & Brothers* planing mill, Ohio Basin, comer Mackinaw. 
Dascomb, Hiram, Dook-keeper, h. 157 Elk. 
Datt A Pfenning, cigar dealers, 304 East Geneseei 
Datt, Augustus, firm of Datt and Pfenning* h. 304 East Genesee, 
Daugher^, John, 173 East Seneca. 

Dauterman, Frank, laborer, h. opposite Swan Street Foundry. 
Davenport, Ge«rge, painter, b. comer Carroll and Michigan. 
Davenport, Ira, painter, h. South Division near Spring. 
Davidson, Charles, cooper, h. 33 Clinton. 
Davidson, Margaret, widow. Palmer near Marvland. 
Davidson, Chas. ship carpenter, Bidweli, B. & Co. h. Louisiana netor 
^ Perry. 

^avidson, Harah L. widow, Groen near Washington. 
John B. barber. Western Hotel 

1^ CfOillffeSeZAL A n y iHffl ' i i^T n UBKOieBT* 

Vsvie, Edmitnd, painter, h. 91 Saet B^ieca. 
Dsyies, Mrs. Richard J. 29 Oak. 
Davine» John, lab<»«r, 11 Batavia. 

Dayia, Epenetua H. firm Qibbona, Farnham A DaviSi h. 4A3 Waab'n^ 
DtLYUh R«T. Aaahel, 115 South Division, 
ii^vis, George, finisher, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Davis, Jacob, lumber inspector, h Delaware eom« Chippewa. 
Davis, Jacob, tailor, h. 14 Pine. 
Davis, Gyrus £. firm Cutler A Davis^ b. Jacob Davis. 
.Davis, James H. gunsmith, P. Smithy b Terrace near Court 
Davis, Esbon B. gunsmith, P. Smith, b.dl4 South Division. 
Davis, John, Mason, h. 3 Ash. 

Davis, Harvej, trufae maker, 167 Main, h. 148 West Huron. 
Davis, Jarvis, gunsmith, P. Smith, h. 194 Washington. 
Davis, William, att^ at law, cor. Main A Lloyd, L 46 W. Mohawk. 
Davis A Sutton, forwarding and Commission merchants, LonffWharH 
Davis* deor firm Davis A Sutton, and insurance agent, h. 152 reorL 
Davis, Anson, clerk, J. Heth. 
Davis, Abell, cooper, Talcott A Hale. 
Davis, Peter, tailor, 255 East Genesee. 
Davis, Benjamin, barber, under 406 Main. 
Davis, Robert, sawyer, h. Ohio near the swing bridge 
Davis, John, painter, b. 5$ Ellieott 
Davis, Anthony, painter, b. 58 Ellieott 
Davis, Robert, painter, b. 58 EUicott 
Davis, Isaac, clothier, h. comer Beak and Green. 
Davis, Lewis P. saUmaker, 18 Central Wharf, b.Mnt Gale. 
Davis, Hiram S. clerk, 184 Main. 
Davis, Oscar B. clerk, 197 Main, b. 56 East 3w»n. 
fiavis, E. L. cupper, leech^ and nurse, over 193^ Bfain. 
Davis, William, haUer, h. North Porter near Auburn. 
Davis, William, shoemaker, h. Niaeara nesr Anih«rst 
Davis, William L. steward, Clurendon. 
Davis^ John, recess, h. 32 Carroll. 

Davis, Edward B. printer, Jewett, Thomas A Co. b. 13 FraakHn. 
Davis, HeniT, on tne lake, h. comer Oak and GoodelL 
Davis, Morris, clerk, 7 Commercial, b. Merchants' Hotel. 
Davis, Jacob, tailor, h. Ash above Baiavia. 
Davison, Cap! John P. cor. Carolina and Sixth. 
Davison, Capt Benjamin F. 72 Sixth. 
Davison, Capt William C. 68 Sixth. 
Davock, John W. Delaware near North. 
DAW, HENRY A SON, produce commission merchants, 96 Oentel 

Wharf/— filM atb.p. 49. 
Daw, Edward, farmer, Delaware near Delavan Aveune. 
Daw, Henry, firm Daw A Son, h. 36 West Eagle. 
Daw, Alfi^d D. firm Daw <fe S. b. 36 West Eagle. 
PnpTJon, Joshua H. painter, h« 36 Seventh. • 

IP^, Henry, carpenter, b. 178 East Swan. 

Day, Korrw W. bandbox factory snd h- c«r. MvTlattd «n4 ITiagHS.* 

oomBBGXAL Aovssnssa i>tB3UfrotET. 169 

buy, Charles W. derl^^reti ^fir Boot, b. F.H. Boot 

Daj, Ebeneser, maso^m. 41B MaitL 

Day> Franklin H. boot-keeper. Marine Bank, b. 31 East Swan. 

Baj ^ AndreW8» attorneys at law, over the l^oet Office. 

Day, Hiram C. firm D. <fc Andrews, b. M ain, ab^eX^hippewa. 


Day, Charles H. firm l^urray ^ B. b. d6 West Eagft. 
Bay, BaTid F. attomy at lawrl Brown's bnilftings, b. 418 
Bay, Thomas, Mw-land near InacanL ^ 

Bay, Andrew J. i tOiMi theni Hotel. 

Bay, Geose, plouM^ 330 Main, h, cor. Ninth and Ctfrvlina. 
Bay, Cbnles, D^ndboz maker, Niagara beyond Virg|iia. 
'^Day, Comelins; at Gas Works* 
Bay, John, at Gas Works. 
Bay, Bavid M. on tho lake, b. Lovejoy House. 
Bay, Edwin, builder, h. 178 East Swan. 
Bay, James, engineer on B. B. b. IT. S. Hotel 
Bayton, Lewis* m. ik cor. Niagara and Amherst^ h. Bearbom. 
Dayton, Charles L. x. n. b. Lewis Bayton, Black Bock. 
Bayton, Matthew W. grocer, 3^ Mam, h. SOO PesrL 
Bainnan, Matthew, cooper, h. Walniit near Batavia. 
Beacon, Jacob, stone mason, h. cor. Folsom and Kinney. 
Beacon, Thomas, fanner, h. cor. Niagara and Ontario. 
Bean, Jame s, g rocer, 94 Franklin. 

Bean, John w. printer, Jewett, Thomas ^ Co. Ik 193 Terrsce. 
Bean, Elisha C. with B. HoUister A Ca 
Bebaai, Henry,^Eagle Furnace, h. 91 Cedar. 
Be Bens, Ber. James, pastnr Baptist Cfaoreh, Black Bock, h. Sa8t» north 

of Amherst. 
Bebre, Barbara, widow of WiUiaan, lanndress, f^ Bennett 
Bebretz, George P. laborer, h. 435 Michigan. ^ 

Belniib PhUip, cooper, h. Bennett near &tavia. 
Debus, AndiW, cooper, oar, BataTia and Walnut 
Bech, Frederick, Bennett near Batana. ^ 
Becker, Alex, il d. 293 Washington. , 
Be Corsey, Eliza, 149 Elm. 
BEEBES, EDMUNB, firm Formei^ Be Blaquiere «k B. K Aauncan 

See <uh.Jp. 86. 
BeBambel, Nicholas, laborer, h. 554 Michigan. 
Bee, Henry O. firm Fitch, Holbrook A Bee, h. 5 C^orrolL 
Bee, Wm.H. book-keeper, 136 Main. 
Beer, Charles, with CoUigon Jk Brothers. 
Beeves, Wm. plasterer, h. 17 Fifth. 
Befiln, Peter, gnnsmith, cor. Genesee and EIul 
De Forest, Cyrus H. firm Cutler A Be Forest h^ 56 Sonth Bm8ion4 
Be Forest Cnarles L. book-keeper, b. 56 South BiTision. 
Begenhard, Charles, musician, n. 153 North Bivision. 
Be Graff, John J.^Bgeat Walbridge's steamboats, h. 13 Chestnut 
Be Graff, Gerritt ship carpenter, h. cor. WilBam and Pine. 
Be Graff, Bemhard, carpenter, S83 Oak. 
Be Graff, Gerritt joiner, fa. S18 EUkott 



06 Grftff, Peter, ship carpenter, h. Clintcm ^mt Pine. 

Deeban, lira. John, 203 xV^orth Diyiaioii. ^ 

De Haaar Cliarlea, aaaociate editor Deinoerat,*eor. Mun A W. Mohawk. 

DeHaaa, Richard, engnyer, 384 Main. 

Deihl, Peter, clpk'193 Main. 

Beitsel, Charles, with G« Atheam Ai Co. ^ 

Beitochle, Joseph, n^mm, b. Maple ftbove Go^dcll. 

Be Lamader, Jacoblkyashinffton above Ohippe^vhu 

Delano, James, musician, h. Johnson Place. 

Belan J, Charles D. blacksmith, junction Elk ^TOTh. Del above Huron . 

Delanj, Michael, shoemaker, 22 Main. 

I>eUnj, Charles, caulker, h. Exchange, west of Louiaiana 

Delany, Wm. laborer, h. Exchange near Chicago. 

Delany, James, ship carpenter, h. Marvin. 

Belany, Wm. teamster, A. S. Rase. 

Delany, Patrick, mariner, h. Michigan near Ohia 

Deleveranee, Horace L. wagon maker, 95 East Seneca. 

Dell, John, engines. North Lafayette near Niagara. 

Dell, John, teamster, h. Porter north of Auburn. 

Dell, Joseph, laborer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Dellahant, Wm. millwright, Tonawanda st near Amherst 

Deller, Jacob, laborer, h. Hickooy near Batavia. 

Deiler, Jacob, engineer, 233 Main. 

Dellenbattgh, Frederick, x. n. drugs and medicines, cor. Main and 

LafiEiyette, h. 87 Batavia. 
De Long <fc Purington, cabinet makers, 269 Main, up stairs. 
De Lonff, John, firm DeLong & Purington, h. Ninth near Yirginia 
Delveocmo, Charles H. musician, h. Eagle below Washington. 
Demarest, Wm. C. cor. Mohawk and D^aware. 
Demarest A Holman, drwgists, 155 Main. 
Demarest, James F. firm Holman <k Demarest, b. J. Beardsley. 
Demerse, Stephen, coppersmith, h. 175 South Division. 
Demerse, Louis, cabinet maker, 223 Main, h. 130 Folsom. 
Demerse, Amable, steambft agt. Western Hotel BPk,b. Lovcjoy House. 
Demjjan, Ferdinand, 74 Hickory. 
Demler, Anton, laborer, h. Hickory near Genesee. 
Deming, John, brewer, J. Moffat. 
Deming, Joseph L. firm Rowe <fe Co. b. Mansion. 
Demmon, John W. builder, cor. Tenth and Virginia. 
Dempeey, James, Pennsylvania near Niagara. 
Dempsey, John L. waiter. Mansion. 
Dempsey, Charles, with Keogh <fe Ca 
Dempster, Wm. blacksmith, n. Maryland near Indiana. 
Demu1&, Michael, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h.cor. High and Michigan . 
Demuth, Mn. Michael, 184 South IMvision. 
Dendinger, Louis, tailor, h. Spruce near Sycamore. 
Dendler, Joseph, laborer, h. S02 Elm. 
Denicombe, John, shoemaker, Mohawk near PearL 
J^ning, James, at white lead £act(»y. 
Denio, John, moyer of buildings; b. 1 Piixe. 


Dennehy* •**— « 157 Kllioott 

Dennis, Jofleph» painter, h. 238 CafrolL 

Dennis, Thomas, gold beater, 190 Wash. b. cor. 8. DiTi. and SUioott 

Dennis, John, teamster, h. Morgan near C<wrt 

Dennis, Cyrus G. railroad superintendent, b. Clarendon. ^ 

Dennis, James, ship earpenter, h. 119 Clinton. 

Dennis, Joseph, moulder, h. Morgan near Court 

Dennis ^ Cottier, gold-leaf manufacturers, 190 Washington. 

Dennis, Samuel, tinsmith, h. Pine near Nortii Dmsi^m. 

Domison, Thomas lionor inspector, h. 348 Miohig^n 

Dennison, Charles H. bookbinder, 188 Main. 

Dennison, Thomas H. barkeeper. Terrapin Luneh. 

Dennison, Harriett, widow, 5 Erie. 

Dennison, Timotiiy P. liquor inspector, 17 central wharC h. 48Micfa. 

Denny, George, jr. watehman, h. Kaene near Genesee. 

Densmger, Bus. widow. Walnut near Batavia. 

Denton, Robert, piano toner, h. 511 Washington. 

Depel, William, cabinet maker, h. 136 Sycamwe. 

DERBY, ORTON * MULLIGAN, bookaeUers and pnUiaheiB, 167 

Main. — See eidv,^ 58. 
Derick, Bybie L. carpenter, h. West GoodelL 
Derm(»dy, Patrick, chair maker, h. Sixth near Hudson. 
Dermody, John, melodeon maker, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Dermody, Mary, widow, Penry near Illinois. 
Derrenb^rger. Jacob, gardener, h. Best near Jefferson. 
Dersam, Valentine, dioemaker, h. Pine below William. 
DertUng, Theodore, Maple near High. 

Derzelius, Franz J. laborer, h. cor. Clinton Alley and William. 
Derxelius, Anton, bricklayer, h. cor. Clinton Alley and William. 
Deshler, John G. firm Refolds die D. h. cor. S. Division and Wash. 
Despard, Richard B. cashier Exchange Bank, h. 585 Washington. 
De St Remy, Edward, teacher, h. 131 Franklin. 
Detamble, Joseph, teamster, h. Hamilton near Niagara. 
Detamble, Matthias, cor. Niagara and South. 
Deter, Charles, weaver, 66 West Tupper. 
Dette, Louis, machinist^ h. 116 Clinton. 
Dettman, John, Spruce near SycanuMrai 
Dettmer, Conrad, mason, h. Maple near QoodeU. 
Deuel, Samuel L. book-keej>er, 86 Main. 
Deufel, John, grocer, Washington below Scott^ 
Deufiichmann, Frederick, musician, h. 186 East Genesee. 
Deutibier, George^A. Eagle canxx Hickory. 

Deuther, Louis, cabinet maker, Hersee A Timmerman, h. Lutheran. 
Deutsher, Nicholas, 13 Cherrj. 
Devening, Daniel, x. n. Michigan cor. Gte.y. 
Deveney, James P. ship carpenter, h. Ohio near swinging bridge. 
Devereaux, Mrs. W. 69 Hickory. 
Devem, John, laborer, h. Fifth near Carolina. 
Devine, Charles, piano tuner, h. 139 West Huron. 
Derine, Percy, 139 West Huron. 


172 oomoBBOiAL ADvsamnB vnai4mmr, 

DeTinej Frank, joiner, h. 139 West Htmm. 

Derine, Frank, piano forte maker, Keogh A Ca 

]>eyme, John, laborer, h. 55 EUieott 

Devine, Andrew, recess, Le Oonteulx near Rock. 

DeTinj, Peter, carpenter, h. 160 Ezcfaanse. 

Devitt, Edward, engineer, h. Scott near Washington. 

Devlin, Mary, widow of A. Bevlin, h. SOS South Dii^aion. 

Dewald, Henry, tailor, h. 536 Michigan. 

Dewald, Abram, tanner, h. 64 East Tnpper. 

Dewel, Thomas, mariner, h. Louisiana near South. 

Dewes, Jacob, tailor, h. Ash above Batavia. 

Dewesr Kicholasi tanner, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Dewey, Frederick, finisher, S. Shepard 

Dewey, John S. h. basement Old Court Hduse. 

Diamond, Daniel, marble cutter, D. Belden. 

Dibbinff, Qeo. blacksmith, h. 109 Cedar. 

Dibel, Orange R Oak above GoodelL 

Dick, James M. millwright, h. 947 East Swan. 

Dick, Abram, m01wrirht> h. 947 Bast Swan. 

Dick, Jane, %idow, A&bama near Seneca. 

Dick, Fred, ffunsmith, P. Smith. 

Dickey, Anderson, pork merchant* 4 Oommereial* h. 59 Morgan. 

Dickey, Pliineas, weighman, HoUey A Johnson. 

Dickey, David, boiler maker, h. 93 East Seneca. 

Dickie, James G. postmaster, h. 69 East Swan. 

Dickeson, William, ship carpenter, h. 55 Oak. 

Dickerson, William, watchman, h. Court near Staai& 

Dickerson, Copt Wm. Barker near Delaware. 

Dickinson, Sites E. teamster, h. 83 West Mohawk. 

Dickinson, Wm. moulder, h. Fomth near CaroHna. 

Dickinson, Abel B. boat agent, h. 133 North Division. 

Dickinson, Thomas, watchmaker, 366 Main, h. same. 

Dickinson, MatUda, 511 Main. 

Dickmann, Qeo. butcher,' h. East Swan, opposite Bieka* Hotel, 

Dickmeyer, Frederick, at Gas Works. 

Dickson, James, at Gas Works. 

Dickson, Wm. laborer, h. North Division near Spiring. 

Diebold, Anthony, clothier. Commercial Block, opp. Oanal street 

Diebold, Sebastian B. cabinet maker and grocer, L 135 Batavia. 

Diebold, Geo. shoe store, 8 CommerciaL 

Diebold, John> carpenter, Ninth rear Virginia. 

Diebold, Francis J. laborer, b. Hickory near. Clinton. 

Diebold, Michael, at Eaton's planing milL 

Diebold, Andrew, tailor, Anthony Diebold. 

Diegerits, Geo. laborer, h. Hickory near Genesee. 

Diehl, Philip* laborer, h. 33 Walnut 

Diehl, Jacob, grocer, cor. Clinton and Pratt 

Diehl, Henry, cooper, Goodell near MttTberrr, h. 51 Cherry. 

Diehl, Frederick, laborer, h. Hickey above Sycamore. 

Diehlmann, Rev. P. cor. MUnor and WiBiam. 

oomaatauh kmnaemK DawonH; 178 

Didir, MatthiiB, nuuMm, II Ellieotfe neir Biotoa jUli7« 

Diehr, Jofle;^, Bhoexnaker, Ji« Weaver's Alle7, 

Diel, Connul, raaeon, lu rear 396 PearL 

Diember{|[er, Joseph, laboreTf h. 33 Sj^amore. 

Dier, Chrutian, groceri cor. Elm aad OoodeU. 

Dieabeekeri Samuel, pecU«r, k. 438 Mickigaa. 

Dietrieh, Peter, carriage maker, 1l Terrace near dmreli* 

Dietricli, Daniel, wagon maker, b. 34 William. 

Dietrich, John, cabinet maker, lu 31 8 jeamore. 

Dietrich, Nicholae, raaaon* b. Bennett near BataTia. 

Dietrich, Gottfried, brewer, b. J. Rooa. 

Deitrich, Joaeph, finisher, 333 Main. 

Dietrich, Kicholas, with Cutler and Deforest 

Dietach, Frederick, brewer, b. J. Rooe. 

Diettele, Geo. shoemaker, Anthony Diebold. 

Dietwig, John, shoemaker, 41 Main, h. 445 Michigan. 

Diets, John, tailor, h. Cherrj near Maple. 

Dietsel, Charles, tobacconist, 307 Washington. 

Dihlmann, Lewis, clerk, 349 Main. 

Diller, John, foreman HoUister's eleyator, h. Franklin nett> Alleii. 

DiU, Gapt Reuben, 30 Seyenth. 

Dillon, James, shoemaker, b. Elk near Michigan. 

Dime, Martin, with A. Rumaey <fc Co. 

Dimick, Capt M. Terrace below Church. 

Dimond, Robert, weighmaa, h. Moore near Ohio. 

Dlmond, John, machiniat, at Reed'a deyalor. 

Dingens, Mrs. widow of John, erocery and dry goods, 356 Main. 

Dingel, John, tanner, h. Carroll near Chicaga 

Dingboom, Herman, bricklayer, h. William near Cedar. 

Dingman, George, tailor, h. 173 South Division. 

Dinkel, Thomas, mason, h. Hinckley near Spring. 

Dinneny, Michael, laborer, h. Miaussippi near Perry. 

Dinsmore, Abram, printer, h. Scott near Burwell Place. 

Dinwoodie, Wm. C. grocer, cor. Clinton and Oak, h. 47 Clinton. 

Dirk, Martin, cooper, h. 117 Pine. ^ 

Dirschel, Wolfganff, woodsawyer, h. Elm cm". Genesee. 

Disbacher, is Co. clothiers, 6 Commercial 

Disidio, John, sawyer, h. Smith Block, CarrolL 

Dismar, Christian, joiner, h. cor. Genesee and Spring. 

Disse, Frederick, cabinet maker, h. Genesee below Oak. 

Distel, Charles, shoemaker, h. Pratt near Sycam<M*e. 

Ditmar, Frederick, cooper, h. Ehn above Tupper. 

Ditmariah, Henry V. machinist, J. Kelsey. 

Ditsel, Henry, stioemaker, h. 41 Main. 

Dittmaun, John, joiner, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 

Ditzel, Mary, widow, 3 Sycamore. 

Dix, David, basement 310 Main. 

Diz, John, shoemaker, h. Steuben near R. R. 

Dixon, George, joiner at Eaton's planing milL 

Dixon, Hiram, painter, h. 311 Delaware. 

I7i oommmauL nyvtmsn inamoKmst. 

Dixon, Faan J, iMo/w, GO William. 

DixoDf Belindj^ widow. Potter near Batavia. 

Dizon, William H. Cedar near Ea^le. 

Dobbel* George, tailor, cor. Virginia and Tvipjper. 

Dobbel, John, laborer, h. Walnut near William. 

Dobbins, Charles M. milkman, h. 118 East Swan. 

Dobbins, SAmuel, milkman, h. 120 East Swan. 

Dobinson, HannaJbi K. 75 Chippewa. 

Dobinson, William A. firm Klein «& D. h. 75 Chippewa. 

Dobson, Samuel, boiler maker, h. Fulton near I^oiaiana. 

Dodd, William, grocer, 25 East Seneca. 

Dodd, Michael, derk, 12 East Seneca. 

Dodds, Stephen V. mason, h. 191 Franklin. 

Dodge, Hampton, firm Cheesman A D. h. 60 Franklin. 

Dodge, Henry S. book*keeper, J. M. QriiBth A Co. b. Clarendon. 

Dodge, John, Feny near Delaware. 

Dodge, Ransom C. grocer, 70 Main, h. Franklin aboTS Tupper. 

Dodge, John G. lumber dealer, 536 Washington, h. 331 Washington. 

Dodge, Washington C. clerk, 70 Main. 

Dodge» Alvin L. grocer, h. Best near Main* 

Dodge, Edwin A. clerk, 198 Main, b. Mansion. 

Dodge, Londus, tinsmiUi, 217 Main. 

DODS WOETH, WILLIAM, merchant tailor, 106 Main, h. 141 South 

Division. — See ode, p, 63. 
Doeink, Bemhard, tanner, h. William near Cedar. 
Doeink, John, laborer, h. William near Cedar. 
Doer, John, shoemaker, 575 Main. 
Doer, Michael, porter, 21 Central Whar£ 
Doerine, Adolpn, clerk, James Wenz. 
Doese, John, cooper, h. 165 Oak. 
Doesclier, John, olacksmiih, h. Clinton near Spring. 
, Doetterbeck, Joseph, butcher, h. Batavia near Cedar. 
Doeppenschmidt, Rev. C. 16 Goodell. 
Doherty, Patrick, laborer, h. cor. Tenth and Maryland. 
Dolan, John, 46 Sixth. 

Dolan, Thomas, grocer, 7 Terrace, h. 98 Sixth. 
I>olan, Godwin, 20 North Division. 
Dolan, John, laborer, h. Scott Alley. 
Dolan, Henry, clerk, 7 Terrace. 
Dolan, Patrick, laborer, h. Illinois near Scott 
Dolan, John, painter, h. 238 East Seneca. 
Dolan, Michael, brickmaker. Hydraulics. 
Dolan, William B. mariner, h. 3 Folsom. 
Dole, John A. teacher, District No. 3, h. Tenth near Carolina. 
Dole, Thomas D. b. 21 South Division. 
Dole, Benjamin, lumber dealer, h. 72 East Seneca. 
Dolen, Michael, truckman, h. Hudson near Cottage. 
Dolen, James, grocer, 164 East Seneca. 

Dolen, ]Pati«:ck, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta As Co. b. 138 Elk. 
Dpleik, Hugh« marble cutter, D. Belden. 


Dolen, Philip, laborer, Bidvell, Baata A Co. 
Dolen, Alfred, baker, cor. Qeneeee and MorgaiL 
Dolen, John J. derk, b. Mrs. Mary Dermodj. 
Dolen, John, boatman, h. Blonom. 
Do]«n, Patrick, with Pratt «fc Go. h. Nichols' Allej. 
Dolen, James, laborer, h. li'ichols' AUeY. 
Dolen, Charles, sailor, h. 7 Soott. 

Dolin, Morris, grocer, h. Church near Terracei :t. 

Doll, Michael, grocer, 71 East Qenesee. 
Dollar, Joseph, tailor, h. 163 Oak. 

Domedion, Jacob, firm Bnmck, Held A Oa h. 94 Sjcamora^ 
Domedion, Ferdinand, clerk, Pratt A Ca h» Piatt near Clinton. 
Donald, Thomas, tailor, Hjrdraolics, h. Porter near Van fieoMelaer. 
Donaldson, John, blacksmith* h. Fifth near Georgia. 
Donaldson, DaTid, blacksmith, h. Fifth near Georgia. 
Donaldson, J. A D. ship blacksmiths, Indiana near Ohiou 
Donangh, Margaret, Pine near William. 
Donlej, Edward, Perry near Illinois. 
Donley, Patrick, on tke lake, h. Perry near Illinois. 
Donnelly, James, laborer, h. Virginia near the caaaL 
Donnelly, Michael, painter, b. I^ H. Bradley. 
Donnelly, Charles, laborer, h. Pine near Clinton. 
Donner, L. H. clerk 205 Main. 
Donnohue, Henry, farmer, h. rear 99 Oak. 
Donnohue, James, mason, h. Fifth near Conri 
Donnohue, Thomas, mason, h. Fifth near Virginia. 
Donnohue, Bartholomew, truckman, h. Louisiana near CarrolL 
Donnoughue, Hugh, rope maker, h. Ontario. 
Donnovan, Michi^ -carpenter, b. near Gas Works. 
Donnoyan, Patrick, laborer, h. Ohio comer Louisiana. 
Donnovan, Michael T. pedler, h. Mackinaw near Chicago. 
Donovan, Daniel, hotel keeper, oppa Railroad Depot» Exchange. 
Dooley, Michael, laborer* A. H. Tracy. 
Doohttle, Samuel, joiner, h. 344 South Division. 
Doolittie, Charles, joiner, h. rear of 244 South Division. 
Doolittle, Hiram, fjrei^ht acent, Ellis, Petrie A Co. b. 16 Delaware. 
Doomink, John H. tailor, h. Eagle near Pratt 
Dopf, Caspar, shoemaker, h. Maple near Burton Alley. 
Doran, Edwaoxl, grocer, Nia^^ara near Pennsylvania. 
Dorcy, John, 302 South Division. 

'Dank, Charles, cigar maker and grocer. Cherry comer Maple. 
iKii, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Exchange near Michigan. 
DcJimon, Edward, book-keeper, b. Timothy Mourn. 
Dorr, Eben P. marine inspector Mutual Insurance Company, 11 Mer- 
* chant's Exchange, n. 161 Niagara. 
Dorr, Michael, with H. O. Cowins A Co. h. 449 Michigan. 
Dorr, George J. lumber dealer, Ohio, cor. Chicago, b. (fames Hortoh. 
Dorr, Joseph W. clerk Bush <& Howard. 
Dorr, Felix, with Cutler A Deforest 
Dorr, Mrs. S. A. Eagle near Walnut 


Dorr, Bdward, trackman, h. Wahmt &««* OlinioB. 

Dormer* James* clerk, 196 Main, b. 108 Sixth. 

Doraeter, Joae^i painter, h. 36 Sixth* 

DoTsej, John, JPlfth near Virginia. 

Dorsej, Thomas, laborer, h. Sixth near Virginia. 

Doiaej, Owen, laborer, h. comer Gteneeee and Morgan. 

DoxBej, John, whitewaaher, h. Walnnt below Sycamore. 

DcAbeimer, Philip, proprietor Mansion. 

Dorsheimer, William, law student H. S« OntUng. 

Dorst, Conrad, saloon 353 Main. 

Dorst, Jacob, erocery and h. 367 Main. 

Dorst, John, clerk, 367 Main. 

Dotj, A. lumber dealer, 3 Yaw's Mart, b. Blk Street House. 

Doty, Jonathan, jr. willi Holt, Palmer A Co. b. 393 Seneca. 

Doty, Rufus, engineer, h. comer Seventh and Virginia. 

Dotiuer, John, blBcksmith, comer Goodell and Sim. 

Doud, Pamara, laborer, h. Marvin. 

Dougan, Thomas, tinsmith, h. Itl4 South Division. 

Dougherty, John, joiner, h. Ohio near Chicago. 

Dougherty, Eliza, widow, Indiana near Ohio. 

Dougherty, John, carpenter, h. North Division near Spring. 

Douglass, Darius £. melodeon tuner, h. 174 EUicott 

Douglass, T. Byron, dramatist, 47 Exchange. 

Douthet, John, with J. Moffat 

Dover, George, barber, h. Cypress near Pine. 

Dow, Wm. F. baker, 13 South Division, h. same. 

Dow, John, salesman, W. P. Stambaeh, b. Main Street Hotel 

Dowd, John, book-keeper, HoUey & Johnson, b. 33 Oak. 

Dowling, Patrick, clerx, Pratt A Co. 

Dowling, P. R. A Co. boarding house, junction Elk and Ohia 

Dowling, Peter R. firm P. R. D. A Co. junction Elk and Ohia 

Down, John H. 901 Washington. 

Down, Henry, butcher, h. Church near Terrace. 

Down, Wm. W. tinsmith, b. 71 South Division. 

Down, William, clerk, 15 Exchange. 

Downer, Wm. plumber, Q. Day, b. California Saloon. 

Downer, Ezra, steamboat agent, b. Mansion.^ 

Downer, William, steamboat agent, b. Mansion. 

Downer, Wm. P. receiver M. C. R. R. office, \k Mansion. 

Downer, Patrick, recess. Rock near Evans. 

Downil, George, blacksmith, h. Bethel church. 

Downing, John, truckman, h. 133 Ellicott 

Downs, Edward, painter, h. Johnson Place. 

Downs, Wra. Church near Terrace. 

Downs, John H. Dearborn near the creek. 

Downstreet, Christopher, b. 30 Delaware. 

Downy, Mary, widow, Steuben near Alabama. 

Dowsher, Joseph, miller, L Thompson near Ambent 

Dox, Hamilton B. teller, Hollister Bank, b. 36 West Eagle. 

Dox, Edward R. book-keeper, Allen, Oatraan A Co. b. Ameriean. 


ooxttiBCUL AotsmnBiB homcftour. l^t 

t)ojle, Moses, laborer, h. Carolina near Ninth. • 
D»jle, James, laborer, h. cor. Sixth and Hudson. 
Doyle, L. at Gas Works. 

Doyle, Michael, mason, h. Carolina near Alabama. 
Doyle, Patrick, mason, h. Carolina near Fifth. 
Doyle, James, blacksmith, h. 77 Chippewa. 
Doyle, Edward, ship carpenter, h. Ohio near swing bridge. 
Drake, Lathrop, joiner, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 
Drake, John, firm Dnrick islKh.$ Union. 
Drake, £beneser H. jailor, h. old Court Roase. 
Drankle, Frederick, plater, 165 Main, b. 8 Coort 
Dn^ton, John, 35 Seventh. 
Dreher, Charles, ioiner, h. 458 Michifan. 
Dreher, Frederick, sen. joiner, 458 Michigan. 
Dreher, Frederick, ir. joiner, h. Oak above TuppeR 
Dreier, Christoph, h. Hollister near Spring. 
Drenon, Patrick, laborer, E. K. Bruce, h. Mechanic. 
Drescher, Mrs. widow of Casper, 29 Walnut. 
Drescher, Valentine, tailor, h. Walnut near Sycamore. 
Drescher, William, tailor, h. Mulberry above Goodell. 
Drescher, Jacob, tailor, h. Elm above Tupper. 
Drescher, Jacob, jr. Mulberry near GoodeO. 
Drescbler, Anthony, porter, with. Benzine, Exchange. 
Dresing, Frederick, shoemaker, 153 KTorth Division. 
Drew, John, steamboat agent, h. 94 CarroiL 
Drew, J.aafes Bell's Foundry, h. cor. Folsom aad Chicago. 
Drew, John, teacher, b. Genesee House. 
Drew, W. H. maker of regalia, h. 24 North Division. 
Drev, Ed^-ard, carver, 10 Court. 
Dr'ew, George H. joiner, h. Perry near Hayward. 
Drew, Edward, 32 North Division. 

Drew, Francis N. piano forte maker, h. cor. Franklin and Tupper. 
Drewer, John, grocer, Niagara, north of Amherst. 
Drews, Charles H. mason, h. Elm near Tupper. 
Drews, Frederick, laborer, h. 559 Michigan. 
Drexler, John, porter, Niagara Temperance House. 
Drexler, George, laborer, rear 99 Cedar. 
Dreyer, William, tailor, Michigan opposite Tupp«r, 
Dreyer, Henry, tailor. Burton Alley near Oak. 
Drieb, Anton, bricklayer, h. 178 Elm. 
Drinen, Thomas, mason, cor. Fifth and Carolina. 
Drier, Frederick, cooper, h. cor. Hamilton and East 
DriscoU, Patrick, Indiana near Mary. 
Driscoll, Cornelius, laborer, h. Chicago near Ohio. 
"^Driscoll, Cornelius, warehouseman, h. 25 Ohio. 
Driscoll, Dennis, laborer, h. Chicago near Ohio. 
Driskill, Daniel, laborer, h. North DivisiMi near Hickory. 
Drouin, Albert G. cigar maker, 191)^ Main, b. Buell's. 
Broegman, John, blacksmith, h. 251 Elm. 
Drucker, Isaac, cigar maker, h. cor. Clinton and Ellicott. 

178 ooiaaftcuL abysrtzssr DnBCTORr* 

• • 

Brullard, George, collector tazes^ h. WaflliiDgton nen* Chivoewn, 

Drullard, Solomon, ag't Buff. <& N. T. Gitj R. R. line, h. 25o £. Senecai 

Qrullard, Francis, clerk. Hart, Newman <fe Co. 

Prnmmer, Qeorge, joiner. Main cor. Virginia. 

Drury, Capt Wm. 51 Ohio. 

DUBOIS, JAMES B. merdbant taUor, 149 Main, k 95 Sontb DiTimoii. 

BubtBB, Philo, silversmith, 15 East Swan, h. 42 Oak. 

Ibbois, Frederick N. silversmith, 15 East Swan, b. 4d Oak. 

Bubal, Joseph, joiner, h. 104 Elm. 

Dubban, Edward, joiner/ b. 24 Oreen. 

Dubrel, Anthony, with Sangster <fe Sons. 

Bucat, Joseph, sailor, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Bubreuil, No4, painter, b. 24 Oreen. 

Dubreuil, Alfred, caulker, b. 24 Oreen. 

Duchene, Michi^l, joiner, h. Walnut near CUnton. 

DUDLEY, T. J. A 00. proprietors Union Furnace, 95 Main.- 

aoh. pp. 70, 71. 
Dudley, Thomas J. firm T. J. Dudley A Co, h. Pearl above Chippei 
Dudley, William H. firm T. J. Dudley A Co. 
Dudley, James G. with T. J. Dudley A Co. b. T. J, Dudley. 
Dudley, S. A Sons, coppersmiths, 57 Main. 
Dudley, Stephen, firm S. Dudley A Sons, h. 60 PearL . 
Dudley, Joseph D. firm S. Dudley A Sons, b. 60 PearL 
Dudley, Moses T. firm S. Dudley A Sons, b. 60 PearL 
Dudley, Wm. F. clerk, Gothic Hall, b. W. Carland. 
Dudley, J. Q. A Co. stove store, 64 Main. 
Dudley, John Q. firm J. Q. Dudley A Co. h. 66 West Mohawk. 
Dudley, Thomas J. jr. firm J. Q. Dudley A Co. b. 66 West Mbhawk. 
Dudley, John E. 86 East Swan. 
Dudley, Edward, clerk, J. J. Albright. 
Dudley A McGiUoway, dry good store, 286 Main. 
Dudley, Charles, firm D. A McQilloway, b. American. 
Duerk, Nicholas, laborer, h. 1 Sycariiore. 
Duerr, John, mason, h. Pratt near Genesee^ 
Duerr, Louisa, dress-maker, 389 Main. 
Duerr, John G. bonnet store, 389 Main. 
Duff, Archibald, M. blacksimth. Mechanic, h. 8 Sixth. 
Duffey, Charles, recess. Rock near Evans. 
Duffy, James, truckman, h. comer Fourth and Georgia. 
Duffy, Patrick, book-keeper, 207 Main, b. 57 Seneca. 
Duffy, Thomas, waiter, h. 97 Oak. 
Duffjr, Joseph, mason, h. Oak near Carlton. 
Duffy, James, ship carpenter, b. Peter Walsh. 
Duffy, William, warehouseman, Evans A Dunbar. 
Dugan, Michael, 21 Lloyd. 
Dugan, David, mason, h. William, below Pine. 
Duggan, Daniel, Blacksmith, h. Perry near Hayward. 
Du£gan, Patrick, 93 East Seneca. 
Duhelaly, Thomas, laborer, h. 3 Marvin. 


^ Dukes, Thomas* brickmaker, Seneca, Hydraulics. 

9*^ Dumas, Louis, cabinet maker, h. 50 WiUiam. 

Dumonty.Waldron, foreman, 313 Main, h. 41 Oak. 

Dunbar, Lyman, 383 PearL 

Dunbar, Robert, firm Evans dt D. k. 8 Park Place. 
** Dunbar, Francis, barber^ Commercial Hotel Block, lu Oak near 


Dunbar, Edward, in the market 

Dunbar, John H. at Golton*s Factory, b. J. Horton. 

Duncan, James, brewer, h. Delaware near Ferry. 

Xhincan, Thomas, pedler, h. comer Folsom and Chicago. 

Duncan, Edward, laborer, h. Fifth near Carolina. 

Duncan, John, joiner, b. A. Gillmore. 

Duncast, William, laborer, h. Ash near Batayia. 

Dunkel, Jacob A. joiner, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

Dunker, Mrs. Maria, German midwife, Michigan near Sycamore. 
-^ Dunlap, Robert, grocer, corner Seneca and Michigan. 

Dunlap, Horace, 245 South Division. 
!^ Dunlop, James, joiner, h. Johnson place. 

Dunn, Samuel, n. Ohio near Chicago. 

Dunil, Van Rensselaer R. mason, h. Niagara near Tirginia. 

Dunn, Mrs. J. S. 63 Chippewa. 

Dunn, Edward, boiler maker h. Clinton near Cedar. 

Dunu, Patrick, laborer, h. comer Carroll and Chicasa 

Dunn, Nicholas, watchman, h. Elm near Burton AMey. 

Dunne, James W. clerk, 107 Main, h. 11 Chestnut. 

Dunning, Orrln, carpenter, h. Tupper near Washington. 

Dunst, Benedict, laborer, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Dunten, Albertine, clerk, 198 Main, b. 3 Niagara. 

Dunny, Matthew, laborer, h. Exchange, comer Hamb^irgh. 

Dupie,Victor, ic d. 69 Sycamore. 

Durfee, Philo, firm D. A Atwater, h. 148 PearL 

Durfee <fe Atwater, insurance agents, corner Lloyd and Prime. 

Durfeldt, Gustavus, cabinet mi^er, 223 Main. 

Durick <fe Drake, pork inspectors, 10 and 11 Dayton. 

Durick, James, firm D. <fe Drake, h. 413 Seneca, near Hydraulics. 

Durkee, George, boiler maker, b. Susan Stevena 

Durry, Robert R. clerk, 316 Main. 

Durst, John, butcher, corner Dearborn and Hamilton. 

Dusen, Frederick, Palmer near Maryland. 

Dusenberry, Capt. Hiram A. Elk near Michigan. 

Dusenberry, Benjamin, 18 East Swan. 

Dusenberry, Hirara, tinsmith, 31 Main, b. 18 East Swan. 

Dusenberry, William, tinsmith, 191 Main, b. 18 Swan. 

Dustin, Stephen C. at Red Jacket. 

Duthie, James, lumber dealer, cor. Niag. & Huron, h. Ninth n. Carolina. 

Dutton, Edward H. stave dealer, h. 47 East Eagle. 

Dutton, Walter, truckman, h. Walnut near William. 

Dutton, Ozias, teacher, b. Nis^gara Temperance House. 

Dwan, Patrick, laborer, b. P. oowden. 



Dwight, Sidney A. book-keeper. Buff. Coming A K. Y^ R* B^ officeu 

Dwjer, Edward, ship carpenter, h. 13 Mississippi* 

Dwyer, Thomas, rectifier, h. 78 Sixth* 

Dwyer, Michael, cooper, h. Beak cor. Green. 

Dwjer, Daniel, Ohio near Columbia. 

Djckman, Wm. steamboat agent, h. Seneca near Van Kensselaer. 

Dyer, Charles, joiner, h. Virginia near Franklhi. 

I^er, James, b. 173 Terrace. 

Dygert^ Jacobj American Express office, h. 57 Ellicott 


Eagle Furnace, Jewett is Root, Mississippi 

Eimies, Milo R. produce and com. mer. 17 Central Wharf, b. 21 S. Div. 

Earl, Deborah, widow of Benjamin P. 214 Washington. 

Earll, S. Hajden, clerk, G. W. Rogers, b. 137 Pearl 

Early, James* teacher. Si Joseph's college. 

East, James, keeper Union Hotel, 5 Efner Block, CommerciaL 

Eastabrooks, E. A. printer. Express office, h. 286 Pearl 

Eastel, Stephen, farmer, h. cor. Maple and Virginia. 

Eastern Hotel, Exchange below Washington. 

Eastman, Richard H. pattern maker, h. cor. Franklin and Tupper. 

Eastman, Sandford, h. d. over 221 Main, b. Rev. M. Schuyler, Niagara. 

Eastman, William, rear 280 Washington. 

Eastman, Wm. H. clerk, Shepai'd's Iron Works. " 

Easton, George, painter, b. Elk near Ohio. 

Eaton, Lewis, Main, Cold Spring. 

EATON, P. B. ^ L. L. planing and saw mill, cor. Court and Hospital. 

See adv. p. 87. 
Eaton, Philo B. firm P. B. & L. L. Eaton, h. Tupper, head of Pearl 
Eaton, Lewis L. firm P. B. <fe L. L. Eaton, b. American. 
Eaton, Charles's, clerk, 318*Main, b. 156 Pearl 
Eaton, Charlotte, widow, boarding house, 44 Franklin. 
Eaton, John B. book-keeper, P. B. A L. L. Eaton. 
Eaton, Samuel S. insurance agent, Brown's Buildings, b. tJ. S. Hotel 
Eaton, John, railroad agent, h. Folsom near Chicago. 
Eaton, Michael, machinist, h. rear 242 South Division. 
Ebeling, Charles, furnaceman, h. 18 Walnut 
Ebenau, Emil, b. 379 Washington. 
Ebenau, Frederick W. aixhitect, h. 379 Washington. 
Eberhart, Louisa, wife of Lewis, Walnut near Sycamore. 
Eberhart, William, wine dealer, 49 Cedai*. 
Eberhart, Christian, grocery and h. 320 Main. 
Eberhart, John, laborer, h. Goodell near Michigan. 
Eberl, George, tailor. Hickory near Batayia. 
Eberl, Joseph, tailor, 443 Michigan. 
Eberle, John, laborer, b. G. Wurster. 
Eberling, Fred, blacksmith, h. Hickory near Batavia. 
Ebert, Christian, furnaceman, h. Ash near Genesee. 
Ebert, Michael, joiner, h. Cheny uear Maple. 
Eblehai't, Jacob, piano m^er, 196 Washington. 


Eblehart, Sophia, ^vridow of Henij, Swan near Railroad. 

£ckel, John, painter, h. 442 Michigan. 

Ecker, Joseph, shoemaker, 171 Elm. 

Eckert, John, tailor, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Eekert, Thomas, shoemaker, b. 86 East Eagle. 

Eckhart, Henry, woodsa^er, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 

Eckhart, Peter, teamster, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 

Eckhardt, John, saddler, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Eckhardt» Anton, clerk, John Koch. 

Ecklej, J. S. A Brothers, 69 Main, up staira 

Eckley, Joseph S. firm Ecklej <b Brothers, b. 43 South Division. 

Eckley, William H. E. firm Eckley <fe Brothers, b. Miss Cutler. 

Eckley, Edward, firm Eckley <fe Brothers, b. Miss Cutler. 

Eckstorm, Theodore, clerk, 184 Main. 

Eckstein, Engelbert, laborer, h. 569 Washington. 

Ecksteim, George, laborer, h. Mortimer near Sycamore^ 

Eddy, Ebenezer C. at pail factory, h. Amherst, west of Thompson. 

EDDY, R. M. <fe CO. iron fence and railing manufactory, 13 Clinton, 

and furnace on the Ten'ace. — See ado. p. 76. 
Eddy, Robert M. firm R. M. Eddy A Co. h. 179 Terrace. 
Eddy, Richar^, stave sawyer, at Townsend's MilL 
Eddy, William, at Townsend's saw-mill. Black Rock. 
Edelmath, Adam, Mason, b. Cedar near William. 
Edelmath, Dietrich P. shoemaker, b. Cedar near William. 
Edgar, Matthew, Court near Main. 

Edge, Edward, at Buff. Iron Works, h. cor. N". Wash. A Forest Av. 
Edmondson, Andrew, painter, h. Morgan, betw'n Court and Kiagara. 
Edmunds, James J. v. n. Elk near Michigan. 
Edmunds, Loyal E. builder, h. 103 Seneca near Michigan. 
Edmunds, Richard, clerk, Pratt <& Co. b.80 East Seneca. 
Edward, John J. D. ship carpenter, h. Louisiana near Mackinaw, 
Edward, Clark, merchant, h. Se^ieca near Franklin. 
EDWARDS <& BANCROFT, wine and fruit dealers, 14 East Seneca 

See adv. p. 50. 
Edwards, Ogden, civil engineer, b. Clarendon. 
Edwards, Richard, clerk, Pratt & Co. b. 80 East Seneca. 
Edwards, Samuel C. brakeman, h. 2 Green. 
Eels, Charles, clerk, Pratt & Co. h. 159 Franklin. 
Eeles, William, at Theatre, h. 208 East Eagle. 
Efferen, Charles A. with J. R. Lee & Co. h. 349 Main. 
Efner, George B. livery stable, 211 Washington, b. Mansion. 
Efher, EliiaLh D. office Brown's Buildings, h. cor. York and Seventh. 
Efner, J. Henry, for. com. mer. Merchants' Ex. h. Swan cor. Michigan. 
Efher, Charles, clerk, b. E. D. Efner. 

Eggers, Ernst, hotel keeper, opposite R. R. Depot, Exchange. 
Eggers, Conrad C. cigar maker. Walnut near William. 
Eggert, Benjamin F. grocer, 71 Main, h. same. 
Eggert, Aaron W. 348 Main. 
Eggert, John, saddler, 117 Main. 
Eggert, Henry, laborer, h. Batavia near Bennett 



Eggerther, Andrew, blacksmitli, h. 487 Waaliington. 

Egglefield, Thomas, joiner, h. 5 Folsom. 

Eefoff, Joseph, mason, h. 292 Elm. 

Ehlers, William, saddler, 10 Exchange, fa. Bennett near William. 

Ehmann, Frederick, carpenter, h, 571 Washington. 

Ehresman, Maria, widow, Batavia near Bennett 

Ehrhardt, Cas]3er, butcher, h. Lutheran nelu* Batavia. 

Ehrlick, Francis, bookbinder, Danforth, Hawley ^ Co. h. cor. Elllcoit 

and Carlton. 
Ehrman, Louis, m. d. 4 West Eagle. 
Ehrupforth, Charles 0. 9 Commercial 
Eiche, Ferdinand, grocer, cor. Huron <fe Oak. 

EidenmuUer, , u. n. 372 Michigan. 

Eikel, George, shoemaker, h. Spruce near Batavia. 

Ejken, Bart, upholsterer, 307 Main, b. 118 Pine. 

Eiluf, John, laoorer, h. William near Walnut 

Einsfield, John P. printer. Express office, h. 231 Ellicott 

Einsfield, George, paver, h, 106 Goodell. 

Einsel, Joseph, laborer, h. cor. Tupper and Elm. 

Eis, George, laborer, h. 137 Sycamore. 

Eisenberger, Louis, boarding house, cor. Fly and State. 

Eisenberger, Michael, shoemaker, h. Eagle near Hickory. 

Eisenhard, John G. shoemaker, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Eisler, Andrew, tanner, h. Main and Hambux^h canal, eaat Chicagc. 

Eislinger, Sebastian, cooper, h. Batavia near Walnut 

Eismann, George, laborer, h. Milnor near Batavia. 

Elbersdoerfer, Adam, Mulberry above GoodelL 

Elder A Steams, upholsterers, 270 Main. 

Elder, Stewart, firm E. <& Steams, b. 35 East Swan. 

Eldredge, Samuel, tallyman, P. L. Sternberg <& Co. h. 90 IT. DivisioD. 

Eldredge, Charles, caulker, b. D. Matthews. 

Eldredge, Andrew J. ship carpenter, b. D. Matthews. ^ 

Eldridgv, Catharine, boarding house, 138 Elk. 

Eldridge, Zoeth, clerk, W. D. Walbridge, h. 306 Pearl. 

Eldridge, Delos, moulder, b. 138 Elk. 

Eldridge, Lewis P. clerk, 205 Main, h. 46 South Division. 

Elebeck, Junius H. bai-ber, h. 50 Oak. 

Eleges, Peter, moulder, J. Newman, 

Elenz, William, shoemaker, h. Mulberry above GoodelL 

Eley, John, dredger, h. 194 Franklin. 

Elk Street House, cor. Elk and Michigan. 

Elking, Ferdinand, brewer, b. F. L. GtUig. 

EUigot, Patrick, 88 East Seneca. 

Ellinghauser, Egelbert, clerk, S. Bettinger. 

Elliott, Joseph, recess. Packet Dock, h. 71 East Eagle. 

Elliott «t McLaren, canal stablers. Rock near Erie. 

Elliott, John, firm E. <k McLaren, h. Worth near Delaware. 

Elliott, John, Worth Indiana near Adams. 

EUis, Petrie <fe Co. forwarding and com. merchants, 6 and 7 Ohio, 

Ellis, Anson D. firm E., Petrie A Co. h. 16 Delaware. 


Ellis, Alien, with American Express Co. h. Folsom near GUcaga 

Ellis, David, labwer, h. 235 PearL 

Ellis, G. carriage maker, b. Genesee Houseu 

Ellis, Isaac, clothier, 9 GommerciaL 

Ellsworth, John, Farmer's Saloon, 22 East Seneca. 

Ellsworth, William J, retailer at Dart A ButUm's, b. J. Hoiton. 

Ellrig, August, tailor, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Blsaezer, Jc^n, shoemaker, h. cor. Niagara and Hamilton. 

Elsenhaus, John, blacksmith, b. J. Busemer. 

Elainghurst, Henry, tinsmith, h. Batavia near Bennett 

Elsheimer, John, clerk, 35S Main, b. Genesee House. 

Elsheiraer, Daniel, jeweler, 135 Main, h. cor. William and Walnut 

Elpy, Edward, laborer, h. STiagara near Auburn. 

Eltz, Frederick, tailor, Michigan near^ GoodelL 

Elwood, John, brickmaker, h. Exchange near Van Rensselaer. 

El-wood, James L. com. mer. foot of Michigan, h. 293 Michigan. 

Ely, Wm. printer, Gom. Adv. office, b. U. S. Hotel 

Ely, Israel G. pump and block maker. Water, h. 22 CanaL 

Embey, A. P. railroad conductor, b. R. R. Hotel. 

Emd^h, Michael, piano forte maker, h. 176 Delaware. 

Emerich, Gottfield, butcher, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Emerich, Jacobs constable, h. 124 Oak. 

Emerich, Philip, butcher, h. Walnut near BataviiL 

Emerich, John, joiner, h. William near Bennett 

Emerich, Frederick, oor. Spring and Cherry. 

Emerson, Kelson, keeper tollgate, Elk, h.eame. 

Emerson, Charles A. clerk, Pntt ik Go. h. 39 Wei^ Eagle. 

Emerson, Nathaniel, R. R. condudx>r, h. 24 Carroll. 

Emerson, Henry M. clerk, 165 Main, h. 49 West Huron. 

Emery, Daniel F. grocer, 376 Main, h. 140 Franklin. 

Emery, Franklin, DOok*keeper, 180 Mainb. 35 East Swan. 

Emery, Geo. W. clerk. Mason A Lovering, b. American. 

Emery, William Y. clerk, Youell'*s luml]«r office, b. 5 Franklin. 

Emmerling, Frank, grocer, cor. Niagara and Parish. 

Emmerling, John, pail turner, h. D^bom near Amherst 

Emmerling, Charles, joiner, h. Pratt above Clinton. 

Emig, Jacob, hatter, h. 25 East Genesee. 

Emig A Roth, batten, 300 Main. 

Emig, John, firm £. A Roth, 300 Main, h. 77 Bennett 

Emig, John L. laborer, h. Pratt near SycamorcL 

Emigh, Asahel, firm Sayles <fe E. b. Mansion. 

Eminger, Joseph, turner, b. Benzino. 

Emmons, Roderick, ]k[TK)r dealer, h. 192 East Seneca. 

Emmons, Frederick W. 171 South Division. 

Emmons, Wesley, pattern maker, b. 370 Michigan. 

Emps, Joseph, tanner. Bush & Howard. 

Emslie, Peter, engineer and surveyor, over post office, h. 72 E. Seneca. 

Endris, Joseph, laborer, h. Swan near Spring. 

Endres, George, grocer, 80 East Genesee. 

English* WiUiam* boiler maker. Phoenix Iron Workei, h. 191 Exchange. 


Enge, Nicholas, laborer, h. 66 Cedar. 

£iigel, Peter, fnmaceman, h. HoUigter near Mortimer. 

Engelter, William, shoemaker, 293 Main, bt 43 Sjcamore, 

Engelhardt, Georee, laborer, h. Hickory near Genesee. 

Engelhart, John, laborer, h. Cherrj near Mulberry. 

Enos, Alfred, waiter. Sycamore near Oak. 

Enog, Geo. T. book-keeper, Sims As Go. b. Mrs. Matthews. 

Ensign, Charles, b. American. 

Ensign, Edward, clerk, Holt, Palmer A Co. b. American. 

Ensworth, Axel, b.21 South Division. 

Enziel, John, mason, h. 232 Elm. 

Erb, Daniel, Cherry near Spring. 

Erb, John, laborer, h. cor. Main and Burton Alley; 

-Erdmann, Wm. blacksmith, h. Bennett near WilUam. 

-Ereil, Fnits, laborer, h. 569 Washington. 

Erfenbech, Frederick, blacksmith, h. Ellicott near TirginiB. 

Erie County Penitentiary, Fifth above Hudson. 

Erie Hall, cor. Main and Lloyd. 

Erie and Michigan Telegraph Office, cor. Main and Exchange. 

Ernst, Rev. J. F. teacher of English and Classical School, 38 W. Eagle. 

Ernst, Gabriel, joiner. Spring below Genesee. 

Ernst, Michael, tailor, 89 Elm. 

Ernst, Philip, laborer, h. Yii^inia near Garden. 

"Emet, Albert, over Dudley Hall, h. Virginia near Cottage. 

Ernst, Peter, joiner, at Eaton's Planing MiU, h. Eaene. 

Ernst, Henry, joiner, at Eaton^ Planing MilL 

Ernst^ Geo. printer, h. Virginia near Garden. 

Emewein, Andrews, bric£Uiyer, h. Walnut below Genesee. 

Erpes, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 10 Mississippi. 

Err, Geo. gas fitter, h. 105 Pratt 

Errickson, Joseph, on the liJce, h. Walnut below Genesee. 

Erter, Martin, itetchum Alley. 

Ertz, Geo. laborer, h. camp near Genesee. 

Eschenbach, McHrreta, boarding house, junction of Gen. and Huron. 

Eschenfelder, Wm. Ash near Sycamore. . 

Eschenfelder, John, mason, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Esser, John, at Globe Flouring Mills, Black Rock. 

Esslinger, Sebastian, Spruce near Genesee. 

Essig, Henry, dioemaker, h. 25 Exchange. 

Etling, Phifip, with D. Belden. 

Etling, Philip, tanner, h. Cherry above Spring: 

Etzel, Michael, cooper, h. High near Elm. 

Eulner, Lewis, colporteur American Tract SocieU*, h. 29 Spruce. 

Eustaphieve, Alexander A. secretary Mutual Insurance Co. office 

Merchant's Exchange, h. Georgia cor. Seventh. 
Eva, Adam, grocer. Exchange near Michigan. 
Evans, John K. alderman, h. 31 ElUcotk 
Evans, James C forwarding com. mer. cor. Water and Ship Canal, h. 

272 Washington. 
Eyana <& Dunbarji store and elevator. Ship Canal, cor. 19'or. and Water, 



Evans, Charles W. firm E. <& Dunbar, h. 273 Washington. 

Evans, William A. firm Vansl^rke K «& Co. h. 35 East Eagle. 

Evans, Oliver B. daguerreotjpist, over 214 Main. 

Evans, J. H. joiner, h. Alabama near Elk. 

Evans, Robert, clerk, 216 Main, h. 224 Carroa 

Evans, Lewis K clerk, James C. Evans. 

Evans, John, clerk, steamer St Lawrence, b. Clarendon. 

Evans, Henry, b. American. 

Evans, Stephen, shoemaker, fa. Evans near Peacock, 

Evans, Geo. warehouseman, Kasson's Dispatch. 

Evans, Henry, copperplate printer, Compton <fe Co. 

Everett, Francis, laborer. Palmer near Maryland. 

Everett, Mrs. Polly, Prospect HilL 

Evers, Herman, wagon maker, h. Hickory near Batavla. 

Everson, James, cor. Folsom and PoIlardC 

Everson, John, laborer, 39 Cedar. 

Everson, Geo. tanner, h. Seneca near Heacock. 

Evry A McPherson, dry goods merchants, 198 Main. 

Evry, Stephen M. firm £. <k McPherson, b. 9 Boston Block, Niagara. 

Ewart, John, clerk, 163 Main, h. 119 Ellicott 

Ewart, Wm. mariner, h. Louisiana near Carroll. 

Ewig, Peter, tailor, GoodeU near Michigan. 

Exchange Bank, K.'Codd, President, 118 Main. 


Faber, Henry, blacksmith, h. Eitgle near Hickory. 

Faber, Jacob, locksmith, h. 105 East Genesee. 

Fabery, Simon, shoemaker, 483 Washin^n. 

Fagan, Michael, laborer, b. T. Lee, Black Rock. 

Fahy, John, with Stevenson Brothersrh. Oak near Batavia. 

Facnslanger, Joseph, foreman. Republic office. 

Falner, Catharine, widow of L. Cherry near Jeflferson, 

Falten, Jacob, tailor, h. 211 East Genesee. 

Faller, Baptist, blacksmith, 121 Pine. 

Fairchild, Jared, joiner, h. Clinton near Cedar. 

Fairchild, Joseph L. attorney at law, 35 Pearl, b. 338 Washington. 

Faimcomb, Francis D. joiner, h. Ontario. 

Faiwer, Frederick, Lu&eran near William. 

Falb, Valentine, Walnut near Batavia. 

Falk, 'Joseph, gardener, h. 14 Sycamore. 

Falkenburg, Michael, carpenter, at Townsend's Mill. 

Falkenhan, Charles, tailor. Spring near William. 

Fambach, John, tailor, h. 14 Hickory. 

Fannin, Michael, State neai* Rock. 

Fannin, Michael, joiner, h. Fifth near Carolina. 

Farber, Charles J. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Farell, John, boiler maker, h. Folsom near Kinney. 

Fargo, William G. firm Livingston, F.<& Co. h. Niagara cor. Franklin. 

Fargraves, James, tinsmith, b. Mrs. E. A. Warren. 

Farmer, Robert, nail maker, h. Fulton near Chicago. 


Farmer's Exchange, cor. Seneca and Michigan. 

Farmer's Home, cor. Batavia and Hickory. 

FARMER, DE BLAQUIERE A DEEDES, lumber dealers, comer 

Pearl and Niagara. — See <Edo. p. 86. 
Farmer, Wm. street commissioner, h. Niagara, South of Hamilton. 
Farmers and Mechanics* Bank, Spaulding's Exchange. 
Farmlow, Edwin, cabinet maker, n. 213 East Seneca. 
Famham, engineer, E. Shepard, b. 138 Elk. 
Famham <& PerciTal, wool dealers, Ac 38 Main. 
Famham, George, D. firm F. «k PerciTal, 38 Main. 
Famham, George D. 527 Washington. 

Famham, Le Roy, office 2 Townsend Hall, h. S3 S. Division cor. Oak . 
Famham, T. dc Co. wholesale^dry goods and com. mer, 46 Main. 
Famham, Thomas, firm T. Famham <fe Co. 46 Main. 
Famham, Moulton G. firm Gibbons Famham A Davis, b. 3 Oak. 
Famsworth, Mrs. Hannah, boarding house, 71 Soutib Dtrision. 
Farr, Rinaldo, clerk, 398 Main, h. same. 
Farr, Ralston A. phrenologist, with Dr. Warner. 
Farradj, Sylyester A. shoemaker, h. Fulton near Hambm^h. 
Farrall, James, harness maker, 8 Ellicott 
Farrar, Chillian M. at S. Shepard's, b. J. Horton. 
Farrell, Thomas, piano maker, h. North Division near Pollard. 
Farrell, John, Phoenix Iron Works, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 
Farrell, John, Fifth near Court 
Farrington, James 0. jeweler, b. 4 East Mohawk, 
Farroll, John, Exclumge near Michigan. 
Farron, Joseph, stone cutter, h. Ellicott near Burton Alley. 
Farthing, John, cor. Ninth and Huron. 

Farthing, James, butcher, cor. Main and Eagle, h. Black Rock. 
FARWELL, E. <k H. D. coffioTmakers, 6 ife 7 NiaganL-See adv, p. 67. 
Farwell, Eldridge, firm of E. «& H. D. Farwell, h. 78 Chippewa. 
Farwell, Henry D. firm E. A H. D. Farwell, b. 153 Franklin. 
Farwell, Jesse H. coffin maker, b. 4 Niagara. 
Fawsit, Wm. brewer, h. Steuben near Van Rensselaer. 
Fassett, Alonzo D. hardware A fur. store, 314 Main« h. 290 Franklin. 
Fasnacht, John, laborer, h. 239 East Genesee. 
Fate, Peter, clerk, N. <t J. Fougeron. 
Fate, Jacob, joiner, h. Pine near Batavia. 
Faude, Jacob, joiner, h. Hickory near Batavia. 
Faul, Gottfried, shoemaker, 9 Sycamore. 
Faulkner, Caroline, widow, 14 Clinton. 
Faulkner, John, blacksmith, b. 8 Sixth. 
Faust, John, laborer, b. Mortimer near Genesee, 
Faver, Peter, grocer, cor. Ellicott and Huron. 
Faxon, James, printer, 84 Main, h. cor. S. Division and Ellicott 
Faxon, Charles, printer, 140 Main, h. Park near Vir^nia. 
Fay, Amos F. clerk, 54 Main, h. cor« Carolina and Sixth. 
Fay, John, with Stevenson Bros. h. 91 Oak. 
Fay, Thomas, laborer, b. Fifth near Virginia. 
Featherstone, John^ teacher at St Marys of the Lakes. 



Featherstone, John, teacher, at St Mary's of the Lake. 

Fee, George, ship carpenter, h. Fulton, near Haynrard. 

Fee, Thomas, laborer, h. Amherst near Militarv Road. 

Feenej, Thomas, laborer, h. Columbia near Elk. 

Fehn, John, at Gas Worka 

Fehrman, Wm. bricklayer, Mortimer near Sycamore. 

Feiden, Nicholas, cooper, h. Pratt nelir William. 

Feierbach, Louis, laborer, h. Eetchum Alley. 

Feist, Matthias, mason, h. 53 Cedar. 

Feigel, John, joiner, h. Cherry near Jefferson. 

Feldhonsen, coppersmith, Dudley & Sons. 

Feldhahn, Freaerick, saw filer, £. Michigan above GoodelL 

Felgemacher, Joseph A. m. d. Batavia near Pine. 

Feleemacher, Augustus, piano forte maker, h. 222 Batayia. 

Fell, Eacharius, toilor. Spruce near Batavia. 

Fell, T]|u>ma8, finisher, h. Folsom near Chicaga 

Felkr^, Jeremiah C. 72 East Swan« 

Fellows, Mrs. A. 72 East Swan. 

Felthousen, Barrett, tinsmith, b. 22 Green. 

Felton, Charles E. foreman, Jewett, Thomas ^ Ca b. 30 Seventh. 

Felton, Christopher, High near Michigan. 

Felthouson, Henry C. tinsmith, h. 22 Green. 

Fellner, Louis, clerk in post office, b. 61 Sycamore. 

Feltes, Nicholas, steamboat runner,h. Luuieran near Batavia. 

Fenn, Charles, carriage maker, b. 58 EUicott 

Fensterbach, Francis, Cypress near Michigan. 

Fenstermacher, William, firm Timmerman <& F. h. Seneca* Hydraulics. 

Fentzel, Florian, joiner, h. Cherry near Maple. 

Fenxel, George, joiner, h. Hickory near William. 

Ferdinand, Joseph, in the market, h. cor. Washington and Tupper. 

Ferguson, John, moulder, Buffalo Car Wheel Works. 

Ferguson, Elizabeth, widow, rear of 45 Oak. 

Ferguson, William, joiner, h. Sixth near Pennsylvania. 

Ferffuson, Theron, tailor, 362 Michigan. 

Ferlel, Martin, shoemaker, 352 Main, b. same. 

Femald, David, looking fflass maker, 127 Main, h. 49 Exchange. 

Femald, Joseph S. 127 Main, h. 49 Exchange. 

Fero <k Barnard, grocers, Terrace, opp. Western Hotel block. 

Fero, John, firm F. A Barnard, h. 3 Carroll. 

Fero, Stephen R. clerk, b. 7 EUicott. 

Fero, Robert, merchant, h. 7 EUicott 

Fero, John R. Uquor dealer and grocer. Terrace opp. Western Hotel 

block, h. 4 EUicott 
FerreU, Wm. J. 187 South Division. 
Ferris, C. W. clerk, 25 Main, b. 171 East Seneca. 
Ferris, Peter J. firm Crocker A F. h. 15 Union. 
Ferris, John T. joiner, h. CarroU near Louisiana. 
Foris, Mrs. Hester, 171 East Seneca. 
Ferron, AUick, stone cutter, 581 Washington. 
Fertig, John, joiner, h. cor Main and Burtxm Alley. 



Feth, Adam, joiner, h. Bennett near Bataria. 

Fetherstone, F. tutor, St Joseph College. 

Feuchter, Philip, varnisher, 200 Main, b. comer Elm and Genesee. 

Feuerbach, Lorentz, gardener, h. High, east of Mulberry. 

Feuerbach, Joseph, gardener, h. High, east of Mulberry. 

Fenerbach, Qeorge, gardener, h. High, east of Mulberry. 

Feuerstein, Francis, shoemaker, 7 Water. 

Fick, , laborer, 9 Vine. 

Field, Joseph 0. clerk, b. 161 Delaware. 

Field, John 0. book-keeper, h. 161 Delaware. 

Field, Frank, optician, b. comer 9th and York. 

Field, Frederick A., O. Lee <b Co.*s Bank, b. 161 Delaware. 

Fields, Abraham, painter, h. Eleventh near Carolina. 

Fields, Emma, 44 Clinton. 

Fields, Samuel H. joiner, h. 296 EUicott 

Fields, Thomas C. shoe store, 142 . Main. 

Figerworth, Wm. lantern maker, Sangster A Sons. 

Fikewirth, Wm. laborer, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Filler, Adam, laborer, h. 106 Cedar. 

FiUis, John, grocer, comer Chippewa and Franklin. 

Fillmore, Millard, Ex-President, 128 Franklin. 

Fillmore, MiUard P. attomey at law, h. 128 Franklin. 

Filner, Lewis, clerk postoffice, h. 61 Sycamore. 

Filsted, John, carpenter, h. 76 Fifth. 

Finckeler, John, laborer, h. Spruce near Genesee. 

Finfgeld, Theodore, tailor, h. 44 Bennett 

Finigan, TVm. exchange market, 15 and 16 Exchange, h. Scott 

Fink, Conrad, sawyer, h. 14 Hickory. 

Fink, John, laborer, h. cor. East and Austin. 

Fink, Philip, carpenter, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Fink, John, Cherry near Maple. 

Fink, John, joiner, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Finlan, James, laborer, h. Marvin. 

Finley, James, laborer, h. Palmer near Carolina. 

Finley, Edward J. tailor, b. Buell's Hotel 

.Finley, Hugh, laborer. Eagle Furnace. 

Finley, James, engineer, h. Carolina near Fourth. 

Finn, Charles, 78 West Tupper. 

Finnegan, James, joiner, h. 130 Court 

Finnigan, John, mason, b. Illinois near Scott 

Finney, John, finisher, Buffalo Furnace, h. Maryland near Indiana. 

Firkins, Wm. gardener, h. Utica near Delaware. 

Firman, Kathan C. 80 Korth Division. 

Fischer, Henry, blacksmith, h. Potter above William. 

Fischkus, Geo. blacksmith, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Fish, Silas H. coul mer. 5 Merchants' Exchange, h.Del. below Tupper. 

Fish <b Avery, commission merchants, 19 Central Whar£ 

Fish, James M. com. mer. <fe elevator, cor. Ohio, and Cin. h. 129 S. Diy. 

Fish, Thomas M. foreman. Fish's elevator, h. Elk near Alabama. 

Fisher, Henry, butcher, 237 East Genesee. 


Fisher, Francis, joiner, h. Elm above Tupper. 

Fi'Bher, Martin, ^oemaker, 282 Franklin. 

Pisher, Isaac N. saleratus manufacturer, li. 187 East Seneca, 

Fisher, Michael, taUor, h. 246 Elm. 

Fisher, John M. joiner, 125 East Genesee. 

Fisher A Ca lumber dealers) cor. Genesee and Chippewa. 

Fisher, David, b. 136 Elk. 

Fisher, George, firm J. <fe G. F. h. 72 East Genesee. 

Fishery John, firm J. <fe G. F. 23 Spruce. 

Fisher, Edward, mason, h. 104 West Tupper. 

Fisher, Christiana, bonnet maker, 125 East Genesee. 

Fisher, Geo. laborer, h. Elm near Tupper. 

Fisher, J. G. b. United States Hotel. 

Fisher, Nicholas, tailor, h. 135 Oak. 

Fisher, TVilliam, tool maker, cor. Huron and Main. 

Fisher, Frederick, painter, b. 6 Rock. 

Fisher, Frederick, butcher, h. 211 East Genesee. 

Fisher, Wolfgang, joiner, h. Hollister near Spring. 

Fisher, Geo. laborer; h. 193 East Genesee. 

Fisher, Philip, sash maker, b. 34 Clinton. 

Fisher, Bamhard, saw maker, b. Rainbow. 

Fisher, John, finisher, h. Bouck near Niagara. 

Fisher, Daniel, Batavia near Walnut. 

Fisher, William, with Welch <fe Latta, h. Carey. 

Fisher, Chailes, firm Fisher <b Co. 72 East Genesee. 

Fisher, Jacob P. clerk, 72 East Genesee. 

Fisher, John, moulder, h. Tupper cor. Goodell Alley. 

Fisher, Laurence, cooper, h. Mulberry above Goodell. 

Fisher, Frederick, joiner, h. 487 Washington. 

Fisher, Conrad, laborer, h. 493 Washing^n. 

Fisher, John, Elm near Goodell. ' 

Fisher, Jacob, planer, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Fisher, Lewis, at lead factory, h. Seventeenth near Utica. 

Fisher, Canning, book-keeper, 316 Main. 

Fisk> Harvey J. clerk, Pratt <fe Co. 

Fisk, Polly, seailistress. Smith block, Seneca 

Fiske, William -it Co. wholesale grocers, 48 Main. 

Fiske, William, firm W. Fiske A Co. h. 516 Main. \ 

Fiske, Delavan D. carriage maker, h. 529 Washington. 

Fistler, Frederick, joiner, h. 126 Clinton. 

Fiatler, Harmon, carpenter, b. 19 East Huron. 

FITCH* B. <fe CO. wholesale dry goods merchants, 172 Main. — See 

i adfh p. 65. 

Fitch, Benjamin, firm B. F. <fe Co. b. Western Hotel. 

Fitch, Holbrook & Dee, dry goods merchants, 136 Main. 

Fitch, William, firm F., Holbrook <fe Dee, h. 1 Niagara. 

Fitch, Lodowick C. stave shipper, foot of Washington, b. 21 S. Div. 

Fitch, Bsnry S. painter, Carolina near Fifth. 

Fitch, Augustus B. b. William Fitch. 

Fitch, Abi, widow, 125 North Division. 

190 oomnaoiAL adtkbtiskr dxbxotort. 

Fitzgerald, John, Hudson near Cottage. 

Fitzgerald, Thomas, laborer, h. Hndson near Cottage. 

Fitzgerald, Edward, laborer, h. Hudson near Franklin Place. 

Fitzgerald, Perc^, cutter, A. Diebold. • 

Fitzgerald, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. 13 MisslssippL 

Fitzgerrold, William, shoemaker, h. 170 East SeneciL 

Fitzmorris, John, moulder, b. Thomas Clark. 

Fitzmejer, Frederick, Hatch's Elevator. 

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, engineer; on the lake, h. 106 North Division. 

Fitzpatrick, Ann, 2 West Genesee. 

Fitzroy, Emma, wfdow, 14 Sixth. 

Fitzsimmons, Thomas, carman, h. Ohio near Michigan. 

Fix, George, blacksmith, h. Seneca, Hjdfaulicel 

Fix, Nicholas, laborer, h. Michigan -near High. 

Fix, Valentine, laborer, h. Mapl9 above GoodeUL 

Fix-, Bernhard, joiner, h. Michigan near High. 

Fix, Jacob, laborer, h. Seventeenth near Vermont, 

Fix, William, laborer, h. Michigan near High. 

Flach, Edward, grocer, 121 Oak. - 

Flach, Richard, grocer, 75 Ellicott 

Flagg, Theodore, coppersmith, h. 137 Terrace. 

Flagg, Samuel D. wholesale flpx>cer, 60 Main, h. Mich, near Swan. 

Flagg^ James H. <& Co. shoe dealers, 160 Main. 

Flagg, James H. firm Flagg h Co. h. Niagara near Virginia. 

Flagg, Henry J. firm J. H. Flagg A Co. h. Niagara near Virginia. 

Flannagan, James, laborer, h. Palmer near Ci^lfha. 

Flannagan, Dennis, Fifth above Carolina. 

Flannagan, W. M. boarding house, cor. Scott and Mississippi. 

Flannagan, Mary A. milliner, 263 Main. 

Flannagan, William, blacksmith, h. North Division near Hickory. 

Flannagan^ Patrick, cor. Elk and Marvin. 

Flannagan, Timothy, hostler, 104 Oak. 

Flannagan, John, joiner, h. 284 East Swan. 

Flannagan, Michael, boatman, h. cor. Rock and Evans. 

Fleeharty ^ Tuttle, forwarding <& com. merchants, 27 Central Wharf 

Fleeharty, John, firm of F. <k Tuttle, h. 24 Delaware. 

Fleighter, Bartlett, milkman, Niagara near Bouck. 

Fleming, Charles, boiler maker, J. Newman. 

Fleming, William, firm Hill, F. <b Co. h. Huron nearl)elaware. 

Fleming, John, grocery. Long Wharf, h. 201 Oak. 

Fleming, Wra. H. mai-mer, h. Georgia near Fifth, 

Fleming, John, jr. clerk, J. Fleming. 

Fleming, John, at Gas Works. 

Fleming, George H. printer, b. 5 Franklin. 

Flemings, Robert, sawyer, h. Louisiana cor. Miami. 

Flersheim, Lemuel H. wholesale dealer in fancy goods, 195 Mair, \\ 

152 Ellicott 
Flersheim, George B. 195 Main. ' \ 

Fleur, Andrew, farmer, h. Niagara near city line. 
Fleury, Frank, fii^isher, h. 10 Cypress. 


Flexeng, Matthias, shoemaker, h. Goodell Alley. 

FUel, Conrad, porter, J. M. Hutchinson. 

Flill, Conrad, clerk, h. Clinton below Jefferson. 

Flinn, Thomas, laborer, h< Palmer near Maryland. 

Flinn, Stephen, currier, h. cor. Van Rensselaer and Pcoter. 

Flinn, Ricnard, sailor, h. 66 Court. 

Flinn, John, shoemaker. Rock near Maiden Lane. 

Flinn, John J. clerk, John Walsh. 

Flinn, David, laborer, h. cor. Ottawa and Louisiaa& 

Flinn, Daniel, carpenter, board J. Lawler. 

Flinn, Sarah, widow, Michigan near Perry. 

Flint, Austin, u, n. office and h. Washington cor. Swan. 

Flint, Oscar T. book-keeper, 12 Merchant's Exchiinge. 

Flint, Wm. B. clerk, 138 Main, b. Mansion.. 

Flint, John W. joiner^ h. Carey near'^organ. • •, 

Flod, Joseph, shoemaker, Geo. Hess. * » 

Flug, Michael, grocer. Maple near High. 

Fobes, Wm. D. Main above Chippewa. 

Fobes, Mrs. widow of Silas A. 56 Pearl cor. Swan. 

Foedigj QeoTge, wagon maker, h. Mulberry near GoodelL 

Foegan, John, laborer, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Foefi, John, baker, Goodell near Oak. 

Foell, John, cooper, h. Main above Chippewa. 

Fogarty, John, ship carpenter. Perry near Hayward. 

Foley, Sarah, widow or Bernard, Burwell below Scott n 

Foley, DenniS} Fifth near Georgia. 

Folger, Charles A. firm EUis, Petrie A Co. b. Western Hotel 

FOLGER, E. F. <fe CO. hardware merchants, 192 Main. See adv.p, ^3. 

Folger, Edward, firm E. F. Folger <fe Co. h. 347 Washington, 

Folder, Benjamin H. 347 Washington. 

Follert, Geo. laborer, h. 128 Sycamore. 

Follett, O. <& J. E. commission merchants, 16 Central Wharf. 

Follett, Oran, firm O. <fe J. E. Follett, b. 64 East Eagle. 

Follett, Joseph E. firm O. <fe J. E. Follett, h. 64 East Eagle. 

Folsom, Benjamin, joiner, h. Niagara near Morgan. 

Folts, George W. merchant tailor, 201 Main, h. 66 West Huron. 

Folts <& Hopkins, commission merchants, 8 Centre Whart 

Folts, J. J. firm F. <b Hopkins, b. Mansion. 

Folts, Alex, laborer, h. Seventeenth near Utica. 

Foltz, John, tailor, h. Goodell Alley. 

Foltz, Peter, in lead factory. 

Foltz, Elizabeth, widow of Peter, Goodell Alley. 

Foot, William <b Co. for. and com. merchant, 19 Central Wlinrf. 

Foot, William, firm Foot A Co. h. 13 Carroll. 

Foote, George E. homoeopathist, 226 Washington. 

Foote, Thomas M. firm E. R. Jewett <& Co. h. cor. Delawaro cfe Oamx. 

Foote, Williami for. and com. merchant, 26 Lloyd, h. 5 J c. Division. 

Foote, James, at Eaton's planing mill. 

Fpote,^ Julius D. agent Amer. Sunday School Union, h. 13b W, Huron. 

Forbes, David, joiner, h. Thirteenth near Connection^ 


Forbey, David, turner. Exchange. 

Forbush & Co. manufacturers mowing machinee, cor. Wasli. A Scot! 

Forbush, Eliakim B. firm F. & Co. h. cor. Mohawk and Delaware. 

Forbueh, Bridgman O. m. d. 91 Main, h. same. 

Forch, Henry, on railroad, h. 380 Franklin. 

Forcht, Charles, cabinet maker, 200 Main. 

Forcht, Henry, cabinet maker, h. 84 Clinton. 

Forcht, Eleanor, widow, Clinton near Michigan. 

Forcht, Qeorge, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 84 Clinton. 

Ford, R. D. clerk, Pratt <fe Co. b. U. S. HoteL 

Ford, E. W. Eighteenth near Niagara. 

Ford <fe TVliitney, attorneys at law, 3 <fe 5 South Diyision. 

Ford, Lovine G. millwright, h. 148 East Eagle. 

Ford, Andrew, joiner, b. 63 Sixth. 

Ford, Elijah, att'y at law, S. Division near Main) h. 297 Washington. 

Ford, Oscar F. caishier, Pratt <fe Co. h. 140 South Division. 

Ford, William, driver, h. 24 Exchange. 

Ford, Richard, wheelwright, Carroll near Chicago. 

Ford, Matthew, at the Mansion, h. Court near Main. 

Foreman, Samuel C. on the lake, h. North Porter near Auburn. 

Forest Lawn, Delaware, beyond Cold Springs. 

Forrest, Mrs. 17 Bristol. 

Forrest, Andrew, ship carpenter, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 

Forrer, Abraham, driver, h. 180 Elm. 

Forrester, William H. 134 Folsom. 

Forrester, Oliver, 60 William. 

Forster, Joseph, tailor, b. J. P. Pultz. 

Forster, Josej^h, tailor, h. Weaver's Alley. 

Forster, Martin> tailor. Weaver's Alley near Virginia. 

Fortier, Chas. G. book-keeper, R. <b B. R. R. office, h. 214 S. Division.. 

Fortune, Thomas, laborer, n. Ontario near Delaware. 

Forsyth, Robert, boot maker, h. comer Fourth and Georgia. 

Fosick, John S. teacher, District-No. 15, h. 329 Ellicott 

Foser, Joseph, joiner> h. Hickory near William. 

Foster, Frederick, wagon maker, with Dietrich <fe Young. " . 

Foster, John, across the Creek. 

Foster, Charles, at Cheeseman's livery stable. 

Foster, Thomas, gardener, h. comer Fourteenth and Vermont. 

Foster Alonzo, 95 East Seneca. 

Foster Frederick, teacher, h. 259 East Genesee. 

Forsyth, Joseph, 84 Clinton. 

Forsyth, J. G. clerk, Pratt <fe Co. b. 100 Chippewa. 

Fotheringhato <k Co. dry goods merchants, 318 Main. 

Fotheringham, Wm. firm F. <fe Co. h. 45 Delaware. 

Fotheringham, Alex, firm F. <fe Co. h. 318 Main. 

F9ugeron, Zinnsz <fe Co. dry goods, cor. Genesee and Ellicott 

Fougeron, Francis, grocer, 61 East Genesee. 

Fougeron, N. <fe J. grocery and meat market, cor. Niag. and Mohrwk. 

Fougeron, Joseph, firm N. J. Fougeron, h. cor. Niag. and Mohaw j. 

Fougeron, Nicholas, firm N. <fe J. Fougeron. h. cor. Niag. and Moht wk 


Foufferon, John, firm P. Zinnsz A Co. h. 375 Washingtonu 

Fowler. Benjamin, 22 Niagara. 

Fowler, Charles, clerk, 26 Central Wharf. 

Fowler, George L. Terrapin Lunch, Main cor. Terrace, h. 22. E. Swan, 

Fowler, Elijah F. ice merchant, h. 69 Sixth. 

Fowler, Jacob, Tonawanda street near the creek 

Fowler, Henry T. clerk, 103 Main, b. Bennet'a Temperance Souse, 

Fowler, Eara, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Fox, Mrs. E. P. 90 South Division. 

Fox, Franklin B. clerk, 23 Main. 

FOX, W. A. <k CO. commission merchants, 29 Central VThart'Sed 
a«fo. o. 52. 

FOX, WATSON A. firm W. A. F. A Co.L cor. Terrace and Kaele^ 

See adv. p. 52. ^ 

Fox, James E. printer, Reese <fe Co. h. 90 Huron. 
Fox, Michael, truckman, h. cor. Staats and Com-t. 
Fox, Peter, special constable, h. Fifth near Carolina. 
Fox, Patrick, bricklayer, h. 130 Franklin. 
Fox, Joseph, laborer, h. Seneca near Alabama. 
Fox. Wm. warehouseman. Holt, Palmer <fe Co. h. Elk near Alabama. 
Fox, Henry, clerk, 210 Main, h. 76 Chippewa. 
Fox, Geo. gardener, h. Delaware near Forest Lawn. 
Fox, Christopher G. blacksmith, Holloway <fe Co. h. cor. Ninth & Va. 
Fox, Robert, warehouseman, b. Wm. Fox. 
Fox, Elsha D. clerk, 316 Main. 
Fox, Oran, on the lake, h. William near Michigan. 
Fox, Peter, at Red Jacket ' 

Fox, Samuel, on the lake,"h. Palmer near Virginia. 
Fox, Wilson G. on railroad, b. U. S. Hotel. 
Fox, John W. M. D. homoeopathist, 3 West Eagle. 
Foy, Robert D. 143 Franklin. 

Fralick, Francis, clerk, H. Wing, b. 75 North Division. 
Fralick, James D. clerk, J. S. Smith. 
Frambauch, Andrew, wagon maker, Seneca, Hydraulics 
Frame, Alex, engineer, b. George Blake. 

Francis, Daniel, britamiia ware mau*y. Pearl cor. Seneca, b. 13 Oak. 
Francis, Julius E. clerk, Charles Coleman, b. 35 East Swan. 
Francis, Abner H 101 EUicott. 
Francis, Lyman, laborer, h. 9 Mississippi. 
Francis, Sandy, Folsom near.Chicago. 
Francis, Irighe, on the lake, h. cor. Clinton and Pine. 
Francis, Ira G. Pine comer Clinton. 

Frank, Andrew H. sash and blii^d maker, Clinton and Oak, h. 31 Clitt, 
Frank, John, laborer, h. Cedar near Clinton. 
Frank, John, musician, Tupper Alley head of West Tapper. 
Frank, MicLael, tailor, h. Maple near High. 
Frank, Jacob, Niagara beyond Cai'olina. 
Frank, Henry A. clerk, 172 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 
Frank, John, laborer, h. Goodell near Michigan. 
Frank, Jobst, joiner, h. Ash near Sycamore. 


Ftankenstein, Baptirta, Essie Furnace. 

Franklin, Edmund, Bail maker, Povooat A Kewkirk. 

Franklin House, Mrs. O. Younglove, Seheca cor. Ellicott 

Franklin, John, ship carpenter, h. cor Eagle and Cedar. 

Franklin, Ann, widow, 3 Folsom. 

Franklin, Benjamin, tinsmith, h. 3 Folsom. 

Franklin, Danforth, millwright, b. Jane Clinton. 

Franz, Henry, laborer, h. cor. Michigan and Sycamore. 

Fraser, Alex. Genesee cor. Ellicott 

Eraser, Simon, clerk, 207 Main. 

Frsser, Donald, tarem keeper, Ohio cor. Indiana. 

Eraser, James, tailor, 27 East Seneca. 

Eraser^ Darid, saddler, 123 Main, b. Oak. 

Eraser, Mrs. Qeo. children's clothier, 52 South Divisioii. 

Eraser, Wm. architect, 5 Townsend Hall, h. Jackson. 

Eraser, Mrs. James, nurse, 27 East Seneca. 

Frauenknecht, Andrew, laborer, Pratt near "William. 

Frannreither, Antiiony, shoemaker, h. William near Walnut 

Ereamay, Frederick, b. cor. Genesee and Morgan. 

Ereck, G. with J. A. Pitts. 

Eredenburg A Hart, tailors, 93 Main. 

Eredenburg, Mitchell W. firm F. A Hart, h. 74 Pearl. 

Eredenburg, PhUip, miller, h. Ifiagara near Austin. 

Free Baptist Church, cor. Genesee and PearL 

Freer Alya H. painter, h. 234 East Swan. 

Free, Henry, carpenter, h. Dearborn near Parish. 

Freeman, Alanson, firm Eendrick ife F. b. 58 East Seneca. 

Freeman, Charles, under 157 Main. 

Freeman, Anthony, musician, 452 Michigan. 

Freeman, John, carpenter, h. Thompson near Amherst. 

Freeman, Adam, cooper, Tonawanda cor. South. 

Ereets, John, at Townsend's Saw MilL 

Er^any, Frederick, m. ». Oak near GoodelL 

Erehers, Franz, joiner, h. German Alley. 

Erehers, John, joiner, h. German Alley. 

Erein, Frederick Wm. saddler, h. 74 Sycamore. 

Ereiberger, Fritz, Seneca near the Railroad. 

Ereienstein, l^'icholas, tailor, comer Goodell and Oak. 

Ereischlag, George, farmer, h. Batavia near Pratt. 

Ereischlag, Frederick, butcher, cor. Hickory and Batayia. 

French, Fisher C. blacksmith, h. Morgan near Genesee. 

French, Edward E. book-keeper, 178 Main, b. 172 Seneca. 

French, Prosper, 172 East Seneca. 

French, Harlow F. blacksmith, cor. Washington and Huron. 

French Protestant Church, cor. Ellicott and Tupper. 

French, Geo. clerk, 178 Main, h. 172 East Seneca. 

French, Thomas, laborer, h. Elm near Virginia. 

French, dramatist, b. Mrs. Page. 

French, Thomas, blacksmith, h. 9 East Genesee. 
Erenger, Henry, boarding house, cor. State and Fly. 


Frenzel, Rudolph, shoemaker, b. 351 Main. 

Frenxel, Charles, harness maker, 10 fixchang^ 

Frensel, Charles, saddler, h. 93 Pine. 

Fresh, Frederick, cabinet maker, h. South Divisloxi belorw Pollard. 

Frey, Phillipena, widow, Clinton near Michigan. 

Frej, John, mason, h. 255 East Qeneaee, 

Frey, Xavier, shoemaker, h. Cedar near Batayia. • 

Frey, Samuel B. insurance agent, 133 Elm. 

Frey, Anthony, shoemaker, h. TValnut near li^illiam. 

Frey, Gottlieb, grocer, cor. Batavia and Ellicott. 

Freygan^ D. teacher, 386 Main, b. Oak above Tupper. 

Fricker, Feter, laborer, h. Exchange, east of Chicaga 

Friday, Michael, tailor, 319 East Genesee. 

Friday, George^horse dealer, h. 319 East Genesea 

Fridenberg, Mone, merchant, 185 Main, h. 51 Pearl 

Friebis, Peter A. store and h. cor. Batavia and Oak. 

Friedenberger, R. widow of John, 33 Walnut 

Friek, Adam, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Friechrizhs, Fred, tailor, h. Cherry near Maple. 

Friedel, John, shoemaker, cor. Goodell and Mulberry. 

Friederich, P. F. gold and silver worker, 354 Main. 

Friedmann, Francis, 211 Oak. 

Friedrich, Charles, 179 Exchange. 

Friedrich, David, tailor, b. M. Forster. 

Friedrich, John, laborer, b. Mortimer near Batavia. 

Friend, Charles, 280 East Swan. 

Fries, Frederick, Spruce near Sycamore. 

Fries, Jacob, shoemaker, b. Genesee opposite Eaene. 

Fries, John, laborer, h. 90 Cherry. 

Fries, Joseph F. baker, "W. F. Dow. 

Fries, John, hat store and h. 5 East Genesee^ 

Friesman, John C. painter, h. 27 Clinton. 

Friets, Freeman, jomer, b. J. Chamberlain, sen. 

Frink, H. A. stave and lumber dealer, Ohio, b. Western. 

Frink, Loring L. book-keeper. Marine Bank, h. 342 Wash. cor. Mohawk, 

Frink, Lyman, ship carpenter, at Jone^yard. 

Frinkle, Jacob, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 

Frisbee, Junius G. clerk, 188 Main, b. 126 Pearl 

Frisbie, Orville, ship carpenter, b. North Division below Pino. 

Frisk, Anna, Louisiana cor. Miami. 

Fritsch, Peter, engineer, h. 145 Oak. 

Fritsche, August, laborer, h. Pine near Clinton. 

Fritsche, Gustavus A, teacher, h. cor. William and Milnor. 

Fritz, George, tailor, h. Cherry near Spring. 

Froehlig, Nicholas, bricklayer, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

Frohne, Henry, i^oemaker, h. 167 Oak. 

Frohbos, Charles, piano maker, h. 8 Court. 

Frost Bryant, 10 Sixth. 

Frost, Jack, with J. A. Pitts. 

Frort, Marvin N. lumber dealer, h. cor. Mohawk and Morgan. 


Frosty Nathan, machiniat, 1l 10 Sixth. 

Froatk Mra. Nonban, 137 East Seneca. 

Froat* Ransom M. 70 North Division. 

Frost, Stephen P. clerk, 165 Main b. Tremont. 

Frowley, Daniel, clerk, Pratt A Co. h. Virginia near Sixth. 

Frudig, Philip, tailor, h. Walnut below Genesee. 

Frudig, Wm. machinist, with Adam Good. 

Frvdig, Clara, widow of F. Spring near Genesee 

Fruc^, Henry, china gilder, b. 366 Michigan. 

Fruin, Joseph, at Foundry, h. Seneca near Alabama. 

Fnchs, Anpisto^, grocer, 382 Main, h. same. 

Fuchs, Julius, imj^rter, 388 Main, h. Washington near Huron. 

Fuchs, Conrad, snip joiner, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Fuchs, Eva, widow, milliner, h. Milnor near Batayia.. 

Fuchs, Frederick, laborer, h. 100 Cedar. 

Fuchs, George, laborer, h. Camp near Genesee. 

Fuchs, Ulrien, laborer, h. Bennett near William. 

Fues, Philipi J. pedler, h. 106 Sycamoiie. 

Fues, Christian, pedler, h. 182 East Genesea 

Fuhr, Philip, shoemaker, 61 East Tupper. 

Fue, Andrew, laborer, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

FuBch, John, at 6 Water. 

Fullem, Edward, joiner, h. Maryland near Tenth. 

Fuller, Geo. musician, h. cor. Genesee and Michigan. 

Fuller, James F. at Thomas's Dining Saloon. 

FuUerton, David, at Gas Works. 

FuUington, Ebenezer, joiner, h. Ferry near North Washington. 

Fulton, James W. shoemaker. Walnut near Clinton. 

Funk, John, laborer, h. Elm near Virginia. 

Funston, Thomas, silversmith, 15 East Swan. 

Furgerson, John, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 

Furlong, Michael, shoemaker, h. 38 Blossom. 

Furlong, Peter, grocer, h. Terrace near Mechanic. 

Furlong, Joseph, m. d. Sixth near Pennsylvania. 

Furnace, Agnitus, Merchant, Niagara near Amherst 

Fursman, Thomas H. clerk, b. S. Fursman. 

Fursman, Samuel, poormaster, h. 130 North Division. 

Fursman, Edward Xj. book-keeper, A. R. Cobb A Co. h. 78 N. Division. 

FusseU, Thomas^ on the lake, n. 6 ScotL 


Gaeng, Urban, shoemaker, h. cor. Pratt and Clinton. 
Gaetz, Michael, grocer, 375 Main, h. 33 East Huron, 
Gaetz, Charles, clerk, 375 Main. 
Gaffney, Patrick, chandler, h. Seneca near Spring. 
Gaffney, Ralph, tailor, h. Exchange, west of Louisiana 
Gaffny, John, soap boiler, h. Seneca near Spring. 
Gage, George, ffrocer, 5 East Seneca, h. 24 JSlllicott. 
Gage, John, ship carpenter, b. F. Caff. 


Onge, 'William, pattern maker, h. Mary cor. Indiana. 

Gager, John« machinist, h. 190 South Division. 

Oager, Capt Charles L. 205 PearL 

Gager, John 0. clerk, 18 and 19 Central Whart 

Gahan, Daniel, laborer, b. Mark cor. Gaj. 

Gahan, John, joiner, h. Mark cor. Gay. 

Gahan, James, cor. Mark and Gay. 

Gaharty, Thomas, laborer, h. over 88 MaikL • 

Gahren, Peter, clerk, Pratt <fe Co. 

Gaimer, Christian, sexton, h. Best near MaiiSu 

Galbraith, Adam, builder, b. Tremont 

Gale, Anthony, boarding house, 20 Exchange. 

Gale, Henry P. b. 20 Exchange. 

Gall, Martin, at Eaton's planmg mill. 

Gall, Martin, shoemaker, n. Elm near Burton Alley. 

Gallagher, Patrick, laborer, h. Ohio opp. Citv Mills. 

Gallagher, James, tiusmith, h. Illinois near Perry. 

Galle, John, joiner, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Galle, Philip, shoemaker, n. Maple near Burton Alleys 

Galle, Joseph, joiner, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Galle, John, well digger, h. Heacock near Steuben. 

Gallegher, Francis B. contractor, h. 172 Delaware. 

GALLIGAN, WILLIAM, cabinet maker, 51 Exchange, h. 28 Eaat 

Eagle. — See adv. p. 8^ 
Galligan, John, on the lake, h. Franklin near Allen. 
Galligan, Edward A. 256 South Division. 
Galligan, Edward, b. T. Cotter. 
Ckdloway, Alexander R. sealer of weights and measures, h. Carolina 

near l^'iagara. 
Galloway,' James, Blossom. 

Galloway, George R. book-keeper Morsels TeL office, b. Clarendon. 
Gallup, James, fish dealer, h. Virginia near Tenth. 
Galvanan, Martin, engineer, h. 14 Mississippi 
Gambel, Samuel, sailor, h. 58 Oak. 
Gamblee, David, cook, h. 40J^ Iforth Division. 
Gamerling, Stephen A. farmer, h. 25 Cedar. 
Gann, James,.miller, h. Niagara, north of Ferry. 
.Ganson, James M. cashier Marine Bank, h. Delaware above Summer. 
Ganson, John, attorney, Spaulding's Exchange, h. Del. near Chip* wa, 
Ganson, John S. president Attica Bank, h. cor. Del. and Chippewa. 
Ganson, George H. teller. Bank of Attica, b. B. Campbell. 
Ganson, Comeille R. cashier. Farmers and Mechanics Bsaak, h.46 Del 
Gansler, Samuel, clothier, 6 Pearl, b. 10 Beak. 
Garber, Frank, tanner, K. Case <fe Co.^ 
Garby, Henry, gardener, h. 443 Michigan. 
Gardiner, Henry, painter, b. 234 EUicott. 
Gardiner, E. May, 138 Main, b. U. S. Hotel. 

Gardner, John N. ins. agent, 23 and 24 Central Wharf, h. 205 Wash. 
Gardner, l^oah H. firm Palmer <fe Gardner, Hydraulics. 
Gardner, Abel, blacksmith, h. 384 East Seneca. 
Gardner, STicholas, grocer, 339 East Genesee. 


Gardiker, Thomas, marble cutter, h. Thirteenth near Vermont. 

Gardner, Gapl Charles, comer Church and Franklin. 

Gardner, Adam, laborer, h. comer Maple and Virginia. 

Gardner, Edward G. b. Capi. Gardner. 

Gardner, Hannah M. teacher Dist. No. 6, b. 150 South Divimon. 

Gardner, Thomas, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Gardner, Philip, grocer, Huron near Oak. 

Gardner, Michael, caulker, h. 91 Eaak Seneca. 

Gardner, Charles- F. clerk post office, b. corner Church and Franklia. 

Gardner, Michael, caulker, h. Le Couteulx. 

Garland, Samuel, tailor, h. German near Delaware. 

Garle, Henry A. bricklayer, h. Walnut near Bataviik 

Gannon, Frederick, clerK, 25 CommerciaL 

Garner, John, at Buffalo Steam Engine TVorks, h. 23 Hlinois. 

Gamer, Matthew, laborer, h. Perry near MississippL 

Garret, Cuyler, 172 Main, h. 23 Pearl. 

Garrigan, Joseph, tailor^ h, 1 Centre. 

Garson, George, on the lake, h. Elk, adjoining Ohio Slip. 

Garvan, Francis, tailor, 160 Main. 

Garvin, John, pedler, h. 31 Clinton, 

Garvin, Lucy* widow of Rev. Isaac, 125 PearL 

Garyin <fe Gould, physicians, over 152 Main. i 

Garvin, Henry D. m. d. firm G. <fe Gould, b. 125 Pearl. 

Gas Works, Genesee, corner Fourth. 

Gaskin, P. G. joiner, h. EUicott above Clinton, 

Gass, Johi^ on railroad, h. 286 Michigan. ^ 

Gassman, John E. b. comer Sycamore and Sprinff. 

Gastell, JoMph, shoemaker, h. corner Goodelf and Mvlbeny. j 

Gastell, Geoi^e, shoemaker, h. 296 Pearl. ) 

Gastell, Anthony, shoemaker, 296 Pearl. 

Gastfell, George, at White Lead Factory. 1 

Gates, Mrs. widow of Horatio, 203 South Division. 

Gates, George B. firm G^fcesi Co. h. 77 South Division.. 

Gates, Mary> widow of KidholaiB, 24 German. 

Gates, Nicholas, jr. stone cutter, h. 24 Gei*maiu 

Gates, Jacob H. 300 Franklin. 

Gates,. Xavier> tanner. Bush A Howard. 

Gates, Charles L. ship joiner, h. 20)3 South Division. 

Gates, George, fruit dealer, b. Lovejoy House. 

Gates, SilM J. clerk, 172 Main, b. 33 East Swan. 

Gates, Sigismund I. ship joiner, h. Swan below Cedar. 

Gatty, John,^ teamster, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Ganger, John, Miehigim near Goodell. 

Gaul, Charles, on the canal, 139 North Division. 

Gavan, Francis, tailor, b. Buell'S HoteL 

Gaven, James, porter. Huff's Hotel. 

Gayen, Michael, shipcarpenter, h. Perry near Haywar<^ 

Gayin, John, clerk, W. Bryant, h. Sixth near Hudson^ 

Gay, Francis M. melodeon tuner, 200 Main. 

Gayer, John^ machinist, h. 190 South Pivisiox)i 


Gaylord, Henry M. clerk, D. Belden, b. same. 

Gazley^ Dickereon, boatman, b. cor. Nortb Waabington and Fenr. 

Geary, William, clerk, 62 Main, b. Fourtb near Carolina. 

Geary, James, ship carpenter, h. Fourth near Carolina. 

Geber, George, brick maker, h. Maple near GoodelL 

Gebhard« ^JTicbolas, mariner, h. Boston. 

Gebra, Antonine, coppersmith, John Keith. 

Geckler, Godfrey, joiner, h. Pratt near Sycamore. 

Geelian, Paul R. recess cor. Washington and Do<Sk. 

Geer, Milton, melodeon tuner, 200 Main, b. 22 South Division. 

Geier, Henry, shoemaker, cor. Ellicott and Burton Alley. 

Geier, John, blacksmith, 190 Pine. 

Geier, Christian, 135 East Genesee. 

Geier, Adam, laborer, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Geier, Henry, laborer, h. Sycamore near Pratt 

Geigfer, John, shoemaker* b. J. Lenhardt 

Geiger, Frederick, tobacconist, 177 East Genesee. 

Geiger, Philip, grocer, cor. Delaware and Amherst 

Geirshofer, Abraham, 306 Main. 

Geirshofer, Isaac, firm Dahlman A Co. 276 Main. 

Geis, John, musician, h. Walnut near Genesee. 

Geisel, Philip, laborer, h. 124 Elm. 

Geisel, Philip, 168 Elm. 

Gelbach, Bamiol, tailor 13 Main. 

Gelston, Samuel F. firm Vanslyke, JEvans & Co. h. N'lagam north of 

Gemele, John, car*ge trim. H. S. Chamberlain, h. Seneca near Chioiga 
Gemith, John, tailor, h. 214 Elm. 
Oengnagel, Ottilie, widow^, Sycamore near Michigan. 
Genoar, Francis, ship carpenter, h. Walnut near Clintoii. 
Gentzsch, Gottlob, tailor, h. 108 Elm. 
George, Mrs. widow of Michael, J 64 Elm. 

George, Henry, cabinet maker, 23i^Main, h. Maple near GoodeH 
George, Charles, plasterer, h. 51 German. 

Georger, Louis, harness maker, junc. Ohio and Elk, h. 7 Genesea 
Georger, Martin, firm F. Georger <fe Co. h. Ellicott near Chippewa. 
Georger, Francis A. dry goods merchant, 400 Main, h. same. 
Georger^ Charles, hat stoJTe, 9 East Genesee, h. Ellicott near Ohippewm. 
Georger, Frank it Co. 382 Main. 
Georger, Frank, firm of F, G. A Co. 382 Main. 
Gerard, Joseph, tailor, h, 170 Ellicott 
Gerard, Augustus, joiner, b. 170 Ellicott 
Gerard, Mrs. widow of James, Batavia below Michigan. 
Gerard, Mary, widow, 170 Ellicott 
Gerard, Pet^, tailor, b. 170 Ellicott 
Gerard, Louis, farmer, Ontario. 
Gerber, Charles, laborer, h. Goodell near Michigan. 
Gerber, Mrs. widow, Batavia near Elm. 
Gerber, Banda, butcher, comer Goodell and Elm. 
Gerber* Charlei^ grocer, comer Buxton Alley and Main. 


Cordis, Albert, at the Qas Works. 

Oerdis, Oliver, at Gas Works, h. comer Goodell and Michigan. 

Oergen, Peter, laborer, h. comer Spring and William. 

Gernardt, John, roason, h. 441 Michigan. 

Gerhardt, John P. grocer, 10 West Genesee, h. same. 

Gerhardt, Philip, tailor, h. Chern^ near Locust 

Gerhart, Martin, shoemaker, h. 131 East Seneca. 

Gerhart, Theobold, brewer, b. Ann-Born. 

Gerhart, Jacob, 189 East Genesee. 

Gerhart, Christian, tailor, 68 Cherry. 

G€a*ie, Nicholas, Cypress near Michigan. 

Gering, George, 267 East Swan. 

Gering, George, Walnut neat William. 

Gerino, Lawrence, clerk, Pratt <b Co. 

Gerischen, John, moulder, h. William near Walnut. 

Gertschen, Berahard, moulder, h. William near Walnut. 

Gerlach, Jacob, sign painter, Genesee near Hickory. 

Gerlach, Frederick, cabinet maker, h. 141 Oak. 

Gerlach, Christian, Genesee near Hickory. 

Germain, Rollin, aU*y at law, 7 Court, h. 128 East Eagle. 

Germain, Charles, jr. 125 Oak. 

Germain, Isaiah, carpenter, h. Clinton Alley, near Clinton. 

Germain, Edward, snip carpenter, h. Smith Block, Carroll 

German, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

German, John C. tailor, 188 EUicott 

German Evangelical Reformed Church, c<»iier Spring and Cherry. 

German Baptist Church, Spruce near Batavia. 

German Methodist Church, Spi-uce neai* Sycamore. 

German Odd Fellows* Hall, Court near Main. 

German Evangelical Church, corner Genesee and Hickory. 

German Youne Men's Association, ovei* 2673^Main. 

Germany, Philip, grocer, comer Batavia and JBennett 

Germany, John, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. Ash near Genesee* 

Germer, Adam, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Geraer, Andreas, laborer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Gerono, Lorentz, clerk, Pratt A Co. Ji. 74 Bennett 

Gerry, Rev. Francis, 64 EUicott 

Gerst, Jacob, merchant, h. Niagara, noi*th of Amherst 

Gerstel, Joseph, grocer, corner Goodell and Mulberry. 

Gerstenhauer, Eugene, printer, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Gerstenhauer, Conrad, Pratt near Genesee. 

Gertz, John, joiner, h. corner Genesee and Jefferson. 

Gessler, John, cap maker, h. Spring near Batavia. 

€testany, George, teamster, h. 242 FearL 

Gethhoefer, Catharine, widow, William near Michigan. 

Gethhoefer, Geo. book binder, O. G. Steele, b. William near Bataria. 

Getrost John, watchmaker, 501 Michigan. 

Gettelman, Philip, saloon. Long Wharf. 

Getzinger, George, clerk. Mack, Pickering & Blossom. 

Geyer» Christopher, ciitlery> 7 Commerciiu. 


Gibbins, George, ghoemaker, 40 East Seneca. 

Gibbins, William, boiler maJker, b. Mrs. E. Jones. 

Gibbs, Francis, on railroad, h. 53 Ellicott. 

Gibbs, John, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Gibbs, Artemas, joiner, h, Delaware above Tnpper. 

Gibbs, James S. attorney at law, 282 Main, b. Mrs. Mathews. 

Gibbins, John, mason, h. Hajward near Elk, 

Gibbons, Famham <fe Dayis, druggists, 1 Stow block, Commercial, 

and 5 South Division. 
Gibbons,][John J. firm G., Farnham <fe Davis, h. 2 Oak. 
Gibbons,' Edward, laborer, b. Le Couteulz. 
Gibhart, Lawrence, mason, h. 207 Elm. 
Gibson, Robert, mariner, h. rear of 5 Beak. 
Gibson, Samuel, Engineer, b. Mrs. E. Jones. 

Gibson, James C. railroad and steamboat agent, 2 Main, b. 35 E. Swan. 
Gibson, Charles D. produce and com. mer. Mer. Exchange, h. 17 Oak. 
Oibson, George, joiner, h. Sixth near Hudson, 
Gibson, WilliMa, at Gas Works. 
Gibson, William, at Mount's litery stable. 
Gibson, Charles H. clerk, with J. C. Gibson. 
Gibson, John G. book-keeper, Evans <fe Dunbar. 
Gibson, Charles W. firm Brown A G. h. St Paul. 
Giddings, A. H. Contractor, 41 Oak. 
Gidley, Jacob, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Giesz, Anna, widow, 161 Ellicott. 

Giffing, William, at American Express office, h. 12 Park Place. 
Giffing, Isaac H. m. d. dentist, 237 Main, b. 12 Park Place. 
Gifforo, Edward, sawyer, h. Squaw Island. 
Gifford, C. B. railroad conductor, b. Mansion. ^ 

Gilbert A. mariner, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 
Gilbert, Marinus G. book-keeper, A. M. Clapp A Co. 
Gilbert, Daniel W. clerk, b. iJastus Crooker. 
Gilbert, Daniel H. 135 Main. 
Gilbert, George, laborer, b. James Van Dewater. 
Gilbert^ Henry S. firm Barton A G. h. 41 Jackson. 
Gilbert, L. tailor, h. Illinois near Elk. 
Gilbert, Alvan D. firm Courter <fe Co. h. 100 Chippewa. 
Gilbert & Co. soap and candle factory. State. 
Gilbert, John M. soap and candle maker. State, b. Western Hotel 
Gilbert, Hermon C. roreman. Republic office. 
Gilbert, David, carpenter, h. 262 Franklin. 
Gilbert, Samuel, carpenter, b. 262 Franklin. 
Gilbert, Ira, blacksmith, Water below ship canal. 
Gilchrist, Thomas, warehouseman, Mann, vail A Co. b. 62 Lloyd. 
Gilchrist, David, moulder, h. Genesee near Morgan. 
Gilday, Thomas, laborer, h. comer Van Rensselaer and Porter. 
Gildersleeve, Charles H. teacher, Dist No. 10, h. Tenth near Carolina. 
Gilbm, Michael laborer, 61 Main. 
GillUan, James, attorney at law, over 146 Main. 
Gill« Patrick, grocer, Ohio near Michigan. 


GUI, Oaoree, Baddler, h. 296 Elm. 

Qill, David, fumaicenuui, h. Auburn near Niagara. 

Gillboy, William, cor. North Washington and Forest Ayenue. 

Gilleg, Francis L. grocer, cor. Batavia and Elm. 

Gillespie, George, 313 Michigan. 

Gillespie, Rob^^ forward ingmerchant, h. 99 East Swan. 

Gillespie, William W. clerk, W. D. Walbridge, h. 99 East Swan. 

Gillespie, James, book-jceeper, Pratt A Go. b. 44 Franklin. 

Gillet, A. N. inspector high wine, 9 central wharf, b. 91 S. Diyision. 

Gillet, Henry T. firm Enapp A Gillet, h. 91 South Diyision. 

Gillett, Hiram, marble cutter, D. Belden. 

Gillett, Israel, collector local taxes, h. 515 Main. 

Gillig, Lorentz, recess and h. 159 East Genesee. 

Gillig, Damian, carriage trimmer, h. 175 East Genesee. 

Gilligan, Thomas, *b. John McLane. 

GUlia, Charles, x. d. 9 Boston Block, Niagara. 

Gillmeister, Christian, painter, h. 61 East Genesee. 

GiUmore, William, grocer, h. 2 EUicott 

Gillmore, Andrew, on the lake, h. Illinois near Peny. 

Gilman A Barton, brewers, Steuben near Hydraulics. 

Gilman, M.,S. firm G. A Barton, Steuben, near Hydraulics. 

Gilman, John T. mason, H. Seneca near Van RensMlaer. 

Gilman, George W. mason, h. 409 East Seneca. 

Gilman, Albert, machinist, h. 97 Washington. 

Gilson, Samuel D. machinist, b. Tremont. 

Giner, John, laborer, h. Hickory near William. 

Ginther, John, porter, Hubbard, -Hart A Co. 

Gior, Eli, edge tool maker, L. <fe L J. White. 

Giroud, August, ship carpenter, b. Benziuo. 

Gitterie, Jacob, sr. mason, Michigan near Batayia. 

Gittery, Florence, joiner, h. 73 Sycamore. 

Gittery, Joseph, jr. tanner, 12 Sycamore. 

Gittery, Antnony, joiner, h. Sycamore below Ash. 

Gittre, Nicholas, mason, h. 67 Bennett 

Gitzer, Adam, painter. Mulberry above Goodell. 

Gitzkey, Jonas, M. clothier, 76 Main. 

Gitzkey, Louis, clothier, 90 Main. 

Given, Robert, laborer, cor. Breckenridge and Mason. 

Given, James, laborer, h. Auburn near North Washington. 

Givens, Green, sailor, h. Walnut near Sycamore. 

Gizenderfer, Michael, carriage trimmer, h. 78 West Tupper. 

Glab, HeniT, sash maker. South Diyision beyond Pollard. 

Glaeser, John, Maple near GoodelL 

Glaser, Joseph, laborer, h. Palmer near Carolina. 

Glasman, Charles, joiner, h. 142 Elm. 

Glass, G. P. huckster, h. William near Michigan. 

Glass, B. clerk, 138 Main. 

Glasseck, Trits, cabinet maker, 107 Main. 

Gleaeer, Conrad, larmer, h. 137 Oak. 

Gleeson, Philip W. tailor, h. Smith Block, Exchange. 


Gleed, Ambrose, firm 0. 4&JSolzworUi, h. cor. Twelfth A PeniuylTania. 

Gleed, Thomas, cook, h. 4 Vine. 

Gleed A Holzworth. fiour dealers, 10 Ohio. 

Gleeson, Matthew, clerk, 61 Main. 

Gleeson, Hugh, vegetable dealer. Terrace Market 

Gleeson, Charles L. firm King <& Gleeson, h. 18 Clinton. 

Gleeson, John, laborer, 61 Main. 

Gleeson, W. tutor St. Joseph's College. 

Gleeson, Matthew, 26 German. 

Gleis, Martin, shoemaker, h. 576 Washington. 

Glennie, J. H. clerk,' Allen, Oatman <& Co. b. 55 East Eagle. 

Glennj, Wm. H. earthenware A glass mer. 52 A 160 Main h. 66 Pearl 

Glinn, Hamilton, cor. Niagara and Parish. 

Gobat^ Abraham, ship carpenter, b. Benzino. 

Goebel, Henry, clerk, 349 Main, 

Goebel, Christoph, tailor, h. cor. Elm and Tupper. 

Goffe, Joseph, plasterer, h. Pine near Clinton. 

Goehrong, Christopher, tailor. Hickory near Genesee. 

Goembel, Paul, butcher, cor. Spruce and Batavia 

Goerger, Tgnaz, Ash near Genesee. 

Goemer, Augustus, tailor, h. Goodell Alley. 

Goerris, John F. blacksmith, cor. Washington and Chippewa. 

Goess, John, laborer, h. Lutheran. 

Goetle, Jacob, joiner. Elm near GJenesee. 

Goettelman, John, with L. <& I. J. White. 

Goetz, John, shoemaker, h. Hollister near Spring. 

Goetz, Seibold, moulder, h. Michigan near UoooelL 

Goetz, Adam, joiner, h. cor. Cherry and Spring. 

Goetz, Jacob, tailor, cor. Walnut and Sycamore. 

Goetz, Joseph, grocer. Walnut near Batetvia. 

Goetz, John, mason, h. Michigan near High. 

Goetz, Michael, grocer, 275 Main, h. 33 East Huron. 

Goetzinger, Joseph, tailor, h. Seventh near Hudson. 

Gold, Henry, tailor, h. Mulberry above GtoodelL 

Gold, Charles R. police justice. Terrace near United States Hotel, h. 

Main above Chippewa. 
Golden, Thomas, laborer, h. Niagara near Albany. 
Goldmeier, Henry, mason, h. Pine near Batavia. 
Goldsmith, Abraham, painter, b. 24 Green. 
Goldsmith, A. B. printer, George Reese <& Co. 
Goldstein, Xavier, laborer, h. Spring below Genesee. 
Goll, Jacob, blacksmith, h. 550 Michigan. 
GoUan, John, blacksmith, h. Kinth near Huron. 
Gollwitzer, Christopher, h. Spring near Batavia. 
GoUwitzer, George, laborer, h. Wuliam near Bennett 
Gollwitzer, Michael, grocer, 114 Sycamore. 
GoWly, Owen, warehouseman, h. 32 Scott 
Gombert, William, firm Eiebler A G. h. cor. Batavia and Pine. 
Gonnan, James, hostler, h. Tennessee near Mackinaw. 
GoniMu, Augustus, blacksmith, b. T. Stupp. 


Gontzer, Xavier, with Oolllgon A Brothers. 

Good <b Moore's Brass and Bell Foundry, 21 Ohla 

Good, Adam, firm G. <fe Moore, h. Indiana near Ohio. 

Good, Daniel, Walnnt near Batavia. 

Goodale, Daniel, contractor, h. 177 East Seneca. 

Goodell, Mrs. widow of Jabez, Goodell near Oak. 

Goodenough, Almira K milliner, 219j^ Main. ^ 

Goodenough, Maria L. milliner, 219^^Main. 

Goodhae, Charles S. book-keeper, W. H. Glenny, b. J« Guild. 

Gooding, Rodney, Michigan near Seneca. 

Goodler, Gottlieb, tailor, w. P. Stambach. ^ - 

Goodrich, Erastus H. jeweler, 1 Main, h. cor. Seventh and Carolina. 

Goodrich, Guy H. real estate agent, over 222 Main, h. Main ab. High. 

Goodrichj^ Henry A. attorney, oyer 222 Main, b. cor. Main and High. 

Goodrich, Allen B. grocer, 1 Oak. 

Goodrich, Joseph H. Main aboye High. 

Goodrich, John E. clerk, Jewett <fe Root, b. 62 East Swan. 

Goodrich, Augustus, laborer, h. 125 Oak. 

Goodrich, James A. moulder, h. Elk near Michigan. 

Goodrich, Mrs. Jane, Washington below Green. 

Goodrich, Charles, watchman at Penitentiary, b. cor. Fiftih and Pa. 

Goodrich, Leonard, clerk, 225 Main, b. 36 East Swan. 

Goodruff, Louis, tinsmith, h. Pine near Clinton. 

Gk>odwasser, Philip, joiner, h. Cherry near Maple. 

Goodwin, Patrick, California saloon, 4 Terrace. 

Goodwin, Thomas, cook, h. Seventh near Hudson. 

Goodwin, William, Rainbow Hotel, 10 East Swan. 

Gooley, John, waiter at Mansion. 

Gooley, Stephen B. liquor dealer, 158 Main, h. 56 Sixth. ^ 

Gordell, John, with D. B. Castile. 

Gordinier, Adeline, Sycamore near Michigan. 1 

Gordinier, John, at C. F. Miller's Gymnasium. 

Gordon, Moses G. clerky-Prattife Co. h. Ninth near Yirginia. 

Gordon, William, engineer, h. 44 Ohio. 

Gordon, John, cabinet maker, 115 Main, b. Pearl Street House. 

Gordon, Joseph, caulker, h. Bennett near William. 

Gk>rdon, John, laborer, h. Exchange near Van Rensselaer. 

Gk>rdon, Lewis, caulker, h. Louisiana near Seneca. 

Gordon A Clexton, proprietors Woolen Works, Black Rock. 

Gordon, Job, firm GK A Clexton, h. Dearborn, north of Amherst 

Gorman, Mary, widow of Henry, Fifth near Carolina. 

Gorman, Thomas, painter, at Robinson's shop. 

Gk>rman, Dennis, laborer, h. Lock near Ten-ace. 

Gosselain, Samuel, mason, h. cor. Elm and High. 

Gossrau, Henry C. shoemaker, 110 Clinton. 

Gottbeck, Herman, cooper, h. 165 Oak. 

Gotthelf, Marx, pedler,li. German Alley. 

Gottshalk, Henry, taQor, Pratt near William. 

Gottstein, Dominick, tsdlor, 575 Main. 

Gould, Sylyanus O. attorney at law, oyer 233 Main, h. 85 Franklin. 


G<nild> Edward O. produce mer. cor. Ohio and Indiana, h. eor. Waah 

and South Division. 
Gould, William, ic. d. firm Garvin <fe G. h. 125 PearL 
Gould, E. S. clerk. Western Hotel. 
Gould, Gifford P. clerk, 1T8 Main, b. IT. 8. Hotel 
Gould, Wm. N. clerk, 187 Main, b. B. CampbelL 
Gould, Lorenzo Pi. builder, h. 25 Carroll. 
Goulding, Wm. pedler, h. Fifth near Carolina. 
Goulding, David S. clerk, 218 Main, b. 173 East Seneca. 
Gourley, John, freight agent, b. J. H. H. Wheeler. 
Gousseau, August, file sawer, h. Bennett near William. 
Gowans <fe Beard, soap and candle manufacturers, Ontario cor. Carolina. 
Gowans, Peter, firm Qowans <& Beard, h. Johnson Place. 
Gowdy, Mrs. Theodore, 57 East Eagle. 

Grabau, Rev. Johann, A. A. pastor Ger. Luth. ch. Goodell cor. Maple, 
Grace, John, ioiner, h. North Division, near Grosvenor. 
Graeber, Ferdinand, joiner, b. A. Backer. 
Gb-aeser, Charles, tailor, 126 Elm. 
Graesar, Yolentine, tailor, h. Batavia, below Ash. 
Graesler, Kicholas, laborer, h. Pratt near William. 
Graettcke, Francis, joiner, h. Bennett near William. 
Graf, Frederick, weaver, 160 East Genesee. 
Graf, Philip, bootmaker, 295 East Genesee. 
Graf, Frederick A. comb maker, 361 Main. 
Graf, John, laborer, h. 6 Oypresa 
Graf, Jenny, De Fisher, William near Union. 
Graf, Andrew, blacksmith, h. Lutheran near Batavia. 
Graf, Gk>ttlieb, boarding house, 5 Maiden Lane. 
Graf, John, shoemaker, b. 351 Main. 
Graf, John, rope maker, h. 48 German. 
Graf, FredericK, turner, h. Maple near GoodelL 
Graf, Harmon, weaver, h. Camp near Genesee. 
Graff, Thomas, 51 Chippewa. 
Graham, Amasa, clerk, O. Allen, h. 42 Court 
Graham, Margaret, widow, 184 Clinton. 
Graham, PhiUp, blacksmith, h. 308 East Seneca. 
Graham, James H. attorney at law, over 148 Main. 
Graham^ James, runner, h. 83 CarrolL 
Graham, George, b. T. Cotter. 
'Graham, George, Washington near Perry. 
Graham, Michael, 308 East Seneca. 
Graham, Susanna, recess, 4 Efner Block, Commercial. 
Graham, John, on the lake, h. 14 Batavia. 
Graham, Mary, dressmaker, 133 East Seneca. 
Graham, Curtis, boat builder, h. Niagara near the Creek. 
Graham, Charles„boat builder, h. North Wash, near Eighteenth. 
Graham, Patiick, R. R. agent, h. Exchange near Chicago. 
Grahling, Frederick, grocer, 257 East Genesee. 
Graljng, Jacob, carriage maker, h. Potter near William. 
Qralmetz, William, cabinet maker, 169 Elm. 

206 oomaBouL ja>vsBTissR Dnucoroar. 

Gram, JoHn Charles, tailor, 366 Michigan. 

Gram, William, tailor, 418 Michigan. 

Grambj, John, 383 Michigan. 

Grandirson, James, brass founder, h. 5 Folsom. , 

Granlich, Jacob, marble worker, h. cor. Hickory and Eagle. 

Grant, Edward F. clerk, J. 0. Gibscm. 

GRANT, DAVID M. carpet ware rooms, 198 Main, h. Niagara near 

Virginia. — See adv. p. 64. 
Grant, Thomas J. fruit dealer, 210 Washington. 
Grant, D. W. D. b. 35 East Swan. 
Graser, Christian, shoemaker, 220 Washington. 
Graser, Charles, clerk, Pratt <& Co. h. 340 East Genesee. 
Grass, Andrew, grocer, cor. Hickory and William. 
Grasser, Henry, at Buffalo Furnace, h. Maryland near Indiana. 
Gratz, Ludwig, joiner, h. Maple near Cherry. 
Gratz, Philip C. sash maker, h. Maple near High. 
Gb'attan, George, firm Hampton <& Grattan, b. 5 Franklin. 
Graul, Conrad, musician, h. Batayia near Cedar. 
Grayer, Edward, barber. Ferry near the Canal, Black Rock. 
Graves, Wm. B. Amer. Express office, h. 62 West Mohawk near DeL 
Graves, Geo. W. ship carpenter, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 
Graves, Wm. T. 331 Washington. 

Gray, William, book-keeper, Mann, Vail <& Co. h. 118 Clinton. 
Gray, Orrin, baker, T. Payne. 
Gray, Eldred P. m. d. 6 West Swan, b. Clarendon. 
Gray, Joseph, joiner, Eaton's Mill, h. Franklin near Chippewa, 
Gray, Milton, firm Kraft <fe Gray^h. 29 East Huron. 
Gray, Wm. M. book-keeper. G, W. Tifft, h. cor. Carolina and Seventh. 
GRAY, CAPT. HIRAM, keeper Lovejoy House, 8, 9, 10, Terrace. 

See ado. p. 98. 
Gray, Jamesjgrocer, cor. Carolina and Seventh. 
Gray, Ann, T^nut near Sycamora 
Gray, Joseph jr. b. 170 Franklin. 
Gray, Alfred, law student. Pool <fe Lewis. 
Gray, Margaret, widow, cor. Carolina and Georgia. 
Gray, Charles, roaiiner, h. Louisiana near South. 
Gray, Charles, pilot, h Cypress near Michigan. 
Grazier, John, with D. Belden. 
Greas, Thomas, laborer, h. Nichols AUjey. 
Grebner, Charles, lithographic printer, 161 Main. 
Green, Ellas, superintendent of the poor, office 336 Main. 
Green, Orange F. clerk* Turner Brothers, h. cor. Niagara and Huron. 
Green, Franklin, boatman, h. 189 South Division. 
Green,. Christian, widow, with Josiah Cook. 
Green, Samuel C. clerk, Levi J. Mobie, b. 336 Washington. 
Green, Edwin, tailor, h. Folsom near Michigan. 
Green, Thomas, harbor master, h. William near Union. 
Green, Joseph, barber. Western Hotel. 
Green, Hugn, laborer, h. Marvin. 
Gr66n, Starr, milkman, 42 East Seneca. 


Green, Alphens S. on canal, h. 114 Folsom. 

Green, Henry, joiner, h. 95 Oak. 

Green, Mrs. E. widow, Alabama near Steuben. 

Green, Samuel, laborer, h. Niagara near Hampshire. 

Green, Win. £. clerk, 198 Main, b. 56 East Swan. 

Green, Francis, caulker, h. Folsom near Chicago. 

Green, Michael, laborer, h. Fulton near Alabama. 

Green, Patrick, laborer, h. Elm near Michigan. 

Green, James, baker, 23 East Seneca. 

Green, John, baker, 23 East Seneca. 

Green, Wm. H. engineer, b. Southern Hotel. 

Green, John, at 8. Shepard's, h. Mississippi near Perry. 

Green, Franklin, book-keeper. Daily Repuolic, h. Ellicottnear Tupper. 

Green, James, laborer, h. Chippewa near Ellicott. 

Green, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Alabama near Mackinaw. 

Greene, Wm. H. attorney at law, h. Washington cor. North Division. 

Greene A Baldwin, attorneys at law, 190)^ Main. 

Greene, Benjamin F. firm G. A Baldwin, b. American. 

Greenland, James, builder, h. cor. Sixth and Penusylyania. 

Greenshield, John, cutter, 15 Commercial, h. 75 North Diyision. 

Greenslit, Nathaniel C. clerk, 11 Franklin, h. Carey near Delaware. 

Gregg, Allen, millwright, h. Ferry near Adams. 

Gregg, Harris H. clerk, 70 Lloyd. 

Gregory, Daniel, carpenter, h. Franklin above Chippewa. 

Gregory, William, foreman, John Lewis, 233 Main, n. 9 Beak. 

Gregory, William, 181 Ellicott 

Gregory, Amos S. teacher. District No. 2, b. 11 Court 

Gregory, Johu C. painter, b. Joel Best 

Greiner, John, firm A. D. A. Miller <& Co. h. cor. Clinton and Union. 

Greiner, John, hotel keeper, cor. Genesee and Jefferson. 

Greiner, Frederick, baker, h. Walnut near Genesee. 

Greiner, Harmon, shoemaker, h. 131 East Seneca. 

Greiner, David, baker, Walnut near Genesee. 

Greiner, Bemhard, baker, Walnut near Genesee. 

Greiner, Andrew, engineer, h. 181 East Genesee. 

Greoetie, Henry, 9 State. 

Grennan, Miss M. boarding house, 62 Ellicott. 

Gretien, Charles, joiner, h. 130 Oak. 

Gretzinger, J. shoemaker. Mulberry near High. 

Grey, Ernst G. 135 Ellicott 

Grichban, John, grocer, Mulberry near city line. 

Gridley, Frederick, at White's Bank, h. cor. Swan and Michigan. 

Gridley, Clement, 57 East Seneca. 

Gridley, Norman J. ship builder, h. 67 Chippewa. 

Griesbaum, George, Michigan near High. 

Grifiin, Coleman, cook on the lake, h. 15 Pine. 

Grifiin, Rev. Philander, agent for the Bethel Society, b. JJ. S. Hotel 

Griffin, William, laborer, h. Pennsylvania near Niagara. 

Griffin, John, laborer, h. Pennsylvania near Niagara. 

Ch'iffin, James» laborer, h. R. L near Ninth. 


Griffin, Gilbert P. clerk, 178 Main, b. 173 East Seneca. 

Griffing, J. S. daguerreotypist, 214 Main. 

Griffith, John M. for. <fe com. mer. Long Wh. <fe S. Canal, h. 21 Church. 

Grimm, John, 251 Franklin. 

Grimmer, Peter, laborer, 102 Cedar. 

Grin well, J. D. conductor, b. Clarendon. 

Grissim, John, boat joiner, Le Couteulx, h. Eagle near Oak. 

Griswold, Alex. S. 98 North Diviaion. 

Groben, Carl, cor. William and Bennett. 

Groben, Jacob, cabinet maker, cor. Genesee and Elm. 

Groeger, John, shoemaker, h. 569 Washington. 

Groesbeck, Elizabeth, boarding house, 55 East Seneca. 

Groh, John, laborer, h. 183 East Genesee. ' 

Gros, John D. attorney at law, 2 Exchange, h. 12 Goodell. 

Groshans, Gottfried, tanner, IS. Case <& Co. h. 378 Michigan. 

Gross, Jacob, boarding house, 104 Batavia. 

Gross, George, grocer, cor. Batavia and Hickory. 

Gross, Jacob, joiner, h. Batavia near Bennett 

Gross, Henry, whitewasher, h. 80 North Division. 

Grossman, Henry G. grocery cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Grossman, George, cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Grosvenor, Stetson L. b. Pearl Street House. 

Grosvenor, Godfrey, 44 Pearl. 

Grosvenor, Seth H. agent, 64 Pearl. 

Grosvenor, Seth B. book-keeper. Bank of Attica, h. 524 Main. 

Grotendorst, John, laborer, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Grouney, Charles S. S. clerk, 231 Main, b. Mrs. Seamon. 

Grorer, Mrs. Margaret, Green near Washington. 

Gruler, Burnett, cooper, h. Dearborn near Amherst 

Gruber, Columbia, tailor, h. rear 562 Michigan. 

Gnieber, Jacob J. boai'ding house. Ten-ace near Church. 

Grueger, Joseph, 567 Washington. 

Gruenauer, Magdalena. Bennett near Batavia. 

Grueneisen, Rudolph, laborer, h. Cedar near Batavia. 

Grunholzer, John J. physician, cor. Elm and Genesee, 

Grunwald, Alexander, cor. Main and Hanover, h. 103 Ellicott 

Grunwald, William, laborer, h. cor. Clinton and Walnut 

Guck, Thomas S. bootmaker, 246 Main, h. 68 German. ^ ' 

Guckenheimer, Michael, pedler, h. Batavia below Michigan. 

Guenther, Rev. Francis H. pastor Ev. Luth. Church, h, 154 Hickory. 

GUENTHER <fe STEVENS, gi-ocers and druggists, 163 Main.— Sfe« 

adv. p. 54. 
Guenther, John Q. firm Guenther <fe Stevens, 163 Main, 
Guenther, Nelson J. R. clerk, 165 Main, b. 47 Ellicott 
Guenther, Jacob, moulder, S. Shepard, h. Cedar near William. 
Guenther, George, moulder, S. Shepard. 
Guenther, Godfrey, laborer, h. 202 East Genesee. 
Guenther, Andrew, with Munger «k Willard, h. 199 East Genesee. 
Guffin, Cyrus, attorney at law, Rogers <fe Bowen, b. Mrs. D. Burt 
Guild, Joseph, boarding house, 35 East Swan and 12 Ellicott *# 


Guild, Harriflon, 139 Main. 

Guild, Joseph, tailor, 1l 153 East Eagle. 

GuOd, Bebaatian, watchman, h. 153 East Eagla 

Gofteaii, John L. 155 East Seneca. 

Guldner, Jehoicim, 451 Michiglin. 

Gutting, William, mason, h. 16 Pine» 

Gunne, James, carpenter, h. 246 Soijfh. DiTisicm. 

Gunning, Richard C. Niagara near rennsjlvania. 

Gurgon, William, carpenter, h. comer Evans and Fly. 

Gumey, James, joiner, 200 Main. 

Gurlack, Fred, cabinet nudcer, 233 Main. 

Gusterre, Adolph, fumaceman^ h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Gustin, John, chair maker, 2^3 Main. 

Gutekunst, John, with D. Francis, b. 13 Oak. 

Guth, John A. grocer, 277 East Qeneeee. 

Guthbordt, Jacob F. shoemaker, h. Batavia near Bennett 

Guthrie, Solomon S. firm Buckingham <fe G. h. 49 West GenesM. 

Gutroff, Louis, tinsmith, h. Fine near Clinton. 

Guyor, Gilbert* ship carpenter, h. Carroll near Chicago* 

Gjgil, Frederick, grocer. Walnut cor. Clinton* 

Haack, Maria Eva, widow. Burton Alley. 
Haag, Joseph, tailor, h. Boston. 
Haagh, Nicholas, tailor, h. 29 Sycamore. 
Haas, John, mason, h. Tupper near Oak. 

Haas, Nicholas, shoemaker, 235 Main, h. Cypretw near Michigaa. 
Haas, Jacob, blacksmith, h. 171 Oak. 
Haas, John, turner, h. 134 Oak. 
Haas, Philip, shoemaker, h. 197 East Genesee. 
Haas, Margaret, widow, 105 Pine. 

Haas, Joseph, cabinet maker, h. cor. EUicott and Burton Alley. 
Haas, Michael, cooper, h. 309 East Genesee. 
Haas, Sebastian, joiner, h. 63 East Genesee. 
Haas, David, laborer, h. cor. Genesee and Maple. 
Haas, Rosini, widow of Jacob, 62 East Tupper. 
Haas, John, baker, 516 Michigan. 
Haase, Daniel, laborer, h. 242 Elm. 
Haber, Fred, cooper, b. cor. Tonawanda and Dearborn. 
Habercom, Francis, laborer, h. 61 East Tupper. 
Haberstro, Joseph, ffrocerr, hardware and dry goods, 401 Main 
Haberstro, Joseph L. clerx, 401 Main. 
Habicht, Adam, tailor. Maple near High. 
Hacen, Eli, engineer, b. Cbnton near Spring. 
Hflchman, Frederick W. lumber yard, 176 Oak. 
Hack, Gottfried, shoemaker, Huron near Ellicott 
Hack, Michael, 5 Water. 
Hackemer, John, laborer, h. German Alley. 
Hacker, Adolph, bricklayer, h. Walnut near William. 


Hacked George, plumber G. Ba:^, h. 30 EzcHaiige. 

Hackety Patrick, laborerTn. Fotom Hear Chicago. ^ 

Hackel^ Francia, recefp. Reck near State. • ' * 

Hacket, William, laborer, h. Tenth near Yln-k. *• 

Hackmer, Adam J. laborer, h. cor. Swan a&d Pdllard. 

Haddock, Lorenzo K. atfc'j at law, 8 Spaulding'a Ex'ge b. AmericaD. 

Haddock, Joseph E. clerk in Pi^t Office, h. 279 Pearl. 

Hadfield, Robert, land agent, 3 West Seneca, h. Tenth near Pe&n. 

Hadfield, Abrsm, tmckmsn, h. Michigan near William. 

Hadley, Elijah, firm Parmelee <& H. h. 107 East Swan. 

Hadlej, Frederick, warehouaeman. Holt, Palmer A Co. 

Hadley, Daniel R. tinsmith, 119 Main, b. 115 Clinton. 

Hadson, Jacob, salesman, 233 Main. 

Haef^Un, Jacob, firm Kaldenbach <k H. h. Lutheran near Batavia. 

Haefenbrack, Charles, shoemaker, h. Cherry near Michigan. 

Haefner, Francis, bookseller, 493 Washin^n. 

Haefoer, Henry, printer, h. Cedar near Clmton. 

Haefiier, Philip, 177 East Genesee. 

Haenle, Engiblnr, stone cutter, h. Goodell Alley. 

Hafner, John, turner, h. Huron near Washington. 

Haensly, Charles, clerk, S. Bettinger. 

Haerle, Jacob, mason, h. Lutheran near William. 

Haffeld, Anibrew, laborer, h. 143 Sycamore. 

Hagan, Michael, printer, b. James McCooL 

HAGAR, H. 4& CO. grocers, 77 Main.— ^Sml adv.p, 51. 

Hagar, Henry, firm H. & Co. h. 131 PearL 

Hagar, Augustus, fluid pedler, h. Pine near South Division. 

Hagar, Jolm, cap maker, 171 Main, h. 258 East Seneca. 

^agart, James, cor. Niagara and Ferry. 

Hage, Edward, blacksmith, b. 2 Carroll 

Haggens, Charles A. cashier, 218 Main. 

Hagelin, R. Augustus, coffee house, cor. Michigan and Exchange. 

Hageman, Frederick, brick maker, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Hager, Philip, builder, h. Clinton near Hickory. 

Hi^r, Robert, ins. agent, cor. TeiTace <fe Commercial, h. 369 Main. 

Hager, Philip, prints, Brunck, Held A Co. h. Clinton near Hickory. 

Hager, John W. joiner, h. 49 Cedar. 

Hager, Theodore, clerk, J. Achert 

Hager, Christian, at Gas Works, h. Ash near (Genesee. 

Hagerman, Norman, blacksmith. Hydraulics, 1l North CanaL 

Hagg, John, cooper, h. oor. Michigan and William. 

Hagg, Joseph, tulor, h. Boston. 

fiagmeir, Lewis, erocery and h. 162 Oak, 

Hagua, Edward, blacksmith, Terraca 

Hahn, Frederick W*. saw filer. Court near Main, h. 66 Clinton. 

Hahn, John, butcher, h. Genesee near Spring. 

Hahn, Louis, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Hahn, Sebastian, 311 East Genesee. 

Haight, William S. 3 Boston block, Niagara. , 

Haight, Ransom S. grocer, 66 Main, h. Ill DeUnrare. ; 


Haight, Edgar, with Van Slyke, h. 44 Oak. 

Hai^ht, Moses C. jeweler, 2^0>^ Main, b. 57 South Diyision. 

H^iiser, Jacob, cooper, h. Franklin near .Virginia. 

Hailey, James* pedler, b. Carlton near Oak, 

Haines, Samuel, superintendent JBrie county Penitentiary, h. cor. 

Fifth and Fennsylvania. 
Haines, Nathan R. clerk, h. cor. SoQth Division and Ohestnut. 
Haize, John, carpenter, b. Tremont 
Haksteen, John J. E. iL d. 414 Michigan. 
Halarn, Daniel, mason, h. Oak near Batavia. 

Halbert, Norton A. attorney at law, 156 Main, h. Main above N^^rth. 
Halblaub, Michael, cooper, h. Dearborn, south of Parish. 
Hald, Charles, baker, Mugridge A Co. 
Halden, James, gardener, h. Delaware above North. 
Haldwick, Catharine, widow of John, cor. Niagara and Hamilton. 
Hale, Lovina, widow of Ethan, tailoress, 33 Union. 
H^e, Henry H. firm Talcott A H. b. 5 Erie. 
Haley, Martin, laborer, h. Niagara opp. Forest Avenue. 
Haley, John, boiler maker, b. J. McLaue. 
Halifax, Nathaniel, cabinet carver, h. 348 South Division. 
HaU, Andrew A. hat and cap merchant, 156 Main, h. 3 Church. 
HaU, Samuel L. joiner, h. 258 Franklin. 
Hall, Stephen, Main above Chippewa. 
Hall, James Q. Buffalo Elevator. 
Hall, Isaac, saloon keeper, h. 101 North Division. 
Hall, Henry W. baker, h. 33 Union. 
Hall, Corrodon W. clerk, 184 Main, b. 4 Niagara. 
Hall, George W. clerk Holley A Johnson, b. 244 South Division. 
Hall, Moms, joiner, h. comer Carroll and Michigan. 
Hall, Joel, lumber dealer. Main above Chippewa, h. 442 Washington. 
Hall, Henry R. clerk, 218 Main, b. 38 West Seneca. 
Hall, Burgess, clerk, N. Case <fe Ca 
Hall, Orson, 1 Packet Dock. 

Hall, Nathan K., U. S.J[^ist Judge, Spauld. Ez'ge, h. 142 Franklin. 
Hall, William, saloon l^«^er, 67 Elm. 
Hall, James C^hreitM^j^^ over 147 Main. 
Hall, Samuel H. M. cl3!^^. 3 Church. 
Hall, George H. 74 ChipJ^a* 
Hall, George, broom maker, h. Scott Alley. 
Hall, William, tanner, h. Hamilton near East. 
Hall, James, milkman, h. Main above Ferry. 
Hall, Eliza B. b. 245 South Division. 
Hallaman, John, laborer, h. Sandy Town, Black Rock. 
Hallenan, Patrick, Ohio near Swing Bridge. 
Hallenbeck, Garrett S. shoemaker, h. 240 Pearl. 
Hallenbeck, Edward, shoemaker, h. 240 Pearl. 
Haller, Martin, finisher, Ef gle Furnace. 
Haller, Christopher F. shoemaker, h. 442 Michigan. 
Haller, John George, shoemaker, h. 50 East Tupper. 
Haller. Jacob, shoemaker, h. 440 Michigan. 



HaUer, Jolrn, tailor, 95 Oak. 

Haller, Frederick, joiner, h. Walnut near William. 

Haller, John, joiner, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Haller, Frederick, sash maker, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Haller, Martin, fiiruaceman, h. Walnut near Bataria. , - 

Halleran, William, laborer, h. 25 Mississippi 

Halleran, William, joiner, h. S5 Mississippi. 

Halsejr, William H. book-keeper, A. R. Cobb A Go, h. cor. Sixth and 

Haltj, John, blacksmith, h. comer Delaware and Delayan Ayenue. 
Ham, John, moulder, h. 175 Cherry. 
Ham, John, tinsmith, h. 175 Cherry. 
Hamall, Peter, Illinois near Scott 
Hamaster, Charles, tailor, 13 Main. 
Hamilton, Aaron, boiler maker, h. Miami near Alabama. 
Hamilton, Frank H. il d* Erie at over Patchin Bank, h. north-weat 

comer Erie and Pearl. 
Hamilton, Henry, 21 Court. 

Hamilton, Patrick, teamster, h. Fifth near Carolina 
Hamilton, Isaac, cook at Penitentiary. 
Hamilton, Elizabeth, 219 Seneca. 
Hamilton, John, blacksmith, h. 25 Ohio. 
Hai^lton, WiUiam H. clerk, 159 Main, h. 48 Pearl. 
Hamilton, Margaret, widow. Cedar near Batavia. 
Hamilton, Stephen P. engineer, h. 107 Carroll. 
Hamilton, Albert T. grocer, h, 218 Washington. 
Hamilton, Christopher, h. 218 Washington. 
Hamilton, Aaron, laborer, h. Folsom near Pollard. 
Hamilton, Charles J. joiner, h. 143 Elk. 
Hamilton, Albert M. painter, h. Fulton near Chicago. 
Hamblln, Oscar, engineer, Ix Southern Hotel 
Hamlin, C. J. merchant, b. American. 

Hamlin, Emmons,. melodeon manf 'r, 200 Main, h. Niag. near Georgia* 
Hamlin <fc Webster, grocers, 1 East Seneca. 
Hamlin, WiUiam, melodeon manufacturer, 200 Main. 
Hamlin, Daniel R. h. 63 West Huron. 

Hamlin, John S. book-keeper, Pratt <fe Co. h. Sixth cor. Carolina. 
Hammer, Philip H. cor. Batavia and Pine. 
Hammersly, Mary> widow of John, Church below Terrace. 
Hammond, Mary and Jane, dress makers, 346 Main. 
Hammond, Thomas, boatman, h. Ninth near Virginia. 
.Hammond, Frederick A. N'inth near York. 
Hammond, Julia, widow of E. H. Oak above Burton Alley. 
Hammond, Frederick W. painter, h. comer Oak and Tnpper. 
Hammond, Jonathan, confectioner, 284 Main. 
Hammond, George, clerk, 247 Main. 

Hammond, Mary Ann, widow of Wm. S. 146 South Division. 
Hampe, Frederick, tailor, h. Cypress near Michigan. 
Hampel, Frederick, architect, 3 Townsend HaU, h. 139 Ellicott 
Hampton, Thomas S. firm Hampton A Grattan, cfflr. Pearl and Sen 


HAMPTOIf <k GRATTAia^^plumberaind gas fitteni, cor. Pearl and 

Seneca. — See aeb. p, 78. 
Han, Conrad, maaon, h. ^ogera near Ufica. 
Hancock, Cbarles, recruituoe; sargeant, h. 98 Canoll 
Hand, John, Buffklo Iron mirks, h. near aame. 
Hand, James, laborer, h. Louisiana near South. 
Handel, Francis J. 7 East Huron. 
Handel, Frederick, Bush <fc Howard's tannery. 
Handlj, John, laborer, h. Mississippi near Elk. 
Handy, Mary Ann* receaa, Rock near Norton. ^ 
Haner, Cornelius, boatman, h. rear 189 South Division. 
Hangen, Philip, wagon maker, b. C. SchmidiL 
Hankins, Beekman v. boat builder, h. Oak near Tupper. 
Hankins <fe Cuson, boat builders, cor. Water and Ship Canal 
Hanks, George, teamster, h. North Division near FoUard. 
Hanion, Richard, porter, Morse S; Johnson, h. 5 Scott. 
Hanlon, Edward C. printer, 155 Main. 
Hanigan, Patrick, laWer, h. Evans near Peacock. 
HANNAM, WILLIAM, x. d. 161 East Seneca. See ad»,p, 95. 
Hannam, John, boiler maker, h. Bethel Church. 
Hannavan, Ann, widow of Philip, across the creek. 
Hannavan, John, ship carpenter, h. Hayward near Elk. 
Hannegan, Thomas, 157 East Swan. 
Hannegan, Mary, widow, h. 15 Mississippi 
Hann^an, James, stone cutter, D. Belden. 
Hanni&n, Thomas, truckman, Staats. 
Hanny, John, clerk, cfst. Rock and State. 
Hanrahan, John, laborer, b. Evans. 
Hans, Matthias, fumaceman, h. Spring near William. 
Hanscomb, Charles, on the lake, h. 1(^ Carroll 
Haasell, Jacob, at Foz*s lumber yard, h. cor. Eleventh and Virginia. 
Hanson, Abraham, carriage trimmer>h. Carolina near Seventii. 
Hanson, Hiram A. book-keeper, Pratt <k Co. b. A. Hanson. 
Hanson, John, carman, h. Jackson near the canal. 
Hanson, Thomas, carman, h. Jackson near the canaL 
Hanson, Jane A. shirt maker, 45 Chippewa. 
Hanson, Thorald, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Hanson, Joeeph, warehouseman, Wilkes <fe Ca 
Happ, Bartel, tailor, h. Michigan near Batavia. 
Happ, Martin, clothier, h. 421 Michigan. 
Hapworth, Joseph, cabinet maker, h. cor. Niagara and Eagla 
Haran, John, sauor, h. Scott Alley. 
Harbeck it Co. stave dealers, Ohio foot of Michigan. 
Harbeck, John S. firm H. <fc Co. h. 44 West Eaele. 
Harboume, Henry, ahoemaker, h. Cedar near William. 
Hard, Samuel B. attorney at law, over But Sav. Bank, b. American. 
Hardberatch, Wm. mason, h. Niagara near Hampshire. 
Hardie, William, printer. Express office, h. Morgan near Niagara. 
Hardiker, Wm. lantern maker, h. Cedar near Ea^la 
Harding, Thomas, cook, h. 7 WilUam. 



HardjT, Rkbardioii B. printer, Jewett, Thomas A Co. b. H. Thuntoit- 

Hardj, Robert, joiner, n. 1 1 1 Folsom. 

Hardy, Thomas, pedler, Virginia cor. Seyenth. 

Hardy, Conrad, butcher, h. Ontario, Black Rock. 

Hares, Catharine, dressmaker, over 3 Court. 

Harigan, David, blacksmith, P. Stanton. 

Harlacher, Peter, erocer, cor. Mulberry and Cherry. 

Harmon, Cyrus, pLuiing mill, h. 13 Mechanic. 

Harmon, J. A Co. erocers, 29 Main. 

Harmon, Judson, firm J. Harmon A Co. h. 174 Pearl 

Harmon, £. F. firm J. Harmon A Co. b. J. Harmon. 

Harmon, Joseph, wagon maker, h. 53 German. 

Harmon, Levi W. teacher, b. John Dell. 

Harper, John, gilder, 14 Batavia. 

Harper, Leonara M. 103 Delaware. 

Harrbin, Joseph, barber, 309 Main. 

Harridan, James, mason, h. 39 Elm. 

Harries, Edward, firm J. W. Williams A Co. b. 83 Clinton. 

Harries, Thomas, 83 Clinton. 

Harrigan, Gormich, tinsmith, b. 31 CarrolL 

Harrington, Daniel, gardener, h. North Ontario. 

Harrington, Jane R. nurse. Main aboye Chippewa, (east side.) 

Harrington, James, steamboat agent, h. Tenin near Virginia. 

Harrington, Block, Pearl above Eagle, rear of American. 

Harris, Richard W. cor. Michigan and Elk. 

HairiB, Asa P. deputy sheriff and police consfcable, h. 10 Chestnut 

Hairis, Jatbes W. Horse Head House, Ohio near Swing Bridge. 

Harris, William, Elk cor. Michi^n. 

Harris, Joseph, livery stoble, h. Perry cor. Washington. 

Harris, Linus E. Carolina near Sixth. ^ 

Harris, Peyton, clothes cleaner, 23 Com. h. Michigan near Batavia. 

Harris, Walter, b. Horse Head House. 

Harris, John J. bookbinder, 330 Main, h. 135 Oak. 

Harris, Chauncey, watx^hman, h. Seventh near Carolina. 

Harris, Wilna C. ship carpenter, h. 7 Sixth. 

Harris, John P. laborer, h. 50 Ninth. 

Harris, Luke B. carman, h. cor. Virginia and Tupper. 

Harris* James, boat agent, b. A. J. Tiffany.^ 

Harris, James, tin and coppersmith, 72 Main. 

Harris, Sluman W. contractor, h. 7 Sixth. 

Harris, William, with N. Case A Co. h. Niagara near Pennsylvania. 

HARRIS, BENJAMIN T. merchant tailor, 201 Main, h. 98 North 

Division. — See adv. p. 63. 
Harris, Charles* painter, h. 83 Clinton. 
Harris, Charles, olacksmith, h. Louisiana newa^ Perry. 
Harris, Robert, Spring near Clinton. 
Harrison, Thomas, moulder, b. R. Booth. 
Harrison, James F. mason, h. cor. Delaware and German. 
Harrison, Henry G. architect, h.206 Franklin. 
Harrison, Ricl^i^ B. ship joiner, h. Moore' near Elk. 


Harrison, James C. agent, 0. Ml Reed, office Long Wliar^ h. Main. 

opp. North PresbTterian church. 
Harrison, George, with «f. A. Pitts. 
Harroan, Jerome, watchmaker, 300 Main. ^ 
Hart, William A. firm Hubbard A H. h. Johnaon Place. 
Hart, Columbus, 35 Jackson. 

Hart, William B. firm Wells dc H. h. Michigan near Seneea. 
Hart, Henry, farmer, h. Elk cor. Van Kensselaer. 
Hart, Austin S. 237 Main, b. WiUiam A. Hart 
Hart, Thomas* warehouseman, h. cor. Scott and JDlinoia. 
Hart» Henry, 74 Pearl. 
Hart, John, engineer, b. Southern HoteL 
Hart, John, waiter^ Western. 
HART, NEWMAN <fe CO. grocers andship chaadlexs, foot of Lloyd. 

Bee adv. p, 54. 
Hart, €apt Asa E. firm H., Newman <fe Co. h. Niagara above Feny. 
Hart, Pa^ick, warehouseman, h. Illinois near Scott. 
Hart, Philip, boarding house, 5 Water. 
Hart, Luke C. on railroad, b. Southern Hotel. 
Hart> Capt Robert, Niagara above Ferrj. 
Hart, Thomas, shoemaker, h. 34 Union. 
Hart, Charles O. at theatre, b. Tremont 
Hart, Patrick, blacksmith, b. James Shaw. 
Hartfedder, John, joiner, h. Michigan near High. ' 

Hartford, Patrick, gardener, b. 13 Mississippi 
Hartford, Nicholas F. recess. Rock cor. he Uouteulx. 
Hartley* John, fixusher, b. William Crabtree. 
Hartley, James, ship carpenter, h. Carolina near Fifth. 
Haxtlieb, Joseph, Palmer's tannery. 
Harlan, James, with Bradley Brothers. 
Hartman, John, cabinet maker, h. William near Walnut. 
Hartman, Mr& widow of Joseph, 195 East Genesee. 
Hartman, Francis, laborer, h. ^30 Elm. 
Hartmann, Mrs. widow of Jacob, Mortimer «ear Q^iesee. 
Hartmann, Adam, rear of 449 Michigan. 
Hartshorn, Samuel, milk dealer, b. 124 South Diviaioo 
Hartshorn, Franklin, clerk, 12 East Seneca 
Hartunff, Adam, upholsterer, 307 Main. 
Hartwe&, George, laborer, h. Ellicott near Tupper. 
Harty, Mrs. D. 14 EUioott 
Harty, William G-. oor? Morgan and (Genesee. 
Harty, John D. 14 EUioott. 
Harvey, Charles W. il d. surgeon den^t» h. wd office CfiX, South 

Division and Washington. 
Harvey, Alexander W. attorney, Spaulding's Exchange, b. Clareadoii. 
Harvey, Egbert, com. merchant^ 9 Central Whar^ h. 60 East Swan. 
Harvey, George D. L. hom<Bopathic physician, 225j^<iith Dtvisioa* 
Harvey, Horace J. clerk, 316 Main, h. 199 Wash, i- 
Harvey, Robert, laborer, h. Seneca opp. Spring. 
Harv«y* John, b^acksmUh, h. 93 CanroU. 


Harvey, Edward, recess, 31 East Seneca. 

Harrej, Thomas G. carpenter, 1l Tenth near Virginia. 

Harwood, Charles, joiner, b. 27 William. 

Harzheim, Joseph, laborer^ 105 Pine. 

Haselton A Matthews, box manufactarers, 37 Jackson. 

Haselton, Leonard, firm H. A Matthews, b. 1 Sixth. 

Haskall, John, at Bnffalo Nursery. 

Haskins, Roswell W. 66 Eagle, cor. Elm. 

TTaakinB, Charles, b. James Morrison. 

Haskins, Laurie C. widow, 10 Morgan. 

Haskins, Herschel H. clerk, 388 Main b. 10 Moif^an. 

Haskins, Chas. H. firm Pierce A Haskins, h. Fojsom cor. Kinney. 

Haslip, William, brick maker, h. rear of North CanaL 

Hassatt, Richard, truckman, h. Hudson near Cottage. 

HasselbaCk, Anton, butcher, 131 North Division. 

Haalacher, An^ews, laborer, h. 353 Michigan. 

Hassenfratz, Peter, finisher, Eagle Furnace, h. Elm near GoodelL 

Hastings, Eurotas, grocer, 9 South Diviaion, h. 4. Erie. 

Hastings, Thomas B. joiner, h. 307 Oak. 

Hastings, William, chair maker, h. Dearborn, north of Hamilton. 

Haetings, Samuel P. carpenter, h. 91 Ellicott 

Haetings, John W. printer, b. Pearl Street House. 

Hatch's Elevator, across the Creek. 

Hatch, Israel T. Cottage near Virginia. 

Hatch, E. P. keroer Genesee House, 406 Main. 

Hatch, C. P. at Genesee House. 

Hatch, Junius H. attorney at law, h. cor. Nla^m and Albany. 

Hathaway, Aaron L. engineer, b. 71 South Division. 

Hathaway, WiUiam H. carpenter, h. Court near Fourth. 

Hathaway, Charles, joiner, J. A. Pitts. 

Hathaway Isaac T. 393 Pearl. 

Hathaway, James W. mariner, h. Eleventh near Maryland. 

Hathaway, Samuel, engineer, h. Ninth near Virginia. 

Hatman, Peter, farmer, h. Massachusetts near Perry. 

Hattercheit, Peter, shoemaker, h. Maple near High. 

Hau, Nicholas, fumaceman, h. 95 East Genesee. 

Haubert, Robert, saddler, b. F.L. Gillig. 

Hauck, John, grocer, 309 Main. 

Hauck, August, Boston near Croodell. 

Hauck, Conrad, groceries and dry goods, Batavia cor. Pratt 

Haudricourt, Hippolite, wine and liquor dealer, Batavia near Elm. 

Hauenstein, John, m. d. 358 Main, h. 355 Washington. 

Hauenstein A Liebetrut, druggists, 358 Main. 

Hauk, Philip, flour store, Genesee cor. Oak. 

Hauser, John, cigar maker, h. Bennett, near Batavia. 

Hauser, Gregor, carpenter, h. Oak near €*oodelL 

Hauser, Wendell, boot maker, h. Oak near GoodelL 

Hauser, Thomas, tailor. Sycamore cor. Walnut. 

Hauser, Egitius, 505 Michigan. 

Hausemann, August, Michigan near Cypress. 


Haufile, Matthew> grocer, 133 East Genesee. 

Hayen A Smith, attorneys at law, 7 Court 

Haven, Solomon G. firm H. <fc Smith, h. 34 West Genesee. 

Haven, S. Z. homoeopathic phys'n and sure. 278 Main, h. 20 W. Eagld. ^ | 

Haven, Julias D. clerk, 282 Main, h. 20 West Eagle. 49^ 

Havens, J. S. clerk, 19 Main. 

Havens, Jesse, ship carpenter, b, J. Chamberlain, sr. 

Havens, E. 8. A Co. eroeers, 19 Main. 

Havens, Ephraim S. firm Havens <& Co. h. 2 Park Place. 

Havens, John H. grocer, 73 Main, b. Mansion. 

Haverstack, Charles H. printer. Express office, b. Merchants' HoteL 

Hawes, Daniel, H Western Hotel Block. 

Hawkins, Benjamin F. € East Mohawk. 

Hawkins, David H. 96 North Division. 

Hawkins, Lucj, boarding honse, 55 East Seneca. M 

Hawkins, Orrm, ship joiner, b. 138 Elk. V 

Hawkins, Wm. printer, 155 Main. 

Hawkins, Edward W. joiner, h. Abbott Road near city line. 

Hawkins, Isaac T. joiner, h. Abbott Road near city line. 

Hawkins, William, lumber dealer, cor. O. <& Wabash, b. Niag. T. House. 

Hawks, Thos. S. dealer in books and periodicals, P. O. h. 41 Franklin. 

HAWLEY, MERWJN S. com. mer. 18 and 19 Central Wharf,h. Niag. 

Square between Genesee and Delaware. — See adv,p,4il. 
Hawley, oeth C. Delaware near Chippewa. 
Hawley, Ada B. with M. S. Hawlej. 
Hawley, Elias S. firm Danforth, IL <& Co. h. 89 Franklin, 
Hawley, Elijah J. 18 Central Wharf, b. M. S. Hawley. 
Hawlej, Lucian, att'y at law, Spaulding's Ex. h. cor. Goodell and Oak. 
Hawley, James S. m. d. office and h. 158 Niacnra cor. Carolina. 
Hay, Isabella, widow of John, Genesee near Terrace. 
Hayden, Frederick, carpenter, h. 168 East Seneca. 
Hayden, Benjamin, at Buff. Iron Works, h. Niag. near Forest Avenue. 
Hayden, Wm. pail maker, h. Tonawanda near Amherst 
Hayden, Brace, clerk, Pratt A Co. h. 180 Franklin. 
Hayen, Jacob, firm I^'en <fe Hi^en, 5 Commercial. 
Hayes, George E. dentist, cor. Main and South Division. 
Hayes, John, Illinois near Scott 
Hayes, George E. clerk, 249 Main, b. 1 South Division. 
Hayes, Marii^ widow, 38 North Division. 
Hayes, J. H. joiner, at Eaton's Planing MUL 
Hayes, Edward W. cabinet finisher, P. Staats. 
Hayes, John, laborer, h. Louisiana near Ohio. 
Hayibrd, Riley, mariner, h..ll4 Folsom. 
Hayre, Geo. O. mason, h. cor. Mark and Gay. 
Hayward, Sarah, 122 Oak. 
-Hayward,^S:mma, teacher. District No. 10. 
Hayward, Simon H. joiner, h. Peiry near Alabama. 
Hayward, Fanny L. widow of Eli^ia, h. 32 East Swan. 
Hayward, Calvin, mason, b. 24 Carroll. 
Haywiml, Deborah, widow, 9 Oak. 



Hazard, Morris, Capt steamboat Miasifisippi, h. 58 East Swan. 

Hazard, Qeorge S. com. merchant, 25 Cente'al Whaif, h. 71 Delaware. 

Hazell, Thomas, clerk, 165 Main. 

Heacock, Reuben B. 35 Pearl. 

Heacock, Rev. Grosvenor W. pastor Ijafayette st church, h. 131 PearL 

Heacock, Edna, widow, b. 35 Pearl. 

Heacock, Samuel B. justice of the peace, h. Cold Spring. 

Heacock, Samuel, cabinet maker, n. 45 Bast Eagle. 

Hearne, Henry, truckman, h. Scott near Beak. 

Heather, Wm. painter, h. 27 William. 

Heather, Robert W. recess, 1 Rock. 

Hebard, John, firm Wibert A H. h. 4 CarrolL 

Hebard, William 0. book-keep^, Mann, VaU A Co. b. IT. S. HoteL 

Hebard, John H. 286 Franklin. . 

Hebron, tfemei^nrrier, Gardner's Tannerj. 

Hecht, MichaeB^oiene near Genesee. 

Heckler, Peter, cigar maker, Huron near EUicott. 

Hedge, George, watchmaker, 117 Main, h. 28 South Diyision. 

Hedge, Geo. F. cabinet finisher, b. 28 South Diyision. 

Hecker, J. carriage maker, b. Genesee House. 

Heckler* Gottleib, clerk, h. cor. Michigan and Gk)odelL 

Hedden, Charles D. brass finisher, h. Seventh near Hudson. 

Hedges, A. A. bookbinder, Phinney <feX^ b. 215 South Division. 

Heerd, Henry, pedler, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

Heerdegen, Adam, baker, 23 £^t Seneca. 

Hefarnin, Thomas, laborer, h. Ninth near Hudson. 

Hefford, Mrs. John, 77 Clinton. 

HefFord, Thomas, builder, h. 19 Oak. 

Hefner, Philip, tanner, h. 177 East Genesee. 

Hefner, Jacob, laborer, k 181 East Genesee. 

Hefner, Frederick W. laborer, h. cor. Fourteenth and Connectieut 

Hegelmeier, Gottlieb, stone cutter, h. Pratt near Sycamore. 

Hehenberger, Joseph, tailor, h. Michigan above Carlton. 

Heibach, Geo. butcher, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Heibrich, Charles, vamisher, n. Bennett near WiUiam. 

Heid, Philip, cabinet maker, b. A. Rolf. 

Heidelbach, George, keeper Eagle Hotel, Maiden Lane. 

Heidenreich, Andrew, saddler, 10 Exchange, h. Bennett near Wm. 

Heldenreiter, Edward, shoemaker, h. Walnut near Eagle. 

Heidmann, John, laborer, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Height, Wm. steamboat agent b. Commercial Hotel 

Heiland, John, grocer, h. 5 Sycamore. 

Heilmann, Adolphus, publisher of Telegraph, h. Carolina, near Ninth. 

Heilmann, Anton, confectioner, h. Batavia below Pine. 

Helm, Jacob, barber. Clarendon. 

Heiro, Paul, shoemaker, h. rear 515 Main. 

Heimen, E. cutler, h. 14 Exchange. 

Heimen, Barney, M Exchange. 

Heimen, Gottfried, laborer, h. Lutheran near Batavia. 

Heimerle, Heniy, joiner, hr^O Bennett 


Heimlich, Christian, 396 Main. 

Heimlich, Philip J. jr. prod. mer. 151 Cen'l Wharf, h. N. Div. n. Cedar. 

Heimlich, Frederick, 161 Elm. 

Heimlich, G^. dyer, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Hein, Joseph, Buffalo Steam En^'ne Works. 

Hein, Fred, clothier, 9 CommerciaL 

Hein, Valentine, h. Hinckley near Spring. 

Hein, John, laborer, h. Camp near Genesee. 

Hein, Anna, 106 Batavia 

Heine, Charles, laborer, b. A. Eirscht. 

Heinrich, F. G. foreign toys, 238 Main. 

Heinrich, John, laborer, h. Pratt near WiUiaip. 

Heinrich, Bemhard, laborer, h. Burton Alley near Ellicott • - 

Heintz, Morzolf, tailor, Walnnt near Batayia. 

Heints, Christoph, laborer, h. Pratt near WiUiano. 

Heintz, Martin, joiner, h. Pratt near William. ^ 

Heintz, iJohn, joiner, h. Pratt near William. 

Heintzmann, Theodore, pianoforte maker, 10 Oonrt, K 435 Main. 

Heinz, Mrs. widow of Peter, Mortimer near William. 

Heinze, Adrens, laborer, h. Mortimer near Batayia. 

Heinzer, Joseph, 102 Batavia. 

Heinbld, Geojoiner, h. Ajsh near Genesee. 

Heis, Jacob, Exchange near Michigan. 

Heiser, Godfrey, Ixrewery and h. 149 East Seneca. 

Heiser, John, stoneware manufacturer, h. S^ieca near Alabama. 

Heisler, Wm. tailor, 401 Main. 

Heiser, Peter, tailor, h. Bennett near William. 

Heist, Michael, 234 Franklin. 

Heistiand, Christian, ship carpenter, b. Hayward near Perry. 

Heistman, Charles, ship joiner, Bidwell, Banta <b Co. 

Heitz, Eustachius, shoemaker, h. Spring near Genesee. 

Heitzhouse, Mrs. widow of Henry, 155 Elm. 

Heitzman, John, cooper, h. Kaene near Genesee. 

Held, Frederick, firm Brunck, Held A Co. h. 145 Batayia. 

Held, Christian, laborer, 145 Batayia.* 

Helfenstein, Jacob, Thayer's candle factory. 

Heifer, Charies, blacksmith, h. Green near Howell's yard. 

Helfinger, Martin, laborer, h. 100 GoodelL 

Helfrich, Peter, laborer, h. Pine below Batayia. 

Heller, Christian, wagon maker, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Heller, Jacob, b. Frederick Wenz. 

HelL'nger, George, carpenter, h. Ash near Genesee. *. 

Hellriegel, Conrad, cor. Pralt and Batayia. 

HellriegeU Henry, grocery and dry goods, 570 Main, h. same. 

Hellriegel, Philip, grocer, 119 East Genesee. 

Hellriegel William, baker, 360 East Genesee. 

Hellriegel, John, collector of taxes, h. cor. Batayia and Ellicott 
\ Hellriegel, Henry, shoemaker, Batayia cor. Ellicott 

1 HeUriegel, Mrs. widow of Nicholas, 349 East Genesee. 

Hebnhold, Wm. truckman, h. Washington mear Scott 



HjelpeQD y, Ellen, widow, over 88 Main. 

Helficber, Henry, laborer, h. Vine near Michigan. 

Helj, Patrick W. on the lake, h. 308 Seneca. 

Hemenway, Silag, omnibas express proprietor, h. 113 Niagara. 

Hemmenway, Emily, widow, 498 Washington. 

Hemming, Kichard, with Jewett, Thomas A Go. b. 62 EUicott 

HemmerM, Charles, finisher, I. D. White. 

Hemmerle, Michael, finisher, I. D. White. 

HemBtreet» Abram, h. Mohawk bet Main and Washington. 

Hemstreet» Wm. H. clerk, Jewett, Thomas A Co. b. A. Hemstreet. 

Henderson, Albert N. magnetic instrument maker, 186 Main, h. 95 

North Diyision. 
Hendersoa, Edward, clerk, h. Oak near Tupper. 
Henderson, Walter, Quay near Washington. 
Henderson, Hanry, 62 South Diyiaton. 
Henderson, Alex clerk, 386 Main, h. 117 Clinton. 
Henderson, Joseph, painter, h. North Ontario. 
Henderson, John J. telegraph news reporter, h. 117 Clinton.^ 
Henderson, Wm. on the lake, h. 209^ Waahingfton. 
Henkel, Henry L. lock maker, h. cor. William and Cedar. 
Henn, Charles, tulor, h. Qenesee, cor. Washington. 
Henneberger, Daniel, cabinet maker, h. 333 £i^ Genesee. 
Hennegan, Thomas, 157 East Swan. 
Henneesy, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Elk near Louisiana. 
Hennessy, Michael, 36 Liberty. 
Hennesy, Thomas, watehman, h. Third near Carolina. 
Henning, Gottlieb, shoemaker, 20 South Diyision, h. same. 
Henning, George, Elm near Goodell. > 

Henninger, Edward, ci^ maker, 8 PearL 
Henry, Nicholas, boardmff house. Exchange below Michigan. 
Henry, Sarah B. widow of Benjamin R. Lloyd near CuiaL 
Henry, James, barber, 354 Michigan. 
Henry, John, tanner, h. cor. Pari& and Thompson. 
Henryck, Jacob, grocer, cor. Niagara and Amherst 
Henson, Michael, laborer, h. between Niagara and School. 
Hentsy, Daniel, boiler maker, J. Newman. 

Hepel, Henry, Tamisher, 200 Main, h. South Division near Jefferson. 
Heppel, Leonard* laborer, h. Maple aboye GoodelL ^ 

Heppler, John, cor. Oak and Sycamore. 
Hepworth, Joseph, cabinet maker, h. cor. Eagle and Niagara. 
Herbein, Michael, shoemaker, 3^3 Main. 
Hetbein, laborer, h. cor. Main and Mohawk. 

Herberger, Iniats, shoe shop, 184 South Division. » 

Herbert WiUiam, carriage maker, h. 16 Chippewa. 
Herbold, Martin, grocery and h. Elm near Gtenesee. ' 

Herbold, , laborer, comer Elm and Genesee. 

Herbst Conrad, laborer, h. Maple near High. • 

Herbet IJlrich, blacksmith, h. Elm near GoodelL 
Herd, Balthaser, tinsmith, h. cor. Genesee and Hickory. 
Hering, Conrad, tailor, h. Sycamore' near Michigan. 


Hering, John, grocer, Batavia near Walnut. 

Herlan, Jacob, shoemak^, 575 Main. 

Herlej, Mary Ann, -widow, Ohio cor. Wabash. 

Herlej, Joseph, moulder. Eagle Furnace. 

Herline, Jacob, tamer, W. Galligan. 

Hern, Patrick, Elk near Michigan. 

Herold, Lawrence, joiner, b. A. Steimer. 

Herold, Adam, joiner, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Herold, John, iMtrkeeper, Jacob Heia. 

Herons, John, runner, b. C. Clarkin. 

Herman, Joseph, wagon maker, D. Bowen, h. 52 Qerman. 

Hermann, Peter, laborer, h. Pine below Batayia. 

Hermann, Michael, tutor, h. William near Bennett 

Hermann, Louis, joiner, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Hermann, Isaac, clothier, h. Spruce near Genesee. 

Hermann, Christopher, watchman, h. 23 Batavia. 

Hermann, Christian, shoemaker, 16 Chippewa. 

Hermann. Mrs. widow of J. G. 104 Batavia. 

Hermann, Geo. grocer. Mulberry above GoodelL 

Hermann, John, tailor, Michigan above Cherry. 

Hermann, Lorenz, cul^r, A. Diebold. 

Herr, John, pedler, h. Green near Washington. 

Herr, Fidus, laborer, h. Maple near Cherry. 

Herr, Christian, h. 48 German. 

Herr, George, baker. Walnut near Genesee. 

Herrch, WUliam, watchman, h. rear 61 Exchange. 

Herring, William, sawyer, h. 230 East Seneca. 

Herring, John H. trucRman, h. 895 East Seneca. 

Herriugton, Albert K. wagon maker. Hydraulics. 

Herron, Elihu, confectioner, h. 137 Clinton. 

Herron, John, foreman, Gas Works, b. 42 Jackson. 

Hersee, Martha, widow of Thompson, cor. Mohawk and Washington . 

Hersee A Timmerman, cabinet makers, 307 Main. 

Hresee, James W. with Hersee <& Timmerman, b. 344 Washington. 

Hersee, Thompson, firm Hersee <fe Timmerman, h. 369 Washington. 

Hersee, Wm. cabinet maker, H. A T. h. 344 Washington. 

Hersee, Harry, cabinet maker, H. A T. 344 Washin^n. 

Hersee, Benjamin, cabinet maker, H. dc T. ' < 

Hersee, Mrs. dressmaker, cor. Chippewa and Washington. 

Hertel, Nicholas, laborer, h. Cedar near Batavia. 

Hertel, musician, h. 349 Main. 

Hertel, Geo. lock maker, b. G. Augstill. v^ 

Hertle, Martin, laborer, h. Walnut below Sycamore. 

Herzog, George, shoemaker, James Rose, North Mississippi 

Herzog, Alois, joiner, h. Sycamore below Walnut. . * 

Herzog, Gottlieb, saloon, 347 Main. 

Herzog; Edward 283 East Genesee. 

Hesse, Eliza, midwife, 103 East Genesee. 

Hesse, Peter F. umbrella maker, h. East Genesee. 

Hesslerr, Conrad, Mortimer near Sycamore. 


Heeling, William, barber, 8 Water. 

Hesperian Lod^e, oyer 278 Main. 

Hess, Gleorge, shoemaker, 18 -Main, h. same. 

Hess, John,'tjpe caster, -N. Lyman, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Hess, George, ^pe caster, N. Lyman, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Hess, Francis tfoseph, joiner, h. c<»r. Carlton ana Oak. 

Hess, William, type caster, h. 234 Franklin. 

Hess, Jacob, baker, h. 156 Sycamore. 

H£TH, JAMES, confectioner, Birckhead Buildings, Oom'l, h. same. 

8eeadu,p. 55. 
Hettrich, Peter, tailor. Cherry near Qoodell. 
Heuer, Godfrey, Maple near GoodelL 
Hextsill, Richard^ well-digger, h. 238 Seneca. 
Hewson, Cutler A Miller, carriage makers, 40 Exchange. 
Hewson, William, firm Hewson, Cutler <fe Miller, 40 SScchange. 
Hewson, Elicabeth, seamstress, b. 24 Nortli Diyision. 
Heywood, Russell H. office Merchant's Exchange, h. 61 East Seneea. 
Hiobacher, John, Pine aboye Batayia. 
HIBBARD, LESTER D. merchant tailor, 70 Lloyd, h. 102 East 

Swan. — See ad»,p. 64 
Hibbard, Andrew, shipcarpcinter, h. Perry near Alabama. 
Hibbard, Gea B. firm Welcn dc Hibbard, b. American. 
Hibbard, Mrs. widow of George, 9 MiasissippK 
Hibbard, John E. clerk, h. foot of Lloyd. 
Hibbard, Susan, dressmaker, 126 Pearl. 
Hibbard, William, sr. joiner, h. 45 Clinton. 
Hibbard, William, jr. joiner,~h. 112 Clinton. 
Hibbard, DanielJjustice of peace. Black Rock Dam, h. Breckenridge 

east of Ndrth Washington. 
Hibbard, Daniel J. G. clerk, John Pease. 
Hibbard, William, clerk, b. 62 Lloyd. 
Hibelius, Joseph, teacher, h. Milnor near Batayia. 
Hibler, John, joiner, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Hibsch, George, foreman. Barton & Truman, h. cor. Union and Eagle. 
Hibsch, Michael, clerk, 180 Main, h. cor. Eagle and Union. 
Hibscher, George, Hickory near Sycamore^ 
Hickey, William, carman, h. 36 Libertj. 
Hickey, Patrick, laboi-er, h. cor. Mackinaw and Chicago. 
Hickey, Charles, Court near Third. 

Hicke^, Timothjr, boarding house, Exchange near Michigan. 
Hickey, John, joiner, h. 109 Folsom. 
Hickcox, Elisha C. 62 East Swan. 
Hickcox, Benjamin, clerk, 222 Main, b. 62 East Swan. 
Hickley, George, tailor, over 275 Main. 

Hickman, Affchur, yice maker, Illiuois near Ohio, h. Scott near Wadi. 
Hick, Christian, keeper Hick's Home, 176 ^ast Seneca. 
Hicks, Samuel, dancmg master, h. 54 East £Iagle. 
Hicks, John B. firm H. & Banks, h. cor. Eagle and Oak. 
Hicks, DeWitt C. book-keeper, Swartz & Brothers, h. 131 East Eagle 
Hicks, Levi, trader, h. Chicago near Carroll 


Hicks <fe Banks, lumber dealers, cor. Clinton and Elm. 

HiemenSf Q^fitge, brewer, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Hiemenz, Nicholas, brewer, h. Batayia near Pine. 

Hieronjmos, George H. tailor, cor. Batavia and Cedar. 

Higgin^ Patrick, laborer, h. over 88 Main. 

Higgins, James, clerk) h. 513 Washington. 

Higgins, John, clerk, A. Rumsey A Co. b. 35 East Swan. 

Higgins, Charles, white lead factory. 

Higgins, Caleb D. at fish market, Lloyd, h. 47 Franklin. 

Higgins, Michael, grocer. Fifth near Georgia. 

Higgins, Nicholas, joiner, h. North Division near Pollard. 

Higgins, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, 513 Washington. 

Higgins, Francis J. printer. Courier office, b. Railroad Hotel. 

Higgins A Henderson, grocers, cor. Chippewa and Franklin. 

Higgins* Michael, laborer, h. Louisiana near Ottawa. 

Higgins> Sarah, 26 East Seneca. 

Higham, Thomas, 168 Washington. 

Higham* John, ship joiner, h. Folsom near Chicago. 

Highland, Thomas, foot of Water, near the beach. 

Higinbotham, Thomas, h. 2 Niagara. 

Hubert, John, coppersmith, 31 Main. 

Hild, Casper, laborer, h. Pratt near Batavia. 

Hildinger, Michael, laborer, h. Spring near Genew^e. 

Hilgeneck, Johnjoiner, 430 Michigan. 

HILL, MILO W. botanic physician, 245 Main, h. 9J North Divi- 
sion. — See ado. p. 96. 

Hill, Frederick C. firm F. C. H. <k Co. h. over 269 Main. 

Hill, Joseph F. land agent. Brown's Buildings, h. cor. Fnmklin and 

Hill, John D. v. d. over White's Bank, 146 Main, h. 70 Delaware. 

Hill, Margaret, widow of Charles, 340 Washington. 

HILL, FLEMING <fe CO. commission merchants, 10 Central Wharl 
See ado. p. 49. 

Hill, George, carman, h. Fifth ne^r Carolina. 

Hill, James, gardener, h. 106 Clinton. 

Hill, Elizabetti, widow, 238 East Seneca. 

Hill, John, carpenter, h. 232 Seneca.. 

HUl, Frederick C. A Co. copper, tin, and sheet iron manufacturers* 
269 Main. 

Hill, Edward, joiner, b. Robert Sotter. 

Hill, Davidson, clerk, 168 Main. 

Hill, Charles, clerk, 168 Main, b. cor. Washington and Mohawk. 

Hill, William H. insurance agent, custom house buildings. 

Hill, C. Barton, actor, b. Clarendon. 

Hill, Wm. O. machinist, Buif. Car Wheel Works, h. cor. Niagara and 

Hill, Peter A. musician, h. 209 Washington. 

Hill, James, sailor, h. 23 Ohio. 

Hillier, Nicholas, tanner. Bush A Howard, h. 65 Hickery. 

Hiller, Japob, butcher, h. cor. Pine and William. ^ 


Hiller, Geo. cifar maker, h. Batavia near Walnut 
HiUa, Hisses, boarding and daj school, cor. Wac^ngUm and Batavia. 
Hills, Wm. H. grocer, £agle cor. Elm, h. 31 Elm. 
' Hills, Horace, exchange broker, 2S5 Main, h. 68 Franklin. 
Hills» Marr Ann, widow, cor. Hospital and Seventh. 
Hilton, John, 46 ElUcott 
Hince, Charles, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Hindelang, John, painter, Charles Chretien. 
Hinderbereer, Peter, tool maker, h. Gierman Alley below Genesee. 
Hine, Fre<&rick, brick maker, h. cor. Mass, and Ferry. 
Hines, Mary, widow of Anthony, h. Niagara near Farmer. 
Hines, Michael, laborer, h. Elk near Marvin. 
*Hines, Wm. plasterer, h. Palmer near Carolina. 
JBines, John, clerk, h. 85 CarrolL 
Hingsiton, Samuel, ship carpenter, h. 12 Mechanic. 
Hingston, William, ship carpenter, h. Sixth opp. Webb's Garden. 
Hingston, Edward, ship carpenter, h. Elk near Moore. 
Hingston, John, ship carpenter, h. Sixth opp. Webb's Garden. 
Hinman, Geo. W. printer. Courier office, h. 134 East Swan. 
Hinnemann, Louis, barber, 8 Water. 
Hinston, William A. cor. Elm and Eagle. 
Hint, Conrad, carpenter, h. cor. Hamilton and East 
Hipp, Mathias, joiner, h. William near Walnut 
Hippler, John, joiner, h. 253 Elm. 
Hirsch <b Kaufman, f&ncj goods, 302 Main. 
Hirsch, Samuel, firm H. A Kaufman, 302 Main. 
Hirsch, Magdelena, 502 Washington. 
Hirsch, Charles, cor. Elk and Illinois. 
Hirsh, Nicholas, lock maker, 2 East. Swan, h. rear 515 Main. 
Hirshfield, Harris, pedler, h. 171 Elm. 
Hirt, John, laborer, h. Pine near Clinton. 
Hirt Casper, laborer, h. Spring near Batavia. 
Hirte, Charles, clerk, h. 71 Batavia. 

Hirte, Augustus, city scavenger, h. cor. Michigan and GoodelL 
Hist, Michael, ioiner, h. Ellicott near Tupper. 
Hitchcock, J. 4S C. produce and com. mer. 12 and 14 Main, and 6 and 

7 Cen. Wharl 
Hitchcock, Chester, firm J. A C. Hitchcock, h. 14 CarrolL 
Hitsey, Adam, with R. M. Eddy A Co. h. Pine near Walnut 
Hitzel, Mrs. widow. Hickory near Batavia. 
Hitsel, John, laborer, h. 458 Michigan. 
Hitzel, Jacob, butcher, h. Hickory near Cherry. 
Hitze, Adam, Pine near William. 
Hoag, Walter, ship joiner, b. 138 Elk. 
Hoag, William L. at Townsend's saw mill. 
Hoag, Hiram, station keeper, h. Perry cor. Burwell Place. 
Hoagland, John G. contractor, h. 42 Delaware. 
Hobson, Elizabeth, widow, 207 Delawar& 
Hodge, Valorus, builder, h. Delaware above North. 
Hodge, Philander, cashier canal collector's office, h. 187 Franklin 



fiobbs, George, engineer, h. 220 Eaat Seneca. 
Hobbj, E. B. 60 East Eagle, 
fiobein, Adam, Pratt near Clinton, 
fiodge, Benjamin, cor. Main and Utica. 
Hodge, Loring, b. F. N. Jones, Black Rock. 
Hodges, Augustus, recess, Ohio near Columbia. * 

Hodges, Lewis L. keeper American Hotel, Main above Eaglei 
Hodges, Levi, tinsmitn, Parmelee <fe Hadlej. 
Hodges, Edward L. at American Hotel. 
Hodges, John, tinsmith, 8. Dudlej ik Sons. 
Hodges, S. H. baggage master, b. Clarendon. 
Hodgson, Geo. laborer, h. Swan near Hickory. 
Hod^kins, William B. Niagara near Bird Avenue. 
Hoemer, Charles, bootmaker, 242 Main. 
Hoeflich, William, butcher, b. F. L. Gillig. 
Hoenes, John G. tailor, h. Spring below Genesee^ 
fioens, Frederick, turner, 120 Sycamore. 
Hoephner, Henry, engineer, Courier office. 
Hoermer, Adolpn, laborer, h. GoodeU near Elrt. 
Hoesl, John, engraver, h. 119 Cedar. 
Hofele, John, bricklayer, h. Ash above Batavia. 
HoflFer, Nicholas, moulder, b. 14 Green. 
Hoffer, Frederick, butcher, 394 Main, h. 85 Elm. 
Hoffer, John G. butcher, 394 Main. 
Hoffheins, George, cooper, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 
Hoff heins, Alexander, tinsmith, h. Michigan near GoodeU. 
Hoffheinz, Michael, 305 East Genesee. 
Hoff heinz, Alexander, tinsmith, cor. Oak and Carlton. 
Hoffman, George, teamster. Cutler A De Forest, h. 104 W. Tupper. 
Hoffman, Julius, clerk, h. Chippewa, near Main. 
Hoffman, Phocion, firm Hopkins <& Hoffman, h. GoodeU west of Oak. 
Hoffman, Michael, Bush & Howard's tannery, h. Wahiut near Sagle. 
Hoffman, Francis, laborer, h. Pine near Micnigan. 
Hoffman, Louis, shoemaker, h. Walnut near Williamv 
Hoffman, Chandler, on the railroad, h. 100 CarroU. 
Hoffman, John, laborer, h. Mortimer near Sycamore^ 
Hoffman, William, Virginia near Mulberry. 
Hoffman, Leonard, tailor, Batavia near Hickory. 
Hoffman, Harmon, blacksmith, h. Ash near Sycamore. 
Hoffman, Christian, blacksmith, h. German Alley. 
Hoffman, Samuel, pedler, h. Spring near Batavia. 
Hoffman, Adam, tailor, h. Evans near Rock. 
Hoffman, Caspar, saddler, b. P. Rohr« 

Hoffman, Michael, laborer, h. South Division near Grosvenor. 
Hoffman, Frederick C. grocer, h. 14 Batavia. 
Hoffman, John, laborer, h. HamUton near Thompson. 
Hoffman, Samuel, grocer, h. Niagara near Forest Avenue. 
Hoffman, James, boatman, h. cor. Niagara and Bird Avenue. 
Hoffman, Valentine, brewer, h. cor. Main and North. 
Hoffinann, Jacob, Mortimer near Sycamora 

236 oommicrAf. AjprxsaaoMM mRsoroRT.. 

Hoffmann, Nicholas, weaver. Mulberry near GoodelL 
Hoffmejer, John, laborer, h. Michigan above Batavia. 
Hoffmeyer, Casper, grocer, Niagara near Forest Avenue. 
Hoffmire, Louis, grocer, cor. Niagara and MaasachuaettSb 
Hofle, George, joiner, h. Spruce near Genesee. 
Hog, Joseph, cooper, h. 126 Pine. 
Hogan, Matilda, laundress. Palmer near Tirginia. 
Hogan, Michael, painter, h, cor. Hospital and Sevenfii. 
Hogan, Margaret, widow of James, Marvin. 
Hogan, Patrick, laborer, h. Ohio cor. Columbia. 
Hoffgan, Mary, widow, Goodell near Oak. 
Hohl, Emil, &0 East Genesee. 
• Hohman, Louis, joiner, h. Pratt below Sycamore. 
Hohnosee, Seibold, at Gas Works. 
Hoisington, Seth B. joiner, h. 143 Elk. 
Hoist, George, farmer, h. Colviu near Delaware. 
Hoist, Frederick, farmer, h. Colvin near Delaware. 
Hoist, Michael, farmer, h. Colvin near Delaware. 
Holbrook, Edwin A. firm Fitch, Holbrook A Dee, h. 113 Delawarw. 
Holbrook, Louisa M. widow of O. L. Niuth beyond Virginia. 
Holbrook, Henry J. clerk, 136 Main,b. 113 Delaware. 
Holbrook, Leverett H. Huron near Delaware. 
Holbrook, A. tanner, N. Case <b Co. 
Holden, John, blacksmith, h. Spring near Batavia. 
Holder, Charles, 120 Chippewa. 
Holfelner, Matthias, joiner, h. Milnor neai' Batavia. 
HoU, Philip, wagon maker, 131 Sycamore. 
HoU, "William, wagon maker, with P. HoU. 
Holland Reformedf Church, cor. Main and Huron. 
Holland, Elizabeth, widow. Green near Washington. 
Hollerith, Mrs. Francises, milliner, 275 Main. 
Hollerith, George, bonnet store, 275 Main. 
Holler, John, tinsmith, 119 Main. 

Holler, Reubens, rope maker, h. Seventeenth near Vermont. 
HoUey, Sally, widow of Myron, Deai-bom, north of Amherst 
HoUey, William, clerk, B. R. Canal Collector's office, b. Sally Holley; 
HoUey A Johnson, commission merchants, 13 Cenfcfal Wharf, and 

elevator, cor. Ohio and Clark and Skinijer CanaL 
Holley, Samuel J. firm Holley AJohnson, h. 58 Franklin. 
Hollidge, Eli, variety store, 208 Main, h. 16 East Eagle. 
Hollingshead, John, railroad agent, b. 51 East Seneca. 
Hollister, R. A Co. grocers and druggists, 177 and 179 Main. 
Hollister, Robert, firm R. Hollister £ Co. h. Main above Chippewa. 
Hollister, John, forwarding and commission merchant, 28 Central 

Wharf, and elevator, Ohio. h. 530 Main. 
Hollister, John, baker, W. F. Dow. 

Hollister, James, l>anker, cor. Niagara Square and Delaware. 
Hollister, John J. b. James HoUister. 
Hollister, James H 530 Main. 
Hollister, Robert J. clerk, R.Holli«ter <fc Co. 



HOLLOWAY <fe CO. contraetors <fce. Michigaii near R. R. Depot.—. 

Seeadm.p. 93. 
HoUoway, Isaac, firm H. <fe Co. Delaware near Korth. 
Hollowaj*, John, ^m H. <fc Co. h. Franklin above AlleiL 
Holman, Edward D. firm Demarest A H. h. 12 CarrolL 

Holmes, Mai'j, widow, cor. Nortk Diyision and Elm. , 

Holmes, James, cabinet maker, b. Mary Holmes. 
Holmes, E <fe B. washboard factory and planing mill, Mich, near caaaL 
Holmes, Edmund, printer, Jewett, Thomas & Co. h. cor. Oak <fr Goodc^. 
Holmes, William, foreman. Pierce, "Webster <k Co. h. 183 Clinton.. 
Holser, Jacob, machinist, h. 206 East Eagle. 
Holt, Palmer & Co. forwarding merchants, Evans' ship canaL 
Holt, Qeorge W. firm Holt, Palmer & Co. b. American. 
Holt, A. F. clerk, 48 East Seneca. 
Holt, Edgar A. saloon, 7 Mansion House block. 
Holton, Ely, joiner, h. Ill Oak. 
Holtz, John, carpenter, b. Hamilton near East 
Holtzj9chnh, Jacob, tanner, h. 62 Bennett 
Holtzer, Jacob, with S. Shepard. 
Holtzlev, Theodore, moulder, h. Boston. 
Holtzschlag, Theodore H. Boston. 

Holuwortb, Charles, firm Gleed cfe H. h. Twelfth near Pennsylvania. 
Homan, Phiueas, Michigan C. R. R. line, b. Western. 
Homan, Peorge, at Gas Works. 

Homan, Videntine, tinsmith, h. Potter near William. . 
Homelins, Henry, jr. joiner, h. cor. Oak and Sycamore. 
Homier, Joseph, boarding house, 7 Commercial. 
Homrich, Robert, ageut, h. 40 Spruce. 
Honsel, William, upholsterer, h. 372 Michigan. 
Hood, James, clerk, 1 i^tow block, CommerciaL 
Hooder, James, clerk, 3 South Division, b. T. Cotter. 
Hooper, Susanna, widow of D. C. cor. South and East. 
Hooper, Simon, ship carpenter, h. Green near Howell's yard. 
Hooper, Francis J. on the lake, h. Walnut near William. 
Hope, John, at Belden's marble factory. 
Hope, John, bakeshop and h. cor. Morgan and Mohawk. 
Hope, Henry, laborer, h. between Albany and SchooL 
Hope, Robert, baker, with R. Ovens. 
Hopf, Wolfgang, laborer, h. Spring near Batavia. 
Hophner, Henry, pressman, George Reese A Co. 
Hopkins, Charles M. teller, Marine Bank, h. 3 East Mohawk. 
Hopkins, John A. firm Folts A H. h. 176 PearL 
Hopkins, Nelson, under sherifl^ h. 210 Franklin. 
Hopkins A Hoffman, attorneys at law. Exchange opp. Mansion. 
Hopkins, Nelson K. firm H. A Hoffman, b. 73 East Swan. 
Hopkins A Co. commission merchants, 10 Central Wharf. 
Hopkins, Charles A. firm H. A Co. b. 21 South Division. 
Hopkins, John, boarding house, Evans near Flj. 
Hopson, Albert, aze maker, h. 113 South Division. 
Horan, William, printer. Courier office, h'. 33 FoIsohl 


228 oamisBdxAL adysbtisbb dirsotobt. ■ 

Horan» Thomas, tailor, h. Fifth near Carolina. 

Horbeger, Conrad, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Horin, James, on the lake, h. Illinois near Perry. 

Hormal, Christian, tailor, h. Steuben near Van Rensselaer. 

Horn, Henry, tailor, h. Ellicott near Burton Alley. 

Horn, George M. moulder, h. Kaene near Genesee. 

Hombeck, Jas. boiler maker. Phoenix Iron Works, h. Perry n. Chicago. 

Homberger, Conrad, cabinet maker, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 

fiomung, Karl, paver, cor. Genesee and Mm. 

Horter, John, hotel keeper. Cold Spring. 

Horton, Henry M. b. J. Morton. 

Horton, James, boarding house, Michigan near Elk. 

Horton, Allen W. forwarding com. merchant, 27 Central Wharf. 

Horton, Benjamin R. clerk, H. M. Mixer, h, MUler Block, Michigan. 

Horwitz, Gabriel, dry goods merchant, 282 Main, h. 52 Clinton. 

Hosford, Hiram, boatman, h. 15 Sycamore. 

Hosford, Polly, 452 Michigan. ., . ^, , , ^^ t^. 

Hosmer, Rev. Geo. W. pastor Unitarian Church, h. 83 Niagara. 

Hosmer, Albert, clerk. U. S. engineer department, h. at the Fort 

Hosmer, Silas, cabinet maker, 62 Lloyd. ^, ^ „ 

Hotchkiss, Hiram B. ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Senec^ 

Hotchkiss, Rev. V. R. pastor Wash. St Baptist Church, h. 15 Oak. 

Hotchkiss, John W. jeweler, 159 Main, h. 285 PearL 

Hotchkiss, Frederick A. grocer, comer Niagara and Huron. 

Hotchkiss, Hiram, clerk, 159 Main, h. Main near Chippewa. 

Hotchkiss, Wheeler, lumber dealer, comer Niagara and PearL 

Hotchkiss, Eugene, clerk, J. C. Evans, b. 272 Washington. 

Hottinger, Martin, shoemaker, 32 Main. 

Hotel de 1* Europe, F. W. Jacobs, proprietor, 27 and 29 PearL 

Houck, John, baker, h. Batavia near Hickory. . 

Houck, Valentine, cabinet maker, h. 172 Oak. 

Houck, Wm. P. at Merchant's HoteL 

Houck, Valentine, machinist, h. Oak near Genesee. 

Houck, Adam, tinsmith, 269 Main. , , , ^ ^ , ,. 

Houck, William, butcher, T. Bullymore, b. 115 Franklin. 

Houck, Michael, grocer, 93 East Genesee. 

Houck, Philip, flour dealer, cor. Genesee & Oak. 

Houghtaling, J. H conductor, b. Clarendon. 

Houffhtaling, John, conductor, b. Clarendon. 

Hou|hton, Henry, Vl^njer, fe ^9'^^^^ ?^^ r^ nu • 

Houlhton, George W. firm H. A Claik, h. Mam above Chippewa. 

Houlhton A Clark, attorneys at law, cor. Main and Eagle. 

Houlhton, Edward T. book-keeper, Cipamercial HoteL 

Houliston, David, b. 91 North Divieion 

Houley, Patrick, laborer, h. cor. Walnut and Ei^le. 

Houliston, Andrew, 91 North Division. , ^^ ^ ^ , 

House, Gerrit, organ builder, 284 Main, h. 26 East Eagle 

House's Westem and Eastern Printing Telegraph Co. 157Ji Mam. 

Houseman, John W. omamenter, h. 158 East Eagle. 

Houseman, Augustus, cap maker, 202 Main. 


Houy, Ludwig, tailor, h. Batavla near Ash. 

HoYey, Almon, grocer, 55 Main. 

Howai'd, Austin A. firm Potter A Howard, h. Iforth, west of Dela'are. 

Howard, Rufus L. 99 Delaware. 

Howard, Hiram E. office Kortii Division near Main, h. cor. Church 

and Frankli!n. 
HOWARD & WHITOOMB, dry goods merchants, 138 Main.-ia» 

adv^. 64 
Howard, Kthan H. firm Howard <fe Whiteomb, h. Niagara Square. 
Howard, Henry, Sec. Buffalo Savings Bank, h. Main^ove Chippewa. 
Howard, George, firm Bush <fe Howard, h. 143 East Swan. 
Howard, Thomas, baker, h. cor. Eliv and Hayward. 
Howard, Charles, boiler maker, S. Shepard. 

Howard, H. U. broker, Spaulding's Exchange, b. 21 South Diviuon, 
Howard, William, 19 Ewt Huron. 
Howard, Llovd, 69 EIul 
Howard, Joshua, 75 Oak. 

Howard, Wm. teamster, h. Clinton below Jefferson. 
Howard, Walter 8. clerk, Ellis, Petrie <k Co. 
Howard, Mrs. Edda, Seneca near Van Rensselaer. 
Howard, Timothy, laboer, h. Folsom near Chicago. 
Howard, Thomas, laborer, h. 39 Folsom. 
Howard, James, moulder, b. A. Gillmore. 
Howard, Daniel, 432 Michigan. 

Howe, Robert, painter and paper hanger, h. 56 East Eagle. 
Howe, Lewis, stabler, h. Exchange, cor. Heacock. 
Howe, William, paper hanger, 200 Main. 
Howe, Joseph, painter, h. Ill South Division. 

Howell, Augustus Porter, ag^t print, ink Co. 14 Gran. BPk, b. American. 
Howell <k Co. dry dockyard Green near Beak. 
Howell, Wm. W; firm W. W. Howell A Co. h. Niagara near Tork. 
Howell, Mrs. Emery, 4 Niagara. 
Howell, Daniel, jr. clerk, \m Main. 
Howell, Lewis B. Dearborn south of Amherst 
Howell, James, gilder, 127 Main, b. 28 Genesee. 
Howell, John, fireman, h. 156 South Division. 
Howell, John S. joiner, h. 28 West Genesee. 
Howell, Stephen W. cor. Amherst and Dearborn. 
Howells, Wm. firm Mugridge & Co. h. 307 East Seneca. 
Howells, John, 156 South Division. 
Howells, Thomas, teamster, h. North Division near Pine. 
Howells, James, street commissioner, h. 149 South Division. 
Howells, David, cor. Forest Avenue and North Washington- 
Howells & Snfith, porter, cider <b vinegar manufacturers, 58 Lloyd. 
Howells, John, firm H. & Smith, h. 156 South Division. 
Howiller, John, joiner, h. Milnor near Batavia. • 
Howland, Charles, ice merchant, Central Wharf, h, Niag. aear Va. 
Howland, Capt Thomas, Folsom near PoUard. 
Howlay, Edward, grocer, cor. Folsom and Chicago. 
Hoyt, Peter W. clerk, h. 131 Chippesva. 

280 COmWBOIAL aovsetuob dirbotort. 

Hoyt A Watgon, lumber dealers, Eagle below Miehigaa. 

'GiOjt, Henry A. firm H. A Watoon, h. cor. Qeorgia and SeyeDth. 

Hoyt» Seth, ninneri h. 107 Korth Dlyiaion. 

Hojt, Orson C. u. d. 498 Washington. 

Hoyt, J. G. railroad superintendent, b. Mansion. 

Hoyt, Jonatiian G. joiner, h. Elk near Louisiana. 

Hoyt Benjamin, joiner, h. 26 East Seneca. 

Hoyt, Wm. B. clerk, canal collector's ofSce, b. P. W. Hoyt 

HUBBABD A HART, plumbers and furnace dealers, 237 

Bee adv. p. 79. 

Hubbard, George L. firm Hubbard and Hart, b. 1 19 Delaware. 
Hubbard A Bau, tinsmiths and store dealers, 241 Main. 
Hubbard, Linus P. firm H. A Ball, h. 70 South Division. 
Hubbard, Silas, m. d. 21 Exchange, h. 163 East Seneca. 
Hubbard, Charles, jr. engineer, h. Swan opp. Chestnut. 
Hubbard, Tunis, clerk, b. Railroad Hotel. 
Hubbard, Justus, 400 Seneca. 

>- ubbell, John, att''/ at law, Spaulding's Exchange, b. B. CampbelL 
Hubbell, Orrin, 48 North Livjsioo. 
Hubbell, Charles, taismith, 107 Main. 
HubbeU, Selem, ship joiner, b. cor. Michigan and CarrolL 
Huber, Miss Louisa, professor of music, 111 Delaware. 
Huber, Stephen, watchman, h. cor. Hickory and Clintou. 
Huber. Christian, music teacher, h. 109 Delaware. 
Huber, Bernard, mason, b. S. Huber. 
Huber, Matthias, laborer, b. Mulberry above Goodell. 
Huber, Sebastian, laborer, h. 16 Sycamore. 
Huber, Joseph, joiner, h. Walnut near William. 
Huber, Stephen, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 
Huber, Francis H. 114 Walnut 
Huber, Philip, b. Volentine Jung. 
Huck, John, firm Borst A H. b. J. Borst 
Huck, Philip J. lumber yai'd, 184 Oak, h. rear of same. 
Huck, Anton, blacksmith, h. 6 Cypress. 
Hucke, Christian, laborer, h. 139 Oak. 
Hucke, Henry, laborer, h. 139 Oak. 
Hucker, Nathaniel, gardenr r, h. Johnson Place. 
Hucker, Nath'l, jr. book-keeper. Speed's teleg'h office, b. N. Hucker. 
Huckin, John, jr. trunk maker, b. 10 ( ourt 
Huddick, Frederick, with G. A. Prince A Co. h. 14 East Eagle. 
Huddleston, Thomas, book-keeper, 318 Main, b. 62 East Swan. 
Hudson, John T. att'y at law and collector, b. American. 
Hueber, Marx, laborer, 567 Washington. 
Huebsch, Mrs. widow of Jacob, 47 Cherry. 
Huellmantel, Bemhard, tailor, h. Pratt near William. 
Huenig, John, laborer, h. German Alley. 
Huertis, John, dredger, h. Fulton near Chicago. , 
Huepner, John, tailor, Cedar near William. 

HtTFF'S (ORIGINAL) HOTEL, A. Slocom, 23 Main.-^«a(fo.i).98. 
Huff, William W. veterinary surgeon, h. 5, Beak. 


Huff» Capt JaluL O. "Perry near /WaahingtoB. 
Huff, Oliver W. grocer, 23 Exchange, h. 96 East Seneea. 
Huffman, David, joinerj b. Levi Hicka 
Hughes, Thomas, on the lake, h. Fourth near Georgia. 
Hughes, William, butcher, with John Barnes. 
Hughes, Michael, laborer, h. fixehange near cibr line. 
Hughes, Patrick, carpenter, h. Qreen near Washingtoa. 
Hughes, John S. cooper, h. Hohawk cor. Morgan. 
Hughes, John, grainer, 200 Main b. corner Virginia A Sixth. 
Hughes, Michael, engineer, h. Fourth near Coui't. 
Hughes, Domlick, liworer, h. Michigan cor Perry. 
Hughes, John, sailor, h. Indiana near Perrj. 
Hughes, Henrv, engraver, Compton & Co. 
^ Hughson, Ificnolas, cabinet maker, h. 7 Sixth. 
Hugron, Francis, boarding house. Exchange near Chicago. 
Hugron, Frank, engineer, h. Pollard cor. Swan. 
Hugron, Louis, engineer, b. F. Hugron. 
Huitteymeyer, Mrs. Tridow of Q. Spruce neai* Genesee. 
Hujssoon, Jas. book-keeper, Cameron <fe McEaj, h. cor. Mark A Wra, 
Hulbert, Milton A. Washington saloon, cor. Exchange Und Wash. 
Hulbert, Abner D. tallyman, h. 103 CarrolL 
Hulbert, Samuel, steamboat agent, h. 63 Mohawk. 
Hulbert, Ruth, widow of Hai't, h. 11 Oak. 
Hull, Frank, mariner, h. 4 Folsom. 
Hull, Robert, truckman, h. South Division near PoUard. 
Hull, Frederick, engineer, h. 148 East Swan. 
Hull, Edmund C. freighter, h. Exchange near Louisiana. 
Hull, David B. keeper Bennet Temperance House. 
Hull, WiUai-d J. mason, h. 65 Ellicott. 

Hull, Solomon L. attorney at law, 163 Main« h. 18 Chestnut. 
Hullan, Capt. Dennis, Carolina near Sixth. 
Hullmantle, Bernhard, tailor, Pratt near William. 
Humason, Gamaliel, book-keeper, Bush & Howard, h. 114 S. DiYlsion. 
Humaster, Frederick, labore^, n. Ifinth near Carolina. 
Humaston A Jones, for. com. merchants, 25 Centi*al Wharf. 
Humaston, Wm. C. firm H. and Jones, b. Mansion. 
Humbeck, John, laborer, h. Amherst near Howell. 
Humbel, William, ship carpenter, h. Hayward near Elk. 
Humbell, John, ship carpenter, h. Hayward near Elk. 
Humbersted, John, 257 W ashington. 
Hume, Stevenson, soap and candle man*r, h. Miller Block, Michigan 

near Elk. 
Hume, George, cabinet maker, h. 42 Jackson. 
Humel, Geo. Buffalo Furnace, b. G. Wursfcer. 
Humerstone, Frederick, at Lead Factory. i 

Humilius, Henry, joiner, h. Oak near Sycamopo. 
Hummel, Michael, tailor, h. 104 Cedar. 
Hummer, Christina, widow. South Division near the railroad. 
Humphrey, Henry, Evans near Rock. 
Humphries Robert^ painter* h. 11 Georgia. 


Huner, John, grocer, Seneca near Hambnrgli, H^rdraulics. 

Hunn, Edmund, weighmaster, h. 139 South Division. 

HuDBche, John H. laborer, h. 319 Ellicott. 

Hunainger, Charles, Niagara nor& of Parish. 

Hunsinger, Michael, wagon maker, h. Niagara north of Amherst. 

Hunt, Webster S. grocer, h. Carroll near Chicago. 

Hunt, John, tobacconist, 207 Washington. 

Hunt, James W. tinsmith, 269 Main. 

Hunter, John B. clerk, J. M. Hutchinson, h. 19 William. 

Huntington, Jacob G. marble engraver, h. 107 Franklin. 

Huntley, Silas, grocer, 51 Main, h. 152 East Swan. 

Hunldej, Williams D. teacher Dist No. 14, h. W. Goodell n. Franklin. 

Huntley, John, at S. Shepard'B, b. 138 Elk. 

Hurd, Kev. Z. b. Bennet Temperance House. 

Hurd, Judson, laborer, h. CarroU near Louisiana 

Hurd, Norman H. 9 Main, h. cor. Court and HospitaL 

Hurd, William H. laborer, b. Court and Sixth. 

Hurlburt, Edwin, deputy sheriff, h. 152 Franklin. 

Hurley, Louis A. sailor, L Potter above William. 

Hurley,; Hugh, Chandler, h. WiUiam below Union. 

Hurst, James, h. 232 East Seneca. 

Hubs, Anthony, Pratt near Genesee^ 

Hubs, cigar maker, with J. G. Swarts. 

Hussey, John,' watchman, h. Staats. 

HuBsong, Frederick, firm H. <& EeUer, h. cor. Michigan and Willian>. 

HuBsony & KeUer, grocers, cor. Michigan and William. 

Husted, Samuel, 43 Union. 

Husted, William H. house aaad sign painter, cor. Main and Eagle, h. 

Oak near Goodell. 
Husted, John H. clerk, Pratt <& Co> h. 115 Clinton. 
Husted, Stephen S. firm Sangster & H. h. 12 Union. 
Husted, Giles, sash maker, h. 38 Pine. 

Husted, Ezekiel, melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. 325 Ellicott. 
Husted, E: S. clerk, Pratt <fe Co. h. 43 Union. 
Husted, Chai'les, tinsmith, b. 43 Union. 
Husted, Frederick, b. Mrs, E. A. Warrea 
Husted, Richard W. clerk. Canal Collector's Office, b. Mansitm. 
Huston, William, blacksmith, h. Green near Howell's yard. 
Hutchinson, EliEiha, m. b. Peai*l above Virginia. 
Hutchinson, John M. leather dealer, 38 <fe 40 Lloyd, b. J^ D. Shepard. 
Hutchinson, Francis, hatter, 147 Main. 
Hutchinson, John, plasterer, h. 105 Folsom. 
' Hutchison, George S. clerk, b. 31 East Swaoi 
Hutter, Charles, law student, 270 Main. 
Huizler, Conrad, 175 Cherry. 
Hyath, Charles H. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Hyatt, Gaylard C. pattem maker, b. 153 East Swan. 
Hyatt, Gilbert, book-keeper. City Gas Works, h. Sixtii ab. CaroliBa^ 
Hyatt, George, Carolina near Sixth. 
Hyman, Nicholas* clothier,. 5 CommerciaL 


Hynes, Cornelius, at Efner's liverr stable. 

Kjve, OlarleB, finisher, David Bell. 

Hyves, Charles, tailor. Hickory near William. 


lann, Mathias, grocer, cor. Michigan and Cherry. 

Idermuehle, Christian, shoemaker, cor. Batavia and Pratl 

Ihrig, baker, Genesee near Jefferson. 

Ihte, Frederick, tailor, Goodell near Qoodell Alley. 

Imley, Louis, finisher, b. D. Johnson. 

Imson, Jacob, captain. Buckeye State, h. 90 East Swan. 

Indicutt, William, barber, h. Michigan above Batavia. 

Ingalls, George W. sign4)ainter, h. 34 Fifth. 

Ingalls, David S. grocer, 346 Main, b. 126 Pearl. 

Ingersoll, Edward, rector Trinity Church, h. Mohawk next to Church. 

IngersoU, Ambrose, 16 Chestnut. 

Inglis, James, book-keeper, C. C. Bristol, h. 43 Union. 

Ingraham, Seymour, ship carpenter, h. 178 South Division. 

Ingraham, William, mariner, n. Chicago cor. Fulton. 

Inman, Henry, grocer, cor. Carolina and Ninth. 

Inman, Henry, boot maker, 3 South Division, h. 43 Oak. 

Innes, Alexander, clerk, 192 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 

Inness, Adam, 205 Main, h. 84 East Eagle. 

Inness, George, 84 East Eagle. 

Iram, John P. saw filer, b. rear 14 East Swan. 

Irbacher, John, with Adam Good. 

Ireson, John, book-keeper, 24 Central Wharf, h. cor. Oak and High. 

Irish, Charles G. sr. 355 Michigan. 

Irish, Charles G. jr. 124 East Eagle. 

Irish, Benjamin G. joiner, h. 355 Michigan. 

Irish, Noble W. 176 South Division. 

Irvin, Charles, surveyor, b. 223 East Seneca. 

Irwin, Samuel J. printer, Geo. Reese <fe Co. b. Walnut near Clinton. 

Irwin, James S. shoemaker, h. Walnut near Clinton. 

Isham, George J. clerk, 204 Main, b. Miss Cutler. 

Itien A: Hayen, coffee house, 5 Commercial. 

It)en, Henry, firm Itien A Hayen, h. 5 Commercial. 

Ives, William, librarian Young Men's Association, h. 99 Clinton. 

Ives, Henry, foreman Buffalo Nursery, b. D. S. Manley. 


Jackson, Edwin, firm Phinney A Co. 188 Main, h. 99 Niagara. 
Jackson, Samuel, chair maker, h. 222 South Division. 
Jackson, William, grocer, cor. Fifth and Court. 
Jackson, James, broker, cor. Exchanp^e and Chicago. 
Jackson, Henry, barber, under Mansion, h. 313 East Seneca. 
Jackson, Elieabeth, regalia maker, over 278 Main. 
Jackson, Fortescue, firm Jackson <& Newton, h. )36 East Swan. 
Jackson, Philo, barkeeper, Terrapin Lunch. 


JackBon, Solomon, barber, Genesee House. 
Jackson, Francis M. widow of A. H. 45 Oak. 
Jackson, Henry, firm Lewis A Jackson, 383 Main. 
Jackson, Marj Ann £. teacher, District l^o. 3, h. 31 Seventh. 
Jackson, John, laborer, Knapp <fe Gilletrh. Eyans. 
Jackson, Jonas, laborer, h. Clinton near Spring. 
* Jackson, John, whitewasher h. cor. Goodell asd Oak. 
Jackson, John F. ship carpenter, h. Washington near Exchange. 
Jackson, James, cook, h. Exchange near Alabama. 
Jackson, John A. barber, 147 Main, basement 
Jackson, Wm. ship carpenter, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 
Jackson, Mary, Cedar near William. 

JACKSON" <fe NEWTON, fruit dealers, 146 Main.-iSf<w adv. p. 54. 
Jackson, Wm. on the lake, h. Spruce near Batavia. 
Jacky, Frederick, tanner, h. 236 Elm. 
Jacky, Frederick, stone cutter, with D. Beldin. 
JacoD, Barnard, 60 Ellicott 
Jacob, Louis, joiner, h, Mulbernr above GoodelL 
Jacob, Frederick, gai'dener, h. Eleventh near Hudson. 
Jacobs, Frederick, N. Case <k Co's tannery. 
JACOBS, FREDERICK W. proprietor Hotel de 1' Europe, 27 and 

29 Feaxl,-— See adv. p. 99. 
Jacobs, Abram, over 94 Main. 

Jacoby, Herman, cabinet maker, h. Michigan near Genesee. 
Jacoby, Louis, cabinet iLaker, b. A. Rolf. 
Jacocks, Charles N. tailor, b. Bonnet's Temperance House. 
Jaeger, George, tailor, h. Batavia near Bennett 
Jaeger, Frederick, cor. William and Walnut 
Jaeger, WiUiam, laborer, h. Bennett below Batavia. 
Jaeger, David, grocer, Batavia near Michigan. 
Jaeger, Charles, tailor, 571 Main. 
Jaeger, Geo. blacksmith, h. Walnut near Batavia. 
Jaeger, Philip, carpenter, h. Mulberry near Virginia. 
Jaeger, Henry, wagon maker, h. Genesee near Michigan. 
Jaekle, Joseph, jeweler, b. J. M. Schlenker. 
Jaenrick, Philip, bricklayer, h. 115 Pine. 
Jaggy, John, last maker, b. Benzino. 
James, Wm. L. fancy dry goods merchant, 280 Main. 
James, Nelson, grocer, 290 East Seneca. 
James, Chai'les A. Oak near Tupper. 
James, Sarah, Boston. 
James, Joseph, boarding house, 4 Niagara. 

James, , moulder. Eagle Furnace, b. A, Gillmora 

Jameson, Isaac, truckman, h. 265 Franklin. 

Jameson, Wm, W. truckman, k 4 William. 

Jamieson, Geo. whitewasher, b. American. 

JAMIESON, JOHN, grocer, 4 Birckhead Buildings, Commercial, h. 

same. — See adv. p. 53. 
Jarrett» Wm. A. clerk, Pratt <& Co. 


Jarrett, Wm. book-keeper. Barton <fe Gilbert, h. Carolina near Sixth. 

Jarvis, Wm. boarding nonse, 67 Elm. 

Jar vis, Ralph, engineer, h. Eagle near Cedar. 

Jauch, John, shoemaker, h. Clinton near Walnut. 

Jaus, John, shoemaker, 351 Main. 

Jeboo, Joseph, boatman, h. Niagara near Farmer. 

Jebow, Mrs. K. widow, 4 Commercial Hotel Block. 

Jefferson, Amos, clerk, 119 East Seneca. 

Jefferson, WaUace, clerk, 119 East Seneca. 

Jefferson, Alway, grocer, 119 East Seneca. 

Jefferson, Samuel, confectioner, James Heth. 

Jeffrey, John, boiler smith, h. 36 Sixth. 

Jeffrey, William, joiner, b. Eleventh near Carolina. 

Jehle, Franz, butcher, h. cor. Ellicott and Burton Alley. 

Jenkins, Wm. H. 5 Brown's Buildings, h. cor. Franklin and North. 

Jenkins, Helen D. student, b. Profl West 

Jenkins, Lewis, 79 East Swan. 

Jenkins, Wm. H. with J. F. HilL » 

Jenkins, Nicholas, finisher, 115 Main, b. 17 FearL 

Jenkins, John, gilder, h. 142 East Swan. 

Jennerest, Philip, mason, h. 115 Pine. 

Jennings, Ssmuel, firm Jones <fc J. b. L. H. Holbrook. 

Jennings, Benjamin, tailor, h. 6 Beak. 

Jennings, Edmund^ miller, h. Niagara near R. I. 

Jennings, Charles Wm. finisher, h. Fulton near Hayward. 

Jenor, August, ship carpenter, h. Mathews near Mortimer. 

Jenor, Chiistoph, Mortimer above Batavia. 

Jerge, Christian, pedler, h. Spring near Qenesee. 

Jerome, Rodman, machinist, b. S^l Seneca. 

Jeudevine, Henry, shoemaker, 316 Michigan. 

Jeudevine, Henry, jr. carpenter, h. 322 Michigan. 

Jewell, Isaac, rectifier, h. Moore near Ohio. 

Jewett, E. R. <fe Co. publishers Commercial Advertiser and Patriot 
and Journal, Commercial Advertiser Buildings, 161 Main. 

Jewett, Elam R. firm E. R. J. & Co. <& J., Thomas & Co. b. American. 

Jewett, Thomas <fe Co. printers, publishers, and stereotypers. Commer- 
cial Advertiser buildings, 161 Main. 

JEWETT <fe ROOT, Eagle Furnace and warehouse, 31 Main.— «&« 
adv. p. 72. 

Jewett, Sherman S. firm Jewett & Root, h. 94 East Swan. 

JEWETT BROTHERS, house furnishing store, 217 Main and 3 East 
Swan. — See adv. p. 69. 

Jewett, John C. firm Jewett Brothers, b. 20 OaS^. 

Jewett, James H. firm Jewett Brothers, b. 35 East Swan. 

Jewett, John J. L. C. firm Wm. Fiske A Co. b. 44 Franklin. 

Jewett, Charles 0. m. d. over 217 Main, b. 94 East Swan. 

Jewish Synagogue, Pearl, rear of American Hotel. 

Jeyte, John A. m. d. druggist. Main above Huron. 

Jiengrich, Conrad, tailor, h. comer EUieott and Burton Alley. 

Jobes, William W. clerk, Morse <& Johnson. 



Jobes, Irving W. clerk, A. T. Patchin. 

Jobaty Frank, joiner, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Johannes, Francis, mason, h. Ketchum Alley. 

Johannes, Michael, mason, h. Ketchum Alley. 

John, John, joiner, h. Cherry below Spring. 

Johns, Alfred, boat builder, Hanktns A Cuson, b. 91 Seneca. 

Johnson. Rufus R. firm Morse A J. h. 212 East Seneca. 

William, fisherman, Lloyd. 

Henry, fisherman, h. Maryland near Ninth. 

Norman B. taQor, over 274 Main, h. 3 West Oenesee. 

Burdett J. firm D. C. Beard A Co. h. 103 Main. 

Hiram, broker, 3 Exchange, h. 63 East Eagle. 

Peter, tailor, over 223 Main, b. 91 Oak. 

Wm. clerk, Harbeck <fe Co. b. D. Johnson. 

John W. steamboat engineer, h. 201 Franklin. 

Place, Delaware above Chippewa, west side. 

George, mason, h. 3 Sixth. 

Thomas J. clerk, Moore <b Johnson, b. 212 East Seneca. 

Robert B. upholsterer, 198 Main, b. 212 East Seneca. 

John H. edge tool maker, h. Smith Block, Folsom. 

Henry W. grocer, comer Seventh and Hudson. 

George W. pattern maker. Eagle Furnace, b. J. Allen. 

John S. firm Holley <fe J. h. Tupper near head of Pearl. 

David, lumber dealer. Elk near Canal, h. Miller block Mich. 

Charles F. upholsterer, Cameron <fe McKay, h. 30 Scott. 

Jamss M^ b€K>k-binder, 188 Main. 

Levi C. engineer. Walnut near William. 

George, Fifth n^to Court 

Wm. at Eaton's Planing Mill 

Almor, engineer, Eagle below Pine. 

George, chair maker, h. Niagara, north of Auburn. 

Alexander, machinist, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 

Elisha W. clerk, H. A. Frink, b. R. Ham's. 

Robert, joiner, b. A. Gillmore. 

Wm. recess, Le Couteulx, near Rock. 

Augustus, fish market, Lloyd, h. Fifth near Court. 

Mary, cor. Water and Evans. 

Wallace, grocer, 45 East Seneca, h. 16 Carroll. 

James, sailor, h. cor. South Division and Hickory. 

Francis, on the lake, h. Lutheran. 

George, m. d. 1 East Seneca h. Black Rock. 

M. F. 74 Franklin. 

Franz, laborer, h. Bristol near JefFevson. 

Thomas, clerk, 190 Main, b. 36 West Seneca. 

John J. at Dart's Elevator, h. 14 Oak. 

John T. oakum manufacturer. Swan near R. R.^ 

William, whitewasher, h. 16 Elm. 

Frederick, mariner, h. Daugherty's Alley. 

Thomas W. ship carpenter, h. 168 East Seneca. 

James, blacksmith, h. Walnut near Batavia. 



Johnson, Mary, widow. Oak near Batavia. 
Johnson, Abraham, 101 Ninth. 

JohDSon, John P. agent Tallis <fe Co. b. Lovejoy House. 
Johnson, Harland, mason, h. Oak near Virginia. 
Johnson, Mary, widow, 333 Elm. 
Johnston, Gerart, 63 Sixth. 

Johnstone, Andrew, baker, h. Court near Hospital. 
Jonson, George W. att'y at law, 27 East Eagle, b. 29 East Eagle. 
Jonson, William, waiter, h. cor. Union and William. 
Jonson, Charles, clothes cleaner, h. 10 William. 
Joiner, Frederick, laborer, h. Cedar near William. 
Jones, George, iron fence maker, 107 Pearl, h. 50 South Division. 
Jones, George H. iron fence maker, 107 Pearl, h. 50 South Division. 
Jones, Humphrey P. mer. tailor, 1 Townsend Hall, h. 62 W. Huron. 
Jones, Isaac A, firm Humeston <fe J. h. Delaware. 
Jones, Frederick N. ship builder, h. Cold pring. 
JONES, MILES, pork inspector, cor. Prime and Hanover, h. Wash- 
ington near Exchange. — See adv. p. 53. 
Jones, Michael, teamster, h. 60 Fifth. 
Jones, Harrison, on the lake, h. 20 Walnut. 
Jones, George B. clerk, 210 Main, h. 194 Main. 
Jones, Mrs. E. A. milliner and dress maker, over 194 Main. 
Jones, William, book binder. West Seneca, h. 176 North Division. 
Jones, Merlin, with Miles Jones. 

Jones, Adam, watchman, h. South Division near Pollard. 
Jones, Jeremiah, horticulturist, h. Steuben near Heacock. 
Jones, Benjamin B. ship builder, h. Delaware near Utica. 
Jones, Albert, clerk, 225 Main, b. 11 Church. 
Jones, William H. merchant tailor, 290 Main. 
Jones, Sonhia, 189 Oalft 
Jones, Isabella,- nurse, cor. Swan and Elm. 
Jones, Marshall N. clerk. Miles Jones. 
Jones, Patrick, clerk, 1 Quay, b. cor. Scott and Waahington. 
Jones, William V. joiner, h. Alabama near Fulton. 
Jones, David, wagon maker, b. W. V. Jones. 
Jones, William, mariner, h. 85 East Seneca. 
Jones, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. 91 East Seneca. 
Jones, John S. grocer, lo7 East Seneca. 
Jones, Charles W. saloon keeper, 70 Lloyd. 
Jones, William C. joiner, b. «fohn Bidwell. 
Jones, Robert, sailor, h. Beaver, near Perry. 
Jones, William, Ninth near Carolina. 

Jones, Elizabeth, widow, boarding house, Indiana near Ohio. 
Jones, Patrick, laborer, h. Michigan near Ohio. 
Jones, Charles, engineer, h. Steuben cor. Heacock. 
Jones, Robert, in lead factory. 
Jones, Ann J. Ninth near Carolina. 
Jones, Farling, blacksmith, h. Oak near Clinton. 
Jones, Welcome W. painter, h. 189 Oak. 
Jones, Samuel, baggage man, h. Folsom below Kinney. 


Jonefly Aufitbiy blacksmith, h. cor. Seventeenth and Hadson. 

Jones, Sasan, midwife, Walnut near Batavia. 

Jopp, Heniy, Bnffalo Steam Engine Works, h. 153 Sycamore. 

Jordan, John, engines, on the lake, h. 143 East Seneea 

Jordan, L. £. widow of Samuel, 136 Oak. 

Jordan, Thomas, laborer, h. 33 Scott 

Jordan, David, carman, h. rear of 3 Chicago. 

Joseph, Samuel, pedler, h. Beaver near Perry. 

Joseph, Samuel, firm Lester <fe J. 11 PearL 

Joselyn, Orville, blacksmith. Van Rensselaer near Seneca. 

Joeett, Frederick, machinist, h. Hickory near William. 

Josett, Joseph, mason, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

Josselyn, Alanson, grocer, cor. Michigan and I^orth Divisieo. 

Josselyn, Levi B. clerk, 295 Michigan. 

Jogt, Joseph, brewer, cor. Batavia and Pratt 

Joy, Walter, 12 Delaware. 

Joy, William H. American Express office, h. cor. Morgan and Chip. 

Joy, Thaddeus, 6 Delaware. 

Joy, Lewis B. clerk, R. Hollister A Co. 

Joyce, Thomas, boarding house, Le Couteulz. 

Judah, T. D. engineer, h. 8 East Mohawk. 

Judd, Orvan K. American Express office, h. Carey near Delaware. 

Judd, Charles M. clerk, 187 Main. 

Judson, Lebeus, railroad agent, h. 120 PearL 

Juhl, Henry, laborer, h. North Division near Spring. 

Jung, Charles, mason, h. Moi'timer near Genesee. 

Jung, Martin, laborer, h. 89 Pine. 

Jung, Nicholas, 71 Sycamore. 

Jung, Valentine, brush maker, h. Batavia near Walnut 

Jung, Peter, turner, 307 Main. 

Junge, Charles, melodeon maker, h. 458 Michigan. 

Jungert, John M. shoemaker. Maple near Cherry. 

Jungwich, Conrad, tailor, cor. Ellicott and Burton Alley. 

Jungman, John, cooper, h. Cypress near Michigan. 

Junghanz, Henry, saddler, h. 144 Oak. 

Jungwirth, John A. file cutter, 108 Batavia. 

Junkes, Joseph, laborer, h. 91 Pine. 

Junnot, Francis, runner, b. Benzino. 

Juno, Charlotte, widow, Steuben near Heacock. 

Justin, Hamlet, machinist, h. cor. Dearboi'n and Hamilton. 

Justin, Reuben, machinist, h. Dearborn South of Amherst. 

Justin, Ashel A. blacksmith, b. Niagara north of Amherst. 


Kaefer, Leopold, wagon maker, b. C. Schmahl. 
Kaempf, Ehas, shoemaker, h. Spring near William. 
Kaes, John, laborer, h. German Alley below Genesea 
Eiaes, Mrs. widow of Adam, Maple near High. 
Eahn, Moses, recess, 2 Water. 
Eahn, William, cabinet maker, P. Staats. 


Kaiser, Peter, machinlBt, li. 114 Cedar. 

Kalbfleificb, Henry, cabinet maker, h. 134 OaJc. 

Kaldenbach <fe Haefelin, brewers, Lutberan near Batayia. 

Kaldenbach, Xayier, firm K. <fe Haefelin, Latheran near Batavia. 

Kaly, Mary, widow, Illinois near Scott 

Kammerling, S. A. pedler, b. 103 Clinton. 

Kammon, Henry, butcber, Terrace market, b. Seneca near Railroad. 

Kammon, Jobn, butcber, Hydraidics. 

Eampratb, Frederick, shoemaker, b. S. Diyiaion near the Railroad. 

Kanaga, Jobn, piano forte maker, 196 Washington. 

Kanaga, Andrew, saloon, 41 Main, b. 14 Green. 

Eanaday, John, shoemaker, h. 74 Fifth. 

Kaemmerle, Jacob, butcher, h. 130 Sycamore. 

Eane, James, with A. Rumsey & Co. b. T. Cotter. 

Kane, Peter, blacksmith. Rock cor. Le Couteulx. 

Kane, Angus, warehouseman, 8 Ohio. 

Kaneen, Capt William, cor. Niagara and Bouck. 

Kannedy, John, b. 95 Ninth. 

Kannedy, Alexander, 95 Ninth. 

Kann, Christian, tailor, h. Spruce below Genesee. 

Kappe, Christopher, mason, h. cor. Michigan and GoodelL 

Karbach, John, tailor, h. 3 Chippewa. 

Karg, John, tailor, h. HoUister near Spring. 

Karr, Corydon, salesman, Pratt <fe Co. b. 80 East Seneca. 

Kai'ms, Charles, joiner, h. Lutheran near Batayia. 

Kai'n, Adam, laborer, b. Maple near Carlton. 

Karst, Mrs. widow of Jacob, b. 117 Pine. 

Kasson, Marsh W. firm K. <b Son, b. W. M. Kasson. 

Kasson, William M. A Son, railroad despatch merchant. Exchange 

neai' Railroad depot. 
Kasson, WiUiam M. firm W. M. K <fe Son, 76 Franklin. 
Katon, Patrick, at livery stable, b. Franklin. 
Katz, Charles, stone cutter, h. 501 Michigan. 
Katzemeier, Peter, driver, h. Goodell near Elm. 
Kaufmann, Mary M. widow of Matthias, 79 Sycamore. 
Kaufmann, Henry, merchant, 302 Main. 
Kaufmann, Joseph, blaicksmith, b. 43 Exchange. 
Kaumeyer, Charles, laborer, b. Camp neai* Genesee. 
Kautz, Charles, tailor, h. 123 East Genesee. 
Kavanagli, James, boarding house, 11 Water. 
Kavanagh, Patrick, laborer, h. 157 South Division. 
Kealty, Michael, laborer, h. Evans cor. Water. 
Keating, George, clerk. Exchange Bank, b. 21 South Division. 
Kebel, Thomas, on tbe lake, h. Pine near Batavia. 
Keefer, Jacob, mariner, b. 202 Exchange. 
Keegan, Charles, ship carpenter, h, Burwell Place near Scott 
Keegan, Ellen, widow, Palmer cor. Virginia. 
Keel, Charles, gardener, cor. Washington and CarrolL 
Keel, James O. gardener, Washington near High. 
Keen, John, laborer, D. Belden. 


Keen, Thomas, cor. Oak and Carlton. 

Keena, John, on the lake, h. Fifth near G^org^ 

Keene, Galen B. at Gothic HalL 

Keenen, Thomas, on the lake, h. 108 Oak. 

Keenon, T. tutor, St Joseph's College. 

Kegan, George, machinist^ Buffalo Car Wheel Works. 

Kehl, Peter, mason, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Kehm, Wm. cabinet maker, 1l Pratt near Genesee. 

Kehne, John, carpenter, h. Cedar near William. 

Keibben, Daniel, rear 162 Oak. 

Eeiffer, John P. porter, 37 East Seneca. 

Keilbar, John, trunk maker, oyer 164 Main. 

Keim, George, painter, h. Elm above Genesee. 

Keiser, Christian, cooper, h. Genesee near Hickorj. 

Keiser, Jacob, laborer, h. GoodeU near Cherrj. 

Eeiser, John G. shoemaker, Ketchum Alley. 

Keith, Franklin, on the lake, h. Perry near Hayward. 

Keith, Charles P. ship carpenter, h. Elk above Michigan. 

Keith, John, ship carpenter, h. PeiTy near Louisiana. 

Keith, Richard, moulder, Eagle furnace. 

Keith, Edmund, melodeon maker, b. 31 South Division. 

Keith, William, ship carpenter, h. Perry near Louisiana. 

Keitz, Mary E. widow of A. Batavia below Michigan. 

Keitz, Conrad, tailor. Maple near Cherry. 

Keizer, Benjamin, clerk, F. Kull. 

Keld, Wm. cabinet maker, h. EUicott near High. 

Kelderhouse, John, wood dealer, h. 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, Jeremiah, sr. 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, Jeremiah, jr. b. 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, James, b. 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, Thos. P. grocer, 7 Packet Dock, b. 28 Sixth. 

Kelderhouse, Samuel, 28 Sixth. 

Kelihar, Jeremiah, laborer, h. Michigan near Perry. 

Keller, Christian, shoemaker, h. near cor. Mohawk and Peai'L 

Keller, Nicholas, tanner, h. Cedar near William. 

Keller, Henry, firm Hussong <fe K. h. cor. Michigan and William. 

Keller, Michael, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. 

Keller, Michael, tailor, h. Bennett ueai' Batavia. 

Kellinger, George H., R. R. conductor, b. Clarendon. 

Kellinger, Matthias, cabinet maker, h. cor. William and Walnut* 

Kellner, Christopher, porter, American. 

Kellogg, Freeman T. painter, h. 109 North Division. 

Kellogg, Charles G. tobacconist, 191 Main, h. cor. Tenth and Carolina. 

Kellogg, Converse A. firm E. A. Maynard <fe Co. b. 21 South Division. 

Kellogg, Gteorge W. medical student, 1 East Seneca. 

Kellogg, Walter P. clerk, 119 Main, h. 115^Clinton. 

Kellogg, Anna J. with F. Cowing. 

]Selly, Henry S. carpenter. Eagle Fm*nace, h. 42 Bennett 

Kelly, Thomas, marmer, h. Chicago near Ohio. 

Kelly, Mrs. widow of James, Nichols' Alley. j 

KeJly, William S. grocer, 189 South Division. m 



Eelljy James, Indiana cor. Perry. 
KeUj, John, at Efner's Livery stable, h. Center. 
Kelly, James^ ioiner, b. A. Devine. 
Kelly, Michael, boarding house, Ohio near Indiana. 
Kelly, James, waiter, TJ. S. HoteL 
Kelly, James, with Pratt & Co. h. 161 South Diyision. 
Kelly, Daniel, agent <frc. b. Jane Clinton. 
Kelly, Michael, cabman, h. 86 CarrolL 
Kelly, Daniel, boarding house, 3 CarrolL 
Kelly, Edward, carpenter, h. cor. Hudson and Seyenth. 
Kelly, George, at Townsend's Mill, Black Rock. 
Kelly, James, at Townsend's Mill, Black Rock. 
Kelly, Patrick, gardener, h. cor. R. I. and Chenango. 
Kelly, William, laborer, h. Elk cor. Van Rensselaer. 
Kelly, Dennis, laborer, h. Green near Washington. 
Kelly, Michael, ship carpenter, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 
Kelly, Martin, carriage ariyer, h. North Division near Spring. 
Kelly, William C. mariner, b. 189 South Division. 
Kelly, John, laborer, h. Seneca near Hambiu'gh. 
Kelly, Anthony, brick maker. Hydraulics. 
Kelly, Aaron, b. 62 Lloyd. 
Kelly, Thomas, firm P. R. Dowling <fe Co. 
Kelly, Daniel, mariner, h. Elk near Michigan. 
Kelly, Christopher, ship carpenter, h. Chicago near Elk. 
Kelly, Samuel, ship carpenter, h. Chicago near Elk; 
Kelner, WiUiam, bricklayer, h. Maple near Cherry. 
Kelsau, James, joiner, b. 14 Green. 
Kelsey, S. P. on the railroad, b. U. S. fioteL 
Kelsey, Jared, machinist, rear 51 Exchange. 
Kelso, Henry, plane maker^L. <& I. J. White. 
Kelty, Michael, with Stevenson Brothers, h. 12 East Eagla 
Kemball, Henry,' carpenter, b. J. Lawler. 
Kemmerle, Jacob, butcher, h. 130 Sycamore. 
Kemp, Wm. painter, 230 Main, up stairs, h. Union cor. Eagle. 
Kemp, Thomas, joiner, h. 65 Fiftn. 
Kemp, Henry, baker, W* F. Dow. 
Kemp, George, laborer, b. Patrick Bowden. 
Kemp, Au^stus, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Kempf, Elias, shoemaker, h. Spring near William. 
Kempel, Lewis, melodeon maker, h. Pratt near Batavia. 
Kendall, Milton J. firm T. Fai'nham & Co. b. 53 South Division. 
Kendall, Luther F. arocer, 402 Main, h. Chippewa near Pearl. 
Kendall, Sylvester H. milkman, h. 124 Soutn Division. 
Kendall, Rev. Clark, pastor Asso. Refd Presb. Church, b. 45 Oak. 
Kendrick A Freeman, milk dealers, 58 East Seneca. 
Kendrick, William, firm K. <fe Fjeeman, h. 58 East Seneca. 
Kennan, John, truckmau, h. Folsom near Kinney. 
Kennedy, Thomas, grocer, 26 Commercial, h. 6 Johnson Place. 
Kennedy, William S. Seneca neai* Heacock. 
Kennedy, William, truckmau, h. 138 West Huron. 



Kennedy, Michael, laborer, h. Lock near Terrace. 

Kennedy, Harvey D. engineer, b. Southern Hotel. 

Kennedy, Thomas, laborer, h. Steuben near Heacock. 

Kennedy, Alex. H. clerk, 216 Main, h. 66 Ellicott. - 

Kennedy, Charles, clerk, 45 East Seneca, b. 16 CarrolL 

KENK ETT, THOMAS, merchant tailor, 183 Main, h. 57 East Svan. 
Bee adv. p. 63. 

Kennedy, Thomas, b. J. R. Kennedy. 

Kennedy, Collins & Co. proprietors Union Milln, Black Rock. 

Kennedy, John R. firm K, Collins & Ca h. N. Washington near Bird) 

Kenney, Daniel, tailor^ h. 135 Pearl. 

Kenney, Keam, laborer, h. cor. Maryland and Tenth. 

Kenney, Patrick, Sixth near Hudson. 

Kenney, Dennis, moulder, T. J. Dudley <t Co. 

Kenney, Bryan, Albany near North Washington. 

Kenney, John, grocer, Carolina near Fourth. 

Kenfield, Daniel M. book-keeper, 155 Main. 

Kent, Lorenzo, boiler maker, n. 11 Batavia. 

Kent, William J. cabinet maker, h. Ellicott near High. 

Kenton, Nicholas W. hatter, h. North Division near Spring. 

Kenty, Jeremiah, with Charles Sexe. 

Keogh, Timothy, j)lasterer, h. Ninth near York. 

KEOGH & CO. piano forte makers, cor. Seneca and PearL — See adu.' 

Keogh, Augustin^, firm K. <fe Co. h. 1 Church. 

Keogh, John, firm K and Co. b. A. Keogh. 

Kepler, Godfrey C. 106 Elm. 

Kercher, Frederick, joiner, h. 19 Sycamore. 

Kerdl, Anthony, watch maker, 365 Main. 

Keretsen, John, William near Cedar. 

Kern, Anthony, pattern maker. Eagle Furnace, h. 42 German. 

Kern, George, caulker, b. 136 Elk. 

Kemer, John, joiner, h. 45 German. 

Kernick, William, bricklayer, h. Folsom near Dougherty's Alley, 

Kerr, George B. machinist, h. Niagara near Jersey. ' 

Kerr, William Foster, with Mugridge & Co. h. Cedar near Eagle. 

Kerr, Thomas, engineer, D. Belden. 

Kesman, Peter, joiner, h. Cherry near Mulbeiry. 

Kester, Frederick, weaver, 200 East Genesee. 

Ketcham, Alonzo R. superintendent water works, h. 37 W. Mohawk. 

Eetchum <fe Comstock, natters, 202 Main. 

Ketchum, William, firm K. <fe Comstock, h. 4b East Seneca. 

Ketchum, William F. foreman, Rufus L. Howard <fe Co. h. cor. Mo- 
hawk and Delaware. 

Ketchum, Jesse, North, west of Delaware. 

Ketchum, Zebulon, Ellicott near High. 

Ketchum Alley, between High and Carlton and Michigan and Elm. 

Ketchum, George B. law student, Greene & Baldwin, b. 48 K Seneca 

Keting, Patrick, sailor, h. Carolina cor. Ninth. 

Keyes, Lewis R. clerk, Lee <fe Brother, b. 31 East Swan. 



Keyefl, George, clerk, Lee <& Brother, h. 31 East Swan. 

Keyes, Riclwrdi keeper Dumas Hotel, 67 Elm. 

Kejes, Edward, painter, h. 26 Nortii Divisioik 

Kejes, Mary, 26 jS"orth DiYJsion. 

Keyes, Daniel B. printer, b. 128 Washington. 

Kezeler <fe Qrosvenor, druggists, 10 Commercial 

Kezeler, Wm. H. firm K. & Grosvenor, h. 44 Peai-L 

K.ibbe, Geo. R. city treasurer, Franklin near Eagles h. 65 £ast Eaglew 

Kibbe, Mrs. S. widow of Isaac, 65 East Eagle. 

Kibler, Peter, joiner, 292 Ellicott 

Kibler, Ferdinand, Pratt below Wilbam. 

Kick, John, tanner, N. Case <& Co. 

Kick, Michael, on the lake, h. Elm near Burton Alley. 

Kick, Tobia8» stone mason, h. Ash near Sycamore^ 

Kick, Charles, mason, h. Boston. 

Kick, John, laborer, h. Swan near the railroad. 

Kidder, Charles B. engineer, Swartz <fe Brothers, b. Tremont 

Kiebler <& Gumbert, coffin manufactui-ers, cor. Batavia and Pina 

Kiebler, George, firm Kiebler <fe Gumbert, h. Genesee Block. 

Kiefer, John, mai'ble polisher. Main near Chippewa. 

Kiefiier, Charles, painter, Washington above Tupperi. 

Kieffer, Joseph, cooper, h. 97 Pine. 

Kieffer, George, shoemaker, h. 163 Batavia. 

Kieffer, Peter, laborer, h. Spring near Hinckley. 

KJefhaber, Adam, tailor, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Kiefhaber, Catharine, widow of Jacob, Walnut near Batavia. 

Kiefhabar, Peter, Hickory near Clinton. 

Kienie, Sebastian, tinsmiUi, h. 103 Pine. 

Kiener, Joseph, boiler maker, h. Pine below Batavia. 

Kiesel, Conrad, laborer, h. Cedar near William. 

Kihlbery, John M. ti-unk maker, h. 91 East Seneca. 

Kilhenay, John, laborer, h. Seventh neai* Hudson. 

Kilhofer, John, insurance agent, h. 81 Elm. 

Kill, John George, grocer, cor. North Division and Hickory. 

Killerleane, Thomas, printer, h. Pearl opp. Western. 

Kily, John, laborer, h. Rock near Maiden Lane. 

Kimball, Mrs. E. widow of Lovell, 96 Clinton. 

Kimball, Philip, lock maker, h. Pratt above Batavia. 

Kimball, Mr& 349 Washington. 

Kimball, Iforthrop T. clerk, b. 165 Niagara. 

Kimberly, John L. banker, h. Washington above Lafayette. 

Kimberly, Eliza, 28 East Huron. 

Kimberly, Susan, 28 East Huron. 

Kimeg, Jacob, laborer, h. Rhode Island near Delaware. 

Kimmitt, Francis, rope maker, cor. Carolina and Seventh. 

Kimmitt, Patiick, rope maker. Fifth near Virginia. 

Kindall, John, bricklayer, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

King, Walter, lumber dealer, cor. Michigan and Elk, b. J. Horton 

King, James E. m.-d. office over 177 Main, b. 25 Pearl. 

King, William, jr. druggist, 249 Main, b. 21 South Divifiion. 

King, Aaron A. clerk, 276 Main, b. 157 Delaware. 

^ I 


King, Bernhard H. jeweler, 161 Main, h. 307 Michigan. 

King, Zilpha, widow, 157 Delaware. 

King A Qleeson, forwarding and com. mer. 28 Central Wliar^ 

king, David C. firm K <fe (Seeson, h. 133 PearL 

King/ George, clerk, 316 Main, h. 64 Tupper. 

King, Harvey^, 322 Michigan. 

King, Joseph, blacksmith, R. M. Eddy (fc Co. 

King, liouis, ship carpenter, h. Cedar near Eagle, (rear.) 

King, Charles F. shoemaker, h. 193 Exchange. 

King, William, tailor, h. 89 EUicott 

King, William, joiner, h. Cypress near Pine. 

King^man, Elizabeth D. widow, Franklin near North. 

Kingslej, Silas, 81 Franklin. 

Kingsley, Alban 8. joiner. Ninth near Huron. 

Kingsley, Vine W. attorney at law, oyer post office, b. 91 S. Division. 

Kmgsley, Joseph, tanner, N, Case <fe Co. 

Kingsley, Laura Ann, widow, nurse, cor. Fulton and Hayward. 

Kingson, George^painter, h. 9 Seventh. 

Kin jon, George W. M. moulder, h. Green near Washing^ton. 

Kinnear, Sylvester, blacksmith, h. Park near Virginia. 

Kinnear, William H. shipsmith, h. 118 Washington. 

Kinne, Henry M. office foot of Commercial, h.' 196 PearL 

Ejnney, George W. upholsterer, 233 Main. 

Kinney, Patrick, mason, h. Carolina near Fourth. 

Kinney, Elizabeth, widow of Dr. P. 79 Chippewa, 

Kinner, John, 191 Cherry. _--' ' 

Kinific, Betty, widow, Onio junction Louisiana. 

Kinsky, Balser, masqn, h. 40 German. 

Kinzky, George, mason, h. 199 Franklin. 

Kip, Henry, clerk. Wells <fe Co.'s Express Office, b. American. 

Kiper, Philip, h. 378 Michigan. 

Kipler, Johh, laborer, h. Batavia near Hickory. 

Kirby, Thomas, shoemaker, h. Fourth near Carolina. 

Kirby, Wm. A. machinist, h. 145 Delaware. 

Kirby, Dennis, saloon, 2 Commercial. 

Kirchberger, Joseph, joiner, h. Boston. 

Kirchesser, Joseph, laborer, h. Hollister near Spring. 

Kirchmaier, John, mason, h. Michigan near Batavia. 

Kirchner, Adam, mason, h. Kaene near Sycamora 

Kirchner, George, shoemaker, h. Boston neai* Virginia. 

Kirk, Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 181 Swan. 

Kirk, Thomas, butcher, h. Fulton near Alabama. 

Kirk, John, turner, 233 Main. 

Kirkland, John, clerk, P. B. <fe L. L. Eaton. 

Kirkover. Louis, sr. brickmaker, h. North canal. 

Kirkover, Augustus, brickmaker. Hydraulics. 

Kirkpatrick, Jo8ej>h, |orwarding merchant. Water cor. Dock. 

Kirkover, Louis, jr. brickmaker, h. Swan, Hydraulics. 

Kirkover, Aloes, brickmaker. Hydraulics 

Kirkpatrick, Joseph, warehouseman, h. 119 North Division. 


KJrkwood, A. F. joiner, b. 34 Clinton. 

Kirsi, Aatbony, cabinet maker, h. 42 Germao. 

KJESch, Augusib* tailor, b. J. Lonhard. 

Kirsch, Emanuel, tanner, E. Palmer. 

KirBch, Charles, shoemaker, George Hess. 

Kirsch, Jacob, law student, L. G. & G. L. Marvin. 

Kishar, John A. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Kirscht, August, shoemaker, h. corner Sycamore A Elm. 

Kislar, A<k>lph, laborer, h. Porter near van Rensselaer. 

Kissinger, Frederick, h. 255 East Genesee. 

Kissock, David, Canada telegraph office, b. Miss Cutler. 

Kissock, Williain, Canada telegraph office, b. 21 South Division. 

Kitson, Joseph, joiner, h. Fulton neai* Hamburgh. 

Kittel, Simon, stocking weaver, h. 241 East Genesee. 

Kettel, Louis, shoemaker, h. 241 East Genesee. 

KittJe <& Co. planing mill, oor. Scott and Washington. 

Kittle, Robert, firm K. A Ca b. South Division below Spring. 

Kittle, Samuel P. in planing mill, h. 315 Michigan. 

Kittle, Mary, widow. Eagle near Pollard. 

Kirving, Philip, omnibus driver, h. 25 Exchange. 

Kivill, John, miller, h, 77 Churchl 

J^aes, Jacob, 12b Syoamore. 

Klaiber, Henr^., watchmaker, 293 Main. 

Elain, Frederick, tailor, h. Amherst near Howell 

Klas, Peter, butcher, 3 Terrace Market 

Klas, John, butcher, TeiTace Market. 

Klauch, Dorotha, widow. Pine near William. 

Klauk, Peter, laborer, h, Mortimer neai* William. 

Klauk, John, laborer, h. Camp near Sycamore. 

Kleber, Louis, cabinet maker, with Keogh & Ca 

Klee, John F. shoemaker, 22 Main. 

Klee, CoBstantine, shoemaker, J. F. Klee. 

Klehm, Mrs. widow of Henry, Batavia near Ash, 

Kleifman, J. cabj^et maker, 307 Main. 

Kleiber, John F. carpenter, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

KLEIN" <fe DOBINSOU", pump and block makere, cor. Water an4 

Norton. — See ndv. p. 80. 
Klein, Hawl«y* firm K. A Dobinson, b. 27 Seventh. 
Kleiuj ^ohtt P. shoemaker, 8 Main. 
Klein, Polly, widow of Matthew, 27 Seventh. 
Klein, Godfried, sr. 484 Michigan. 
Klein, Jacob, tailor, h. 48 Sycamore. 
Klein, Lewis, recess, 29 Central Wharl 
Klein, Philip, warehouseman, h. Goodell cor. Mulberry. 
Klein, Peter, moulder, Arcole Furnace. 
Klein, Jacob, oooper, h. Elm near Genesee. 
Klein, Milchor, joiner, b. P. Messner. 
Klein, Cliarles, painter, h. 39 Spruce. 
Klein, Philip J. b. George Zwilling. 
Klein* John* Walnut cox. Batavia. 


dein, Charles E; erocer, cor. Qoodell and Michigan. 

Klein, Michael, laborer, h. William near Bennett 

Klein, Louis, grocer, 102 West Tupper. 

Klein, John, t^or, h. Hickory nearBatavia. 

EIeinhan8> Christiaai, 8hoem^er> h. Kaene near Genesee. 

KleinmaD^ Henry, joiner, h. IlO Pine. 

Kleinschmidt, Maria, 447 Michigan. 

Kleiver, George, cabinet maker, 7 East Geiresee. 

Klemm, j^ndrew, grocer, Michigan above Batavia. 

Klenk, David, laborer, h. Kaene near Genesee. 

Klepser, George, merchant, cor. Niagara and Hamiltoib. 

Klier, Andrew, laborer, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Klier, Jiistin, laborer, h. Pine near WillianL 

Kline, John, porter, 318 Main. 

KliBg;. E. F. 342 Main. 

Kling, Tobias, bricklayer, h. 179 East Genesee. 

Klinghammer, William, liquor store, h. 132 East Swan^. 

Klinghamnier, John, brewer, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Klinkhammer, Clemens, liquor store, 53 Exchange. 

Klitz, U. widow of George, Niagara, south of Amherst:. 

Klipfer, Caspar, laborer, h. Mulberry near High. 

Kloepfer, Jonn, stone cutter, h. Potter near Batavia. 

Ellotz, Michael J. grocer, Niagara, south of Amherst 

Klug, Joseph, stone cutter, h. 54 Goodell. 

Kinsman, Henry, hotel keeper. Exchange near Michigan. 

Elust, George, laborer, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Kluth, Albert B. cap maker, h. Michigan neai* Cherry. 

Knahn, Michael, tauor. Walnut near Sycamore. 

KNAPP <fe GILLET, rectifiers, 18 Lloyd near PrimCr-^ ach.p. 53^ 

Knapp, Lyman, firm K A Gillet, h. S9 North Division. 

Kns^p, Stephen L. carpenter, h. 253 East Seneca. 

Knapp, OiTJB, harness maker, h. 18 Oak. 

Knapp, Nicholas, moulder, J. A. Pitts, h. 554 Michigan. 

Knapp, Joseph, laborer, h. Mulbeny neffl: Goodell. 

Knapp, Mary, widow of George H. Sycamore near Ash. 

Knapp, (Jeorge A. clerk, 12 Commercial. 

Knapp, David, carpenter, h. 188 South Division. 

Knapp, James G. firm Vermilyea <fe K, b. Bennet*& Temp. House^ 

Knauber, Michael, grocer, cor. Mulberry and Hickory. 

Knecht, Adam, teamster, h. Camp near Genesee. 

Knecht, Jacob, ^borer, h. Spring near Genesee. 

Knecht, Jacob, tailor, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Kneeland, Elisha Y. 36 Clinton. 

Kneiht, Samuel, moulder. Eagle Furnace. 

Knell, Peter, carpenter, h. Spring near Genesee. 

Kney,. George, tailor, 130 Elm. 

Knickerbocker, Mary Ann, J95 East Swan, 

Knight, Caleb, joiner, h. 91 Genesee. 

Knight, Willard M. 81 Chippewa. 

Knight, Augustus, joiner, b. 81 Chippewa. 


Kniglit» Thomas, carriage mak^, li. Carroll below Michigan. 

Knobloch, Charles, shoemaker, h. Bennett below Batayia. 

Knoell, Jacob, ship carpenter, h. cor. Clinton and Pratt. 

Knolhoff, Louis, at Qaa Works, h. 185 iN'orth Division. 

Knoll Frederick M. |^ocei*, near junction of Seneca and Swan. 

Knopf, Elizabeth, widow of John, Hickory above Sycamore. 

Enopf, Francis, mason, h. Hickory above Sycamore' 

Knorr, Charlesftailor, h- cor. Main and Virginia. 

Knorr, Bernhard, tanner, h. Michigan near Burton Alley. 

Knowles, Daniel, at Cotton Factory. 

Knowlton, Henry, printer. Courier, h. 161 South Division. 

Knowlton, Amos A. b. 62 Lloyd. 

Knowlton, Thomas, boarding house, 62 Lloyd. 

Knox, Rebecca, widow of James, 38 Chippewa. 

Knox A Cheney, lumber dealers, cor. Foui*th and HospitaL 

Knox, Eli, B. firm K. <k Cheney, b. 29 Niagara. 

Knurr, Frederick, furnaceman, h. German Alley. 

Koch, John, grocer, Genesee cor. WiJrnut. 

Koch, Jacob, tinsmith, h. Pine near Batavia. 

Koch, Christian, shoemaker, b. P. G. Lorenz. 

Koch, Charles F. saw filer, h. 162 Elm. 

Koch, John P. dry goods and groceries, cor. Ash and Batavia. 

Koch, John, Spruce near Genesee. 

Koch, Fred, saw filer, h. 162 Elm. 

Koch, Francis, gi'ocer, h. 156 Batavia. 

Koch, John, 111 Pine. 

Koch, Francis, tailor, CheiTy near Mapla 

Koch, John, joiner, b. P. Massner. 

Koch, Jacob, mason, h. 127 East Genesee. 

Koch, Joseph, tailor, h. Oak, above Goodell, 

Kochems, J. Adam, tailor. Spruce near Genesea 

Koehler, John, harness maker, 403 Main. 

Koehler, Peter, joiner, h. Elm above Tupper. 

Koehler, Mrs. widow of Ernst, Hickory near Genesee. 

Koehler, John, joiner, h. cor. Ellicott and Burton Alley. 

Koehler> Franz, baker, Batavia below Pine. 

Koehn, William, joiner, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Koelner, Veit, laborer, h. 578 Washington. 

Koelsch, William, laborer, h. 97 East Genesee. 

Koenig, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Ash neai* Batavia. 

Koenig, Christian, grocer, h. 331 East Genesee. 

Koenig, Bernhard, jeweler, over 157 Main. 

Koenig, Gteorge, teamster, h. Pratt near Batavia 

Koeppel, John, boarding house, 89 Exchange. 

Koeppler, Gottfried, pedler, h. 118 Cedar. 

Koeppler, Frederick, butcher, cor. Genesee and Spruce. 

Kohlbacher, Adam, shoemaker, Walnut near William. 

Kohlbrenner, Frederick, joiner, h. MulbeiTy near GoodelL 

Kohn, George, shoemaker, cor. Goodell Alley and Tupper. 

Kolb, G. M. <& Co. saddlers^ 117 Main. 


Kolb, George M. firm K. A Co. h. 355 Main. 

Kolb, Jacob, firm G. M. <fc Ca h. Oak near Genesee. 

Kolb, Gea <fe Co. harness makers, 335 Main. 

Kolb> Louis, turner, 307 Main. 

Koler, Christian, tailor, h. 238 Elm. 

Kolk, Frederick, ci^ar maker, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 

Kolkmeier, Henry, bricklayer, h. Pine near Batavia. 

KoUber, Nicholas, laborer, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Eommer, Peter, grocer, cor. William and Pine. 

Koofman, Henry, tailor, 95 Main. 

Koon, Henry G. clerk, 205 Main, h. 193 Terrace. 

Koons, Jacob, cap maker, A. R. Ransom. 

Kopf, John, cooper, h. East, north of Amherst. 

Koppelen, John, laborer, h. High near Jefferson. 

Korfman, Ludirig, joiner, h. Cedar near William. 

Xom, Joseph, recess, 3 Water. 

Xom, Philip, shoemaker, h. Ohio near Main. 

Korn, Charles, shoemaker, 77 Genesee. 

Kortc, Nicholas, paver, h. Mulbeny near Goodell. 

Eortz, John, firm W. B. Bishop A Co. b. 41 South Divimos. 

Koster, Eliza, widow of John F. 80 North Division. 

Kraemer, Peter, 410 Michigan. 

Eraenkel, Frnaz, joiner, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Kraft, Francis, i^oemaker, 16 Chippewa. 

KRAFT A GRAY,coffin m»k»s <fe und»taker8,384 Utdu.-^ioch.p.ei. 

Kraft, Francis J. firm Kraft A Gray, h. 29 East Huron. 

Kraft, Henry, laborer, 76 West Tupper. ^ ' 

Kraft, Henry T. laborer, h. Spring near Genesee. 

Krafert, Jacob, gardener, h. 161 Cherry. 

Krafft, Frederiek WnL grocer, 393 Mam, basement 

Kramer, Michael, Thompson near Amherst. 

Kramer, Leonard, shoemaker, h. 179 East Genesee. 

Kramer, F. with J. A. Pitts. 

Kramer Charlns, grocer, 97 East Genesee. 

Kramer, John A. mason, h. Batavia cor. Pine. 

Kramer, Mattis, tailor, Bennett below Batavia. 

Kramer, Peter, mason, h. Batavia near Michigan. 

Kranigfeld, John, laborer, h. Maple near High. 

Krantzhart, Charles, Cherry near Spruce. 

Kranz, John M. shoemaker, Rock near Norton. 

Kranz, Charles, sailor, h. William near Bennett. 

Kranz, Charles, grocer, Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Krapp, Frederick, painter, h. 22 Main. 

Kraus, John, jr. tailor, h. 577 Washington. 

Kraus, John, sr. tailor, h. 581 Main. 

Kraus, Adam, Palmer's Tannery. 

Ej-auss, Frederick, carriage maker, b. J. Bergtold. 

Krause, Charles, blacksmith, b. J. J. Grueber. 

Krause, Alex. L. over Buffalo Saving's Bank, h, Genesee beloir Wadi. 

&auskopf, Wm. teacher of music, h. 61 T)ak. 


Erausel, Alex, laborer, h. 343 East Seneca. 

Krear, Ernst, cooper, b. J. J. Grueber. 

Erebs, John, laborer, h. Bennett below Batavia. 

Krebs, Henry, tailor, h. 54 Goodell. 

Krech, Charles, tinsmith, h. Main above Burton Alley. 

Kreher, Jacob, baker. Hickory near Genesee. 

Kreier, Christoph, mason, h. Cedai* near Batavia. 

Krein, Joseph, printer, h. cor. Genesee and Elm. 

Ereiner, George, shoemaker, h. 188 Seneca. * 

Ereis, George, upholsterer, h. 496 Michigan. 

Eress, Frederick, grocer, cor. Ellicott and Goodell. 

Eretter, George, brick maker, h. MulbeiTy above GoodelL 

Erettner, Jacob, insurance agent and notary public, 281 Main. 

Eretze, Leonhard, laborer, h. Michigan near UoodelL 

Ei'eutz, Jacob, fireman, h. 93 East Genesee. 

Ereutzbeinder, John, 136 Hickory. 

Ereutzbeinder, Nicholas, Walnut near William. 

Ereutzbergner, George, laborer, h. 106 Cedar. 

Erewson, Isaac D. pedler, b. 231 Carroll. 

Erieck, Elizabeth, widow, 222 Elm. 

Erieg, Beneventura, shoemaker, h. Pine nea^ William. 

Erieger, Frederick, with S. Shepard, h. 35JBycamore. 

Erieger, Paulus, laborer, h. Elm above Grpodell. 

Erieger, Jacob, cabinet maker, 131 Easir Genesee. 

Eriek, Philip, taUor, 222 Elm. 

Eriener, George, shoemaker, 93 Exchange, h. 188 Seneca. 

Erober, George, mason, h. Wajnut near Batavia. 

Eroeber, Philip, joiner, h. Edene near Genes(*e. 

Eroeber, William, joiner, fi. Eaene near Genesee. 

Ei'oetsch, Martin, laborer, h. Spruce near Sycamore. 

Eroll, Christian, cutter, Gothic Hall, h. 183 Genesee. 

Erollman, John, cabinet maker, b. 42 Jackson. 

Erollman, John, Palmer's tannery, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Erost, Louis, laborer, h. Walnut near William. 

Eroet, Lewis, Cherry near Spruce. 

Erotte, George, brick: maker, h. Mulberry near Goodell. 

Erous, John, machinist, b. cor. Exchange and Michigan. 

Erueger, Christoph, 155 Oak. 

Erueger, Henry, 35 Sycamore. • 

Erueger, Frederick, laborer, h. 168 Elm. ^ 

Erug, Gottlob, cooper, 468 Michigan. 

Erull, Charles, joiner, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Erumholz, Ferdinand, laborer, 287 Oak. . 

Enipp, Mrs. widow, Bennett near Batavia. 

Erupp, Jacob, mason, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Erupp, George, clerk, E. E. Bruce, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Eucmer, Mary, widow of Michael, 578 Washington. 

Euchler, Mrs. widow of Adam, 112 Batavia. 

Euchner, Augustus, laborer, h. Cherry near Spruce. 

Euehnemund, Frederick, plasterer, h. Spring oelow Sycamore. 


Kuehnemund, Frederick, plasterer, b. Spring below Sycamore. 

Kuempel, Louis, cabinet maker, b. Pratt near Batavia. 

Kueiible, Jobn G. joiner, b. 104 Sycamore. 

Kuense, Samuel, carriage maker, b. 277 Oak. 

Kuester, George, baker, b. Ellicott above GoodelL 

Kugler, Andrew, laborer, b. Walnut near Batavia. 

Kugner, Micbael, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Kubn, Francis, grocer, Goodell near Micbigan. 

Kubn, Simon, Elm near Qoodell. 

Kubn, Frederick, cabinet maker, b. cor. Goodell and Boston. 

Eubn, Henry, clerk, H. Urban. 

Eubrascb, Conrad, joiner, b. A. Raeker. 

Kull, Frederick, grocer. Reed's block. Long Wbarf. 

Kummer, Mattbias, laborer, b. Hollister near Spring. 

Eummer, Jobn, laborer, b. 564 Micbigan. 

Eump'f, Jobn G. boarding bouse. Rock near Norton. 

Eunz, Conrad, sboemaker, b. Sycamore near Walnut 

Eunze, Gregor, joiner, b. 255 Elm. 

Eunzmann, Philip, in lead factory, b. 57 Cedar. 

Eupferscblaoger, F. H. teacber, Goodell near Micbigan. 

Eurtz, Henry, tanner, b. Pratt near William. 

Kurtz, , witb Seymour <fe Wells. 

Eurtz, William, joiner, b. 116 Sycamore. 

Eurtzman, Christian, piano maker, Eeogb & Co.b. Cypress near Pine. 

Eurtzwart, Jobn, Spruce near Genesee. 

Eurtzwart, Baptist, oricklayer, b. Boston. 

Eurtzwart, Francis, joiner, b. Boston. 

Eussel, Pbilipj, clerk, Jewett, Thomas <t Co. b. 36 West Seneca. 

Euster, Godfried, 372 Micbigan. 

Euster, Jacob, jeweler, 352 Main. 

Euz, Dayid,_^dler, b. 136 Ellicott. 

Eyle, Capt William, boarding bouse, 200 Washington. 


Labbett, Henry, saloon keeper, b. Oak above Tupper. 

Lachner, George, joiner, b. Main near Goodell. 

La Cbepell, Francis, cooper, b. Chicago near Elk. 

Lackbaas, Matthias, wagon maker, h. Goodell near Mulberry. 

La Croix, Harmon, tobacconist, h. 106 Clinton. 

Lacy, John T. book-keeper, American Express Co. b. 252 E. Seneca. 

Lacy, Edgar D. law stuaent, Eli Cook, b. 350 Washington. 

Ladd, Charles W. hat and Jbonnet bleacher, 194 Main, b. 56 E. Swan. 

Ladd, James S. clerk, 71 Main, b. Commercial HoteL 

Ladd, Wilson, joiner, b. 139 Ellicott 

Laduke, Jerry, caulker, h. Ferry near Chicago. 

Laewi, Samuel, 9 Church, 

Lafayette Bell and Brass Foundry, Ohio near Wasbingttm. 

La Flam, Joseph, boarding bouse, Ohio near the Basin. 


Lafort, Bonayentare, grocer, Batavia near Afilu 

La Fort, B. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Lahay, Patrick, laborer, b. Mrs. Lucy. 

Laible, Christopher, farmer, h. Cornelius near Militarj^Jload. 

Laible, Christopher, jr., grocer, cor. Tonawanda and Amherst. 

Laing, Jacob, nrm Comstock <fc L. 21 Main,h. 3 Chicago. 

Laing, Daniel, clerk, 33 Main. 

Laing, Isaac H. clerk, 21 Main, b. J. Laing. 

Laing, A. A. grocer, 33 Main, h. same. 

Lainhart, Simeon, clerk, J. K. Fero. 

Laisdell, Charles W. saloon, 70 Lloyd. 

Lake, Samuel, secretary, Erie County Farmers' Mutual Insurance 

Company, 1561^ Main, h. 253 Franklin. 
Lake, John G. cor. Rock and Commercial, b. 62 Lloyd. 
Lake Ontario Steamboat Office, Western Hotel block. 
Lake, Cortland, special constable, h. 17 Sixth. 
Laker, Daniel, clerk, 62 Main, h. 90 Franklin. 
Lamarsh, Joseph, cooper, h. 5 FolsonL 
Lamarsh, Edward, miller, h. Breckenridge near Niagara. 
Lamphere, Joseph, teamster, h. cor. Thompson and Hamilton. 
Lament, John d. sailor, h. Fulton neai* Chicago. 
Lamb, Albert C' Hay ward near Elk. 
LAMB, HENRY, butcher, 99 Main rnd 57 Lloyd, h. Elk near city 

line. — See adv. p. 56. 
Lamb, Thomas, butcher, h. 56 Carroll. 

Lambert, William, clerk, Niles <fe Wheeler, h. 136 South Division. 
Lambrex, Henry, plasterer, h. Franklin above Tupper, 
Lambrick, Lorentz, mason, h. 536 Michigan. 
Lamey, Peter, clothier, 9 Commercial. 
Lamey, Margaret, widow, cor. Perry and Mississippi. 
Lamon, Jacob, joiner, b. Water near Commercial. 
Lament, Crawford G. saddler, 10 Exchange. 
Lament, John, shoemaker, b. William Davis. 
Lamphier, Thomas, joiner, h. Tenth near Carolina. 
Lamphier, Charles, book-keeper, H. G. White, h. 133 East Eagle. 
Lampman, Warren, firm C. O. Leonard & Co. h. 16 Perry. 
Lana, Patrick, tailor, h. 5 Beak. 
Lanckton, Hiram C. clerk, 338 Main. 
Landefeld, Charles, shoemaker, h. cor. Ellicott and Batavia. 
Lander, Wm. P. Delaware near Virginia. 
Lander, James, foreman, 133 Main, h. 3 Sixth. 
Landers, Tra M. foreman, McGennis & Baldwin, h. Carolina. 
Landers, John, painter, h. Delaware near Virginia. 
Landon, Corwin, at Thomas' Dining Saloon. 
Landon, Munson, farmer, Adam north of Genesee. 
Landsheft, William, wagon maker, h. Batavia near Pine. 
Landsittel, Anthony, whitewasher, 208 East Genesee. 
Laudwer, Francis, mason, h. Hickory near Sycamore. 
Lane, Henry M. printer, Jewett, Thomas & Co. b. Tremont House. 
Lane, John, harness maker, h. Washington near CarrolL 


Lane, Mrs. Elizabeth, Sixth near Virginia. 

Lane, John, laborer, h. Louisiana) near Ottawa. 

Lane, Timothj, laborer, h. Louisiana near Ottawa. 

Lane, John, Exchange near Carroll. 

Laneger, John, laborer, h. TJtica west of Delaware. 

liang, Jacob, butcher, h. Batavia opp. St. Mary's church. 

Lang, John, cigar maker, with John G. Swartz. 

Lang, Francis, tailor, Bennett near WillianL 

Lang, Michael, laborer, h. cor. William and Pine. 

Lang, Frederick, mason, h. Cherry near Maple. 

Lang, Thomas, grocer, cor. Maryland and Tenth. 

Lang, Christian, stone cutter, h. 489 Washington. 

Lang, Adam, tailor, h. Sycamore near Michigan. 

Lang, John George, 164 Mm. 

Lang, Mrs. Christian, midwife, 489 Washington. 

Lang, Daniel, joiner, h. Cedar near William. 

Lang, Joseph, laborer, h. Walnut neai* William. 

Lang, Frederick, Ash above Batavia. 

Lang, Henry, wagon maker, h. 197 East Genesee. 

Lang, George, 168 Oak. 

Langanhader, Herman, carpenter, h. Steuben near Heacock. 

Langdeu, Margaret, widow, 100 Elm. 

Langden, George P. clerk, R. Bullymore. 

Langdon, Charles E. joiner, D. Colton <fe Co. 

Langdon, Patrick, warehouseman, h. Washington near Perry. 

Langdon, Mrs. John, widow, corner Ellicott and Clinton. 

Langdon, Charlotte, widow, 371 FrankL'n. 

Langdon, Geo. W. blacksmith, Ohio near Mich. h. Carroll near Chicago. 

Langemeir, Magdelene, widow of Francis, 99 Oak. 

Langenback, John, rope maker, h. South Division cor, Grosvenor. 

Langenfeld, John N. shoemaker. Camp near Genesee. 

Langenann, Jacob, mason, h. Cherry near Maple. 

Langley, Thomas J. b. Genesee House. 

Langon James, ostler. Southern HoteL 

Lannagin, Charles, joiner, h. 56 Fifth. 

Lannan, Patrick, bricklayer, h. Oak near High. 

Lanphear, Hiram Hi melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. ITiagara near Ya. 

Lansing, Henry L. president Oliver Lee <b Co*s Bank, h. Delaware 

corner Johnson Place. 
Lanterman, Sophia, widow of David, Washington above Lafayette. 
Lantern, Mrs. widow, 53 Ellicott 
LantgrafF, John, laborer, h. 576 Washington. 
Lapham, Edna, teacher> b. 70 Delaware. 
Laplont, John, laborer, h. Hamburgh near Railroad. 
Lappla, Peter, tailor, h. Spruce near Sycamore. 
Lapp, Jacob, grocer, 3 Mart, Ohio, h. 112 Elm. 
Lapp, Martin, printer. Republic office, h. Palmer near Carolina. 
Lapp, Christian, attorney at law, 385 Main« h. 98 Oak. 
Lapp, Isaac, miller, h. ifiagara south of Amherst. 
Lapsley, George, printer. Evening Poet 


Lappin, Robert, on the lake, h. 3 Scott. 

LarKin, James, b. Michael McKenzie. 

Larkin, John, sash maker, h. 37 Cedar. 

Larkin, Michael, laborer, b. Michael McKenzie 

Larkin, Thomas, Carolina near Ninth. 

Larkin, J. steward, b. Western. 

Larkin, Mrs. widow of Levi H. 203 Oak. 

Larkins, Philip, laborer, h. Fifth near Court. 

Larmouth, Hugh, 121 Main. 

Lamed, Josephus, book-keeper, 10 Main. 

LARREAU, ANDREW N. keeper Raih-oad Hotel, at Eastern RaU- 

Road Depot, Exchange. — Sfe« adv. p. 99. 
Larj, Benjamin, blacksmith, h. 363 Washington. 
Lary, James^ laborer, h. MaiTin. 
La Sevalle, Pedretti, ai'chitect, b. 36 Pearl. 
La Sevalle, Aristide, architect, b.36 PearL 
La Sevalle, Marco, architect, b. 36 Pearl. 
Lathberry, Ellis, machinist, h. cor. Seventh and Maryland. 
Lathrop, Solon H. firm J^wett, Thomas <fe Co. h. Main near North. 
Lathrop, Esther F. widoV of Dennison, 129 Franklin. 
Lathrop, Septimus, for. com. mer. Merchant's Exchange, h. Main 

above Chippewa. 
Latta, Robert, firm Welsh A Latta, h. Niagara near Mohawk. 
Lattimer, William, joiner, h. Tenth n^ar Virginia. 
Lau, Lewis, shoemaker, h. 54 Qoodell. 
Lau, Frederick, mason, h. Camp near Genesee. 
Lauber, Qeo. carpenter, h. 296 Elm. 
Lauber, Franz, carpenter, h. 296 Elm. 

Laudenbacker, Fred'k, block tin maker, D. Francis, h. 105 E. Eagle. 
Lauer, Ludwig, shoemaker, h. Goodell near Elm. 
Lauer, Michael, bricklaver, h. cor. Spring and William, 
Lauer, Mathias, tinsmitn, b. F. L. Gilli^. 
Laughlin, Patrick, clerk, 8 packet dock. 
Launinger, Isedor, Ash near Sycamore. • 

Laurie, Rev. Alex. G. pastor Universalist Church, h. 133 EUicott. 
Laurie, R. ship carpenter, h. Thirteenth near Vermont. 
Laurie, Peter, ship carpenter, h. PeiTy near Alabama. 
Laurie, James, ship carpenter, h. Palmer near Virginia. 
Laut, Peter, laborer, h. Kaene near Sycamore. 
Lautenschlaeger, William, Pratt near Sycamore. 
Laux, Martin, clerk, H. G. Stambach. 
Laux, Peter, laborer, h. Hinckley near Spring. 
Laux, Adam, laborer, h. 170 Elm. 
Lavager, Mador, ship carpenter, h. across the Creek. 
Lavay, Michael, clerk, h. Sixth near Virginia. 
Lave, John, laborer, h. 6 Green. 
Lavender, George, grocer, cor. Elk and Marvin. 
Laverack, Wm. firm R. Hollister <fe Co. h. Delaware below Chippewa. 
Laver^, Wm. J. grocer, 360 Main, h. same. 
Lavictory, Stephen, cutter, H. P. Jones^h. Scott near Washington. 



Lkw, Robert, 202 Franklin. 

Law, Daniel, laborer, h. 23 Lloyd. 

Lawler, Joseph, carpenter, b. cor. Chicago and Miami 

Lawlow, Edward, mariner, h. Alabama near Steuben. 

Lawless, John, moulder, b. William Clai'k, Hay ward. 

Lawless, Mrs. widow of Timothy, Cedar near William. ^ 

Laurence, Amelia, widow. Court near Terrace. 

Lawrence, Marshidl, Huron near EUicott 

Lawrence, William H. with Wing A C-). h. 249 Franklin. 

Iiawrence, Charles Wm. truckman, h. Sixth near Carolina. 

Lawrence, Daniel, grocer. Elk near Louisiana. 

Lawrence, Frederick, clerk, 144 Main. 

Lawrence, Jonathan F. tailor, h. Fulton cor. Hayward. 

Lawrence, Stephen W. clerk, 170 Main, b. Niag. Temperance House. 

Laws, James, shiuele maker, b. Mrs. Page. 

Lawson, Richard, boarding house, Ohio near Illinois. 

LawBon, Peter, laborer, h. Pratt near WUliam. 

Lawtou, Anson, clerk, 43 East Seneca. 

Lawton, George, laborer, b. Francis Cuff. 

Lay, Frances, widow of John, h. 1 West Eagle. 

Lay, Charles, clerk. Post Office, h. 168 East Swan. 

Lay, Charles, joiner, h. 21 BristoL 

Lay, George, tailor, h. cor. Court and Hospital 

Laycock, Thomas, butcher. Terrace Mai'ket. 

Layton, Zula, widow, 126 Pearl. 

Lavyea, Mador, ship carpenter, h. 92 Oak. 

Lazarus, Nathan, clerk, 120 Main, h. 4 Scott 

Leach, Leman R. m. d. junction Swan and Seneca.. 

Leader, John, b. Oak near Ellicott. 

LEAK, WILLIAM, iron fence manufacturer. Main near Chippewa, 

h, 18 Qoodell. See adv. p, 76. "* 

Leak, Robert N. blacksmith, b. W. Leak. i 

Leake, Wellington J. m. d. 18 Mart, Ohio. 
Leary, Elizabeth, Seneca near Alabama 
Leary, Daniel, cai'penter, h. Steuben near Heacock. 
Leary, John, ship cai'penter, h. Fulton near Alabama. 
Leason, John, laoorer, h. Seneca near Alabama. 
Leavey, Michael, porter, 155 Main. 

Leayitt, James S. oookbindcr. Merchants' Exchange, h. 103 E. Swan 
Lebert Chi-istian, Batavia near Oak. 

Le Clear, Lodowick, att'y at law and deputy Co. clerk, b. 126 Pearl. 
Le Clear, Thomas, artist, 234 Main, h. 190 Franklin. 
Le Couteulx, Alphonse, cor. Eleventh and Hudson. 
Ledeer, Charles, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Lederer, Leonard, butcher, h. cor. Goodell and Michigan. 
Lederle, Robert, confectioner, h. 35 East Genesee. 
Lederle, Otto, confectioner, h. 35 East Genesee. 
LEE, ANDREW F. printer, over O. Lee <fe Co.'s Bank, h. 5 Carroll 

See. adv. p. 85, 
Lee, Uriah D. nrm Lee, Abell A Co. h. 126 Swan. 


Lee, Richard H. grocer, 279 Main, h. same. 

Lee, J. R. & Co. broker and exchange office, 181 Main. 

Lee, John R. firm J. R. Lee <fc Co. h. 113 Franklin. 

Lee, Cyrus P. assistant postmaster, h. 349 Washington. 

Lee, James H. clerk, in Post-office, h. 346 Washington. 

Lee, Abell <fe Co. forwarding and com. merchants, 47 Ohio. 

LEE <fe BROTHER, jewelers, 164 Main. See adv. p. 63. 

Lee, Charles T. firm Lee & Brother, h. ITiagara near Franklin. 

Lee, Oliver, firm Lee A Brother, h. 5 Boston block, Niagara. 

Lee, Elisha, engineer, h. 37 Union. 

Lee, Samuel W. jr. 14 Central Wharf, b. W. Stimpson. 

Lee, John, laborer, h. Pine near William. 

Lee, Joshua H. auctioneer, h. 66 South Division. 

Lee, Bernard, laborer, h. Ninth near Pennsylvania. 

Lee, Robert W. drayman, h. 228 East Seneca. 

Lee, Thomas, laborer, h. Smith block. Exchange. 

Lee, T. tutor, St. Joseph's College. 

Lee, Thoma&J. jeweler, h. cor. Michigan and Eagle. 

Lee, Joseph, painter, b. Mrs. Page. 

Lee, Henry, sbip cai'penter, h. Miami near Alabama. 

Lee, Charles, H. firm L., Abell <fc Co. b. Mansion. 

Lee, Stephen F. ship carpenter, b. O. Spencer. 

Leebke, Henry, engineer, h. Folsom near Spring. 

Leech, Jairus H. clerk, C. E. Peck, b. 59 Ellicott 

Leech, George W. moulder, b. 135 East Senecal 

Leech, John W. carpenter, h. Alabama opp. CaiToU. 

Leech, William H. fisherman, h. Breckem-idge near Niagara. 

Leechart, Henry, shoemaker, h. Niagara noi-m of Amherst. 

Leed, Christian, book-keeper. Eagle Hotel. 

Leefe, Mrs. Alfred, 95 East Seneca. 

Lees, George, tanner. South Division near Spring. 

Lefever, Robert, 231 Pearl. 

Le Francois, Miss Sophie, dressmaker, 322 Main. 

Leger, George, miller, h. Elm near Tupper. 

Leggett, Alexander, with "E vans & Dunbar, h. Ninth near Virginia. 

Leggett, Capt. Wm. H. Elk junction Ohio. 

Lehman, Nicholas, shoemaker, under Mansion. 

Lehman, Joseph, cor. Genesee and Jefferson. 

Lehman n, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Lehman n, Noah, carpenter, h. Swan neai* Hydraulics. 

Lehmann, Chi-istian F . E. piatiio maker, h. cor. Wash, and Genesee. 

Lehner, Joseph, blacksmitn, h. Oak cor. Genesee. 

Lehner, Michael, Eagle Furnace, h. Walnut above Sycamore. 

Leiber, Christian, painter, h. Elm near Goodell. 

Leibinger, Aliace, olacksmith, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

Leibl, John, Elm near Goodell. 

Leibold, Adam, laborer, h. Walnut neai* William. 

Leicester, Robert, piano forte maker, Keogh <fe Co. 

Leighmann, C. F. with Keogh <fe Co. 

Leinmger, John, teacher, h. rear St Louis church. 



Leininger, Frederick, gardener, cor. North and Jefferson. 

Leininger, George, laborer, h. Camp. 

Leibel, Qeor^e M. shoemaker, h. 373 Michigan. 

Leiper, Martin, painter, h. 71 Hickorj. 

Leiser, John, ship carpenter, b, V. Becker. 

Leistnr, John, barber^ cor. Main and Exchange. 

Leisoiu, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Walnut near BataviA. 

Leiser, Theodore, tailor, h. Ill Oak. 

Leitch, James, tailor, 165 East Seneca. 

Lemaiter, John, printer, Republic. 

Lemarst, Joseph, cooper, h. 5 Carroll. 

Lemen, William, recess. Rock near Evans. 

Lemmon, Charles B. b. E. K. Bruce. 

Lemmon, John C. clerk, 23 and 24 Central Wharf, h. 93 Clinton. 

Lemond, James C. J. harness maker, h. Bennett near WilliaiXL 

Lengton, Yator, blacksmith, h. Carroll below Louisiana. 

Lenhard, Joseph, bricklayer, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 

Lenhardt, Louis, turner, h. 27 Walnut 

Lenhart, Andrew, grocer, 232 East Seneca. 

Lenhai-t, Jacob, grocer, Lafayette near Washington. 

^iLaiik, George, Walnut near Batavja. 

Lenkelmejer, John H. Walnut near Batavia. 

Lenon, Andrew, stone cutter, h. Tenth near Virginia. 

Lennon, Thomas, stone mason, h. Hudson near Palmer. 

Lennox, Walter S. comedian, b. 1 Cedar. 

Lennox, Adeline P. widow of Thomas, 1 Cedai'. 

Leo, James, at Efaer's livery stable. 

Leo, Patrick, at Gas Works, h. cor. Fifth and Hudson. 

Leoch, Frank, joiner, h. Oak near Goodell. 

Leonard, Harvey, whip maker and glover, 13 Ex. b. BuelPs Hotel. 

Leonard, Norman, whip dealer, 5 Exchange, b. U. S. HoteL 

Leonard, 'Charles E. 219^ Main. 

Leonard, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. 11 Mississippi. 

Leonard, John, Packet docK. 

Leonard, Gregory, grocer, 197 Exchange. 

Leonard, Clark O. hrm C. O. L. <fe Co. b. Lurana Leonard. 

Leonard, John, ship cai^penter h. Sixth neai* Virginia. 

Leonard, Edward P. keeper, at penitentiary, b. cor. Fifth and Penn. 

Leonard, C. O. <fe Co. grocei*s, 51 Ohio. 

Leonard, Lurana, widow, boarding house, Illinois near Elk. 

Leonard, George, laborer, h. Kaene. 

Leon hard, Geo. brewer, b. J. Roos. 

Leonhai'd, Frederick, cigar maker, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Leppla, Peter, tailor, h. Spmce near Sycamore. 

Lerch, John, sash maker, n. Oak near High. 

Lermont, Robert, finisher, b. William Clai'k, Hayward. 

Le Roy, F. L. West Swan near Main. 

Le Roy. Minerva J. milliner, 2193^ Main. 

Leschall, John, grqcer, h. cor. Washington and Huron. 

Leser, John H. mason, h. Michigan near Batavia. 

coimaitoui. ADyKftTziaBA oiaaosoBr. 8I»7 

Leier, John H. mason, h. Miohuan near Batayia. 

Leslie, Wm. H. cabinet maker, £.354 Micliigau. 

LesBler <fe Josmh, clothiers, 130 Main. 

Lessler, Joseph, firm Lessler ^ Joseph, h. Delaware near Gold Spring. 

Lessler,- Philip, laborer, h. Cedar near William. 

Lesswing, Peter* blacksmith, Buffalo Furnace. 

Lester, Charles F. at the theatre, b. Tremont 

Letchworth, Wm. P. firm Pratt <& L. b. 33 South Biynion. 

Letchworth, Edward H. clerk, Pratt A Letchworth, h. 33 S. Biviflioa. 

Leterer, Charles, cabinet maker, h« Palmer near Hudson. 

Letson, Orrin, painter, h. Dearborn near Amhersti 

Lett, Uriah E. barber, 3 Pearl, h. 2 Potter. 

Lettan, Miehael, grocer, Rock near State. 

Letterman, William, blacksmith, h. cor. Palmer and Maryland. 

Letti, Sylyester, barber, 3 Rock. 

Leuckert, William, baker, b. F. Greiner. 

Leuer, William, shoemaker, junction Swan and Seneca. 

Leyake, Thomas, with Daniel Lockwood. 

Leyer, George, laborer, h. Sycamore near Michigan. 

Levien, Douglas A. com'l eait(»r, Com'l Ady. h. Pearl near Chippeira. 

Leyjy Abraham, clothier, 7 CommerciaL 

Lewin, , clerk, b. 131 PearL 

Lewis, James, engineer, h. 178 Washington. 
Lewis, Leyi, engineer, h. 358 South Division. 
Lewis, Lovell, iN'iagara near Morgan. ^ . 

Lewis, Franklin, carpenter, 8 Union above Eagle. 
Lewis, Geo. W. x. n. over P. O. h. Delaware above Tnpper. 
Lewis, John, dentist, 280 Main, h. same. 
Lewis A Jackson, nrocers, 383 Main. 
Lewis, Jared, firm L. <b Jackson, h. 33 West Genesee. ^ 
Lewis, John, shoe dealer, 335 Main, h. 84 North Division. 
Lewis, Loran L. attorney at law, 13 Brown's Buildings, h. 175 DeL 
Lewis, James, 343 Main, up stairs. 
Lewis, Robert^ clerk, 174 Main, b. 300 Washington. 
Lewis, Albert, plasterer, h. Morgan near Hudson. 
Lewis, Francis, book-keeper, 13 Central Wharf. 
Lewis, Morgan G. ic d. cor. Niag. and Auburn, h. Niag. south of Aub. 
Lewis, Polly, widow of Daniel, b. Dr. M. G. Lewis. 
Lewis, Mrs. widow of Eson, cor. Niagara and Hamilton. 
Lewis, Charles, laborer, h. Hamburgh near Seneca 
Lewis, John, hide and fat house, Swan near the railroad. 
Lewis, Charles, lithographer, Compton A Co. 
Lewis, Frank, 188 Oak. 

Lewis, John S. laborer, h. Hickory near Pratt. 
Lezotte, Oliver, grocer. Elk near Michigan. 
Libbey, James, recess, Lonj? Wharf, h. Carolina near Seyenth. 
Libby, Robert 8. watchmaker, 368 Main. 
^Libins, Judson, with Van Slyke A Co. 
Lichport, David, ship carpenter, h. comer Mam and Buron, 
Liddiard, Charles, engineer, bl Tremont 

258 oowomoiAL ADTMnasB vssMmoKW, 

Liebel, MkhaeU laborer, II Cjpren near Micbigai. 

Liebd, John, grocer, comer Goodell and EIhl 

Lieber, Or^mr, Sycamore near Michigan. 

Liebetran, Frederick, laborer, h. 2S5 £ast Geneaee. 

Lickel, Anthony, grocer, junction Seneca and Swaft. 

Liebetrui, Julina, firm Hauenstein A L. h. 139 EUicott 

Liebrech, Qeorge, pedler, h. Hiekoiy near Qeneseeu 

Lies, GeOTge, Palmer^ tannery. 

Lieaer, Henry, shoemaker, h. 113 Pine, near William. 

liknmp, Joseph, Burton near Weaver's Alley. 

Lindalu, Erek P. boardinghonse, comer Lloyd and Oanal. 

Lindar, Martin, cooper, h. Fly. 

Linder, Wm. book-Keeper, 194 Main, h. Niagara near T<yrk. 

Lindenberg, Gomelhis, 201 East Genesee. 

Undenbeiff, Elizabeth, midwife, h. 201 East Geneaee. 

Llndenthal, Joseph, stone cutter, h. Pratt below Sycamore. 

Lindley, Rufus, D. cor. Morgan and Genesee. 

Lindley, Kathaniel, derk, 50 Main, h. 96 Chippewa. 

Lindley, John, laborer, h. Washington above Tupperr 

Lmdner, Frederick, laborer, h. Weaver's Alley, near Virginia. 

Lindner, Geo. laborer, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Lindsay, Mrs. John A. 35 Elm. 

Lindsay, Dugald, soap boiler, h. Ontario near Delaware. 

Lindsay, Charles, miller, h. Third cor. Carolina. 

Linen<M>ll, Geo. horse jockey, h. Folsom cor. Kinney. 

Linke, John, joiner, h. 368 Michigan. 

Linkenmeyer, John, tanner, h. Walnut near William. 

Lilly, Simon, engineer, h. 2 Scott 

Linneman, Frederick, Mason, h. 412 Michigan. 

Linneman, Frank, blacksmith, h. Michigan near Sycamore. 

Linnemann, Henry G. mason, h. 129 Pine. 

Linninger, Charles, at Eaton's Planing Mill. 

Linsemann, John, joiner, h. Sycamore cor. Walnut. 

Linton, Joseph W. joiner, h. Bouek near Niagara. 

Lipp, John, stone cutter, h. Hickory near Balavia. 

Lipp, Mrs. widow of Charles, 104 Batavia. 

Lippert, Margaret, widow of John, 466 Michigan. 

Lipsey, Wm. moulder, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 

Lipsey, Thomas, moulder, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 

Liscombe, Henry, Louisiana near Perry. 

List, William, tailor, b. J. Lenhardi 

Listner, John, barber, h. Walnut above Sycamore. 

Litchtenstein, Bernard, hatter, 11 Main, h. same. 

Little, Samuel C. agent, Allen, Oatman A Co. h. 55 East Eagle 

Little, Alpha, brickmaker, h. Seneca near Railroad. 

Little, Kelson, 7 Church. 

Little, John, Walnut near Eagle. 

Littlefield, Lansing B. clerk, post office. 

Little, Wm. recess. Rock near Evansw 

Lite, John, tailor, h. Pratt near Genes^. 

«^iBaiBOxA& KotmetuAu wsaunottr. MM 

Liyengood, Leopold, clerk, 53 Main. 

LiTin^ton, Fargo <b Co. proprietors Buffalo,^ Detroit St. Louifl» 0kH 

cago, and Cincinnati Express, 157 M«fti. 
Livingston, Thomas, jr. clerk» 204 Main, b. 41 Ellic^ttv 
Livitwire, Samuel, ship carpenter, h. 30 Scott ^ 

Liyingood, Geo. Indiana near Perry. 
Lloyd, Joseph, lantern maker, Saagster A Sons. 
Lochte, Henrj, baker, 168 Genesee. 
Lock, Gharlesy jr. 315 Main, b. 61 Washingtom 
Lock, John, mason, h. 461 Washington. ^ 

Lock, Clement, with Oolligon Brothers. 
Lock, Chai'les H. mason, h. Morgan near Hntofi. 
Locke, Nathaniel, tallyman, W. D. Wal bridge. 
Locken, Baltzer, laborer, h. Cedar near Wilbam. 
Lockhart, Andrew, clerk, 136 Main, b. Niagara Temperance Hoos^k 
Locklan, John, laborer, h. Folsom near Kinney. 
Lockrow, Elsey, widow, 20 German. 

Lockrow, Harmon M. with J. Van Slyke <fe Co. S5 OonlmerciaL 
Lockrow, Peter, 106 Clinton. 
Lockwood, Edwin, machinist, h. rear 115 Delaware. 
Lockwood, Daniel, attorney at law, h. Folsom near Michigan. 
Lockwood, Timothy T. ic. d. over 179 Main, h. 251 East Seneca. 
Lockwood, Stephen, firm Sawin <& L. b. 80 East Seneca. 
Lockwood, John F. insurance agent, Merchants Ex. Ix American. 
Lockwood, William, b. United States Hoteh 
Lockwood, D. J. clerk, 208 Main. 
Lockwood, Edwin, millwright, h. 35 SeventK 
Loder, Anton, brewer, b. F. L. Qillig. 
Loeb, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 337 East Genesee. 
Loeb, John, shoemaker, 337 East Genesee. 
Loeb, Jacob, pedlar, h. Oherry below Spring. 
Loebeke, Henry, engineer for Palmer A Gardener. 
Loebs, Jacob, tailor, 372}^ Main, h. Court near Main 
Loegler, Frederick, firm Wolf A L. 362 Main. 
Loegler, Valentine, laborer, h. Jersey cor. Eleventh. 
Loersch, Philip, physician, 198 East Genesee. 
Loesch, Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 567 Washington. 
Loewenthal, Jacob, cap maker, h. cor. Batavia and Cedar. 
Loewenthal, Emil, cigar maker, h. cor. Batavia and Cedar. 
Loewenthal, Andrew, pedler, h. 169 Washington. 
Loewenthal, Abrara, pedler, h. 169 Washington. 
Loewi & Gerershofer, merchants, 306 Main. 
Loewi, Samuel, firm L. <fc Gerershofer, h. 9 Church. ^ 

Loft, William, druggists, 275 Main, h. same. 
Lofton, John, laborer, 202 Main. 
Logan, Bartholomew, 22 Sixth. 
Logel, George, joiner, h. Elm near Tupper. 
Lohrich, Nicholas, fumaceman, h. 550 Michigan. 
Lohouse, Fred'k W. shoe store, cor. Erie <k Main, h. Maple n. Chewy. 
Loichet, Louis, Fish's Elevator. 
Loebig, John, lock maker, h. 106 East Genesee. 

1160 oomMMoaujs MimaenMrnu nuonfour. 

loebTiclk, Geo. L. grocer, 127 East Oeaeiee. 
IiOftu«» Michael, porter, Comjnercial HoteL 
Logon, John, cabinet maker, h. 37 Oak. 
LojEMfeAndrew, baker, h. 166 East Qeneaee. 
Llip, 353 Main. 
r, Adrian, ahoemaker, h. Pine near Batavia 
/^Lommer, John, laborer, h. 212 Elm. 
«• Londergan, Thomas, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 

Lon^gan, James, keeper Farmer's Home, O. near Shepard^s FouBdiy. 
Lo^Hgan, Joseph, carpenter, b. 285 Swan. 
LoneK Cornelius, laborer, h. Elk near Michigan. 
LongS^arah Ann, widow of Richard, h. Ontario. 
Long, Qaniel, melodeon maker, 200 Main,h. Cedar near William. 
Long, ^lliam, piano maker, h. Ifinth above Virginia. 
Iiong, William, tanner, h. South Division near the railroad. 
Long, Patrick, laborer, h. Elk near Louisiana. 
Long, Christopher, carriage maker, h. Elm near Tupper. 
Long, Henry, carriage miUcer, h. Genesee near Walnut. 
Longhurst, William, joiner, h. Park Placa 
Longhurst, John, recess, 6 Terrace, h. 99 PearL , 
Longman, Robert, Ohio near Illinois. 
Longway, Julius, teamster, h. cor Elm and Burton Alley. 
Longstreet, Christopher, foreman, T. Sawin. 
Iioomis, Horatio K. m. d. h. and office 79 Franklin near Niagara. 
Loomis, Erastus, joiner, h. 56 Mo^an. 

Loomis, J. Hart, truit dealer, 210 Washington, h. Niagara Squares. 
Loop, James, 233 Carroll. 
Loos, John, tailor, h. 183 East G^esee. 
Loos, Jacob, Pratt near William. 

Lord, John C. n. n. pastor Central Presb. Ch. h. Del. opp. Forest Lawn* 
Lord, Frederick A. Eaton's Planing Mill, h. Delaware above North. 
Lord, Frederick R. teacher. Pearl near Niagai*a, h. 509 Main. 
Lord, Thomas, with Savage A Co. cor. Ohio and MissiesippL 
Lord, James, B. proprietor Exchange, Niagara north of Amherst. 
Lord, Andrew, carpenter, b. J. B. Lord. 
Lords, Casper N. hackman, h. 125 Ellicott 
Loreutz, John, painter, h. 99 Pine. 
Lorenz, John, n. 97 Pine. 
Lorenz, P. George, grocer, 407 Main. 
Lorig, John, moulder. Eagle Furnace. 

Loring, Daniel W. cleik, 4 East Seneca, b. 66 South Divii3ion. 
Lory, Benjamin, blacksmith, h. Washington near Genesee. 
Loson, Charles, harness maker, h. cor. Oak and GoodelL 
Losee, A. A Co. flour dealers. Yaw's Mart, Ohio. 
Losee, Simeon, produce dealer, Yaw's Marii, h. 207 PearL 
' Losee, Albert, baker, cor. Mam and Huron. 
Losee, A. firm A. Losee A Co. b. 207 PearL 
Loeeon, Nicholas, harness maker, h. 65 East Genesee. 
Lofth, Peter, tailor, h. 113 Hickory. 
Lots, Philip, maaon, h. Elm near Goodell. 


liots, John, mason, 1i. 57-1 WashragfcoiL 

JLousenhop, A. with Keogh <& Ca 

Love, Robert W. captain of the watch, h. 58 Sixth. 

Love, Mrs. Harlow iS. 338 Washington. 

liOTe, Thomas 0. cor. Huron and Main. 

Ijoye, Levi, mason, near Breckenridge. 

liove, James B. printer, Commercial Adrertiser office. 

Love, JohA W. druggiflt, with Chambers is Co. b. 160 Oak. 

Lovejoy House, TeiTace cor. PearL 

I/ovejoy, Henry, city surveyor, h. 229 Ea«t Seneca. 

Lovejoy, Sarah, widow of Joshua, h. 171 East Seneca. 

Loveridge, Edwin D. rectifier and grocer, 24 Main, h. 105 Niagara. 

Loveridge, Austin, Tupper near Oak. 

Lovering, William, 37 East Eagle. 

Levering,* William, jr. firm Mason & L. h. 272 PearL 

Lovering, Charles F. clerk, 25 Central Whar^ b. William Loverimg. 

Lovett, Jeremiah, ship joiner, h. 2 Centre. 

Lovett, Michael, ship joiner, h. Kinney's Alley. 

Low, Benjamin E. tin plate worker, h. Eagle near Cedac. 

Xiow, Evans, tinsmith, 119 Main, h. 193 East Eagle. 

Lowe, Tobias, agent Bishopf's boom derrick, h. 36 Pine. 

Lowe, William, olacksmith, Oeo. Jones. 

Lowell <& Wright, machinists. Mechanic, store 42 Main. 

Lowell, William E. firm L. <k Wright, h. 233 Franklin. 

Lowell, Edwin P. machinist, b. 17 Sixth. 

Lower, Nicholas, shoemaker, h. 171 Peail 

Lowkes, Jacob, laborer, b. H. Baker, Black Rock. 

Lowry, Benjamin, blacksmit^!., Washington near Genesee. 

Lowry, George, butcher, h. junction E3k and the Abbott road. 

Loyer, Jacob, farmer, h. near Military Road. 

Loyd, Sarah, tailoress, 38 Chippewa. 

Lucas, Madas, wagon maker, 78 East Seneca. 

Luce, William W. clerk, Winslow Hall, h. Seneca near Blinney^ 

Luce, E. G. nt County Clerk's office, h. Tupper near Ellicott 

Luce, Zepha^.iia, agent, h. 207 North Division. 

Luck, Chai'les, painter, h. Hickory neai* Clinton. 

Lucker, Chai-les, cabinet maker, 52 Sycamore. 

Lucy, H. widow^ Ohio junction Louisiana. 

Lucius, Charles, jeweler, 200 Main. 

Ludlow, Capt Charles H. 204 PearL 

Ludlow, Wuliam, b. 20 Exchange. 

Ludwig, Jacob, pattern maker, Buffalo Steam Engise Works. 

Ludwig, Henry, shoemaker, 307 Main, h. Washington near GoodelL 

Ludwig, Henry, brickmaker, h. Elm near Virginia. 

Luedemann, Charles, joiner, h. Elm near Tupper. 

Lueders, Charles, grocer, h. 139 Ellicott. 

LuedeHs, George, shoemaker, 90 Main, h. 15 Elm. 

Luehm, Jacob, in foundry, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Lueke, Andrew, tailor, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Luercher^ Abraham, brickmaker, h. Lutheran near WilUam. 



Luigart, Matthias, grocer, Qenesee near Elm. 

Lali, John, laborer, b. Peter Lull. 

Lulj, Peter, laborer^ b. cor. Connecticut and Rogers. 

Lulling, Andrew, mason, h. 237 Elm. 

Lum« fian M. clerk, 198 Main» b. MaoaiAiL 

Lumby, Geo. moulder, b. Reuben Roath. 

Lumj, John, joiner, K Tenth near Carolina. 

Lung, AntoiH shoemaker, h. cor. Genesee and German Alleys. 

Lundstrom, Andrew, mariner, b. J. Rose. 

Lussky, John George, tailor> h. Bennett near William. 

Luso, Charles, sadcUer, 4 East Seneca. 

Luate, Anthony, 572 Washington. 

Lutheran Church, cor. Goodeil and Main. 

Lutz, John, grocer, cor. HayAvard and Perry. 

Lutz, John, joiner, h. 216 Genesee. 

Luts, Matthias^ joiner, h. 210 East Genesee. 

Lux» Martin, truckman, h. Ash near Genesee. ^ 

Lux, Henry, shoemaker^ h. 496 Franklin. 

Lyall, Alexander,. &a the lake, h. Chicago- near Carroll. 

Lycet, Eleanor, Ninth near York. 

Lyman, Nathan„ type founder, Seneca^ west of Pearl, lu23 Ellicott. 

Lyman, Nathan B. type founder, h. 117 East Eagle. 

Lyman, William £. type foundei*, h. 319 Michigan. 

Lyman, Stephen, type founder,, h. 119 East Eagle. 

Lyman, Loomis, contractor, b. 198 Wgshmgton* 

Lyman <b Brothers, carriage makers, cer. Chippewa and Washington'^ 

Lyman, Burk, firm L. <fe Brothers, cor. Chippewa and Washington. 

Lyman, John, firm L. A Brothers, cor. Chippewa and Washington.. 

Lyman, Nathan R« type founder, h. Niagara opp. Baptist Church., 

Lymburner, Hamilton, agent woollen factory, n. Dearborn. 

Lynahan, Daniel, shoemaker, 22 Exchange. 

Lynch, Patrick, Seneca,, hydraulics. 

Lynch, John, grocer, 7 Commercial. 

Lynch, Bridget, widow of J<din, Sixth near Maryland. 

Lynch, Cyrenius, joiner, h. Scmth Division cor. Pollock. 

Lynch, Edward, truckman, h. 1 Scott. 

Lynch,, — , sailor, h. Evans near Peacock. 

Lynch, John, laborer, h. Le Couteulx. 

Lynch, John, finisher, Keogh & Co. 

Lynch, Peter, laborer, h. Morgan near Mohawk.. 

Lynch, William, fai-mer, h. North Ontario.. 

Lynch, Patrick, Fols©m. 

Lynch, John, steward, h. Folsom near Michigan^ 

Lynch, Michael, cgrpenter, h. Scott AUey. 

Lynd, Adam, with J. Parker,. h. 131 East Eagle. 

Lynd, Frederick A. on the lake, h. Potter near WillianK 

Lynn, ^S^^*^' **" *^® lake, h. Fulton near Hay ward. 

Lynn, Williara, labprer, h. Hamburgh near Steuben. 

Lynn, Patrick, Evans near Rock. 

Lynn, Caroline, recess* Rock near Evansk 


Lynn, Lewis* recess. Rock near Evans. 

JL>yon, James S. land agent, orer Post-office, h. 172 East Seneca. 

Lyon, Charles G. engineer, h. Ninth ne^r Carolina. 

Lyon, Jacob, joiner, h. Perry cor. Barwell Place. 

Lyon, GideoB, joiner, b. 14 Green. 

Lyon, £nos, mdson, h. Pine near Clinton. 

Lyon, Sophjonia, widow of Freeman, 14 GreeiL 

Lyon, Lyman, driver, b. cor. Green and Beak. 

Lyons, Patrick, tailor, b. 5 Beak. 

Lyons, Stephen W. proprietor Bail Eoad House, Ferry near the caaal* 

Black Rock. 
Lyons, Patrick, laborer, h. Ohio near Chicaga 
Lyth, John, packer, 52 Main, h. 18 Sixth. 
Lytle, John S. firm Cook <& L. h. 45 Oak. 
Lytle, Andrew, lumber dealer, h. Eleventh near Hudson. 


McAllister, Archibald W. grocer, 7 E. Seneca, h. Franklin ab. Va. 

McAllister, Ebenezer, grocer, 7 E. Seneca, h. Franklin ab. Yizginia. 

Mc Arthur, A. <& J. J. confectioners, 240 Main. 

Mc Arthur, John J. firm A. <fc J. J. M<c A h. 299 Main. 

McArthur, Arthm-, firm A. dc J. J. Mc A. proprietor Mc Arthur's Garden. 

McArthur, John, 299 Main. [h. 299 Main. 

McArthur, John, miller, h. Ferry near JNTiagara. 

McBean, Charles, 24 Ash, 

McBeth, Charles, gardener, h. Feny, West of Delaware. 

McBeth, Ellen, widow, Utica near Massachusetts. 

McBlane, John 0. sailor, h. Perry near Ulinois. 

McBride, Edward, laborer, h. Ohio junetioa Louisiana. 

McBride, William, foreman Eagle Furnace, h. 97 South Divisiott. 

McBumey, John, cabinet maker, b. 25 Peai'l. 

McCabe, Joseph, sawyer, h. cor. Elk and Moore. 

McCabe, Michael, keeper Attica House, Exchange. 

MeCabe, B. widow of John, Chicago near Exchange, ' 

McCabe, John, Exchange near R. R. depot. 

McCabe, Francis, laborer, h. Marvin. 

McCabe, Patrick,, ship carpenter, h. Chicago near Perry. 

McCabe, Francis, laborer, n. Columbia near Elk. 

McGabe, Michael, sawyer, h. Elk near Moore. 

McCall, Fletcher, grocer, Tonawanda near l^Tiagara. 

McCann, William, laborer, h. cor. Fulton and Chicago. 

McCard, James, joiner, b. 14 Green. 

McCarney, Peter, truckman, h. Church near Franklin. 

McOaron, Michael O. engineer, propeller Ogontz. 

McCarthy, Michael, builder, h. Johnson Place. 

McCarthy, Mrs. widow of liennis, 25 Mississippi 

McCarthy, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Elk near Hayward. 

McCarthy, Mary, widow of James, William near Cedar. 

McCarthy, John, grocer, 238 East Seneca. 

McCarthy, James, laborer, h. LQiiisiana near Ohio. 

264 OGBUIfeMaAl ADTBBrmSB dUtSOlOllT. 

MeCartliy, Patrick, laborer, h. S^ott All«3r. 

McCartney, Thomas, maltster, h. Main near Higli. 

McCartj, Timothy, ship carpenter, h. 21 Illinoia. 

McCarty, Cornelius, laborer, h. Eleventh near Carolina. 

McCarty, James, cooper, h, Ohio opp. Buffalo City Mill*. J 

McCarty, Eugene, Fifth near Virginia. 

McCarty, Patrick, Green near Washington. 

McCarty, Charles, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near Alabamai 

McCarty, Daniel, laborer, h. Fulton near Alabama. 

McCarty, John, laborer, h. Illinois near Mary. 

McCarty, Charles, mariner, h. Chicago near Ferry. 

McClalian, Hugh, warehouseman, W. Monteath. 

McClanan, Serena, 105 Delaware. 

MeClarran, James, at Shepard's foundry. 

McClean, John, whitewasher, h. 99 Oak. 

McClellan, William W. carpenter, h. Carlton near Oak. 

McCleye, John F. cigar maker, b. 23 Franklin. 

McCleyey, Richard, grocer. Water cor. State, h. 91 S Pearl 

McCoUum, N. Otis, clerk, 3 West Seneca, h. 4 Sixth. 

McCollum, Thomas P. boarding honse, 15 Pearl. 

McCombs, Robert, ship carpenter, 11 Mechatnic. 

MoComb, Elizabeth, widow, 80 East Eagle. 

MeConnell, William, with Mugi-idge <& Co. 

McConyell, Anthony, tinsmith, h. 32 Sixth. 

McConvey, John, ship carpenter, b. 138 Elk. 

McCooI, James, hatter, 80 Main, h. 1 Scott. 

McCord, Andrew, porter, Huff's Hotel. 

McClure, Joseph, snip carpenter, h. Perry near Alabama. 

McCluskey, James, shoemaker, h. 157 Sputh Divisioii. 

McCormiek, John, 343 Seneca. 

McCormick, Philip, laborer, h- Elk near Chicago. 

McCormiek, Angus, sailor, h. Ohio, east of Michigan. 

McComick, Francis, on the lake, h. 352 Michigan. 

McCornick, Wm. T. warehouseman, h. South Division near PoJlarcL 

McCort, John, at lead factory, h. Cottage near Virginia. 

McCourt, Mrs. widow of Thomas, Sixth near Cai'dina. 

McCourt, Michael, carpenter, h. cor. Main and Goodell. 

McCray, Charles, mariner, h. 16 Mississippi. 

McCready, Maria, widow of Andrew, 149 South Division. 

McCredie, Maria, widow of James, boarding house, 39 PearL 

McCredie, William B. printer, b. 39 Pearl 

McCredie, James, book-keeper, D. Richjbond, h. 201 Delawara 

McCredie, Caleb, printer, b. 149 South division. 

McCredie, Richard, book-binder, 159 main, b. 149 Scrath Diviison. 

McCrossan, Hu^h, dry goods merchant, 216 Main, h. 33 Of rolinsL 

McCue, Ann, widow, Blfth near Georgia. 

McCuIIoch, James, grocer,, cor. Fifth and Carolina, 

McCuUoch, Elizabeth, widow, 210 Seneca. 

McCulloch, John, upholsterer, 218 Main, b. 3 Niagara. 

McCumber, Orlando, attorney at law, 3 Terrace. 

coinixBcaAi. xoTSB^Isaa duubotort. 2 

HcDaniel, James, ship carpenter li. 160 Exchange. 

McDaniels, Edward £U glazier. Canal Dock, b. £k Exchange. 

McDermot, Michael, b. 181 EjEchattge. 

McDermot, Patrick, shoemaker, 161 Exchange. 

HcDormot^ John, laborer, h. G^ar near WiUiam. 

McDormot» Margaret, widow of John, North Lafajette. 

McDormol^ John, carman, b. Gitj^oteL 

McDole, Jeremiah, grocer. Rock near State. 

McDonald, John, marble cutter, b. P. Furlong. 

McDonald, Michael, b. Saunders' Exchange. 

McDonald, John, blacksmith, h. 117 Oak. 

McDonald, John, marble cutter, D. Belden. 

McDonald, James, laborer, D. B^den. 

McDonald, John, boot maker, Georgia near Fifth. 

McDonald, John, law student, b. 21 South Division. 

McDonald, Alexander, Scott near Burwell Place. 

McDonald, William, with D. Belden. 

McDonald, John, printer, Rough Notes Office, b. 26 North Division. 

McDonald, James, truckman, h. 82 GarrolL 

McDonald, James, laborer, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

MoDONELL, ds CO. daguerrean rooms, over 208 and 210 Main.~-<S00 

adv. p. 80. 
McDoneU, Donald, firm McDonell A Go. h. cor. Chippewa <k Franklin. 
McDonell, Alex. O. contractor, h. 163 Franklin. 
McDonnell, Martin, porter, S. D. Flagg, h. N. Diyision near Spring. 
McDonaugh, James, on the lake, h. Elk near MiasissippL 
McDonough, Thomas, joiner, h. Perry near Bethel Church. 
McDonouffh, Luke, laborer, h. cor. Hndson and Niagara. * 
McDougal, Ronald, hotel keeper, 17 East Seneca. 
McDougal, James, pedler, b. lioveioj House. 
McDougal, John, saloon, 4 Stow Block, Erie. 
McDougaU, Geo. clerk, 204 Main. 

McDowell, James, recess, h. Michigan near Railroad Depot. 
McDowell, Allan, grocer, 1 Stow Block, Erie. 
McEcheran, A. clerk, 54 Main. 
McEgan, Sylvester, laborer, h. Scott Alley. 
McElroy, Michael, 1 Centre. 
McElwee, Edward, baker, h. Garroll near Michigan. 

McEwen, , truckman, h. Scott Alley. 

McEweu, James, hackman, b. J. McLane. 

McEwen, Michcel, laborer, h. Fourteenth near Vermont 

McEwen, William B. firm MerriU A McEwen, h. 270 Pearl 

McEwen, Justus H. printer, 188 Main, h. 3 GarrolL- 

McEwen, William, b. Michael Henson. 

McFarland, Archbold, Shepard's Foundry. 

McFarlane, David, 31 Niagara. 

McFarlane, , barkeeper, Franklin Houses 

McFarlane, Daniel, clerk, 62 Main. 

McFarlane, Robert D. firm Thompson <fe McF. b. 200 Washington. 

McFarlane, James, cutter, W. Dodswoiih, h. Walnut aear Clinton. 


HcFedj, James, blacksmith, %. 34 East Seneoa. 

McGaan, If iekael, laborer, D. Deldeii. 

HcGarrity, David, shoemaker, Gonrt' near HospitaL 

McGarrity» James, laborer, h. Fifth near Gom^ 

McGarry, James, laborer, h. Peirj near IUinot& | 

McGean, James, truckman, h. comer William and Cedar: * i 

HcOee, Thomas D. editor Celt, h. Franklin near Virginia. 

McGtetrick, Patrick, grocer. Sixth near Virginia. ; 

McGibiney, Samuel, stone cutter, h. Church near Delaware. ' 

McGilloway, William, 286 Aain. 

McGenness dt Baldwin, foundry, Maryland, c^ce Kxch. near Mich. 

McGenness, John W. firm McG. A Baldwin, b. Ciarendon. 

McGinness, James, plasterer, h. Michigan near High. 

McGinnis, Mrs. widow of Hugh, South Division near Grosi^nor. 

McGinnis, John, laborer, h. 157 South Division. 

McGirk, Edward, ship carpenter, James Sullivan. 

McGirk, Felix, cooper, h. Fulton near Chicaga 

McGilvray, Duncan, ship carpenter, h. Sixth near Virginia. 

McGlarkin, James, ship carpenter, H. Fulton near Chicago. 

McGlinn, James, stone cutter, h. Niagara cor. Pennsylyania. 

McGlynehy, Thomas, recess. Rock. 

McGow, Joseph, joiner, b. 14 Green. 

McOowan, Francis, drayman, h. Ninth near Carolina. 

McGowan, Mrs. A. boarding house, 99 East Seneca. 

McGowan, Samuel, blacksmith, Norton Street Iron Works. 

McGowan, Henry, ship carpenter, h. cor, Huron and Ninth. 

McGowan, James, Mississippi near Elk. 

McGowan, Michael, recess, corner Washington and Ohio. 

McGraff, Barney, brick maker, h. North CanaL 

McGrattan, Thomas, carman, h. Green near Howell's Yard. 

McGulgen, Patrick, laborer, h. 123 EUicott 

McGuire, Stephen, grocery and h. Exchange near Michigan. 

McGuire, Ri<uiard, Norton Street Iron Works. 

McGuire, John, ship carpenter, h. Eagle near Walnut. 

McGuire, Dennis, grocer. Elk near Louisiana. 

McGuire, Michael, Michigan near Perry. 

McGuire, Wm. recess, 40 East Seneca. 

McGuire, John, Tonawanda near Amherst 

McGuire, Thomas, cooper, b. J. Conley. 

McGuire, Thomas, laborer, h. State near Rock. 

McGuire, Philip, sr. with Thomas McGuire. 

McGuire, Philip, jr. with Thomas McGuire. 

McGuire, James, with Thomas McGuire. * 

McGuire, Patrick, with Thomas McGuire. 

McGwiggen, Owen, laborer, h. Elk, near Chicago. 

McHary, John, truckman, h. Carey near Morgan. 

McHenry, Wm. C. 26 East Genesea 

McHenry, John, cooper, h. Niagara opp. Bouck. 

McHenry, James, gi'ocer, corner Ohio and Indiana. 

McHenry, John, grocer, h. Fourth near Carolina. 


McHenry, Charles, ioiner, h. 140 Polsora. 

Mcintosh, Roberti, clerk, Seymour & Wells, h. Elk, junction Ohio. 

Mcintosh, Daniel, ship carpenter/ h. 6 Mechanic. 

Mcintosh, Ann, widow of James, b. Allen Greig. 

Mcintosh, James, Dayton, comer Prime. 

Mclntyre, James, tailor, b. T. Cotter. 

Mclntyre, Michael, hostler, Franklin House. 

McKay, Alexander, firm Cameron <& McK. h. Terrace near Qenesee. 

McKay, William F. bellows maker, h. reai* of 13 Seventh. 

McKay, James, clerk, b. 31 South Division. 

McKay, Donald, clerk, Cameron <& McKay. 

McKay, John, laborer, b. M. Tahar, Black Bock. 

McKay, John, laborer, b. A. McCormick. 

McKechnie, Alexander, saloon, Ohio near Illinois. 

McKeen, Henry, joiner, b. A. Gillmore. 

McKeever, Richai'd, at Townsend's saw milL 

McKenna, Michael, coppersmith, h. Fifth near Court. 

McKenney, Sarah, wiobw. Haddock's Alley. 

McKenny, Francis, boarding house, cor. Lloyd and canaL 

McKenzie, John, grocer, cor. Lloyd and caual. 

McKenzie, Michael, truck;man, h. Elk, east of Chicago. 

McKever, Patrick, b. 181 Exchange. 

McKever, Bernard, b. 181 Exchange. 

McKernan, Patrick, dry goods, Evans near Peacock. 

McKiat, John, boiler maker, b. Thomas Clark. 

McKibbin, Hugh, clerk, W. Caiiand, h. 106 East Eagle. 

McKibbin, Robert H. clerk, Keystone State, b. 106 East Eagle. 

McKibbin, Hugh, si*. 106 East Eagle. 

McKibbin, John, joiner, h. William near Pine. 

McKie, Thomas J. joiner, b. Tremont 

McKlernan, John, at B. and S. L. Rail Road office. 

McKinzie, Cornelius J. S. hatter, h. 96 CaiToll. 

McKirdy, Capt Alexander, 23 Illinois. 

McKiiight, Frederick A. agent, Kasson's Dispatch, b. 53 PearL 

McKnight, James, Franklin near North. 

McKnight, The. W. book-keeper, H. C. Walker A Co. h. Walden HilL 

McLane, Henry, saddler, h. 17 Seventh. 

McLane, Pati'ick, with S. Shepard, h. Louisiana near Elk. 

McLane, John, grocer. Rock near State. 

McLane, Robert, mason, h. Carey near Morgan. 

McLaran, William, canal stabler, K Terrace opp. Park. 

McLaren, WiUiam, firm Elliott dc McL. h. foot of Genesee. 

McLauchlin, Patrick, tailor, h. Third neai* Carolina. 

McLauchlin, Robert, stone cutter, D. Belden. 

McLauchlin, John, blacksmith, h. cor. Green and Washington. 

McLauchlin, James, vai'ni8her,200 Main, b. 13 Court 

McLauchlin, Patrick, laborer, h. 28 Scott. 

McLauchlin, Lawrence, carpenter, h. Eleventh near Carolina. - 

McLauchlin, , mason, h. in Cotton Factory. 

McLaughlin, Patrick, laborer^ 17 Main, b. 23 Lloyd. 


McLennon, Roderick, clerk, 316 Main. 

McMackan, James, at oaken factory^ h. Stenben near Heacock. 

McMahon, Dennis, with Cutler dt Deforest 

McMahon, John, cooper, h. across the creek. 

McMann, Michael, carman, h. Carroll below Michigan. 

McManners, John, sail maker, b. 123 Main. 

McManners, James, laborer, h. Fourth near Carolina. 

McMannis, Edward, sailor, h. Evans. 

McManuB, John, dQJ^ Main. 

McMartin, Peter, caipenter, h. Eighteenth near Niagara. 

McMaster, Catherine, widow, 52 West Tupper. 

McMaater, Alexander, clerk, 67 Main, h. 66 Lloyd. 

McMaster, Sarah, widow, h. 1 Beak. 

McMeliman, William, 80 Cedar. 

McMichael, William H. Carroll below Louisiana. 

McMillan, Hugh, boat builder, h. 70 Chippewa. 

McMuUen, James, North Division near Spring. 

McMullen, Rev. Charles D. Louisiana near Ellc. 

McMurray, Thomas, taUor, over 164 Main, h. 208 Pearl 

McNally, Patrick, Pine near William. 

McNamara, James, warehouseman, b. 6 Greeti. 

McNaughton, Rebecca, widow. Palmer near Maryland. 

McNaughton, David, Palmer near Carolina. 

McNaughton, Wm. sailor, h. Tenth near York. 

McNaughton, Wm. marble cutter, 233 Main. 

McNaughton, Gilbert, clerk, 140 Main. 

McNelly, Edward, blacksmith, h. Seneca near Spring. 

McNelly, Patrick, laborer, D. Belden. 

McNicholas, Michael, b. Mrs. Carbine. 

McNicholas, Martha, widow, 4 Water. 

McNett, A. James, attorney at law," 156^^ Main, h. Main Avenue. 

McNiel, Andrew, on lake, h. 16 Mississippi. 

McNish, Wm. foreman. Bell Foundry, h. Terrace opp. Park. 

McNomara, Thomas, Washin.^on near Periy. 

McNulty, Peter, laborer, ^. Niagara near Ferry. 

McPherson, John, butcher. Terrace Market, h. 7 Vine. 

McPheraon, Alexander, firm EvryA McPherson, b. 36 West Seneca. 

McPherson, William, shoemaker, h. 73 Hickory. 

McQueen, Alexander, recess, Evans near Peacock. 

McRoberts, John, clerk, David Bell. 

McRoy, James, laborer, h. 6 Green. 

McVay, Peter, 16 Pine. 

McVean, Sarah, widow, over 88 Main. 

McVoy, Thomas, laborer, h. Polsom near Kinney. 

McWharter, John, 301 Michigan. 

McWhorter, Frank, clerk, 18 East Seneca. 

McWilUams, Francis, shoemaker, h. Ellicott near Tupper. 

Mc Williams, Martha, teacher. District No. 15. i 

Mabbatt, James, Eagle Furnace, h. Fulton near Alabama. i 

Mabie, Levi J. firm Blossom, Skinner <& M. h. 336 Washington. 


Mabie, E. M. 53 East Seneca. 

Mabie, Moees T. <fe Co. shoe store, 278 Main. 

Mabie, Moses T. firm M. T. Mabie & Co. b. 56 East Swan. 

Mache, William, tailor, h. Bennett below Bataria. 

Machmer, Adam, teamster, h. 147 Oak. 

Machwrith, Adolph, tinsmith, h. 371 Main. 

MACK, PICKERING <fe BLOSSOM, ship chandlen, cor. Water and 

Dock. — See adv. p. 49. 
Mack, William J. firm Mack, Pickering <& Blossom, h. 118 Franklin. 
Mack, James, laborer, h. Folsom near Chicago. 
Mackay, Edward, m. d. office and h. 123 PearL 
Mackelton, Thomas, bricklayer, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Mackenzie, Cornelius J. S. hatter, h. 96 Carroll. 
Macklet, John, painter, h. 580 Washington. 
Macky, John, hackman, b. Huff's HoteL 

Macomber, Charles S. attorney at law, 11)^ East Seneca, h. 41 EUicott 
Madden, Edward, 44 Fifth. 
Maddon, M. tutor, St Joseph College. 
Maddon, John, 207 South Division. 
Maddren, Richard, musician, h. Hickory near Clinton. 
Madison, WiUiam, 151 Franklin. 
Madison, Charles, ship carpenter, h. 10 East Eagle. 
Madison, Geo. auction and com. mer. 43 Main, b. 151 Franklin. 
Madison, V. Buell, at Morse's TeL office, b. 163 PearL 
Maendler, Geo. joiner, h. Potter near Gay. 
Mager, George, laborer, h. 14 Hickory. 
Magill, Capt Charles J. corner South Division and Spring. 
Magnus, Au^st, clei'k, Pratt A Co. b. 14 East Eagle. 
Mahar, William E. engineer, h. Fourth near Coui-t 
Mahar, John, Green near Washington. 
Maher, Jeremiah, laborer, h. North Division near Hickory. 
Maher, Philip, h. Carroll near Chicago. 
Maher, John, sailor, h. Chicago near Elk. 
Mahlendorf, Albert, starch maker, h. 172 Delaware. 
Mahon, Thomas, laborei*, h. Louisiana near Elk. 
Mahon» Richard, tailor, h. Clinton near Cedai'. 
Mahoney, Thomas, at Gas Works. 

Mahoney, Daniel, laborer, h. x^omer Mason & Breckenridge. 
Mahoney, Mai'tin, butcher, h. Amherst near Delawai'e. 
Mahoney, Thomas, b. cor. Michigan and Carroll. 
Mahoney, Patrick, with J. A. Pitts. 
Mahoney, Martin, mariner, h. Ohio near Michigan. 
Mahoney, John, provision stall. Terrace market, h. Nichols Alley. 
Mahoney, Patrick, laboi*er, h. Chicago near Ohio. 
Mahoney, Catharine, widow, Green near Washington. 
Mahoney, John, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 
Mahoney, WiUiam, laborer, h. Sixth near Mai'yland. 
Mahoney, John, laborer, h. Fourth near Georgia. 
Maier, Magnni^ grocer^ 573 Wsahiugton. 


Haier, Cliristian, clerk, 305 Main. 

Maillefert, Samuel, Maple abore GoodelL 

Maillefert, Oharles, stuaent, h. Maple above GoodelL 

Main Street Hotel, 15 Main. 

Mairle, Joseph, tailor, h. Walnut below Gbnesee. 

Male, Alirea, joiner, b. Joel Best 

Male, Ellen, widow, Washington near Peny. 

Malej, Miss, dress maker, 15 Elm. 

Malhoiibie, Charles, French teacher, h. Johnson Place. 

Mallon, James, Park Place. 

Mallon, Hugh, on the lake, h. York near Tenth. 

Mallon, John, laborer, h. Pearl near Niagara. 

Mallon, Daniel, carpenter, h. Spruce near Qenesee. 

Mallory, Anson H. clerk, 142 Main. 

Mallory, A. H. clerk, 140 Main. 

Malloy, Jacob, grocer. Rock near Commercial. 

Malloy, Patrick, laborer, h. Chicago near Elk. 

Halone, Patrick, boarding house. State near Water. 

Malone, Anthony, ship carpenter, b. James Nicholson. 

Malone, David, b. James Nicholson. 

Malone, James, tailor, 95 East Seneca. 

Maloney, Richard, prof. St Joseph*s College. 

Maloney, James, laborer, h. rear 99 Oak. 

Maltzer, George, joiner, h. 223 Elm. 

Maltby, Mrs. J. F. 71 Oak. 

Mancn, Charles, steamboat agent, h. Exchange near Michigan. 

Manchester, Bradford A. land and life ins. agent. Brown's Blocks 

Seneca, h. 17 Court cor. Pearl. 
Manders, Henry, Batavia below Pine. 
Mang, Wm. shoemaker, 293 Main, h. 43 Sycamore. 
Mangum, Wm. laborer, h. Burwell Place near Scott. 
Manhard, Francis, shoemaker, h. Pine near Batavia. 
Manley, D. S. firm D. S. M. <fe Bro. h. ITtica, west of Delaware. 
Manley, Louisa, widow, 122 Elm. 
Manley, Seth B. merchant, cor. Niagara and Albany. 
Manley, D. S. A Brother, proprietors Buffalo Nursery, Utica west of 

Delaware, office 1 Brown's Buildings. 
Manley, Wm. R. firm Manley <fe Bro. b. D. S. Manley. 
Manley, James, engineer, J. A. Pitts. 
Manly, Charles, clerk, 21 Central Wharf, h. comer S. Division and 

Manser, Thomas, joiner, b. Francis Smith. 
Manser, Frederick, joiner, h. Spruce near Gtenesee. 
Manser, Thomas, Spjuce near Qenesee. 
Mansion, P. Dorsheimer, Main corner Exchange. 
Mann, Wm. W. firm M. & Chapin, h. 311 Washington. 
Mann, W. B. <fe Co. pork and beef inspectors, Lloyd, cor. Canal-st 
Mann, William B. nrm W. B. Mann & Co. b. 153 East Seneca. 
Mann, Cbas. J. produce mer. 15 Central Wharf, h. 109 Bast Swan. 
Mann, Jamee, blacksmith, h. 25 Clinton. 



Mann, YaU <fe Go. ag^ Buff. A Whitehall Line, Erie S Ship CanaL 

Mann, Curtis, firm Mann, Vail A Co. com. mer. h. North, ireBt of DeL 

Mann, Wm. H. engineelr, h. Niagara near Morgan. 

Mann, Elizabeth, widow of Charles, Steuben near Van Rensselaer. 

Mann.^ Chapin, atty's at law, over 190^^ Main, Granite Block. 

Mann, Henrj, butcher, cor. Georgia and oizth. 

Mann, Peter, laborer, h. 16 Walnut, 

Mannabeck, John, with D. Belden. 

Mannigan, John, laborer, h. Elk near Marvin. 

Manning, Simeon, machinist, h. 97 Washington. 

Manning, Aaron, saddler, 3 East Seneca, h. same. 

Manning, John, laborer, h. 91 East Seneca. 

Manning, Nicholas, with Burr (fe Waters. 

Manning, William, machinist, b. 97 Wariiington. 

Manning, Samuel B. miller, h. Niagara, nortii of Breckenridge. 

Mannion, Patrick, carman, h. 18 lUinois. 

Mapes, Stephen, millwright, h. 150 Ninth. 

Maples, Olnej B. clerk, Wibirt <fc Hebard. 

Maplesden, Henrj, ship cai'penter, h. Carey near Morgan. 

Marce, Liebe, blacksnuth, h. 314 Michigan. 

Marchent, Peter, carpenter, h. North Ontario. 

Marchent, William, miller, b. Thomas Chester. 

Marcott, Josephs ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Carroll. 

Marcy, D. G. b. Mansion. 

Margm, Jacob, stone cutter, h. Ellicott near Burton Alley. 

Marhofer, Jacob, tanner, h. Potter near William. 

Marine Bank, 75 Main. 

Mark, John, laborer, h. Palmer near Maryland. 

Markane, William, mason, h. 100 Walnut. 

Markham, Thomas, carpenter, h. Cairoll below Louisiana. 

Markel, Frederick, teamster, h. 23 German Alley. 

Markle, John J. engineer. Elk near Michigan. 

Marks, Michael, clothier, 98 Main, h. same. 

Marmon, John, plasterer, h. rear of 298 PearL Vv 

Marnane, PatricK, laborer, h. Pine near Willianv. 

Marr, John, cooper, h. corner Utica and Rogers . 

Marsaud, Gabriel, carver, h. cor. Union and Clinton. 

Marsaud, Theodore, carver, 233 Main. 

Marsden, Horatio T. candle maker, h. Ferry near Hampshire. 

Marsh, Martha, widow of Ray, h. Huron near Niagara. 

Marsh, Phineas S. com. mer. 12 Central Wharf, h. 120 S. Division. 

Marsh, Le Roy W. clerk, b. CarrolJ near- Michigan. 

Marsh, Elizabeth, hat trimmer, b. HiA^ni i^ar Niagara. 

Marsh, Mary Ann, widow, Carroll neaf. '^Michigak. 

Marsh, S. C. b. Mansion. 

Marshall, Orsaraus H. att'y at law, over Sav. Bank, Main near Court, 

h. 78 PearL 
Marshall, Mrs. J. E. 78 Pearl. 
Marshall, James, clerk, 218 Main, b. 3 Niagara. 
Marshall, John, ship carpenter, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 


Mardmll, QtarttX, miuier» h. Exchange iieAr 

MarieU, John, ship carpenter, b. 140 JSlk. 

HartiaL John, painter, n. Hom>ital near Seventh. 

Martin, WaUam, joiner, h. 13^ ElUcott 

Martin, Henrjr, tiup't ^ff. <fe Roch. R. R. h« cor. Main and Tipper. 

Martin, William, joiner, h. Tenth near Carolina. 

Martin, William, waiter, h. 294 Elm. 

Martin, John, tailor, cor. Maple and Cherry. 

Martin, Gideon O. mariner, h. 346 East Seneca. 

Martin, Gaylor, brickmaker, b. cor. Heacock and Seneca. 

Martin, Michael, with D. Belden. 

Martin, John, Exchange, west of Louisiana. 

Martin, Manuel, sailor, h. Washington below Scott. 

Martin, Henry, at Farmer's Exchange. 

Martin, Joel, fisherman, h. Mason near Auburn. 

Martin, Peter, ship carpenter, h. Tonawanda near Ontario. 

Martin, Daniel, tanner, h. Hamilton near East 

Martin, Adam, laborer, h. Maple near Carlton. 

Martin, Jacob, Bataria near Hickorr. 

Martin, Henry, truckman, h. 39 Cedar. 

Martin, Henry, porter, h. 6 Vina 

Martin, Cant John, h. 50 Sixth. 

Martin, John, tailor, 57 East Genesee. 

Martin, Henry N. book-keeper, Buf. Steam Eng. Works, b. A. F. JLee. 

Martin, Joseph, tailor, Michigan below Sycamora 

Martin, Joseph, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near Hayward. 

Mai*tin, Charles, engineer, h. Ohio near Columbia. 

Martin, Terence, laborer, h. Ohio near Wabash. 

Martin, Emily, widow, 67 East Genesee. 

Martin, Catharine, widow of Daniel, Ferry. 

Martiu, Henry H. b. Henry Martin. 

Martin, Robert, ship joiner, h. Fulton near Hamburgh. 

Martin, John, ship joiner, h. Fulton near Hamburgh. 

Martin, Deacon, joiner, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Martini, Philip, joiner, h. 44 Bennett 

Martzloff, John, laborer, h. 375 Main. 

MARVIN, LE GRAND 6s GEORGE L. attorneys at hiw, 156 Main. 

See adv. p. 91. 
Marvin, Le Grand, firm Le Grand <fe G. L. Marvin, h. 80 W. Huron. 
Marvin, George L. firm Le Grand & G. L. Marvin, h. 58 W. Mohawk. 
Marvin, Sarah L. widow of Asa, 80 West Huron. 
S^$* Marvin, Eurotas, firm B. Fitch A Co. h. 93 Franklin. 
Marvin, Chester C. on railroad, h. 123 East Eagle. 
Maryck, Henry, pattern maker, S. Shepard. 
Mascall, Robert nuckster, h. Exchange below Beak* 
Mason, William W. constable, h. 69 Batavia. 
Ma son, Daniel, painter, h. cor. Pine and Clinton. 
Mason, John, grocer, cor. Niagara and Morgan, h. over same. 
Mason, James, at the Western. 
Mason, Thomas, laborer, h. 149 Elm.^ ' 



HASON A LOVERING, agricultural warehouse and seed «tore, 11 

and 13 West Seneca. See adv, p. 101. 
Mason, Amasa, firm M. <& Lovering, h.^ cor. Niagara and Morgan. 
Mason, Addison P. clerk, Morse <& Johnson, b. Commercial HoteL 
Mason, Andrew, ship carpenter, h. Perry near Hay ward. 
Mason, William A. joiner, Seneca near Hamburgh. 
Mason, William U. b. Amasa Mason. 

Mason <fe Lovering*s Green House, cor. Delaware and Ferry. 
Mason, Peter, carpenter, h. Massachusetts near ThirteentiL 
Mason, E. P. Huron near Ellicott. 
Mason, Morris, foreman, John Bush, h. 27 East Seneca. 
Mason, James, ship carpenter, h. Perry near Hayward. 
Maasey, Nelson, 20 Commercial 
Massey, Solomon, clerk, 140 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 
Massing, C. mason, h. cor. Niagara and Hampshire. 
Massmann, Matthias, scissors grinder, h. Ash below Genesee. 
Mast, Bemhard, joiner, h. Hickory near Genesee. 
Masten, Joseph G. attorney at law, 1 Brown's Buildings, h. Chestnut 

Lawn, Franklin south of North. 
Masters, John, blacksmith, h. Fulton near Alabama. 
Masters, Samuel, teamster, h. Elk near Louisiana. 
Matchett, Thomas, whitesmith, Eaton's Planing Mill. 
Mather, Norton, clerk, J. W. Williams <fe Co. b. 5 Franklin. 
Mather, Amos, mason, b. Samson's saloon. 
Mather, Mrs. Lucy P. 345 Washington. 
Mathes, Bemhard, laborer, h. Elm near Tupper. 
Mathews, Ephraim, confectioner, J. Benson & Co. h. Clinton n. Cedar. 
Mathews, Betsey, 31 and 33 East Swan. 
Mathews, Amos I. druggist, 221 Main, h. 181 Delaware. 
Mathewson, Mrs. milliner, Main above Chippewa. 
Mattes, Adolph, saddler, 403 Main. 
Matteson, Henry H. Oak above Burton Alley. 
Matthaes, Christian G. dyer, Batavia near Bennett. 
Matthews, Frederick, firm Haselton <fe M. b. H. J. Harvey, 
Matthews, James N. foreman Express job office, b. 57 East Eagle. 
Matthews, David, sawyer, h. Peny near Alabama. 
Matthews, Benjamin, whitewasher, h. Indiana near Ohio. 
Matthews, Henry, printer, Express ofilBe, b. 57 East Eagle. 
Mathius, Philip, carpenter, h. Spruce near Batavia. 
Mathius, George, tailor, h. Maple near Cherry. 
Mattice, Frederick M. joiner, h. Tenth beyond Jersey. 
Maul, John, wood pedler, h. Ketchum Alley. 
Maurer, John, mason, h. Oak above Genesee. 
Maurer, Nicholas, musician, h. 63 Hickory. 
Maurer, John, clerk, 11 Main, b. same. 
Maurer, Frank, varnisher, 307 Main. 
Mauriot, J. porter, St. Joseph College. 
Maus, Christian, tailor, 144 Elm. 
Maxon, Alanson, 153 Delaware. 
Maxwell A Patten, for. and commission merchants. Long Whtftf. 


274 oomaBOiAL isvnnsn dxreotost. 

ICanrell, Jodraa* firm M. A Patten, h. 25 EUieott 

May, Micliael, joiner, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Hay, Conrad, blacksmith, h. Elm near Genetea 

Haybeny, Qeorge, boat builder, h. acrocB the creek* 

Maybach, Gottlieb, grocer, 31 East Genesee. 

Haycock, Thomas, toickmaker, h. Amherst near Hilituy Road. 

Hayer, Andre, boot maker, Niagara near Virginia. 

Hayer, Peter, shoemaker, 387 Main, h. 165 Oak. 

Mayes, George, joiner, b. cor. Carroll and Michigan. 

Mayhew, Mrs. widow, cor. Carroll and Louisiana. 

Mayhew, Jonathan, notary public, Patchin Bank, h. €4 W. Mohanrk. 

Mayhew, Frederick A. teller, Patchin Bank, h. 64 West Mohawk. 

Maynard & Co. printers, Washington, adjoining the Postoffice. 

Maynard, Elisha A. firm Maynard <fe Co. h. 56 East Seoteca. 

Maynard, Robert H. land broker, h. 67 East Seneca. 

Meacham, Abraham, moulder, h. Sixth near Carolina. 

Heacham, John H. clerk, Davis A Sutton. 

Head, Bithia, widow o€ Richard, daguerreotypis^ over 236 Main. 

Mead, William, 115 North Division. 

Head, Henry C. clerk, over 156)^ Main. , 

Means, Noah, clerk, 316 Main. 

Hears, Thomas Y. liquor dealer, h. 38 Oak. 

Meech, Samud L. flour dealer, 206 Wa^ington, h. 193 S. Division. 

Meech, Asa B. ofiice over 223 Main, h. 30 Chippewa. 

Meehan, John, 234 Franklin. 

Meeker. Henry, joiner, h. 261 East Swan. 

Meer, Reuben, comedian, b. CarrolL 

Megnray Peter, 110 Elm. 

Mehan, Mary Ann, widow. Elk near Skinner canaL 

Mehl, Henry, shoemaker, h. 116 Sycamore. 

Mehltretter, Charles, tailor, h. Spring near Hinckley. 

Meidenbauer, George, laborer, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Meidenbauer, Anton, Michigan near High. 

Meindl, George, mason, h. cor. Virginia and Waver's. Alley. 

Meisinger, Martin, shoemaker, h. 296 Elm. 

Meissner, Ernst, teacher, h. cor. Maple and Goodell. 

Meissner, William, saddler, h. Amherst Tvest of Thompson. 

Meissner, Frederick, mason, h. German Alley. 

Meixer, Philip, laborer, h. 213 Elm. 

Mellon, James, teamster, b. D. S. Dean. 

Mellon, Dwight, engineer on Railroad, b. 223 Seneca. 

Melvin, John, cooper, h. 33 Scott 

Melvin, Thomas, gardener, h. Sixth nenr Pennsylvania. * 

Melvin, Bernard, boarding house, R. R. track, near Michigan. 

Melzer, Ao, sailmaker, b. Commercial Hotel. 

Memno, George, cor. Fly and Le Couteulx. 

Mendsen, Thomas H. clerk, 205 Main, b. 33 East Swan. 

Meneer, Nicholas, lantern maker, Sangster <& Son& 

Menig, Joseph, joiner, h. Pine near William. 

Menig^ Adam« laborer^ h. Pratt near Batavia. 


CNMmaxoui. AomnriBBB rauKWOKTi 875 

Mennig, Christian A. yinegar maker, BataTia near Wahrat 

Menorsh, Henry, tailor, h. 4 Scott 

Memsch, William, clothier, cor. Washington and Genesee. 

Mensch, Catharine, widow of Frederick, Cedar near WiUiaa. 

Hensch, Mrs. widow of Valentine, 171 Elm. 

Heneoa, JDiaTid, with S. Shepard. 

Menza, David, engineer, S. Snepard> b. Tremont. 

Mercer, William, 11 Park Place. 

Mercer, Wm. Y. J. jr. teller, O. Lee <fe Co^i Bank, b. 36 West Bagk. 

Mercer, William, carpenter, b. 91 EUicott 

MERCHANTS' HOTEL, cor. Commercial and Llojd.^-S^atbf,jK 96. 

Merchants' Bank, 3 West Seneca. 

Meredith, Richard, boarding house, cor. Eyans and Peacock. 

Merkel, Josephine, Spruce near Batavia. 

Merkle, Jacob, cooper, h. Dearborn near Austin. 

Merkling, John, shoemaker, b. P. Gra£ 

Merker, Julius, hardware store, 212 East Genesee. 

Memell, James, joiner, h. 82 Carroll. 

Merrigan, Thomas, salesman, 212 Main, h. cor. Sixth and Comt. 

Merriam, E. D. m. d. 137 Pearl, h. 73 East Swan. 

Merrill <fe McEwen, carpet dealers, 212 Main. 

Merrill, George W. firm M. A McEwen, h. 82 Pearl. 

Merrill, Henry L. book-keeper, Lee, Abell A: Co. h. Franklin n. Allen. 

Merrill, Albert S. justice of the peace, 148 Main, h. 35 Cedar. 

Merrill, Jerome B. Ellicott near Tupper. 

Merrill, Silas, clerk, B. A R. R. R. freight office. 

Merrill, Henry, clerk, 164 Main. 

Merrill, Albert F. lumber dealer, cor. Seneca and La. b. 35 Cedar.- 

Merrill, Ira, North, west of Delaware. 

Merrill, Margaret, widow of Joseph, 139 North Diyision. 

Merrill, George W. printer. Express office, b. 35 East Swan. 

Merritt, James P. horse dealer, 1l49 East Eagle. 

Merritt, John D. chemist, h. 91 Clinton. 

Merritt, Gilbert H. painter, h. 35 Union. 

Merritt, Russell, cooper, h. 8 Green. 

Merritt, B. H. firm Perrjr A M. b. G. E. Waahbnm. 

Merrygold, Henry, at spice factory, h. Niagara near R. L 

Merter, Burnett, tanner, 346 East Seneca. 

Mertes, John, laborer, h. Michigan above Cherry. 

Mertz, Joseph, joiner, h. Elm near Batavia. 

Meryless, John, clerk, 138 Main. 

Messer, Adam, laborer, h. 226 Elm. 

Messer, John, baker, Batavia near Bennett 

Messer, Christopher, sawyer, b. Mrs. Eliza Tilden. 

Messenger, John, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 58 EUicott 

Messing, William M. grocer, 189 East Genesee. 

Messier, Lucas, joiner, h. Eleventh near Virginia. 

Messier, Isaac C. joiner, h. Eleventh near Virginia. 

Messmer, Michael, flour dealer, 277 Main, h. same. 

Messmer, Casper, blacksmith, h. Elm near GoodelL 


Mernner, Peterj cabioet maker, 73 East Geneaee. 

MesBner, Anton, brewer, b. Hickory near Batavia. 

Metcalf, Bela B. book-keeper, 183 Main, b. Clarendon. 

Meter, Francis, carpenter, n. Walnut abore S jcamore. 

Metot, Jf an. Palmer's tannery, fa. Pollard. 

Metz, Christian, jr. county treasurer, Spaulding's Kx. b. OlaiendoiL 

Metz, Adam, laborer, fa. 44 Bennett 

Metz, Cox^rad, Walnut above Sycamore. 

Mets, Jacob, moulder, fa. 67 Bennett 

Metz, Joseph, joiner, h. 131 Elm. 

Metz, Peter, shoemaker, fa. 44 Bennett 

Metz, Jacob, cooper, b. 44 Bennett 

Metz, NicfaolM, clerk, Dafalman A Co. b. 44 Bennett. 

Metzen, P«ter, cabinet maker, 311 Main, fa. Elm near BataWa. 

Metzger, Pfailip, moulder, fa. cor. Ofaio a&d Mackinaw. 

Metzger, Qeo. fiTery stable, rear of Phoenix Hotel, fa. 371 Micfaigan. 

Metzger, JSTicfaolas, porter. Western Hotel 

Metzger, Daniel, clerk, 0. Metzger. 

Metzger, F. blacksmith, fa. cor. Niagara and Hampsfaire. 

Metzger, Jacob, cutter, 27 Main. 

Metzger, Francis, grocer, Ohio cor. Mackinaw. 

Meuller, Jacob, joiner, fa. 53d Michigan. 

Mevins, Eocfaen, tailor, fa. 167 East Genesee. 

Mey, Micfaael, musician, fa. 115 Pine. 

Meyer, Simeon, cooper, h. Hickory near BataviiL 

Meyer, Mary, widow, Milnor near Batavia. 

Meyer, Jacob, joiner, Mulbeny near Virginia. 

Meyer, John, miller, fa. 534 Michigan. 

Meyer, Michael, tailor, h. 141 Sycamore. 

Meyer, Frederick, merchant, WiUiam, opp. Potter. 

Meyer, George, blacksmith, Michigan near QoodelL 

Meyer, Maria, widow, 578 Washington. 

Meyer, John, joiner, fa. 192 Elnk 

Meyer, Frederick, butcfaer, cor. Oak and Tupper. 

Meyer, Jofan U. laborer, fa. Spruce near BataYUL 

Meyer, John W. A. grocer, cor. Walnut and Batavia. 

Meyer, Charles, laborer, fa. Maple near Higfa. 

Meyer, Anthony, rope iz.aker. Ash near Bataria 

Meyer, Peter, type caster, N. Lyman, fa. Elm near Sycamore* 

Meyer, Andrew, tanner, fa. 106 Cedar. 

Meyer, Maria, widow of Jacob, 142 Oak. 

Meyer, John, tailor, Moiiiimer near Genesee. 

Meyer, Conrad, laborer, h. North Division near Hickory. 

Meyer, John, foreman. Bellows <fe Co. fa. Cfaerry near Spring, 

Meyer, Francis, Spring near Sycamore. 

Meyer, John, laborer, h. Maple near GoodelL 

Meyer, Jofan, laborer, fa. Michigan near GoodelL 

Meyer, Conrad, blacksmith, h. Michigan near GoodelL 

Meyer, Francis, carpenter, fa. Maple near Cfaerry. 

Meyer, Jofan, laborer, fa. 59 Cedar. 


Meyer, Victoria, widow of Qeorge, Batavia near "Walntft 
Mejer, John, tailor, 10 Cypress. 
Meyer, Jacob, carpenter, h. 39 Spruce. 
Meyer, Xavier, laborer, h. Pratt near Genesee. 
Meyer, Stephen, watchmaker, 575 Main. 
Meyer, John, laborer, h. Cherry near Mulberry. 
Meyer, John B. jeweler, h. cor. Ash and Batavia. 
Meyer, Wooliche, laborer, h. Spruce near Batayia. 
Meyer, Conrad, cor. Sycamore and Spring. 
Meyer, Peter, laborer, n. Hollister near Spring. 
Meyer, Joseph, cor. Genesee and German Alley. 
Meyer, John, farnaceman, h. German Alley. 
Meyerhofer, Thaddeus, Bennett near William. 
Meyers, John, joiner, h. Michigan near Sycamore. 
Meyers, Francis, carpenter, li. Spring near Sycamorei 
Meyerson, Abraham, clerk, 2. Main. 
Michael, Nicholas, grocer, 41 North Division. 
Michael Rebecca, 60 Ellicott. 
Michaels Joseph, moulder, McGennis A Baldwin. 
Michel, Maurice, builder, h. 307 Washington. 
Michel, Bei-nard, laborer, h. Batayia near Ash. 
Michel, Iguoz, shoemaker, '391 Main. 
Michel, Lorentz, in foundry, h. 121 Pine. 
Michel, John, 307 Washington. 
Mickel, John, ship carpenter, h. Third near Carolina. 
Middlemest, Thomas, waiter, Thomas' Saloon. 
Middleton,^G^orge, whitewasher, h. Oak near Batavia. 
Middleton, E. B. joiner, h. Clinton below Ellicott 
Miehleisen, Adolph, saddler, h. Spruce near SycamoM. 
Mletsch, Charles, Mulberry near GoodelL 

Mignery, , laborer, h. 110 Elm. 

Mike, Peter, laborer, h. 248 Franklin. 

Miles, George, truckman, h. Potter near Gay. 

Miles, Edmund G. clerk, 203 Main, b. 65 South Biyision. 

Mils, George, truckman, 48 Jackson. 
Milfaaupt, Gregory, 8ht>emaker, h. 121 Pine. 

Milheiser, John, cabinet maker, h. outh DiTision beyond Polled. 
Millar, Allen P. with A. Rumsey A Co. 
Millar, Robert W. 25 Main, b. 119 Mohawk. 

Millard, Thomas, clerk, Buff. Iron Works, h. Niagara near Bird At. 
Millard, W. H. <fe Co. comfraission merchants, 12 Central Wharf. 
Millard, Harlow W. firm H. W. M. <fe Co. h. cor. w ashington <fr Scott 
Millard, Anton, joiner, h. 77 East Genesee. 
Miller, William, tailor, North Division below Fine. 
Miller, Mary, wife of Egerter, 487 Washingbon. 
Miller, Frederick, mason, la.. Walnut near Batavia. 
Miller, August <fe Co. clothiers, 13 Main. 
Miller, August, firm A. Miller ^ Co. 13 Main. 
Miller, Charles, cabinet maker, h. 114 Syoamora 
BCllei;, Jacob, :tenner, N. Case & Cb. 

278 CXnOCBBOIAL adtxrtxbxr dirkotort. 

Miller, Alexander, foremaii. Starch Factory. 

Miller, John, carpenter, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Miller, Jacob S. bclawsre near Barker. 

Miller, Luman A. botanic phyaician, 245 Main, b. 93 North Diviaioii. 

Miller, Charles F. livery stable, near Western Hotel, h. 45 Pearl. 

Miller, Charles G. Cola Spring. 

Miller, James, insurance agent, 1 Brown's Buildings, h. 380 Main. 

Miller, Frederick, captain, h. 112 South Division. 

Miller, Mary, widow of £l»ah, tailoress, cor. Scott and Beak. 

Miller, James, sail rig^, E. K. Bi*uce, h. Clinton near Pine. 

Miller, Michael, stocking weaver, Maple near GoodeU. 

Miller, Philip, cap maker, 173 Main, h. cor. Genesee asod EUicoti. 

Miller, A. D. A. <& Ca grocers, 28 Main. 

Miller, A. D. A. firm A. D. A. M. <fe Co. h. 30 Clinton, 

Miller, George, laborer, h. Ferry near Delaware. 

Miller, William, laborer, h. 14tn near Vermont. 

Miller, Henry C. clerk, 19 Main. 

Miller, Ambrose, lock factory, 1 Niagara, h. same. 

MiUer, PhUip, clerk, 336 Main. 

Miller, Adolph, saddler, b, U. S. Hotel. 

Miller, William B. printer. Courier office. 

Miller, Thomas> gardener, cor. York and Seventh. 

Miller, John, last maker, h. 137 East Eagle. 

Miller, Peter, boarding house, 200 Exchange. 

Miller, John L. laborer, h. Perry near Louisiana. 

Miller, Levi L. painter, b. J. L. Miller. 

Miller, Chauncy H. caulker, b. Mary Miller. 

Miller, Henry, pedler, h. 289 East Genesee. 

Miller^ Andreas, laborer, h. Pratt near Batavia. 

Miller, Otto, joiner, h. Spring cw. Hollister. 

Miller^ Martin, Brewer, D. Anna Bom. 

Miller, Adam, sr. nnisician, h. 88 Cherry. 

Miller, Adam, vr. musician. Cherry near Spring. 

Miller, Henry B. h. 64 Oak. 

Miller, Conrad, musician, h. next to 90 Cheny. 

MILLEIR, JOHN, tin and coppersmith, 397 Main.-— «Sm adif. p, 76^ 

Miller,. Nicholas mason, 487 Washington. 

Miller, Peter, Mason, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Miller, Jacob, cap maker, 173 Mun, h. cor. Genesee md i^icott 

Miller^Mrs. widow of Rudolph,. 162 Elm. 

Miller, Philip, shoemaker, h. 562 Michigan. 

Miller, Lewis, ship joiner, Pratt near Eagle. 

Miller, William F. attorney at law. Brown's Buildings, h. 188 PearL 

Miller, Mrs. widow of WiUiara T. Cold Spring. 

Miller, Alexander, merchant, h. cottage cor. Maryland. 

Miller, Christian, mason, h. Walnut betwe<!^ Batavia and William. , 

Miller, James, blaci; smith, b. H. S. Chamberlain. jj 

Miller, John, laborer, h. 384 East Genesee. i 

Miller, Charles F. joiner, h. Maple near Bm-ton Alley. 

Miller^ Michael, firm Hewson« Cutler <& M. h. 435 Auchigan. 


Miller, David S. firm Ramadell <& K. b. Mij» Outlet 

Miller, Charle9» painter, h. 225 Pearl. 

Hiller, Joiin Q. grocer, cor. Waahin^n <b Exchange, b. Mansion. 

Miller, Edward A. sign painter, 51 East Qenesee. 

Miller, David, mason, h. Walnut near WillianL 

Miller, Daniel, mason, h. Walnut near William. 

Miller, Richard, truckman, h. Mark near William. 

Miller, Jacob^^ainter, Wm. Barker. 

Miller, Wm. W. tallyman, Lee, Abell <fc Co. b. Horse Head Honsa 

Miller, Conrad, joiner, h. Pratt near Eagle. 

Miller, Jacob, tanner, N. Case <b Co. h. 73 Sycamore. 

Miller, John F. barber, h. Maple near GoodeJOL 

Miller, Rev. David, Michigan oelow GoodeU. 

Miller, MnL widow of Nicholas, Bennett near Batavia. 

Miller, Christian, printer, h. Batavia near Walnut 

Miller^ Jacob, on the lake, h. 68 West Tupper. 

Miller, Michael, blacksmith, h. rear 5 Beuc 

Miller, John O. F. saloon, 117 Main. 

Miller, John, sr. 397 Main. 

Miller, William, tinsmith, 237 Main, b. 2 OarroU. 

Miller, Jacob, joiner, h. 78 Bennett 

Miller, Sebastian, with Pratt <b Co. h. 103 Pine. 

Miller^ John A. laborer, h. Pine near WiUiam. 

Miller, John, tailor, h. 3 Chijppewa. 

MUler, Rosina, grocer, Michigan near Genesee. 

Miller, Frederick, Isborer, h. Aah below Genesee. 

Miller, Frederick, machinist, h. Cherry below Spring. 

MUler, If icholas, tanner, N, Case ifc Ca 

Miller, Conrad, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Miller, Geo. W. boarding house, 55 Exchang& 

MiUer, Ichabod P. keeper City Line House, Elk. 

Miller, Conrad, joiner, n. Eagle near Cedar. 

Miller, John, laborer, h. Spruce near Batavta. 

Miller, John, laborer, h. Goodell near Michigan. 

Miller, Richard, ship oarpentor, h. Milnor near William. 

Miller, JoseiA, cooper, h. Court near Hospital 

Miller, Thomas, 27 WiUUm. 

Milliffan, Augustus E. sash maker, b. 233 CarrolL 

Milliken <& Church, grocers, 63 Main. 

Millikin, Chailes A. firm M. <& Church, h. 256 Pearl 

Millington <& Brother, umbrella and parasol manu£BCtur6M,259 Main. 

MiUington, Edwin H. firm M. <& Bro. h. 68 Clinton. 

Millington, Joseph, at Iron Works, h. Forest Avenue near Kiagara. 

Mills, J. G. A W. I. grocers and fruit dealers, 69 Main. 

Mills, Wm. L firm J. G. A W. I. Mills, h. 133 Franklin. 

Mills, John, engineer; h. 52 William. 

Mills, Ansel, blacksmith, 20 Elm, h. 23 Union. 

Mills, Calvin J. publisher Eve. Post, 7 W. Seneca, h. 185 FranUin. 

Mills, Henry, melodeon tuner, h. 162 South Division. 

Mills, Henry R. assistant editor Eve. Post b. 183 Fhinklin. 



Hills, Samnel J. firm Billmga A M. h. 137 Delmwsre. 
Mills, Georee, compass maker, h. Smith Block, CairolL 
Milnor, Robert^ x. d. c<Hr. William and Potter. 
Milnor, William, clerk, 164 Main, h. 75 Chippewa. 
^ Hilton, Patrick, superyisor, b. Mrs. O'Eourkr 123 Maiik 

Hinch, Emil, binder, 230 Main. 
Miner, Herr^r D. blacksmith, b. A. Qillmore.. 
Hiniter, Patrick, truckman, Ohio near Mackinaw^ 
Mink, Georse, Iab<Hrer, b. Cherry near Mtdbeny. 
Hinckle, John A. painter, h. cor. Hickory and Clintoxu 
Hinkle, Adam, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 75 Cherry. 
Hinkler, Peter, cigar maker, Ohio near Mackinaw^ 
Hischo, John, blacksmith, cor. Pine and Batavia. 
Mischo, Jacob, laborer, h, 247 Elm. 
Mischka, Adalbert,, ioiner h. 571 Main. 
Miser, Christoph, laborer, h. 16 Walnut 
Hislin, John, shoemaker, h. 567 Washington. 
Hissert, Jacob, shoemaker, Goodell near Main, h. 572 Wartungtoi 
Mitchell^ James, joiner, h. 155 Delaware. 
Mitchell, John, barber, 10 Terrace. 
Mitchell, George B. constable, h. over 338 Mais. 
Mitchell, Thomas* joiner, h. rear of lid Clinton* 
Mitchell, William, stone cutter, h. Palmer near Maryland. 
Mitchell, Rachel, widow, 302 Elm. 
Mitchell, Capt James S. h. Folsom near Chicago. 
Mitchell, George, laborer, h. Clinton near Spring. 
Mitchell, Regina, widow of Benj. G. 20 Blossom Alley. 
Mitchell, Wm. W. grocer, h. Hamburgh near Seneca. 
Mitchell, Edward A. cook, h. 6 William. 
Mitchell, Roderick, engineer, h. 220 East Seneca. 
Hitchell, Robert, brickmaker, Hydraulica 
Hitcke, Frederick, mason, h. Boston. 
Hitzsdhj Charles, Maple near Goodell. 
Hixer, Sylyester F. h. d. 140 Main, h. 74 East Swan. 
Mixer, Harrey M. lumber dealer, 6 Mart, Ohio, b. American. 
Mochel, Frederick, constable, h. Washington near Scott 
Mock, Ernst shoemaker, h. Oak near Sycamore. 
Hock, Louis, grocer, cor. North Diyision and Elm. 
Hoelat Peter, Mortimer near Sycamore. 
Hoeser, William, cigar maker, h. 169 East Genesee. 
Moessengei^ George, grocer, cor. Elm and Genesee. 
Mocklan, John, laborer, h. 148 Elm. 
Moehring, Charles, laborer, h. Pratt near WiUiam. 
Moersfelder, Nicholas, cutler, 76 East Genesee. 
Moesser, Matthias, on the lake, h. Boston. 
Moffat, James, brewer, h. Morgan near Mohawk. 
Moffat, William, brewer, h. 61 West Mohawk. 
Moffat's Brewery, junction Mohawk and Morgan. 
Mog, Mrs. widow of Anton, 102 Cedar. 
Mohr> William, organ maker, h. EUicott near BurtoA Alley. 


Mohr, Edward, tailor, h. Ellicott near Goodell 

]Sf ohuD, James, tailor, with Thomas Bargette. 

Molloy, Joseph J. printer, b. Lovejoy House. 

Molloj, Mary, widow, 20 Illinois. 

Molloy, Mathew, ship joiner, b. 20 IllinQisL 

Molloy, Joseph, ship .joiner, b. 20 Illinoi& 

Molter, Mrs. widow of John, 503 Michigan. 

Molter, Ludwig, paiDter, h. Gtoodell near Mulberry. 

Monat, Wenzel, blacksmith, h. 50 GoodelL 

Monatiian, Martin, laborer, h. State near Bock. 

Monier, George, F. lumber dealer, cor. Batavia and Elm. 

Monnin, Charles, machinist, 44 Exchange h. same. 

Monroe, H. Exchange west of Louisiana. 

Monroe, George, sail maker, b. Mrs. Page. 

Monsert, If icholas, tailor, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

MONTEATH, WILLIAM, forwarding and com. merchant, Oobum 

Square, Ohio, h. 54 East Swan.-^8fe« adv.jK 48. 
Mmiteath, George H. clerk, Wm. Monteath, b. 30 West Seneca. 
Monteith, Andrew, driver, h. 25 Exchange. 
Montgomery, Capt Robert, 100 North Division. 
Montgomery, Gapt. John H. b. Worth Division near Pine. 
Montgomery,, WQliam, painter, h. 153 Ninth. 
Montgomery, George, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. 
Montgomery, James, tailor, 213 Main, b. 51 Oak. 
Moody, James, 202 Franklin. 
Moody, Andrew J. clerk, 205 Main. 
Moody, John W. with A. S. Sterling, h.223 PearL 
Moon, Richard, sailor, h. Bristol near city line. 
Moon, Merrills A. clerk, 170 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 
Moon, Asher, clerk, 170 Main, b. J. Beardsley. 
Moon, Hiram, clerk, b. 20 East Eagle. 
Mooney, John, blacksmith, h. Louisiana near South. 
Mooney, Patrick, with J. T. Noye, h. Fulton near Chicago. 
Mooney, Robert, shoemaker, h. Elk near Marvin. 
Mooney, John, laborer, h. Marvin. 
Mooney, John, joiner, h. 18 Elm. 
Mooney, John, laborer, h. 85 North Division^ 
Mooney, James, clerk, b. 18 Elm. 

Mooney, Lawi-ence, engraver and lithog. over 206 Main, h. 50 Oak. 
Mooney, John, blacksmith, h. 28 Scott 
Mooney, Samuel, blacksmith, h. 32 Scott ** 

MOORE, GEORGE A. & CO. com. mer. 68 Main.-.^8«J adv,p, 51. 
Moore, George A. firm George A. Moore A Co. h. 145 Elk. 
MOORE, ANDREW B. druggist, 225 Main, h. 193 Franklin.--)8iw 

adv. p. 66. 
Moore, Susan M. widowLof John O. 25 PearL 
Moore, Nicholas, engin^, h. York near North. 
Moore, Augustus C. Elk above Alabama. 
MOORE WILLIAM, insurance agent» cor. Commercial and Terrace^ 

h. 152 S. Division.— ^8^ adv, p, 90. 


Moore, Chester, clerk, Bemis Bratiieie» h. 74 CarrolL 

Moore, Georffe, 286 East Seneca. 

Moore, CharleB, clerk, 18 East Seneca. 

Moore, Charles, melodeon finisher, 200 Main. 

Moore, Isaac, joiner, b. R. Sully. 

Moore, William, shoemaker, h. 169 Washington. 

Moore, Uri D. Ferry near North Washington. 

Moore, Frances A. teacher, b. U. D. Moore. 

Moore, Samuel, miller, b. W. Roffers. 

Moore, William, hatter, h North Washington near Auburn. 

Moore, Mark B. attorney at law, 7 Brown's Buildings, b. 126 Peai4. 

Moore, Henry U. grocer, cor. Nia^ura and Mohawk. 

Moore, Charles, boarding house, Evans near Fly. 

Moore, Christian, at Goodell's Hotel, 6 Water. 

Moore, James, on the lake, h. Walnut below Sycamore. 

Moores, William, firm Good <& Moores, h. 137 £lk. 

Moorman, Mrs. widow of Ferdinand, h. 137. Eagle. 

Moorman, Franklin, finisher, Eeo^ A Co. 

Moom, John, laborer, h. Massachusetts near Thirteenth. 

Moos, , pedler, b. cor. Washington and Burton Alley. 

Moran, Ambrose J. piano maker, Keogh <k Co. 

Moran, Michael, laborer h. 19 Illinois. 

Moran, James, warehouseman, h. Evans near Water. 

Moran, Patrick, warehouseman, h. North Division cor. Hickory. 

Moran, Michael, laborer, h. Flynear State. 

Morans, John, blacksmith, h. Walnut near William. 

More Henrick, laborer, h. cor. Rogers and Rhode Island. 

Moredon, Edward, wardbouseman, J. C. Evans. 

Morehead, Thomas, carpenter, h. Moore near Elk. 

Morehead, Simeon, finisher, b. Mrs. E. Jones. 

Morehouse, Eben, joiner, h. Walden Alley near Delaware. * 

Morehouse, John F. printer. Express office, h. 211 Seneca. 

Morehouse, Harry, blacksmith, a. 145 Elm. 

Mores, John, boot maker, John Weis. 

Morey, D. A Co. lard, oil A candle manufacturers, Carolina near Tap. 

Morey, Davenport, firm D. Morey <fe Co. b. Genesee House. 

Morgan, Francis, blacksmith, J. Codkf h. Perry near Ohio Slip. 

Morgan, James, caulker, b. Sarah Whitney, 

Morgan, Owen, grocer. Elk near Clark and Skinner CanaL 

Morgan, Darwin E. firm W. C. Bishop & Co. b. 58 East Seneca. 

Morgan, Aftios, builder, h. 67 South Division. 

Morgan, Abel G. Reed's Dock, h. 73 South Division. 

Morgan, Edward M. painter, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 

Morgan, Thomas, grocer, h. 150 Ninth. 

Morgan, Mary Ann, 152 Ninth. 

Morgan, Richard^ book-keeper, 231 Main. 

Morgan, Albert R. clerk, 161 Main, b. 67 Sonth Division. i 

Morgenstem, Peter, laborer, h. 373 East Genesee. 

Morhaver, Jacob, morocco dresser, h. Potter near Gay. 

Moriarty P. M. insurance agents 5 Brown's Buildings, b. Mansion. 

oemij^tcuL ADTmmiBER DiuoroiTr. 283 

M(xrin, Wm. railroad aeeot, b. MaoBion. 

Morley^ William, melodeon maker, 300 Main, h. 23 South DiTision. 

Morlej, Patrick, laborer, h. School near Albany. 

Morlej, Calvin, Niagara aoath of Amherst 

Morley, Mrs. Anne, b. 126 Pearl. 

Morlock, Adolph, comer Lloyd and Carroll 

Morman, Baniel, laborer, h. cor. Qenesee and Morgan. 

Morn, Michael, b. 19 Scott 

Mom, Pati'ick, North Division below Hickory. 

Momhinway, Ferdinand, tinsmith, 237 Main. 

Morrell, John H. laborer, 49J^ Ohio. 

Morrell, Richard, North Division near Spring. 

Morrell, Amos O. printer. Express office, b. cor. Seneca and Mich. 

MORRIS, JOHN S. & SON, pyrotechniste, N. W. end Niagara,, be- 

^ tween School and Allwmy, — See adv, p. 85. 
Morris, Charles, firm J. S. Moitis <fe Son, h. School near Niagara. 
Morris, John S. firm J. S. M. dc Son, h. Niagara near Albany. 
Morris, Charles, forwarder, 22 Lloyd, h. Huron near Washington. 
Morris, John, bolt maker, h. Oak above Carlton. 
Mori'is, John, grocer, 61 Exchange. 

Morris, Qeo. at House's Telegraph office, K Pearl st. House. 
Morris, Geo. P. at the Theatre, b. Tremont 
Morrisey, Michae}» Perry near Illinois. 
Morrison, WiHiana P. baker. Park Place, h. same^ 
Morrison, Mrs. widow of J. W. 3 William. 
Morrison, John, at the Water Work& 
Morrison, James, plumber, h. Folsom near Kinney. 
Morrison, Charles, clerk, 136 Main, b. 5 Carroll. 
Morrisy, Michael, boarding house, 17 Water. 

Morr-ow, Thomas, dry goods merchant, 214 Main, h. Niag. near Court 
Morrow, Hugh, cor. Court and Terrace. 
Morrow, Andrew W. cabman, h. Chippewa near Georgia. 
Morrow, John, Truckman, h. Chippewa near Gtecrgia. 
Morrow, Joseph B. b. 32 West Genesee; 
Morse Joel, 159 Elk. 

Morse Charles B. dock clerk, Davis <fe Sutton, h. 24 East Swan. 
Morse, Parker, 1 East Mohawk. 
MORSE A JOHNSON, ship chandlers, Ohio near foot of Main.— 18^ 
Morse, David R. firm Morse & Johnson^ h. 192 PearL 
Morse, Henry, b. 62 Lloyd. 
Morse, Charles H. clerk,' 12 Central Wharf. 

MortoD, Daniel, white washer, h. 69 Cedar. ^ 

Morton, John F. forwarding and commission merchant^ 26 Lloyd. 
Morton, Mrs. P. tailoress, 342 Michigan. 
Mosac,k, John, breweri^ Hickory near Batavia. 
Mosbach, Ottilie, 15 ^^amore. 

Mosburger, Joachim, laborer, h. Walnut near Genesee. 
Moseley, Hon. Wm. A. Niagara cor. York. 
Moseley, James, grocer, cor. Eagle and Morgan. 

284 CXnaUBOlAL ABVBimSSR dibbctoet* 

Hosgeller, John, cabinet maker, 307 Main, b. Mm above Sycamore. 

Modeller, John C. joiner, h. Mortimer near Sycamore. 

Mo^ier, John, machinist^ h. Amherst near Tonawanda St 

Moeier, John, tinsmith, 237 Main, b. 100 Batavi^ 

Mosier, Luther, Folsom cor. Kinney. 

Moeier, James, grocery, 100 Batavia. 

Mosier, Edward, engineer, h. 34 Scott 

Moss, Elizabeth E. widow of Hosea, 151 Delaware. 

Mo6S» Lambert, pedler, h. 91 Niagara. 

Mosser, Matthias, cabinet maker> 311 Main, h. 194 Oak. 

Moetbargher, Philip, with Oilman tfe Barton. 

Motflch, Lewis, grocer, h. cor. Ellicott and Chippewa. 

Mott & Peekham, commission merchants, cor. Front and Dock. 

Mott, Richard, firm M. <& Peckham, h. 62 East Eagle. 

Moty» William A. grocer, cor. Rpck and Erie. 

Monlton, Ariel W. melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. 4 Union. 

MOUNT, G. A. F. livery stable. Terrace, near Evans.— fiiw 96. 

Mount, GeOTge, firm G. A F. M. b. 14 Clinton. 

Mount, Firman, fii*m G. <fe F. M. h. 14 Clinton. 

Mountford, John W. cooper, Talcott A Hale. 

Mourn, Timothy, hotel keeper, Niagara near Parish. 

Movius, Julius, agent, Mich. C. R. R. line, h. 22 West Eagle. 

Mowatt, Mary Ann, teacher, at Orphan Asylum. 

Moxley, Henry, barber, under 186 Main, h. 138 South Division. 

Moylan, James, National Home, Exchange. 

Muckle, James, joiner, b. 34 Chnton. 

Muckle, John, joiner, b. 34 Clinton. 

Muckridge, Andrew J. vamisher, h. Eagle near Terrace. 

Muddyman, Caleb, grocer, cor. Utica and Rhode Island. 

Muehlencamp, John, bricklayer, h. Michigan near Cypress. 

Muehlencamp, Mauritz, blacksmith, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Mueller, Conrad, laborer, h. Mortimer near Sycamore. 

Mueller, Nicholas Walnut near Bataria. 

Mueller, Jacob, 539 Michigan. 

Mueller, Peter, mason, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Mueller, John A. tinsmith, h. Pine near William. 

Mueller, Edward, joiner, b:F. L. GiUig. 

Mueller, John C. glass painter, h. 366 Michigan. 

Mueller, Philip P. clerk, h. Potter near Batavia. 

Mueller, John, laborer, h. Batavia near Bennett. 

Mueller, Henry, grocer, 139 Batavia. 

Mueller, Francis, chair maker, h. Bennett near William. 

Mueller, John, tailor, h. Batavia near Cedar. 

Muench, John, Hinckley near Spring. 

Muerrle, Gteorge, joiner, b. F. L. Gillig. 

Mugridge A Co. bakers, junction Elk and Olup. 

Mugridge, George, firm M. A Co. h. 8 Mississippi. 

Muir, James, mariner, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

Muir, Malcolm, joiner, b. 4 Oak. 

Muldon, Capt Jerald, 252 South Division. 


Mnldoon, John, finisher, b. William Duffy. 

Hnlhall, Stephen, recruiting sergeant, U. S. A. h. Illinois near Scott 

Hulhall, Patrick, laborer, h. 12 Mississippi. 

Mullen, Peter, laborer, h. Massachusetts near Thirteenth. 

Muller, John C. china gilder, 14 £ast Seneca 

Mullett, Hon. James, 5 South Division, b. Clarendon. 

MuUett, John, attorney at law, b. 35 East Swan. 

Mulligan, Henry S. 13 Park Place. 

Mulligan, William, luborer, h. Fifth near Court 

Mulligan, Eugene, firm Derby, Orton <fe M. h. Main above Xorth. 

Mulligan, Mack, laborer, h. Michigan near Perry. 

Mulling, Louis, pnnter, Brunck, Held 6t Co. 

Mullins, Mary, widow, Ohio near Mackinaw. 

Munc, Daniel, joiner, h. 112 West Tupper. 

Munce, Samuel, barkeeper, Samuel CaidwelL 

Murdock, Qranville T. Tupper near Washington. 

Munger A Willard, grocers and i^ip chandlers, 10 Main. 

Munger, Edward H. firm Munger £ Willard, b. Commercial Hotel. 

Muneer, Sullivan, engineer on K. R. b. Southern HoteL 

Munkel, Louis, laborer, h. Batavia near Hickory. 

Munroe, William C. whip manufacturer, 359 Main, h. Ninth near Va. 

Munroe, Joshua, dentist, 203 Main, h. 53 Oak. 

Munroe, William, porter, Thomson Bro^ h. Sixth. 

Munschauer, George, grocer, Sycamore cor. Elm. 

Munschauer, Elizabeth, widow of John, 23 Sycamore. 

Munschauer, Peter, stone cutter, 37 Sycamore. 

Munsinger, Louis, baker, h. 39 Chippewa 

Muntz, Daniel, cabinet maker, h. Tupper near Carolina. 

Murphy, Thomas, n. d. 5 Upper Terrace near West Eagle. 

Murphy, John, 252 Seneca. 

Murphy, Joseph, ship carpenter, h. 22 Illinois. 

Murphy, Owen, blacKsmith, A. M. Duff. 

Murphy, Lawrence, carpenter, h. North Division near Jefferson. 

Murphy, Frank, at Gas Works. 

Murphy, John, blacksmit -., J. Cook, b. R. R. Hotel. 

Murphy, James, mariner, h. Beak. 

Murphy, Mrs. Abby, cor. Exchange and Beak. 

Murphy, Dennis, laborer, h. Ohio near Columbia. 

Murphy, Dennis, laborer, h. Illinois near Mary. 

Murphy, Lisley, baker, h. 25 Ohio. ; 

Murphy, William, finisher, h. 66 Sixth. 

Murphy, Michael E. machinist, h. Tenth near Carolina. 

Murphy, Mary, widow, cor. Quay and Washington. 

Murphy, Patrick, laborer, h. across the creek. 

Murphy, John, Genesee near Gas Works. 

Murphy, Lawrence, Genesee near Gas Works. 

Murphy, Michael, mason, h. Mark near Gay. 

Murphy, Dennis M. clerk, 147 Main, b. 255 Seneca 

Murphy, John, at Efner's stable, h. Centre. 

Murray, Sheldon T. with J. C. Evsns. 


Murray A Cumminff, dry goods mercliaBtB, 193 Mam. 

Moiray, Wm. firm M. A Gumming, b. AmerkaB. 

Murray, Edward B. firm M. A Day, h. Huron near Morgan. 

Murray, Michael, Ifinth cor. Carolina. 

Murray, Patrick, carpenter, h. EloTenth near Virginia. 

Murray, Hugh, clerk, 192 Main, h. 33 Chippewa. 

Murray, Thomas, proyiaion dealer. Terrace market 

Murray, John A. carpenter, h. 125 East Eagle. 

Murray, Patrick, joiner, b. Susan Stephens. / 

Murray, Timothy, Ninth near Carohna. 

Murray, Peter, moulder, b. 14 Green. 

Murray, Alexander, b. American. 

Murray, Edward, shoemaker, 3 East Swan. 

Murray 6t Day, printers, over 206 Main. 

Murray, Garret laborer, h. Virginia near Sixth. 

Murray, Kerr, machinist, h. Seneca cor. Chicago. 

Murray, Patrick, Louisiana near Ottawa. 

Murray, John R. boarding house. Perry near Washington. ( 

Murray, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Fulton east of Chicago. 

Mustod, Todd, with Sangster and Sons. 

Mutschler, H. paver, h. Sycamore near Walnut 

Myer, Conrad, tanner. Bush <fc Howard. 

Myer, Andrew, tanner, Bush A Howard. 

Mver, Peter, farmer, Colyin near Delaware. 

Myer, Henry B. 73 Chippewa 

Myer» Lawrence, chair maker, Delong A P. h. Sixth near Virginia. 

Myers, John, Phoenix Iron Works. i 

Myers, William H. ^lass stainer, h. Niagara near Virginia. [ 

Myers, John C. manner, h. 106 Sixth. 

Myers, John, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Myers, Wm. carriage trimmer, h. 44 East Swan. 

Myers, Francis H. grocer, Erie and Peacock. 

Myers, Michael, planer, 307 Main. 

Myers, Joseph, mate steamer Ohio. 

Myers, Gideon, marble cutter, h. cor. Niagara and Breckenridge. 

Myers, John D. tailor, h. Chicago near Perry. 

Myers, Eugene, steward,*b. Western. 

Myers, Fred. W. sailor, b. F. H. Myers. 

Myers, Daniel, boarding house, 4 Rock. 

Mynan, John, laborer, L Louisiana near Ottowa. 

Myner Samuel, blacksmith, b. 14 Green. 

Myner, Nicholas, tinner, b. 14. Green. 


Nabb, Ebner, joiner, h. 344 Michigan. 

Naegeli, John, shoemaker, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Naesch, Charles, musician, h. 375 Main. 

Nagel, Jacob, wine and liquors, 159 Oak. 

Nagle, JFrancis, cooper. Ninth, h. Palmer near Virginia 




Nagle, Michael, coopo*, h. Palmer near Oarofina. 

Kagle, Lorents, boiler maker, h. Sycamore near Pratt 

Kagle, Frederick, moulder, h. Pratt near Eagle. 

Nagle, Charles F. clerk, 305 Main. 

Nagle, John C. clerk, 205 Main. 

Naland, John, laborer, h. Ninth near MaflaachnaeUi. 

Naland, WiUiam, laborer, h. School near Albany. 

Nalbach, Peter, Spring near Qeneaee. 

Namon, Carl, locksmith, 15 East Seneca. 

Napier, Peter, malster, h. 69 Chippewa. 

Nash, Samnel W. book-keeper. Case A Co. 14 Exchange, h. 34 CaivoU. 

Nash, Elisa, widow, 30 Exchange. 

Nash, Richard, tailor, h. Perry near MiBBiauppi. 

Naoert, Jacob, 103 Batavia 

Naoert, Henry, book-binder, 188 Main, h. 145 Batavia. 

Naughton, Joon, shoemaker, h. 91 East Seneca. 

Nanheimer, Charles, joiner, h. Ash above Batayia. 

Nauswald, Peter, American Express office. 

Nauth, Peter A. tailor, Walnnt near Batavia. 

Neal, John, joiner, h. Cherry near Hickory. 

Neal, Christopher, laborer, h. cor. Pratt and Eagle. 

Neal, Jane, dressmaker, 3 Centre. 

Neal, Iiouisa, comer Elm and Burton Alley. 

Nealand, Christian, at Eaton's Planing MiiL 

Keave, John, brickmaker, h. North CanaL 

Nebb, Peter, joiner, h. Clinton near Spring. 

Neber, Valentine, shoemaker. Terrace near Railroad. 

Neberig, Conrad, Spring near Genesee. 

Neberig, Peter, moulder, T. J. Dudley <& Co. h. Spring near Oenesee. 

Neberig, Charles, moulder, T. J. Dndley <b Co. h. 33 Milnor. 

Nechaus, Harmon, laborer, h. German Alley. 

Neeb, Heniy, cabinet maker, h. Michigan near High. 

Needham, Charles H. 330 South Division. 

Needham, Joseph P. seed store, 333 Main, h. 358 Washington. 

Neeper, James, moulder, T. J. Dudley <& Co. h. 1 Union. 

Nefi^ Adam, fish market, Lloyd. 

Neff, Louis, painter, h. 151 Ellicott. 

Neps, John G. agent, h. 98 East Eagle. 

Nei, Peter, gardener, h. Lutheran. 

Neiderlander, John, cabinet maker, h. Michigan below Batavia. 

Neiderlander <fe Co. leather dealers, 311 Main. 

Neiderlander, Mrs. Frederick, 93 East Genesee. 

Neiderlander, John, leather dealer, 311 Main, h. cor. Oak and Genesee. 

Neidhart, Lewis, tuiTier, h. 108 Cedar. 

Neidhardt, Charles, clerk, Munger <& Willard, h. 29 Union. 

Neier, Wm. mason, h. Goodell corner Boston. 

Neil, Peter, laborer, h. cor. Hampshire and Albany. 

Neil, Jacob, Buffalo Steam Engme Works. 

Neiss, Frederick, tanner, Bennett's tannery, h. Swan opp. Spring. 

NeisB, Charles, Eagle Furnace. 

388 oomaaoiAL adyxetisxr dirbotoby. 

Nelson, Robert, joiner, b. Virginia near Delaware. 

NelfloD, James* witb J. A. Pitts. 

Nelson, Mark, boarding bouse, 13 PearL 

Nelson, Daniel, paper warehouse, Washington near Exchange. 

Nelson, Wm. H. clerk, Pratt A Co. 

Nelson, Richard W. x. d. cor. Eagle and Main, b. Miss Cutler. 

Nelson, Thomas, carpenter, h. cor. Parish and Thompson. 

Nenkluban, J. with L. tfe I. J. White. 

Nesbitt, Samuel, engineer, h. 34 Fifth. 

Nesen, Capt Joseph E. on the lake, h. Cottage near Maryland. 

Nething, David C. joiner, h. Boston. 

Netscher, George, firm J. N. A Co. h. Main above Chippewa. 

Netseher, Charles, cor. Spring and Cherry. 

Netscher, J. dt Go. rectifiers and liquor dealers. Main above Chipp. 

Nettles, Benjamin, ship carpenter, n. Peny near Hayward. 

Nettles, Dominic, ship carpenter, h. Perry near Hayward. 

Neuer, Wm. bricklayer, h. Burton Alley cor. Tupper. 

Neukircher, Joseph, engineer, h. Pine near Batavia. 

Neukircher, Margaret, widow, h. Pine near Batavia. 

Neukirk, James, carpenter, h. Carroll eor. Alabama 

Neuman, Christopher, shoemaker, cor. Genesee and Elm. 

Neuraan, Frederick, saw filer, h. 39 Svcamore 

Neunter, Henry, teamster, h. cor. Goodell and Boston. 

Neunter, Clemens, teamster, h. Goodell near Elm. 

Neunter, Frederick, shoemaker, h. Mulberry above Goodell. 

Neunter, Henry, laborer, h. Goodell near Oak. 

Nevitt, Robert, Perry near Alabama. 

Nevitt, Charles, R. printer, 155 Main, h. 49 Exchange. 

Nevitt, Mrs. R. widow. Eagle near Walnut 

New, Henry, bellows maker. Walnut near Clinton. 

Newbereer, Joseph, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Newbould, Frederick W. hardware merchant, 23 Main, b. American. 

Newcomb, E. M. printer, Republic office, b. 73 East Seneca. 

Newcomb, Patricx, at Iron Works, h. Niagara near Forest Avenue. 

Newhouse, Henry, miller, h. Amherst west of Thompson. 

Newhouse, John, cooper, h. Thompson near Hamilton. 

Newell, Mary, widow, Michigannear Perry. 

Newell, Harmon S. with H. C. "\^ker A Co. b. 11 Oak. 

Newell, Van Rensselaer C.pork insp. Dayton, h. 8ev*th nearHospitaL 

Newell, Benjamm F. ship carpenter, h. 234 South Division. 

Newell, Raphael, Ninth near Caiolina. 

Newkirk, John S. firm Provoost A Newkirk, h. 92 West Huron. 

Newkirk, Mrs. widow of Isaac W. 200 Pearl. 

Newland, John, sexton Ist Presbyterian Church, h. basement 

Newman, John, Phmnix Iron Works, Ohio, h. 16 East Swan. 

Newman, William H. H. book-keeper, J. Newman, b. 78 E. Seneca. 

Newman, Geo. L. firm Hart, Newman A Co. h. 8 Delaware. 

Newman, Gteorge, with N. Lyman, h. 47 Cedar. 

Newman, James M. m. d. over 234 Main, b. 16 East Swan. 

Newman, William, Walnut near Clinton. 



KeVman, Qeorge E derk, 59 Main, h. Oarej near Mor«aL 

Newman, Wnx. W. teacher Dist No. 13 h. Goodell near SUioott 

Newman, John, shoemaker. Maple near Goodell. 

Newman, Wm. trackman, h. 69 Delaware. 

Newman, Charles, porter, U. S. HoteL 

Newman, EmanneC grocer, cor. Ohio and Oolnmhia. 

Newman, Eugene, on the lake, b. David Lyme. 

Newman, Harmon, millwright, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

Newman, Amos L. clerk, O. B. Titua ^ Ca b. Genesee House. 

Newman, Geo. G. type Cesser, N. Lyman* h. 47 Cedar. 

Newn, Adam, butcner, H. Lamb. 

Newth, Wm. clerk, 178 Main, b. 173 East Seneca. 

NEWTON, ISAAC S. lumber dealer, Erie Canal near Church, h. 170 

Terrace^— ^SSm adv, p, 87« 
Newton, Luther, b. Isaac S. Newton. 
Newton, Robert, pattern maker, h. 143 Oak. 
Newton, James, cook, h. Cedar near William. 
Newton, Robert, jr. carpenter, h. Ninth near VirnnKa. 
Newton, Francis, firm Jackson A Newton, b. 36 west Seneca. 
Newton, Miss Lucy J. 177 Delaware. 

Niagara Temperance House^ Bayley 4 Son, near Liberfy Pole. 
Niagara Square Baptist Church, northwest cor. Niagara Squares 
Niagara Street M. £. Church, Niagara near Pearl 
Niasara Falls Railroad D^x>t, cor. Conrt and Terrace. 
Nial, Hugh B. watchman, h. 99 PearL 
Nibecker, John P. blacksmith, h. Franklin near Tupper. 
Nichell, Henry, x. n. Sycamore near Michigan. 
Nicholas, John, cigar maker, b. Buell's HoteL 
Nicholaus, S. laborer, h. Vermont near Rogers 
Nicholaus, Francis, cooper, h. Maple near^Goodell Alley. 
Nichols, Asher P. attorney at law, h. Johnson Place. 
Nichols, Merritt, band box maker. Main near Chip. h. Ninth A Had. 
Nichols, Mial, laborer, h. Carroll near Chicago. 
Nicholson, Jane, widow of Robert, Perry near Chicago. 
Nicken, Hubert, shoemaker, h. Lutheran. 
Nicklin, James* wagon maker, h. 169 PearL 
Nicklis, WiUiam, clothier, 27 Main, h. same. 
Nicklis, Rinehart, tailor, h. 158 East Genesea 
Niederbild, John C jpainter, h. G^'man Alley. 
Niederhofo', John, William near Lutheran. 
Niederlaender, John, cabinet maker, h. 374 Michigan. 
Niedmann, Ernst, carpenter, h. Maple near Burton Alley. 
Niemeyer, ■ , clerk, Fotherinff ^ Ca 
Niess* George, firm J. F. Seibel i Co. 369 Main. 
Nieyen, Alexander, railroad contractor, h. Oak near High. 
NilfilB <& Wheeler, storage and for'ding merch'ts, foot of CommerciaL 
NUes, Hiram, firm Niles 6t Wheeler, h. 154 PearL 
Niles, Sanford D. clerk, 305 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 
NOes, Barton C. engineer, Bidwell, Banta A Co. h. across the Cree^ 
Nimbfl^ Arheuna B. artist;, 190)^ Main, K 135 PearL 

S90 oommoui AinnaenBaB mnovonr. 

'Kiqnet, Hesrj 0. fbramsn, RobiiuBoii's carriage shop, b. Lor^joy Hr 

Kirschl* Andrea^ tailor, h. Hickory near Batavia* 

Kiaell, Edward, grocer* Niagara near Albanj* 

Kitschke, John G. carpet weaver, h, 146 Ehn* 

Kitsachke, Francis A. clerk, 176 Main, be J. Stebcdd. 

ITiyin, Alexander, H. contractor, h. cor. Oak and High. 

Koah, Michael W. A Bro. clotUera, 196 and 19S Main* 

Koah, Michael W. firm Koah di Bro. h. 6 Oam>a 

Koah, Wm. G. firm Noakife Ifoother, h. 31 £aat Eagle. 

Noble, Robert P. book-keeper, 11 Central Wharf, b« Samuel Nortoik 

Noble, John S. firm Lowell, Nobles <lr Oa h. 3 Georgia* 

Noble, Charles B. clerk, 190 Main, b. 36 West Seneca. 

Noblett» John B. ^mtetf cor. Hiajrwand and. Elk. 

Noblitt, William, joiner, b. Susan Stephens. 

NoeUer, Angnstus, turner, 307 Mam. 

Noeller, Augustus, tailor, h. Hickorj near Batawm 

Nodre, Andireas, shoemaker^ Hickory: near Bataviap 

Nohn, Adam, butcher* cor. Clintsn and Elmi. 

Nolen, Michael, cabman, h. 103 CarrolL 

Noomenmacker, Anthony, joiner, h. Main cor. Burton Allay. 

Noon, Edward, labor«r» n. Porter near Van Rensselaer. 

Noonan, Martin, laborer, h. Porter near Van Rensselaer. 

Noonan, William, trackman, h. 69 Delaware. 

Nord, Peter, musician, h. Spruce b<^w Genesae. 

Normandln, Thomas, shoemaker, h. 263 Washingtoas*. 

Norris,r Wm. brickiaf er, h. Court near Fifth. 

Norris, James, at.Mbrse^ Telenaph office, b. 18 CarvolL 

North Presbyterian Churo^, Main near Chippewa. 

Nort^> Henry ,.lock maker, 3 East Swas. 

Northrop, Henry S. thiamin, Parmelee <fe Hadley. 

Norton, Charles D.attornsy at law, and surregateb cor. WaihiiigtoB 

and Clinton^ h. 83' Westr Huron. 
Norton, Mrs. J. G. 139 Delaware. 
Norton, Increase S. tallyman, Darls 4k Sutton. 
Norton, Samuel, office Holt, Palmer <fr Co. h. Scott near Washington. 
Norton, Samuel B. Blossom's Exchange. 
Norton, Charles, 153 PearL 
Norton, Z. J. turnkey at jail, b. E. H. Drake. 
Norton, Lucretia, 139 Delaware. 
Norval, John, ic d. dealer in feYw and agne hittera> Reed^ Docl^ Lcmg^ 

Wharf, h. 313 South DiFision. 
Nossowy, Dominick, Carroll near Louisiana. 
Nott, Samuel E. S. H. x. n office and h. 315 East Seneca. 
Notter, Geo. ship carpenter, h. 10 Mechaaac. 
Notting, Henry, painber, h. WilliaBs neac Pine« 
Noverre, Mrs. Mary, 210 Ehn. 

Nowhammer, Charles, joiner, h. cor. Clinton and Jefferson* 
NO YE, JOHN T. miJl mannfactorer, and furnisher. Mam cot, Hano* 

Ter and Canal sts. h. Ef aaklin aboye yirfiniair-^<» Mb. p, 8& 
Noye, Wm. F. b. J. T. Noye. 


Noye9» John S. lumber dealer, c<«. Ohio and Wabttl^ b. 31 S» Divkion. 

Nojes, Geo. M. law 8tud^!nt> 0. O. PooL 

Koyes, John, finlfiher, b. Wheeler's HoteL 

Nugent, John, carpenter, h. 37 North Division* 

Nuhn, Adam, butcher, h. 55 Clinton. 

Nuhn, Conrad, laborer, h« Clinton near Pratt. 

Nune£Euiger> Mrs. widow, 153 Cherry. 

Nuse, Jacob, wheelwrights h. Park near Yirginkk 

Nuss, Valentine, tobacconist, Sajles dk Soiig. 


O'Brian, Thomas, 79 Reek. 

O'Brian, James, Swan near Fine.> 

O'Brian, Dennis, laboMr, hiOolumUa near Ohia 

O'Brian, Ellen, widow of Mic&siel, Ohio near Btidgie. 

0'33ria»}' Jftfan, boal a^ent* h^ Swan near Pinei. 

O'Brian, Edward, shoemaker, ISO Main> up stairs.' 

O'Brian; Alexander, twn rail maker, Miami near Alaba&Hk 

O'Brian, John T. b. Tremonl 

O'Brian, Michael^ eareDsntffl', h. Peii^ netf- IHIndls. 

O'Brian, John P. moolder, b. Pafe^ek O'BtitBh 

O'Brian, Pataick, engineerr iSlk near Miehigsn. 

O'Brian, Thomas, 4 Centre. 

O'Brian, Henry, at Townsend's Saiw Mia 

O'Brian, Stephen, boatman, -b. Pati4ok Rytok, Black Boek: 

O^Brian, James, laborer, h. 230 CartvlL 

O'Brian, James, pedler. h. Cant>ll near Michigaa. * 

O'Brian, John, laborer, h. Elk east of Chicago. 

O'Brian, Patrick, laborer^ h. Chicago near Mk. 

O'Brian, Michad, maiiner, h. Miehi«in near Ohio. 

O'Brian, Wm. laborer, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 

O'Brian, Mrs. Ann, Palmer near Maryland. 

O'Brian, Thomas, boarding house, 33 Lkyd. 

O'Brien, Thomas E. firm Candee, Renwiek <b Oo. h. Palmar nearMd. 

O'Bryan, Patrick, grocer, cor. Fifth and Carolina. 

O'Calleghan, Comeliu8» sailor, h. cor. Mary and lUinois. 

O'Connell, Comeliu& cor. of Peacock and Syaiuk 

O'Connell, Jisunes, near Qas Works. 

O'Connell, John, laborer, h. 8 Ellieolit v 

O'Connell, Owen, at Qas Works. ^/ 

O'Connell, Daniel, laborer, b. Miafid easl of Loidslftna. .' 

O'Connell, John, at Gas Works. 

O'Connell, John, laborer, b. Perry nsar Misfitosippi. 

O'Connell, James, at Gas Works. 

O'Connell, James, cor. Chicago aftd MackiDtffr. 

O'Connell, Richaid, Wi^^er near Erans. 

O'Connor, Wm. tailor^ 93 Pine. 

O'Connor, Capt» John, 80 East Eael«i 

O'Connor, CatharinOr widow of J<&ii H. rear of 190 SOttth^DifiBion. 

O'Connor, Johii> trockituttiy U Moore nea> Elkr 

SM oomaaiouL adtbhrbsr DiBBOVosr. 

0*Dmi, Timotlij, tailor, K PcRj nesr UlinoiB. 

O'DonneU* Jolm, boiler maker, h. Fulton near LouiaiAna. 

O'Driscoll, Jeremiah, ship carpenter h. Ohio, at toUgate. 

O'Dwyer, Thomas, derk, 59 Main, h. 76 Sixth. 

O'Farrdl, Henrj, clerk, 4 East Seneca. 

O'Grady, Thomas, grocer, cor. Srans and Fly. 

O'Hara, Thomas, teamster, h. cor. Kinney's Alley and Folaom. 

O'Hara, John, carpenter, h. 37 North Division. 

O'Han, James, laborer, W. B. Mann and Ca 

O'Harran, Michael, Indiana, near Perry. 

O'Heegan, Francis, clerk, 316 Main. 

O'Kane, John, blacksmith, h. Fifth near OaroliBa. 

O'Larey, James, laborer, b. Ohicaco near Elk. 

O'Laoghlin, Michael, laborer, h. Louisiana near Ottawa. 

O'Langhlin, Mtftin, laborer, h. Ohio near Michigan. 

O'Mahney, Francis M. imp. liquora ^ cigars, Mer. Ezch. b. Loy^y H. 

O'Neil, Arthur, blacksmith, U Beaver near Perry. 

O'Neil, Heniy L. at Woolen Factory, b. Niagara near Hamiltim. 

O'Neil, Jamea, laborer, h. Elk near Michigan. 

O'Neil, Wm. boarding house, junction Elk and Ohia 

O'NeU, Matthevr, cleric, 162 Main, b. 31 East Swan. 

O'Neil, James, gnrocer. Elk nef r Hayward. 

O'Page, Henry, b. Pearl Street House. 

O'ReOley 's Telegraph offioe,Exchange opp. Mansion, A 23 0'trLWhar£ 

O'Reilley's Bain T^effraph, 3 Exchange, ground fioor. 

O'Reilly, Sylvester J. firm Valentine A O'R. h. Delaware above Nortii. 

O'Roork, lliomas, laborer, h. Third near Carolina. 

O'Rourke, Mary, widow, 123 Main. 

O'Shaugnessy, Michael, weighman, BellowB A Co. 

O'Shea, Gatmirine, boarding house, Ohio near Indiana. 

O'Shea, Daniel, tailor, 42 Sixth. 

Oatley, George, teamster, J. A. Pitts. 

Oatman, Sarah 0. b. S. B. Norton. 

Oatmeyer, Louis, laborer, cor. Pariah and East 

Obenauer, Charles, 69 Michi^nui. 

Oberdrifter, Wm. laborer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Oberestr John F. 26 Folsom. 

Obermeyer, Ignata, 12 Walnut 

^bermeyer, John, Spruce near Genesee. 

wermeyer, John, laborer, h. 447 Michigan. 

Owst, Thomas, laborer, J. A. Pitts. 

Oi^t, John, joiner, h. Hickory near Sycamora 

'Obirest Samuel, clerk, 222 Main, h. 26 Folsom. 

Obits, Francis, laborer, h. 296 EIul 

Ochs, MaximiUian, joiner, h. Batavia near Pine. 

Ocker, Joseph, farmer, between Colvin and Amhenit 

''Oedlum, James, gardener, h. Ferry west of Delaware. 

'Oehlheim, George, blacksmitib, h. Maple near Chenry. 

Oehlers, Harmon, saddler, h. Batavia oelow Pine. 

Oelbacher, John, brass finisher, h. Walnut near William. 


Oeler, John, shoemaker, h. Sinrmg belov Genesee. 

Oelrich, eoldsmith, over Gothic HalL 

Oertel, Matthhis, clerk, H. Urban. 

Oeser, Charles, saw filer, h. Michigan above Batavia. 

Offenbacher, Valentine, tanner, h. Bennett near William. 

Ohio Street Iron Works, J. Shepard, h. Ohio cast of Chicago. 

Ohler, Frank, stone cutter, D. Helden. 

Ohlmer, Hermann, boarding house. Exchange near Michig^. 

Ohlmersdorfer, Adam, Mulberry near GoodelL 

Ohnesorgen, Mrs. F. German midwife. Potter near Gay. 

Ohnesorgen, Frederick, joiner, h. Potter near Gay. 

Ohnink, Wm. driver, 307 Main. 

Oldendorf, Frederick, laborer, h. 117 Pine. 

Oldman, William, foreman, S: Shepard, h. Perry near Chicago. 

Olin, Henry, clerk, 190 Main. 

Oliver, Wm. G. dentist, over 262 Main, h. same. 

Oliver, John K. jr.^iner, h. 169 Delaware. 

Oliver, John N, joiner, h. 169 I)elaware. 

Oliver, Wm. B. painter, h. 179 Delaware. 

Oliver, Frederick, deniist, 157 Main, h. same. 

Oliver Lee A Go's Bank, cor. Main and Ezchanga 

Oliver, Horatio, blacksmith, 102 Pearly h. 179 Delaware. 

Oliver, Samuel, painter, H. G. White. 

Olschkle, Frederick, bricklayer, h. Jefferson near Virginia. 

Olson, Gudtchalk, 15 Ellioott. 

0*Melia, Patrick, 191 Exchange. 

Omey, Joseph, boat agent, h* 5 Beak. 

Onink, Wm. laborer, h. 105 Oak. 

Onink, Charles, stereotyper, 161 Miiin. 


Opper, Geo. saddler, h. cor. Goodell and Oak. 

Orb, Philip, bookbinder, b. C. Miller. 

Ordner, John, merchant, 146 East Genesee, h. 142 East Genesee. 

Ordway, Mrs. A. B. 5 Vine. 

Ordway, J. Merrill, on the railroad, h. 5 Vine. 

Organ, Garret, laborer, h. Chicago cor. Mackinaw. 

Ornitz, Adolph, gardener, h. Ferry near D^ware. 

Orphan Asylum, Virginia west. of Delaware. 

Orphan Asylum, (Catholic,) cor.Batavia and Ellicott 

Orr, Thomas, blacksmith, b. Tremont 

Orr, Wm. marble polisher, h. Fourth near Carolina. 

Orlli, John, farmer, h. IJtica near R. L 

Orton, WuL firm Derby, Orton <& Mulligan, b. Mansion. 

Orton, Robert, clerk, 187 Main, b. Bennet Temperance House. 

Osbom, Stephen B. 38 West Genesee. 

Osbom, Ira, b. Western HoteL 

Osbom, William H. 127 Main, b. 49 Exchange. 

Ost, Nicholas, at Palmer's tannery. 

Osterday, Sebastian, yamisher. South Division near PoUard. 

Ofter, Matthias^ laborer* h. Bennett below Batavia. 

SK94 cKnooBoxAL AovncmpB Dnwcmnnr. 

Ostenneyer, John, grocer, Miehigam near Sycamore. 

Oswald, John, marble worker, h. 337 East Genesee. 

Oswald, Georae, 136 Main. 

Otis, Henry H. clerk, 188 Main, b. 3 Osrrc^. 

Otis, Sylon, carpet weaver, h. Smith Block, SesMica. 

Otis ifc'Brown, architects, 3 Townsend Hall. 

Otis, Calvin N. firm O. A Brown, 3 Townsend Hidl, b. American. 

Otis, Natibkaniel T. city sexton and coffin maker, 12 Gonrt,h. 93 Peari. 

Otis, Stephen, cnrri^. Bush A Howard, h. cor. OarroU A Ohieago.. 

Oteno, Daniel, engineer, h. Ninth near Jersey. 

Ottenott Nicholas, dry goods imd groceries, 370 Main, 

Ottiuger, Joseph, basket maker, 75 Batavia. 

OTTO, JOHN d( CO. coppersmiths, 107 Main.-i8M adv.|>. 79. 

Otto, John, firm J. Otto A Co. h. 351 Washington. 

Otto, Lewis, clerk, 68 Main, h. 116 Folsom. 

Ott, Michael, leather Preiser, b. S. Od 

Ott, Samnel, Palme's taxmery, h. Swan near Spring. 

Ott, Michael, jr. tanner, h. Porter near Van Heneselaer. 

Otto, Henry, with Adam Good. 

Otto, Mrs. widow, 351 Wu^ngton. 

Ottinffher, Ehrhart*, brewer, b. Anne Bom. 

Orerfield, Frank, cooper, h. TJtica near Rhode fsland. 

Ovensr Robert, baker, 30 East Seneca, h. same. 

Overall, Joseph, Swan below Chicago. 

Overall, Charles A. butcher, 61 Chippewa. 

Overton, Mary, teacher, 68 Clinton. 

Ovington, Wuliam H. firm Dart A Brothers, b. 5'lMe. 

Owen, Albert, finisher. Eagle Furnace. 

Owen, Ansel, bell maker, h. Haddock's Block, Carolina. 

Osier, Capt Jerome B. b. Stevenson House. 


Packnrd, Capt Samuel, cor. Tenth and Yir^nia. 

Pader, John, laborer, h. Maple above GoodeU. 

Paetz, John, shoemaker, b. J. Quermbach. 

Page, Sarah A. boarding house, 47 Exchange. 

Page, Hannah, widow, 93 East Seneca. 

Page, David P. deputy sujpt. Erie county penitentiary, h. 58 Siz^. 

Pa^e, Lyman A. pro{)r. ofandoyne X>}1, h. cor. Morgan and M<Aairk. 

Pame, George, Phoenix Iron Works. 

Painter, Peter, farmer, Delaware near, city line. 

Pair, Enos, Blue Jacket Recess, 81 Main. 

Paley, Benjamin, l>lack8mith, h. 30 Sixth. 

Palmer, George, president Marine Bank, h. cor. GoodeU and Wash. 

Palmer, Rufus C. firm Holt, Palmer <fe Co. h. 69 East Seneca. 

Palmer, Fitzmorris, book-keeper. Clarendon. 

Palmer, Hiram, lantern maker, Sangster A Sons. 

Palmer, Hezekiah D. joiner, h. William near Michigan. 

Palmer, Elias W. clerk. Terrace Market, h. Morgan bet Court d^Niag. 

Palmer, Oliver, marine ini^>ector, h. Bristol near Spring. 

tSOmiHlOUX. AOTUUTMBB jyuoHToar. 206 

Palmer, Alttosom load aganty b. Main 4ior, Gli^pewiL 

Palmer <& Gardner, tuuuen, Hydraulics. 

Palmer, Edward W. eor. Palmer and Maryland. 

Palmer, Bobert T. boatman, h. 108 East Kagle. 

Pfilmer, Ricbard W. elerk, 305 Main, h. 33 £aat Swan. 

Palmer, Mr& Everard, cor. Oak and GeodeU. 

Palmer, CfaajElea W. melodeon tener, 5M)0 Main, h. 70 Stztb. 

Palmer, Ca^E^^er, 387 Siran. 

Palmer, Albert, clerk. Holt, Palmer it Got. b. Samuel ISTortom 

Palmer, Joseph, clerk, 274 Main. 

Palmer, Micaael, shoemaker, h. 52 IViUiam. 

Palmer, Ann, widow h. in Bethel Ohufch, Penr. 

Palmerington, Wm. boaitman, h. Albany near »BhooL 

Pamler, John, wbod sawer^ h. Bataria near Bennett 

Punsel, Gaspar, clerk, 406 Main. 

Panchot, Ghristopher, warehonseman, Beynolda A Dedbler. 

Pansegres, Philip, blacksmith, h. Gkicago above Michigan. 

PapeneaUf Anthony, joiner^ h. Ganroll near Ohi4sago. 

Papeneau, John, 307 PearL 

Pappenberger, Eras, shoemaker, b. 569 Washifl^iloa* 

Paradise, Pet^, shoemaker, h. 563 Michigan. 

Paris, Gharles, tobacco agent, h. Garroll near Alabama. , 

Parisen, David, sail maker, 18 Gential Wharf, h. cor. Qouit^aad FiltftL 

Parish, Guy 0, joiner, h. Exchange n«ar Louiatana. 

Park, Harrison, canal collector, h. 381 Peari 

Park Place, west of Ddaware and north of Ghippewa. 

Parke, J. B. ckrk, G. B. Wilson A Go. b. 100 East Seneea. 

Parker, P«rry Q, attorney at law, 3 Townsend Hall, h. 33 East Ea^le. 

Parker, Jason, firm Ghurdiill A Parker, and prodnee oommisnon 

merchant, Ship Gaaal, h. 33 Elilicdtt 
Parker, Edward H. barkeeper Gommercial Hotel 
Parker, James, labcH^w, John Newman. 
Parker, Elisha H. 49 West Tupper. 
Parker, Samuel, comedian, h. Main near Ghippewa. 
Parker, Jane, wife of Henry, Koon'« Alley near Blossom. 
Parker, Matthew, carriage maker, h. 45 Exchange. 
Parker, Gapt Thomas L. Garolina near JSixth. 
Parker, Edward E. barkeeper, Gkrendon. 
Parker, Benjamin, boatman, liu Dearborn near AmhevalL 
Parker, Thomas, laborer, h. Garroll near Louisiana. 
Parker, Geo. carpenter, h. Garroll near Louisiaiia. 
Parker, Thomas R. joiner, fau Garey near Morgan. 
Parker, Thomas L. dcrk, A. R. Gobb A Go. h. Garolina near Sijdii. 
Parker, Frederick, bvkeeper, G. Sbepard. 

Parks, William, engineer, lead fact(M-y, h. Maryland eor. Eleventh. 
Parks, Horace, carman, h. Ill North Division. 
Parmelee, Theodore N. editor Gommeroial Advertiser, b. American. 
PARMELEE & HADLEY, stove A hardware merchants, 119 Maia. 

See adv. page 73. 
Parmelee, Horace, firm P. <fe Hadley, h. Delaware near Utioa. 
Parmelee, Albert, sawyer, h. Dearborn north of Amherst 

S96 OQMMUCIAL ADiVMmnmB 9xnwiOftT, 

Parmendel, Beuamm F. attame j at Uir, Surrogated office 

Parrot George, fiahermaD, b. cor. East and Monroe. 

Parrott, Charles, metaUic plater, b. 287 Micliigan. 

Parsell, IV^ewton, foreman, O^ H. P. Williama, £. Seneca near Alah^m^, 

Parsell, Hiram, with PratI A Letehworth, h. 349 Eaat Seneca. 

Paraell, Ann, widow, Bloeaom near Bataria. 

Parson, John H. in House's Telenaph effice, b. 13 Park Place. 

Parson, Timothy, Odd FeUows' Depot» 278 Main, h. 51 East Seneeai 

Parson, Hr widow of Hoses, Oak above Qenesee. 

PARSONS, JOHN J. bookbinder, 161 Main, b. 3 Coart^Seeath^p. 97 . 

Parsons, William, soap and candle pedler, h. 96 East Eagle. 

Parsons, Nathaniel S. tinsmith, S2}4 Main. 

Parsons, Frederick T. chandler, h. Eagle near Pine. 

Parsons, Henrj, draper, h. Carolina near Tenth. * 

Parsons, W. J. book-keeper, Geo. Reese A Oo. h. Serenthab. Hndson . 

Parsons, Francis J. chandler, K F. T. ParsonsL 

Parsons, William, jr. chandler, b. F. T. Parsons. 

Parrish, Richard, Sasket maker, h. 178 Pine. 

Pasch, Charles, dioemaker, 347 Main. 

Paschke, John H. tailor, SO South Dirision. 

PiiiBchen, Charles^ tailor, h. Walnut aboye Sjcamore. 

Patchke, Frederick, tailor, h. Michigan aboye Oheny. 

Patchin Bank, cor. Main and Erie. 

Patchin, Aaron D. president Patchin Bank, b. American. 

Patchin, Thaddeus W. president Pratt Bank, h. 5 West Eagle. 

Patchin, Richard J. pattern maker, h. Georgia near Fifth. 

Patchin, Edward A. carpenter, h. 55 West Tupper. 

Patchin, A. T. grocer, cor. Elk A Hayward, h. Fulton, west of 0. Slip. 

Patchin, Truman A. confectioner, basement 340 Main. 

Patee> Franklin, engine^, h. Perry near Alabama. 

Partridge, William, Doiler maker, h. Elk near Ohicagb. 

Patten, James W. firm J. P. A Go. h. 149 Delaware. 

Patten, Julius C. firm Maxwell <fe P. h. 513 Main. 

Patten, Georg^W. clerk, MazweU A P. b. 149 Delaware. 

Patterson, F. W. pro. com. merchant, 10 Central Wharf, b. J. Guild. 

Patterson, Margaret A. widow, ninth near Tork. 

Patterson; Rol^rt, laborer, h. 134 Chippewa. 

Patterson, Rebecca, widow of Robert, 350 Washing^n. 

Patterson, George, melodeon maker, 300 Main, h. 199 North Diyision. 

Patterson, Francis G. assessor. Walnut near Willianu 

Patterson, Zeuas D. barber. Western Hotel. 

Patterson, John, tanner, h. Porter near Van Rensselaer. 

Patterson, William, boatman, h. cor. Clinton and Clinton Alley. 

Patterson, Robert, manner, h. 168 East Seneca. 

Patterson, John, tinsmith, b. 17 Pearl. 

Patterson, Austin O. book-keeper. Mack, Pickering A Blossom. 

Patterson, James, book-keeper, 223 Main, b. 350 Washington. 

Pattailot, Stephen, moulder,, h. 89 Batayia. 

Paul, Matthew, Pratt near Genesee. 

Pftul^ August, land agent, h. cor. Ellicott and Hnron. 


Paul A Beluriiigerrbiitclieni, corner Kiagan and Eagle. 

Paul, Eugene, mason, h. rear 94 Elm. 

Paul, Peter, firm P. it Befaringer, h. Milnor near Batavia. 

Paul, Christian, watchman, h. Michigan near Burton Allej. 

Paulett Louis, boatman, h. Chicago near Exchange. 

Paul], Matthias, tailor, 161 Batavia. 

Paulsackel, George, carpenter, h. German Alley. 

Paulus, Michael, lalxn^r, h. 6 Cypress. 

Paulus, John, payer, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 

Paulus, Paul, laborer, h. 162 Sycamore. 

Pauly, Daniel, grocer. Exchange near Van Hen^Mlaer. 

Pax, Cooper, melodeon maker, h. Lutheran. 

Pax, John, boot crimper, h. 21 Sycamore. 

PaxBon, Calvin, watchmaker. 111 Main, b. A. Paxson. 

PaxBon, Ahas, jeweler, 195 Main, h. Seventh near Hospftal. 

Payne, H. F. civil engineer, b. Railroad HoteL 

Payne, John W. clerk, J. M. Griffith. 

Payne, James G. book-keeper,^ Gothic Hall, h. oor. N. Diy. and Mich. 

Payne, George, boiler maker, h. Perry east of Chicago. 

Payne, Eliza, widow of George, cor. JTorth Division and Michigan. 

Payne, Charles T. 186 Franklin. 

Payne, Thomas, baker, Seneca near Chicaga 

Payne, Charles H. book-keeper, Lee <fe Co's Bank, h. 186 Franklin. 

Peabody, William H. clerk, 231 Main, b. 100 East Seneca. 

Peabody, Joseph, m. d. cor. Pearl and Court. 

Peabody, John M. 100 East Seneca. 

Peacock, William, boiler maker, h. Smith Block, CanrolL 

Peacock, Wm. W. attorney atlaw> cor. Ex. and Main, h. 26 W. Eagle. 

Peaffle, George, laborer, h. Eagle near Pollard. 

Peari, John M. clerk, O. Bugbee, b. 24 West Eagle. 

Pearl Street Methodist Episcopal Church, cor. Pearl and Chippewa. 

Pearl Street House, W. Crooker, 17 and 19 Pearl. 

Pearson, Henry, hatter, 161 Main, h. 3 Carroll. 

Pearson, Chri^ph, pattern maker, h. 185 EUicott. 

Pearson, Joseph, steamboat agent, h, Sixth near Carolina. 

PEASE, JOHN, for. com. merchant. Dock and Lloyd, h. 73 Dels- 

Pease, Francis S. oil merchanl;, 61 Main. 

ware.- See adv. p. 48. 
Peat, Ann, widow, h. 128 Court 

Peck, Edwar«l, clerk, h. Michigan near Swan St. Meth. E. Church. 
Peck & Smith, grocers, 5 Ohia 
Peck, William, cook, h. 18 William. 
Peck, James J. Washington dining saloon. 
Peck, Jesse, mason, h. Jefferson above Batavia. 
Peck, Charles £. stationer, printer, and binder, 9 West Seneca, h. 5S 

Peck, Jirah C. blacksmith, h. 63 Oak. 
Peck, William, firm P. A Smith, h. 26 Carroll 
Peck, Wm. B. clerk, American Express Co. b. Miss Cutler. 
Peckham, Guy 0. clerk, b. A. F. Lee. 


Pederliaiiflt George, maioii, h. Sprnee below Qenesefc 

Peek, Harvey, hotel keeper, 15 Main. 

Peel, Oeorge, trackman, h. Carey near Morgan. 

Peer, Patrick, laborer, h. Chicago near Ohio. 

Pegdener, William, pyrotechnist, with J. T. Mmris. 

Peggs, James, laborer, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 

Peiree, Samuel, ship joiner, h. 164 Sasi Seneca 

Peir, Enos, Blue Jacket recess, under Huff 's Hotel. 

PEIRCE, LORING, sexton and undertaker, h. 153 Fcanklin...,Ste 

ado. V, 67. 
Peirmont, iMicholas, joiner, h. Walnut near Sycamom 
Pelgrim, John, shoemaker, h. 6 Vine. 
Pelow, Joseph, caulker, h. Fulton near AlabuML 
Pence, John G. medical student. Dr. Mixer. 
Pender, John, farmer, h. Niagara near Farmer. 
Pendergrass, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Nin^ near York. 
Pendill, Samuel, grocer. Long Wharf, h. 33 C^nrt 
Penfield, Wm. stage proprietor, office under Man8ien,h. 97 Niagaora, 
Penfield, Guy D. clerk, 54 Main, b. J. Beardsley. 
Penfield, Mrs. widow of William, Fulton near Alabama. 
Penfield, Morris, b. 97 Xfiagara. 
Penfield, Henry L. b. 21 South Division. 
Penn, Heniy, seventh near Hudson. 
Penn, Henry L. clo-k, 366 Main, b. Henry Penn. 
Pentecost, John, ship carpenter, h. 24 Green. 
Penwell, Peter H. cor. Ea^le and Main. 
Peoble, F. G. stcn-e, 238 Main. 
Pepsel, Casper, laborer, h. 466 Michigan. 
Pequig^ot, Joseph, tailcnv h. cor. Clinton and Pine. 
Perce, Hiram W. grocer, cor. Pearl and Comm'l, h. 155 Franklin. 
Perce <fe Haskins, confectioners, 26 East Seneca. 
Perce, Otis W. firm P. ii Haskins, h. 26 East Seneca. * 
Perce, Elbert, with D. S. Manley & Co. b. 155 Franklin. 
Percival, Den man, firm Famham A P. h. 56 East Swan. 
Percy, Peter, joiner, h. Fulton near Alabama. 
Perham, Beman, dock mender, h. Eagle near Walnut. 
Perkins, Wm. clerk, Pratt <fe Co. b. Mansion. 
Perkins, James, b. 80 East Seneca. 
Perkins, H. W. machinist, h. Palmer near Virginia. 
Perkins, Thos. G. dry goods merchant, 204 Biain, h. 13 East Mohawk. 
Perkins, Horace, aeenC h. 77 East Eagle. 
Perkins, Lucy, widow, 16 Park Place. 

Perkins, George W. clerk, W. D. Walbridgej h. 16 Park Place. 
Perkins, Barnabas, carriage maker, 505 Main. 
Pemett, Alexander, grocer, Ohio at Swing Bridge. 
Pemett, James, wei^man, b. Alex. Pemett 
Perrin,ik>hn, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near Hvrwaatd. 
Perrin, George, snip carpenter, h. Fulton near Hayward. 
Perrin Isaac, ship carpenter, b. R. Justin. 
Perry, Miles, exchange broker, 182 Main« h. Georgia near Seventh. 


Peny, Horatio O. enginfler, li. Slk near Moore. 

PERRY, JAMBS A. lumber dealer, oor. Ohio and OhieagOfb. Amer- 
ican. — See adif. p. 87. 

Perry, William W. clerk, 1 Main. 

Perry, William J. clerk, Pratt A Co. 

Perry, Albert, carpenter, b. Tapper near Oak. 

Pevry, Israel B. ahoemaker, h. liouiaiana near Elk. 

Perry, Ralph, cigar maker Idl^ Main. 

PERRT & MERRITT, lumber dealers, foot of Maryland on Canal. 
See adv. p. 87 . 

Perry, Theodore, moulder, b. D. Johnoon. 

Perry, Hugh, laborer, b. 62 Lloyd. 

Persch, Frederick, grocer, cor. Eagle and Pine. 

Persch, Jacob, shoemakffl*, b. 572 Washington. 

Persch, Henry C. grocer, cor. Terrace and Oak, h. same. 

Persell, Edward, stone cutter, h. Botavia near Bennett. 

Peshall, Charles, cor. Niagara and Albany. 

Person, Daniel, blacksmith, h. Columbia near Ohia . 

Person, Henry, clerk, b. 315 Oak. 

Person, Charles, clerk, 24 Main, h. 215 Oak. 

Persons, Alexander, waiter, h. 89 ElJicott 

Pertzell, Justus, confectioner, 9 South Division. 

Peten James F. groeer, 66 Main, h. Washington above liO&yetle. 

Peter* Henry, tinsaiith, h. BataTia near Elm. 

Peter* Henry, painter, h. 49 STorth DiTision. 

Peters, Wm. engineer, h. across the Credc. 

Peters, John, 171 Elm. 

Peters, Samuel, salesman, 152 Main. 

Peters, Frederick, pMnter, h. Louisiana «or. Canvktl. 

Peters, George H. tinsmith, 237 Main, b. Batayia aboro Ehn. 

Peters, Joseph, whitewaaher, h. 184 North Biyision. 

Peterson, Charles, piano f<Mrte maker, Keogh <fr Co. 

Peterson, John, sheepskin and wool dealer, Hydroolics, h. S^ Eze*ge. 

Peterson, Charles B. on the lake, h. Cedar near Eagle. 

Peterson, Charles, on the lake, h. Bennett near BataTia. 

Peterson, Henry, desrk, 35 Exdbange. 

Peterson, Peter, tsiior, h. Louisiana eor. Miami. 

Fetford, Edward, blacksmith, b. A. Hickman. 

P^an, Mattheas, harness maker, h. cor. Main and Burton Alley. 

Petrie, Alexander, lumb^ dealer* Ohio, h. 78 CairolL 

Petrie, William F. firm Ellis, P. A Co. h. Swan below Chicago. 

Petrie, Henry A. gunsmith, b. T. Cotter. 

petrie, George, gas fitter, h. och*. Cedar and Eag}e. 

Fetsch, Charles F. tailor, h. 49 East Genesee. 

Pettibone, Jay, cor. Franklin and AUen. 

Pettit, Joseph, cor. Eighteenth and Niagara. 

Pettit, Edward, tailin*, cor. Oak and Virginia 

Petz, M. shoemaker, b. J. Quermbaeh. 

Pengueot, Brothers, hardware and machinists, 121 Mftiflu 

Peugueot, Peter, firm P. Brothers, h. 154 JSlUcott 


Peugaeoii, George, finn P. Brothen, h. 156 Elltoott. 

Fez, HeniT> laborer, li. cor. Washington and Goodell. 

Pfan, Frederick, blacksmith, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Pfau, Qastay, cooper, h. 284 Franklin. -^ 

Pfeifer, Michael, tailor, 95 Pine. 

Pfeifer, Henry P. collector, h. 43 Clinton. 

Pfeifer, Georffe F. cutter, L. D. Hibbard, h. Franklin aboYe GoodelL 

Pfeifer, Theobold, Batavia below Michigan. 

Pfeifer, Chriatopher, laborer, h. 34 G^man. 

Pfeifer, Henry, mason, h. cor. Jefferson and Batavia. 

Pfeifer, Henry, 132 East Swan. 

Pfeifer, Henry, clerk, 233 Main. 

Pfeifer, Philip, shoemaker, h. 239 Elm. 

Pfeifer, Jacob, brakeman, h. Carolina near Sixth. 

Pfeifer, Jacob, tailor, b. 95 Pine. 

Pfeifer, Philip, grocer, cor. Midn and North. 

Pfeifer, Louis, engineer, h. 132 East Swan. 

Pfeifer, John H. type caster, N, Lyman, h. 234 Franklin. 

Pfeffin, John Casper, 231 Elm. 

Pfeffin, John C. grocer, cor. Tupper and Elm. 

Pfeil, John, baker, h. cor. Union and William. 

Pflster, Andreas, laborer, h. 121 Pine. 

Pfitzenmier, Frederick, laborer, h. cor. Ninth and Virginia. 

Pfitzenmier, Mary Ann, widow, German cor. Virginia. 

Pfolger, David, cooper, h. Ea^ below Pratt. 

Pfost, Thomas, shoemaker, 7 water. 

Pfrang, Julia, 184 Michigm. 

Phalin, Michael, grocer. Terrace Market, b. 123 Main. 

Phamambucey, Cornelius, painter, h. Batavia near Bennett 

Pflug, Frederick, clerk, M. Mouck. 

Pflug, John, laborer, h. cor. Maple and Cherry. 

Pflug, Michael, grocer. Maple near High. 

Pflug, Jacob, tailor, h. 14 Chippewa. ' 

Phelps, Orson, 6 South Division. 

Phelps, James D. joiner, h. 27 Union. 

Phelps, Philander, steamboat agent, h. 98 Carroll 

Philipp, Solomon, clothier, 94 Main, b. 103 Ellicott 

Philipp, Jacob, Ellicott above Burton Alley. 

Philips, Seneca, flour A feed dealer, 4 Dudley's Ezc.h.186 E. Seneca. 

Philips, Peter, cabinet maker, h. 90 Clinton. 

Philips, Thomas, mason, h. Palmer near Maryland. 

PhiUps, William, clerk, 21 Central Wharf. 

Philips, William, joiner, h. near Gelst<Hi's boatyard. 

Philips, James W. b. H. J. Harvey. 

Philips, Captain Isaac, 72 Oak. 

PhiUippi, John, grocer, Amherst near Military Road. 

Phillips, Alonzo, cabinet maker, 200 Main, h. Ellicott near Seneca. j 

Phillips, Anthony, Joiner, h. 524 Michigan^ I 

Phillips, Qapt. Wm. J« 66 East Seneca. j 

Phillips, Cliarles C. k Clarendon. 


Phillip6> OHarles H. bar-keeper, Farmen' EzcliaDge. 

PhillipB, Joseph, laborer, h. Louisiana near Perrj. 

Phillipa, Morgan L. 3 Main. 

Phillips, Stefmen, upholsters, 212 Main, h. Johnson Place. 

Philpoti Wm, S. produce com. mer.. 27 Central Wharf, h. 149 Swvn. 

Phiftot, Wm. B. clerk, 27 Central Wharf. 

PHI^NEY <fc CO. publishers and booksellers, 168 Main, and 1 and 3 

West Seneca.— iSm ath,p, 60. 
Phinne^, Henry F. firm P. <b Co. 188 Main. 
Phoenix Steam Boiler Manufactory, Ohio near Thayer's Eleyator. 
Phoenix Hotel, Main, above "Court. 

Pickering, Charles, firm Mack A Blossom, h. Swan near Pearl. 
Pickerine, Edgar P. firm J. R. Lee and Co. b. C. Pickering. 
Pickstock, Thomas N. surgeon, h. 146 East Eagle. 
Pierce A Co. lumber dealers. Swan near Ellicott 
Pierce, Charles 8. firm Pierce Jk Co. h. Elk above Chicago. 
Pierce, Chaunee]^, agent for Penfield, b. Pearl Street £use. 
Pierce, Clark, ship carpenter, North Wadiington near Eighteenth. 
Pierce, J. B. clerk, 205 Main, b. 67 South Division. 
Pierce, Jonathan, ladies' dioemaker. Court near Main. 
Pierce, Francis T. coppersmith, h. 45 Cedar. 
Pierce, Lucius, teacher, h. 232 Ellicott. 
Pierce, Qeorge L. clerk. Holt, Palmer A Ca b. 21 S. Division. 
PIERCE, CHAS. L. lumber v'd, 36 E. Swan, h. 47 Oak. See, adv. p. 87. 
Pierce, Jerome, firm Pierce A Ca b. C. S. Pierce, Wash. ab. Mohawk. 
Pierce, John, deput]^ sheriff and constable, h. 150 South Division. 
Pierce, Samuel, 164 East Seneca. « 

Pierce, Isaac I>uii^, joiner, h. cor. Fulton and Hayward. 
Pierce, Sarah B. widow of Daniel S. 38 North Division. 
Pierre, Frederick, carman, h. 80 Sycamore. 
Pierson, fienrv, hatter, h. 48 Morgan. 

Pietscham, Albert, barber. Huff's Hotel, h. Hickory eor. Batavia. 
Pilbey, Susan, straw bonnet maker. Court near Main. ^ 

Piler, Ernst, musician, h. 99 East Seneca. 
PiUenbach, Joseph, shoemaker, h. 179 East Genesee. 
Piets, Jacob, chair maker, 307 Main. 
Pilliard, Frederick, 406 Main. 
Pilot, Edward, fumaceman, h. Clinton near Hickory. 
Pine, Samuel, joiner, h. 63 CL'nton. 

Pine, Andrew O. trunkmaker, b. cor. North Division and Pine. 
Pinlmey, Joseph, wagon mi^er, h. 106 Clinton. 
Pinner, Michael, store 30 Main, h. 139 Franklin. 
Pimer, Christoph, laborer, h. 141 Sycamore, 
pinner, Charles, jeweler, h. 19 Clinton. 

Pinner, H. Main near GoodelL « 

PITEIN, JOS. F. jeweler, 210 Main, h. 76 Chippewa.— ^ adv. p, 62. 
Pitkin's Jewehrv Store, 210 Main. 

Pitts, John A. threshing machine maker, h. Niagara above Morgan. 
Pitts, Calvin W. machinist, h. cor. Palmer and Virginia. 
PittSy Horatio W. b. Niagara above Mozgan. 


Pitts, Affricnltunl WcAa, tor. OsroUna Mid Tkird. 

Piti, Achm, shoemaker, 318 Elm. 

Pits, Jacob, chairmaker, 216 Elm. 

Pitsing, Jaeob, firm Rodenbuek A P. h. oor. WiUiamaiid ffickor^. 

Pizlej, Phikuider, joiner, h. Care j near Delaware. 

PlamE, Elizabeth, widow of Peter, Spring near Genesee. 

Place, John, carman, 66 Main, h. 171 JK^orth DiTtsion. 

Piatt, A. B. it Co. wool dealers, 38 and 40 Ll(^ 

Piatt, Anson B. firm Piatt it Co. h. 37 Ellicott 

Plat^ John Q. cuUer, h. Elk near Illinois. 

Platz, Melchor, h. Mulberry above GoodelL 

Plajter, Charles G. book-keeper, Pxatt A Co. k Miofaigan nets€Msr< 

Playter, Henry J. cor. Waahington and Carlton. 

Pleignet, John C. baker. Main opposite 8t Lonia churolUi 

Plembel, Jacob, tanner, h* Bennett near William. 

Pleuthner, John, joiner, h. BGeh%aii near High. 

Plimpton, Luman E. firm L. K. P. <fr Co. h. 199 Peari. 

Plimpton, L. K. d^ Co. auc and com. merchants, SO Mttn» 

Plogsted, John F. 0. William near Walnut 

Plumb, Rey. Horatio N. Ddiaran Arenne^ near Delaware. 

Plumb, George, painter, h. Delavan Avenue near Delaware. 

Plummer, Wm. £. clothier, h. Dearborn. 

Poh, Mrs. Caroline, widow of Jacob, 193 Elm. 

Pohl, William, locksmith, h. Walnut near William* 

Pohle, Auffustus, cabinet maker, h. 409 Michigan^ 

Pohle, Christoph, blacksmith,. 418 Micbiean. 

Police office, Terrace, opposite Western fioteL 

Pollander,^ Nathan, 14 Beaki 

Pollard, f 6hn, ship carpenter, h. 13 Pine* 

Pollock, John, clerk, 160 and 163 Main. 

Pollock, Thomas, clerk, 160 and 163 Main, h. North Divis. nearC«dar. 

Polly, Robert, machinist, b. 8 Sixth. 

Pollyblock, WUliam B. tinsmith, Parmelee A Hadky. 

Pollock, Charles, boiler maker, h. Scott near Waahington. 

Pomei'oy, Robert, Sec'y Baffalo Trust Co. h. cor. Swan and Oak. 

Pomeroy, Mrs. L. widow, b. S. Champlin. 

Pamero^, £. C. teacher. No. 13, h. G<K>dell near EUicott 

Pominville, Francis, mason, h* 34 Scott 

Pond, Reuben, 3 Terrace. 

Pool 4b Lewis, attorneys at law'13 Brown's Buildings; 

Pool, Cyrus O. firm Pool it Lewis^ h. 183 Franklin. 

Poole, Rushmore, 63 East Ea^l& 

Pooley, William, joiner, h. Ninth near Yirginia. 

Pope, Millard S. law student, Shnmway A Curtenina. 

^ope, Mary S. 93 Clinton. 

Toppenberg, Albert, ^paroieeaonr of Music, h. Delaware aboivo Eeiry . 

Popping, G. W. tinsmith, h. 178 Waahington; 

Popple, William, carpenter, h. 175 FrTfmnge. 

Porst, Joseph, cooper, b. G. Baek 

Porter, Archibald, carpenteiv h. 13 Main. 


Porter, Oapt Richard, h. cor Hotspital and Seventii. 

Porter, Walter, builder, 1l 115 South Diyjaioii. 

Porter, Samuel, pattern maker, h. Alabama near Mackinmr. 

Porter^ John> ship carpenter, Bidw«ll, Banta A Co. 

Porter, Stephen H. ]b,w student, 0. Daniels, b. 115 South DiTUion. 

Porter, S. m. d. at Mrs. Jabez Goodell's. 

Porter, Bey. J* Jermain, pastor Westminster Ohnroh h. Dd ab. If orth. 

Porter, Franklin, ship carpenter, b. O. Spencer. 

Perth, Henry, grocer, Michigan. near QoodeLL 

Portias, Thomas P. h. Smith Blocks Seneca. 

Poss, Valentine, Cornelius near Military Road. 

Posty Andrew, paper hanger, h. Pine near WilUam. 

Post, J. 233 Main. 

Post, William, joiner, h. 15 Seventh. 

Post^ John, Pine near William. 

Post Office, cor. Senect- and Washington; 

Post, Nicholas, tanner. Bush 4i Howard. 

Post, John 0. Pine near WiUiam. 

Postal, Mrs. widow of Francis^ 463 Washington. 

Potter A Howard, attorneys at law, 270 Main. 

Potter, Heraan B. Grm Potter dt Howard^ h. NiagKOi Square. 

Potter, Amos K grocer. Packet Dock. 

Potter, Alphonso, brickmaker, Hydraulica 

Potter, F. A. book-keeper, D. M. Qrant^ h. 91 Clinton. 

Potter, Charles, 87 EUicott 

Potting, Henry, shoemaker, 247 Main. 

Pouley, Christian, Phoe tix Iron Worka 

PoweU, John, stone cutter, h. 91 Ninth. 

Powell, Egbert H. clerk, h. 74 North Division. 

Powell, William, clerk, 192 Main, h. 85 Clinton. 

Powell, Moses H. 82 North Division. 

Powell, David, on railroad, h. 221 East Seneca. 

Powell, Nathaniel, clerk, 73 Main, b. United States HoteL 

Powell, Frank, laborer, h. Exchange near Michigan.* 

Powell, Peter, butcher, h. Milnor near Batavta. 

Power, Pat grocer, cor. Niagara and Morgan. 

Powers, John, clerk post office, b. Miss Cutler. 

Powers, Frank, truckman, h. Perry near Alabaouk. 

Powers, Edward, laborer, b. Catharine Roach. 

Poynsett, Roeina, widow of Thomas G. Terrace near Qenesee* 

Prangnell, William, cabinet nu^er, b. ISOonrt 

Prast, Jolui, car]>enter, Goodell near ^m. 

Praylow, Frederick, mason, h. Goodell near Goodell Alley. 

Pratt, Lucius H. com. mer. foot of Mich, h, 89 Swan cor. Michigan. 

PRATT <k CO. hardware merchanta* Terrafie» adjoining U. S. Ho^ 

Beg adv. p, 74 
Pratt, Samuel F. firm Pratt A Co. h. Swan oppk Elm. 
Pratt, Pascal P. firm Pratt A Ca h. cor. Folsom and Michigan. 
Pratt, Gorham F. m. d. 8 West Swan* h. 155 East Swan.. 
Pratt» Capt Amos* steamboat Glob^ h. 10 Park Place. 


Pratt Bank, under Mansioii, MalB. 

Pratt* Mrs. Hiram, widoir, 77 East Swan. 

Ihratt» Sophia, widow of Samuel, h. 139 East Swan. 

PRATT <b LETCHWORTH, manu&etnrera and importera of sad- 
dlery, coach and trunk hardware, 1^ Main. — Ae oAr. pi. 75. 

Pratt, Thomas, joiner, h. 250 South Dirision. 

PRATT, FREDERIOK H. hardware store, 170 Main, b. Niagara 
Temperance House. — See adv,p. 73. • 

Pratt* ^Smtj, widow of John, 107 Oak. 

Pratt, A. B. clerk, 18 Central WharC 

Pratt, James M. captain,_propeller Charter, b. 90 West Huron. 

Pratt, Edward S. cferk, B. Fitch A Co. b. 5 F^nnklin. 

Preece, Joseph, painter, h. 95 EUicott 

Prenatt, SjlVester, engineer. Fish's Eleyatcnr. 

Prenatt, Aug^ustus* engineer, h. 40 Pine. 

Prentice, Horace, clerk, 193 Main, h. 11 Court' 

Prentice, George C. waiter, h. 6 Scott^ 

Premo, Louis» caulker, h. 71 Bennett 

PRESBREY, OTIS F. x. n. insurance luent, comer Commonial and 
Terrace, b. Niagara Temperance n.oxme.—See adv. p. 90. 

Prescott William, firm Weeks db P. h. Franklin above AJlen. 

Preston, John A. saloon, 19 East Seneca. 

Preston, Isaac H. ship carpenter, h. Eagle near Walnut 

Preston, Christopher, ship carpenter, h. Marvin. 

Preston, William H. engineer, 1l South Division below Spring. 

Prestoii, G^rge, clerk, 46 Main. 

Price, William, teacher of gymnastic^, h. 76 CarroU. 

Price, William, saloon, 38 Terrace. 

Price, Edward, tinsmith, h. Palmer near Virginia. 

Price, James, with Stevenson Brothers, b. Court near Main. 

Price, Charles, blacksmith, b. Thomas Stanbredge. 

Priest, Mrs. Perrrnear Haywaid. 

Prime, Rev. JacoD A* over 193 Main. 

Prime, John L. cl«rk, 347 Main, b. 367 Main. 

Primrose, Benjamin, type caster, b. Tremont 

PRINCE, GEORGE A. it CO. manufactorers improved melodeoas, 
300 Main.— iS^ adv.p. 83. 

Prince, George A. firm G. A. P. <fc Co. h. 109 Niagara. 

Prince, Samuel N. clerk, 300 Main, b. 109 Niagara. 

Prince, Mary A. widow of George 1. 109 Niagara. 

Prince, John R. book-keeper, b. Charles Bidwell. 

Prince, Eugene F. clerk, 6idweli, Banta <k Co. h. Miami near Ala. 

Prince, James O. b. Charles Bidwell. 

Prince, Adolphos, b. Elim Tilden. 

Pringle, James, coppersmith, h. 175 EUicott 

Prior, William S. carpenter, h. Van Rensselaer near Steuben. 

Prior, Thomas, hackman, h. 103 Clinton. 

Prior, George, laborer, h. South Division near Spring. 

Prior, Joseph, painter, h. 116 West Tupper. 

Prochnow, Charles, printer. Queen City office* h. Cherry near Mich. 

ooMwiifiTAT. Msxwmmuisfjt oimosottr. 909 

Proctor, Jolin, tulor, h. South PivisiQa b^w PoiUaid. 

Proehl, Co]irad> tanner, h. Pratt near WilUuB. 

ProfliiaA, J^m, giocer, 6 Main. 

Proutj, James, grocer, Ohio, h. cor. lUk and Loniaiaao. 

Proyooat <b Xfewkirk, sail nwkera. Prime. 

ProTooBt, David, firm P. A ^ewkirk, h. 399 Kichiganu 

ProToost, Wmiam, aoap boiler, h. 289 Michigan, 

Provoofit, J. P. A S. A. aail makera, foot of OommerciaL 

ProYooet^ Sam'l A. firm J. P. ifr 8. A. Proyoost, h. Niagara near Geot. 

ProYoost, James P. firm J. P. A S. A. Prerooet^ h. 63 £aat Seneca. 

ProYoosi George, soap and candle factory, JSanoYffr^h. 2$9 Mic^gaa. 

ProYooet, ExaYoiz, painteri George h, Boma 

Pryal, Edward, sailor, h. £Yans near Peacodc. 

Puchhanaer, Andreas, wagon maker, b. J. BqaeoMTf 

Puetz, Francis, cor. Michigaa and ^camore. 

Pullen, Edvui, last maker, h. Pine near Eiwle. 

Pullen, Timothy, last maker, h. Pine near Eiu^le, 

Puis, Henry, laborer, h. North Biyisionnear ^priai^ 

Pulsz, John, tailor, h. cor, Goodell and £lm» 

Pults, John 0, tailor, h. Batayia near Cedar. 

PiindenK>n, J^mes M. teller, H. Johnson, h. Niagara emr, Y<sk. 

Purcell, Michael, tutor, St Joseph OoUege. 

Purington, Geo. A. firm De Long it P. h. 5 North PivJaioB^ 

Putnam, James O. attorney at law, h. oor. GoodeU and Waffhiagtoo. 

Putnam, Henry W. mariner, h. 26 Missipuppi, 

Putnam, Caleb, hackman^ h. 86 CairolL 

Pynchon, Lucius K. groeer, Ohio iiear Mifihigaa. 

Pynchon, Oalrm, elerlc« Xi. K, 3f*ynehon» 


Quails, Wm. barber, 314 Main, h. Michigan near Batavuk 

Quatdeutsch, Frans, joiner, h* 58 Beanet. 

Quatlander, John, bar-keeper, J. G. Eumph. 

Quermbach, John, shoemaker* fa. Main near Burton Allay. 

Quilligin, Thomas, with Steyenson Brothers. 

Quilliyan, Edward, brick maker, h. Bychanga o& cify Una. 

Quincy, John, tanner, N. Case A Ca 

Quinlao, Charles, crooer, £}lk near Louisiana 

Quinlan, William, laborer, h. Scott Alley. 

Quinn, Joseph, mason, h. Johnson Place. 

Quinn, Terence, laborer, h. Penry near 

Quinn, John, boarding house. State cor. Fly. 

Quinn, John, engivieer, K L. H. Bradley. 

Quinn, Michael, -at paU factory, Black Book. 

Quinn, Dame], engmeerrb. 'f. Quinn. 

Raaeh, Frederick, bookbinder, 160 Main. 
Rabbe, Moses, joiner, h. 107 OarrolL 
Babcr, Jaaob, Baiuu^ aaar Bntavifc 

806 OOlUftBOUL ADYSBlttin SBlOffOBT. 

fiacine, Margaret* widow of Kinil« 13 CTpreon 

Baddiff; Jerry, 10 Delaware. 

Badcliife, Stephen M. moulder. Eagle Fiiniace>lL FultOD nev Ohioa. 

Badcliffe, Geo. b. Elin TUden. 

Badella, I^rancia, gardener, h. Ninth near Jeney. 

Badlej, Mary Jane, teacher^ b. 151 Delaware. 

Badmand, Garrick, carpenter, h. Walnut below Sycamore. 

Raeker, Augnatus, fomitore, Bataria beltween Elm and Oak. 

Baemann, Charlea* with Cutler and Deforest 

Baffel, Conrad, mason, h. 573 Washington. 

Baffei^, Oney, reeessi Rock near State. 

Bafioty AngeUne, mantuamaker, 367 Main. 

Bahm, Henry, butcher, Niagara near Virginia. 

Bahm, John, tanner, h. Hickorynear Bdtavia. 

Bahm, Daniel, carpet wearer, SbS3 EUicott 

Baichle, Godfrey, image carrer, h. Batatia near Lutheran. 

Baiden, , carman, b. Carroll near CSiicago. 

Bailroad House, 69 Exchange. 

Bainbow boarding house, 8 and 9 East Swan. 

Bainey <k BicharoBon, com. merchants, 16 Central WharH 

Bainey, Hamilton, flour inspector, 16 Central Wharf, b. 33 East Swan. 

Bainey, Alexander, clerk, 5 East Seneca, b. 34 EUicott 

Bake, Henry, tanner, h. 347 East Swan. 

Ball, Matthias, laborer, h. Hickory below Sycamore. 

Balph, Andrew, lumber dealer, h. Main above Ferry. 

Balph, Edmund S. firm P. A. Balcom k Co. h. 313 Elm. 

Balph, Reuben L. book-keeper, P. A. Balcom A Co. 

Balaton, Robert S. agent Jonn Kynock A Co. h. 83 FranUin. 

Ramaceiotti, Francisco, with Keogh & Co. h. 36 Pearl. 

Ramage, George, tailor, oyer 375 Main. 

Ramm, Conrad, joiner, h. Boston. 

Ranuneleyer, John, laborer, h. 106 Cedar. 

RampuB, John, weighman. Bellows <fc Ca 

Ramsauer, Michael, mason, h. 113 Pine. 

Ramsay, Dayld, cabinet maker, 333 Main. 

Ramsdell, Charles, shoe store, 194 Main, h. 43 Franklin. 

Ramsdell <b Miller, shoe store, 184 Main. * 

Ramsdell, Henry, firm & & MiHeTi h. cor. Eagle it Delaware. 

Ramsdell, O. P. <fe Co. shoe.stofe, 168 Main. 

Ramsdell Grin P. firm O,.?. R. & Co. h. 74 Delaware. 

Ramsdell, Alexander, light-house keeper, h. across the creek. 

Ramsdell, Williai^ 4k'Coffner Pearl and Tupper. 

Ramsey, James p. finisher, Swartz A Brothers^ b. 113 Elk. 

Ramsey, John^. Jubilee House, Delaware. 

Rand, Jacob, brickmaker, h. Porter near Van Rensselaer. 

Rand, Charles T. blacksmith, h. 156 East Seneca. 

Rand, AlOnso C. book-keeper, 57 Main, b. 156 East Seneca. 

Rand, Charles M. sail maker, ProYoost A Newkirk, b. C. T. Rand. 

Randall, Volney, shoe store, 74 Main, h. 45 Eagle near Oak. 

Randall, Nelson, shoe «tore> 153 Main, h. Niagwa near Virginia, 


Kandall, Robert, agent Yirtae A Co. office 156^ Mam. 

Randall, Alfred, mariner, h. Eagle cor. Pine. 

Randall, Milton, steamboat agent, b. Western. 

Randecker, Adam, tailor, h. cor. William and JeHenotL 

Randolph, Robert J. 45 West Sagie. 

Range, Christian, laborer, h, 596 Micbiffan. 

Rankin, Francis, x. n. 29(| Main, h. 86 Clinton. 

Rann, Lidamand H. commercial editor Rough Kotes, b. Clarendon. 

Rann, H. Lucien, assistanE editor Rough Kotes. 

Rann, Mary, 35 Blossom.) 

Ranney, Lafayette, shoen^aker, K 198 South Dirision. 

Rannej, OrWUe W. salt (tealer, 17 Central Whar^ h. 29 S. DiTision. 

Ransom, Lewis, paint maker, b. Jane Clintcm. 

Ransom, Amasa R. hatter^ 85 Main, h. 197 Sast Swan. 

Ransom, Qiles T. engineej*, h. Elk near Chicago. 

Ransom, Sliakim F. Elk near Chicaga 

Ransom, W. F. clerk, 85 Main, b. 197 Swan. 

Ransselaer, David, blacksmith, Dietrick A Young. 

Ranz, Jehoicim, Clinton near Spring. / 

Rapp, Jackson A. cabinet maker, 333 Main, h. 43 West Sagle. 

Rapp, H. S. cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 43 West Eagle. 

Rappold, John, sailor, h. 194 Sycamore. 

Kapt7> Francis, shoemaker, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Raquet, Louis, grocer, cor. Elm and Genesee. 

Rasche, Peter, bar keeper, 87 Exchange. 

Rasche, Wihhelmine, midwife, 77 East Genesee. 

Rassmussell, Helen, Blossom. 

Rast, Lorentz, butcher, h. 138 Sycamore. 

Ratell, Joseph, en^neor, h. cor. Pollard and Folsom. 

Rathbone, Mrs. widow of J. H. b. D. S. Manley. 

Rathbone, Samuel, 120 Franklin. 

Rathbome, Richard W. flour dealer, 39 East Genesee, h. K. Division 

near Oak. 
Rathbun A Whitmorei, flag A curb stone dealers. Terrace cor. Evsans. 
Rathbun, Thomas, firin Rathbun A Whitmore, h.:24 Carroll 
Rathbun, Bllicott M. builder, h. 75 CarrolL 
RlHthbun, Charles L. printer, b. Walden Alley. 
Ratibbun, Maria, wi<£>w of Lyman, 4 Niagara. 
Rathbun, Charles, st^e yard, h. 87 South Division. 
Ratzenberger, Frant^ laborer, h. Maple opposite lEfurton Alley. 
Ran, Joseph, brewerj b. J. Scheu. 
Rau, EUzabedi, widow of John R. Main near yirginia. 
Raubenheimer, Frederick, 118 Oak. 
Rauor, John, mason, h. Pine above Batavia. 
Rausch', George, tailor, h. Michigan near GoodeU. 
Rausch, Leonard, joiner, h. Hickory, near Batavia. 
Raubch, Mrs. German midwife. Hickory near Batavia. 
Rausch, Jacob, cabinet maker, h. 8 Court 
Rausch, Xavier, cabinet maker, h. 49 Cedar. 
Rauscher, Nicholas, labcoer, h. next to 205 Elm. 

IKM OOWaaOUL iJ>yXBTISER dirbotort. 

Rawdon^ WilUun H. mschinigt^ b. Stuaa StepheoB. 

Ray, ThomaB S. pattern maker, h. 386 Franklin. 

Ray, Asa M. joiner, h. 67 Batavia. 

Ray, Andrew J. ckrk, 304 Hain, b. 390 Franklin. 

Ray, James, ship carpenter, h. North Division near Groerenor. 

Raymond, George, wool dealer, h. 360 Pefurl. 

Raymond, John, tanner, J. B. Bull <Sc Co. i 

Raynor, James A. ticket agent, b. 44 Franklin. 

RAZE is DICKEY, brick makers. Hydra ilice.— <S6# «fo.^. ^1. 

Rase, Horatio "S. wagon maker, Seneca, I ydraulics. 

Raze, Ansell S. brick makw, h. North Cvkal, Hydraulics. 

Raze, Joel S. brick maker, h. j^erth Canal, Hydraulics. 

Read, John, land agent* h. Genesee near Wasoington. 

Read, George H. book binder, h. 180 PeaiL 

Read, William, bookbinder, h. Steuben near Hamburgh. 

Read, Henry, joiner, h. cor. Weaver and Burton AUej. 

Read, Willard S. foreman, Otis Vatighn> )i S. Divis. below HickeiT; 

Read, Mrs. £. widow, 38 East Genesee, i 

Read, John J. P. b. 38 East Genesee. 

Read, Manr H. Swan near Spring. 

Reader, Thomas J. cooper, h. Eleventh near Virginia. 

Reaman, Francis H. watchman, h. 109 Clinton. 

Reaman, Matthew, ship carpenter, ^. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Reaves, Louden, tollgate keeper, Buffalo ac^ Hamburgh turnpi]^ 

Reardon, Daniel, lahorer, h. Mississippi near Elk. 

Reardon, William, laborer, h. Washington near F^wry, 

Reas, John, shoemaker, h. Eagle near Michigan. 

Rebetock, Jacob, book binder, h. Boston. 

Rebstock, John, tailor, W. A. Coote A Co. b. 39 East Huron* 

Rebstock, Elias, bookbinder, h. Boston. 

Rebstock, John E. grocer, h. cor. Hamilton aiid Water* 

Rechtenwalt, Michael, tinsmith, 191 Main. > 

Rechtenwalt^ Peter, cor. Batavia and Bennett 

Rechtenwalt, laborer, h. Bennett near Batavi]^ 

Rector <k Robson, gunsmiths. 111 Main. , 

Rector, WiUiam D. machinist, 333 Main. i 

Redfield, Piatt M. grocer, cor. Niagara and Efigle. 

Re^griff, John, painter, h. 79 Church. 

Red Jacket Recess, cor. Main and West Seneca. 

Redpath, John, stone cutter, D. Belden. 

Reea, Miles, saJoon, 93 Exchange. 

Reed, Leonard, mechaijic, h. Heaccick cor. Seneca. 

Reed, Samuel, sr. brickmaker, Steuben near Hamburgh. 

Reed, Samuel, jr. constahle, h. 333 Soisith Division. 

Reed, Geo. W. engineer, 10 Park Place. 

Reed, Simon R. foreman,, N. Case d Co. h. 160 East Sei^eciL 

Reed, John, on l^e lake, Ibu Chicago cor. Mackinaw. 

Reed, John, with Bidwell, Banta A Co. 

Reed, Alice, widow, Cedajr near Ea^te^ 

Reed <fe Salisbury, groce];8^44 East S#neGa» h. cor. Swan and Ceditr* 



Reed, Andrew J. pnbli«]ier Sunday Tlutor, h. Beseea near Oliicago. 

Beed, Miles, 70 Iforth Division. 

Reed, Samuel S. firm R. A Salisbuty, h. eor. Swaa and Cedar. 

Reed, James, carpenter, h^ 346 East Seneca. 

Reed, Robert, carpenter, h. Washington near Pertj* 

Reed, William, mariner, K A. Qillmore. 

Reed da Oheeney, fish market, cor. Main and CanaL 

Reed, Mary A. student b.JProfessor West 

Reedy, Michael, printer, A. M. Olapp A Co. 

Reese, Charles, clerk, 4 CHiio, h. 78 Nortii DivifliotL 

Reese, Geo. <fe Co. priuten^<fc publishers Rough Kotes, 5 W. Seneca. 

Reese, Geo. firm Reese A Co. n. Morgan between Huron A Carey. 

Reese, Amelia, widow, 206^South Dirision. 

Reeves, John, upho]sterer,butler A Deforedt^ h. Tenth near Virginia. 

Reeves, Charles, cor. Peaij and Allen. 

Beeves, Wm. laborer, h. 9^ Ellicott 

Reeves, Mrs. dressmaker, h. 93 Ellicottw 

Reeves, Charles, Allen near Franklin. 

Reformed Holland Church, Baker's Bloek, cor. Geneiee and Huron. 

Reformed Presbyterian Church, JTinth near Virginia. 

Regenauer, Franz, Pine near Williani. 

Regner, Xavier, tailor, Ifalnut near William. 

Regner, John, laborer, U Goodell near Elm. 

Rehbaum, Frederick, lo<;kmaker, h. 130 Oak. 

Rehm A Co. grocers, co|:. Maryland and Niagara. , 

Rehm, George J. firm ^. A Co. cor. Maryland and Kiagara. 

Rehm, Henry, butcher, h. Niagara near York. 

Rehmann, George, IJnioB near Batavia. 

Kehmer, John, at Gas Works. 

Reborn, Peter, shoemaker, F. W. Lohouge, h. cor. Sen. A Van Rena^r. 

Reibmeyer, Andreas, mason, h. Walnut near William. 

Reichdorf, Peter, cooper, h. cor. Batavia and Bennett 

Reichenecker, Martin, Joiner, h. Pine below Batavia* 

Reichert, Jacob, bookbinder, 206 Main, h. 383 Michigan. 

Reichert Andrew, shoemaker, Michigan near Good^ 

Reichmeier, John, laborer, h. Cherry near Mulberry. 

Reickert George, Ni^ara, south of Amherst 

Reickert, Barbara, wpow, Huron near Oak; 

Reid, William, book-Kieeper, David Bell. 

Reid, Alexander, joiner, h. 213 Ellicott 

Eeid, James, joiner, h. Swan near Chestnut 

Reid, Edward, clerk, Buffalo and Rochester Rail Road freight offitte. 

Reidman, Frederick, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Reidpath, Robert bakers, R. Ovens. 

Reif, Joseph, teamster, Washington cor. Button Alley. 

Reif, Joseph, jr. shoemaker, h. Burton Alley near Ellicott 

Reikauf, Mrs. widow, Hi|4i near Jeffenon. 

Reil, John, laborer, h. 5 Sycamore. 

Reiling, John, baker, h. Genesee near Jefferson. 

Reilly, Thomas C. bonnet ware-roomsy 228 Main. 

310 ooMMBROXAL ADTsimuB muoTOsr* 

Beillj, John G. clothier, 83 Main, h. Georgia belov Sixth. 

ReiUj, Miss M. A. milliner, 228 Main. 

Reiman, Gotlieb, laborer, h. German Alley. I 

Reimann, Charles, 13 German Alley. 

Reimann, Ludwig, wagon maker, h. Hickory near Clinton. - ^ 

Reimann, John B. laborer, h. Ash near Bat aria. .: / ' 

Reimann, Jacob, 292 Elm. ^ * 

Reimann, Philip, wagon maker, 87 £. Bene ca, h. Hickory n. Clinton, v', 

Reinasel, John, carpenter, h. William near Cedar. 

Reindl, John, joiner, h. Walnut near Batavi a, 

Reindhardt, iKuiiel, taUor, h. cor. Batayja amd Ash. 

Reinecke, Frederick, printer, h. 94 East Gcpesee. 

Reinhardt, Adam, cabmet maker, Waahingnon above Chippewa. 

Reinhardt, Adam, cabinet maker, h. Mortimer near William. 

Reinhardt, Philip J. 8 Commercial, h. Mornmer and Genesee. 

Reinhardt Jacob, cap maker, 161 Main, h. 23 Exchange. 

Reinhardt, Charles, grocery, cor. Chippewa] and Ellicott 

Reinhardt^ Ludolph, comb maker, Goodell near l|^>le' 

Reinhardt, John, cabinet maker, h. Walnut near WiUiam. 

Reinhardt h Co. passage agents, 8 Commercial 

Reinhardt, Frederick, shoemaker, Genesee i^^ar Washington. 

Reinhardt, Peter, brewer, h. 214 East Genes^ 

Reinhardt, George A. clerk, 449 Washington. 

Reinhardt, Casper, mason, h. Eaene near Sy^more. 

Reinhart, Henrj;, clerk, 216 Main. 

Reinig, George, joiner, h. Spruce near Sycamore. 

Reinsch, John, tailor, Goodell near Maple. 

Reintel, John, joiner, h. Maple near Cherry. 

Reis, Xavier, laborer, h. Hinckley near Sprinj 

Relschling, Christian, laborer, h. Mortimer C(n^ Genesee, 

Reiser, Conrad, turner, h. 10 Walnut: 

Reiter, John, laborer, h. Union near Clinton. 

Reiter, Frederick, porter, h. Walnut near Bata^ia. 

Reith, Geo. brewer, b. Ealdenbach h Haefelin. 

Reithardt, Barbara, midwife, 373 Michigan. 

Reithardt, Conrad, druggist, 373 Michigan. , 

Reitz, Philip, shoemaker, Lutheran. , 

Reitz, John, mason, Eaene. 

Reitz, George, clothier, 85 Main, h. Hickory neij;r William. . 

Reitz, John J. clothier, 6 Commercial. i . 

Relf, Thomas, Lafayette coffee house, 279 Main, h. same. 

Relf, George, mason, h. 459 Washington. 

ReK, Thomas, cigar maker, 191>^ Main. 

Reling, Augustus, carman, h. Batavia below Pine. 

Relly, James, clerk, P. Sawin, h. 45 Cedar. 

Relph, Andrew C. grocer. North Water near Hamilton. 

Remer, Christian, wagon maker, with D. Preston. 

Remington, Charles W. cor. Fourteenth and Connecticut 

Remington, Cyrus E. clerk, John R. Lee h Co. h. 127 S. Dirision 


Remington, Sttber* widow of D. 127 Qouih. DirisioB. 

Remlinger, Qeorge, grocer, cor. Pine and William. 

Renfrew, David, caipent6r« h. 43 Seyenth. 

Rene^ert, Bemhard, Spring near Batavia. 

Renkert, Andrew, Palmer's tannery, h. 130 Oak. 

Renner, George, tailor. Hickory near Sycamore. 

Renschler, David, blacksmith, h. 38 Bennett 

Renwick, Ralph, firm Candee^ R. A Ca b. D. H. WiswelL 

Renz, Matthias, tailor, cor. Batavia and Mihior. 

Repel, Charles, tailor, Batavia near Cedar. 

Reptie, Francis, shoemaker* h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Resch, Andrew, shoemaker, b. 0. P. Chamot. 

Retis, Caspar, 82 Bennett 

Rexford, George 0. musician, h. 13 Church. 

Reybum, Thomas C. attorney at law, 144 Ham, h. 70 Oak. 

Reyer, Engelbert maple near Burton Alley. 

Reymond,Trank, Shepard's Foundry. 

Reynale, Henry O. book-keeper, 229 Main, b. 11 Court 

Reynale, Charles A. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

REYNOLDS & DESHLER, produce and commission merchanta> 14 

and 15 Central Whart-See adv.p, 47. 
ReynoldQ» Jame% L. firm Reynolds A Deshler, h. 30 West Seneca. 
Reynolds, Alpheus, 141 Franklin. 

Reynolds, Hiram H. K. d. dentist, 235 Main, up stairs, h. same. 
Reynolds, William, millstobe manufacturer. Mechanic near Terrace. 
Reynolds, Ralph, on railroad, h. 230 SouUi Division. 
Reynolds, David S. painter, h. cor. Spring and South Division. 
Reynolds, Miss, dressmaker, 422 Main. 
Reynolds, John, mason, h. Viiginia near Niagara. 
Reynolds, Joseph, at Buffalo Car Wheel Works. 
Reynolds, Charles, millwright h. Dearborn. 
Reynolds, Linus, watchman, h. South Division near Spring. 
Reynolds is Berry, saloon keepers, Merchants HoteL 
Reynolds, Grosvenor, firm R. dc Beny, Merchants HoteL 
Reynolds, William, 34 West Seneca. 
Reynolds, William, saloon. Long Wharf. 
Reynolds, Milton E. joiner, h. Oak above Tupper. 
Rheinhard, Philip- H. shoemaker, Tupper near Carolina. 
Rheinlaender, Christopher, butoher, cor. Sixth and HospitaL 
Rheinlaender, Conrad, basket maker, cor. Batevia and Cedar. 
Rheinlander, Fred. W. Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Rheinlander, Frederick, 345 Washington. 
Rhodes, Samuel D. b. Genesee House. 
Rians, Andrew J, harness maker, h. Huron near Ellicott 
Ribbel, Jacob, tailor, 19 Spruce. 
Ribbel, Philip, cutter, J. B. Dubois, h. 28 Sycamore. 
Ribbel, Charles, cutter, W. A. Coots <fc Co. 
Riber, Frederick, bar-keeper, 15 Main. 

Rice, Victor M. superintendent public schools, h. Terrace cor. Genesee. 
Rice^ Daiiiel S. carriage maker^ 230 East Seneca». b. Carroll near La. 

$li MinaiaoiiUL A^vsttfim ftocMNm. 

Bice, Edward, groeer, 78 tf ain, h. Scott near Barbell fttats 

Bice, Frederick, on the lakei h. 48 Pine. 

Bice, William S. clerk, post office, b. 7 Gharek 

Bice, Casper, clerk, Pnitt A Oo, 

Bice, Hennr. b. V . M. Bice. 

Bicoy Chariefl, gardener, h. Delaware near Korth. 

Bice, Edmund M. laborer, b. S3k near Alabama 

Bich, Andrew J. cashier Bank of Attica, h. Main aborre Topper. 

Bich, Gains B. Main above North. 

Bich, William, blacksmith, K 932 East Seaeea. 

Bichard, Francis, Hydraulics^ near the B. K, 

Bichard, Andrew, on the lake, h. Boston. 

Bichards, Lafjajette, melodeon maker, 200 Maifiu 

Bichards, Charles B. k. d. opp. Kiaeara Sqnare Baptist Cbtireh. 

Bichards, Horatio It. elerk, »14 Miun> b. Dr. Bidiai4ft 

Bichards, Jesse J. clerk* 2I4 Main, 

Bichards, E. W. bodk-keeper, 4 Ohio< 

Bichards, Henry, joiner, h. llain near Goodelli 

Bichards, William, carpenter, h. Dearborn near Parish. 

Bichards, Fnmldin, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Carroll. 

Bichardson, Elijah K. joiner, h. Korth Canal near Swan. 

BichardBon, George, firm Bainey A B. h. 296 Sooth DiTimeiL 

Bichardson, Bufus H. painter, h. Batsvia near Blm. 

Bichardson, Bober^ Euijp builder, h. Seventh near Carolina. 

Bichardson, Samuel B. furniture dealer, 5 Qnay. 

Bichardson, Levi, cabinet maker, 233 Mahi* 

Bichardson, Bichard, mariner, h. Lonisiana near Sonflh 

Bichart, George, joiner, h. Ellicott near Burton AUey. 

Bichie, Bobert, biaker, B. Ovens. 

Bichlieu, Louis, cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Bichmond, Dean, forw. <fe com. mer. cor. Ind. dt; Deek, b. CkMAdett. 

Bick, John, Pine near Batavia. 

Bickcords, Edward, b. American. 

Bicker, Ansel, Louisiana near Elk^ 

Bicker, Henry, wilh Lowell A Co. 

Bickert, Fre<&rick, clerk, 29 Main, h. 17d Oak. 

Biddel, William, well-digger, h. 238 East Swaiu 

Bidder, Henry, 108 West Tupper. 

Biddle, Bartholomans, Walntit above Sycamom, 

Bider, John A ship carpenter, h. Perry near HiunbtirgK 

Bider, George, plumber, h. Ninth near Carolina. 

Biebe, Augustus, blacksmith, Genesee cor. Ellicott 

Biebel, Charles, tailor, h. 165 Batavia. 

Biebelinger, Jbeeph, cooper, h. Eaene near G^eaea 

Biebling, J. A B. grocers, 207 East Genesee. 

Biebling, Burk, firm J. A B. B. h. Praitt near BattfT&L 

Biebling, Conrad, tailor, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Biebling) John, firm J. A B. B. h. Pratt near Batsriai 

Biecke, Henry, fumaceman, h. 420 Michigan. 

Biedeman^Frederick, shoemaker* 20 S. I^ via h» con CUntottr A Ehn. 

oimfmwiAL Asmammk urnKMStfti il$ 

Hiedingflhoefer^ Oeo. shoemaker, 18 Mais. 

Riedlein, George, blackgmith, h. 418 Micfainn. 

lUehl, Franeisca, wido-w of Aumst, 136 Cedar. 

Riehl, Matthias, laborer, h. Hickory bekyw Sjtaiaat^* 

Riehl, Christoph, tinsmith, b. J. MiBer. 

Rielander, Joseph, lOSBataria. 

Rieman, John, taimer, h. 34 Union. 

Rieman, David, blacksnuth, H. S. Chamberlai&w 

Riemann, Frantz, tanner, h. 33 Union. 

Riemann, Gerard, 36 Union. 

Ries, John, Buffalo Fiiraaee, b. G. Wnrster. 

Ries, Frederick, shoemaker, h. Batavia near OM«r. 

Riesh, Thomas, labors, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

Riester, Enstach, grocer, cor. Wwhington and Burton Alley. 

Riegtererr, Augns^ baker, h. Main near Batavia Alley.- 

Riesterholtz, Conrad, cooper, h. Cherry near Spring. 

^^ggB, Wm. H. clerk. State Line Cincmnati R. K. office, b. &i Ellioot& 

Riley, Thomas, 67 Cedar. 

Riley, Thomas, porter, 163 Main, h. Cedar below Balavia 

Riley, Thomas, grocer, h. 67 Cedar. 

Riley, Mary, iHdow, cor. Pennsylyania and JEf inth. 

Ril^, Joseph, clerk, Pratt and Ca 

Riley, John, on the lake, b. 2 Georgia. 

Riley, Mary Ann, dress maker, 311 Wariiiagton. 

Riley, Barnard, boiler maker, h. Elk near Hayward 

Riley, Patrick, laborer, h. 307 Franklin. 

Rilley, John G. tailor, 83 Main, h. Georgia near Sixth* 

Rim, Jacob, laborer, h. cor. Utiea and Rhode Island. 

Rimbach, Henry, joiner, h. A. Raeker. 

Rinck, Wm. 365 East Genesee. 

Rinck, Wm. Palmer near Carolina. 

Rinck, Wm. Jr. pinter, h. Palmer near Condhui^ 

Rindskopf, Loms* ci^ar maker, h. 4Elm« 

Rinehart, Adam, with Keoeh ik Co. 

Ring, Wm, m. d. 8 Townsend Hall, h. 5 Boston Block, Kiaganu 

Ring, John, laborer, h. Elk east of Chidago. 

Ripfey, Austin, eniineer, h. 337 Swan. 

Ripley, Mrs. E. widow, 53 West Tupper. 

Ripley, Hamilton, painter, b. Tremont. 

Ripont, James, store, 81 Bataria. 

Ripont, Peter, b. J. Ripont 

Rippel, Peter, joiner, h. Walnut^ near Batavi& 

Rippel, William, grocer, 359 SaiBt Genesee. 

Risch, M. ic. D. Eaet Genesee. 

Rischmuller <fe Loercher, paMsage agents, 1 Efner block, Comm^reiaL 

Risley <fe Squier, for. com. mer&ants, Wilkeson Block, Ohio* 

Risley, Bamel P. 36 Niagara. 

Risley, Edmund, soapboiler, h. Swan near Pollard. 

JUtchie, Henry B. 47 West Mohawk. 

Ritchie, Martha, dress maker. Church near Terrace* 

814 oomuouL AormamaM vtaMonmx. 

RitEhangli, Fredericlc, with Btuih and Howard. 
Ritt^ Nicholas, 216 Bata%ia near Pratt 
Bitt^ Qregorj, bookaeller, Bataria near Pina 
Ritl^ John U. with D. M. Giant, b. Exchange. 
Ritt, Michael, clerk, Leonard Wilson. 
Ritter, Felix, joiner, h. Michip^n above Batavia. 
Ritter, Franklin, 76 N. Division. 

Ritter, Fr derick, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 418 Michigan. 
Ritter, Philip, boiler maker, h. Elk junction Ohia 
Ritter, Frederick, stone cutter, h. Michigan above Batavia. 
Ritter, George, tailor, h. Mortimer near Sycamore. 
Rivler, Jasper, shoemaker, J. F. Elee. 
Rivoire, G^rge, laborer, h. Washing^ton near Yiiginia. 
Rix, William, mariner, h. Moore near Elk. 
Roach, Martin, laborer, h. Michigan near Ohio. 
Roach, James, laborer, h. cor. Peny and MiasisBippi. 
Roach, Catherine, widow, Scott near Beak. 
Roath, Ira, boarding house, 43 Main. 
Robb, David O. moulder, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Robbins, Levi R. joiner, h. Tenth near Carolhia. 
Robbins, Elizabeui, Mohawk near Niagara. 
Robbins, Thomas, cook, Thomas' Dining Saloon. 
Robener, Andrew, clerk, Pratt A Co. 
Robert, John, tanner, N. Case A Go. 

Roberts, Elgah, builder, cor* Scott and Washington, h. 267 PearL 
Roberts, Paul, merchant tailor, h. 23 Sixth. 
Roberts, Charles, engineer, planing works. 
Roberts, Thomas, butcher, junction Elk and Ohia 
Roberta, Joseph, cor. Oak and GoodelL 
Roberta, Stephen, clerk, J. G. A W. L Mills, h. 8 Scott 
Roberts, John, saw manu&cturer, cor. Swan and Washington. 
Roberts, Joseph D. maltster, h. Delaware near North. 
Roberts, John B. glacier, h. 41 Clinton. 
Roberts, John, cabinet maker, b. Pearl Street House. 
Roberts, Horace C. 75 Hicko:^. 

Roberts, Charles E. runner, Niagara Temperance House. 
Roberts, Rev. Bei^'. T. pastor Niagara St M. E. church, h. 17 Palmer. 
Robertson, George W. natter, 171 Main, h. 258 East Seneca. 
Robertson, William, attorney at law, 72 Lloyd, h. 255 East Senecib. 
Robertson, John F. finisher, h. cor. Chicago and Swan. 
Robertson, John, ship carpenter, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Robie, John E. publisher Christian Advocate, 156 Main, h. 38 Del 
Robin, Frank, grocer, cor. Prime and Lloyd. ^ 

Robinson, Clark, 147 Main, h. 214 PearL 
Robinson ^ Co. exchange brokers, 182 Main. 
Robinson, Alanson, firm R. A Co. 182 Main. 
Robinson, Erasmus D. 46 East Swan. 

Robinson, William F. recess, 43 Ohio, b. Elk cor. Mississippi. 
Robinson, William, carriage maker, near Western Hotel block, h. cor. 
Goodell and Washington. 


Robins oiij Gain, firm R. <fe Stout, h. 46 East Swan. 

Robinson, Laban, botanist, h. Elm near Hieh. 

Robinson, RoUin, clerk, Niles <fe Wheeler^ b» 80 East Seneca. 

Robinson, Jabez, clerk, J. S. Newton, b. 17 Sixth. 

Robinson <fe Stout, attorneys at law, 147 Main. 

Robinson, Francis, clerk, 18 and 20 East Seneca. 

Robinson , Morgan L. keeper, at Erie Co, Peni^r, h. Elk n. Hayward. 

Robinson* Jonathan E. broker, cor. Main and £!xchange h. 420 Main. 

Robinson^ John, seedman. Mason A Lovering, b. Baylej <fe Son. 

Itobinson> James, warehouseman, b. William Mobbatt. 

Robinson^ John, blacksmith, h. Cold Spring. 

Robinson> James, Spring near Bataria. 

Robinson* Sidney M. u^olsterer, h. Batayia. 

Robinson, Josepn, blacksmith, h. Church near Franklin. 

Robinson, Wilfiam, blacksmi^, h. Church near Franklin. 

Robinson, Edward/painter, h. 73 Hickory. 

Robson, James O. firm Rector & R. h. 57 South Division. 

Robflon, Robert, at Gas Works. 

Robison, Jerry, whitewasher, h. 437 Michigan. 

Roch, Nicholas, saddler, 3 East Seneca, h. 36 Union. 

Roche) , musical instrument dealer, h. 2 West Genesee. 

Roche, Thomas, 130 Franklin. 

Roche, Richard, cooper, h. Chicago near Fulton. 

Roche, Joseph, laborer, h. Walnut near Batayia. 

Rocheleau, Louis, engineer, h. Pollard cor. Swan. 

Rochte, Nicholas, ship carpenter, b. Benzino. 

Rocket, Thomas, laborer, h. 451 Michigan. 

Rockwell, Frederick S. clerk, Livingston F. <fe Co.h. Geo. near Sixth. 

Rockwell, John M. coppersmith, h. 64 Fifth. • . 

Rockwell, Augustus, artist, 8 South Division, b. 11 Court 

Roden, Matthew, furnaceman, h. Niagara near Clinton Avenue. 

Rodenbach, Christian, store cor. Batavia and Michigan. 

Rodenbach A Pitzing, bakers, cor. William and EUckory. 

Rodenbach, Ludwig, firm R. <Sc Pitzing. 

Rodenbach, Christoph, grocer, cor. Michigan and Batavia. 

Rodgers, M. A. widow of Langford, 28 Bk>s8om Alley. 

Rodney, John, grocery and h. cor. Franklin and Tupper. 

Rodney, George W. sailor, b. Merchants Hotel. 

Roedet Valentine, carpenter, h. Spruce below Genesee. 

Roeder, Anthony, grocer, 162 Elm. 

Roedlim, Michael, h. Camp near Genesee. 

Roehner, George, Pine above Batavia. 

Ro^ner, Joseph, teacher, h. Pine above Batavia 

Roehner, Adam, shoemaker, h. Elm near GoodelL 

Roemer, Jacob, Mortimer near Genesee. 

Roesch, Adam, chandler, h. Cari'oll near Michigan. 

Roesch, Mary, widow, Spring near Sycamore. 

Roesch, Frederick, upholsterer, 233 Main. 

Roesch, Adam, jr. v. n. Carroll near Michigan. 

Roeseler, William, joiner, h. 12 Potter. 


Roetser, William, engineer, h. vrBatavia. 

Koeaser, Jacob, grocer, Niagara near Virginia, h. eame. 

Boger, Daniel S. saloon, cor. Llojd and OanaL 

Rogers, G. W. A Co. produce dealers and com. mer. Reed's Block* 

Long Wharf, 
Rogers, Alexander, with Dexter Belden. 
Rogers, Andrew T. paper ha&ffer, 59 Clinton. 
Rogers A Bowen, attorneys at law, Spaulding's Exchange. 
.Rogers, Henry tV^. firm R. A Bowen, a American. 
Rogers. Jabez, J. 137 Delawatie. 
Rogers, Perry P. clerk, Post-oiBce, b. 137 Delaware. 
Rogers, John, marble factory, h. 73 Clinton. 
Rogers, Horatio B. salesman, 198 Main, b. 11 Oourt 
Rogers, George W. firm Q. W. R. & Co. b. 25 EUicott 
R<^ers, Edward W. ^lass sttuner, b. Mrs. Page. 
Rogers, Bradley D. clerk, Bennet Temperance Sense. 
Rogers, Charles, cor. Chicago and Lomsiana. 
Rogers, Daniel, mariner, h. 3 Scott 

Rogers, William T. cashier Niagara Rirer Banl^ b. Clarendoil< 
Rogers, Henrietta, student, b. Prof West 
Rogers, Charles, jr. grocer. Walnut near William. 
Rogers, Maiy, widow. Blossom. 
Refers, William F. foreman. Rough Notes, h. 33 Elm« 
Rogers, John, puddler, h. cor. North Washington and Aubura. 
Rogers, Washington, miller, h. Ferry west of Niagara. 
Rogers, J. J. clerk. Swan A Son. 
Rogers, Frederick L. printer, h, 184 PearL 
Rogers, Henry W. jr. clerk. Hart, Newman <ft Co. 
Rogers, Eli, porter, Niagara Temperance House. 
Rogers, James, loiner, h. 196 Franklin. 
Rogers, James, laborer, h. Le Couteulx cor. Fly. 
Rohe, Peter, jr. jeweler, cor. Commercial and Water. 
Rohe, Frederick J. grocer, 145 East Eagle. 
Rohe, Frederick, 145 East Eagle. 
Roherbacker, Gregory^ poster, 155 Main, h. 7 Cypress. 
Rohide, Frederick, shoemaker, h. cor. Huron and Oak. 
Rohleder, Francis, grocer, cor. Union and Clinton. 
Rohlf, Edward, taUor, Hickory near Sycamore. 
Rohm, Jacob, mason, b. Q. Wurster. 
Rohner, Joseph, German teacher. Pine near Batavia. 
Rohner, Francis, tailor, h. Walnut near Sycamore. 
Rohr, Paul, harness maker, 355 Main, h. Oak above Genesee* 
Rohr, John, clothier, 2 Efher Block, h. Batayia near Oak. 
Rohr, Clemens, saddler, 355 Main. 
Rohr, Randall, painter, h. North Division near Pine. 
Rohr, John R. Hickory near William. 
Rohr, Rudolf, finisher, 200 Main. 
Rohr, Power, 12 Elm. 

Rohrbacker, Gregory, clerk, 155 Main, h, 6 Oypr< 
Rokes, Philip, painter, b. L. H. Bradley. 


Rolandj George, machixust, h. Ohippewa near Main. 
Rolf, Augustus F. cahinet maker, n. Batana near Pine 
Roll, August, tailor, h. 50 Bennett 
Roller, John D. tailor, Lutheran near Bataria. 
Roller, William, boiler maker, h. Miami cor. AlmKnipiti^ 
Rollins, Joeiah A. melodeon maker, 200 Main. 
Rollo, Ana, vidow erf George, h. Cottagfe above Virginia 
RoUo, Elizabeth, widow of George, eor. Goodell and Oherry. 
Rollo, George, billiard saloon. Concert Hall, h. CarroU near Mich. 
Rollman, Joaokim, joiner, h. 305 Elm. 
Romer, L avid, cabinet maker, h. 176 Franklin. 
Romer, Isaac, b. Jacob HilUker. 
Romice, Jacob, blacksmith, P. Dietrich. 
Rom^ieiss, Frederick, wearer, h. Michigan near GoodelL 
• Rommeus, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Spring near Cherry. 
Roof, Alace, Tonawaada near Amherst 
Rools, Joseph, chairmaker, 115 Main. 
Rooney, Patrick, laborer, h. Vermont near Fifteenth. 
Roop, Henry, 535 Main, above Tupper. 

Roos, Jacob, brewer, h. Roos AlW between Pratt and Hickory. 
Root, John, ic D. o^e and h. cor. South Bivision and Miohigan. 
Root Henry, Cold Spring. 

Root Francis H. firm Jewett A Root h. 309 Miehigan below Eaglo. 
Root A Wells, grocers, 68 Main. 

Root Edward, firm Root <fe Wells, b. United States Hotel 
Root Josiah S. pattern maker, Eagle Furnace, h. 370 Michigan. 
Boot Adrian R. clerk, H. O. Cowing A Ca 
Root Charles G. clerk, Hiram Johnson, b. 11 Church. 
Root, Amos, miller, h. cor. Dearborn and Pariah. 
Roots, Francis, derk, cor. Seneca and Chicago. 
Roots, John, grocer, cor. Seneca and Chicago. 
Rorback, John, contractor, h. 161 Batavia. 
Borback, John, saloon, Coburn Block. 
Rose, Edwin, 88 Franklin. 
Rose, John, grocer. Canal near State. 
Rose, John, mariner, h. Louisiana near Elk. 
Rose, James, d^oemaker, Ohio near Liberty, h. 49 Ohia 
Rose, Joseph, stone cutter, D. Belden. 
Rose, Robert at Niagara Falls Freight Depot 
Rosenbech, John, mason, h. Colvin near Delaware. 
Rosenblatt Petier, chair maker, 107 Main. 
Rosenblatt Anthonj^, joiner, h. Mulbeny above GoodelL 
Roeenner, Henry, tailor. Spruce near Sycam<He. 
Rosier, Nathan, teamster, h. Steuben near PoUard. 
Roefif Robert A. on the lake, h. Elk near Ohio. 
Ros8» Arthusa, widow, 97 East Seneca. 
Roes, Andrew, engineer, h. cor. Genesee and Morgan. 
Ross, Daniel, clerk, 286 Main, b. 99 Pearl. 
Roes, John H. oculist and auriet (^ippewa neas Main. 
Ross» Franklin D. printer, b. (Sty Hotel. 

818 ootfUXBoaL jjyvmmBBB, ohwovoey. 

RoflB, James J. joiner, 1l Virgiaia near TenfL 

Rom, Beigamin, joineri b. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Roes, Simon, porter, 180 Main. 

Rofl8» Alexander, engineer, b. Thomas Clark. 

Boas, James, b. 93 Ellicott 

Roflseel, Charles, firm Q. R. Wikon A Co. b. Miss Ontier. 

Roaser, Susan, widow of Wm. R. cor. Chippewa and Rllicott 

Roeser, John, toolmaker, h. cor. Ellicott and Chippewa. 

Roth, John A. grocer, Michigan near Cypress. 

Roth, Martin, mm Emig <fe Co. h. Steuben, HydranliaB. 

Roth, John, painter, Bennett below Batavia. 

Roth, Ludwig, laborer, h. Elm near Burton Alley. 

Roth, Andrew, blacksmith, 40 Exchange 

Roth, MaximilUan, erocer, h. cor. Sycamore and Walnatb 

Roth, Conrad,^ saw filer, 379 Main, L 84 Sycamore. 

Roth, John A. m. d. cor. Sycamore and Walnut 

Roth, Matthias, 435 Main. 

Roth, John, ioiner, h. Walnut near BaftayilL 

Roth, Ira, City Hotel, boarding house 43 Main. 

Roth, John J. laborer, h. Pine near William. 

Roth, John A. blacksmith, h. 115 Pine. 

Roth, Henry, shoemaker, h. 55 Oak. 

Roth, Henry, shoemaker, h. 3 Chippewa. 

Roth, John, fumaceman, h. Sprint near Sycamore. 

Roth, Christoph, Hickory aboye Baiayia. 

Rother, John jB. melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. 118 Clintoau 

Rother, Gustavus, wagon maker, cor. Genesee and EUicott h. 169 Eha. 

Rother, William, joiner, h. Eetchum*s AUey. 

Rother, Frederick, tailor, h. Michigan near High. 

Rothfufl, Gottfried, shoemaker, h. Michigan near Carlton. 

Rotschky, Godfrey, shoemaker, 81 Elm. 

Roubattour, John, pedler, h. 91- East Seneca. 

Rounds, Geo. W. agent N. W. Insurance Co. 12Mer. Ex. b. Clarendonu 

Rouse, Gilberts Bean's AUey. 

Row, Abram, mason, h. Sprmg near Batayia. 

Rowan, Martin, clothier, 100 Main, h. same. 

ROWE <Sc CO. fruit and oyster dealers, 197 Main.— iSSm €Nltf.|». 54. 

Rowe, Mrs. widow of Selah, 163 East Sebeca. 

Rowe, Peter, jeweler, h. 431 Michigan. 

Rowlan, George, whitewaedier, b. 2 Spring. 

Rowland, Charles, whitewasher, h. Spring near Batayia. 

Rowland, George, Tonawanda near Amherst 

Rowlandson, Robert, sawyer, Louisiana near South. 

Rowley, James F. foreman, N*. Wilgus, h. 230 Franklin. 

Rowley, James, grocer, cor. Fifth and Carolinai 

Rowley, George, painter, Geo. L Bums. 

Rowley, Charles C. firm Armstrong <fe R. b. IT. S. HoteL 

Rowley, Edward, laborer, h. Hudson near Korth. 

Roy, Alexander, blacksmith, h. 352 Michigan. 

Rozill, Peter, steamboat agent, 3 Western Hotel Block. 



Kubel, Jacobs tailcxr, h. 280 Franklin. 
Rabel^ Andrew, ^clerk, 58 Main. 
Rubel, John, brewer, b. J. Hiemenfi. 

Rubins, Henry, tailor, W. A. Coots A Go. b. 107 Sontii Dlyiaion. 
Rubner, Andrens, with Pratt A Co. h. Pine near William. 
Rubrecht, Michael, mason, h. Michigan near £Q^h. 
Rubrock, John, shoemaker, h. Bennett near Willuun. 
Rnch, Jacob, flour merchant, h. cor. Spruce and Sycamore^ 
Ruch A Rickard, feed store, Seneca near Chicago. 
Ruckdeschel, Geo. H. laborer, h. Spring near Sycamore. 
Ruckesich, John, laborer, h. 18 Bennett. 
Ruckdischel, John G. mason, h. German Alley. 
Rnddell, William, watch maker, 364 Main. 
Ruddell, John, bricklayer, h. Casey near Morgan. 
Ruden, Emanuel, book-keeper, George W. Rogers, b. 60 East Eagle. 
Rudiff, Conrad, cap maker, n. Blossom. 
Rudolf, Brothm, grocers. Main cor. Chippewa. 
Rudolf, Jacob, jr. Srm Rudolf Brothers, n. Chippewa near Wash. 
Rudolf, Wm. firm Rudolf Brothers, h. Washington near Chippewa. 
Rudolf, Joseph, tailor. Elm abore GoodelL 
Rudolf, JacoD, cabinet maker, h. 169 Oak. 
Rudy, John, turner, h. Amherst, west of Thompson. 
Ruediger, Fedon W. teacher, h. 93 Ninth. 
Ruehl« Gteorge, laborer, h. 575 Main. 
Rueland, Cluu*les, turner, h. Michigan abore Batavia. 
Ruffier, Joseph, Goodell near Washington. 
RufSer, Joseph, jr. joiner, h. Goodell near Washington. 
Bugg, Herman W. watch maker, 151 Main, b. U. S. HoteL 
Ruhians, Martin, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Ruben, Charles, cabinet maker, b. A. Rolf. . 
Rumorill, Henry, mason, h. 131 South Diyision. 
Bumrill, Levi H. firm P. L. Sternberg A Co. h. 83 South Division. 
Rumrill, Luther, b. 131 South Division. 

Ramsey, Emmet P. firm Waldron dk R. h. Chestnnl near S. Division. 
Ramsey, Parsons, clerk, 138 Main. 
Ramsey, A. <k Co. leather dealers, 4 Exchanga 
Ramsey, Aaron, firm A. Rumsey <k Co. h. 53 East Swan. 
Ramsey, Dexter, firm A. R. <fe Co. h. Mk above Alabama. 
Ramsey, Bronson C. firm A. R. A Co. h. cor. DeL and Park Place. 
Ramsey, Fayette, office Western Hotel Block. 
Ramsey, Daniel, k. d. 71 Clinton. 
Runcie, James, trunkmaker, 164 Main, h. 63 Clinton. 
RundeU, Orson H. clerk, 204 Main, b. cor. Tupper and Ellicott 
Rung, Jacob, tailor, cor. Commercial and Water. 
Runckel, Geo. H. tadlor, h. Spring near Genesea 
Runnions, John R. mason, h. Michigan near High. 
Runniph, Philip, carpentffl*, h. Mackinaw near Chicago. 
Rupp, George, finisher, Buffalo Furnace. 
Rusco, Lydia E. widow, cor. Carroll and Michigan, 
uflh, Frederick; blacksmith, h. 77 Genesee. 

820 comiBBquL ja^TSftTisKR doumtobt. 


Rash« Barney, at Eaton's Flouring MUL 

RuBerty Charlea, laborer, b. (German Alley* 

Ruahlieu, Louis, engineer, h. cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Rnsper, Heinrj* brickmaker, h. Porter near Van Benaaelaer, 

Ru88, John, blaclEsmithj h. 503 Michigan. 

Ruflsell, Charles, with S. D. Flags, b. 5 Franklin. 

Russell, John E. foreman UnionFurnace, h. Gbiy near Michigan. 

RusseU, Robert* bookstore* 320^ Main* h. Ellicott above Tuppev. 

Russell, Thomas, laborer, Bidwell, Banta A Co. h. Miami near Ala. 

Russell, Robert W. bookkeeper, 60 Main, b. ^ EUicott 

Rusterholz, Conrad, cooper, Cheuj near Sprin^^ 

Rutherford, William, waiter, lUilansioQ House. 

Rutledge, Bryan, rear of 134 Oak. 

Rutledge, W. miller, b. T. Cotter. 

Rutter> Thomas, sr. grocer. East Seneca near function of Swan. 

Ryan, Patrick, laborer, h. Hudson near Franklin Place. 

Ryan, Patrick, nrocer, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 

Ryan, I>aniel, laborer, h. Sixth near Maryland. 

Ryan, Michael, watchman, h. Mississipm near Perry. 

Ryan, James, grocer, cor. Court and Fifth. 

Ryan, John, laborer, h. Lock near Terrace. 

Ryan, Daniel, grocer, cor. Court and Staats. 

Ryan, Martin, ship carpenter, h. Fulton adjoining Ohio slip. 

Ryan, John, laborer, h. 38 Liberty. 

Ryan, James;, lalborer, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 

Ryan, Wm. B. carriage ironer, h. 215 Washington. 

Ryan, F. tutor St Joefif^'s College. 

Ryan, Patrick, blacksmith, h. Feny near CanaL 

Ryan, James, 35 Liberty. 

Ryan, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. cor. Elk and Chicago. 

Ryan, James, laborer, h. cor Elk and Chicago. 

Ryan, Philip, laborer, h. Lock nev Terrace. 

Ryan, John, laborer, h. Marvin. 

Ryno, David, cor. Cedar and North Division. 


Sacher, Godfrey, ship carpenter, Bidwell, Banta A Co. 

Sachs, Andrew, mason, h. 255 East Qenesee. 

Sackeli, John B. teacher, h. 112 Folsom. 

Sackef^ Grace A. b. 112 Folsom. 

Sacket's Harbor Bank, Spauldlng's Exchange. 

Sacks, Adam, at Gas Wark& 

Saddler, Philip, tauner, h. 61 Sycamore. 

Sadler, Thomas, butiOier, R. BijUlyn)ore» U 4 Oak* 

Saeger, Charles, 145 Sycamora 

Safford, Henry L. stave Hiaker, h. cer. Hamilton and AwikeKgL 

SAGE, J. & SONS, music store, 209 Main.— iS^wfcf.;?. m. 

Sage, John, firm J. S. <fe Sons, h. 19 Court 

Sage, Henry H. firm J. S. A &oii^ h. 19 Court 

Sage, John B. firm J. S. (k 3ooB»h. 19 Court 



Sage, Renben 0. builder, 10 Brown's Buildings, h. 40 Weet Eagle. 

Sage, Philip, blacksmith, with W. Bright 

Sage, Theodore B. b. 40 Weet Eagle. 

Sa^e, John, laborer, h. cor. Water A Norton. 

Saisbmy, James, barkeeper. Bloomer Saloon. 

Salaender, Rudolf, tailor, Batayia cor. Ash. 

Salisbu^, Hezekiah A. cool deeds, under 346 Main, h. 38 W. Geneeee. 

SALISBURY, OUT H. real estate agent, 246 Main, h. 207 Ellicott 
See adv. p. 96, 

Salisbury, Elias O. b. 38 West Genesee. 

Salisbury, Wm. J. Joiner, h. Delaware near Allen.' 

Salisbury, James R. firm Reed A S. h. over 49 East Seneca. 

SaUes, Michael, grocer. Long Wharf, h. Seventh near Carolinai 

Salmon, B, <fe J>, O. tobacconists, 84 Main. 

Salmon, Dwight, firm D. <fe D. O. Salmon, b. Bennet Temp. House. 

Saltar, Jos. clerk, post-office, h. 189 Franldin. 

Salt, John, hackman, h. 170 East Seneca. 

Samo, James B. il d. over post-office, h. 285 Oak 

Same, Charles W. 285 Oak. 

Samo, Charles W. jr. 2^5 Oak. 

Samo, Theodore B. with William Wallace, b. 285 Oak* 

Samo, James H. upholsterer, with Hereee <fe Timmerman, h. 285 Oak. 

Samson, James, saloon, cor. Main and Huron. 

Samson^ Joseph, Lutheran near William. 

Samuel, Nathan, tailor, 295 Main, h. cor. Potter and Gay. 

Samuel, Solomon, pedler, h. 169 Washington. 

Sand, Catharine, widow, 138 East Genesee. 

Sand, Paulus, engineer, h. 219 Elm. 

Sander, Godfrey, harness maker, Eolb A Co. h. Walnut near Bataria. 

Sanders, William, nainter, h. Steuben near Alabama 

JIanders, William, blacksmith, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 

Sanders, Samuel, with Burr A Waters. 

Sanders, Aaron, cooper, h. Tonawanda near Parish. 

Sanderson, Frederick M. clerk, 205 Main. 

Sanderson, John, engineer, 271 Main. 

Sanderson, Frank, clerk, b. Samuel Norton. 

Sandroci, George, shoemaker, 9 East Huron. 

Sanford, James W. book-keeper, 12 Central Wharf, h» 150 G. Swan. 

Sanford, Henry W. ship carpenter, h. 34 Pine. 

Sanford, Isaac, 150 East Swan. 

Sanford, John D. printer, Jewett Thomas A Ca 

Sanger, Simon C.t^l Main, b. 44 Franklin. 

SANGSTEB, HUGH A SONS, lantern manufactory, 41 East Sen- 
eca. — 8ee adv, p. 67. 

Sangster, Hugh, firm H. Sanester A Sons, h. cor. Eagle and Michigan. 

Sangster A i^isted, sash and blind manu&cturers, 140 East Seneca. 

Sangster, Archil^dd, firm S. A Husted, h. 65 Batavia. 

Sangster, James, 41 East Smieoa, b. cor. Easle and Michigan. 

Sangster, Amos, 41 East Seneca, b. cor. Eagle and Michigan. 

Sangsttf, Archibald 0. rear of 65 Batayia 


BatKw, BartholomeiTt elioexxuilrar. Pollard near Bataria. 

Sargent John, Smitii Block, Seneca. 

Sancj, Eugene, ship carpenter, b. Bencont 

Saner, Mary, widow of f^d. b. Mary Mabna. 

Saner, Rudolf, mason, h, 36 German. 

Saner, Charlea, laborer, h. 94 Oedar. 

Saner, John, mnaician, b. 100 Cedar. 

Saner, Charles, musician and butcher, h. cor. WUliam and Walanli 

Saner, Conrad, ^oormaster, 134 East Genesee. 

Saner, Peter, jomer, h. Tenth near Jenej, 

Saner, Jacob, locksmith, h. 108 Batayia. 

Saner, Joseph, tamer. Mechanic. 

Saner, Joseph* grocety and h. cor. Goodell and M^ile. 

Sauerm ann, Cnarles» turner, h. rear of 134 Elm. 

Sanerwein, Frederick, laborer* hu Washington abora Chippewa 

Sanerewin, A. widow of Henry, 467 Waahington. 

Sauerewin, Christopher, cooper, b. 467 Washm^ton. 

Saunders, Riley, attorney at law, Seneca» cor. Chicaga 

Saunders' Ezcnange, cor. Seneca and Chicago. 

Saunders, Henry, carpenter, h. Ninth near Vinrinia. 

Saunders, John, sr. engineer, b. 1 door east of Southern Hotel. 

Santeig, Albert^ grocer, oor. Georgia and Sixth. 

Sauter, John, fireman, on the lake, h. Louisiana, cor. CarroU. 

Santer, Jacob, shoemaker, h. Peacock near Norton. 

Sautter, Fredericli^ joiner, h. 75 East Genesee. 

Sayage <fe Co. for, com. m^n^umts, foot of Michigan. 

Sayage, Edmund, firm Sayage ^fe Co. b. American. 

Sayage, Thomas, milkman, h. Elk cor. Hamburgh, 

Sayage, Wm. farmer, b. Thomas Sayagei 

SayitE, Mrs. dressmaker, 220 Ellicott 

SAWIN, PHILANDER W. merchant tailor, 147 Main,h. 14 Ohnn^ 

Sdeach.p, 64. 
Sawin, Silas, builder, 6 West Eagle, h. 90 Ddlawara 
Sawin d Lockwood, attorneys at law, 156)£Main. 
Sawin, Albcoii, firm S. <fr Lockwood, h. 68 West Huron, 
Sawin, Charles N. clerk, 330 Main, b. 14 Church. 
Sawyer, James D. com. mer. 1 Mer. Exchange, h. S8 Sontfti Diyisum, 
Sawyer, Lemuel, clerk. Merchants HoteL 
Sawyer, Warren, with T. B. Tilden. 
Sayles, Thomas, foreman, h. Pollard nesr Swan. 
Sayles, Haryey, engineer, h. 332 South Diyision. . 
Scally, John, grocer, Niagara near Breckenzidge 
ScaUy, Margaret, widow, 34 Sixth. 
Scanlan, Ann, widow of Michael, 66 East Seneca. 
Scanlan, Patrick, grocer, Eyans near Water. 
Scaulen, John, on the laJce, h. 91 East Seneca. 
Scea, Eli, ship carpenter, b. 140 Elk. 
Schabio, Mrs. midwife. Ash near Sycamore. 
Schackelton, James, gardener, h. Ferry n«8r Delaware. 
Schachtle, laborer, h. Ketchum Alley. 


Schadduck, Dayid S. nrasiciaa, h. 161 Klljcott < 

Schadler, John, shoemaker, b. 31 Union, 

Schaefer, Bartholomew, wagon maker, h. Hickory near William. 

Schaefer, Jacob, tanner, h. 109 Piite. 

Schaefer, Francia, tailor, h. cor. William and Walnut 

Schaefer, John, wagon maker, h. Hickory above William. 

Schaefer, Eugene, receoi. Exchange^ h. 120 Folaom. 

Schaefer, John, grocer, Qeneeee near Jefferaon. 

Schaefer, Henry, mason, h. 238 Elm^ 

Schaefer, Henry, wagon maker, h. Pratt neajr Clinton. 

Schaeffer, Valentine, butcher, h. cor. Maple and GoodelL 

Schaeffer, JoJrn H. joiner, h. Spring cor. Hickory. 

Schaeffer, Christian, grocer> h. cor. William ana Walnut 

Schaeffer, Henry, tailor, h. 97 East Qenesee. 

Schaeper, Henry, ship carpenter, h. South DiTision beyond PoUard. 

Schaerer, Andreas, laborer, h. 557 Michigan. 

Schaerer, John, laborer, h. Gterman Alley, 

Schaffer, Jacob, tanner, N. Case d^ Ca h. Pine near William. 

Schaffer, Jacob C. maaon^hu Spring near Sycamore. 

Schalen, Frederick C. marble cutt^, h. 337 East Genesee. 

Schall, Charles, painter, h. Qerman Alley. 

Schaller, Hichaei, laborer, h. Mortimer near Qenesee. 

SchaUer, John, grocer, cor. Niagara and Jersey. 

SchaUmeister, Augustus, laborer, h, Qerman Alley. 

Schamel, Qeo. lab^er, h. Hickory near William. 

Schanne, Adrian, painter, h. Walnut near William. 

Scha}>p6, John, grocer. Swan near railroad. 

Schario, Peter, laborer, h. Washington near Tupper. 

Scharre, Henry, laborer, h. William near Cedar. 

Schat John, tailor, 94 Elm. 

Schattner, Michael, coffin maker, 7 Niagara, h. 128 Oak. 

Schau, Philip J. laborer, h. Michigan near Qoodell. 

Schaub, Francis, Delaware near Virginia. 

Schaut Philip, paver, h. Cherry near Spring. 

Schauf, Adam, paver, h. Cherry near Spring. 

Schaumloeffel, Louis, tailor, h. 39 Spruce. 

Schaus, Peter, chair maker, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Scheel, Jacob, shoemaker, 9 Commercial. 

Scheer, Jacob, shoemaker, b. cor. Washington and Burton Alley. 

Scheffer, Frank E. clerk, 93 Exchange, h. 120 Folsom. 

Scheffer, Lucy, widow of John J. 13 East Huron. 

Scheffler, Peter, butcher shop, Batavia near Michigan. 

Scheffler, Charles, butcher, col*. Clinton and Walnut 

Schell, John, blacksmith, h. Cedar near William. 

Schell, Martin, grocer, Washington above Qoodell. 

Schelling, Frederick, pedler, h. cor. Lutheran and Batavia. 

Schem, Charles A. finisher, h. cor. High and^ Elm. 

Schenck, Joseph, grocer, cor. Elk and Louisiana. 

Schenck, Jacoo, gardener, h. Ferry near Delawara 

Schenck, Jacob, wagon maker, h. Amherst near Niagara. 


Scheneker, Andrew B. porter in poet-ofSce. 

Scheneker* Anton, tailor, h. Burton Alley near Boston. 

Schenkel, Philip, laborer, h. 92 Cedar. 

Schenkelbeiger, Jacob, tailor, Walmit near BataTia. 

Bchenkelberger, Martin, grocer, Bataria near Pratt 

Schepp, Coivad, boarding bouse. State near Fly. 

Bcberber, Margaret, cane-seat works, 8 German Alley. 

Scherf, John (£ watchmaker, h. 428 Michigan. 

8chennerhc«n, Jeremiahs Fulton near Chicago. 

Scherer, Michael, tailor, k. South Diyision below Pollard, 

Scherts, John, barkeeper, John Lutz. 

Scheu, Philip, brewer, cor. Washington and High. 

Scheu, Henry J. teamster, h. Qenesee cor. Spring. 

Scheu, Jacob, brewer, Genesee cor. Spring. 

Scheu, Henry, grocer and baker, cor. Qenesee and Walnul 

Scheu, William, grocer, Genesee near Michigan. 

Scheu, Jacob, sr. German Alley cor. Genesee. 

Scheu, Solomon, saloon, cor. Main and Mohawk. 

Bcheuerman, Francis Y. mason, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Scheuennan, John, cabinet maker. Walnut near Batavia. 

Scheuerman, Joseph, pedler, h. 235 East Genesee. 

Schew, Jacob, shoemaker, K iagara, north of Amherst 

Schickel, Bamhard, joiner, h. Sataria near Lutheran. 

Schickeling, Andreas, laborer, h. 581 Washington. 

Schickendtmstas, Frederick, recess» Main near Goodell 

Schick, Philip, tailor, h. Bennett near William. 

Schick, Henry, laborer, h. Bennett near William. 

Schicki Adam, shoemaker, Walnut near BataWa. 

Schick, Philip, boardinff house, cor. State and Fly. 

Schick, Joseph, shoemaker, h. 151 Oak. 

Schiebel, Geo. laborer, h. 568 Washington. 

Schiefele, Matthias, 145 Oak. 

Bchieflferstein, Anthon;^, grocer. Swan neiur Railroad. 

Schieffer, Frederick, joiner, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Bchieflfer, George J. harness maker, 135 East Gfenesee.^ 

Schieffer, John, joiner, h. Spruce near Genesee. 

Schieferstein, Peter, Hickory near dienesee. 

Schieferstein, John, tailor> Pratt near William. 

Bchierman, Henry,, mason, h. 157 Elm. 

Schierman, Ma^aret, widow, 107 Cedar. 

Schies, Connui, grocer, 41 £^t Genesee. 

Schiffeilie» Stephen,, with J. A. Pitts. 

Schildfceepty Conrad^ with Kepgh <fe Co. 

Schildknecht, Conrad, piano maker, 571 Washington. 

Schiller, Jphn,.Bhoemakier, junction Seneca and Swan. 

Schilling, Adam, laborer. Burton cor. Weaver Alley.. 

Schillo, jSTicholas, painter, H. Spruce near Genesee. 

Schimke, John, tailor, Tglm aboye Tupper. 

Schincker, Andrew, clerk, poet-office, b, cor. Oak and Burton Alley. 

S^Oiindler^ Andir^as^ laborer, 233 Elm. 


Schi'ndler, Cliarles G. laborer, h. Burton Alley near Michigan. 

SchJndler, Oas^r, tailor, h. Elm near GoodeU. 

Schindler, Xavier, shoemaker, 8 Commercial, h. Mich, near Batayja. 

Schindler, Charles, laborer, h. Hickonr above Qenesee. 

Schinke, Christian J. wagon maker, h. Ellicott near Virffinia. 

Schira, Lawrentz, bricklayer, h. cor. Main and Burton Alley. 

Schirman, John, mason, 1l cor. Ash and Sycamore. 

Schirmer, Joseph, bricklayer, h. 114 Pine. 

Schirmer, Henry, organ maker, h. Mulberry near GoodelL 

Schirra, John, tailor, h. Bennett near Batayitu 

Schisler, John, joiner, h. Pine near Batayia. 

Schissel, Joseph, baker, h. Maple opp. Burton Alley. 

Schlag, Robert, tailor, Ellicott near QoodelL 

Schlagender, Barbara, widow, 145 Sycamore. 

Schlageter, Isador, tailor, cor. Spring and Sycamore. 

Schlaner, Francis, laborer, h. Pratt near William. 

Schlechta, Adalbert, 379 Washington. 

Schlechter, Balzar, tobacconist, h. S41 Elm. 

Schlechter, James, joiner, h. 45 Cherry. 

Schleifle, Casper, laborer, h. 442 Michigan. 

Schlegel, Nicholas, wood sawyer, h. 102 Cedar. 

Schlegel, Peter, with J. A. Pitts. 

Schlegd, Michael, tailor, h. Lutheran. 

Schlegel, John, laborer, h. Walnut near Batayia. 

Schleher, Peter, laborer, h. Walnut near Sycamore. 

Schlenker, John M. watehmaker, 33 East Genesee. 

Schlenker, Ehrhard, pedler, h. IDO GoodeU. 

Schlenker, Casper, saddler, h. Clinton near city line. 

Schlink, Michael, Eaene near Genesee. 

Schlink, Leonhard, grocer and shoemaker, cor. Goodell and MaiB. 

Schlitzer, Wolfgang, Ehn near Burton Alley. 

Schlode, Louis, cabinet maker, 104 Cedar. 

Schloss, Jacob, cigar maker, h. 161 Batayia. 

Schlote, William, cabinet maker, h. 81 Elm. 

Schlottzer, John, moulder, Eagle Furnace, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Schlund, John B. clerk, 203 Main, b. 65 South Division. 

Schmahl, Louis, maltster, at Benson's. 

Schmal, Peter, blacksmith, h. Genesee near AsL 

Schmal, Christopher, wagon maker, cor. Genesee and Hickory. 

Schmalbeck, Wuliam, cor. Tupper and Elm. 

Schmedtgen, Wilhelm, shoemaker, 108 Elm. 

Schmeizer, John, carpenter, h. Ferry west of Delaware. 

Schmeler, John, tailor, h. cor. Walnut and Batayia. 

Schmelz, Yincenz, joiner, h. 119 Cedar. 

Schmeizer, Frederick, taUor, Goodell near Elm. 

Schmering, Joseph, on the lake, h. cor. William and Milnor. 

Schmering, Bernard H. grocer, William cor. Milnor. 

Schmering, John H. grocer, Pine cor. Batayia. 

Schmering,-Henry, joiner, h. Bennett below Batayia. 

SchmitgaU, Fred, book-keeper, h. 349 Main. 


Sclimidt> Adam, joiner, K 501 Hicliigan. 
Bchmidt, Anna M. widow, CypreM near Miclitgan. 
Schmidt, Anthony, yariety store, 411 Main. 
Schmidt, Augputne, ahoemalcer, 161 East Genesee. 
Schmidt) Oharlefl, shoemaker, h. Walnut near William. 
Schmidi^ Charles, bntcher, h, cor. Sixth and Hospital 
Schmidt, Charles H. boarding house, Louisiana near Elk. 
Schmidt) Charles, steamboat agent, h. 94 CarrolL 
Schmidt, Christian, brickmaker, h. Elm near Yirgioia. 
Schmidt, Conrad, teamster, h. Goodell near Elm. 
Schmidt, Conrad, wood pedler, h. 159 Elm. 
Schmidt^ Daniel, cooper, h. Cypress near Michigan. 
Schmidt, Dobald, garaener, h. cor. Maple and Virginia. 
Scbmidt, Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas, Pratt near William. 
Schmidt* Ferdinand, laborer, h. Cedar near WillliBm. 
Schmidt, Francis, William near Bennett. 
Schmidt, Frederick, German AUe^r near Genesee. 
Schmidt, Frederick, German physician, 144 East Genesee. 
Schmidt, Frederick, tinsmith, h. 190 Clinton. 
Schmidt^ Frederick, shoemaker, b. P. Schafer. 
Schmidt, Frederick, tanner, h. 8 Tine. 
Schmidt, George, grocer, 78 East Genesee. 
Schmidt, Georfi;e, luioemaker. Camp near Genesee. 
Schmidt* Geo. laborer, h. Mi^le near Gk>odelL 
Schmidt, Gottlieb, painter, h. 460 Michigan. 
Schmidt, Helen, widow, cor. Clinton and Elm. 
Schmidt, Henry, laborer, h. Cherry near Maple. 
Schmidt, Henry, shoemaker, h. Sycamore near Pratt 
Schmidt, Jacob, laborer, h. 105 Pine. 
Schmidt, Jacob, joiner, h. Michigan below Sycamore. 
'Schmidii John, woodsawyer, h. 21 Sycamore. 
Schmidt John, joiner, b. A. Roeker. 
Schmidt, John G. 82 East Genesee. 
Schmidt) John, turner, h. cor. Hickory and Sycamore. 
Schmidt, John, blacksmith, h. Hcdister near Mortimer. 
Schmidt, John, laborer, b. Elm near Genesee. 
Schmidt, John, grocer, Washing^n near Scott. 
Schmidt, John, fumaceman, h. 159 Elm. 
Schmidt) John, laborer, Boston. 
Schmidt, John, laborer, h. Kaene near Genesee. 
Schmidt, John, grocer, 82 East Genesee. 
Schmidt, Joseph, laborer, h. 573 Main. 
Schmidt, Joseph, butcher, h. Eagle opposite TTnion. 
Schmidt, Joseph, laborer, b. HicKory near Clinton. 
Schmidt, Joseph, painter, h. 164 Sycamore. 
Schmidt, Josephine, widow of Joseph L. Sycamore near Ifichigan. 
Schmidt^ Ludwig, Eaene near Genesee. 
Schmidt, Michael, 45 West Tupper. 
Schmidt, Michael, Sycamore near Michigan. 
Schmidt, Moritz, joiner, hu. 568 Washington. 


Schmidt, Mrs. J. P. 108 Batavia. 

Schmidt* Nicholas blacksmith, h. 47 Qenesee. 

Schmidt Nicholas, cooper, h. Milnor near Batavut 

Schmidt, Peter, shoemaker. 111 East Genesee. 

Schmidt^ Stejphen, laborer, h. Sycamore near Michigan. 

Schmidt Ulnch, shoemaker, h. Burton Alley near Boston. 

Schmidt* William H. shoemaker, h. Burton AUey nesr Oak. 

Schmidtberger, Francis, Sycamore below Walnut. 

Schmidthammer, Qeorge, Hickory near Batayia. 

Schmitt, Alex, butcher, h. cor. Sixth and HospitaL 

Schmitt, Valentine, 327 East Genesee. 

Schmitz, Wigand, laborer, h. Boston. 

Schmitz, P. John, dyer, h. 294 PearL 

Schmitz, John, jr. dyer, 293 Main, h. 294 PearL 

Schmuck, Albert, Boston near Yiiginia. 

Schmucker, Joseph, joiner, h. 569 Washington. 

Schnabel, Peter J. laborer, h. Pine abore Batayia. 

Schnap, Conrad« grocer. Swan near Railroad. 

Schnauffer, E'lwiurd, Emigrant House, 6 Rock. 

Schnebel, John, mason, h. cor. Olinton and Ellicott 

Schneider, George, jr. 17 East Huron. 

Schneider, William, cutter, Gothic Hall, h. 285 East Genesee. 

Schneider, John, laborer, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 

Schneider, Valentine, blacksmith, h. Pratt near G«nesee. 

Schneider, Philip, baJcer, h. Batavia near Oedar. 

Schneider, Edmund, sprocery, Genesee below Michigan. 

Schneider, John, moulder, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Schneider, Oharles, Spring near Sycamore. 

Schneider, Matthias, shoemaker, h. Batavia below Michigan. 

Schneider, John, tinsmith, h. Bennett near Batayia. 

Schneider, George, 200 Franklin. 

Schneider, Jacob, mason, h. Mulberry aboye GoodeLL 

Schneider, John, cabinet maker, h. Walnut near Batayia. 

Schneidewind, Christian, h. Ellicott near Virginia. 

Schneidewind, John, blacksmith, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Schnell, Beruhard, ioiner, h. Huron near Washington. 

Schnellbach, Joseph 0. tailor, h. Pine near Batayia. 

Schnitter, Joseph, laborer, h. 578 Washingtoii^ 

Schnor, Jacob, carpenter, b. Samson's saloon. 

Schnur, Peter, laborer, h. 63 East Tuppec 

Schnur, Michael, b. Loyejoy House. 

Schnur, John, moulder, h. 73 Sycamore. 

Schoeffer, Henry, wagon maker, h. Pratt near Olinton. 

Schoellkopf, Jacob F. leather dealer, 349 Main, h. 137 Ellicott 

Schoemaker, Rey. Ohristopher, pastor German Baptist church, h. 

Clinton near Pine. 
Schoemaker, Charles, 151 Elm. 
Schoemaker, John, 180 Elm. 

Schoenchar, Matthew, laborer, b. cor, Genesee and Spruce. 
Schoenfelder, Robert* cabinet maker, h. 60 Cedar. 


3S8 ooimsBciAL ASfrmtrnMER mucvcnr. 

Seboenfeld, Godfrey, ahoemaker, h. German Alley. 

Schoenihal^ Henry, Joiner, h. Spring near Geneaee. 

Schoenthal, Jacob, spring near Sycamore. 

Schoenihal, Mra. widow of Charles F. Genesee near Pratt 

Schoentbal, Wilhelmine, widow of John F. 349 East Genesee. 

Schoenwald, Charles, Elm abore GoodelL 

SchoU, Charles* painter, b. F. L. Gillig. 

Scholl, Frederick, tanner, h. Swan near Pollard. 

Schemer, Hobartns, joiner, h. Goodell Alley. 

Schemers, Nicholas H. mason, h. Lutheran. 

Schonhofen, Henry, cooper, h. Michigan cor. Cherry. 

Schonhoren, Henry, cor. Michigan and Cherry. 

Schonten, Addison, joiner, h. Bristol cor. Spring. 

Schonten, Richard, barber, 87 Main. 

Schonten, John, at Eaton's planing milL 

Schooper, George, at D. Belaen's factory. 

Schooi George, shoemaker, J. P. Kldn, h. Carlton near Oak. 

Schorr, Ernst, comb maker, Washington near Genesee. 

Schorr, Theresa, milliner, Genesee near Washington. 

Schott, George, shoemaker, b. Carlton near Oak. 

Schottin, John, Bristol near Spring. 

Schottin, Nicholas, bookbinder, h. cor. Huron and Main. 

Schraf^ William, boarding house, 7 Water. 

Schramm, Allis, tailor. Maple near High. 

Schramm, Michael, laborer, h. Kaene near Sycamore. 

Schramm, Henry, joiner, h. 33 Milnor. 

Schramm, Jacob, tamer, 307 Main. 

Schranck, Michael, grocer, Water cor. Maiden Lane. 

Schrayer, Peter, shoemaker, Commerciid Hotel Block. 

Schraufer, Jacob, coppersmith, h. Milnor near Batavia. 

Schreck, Francis L. teacher, 155 EUicott 

Schreder, Isaac L. joiner, and health inspector, h. Carolina near Sixth. 

Schregelmann, Geor^, woodsawyer, h. Spring near Genesea 

SchreiDer, Adam, joiner, h. Pratt near Batayia. 

Schr^iber, Frederick, coppersmith, N. Britton. 

Schreiner, George, tsJlor, n. Walnut near Eagle. 

Schreiner, Nicholas, laborer, h. Mortimer near William. « 

Schreiner, John, grocer, corner Rock and State. 

Schreiner, George, in white lead factory, h. 57 Cedar. 

Schremms, Augustus, butcher, h. 137 Oak. 

Schremms, Henry, laborer, h. 137 Oak. 

Schriyel, Henry, Spring near Clinton. 

Schrodt, Josepn, importer wines and liquors, 12 Water, h. same, 

Schrodt, Carl, tann^, N. Case & Co. h. 109 Pine. 

Schroeder, Charlotte, midwife, 133 East Genesee. 

Schroeder, Charles, tailor, 132 East Genesee. 

Schroeder, Johan, tanner, h. Porter near Yan Rensselaer. 

Schroth, Frederick, joiner, 533 Michigan. 

Schryyer, Allen L. Aoe dealer, 307 l£un, h. 60 Chippewa. 

Schryyer, Adam, laborer, h. Alabama near the Railroad. 



Schub, Daniel, cabinet maker, W. GaUigan, b. 88 Cedar. 
Scbuback, William. Walnat near Clinton. 
Scbubert, Ferdinand, joiner, b. 9 Cyprefls. 
Scbubert, George, fiirnaceman, b. Sycamore near Pratt. 
Scbncbartt, Lorentz, Spruce near Gieneeee. 
Scbnckwar, Josepb, laborer, b. Spring near Hinckley. 
Scbue, Antbonj, sboemaker, b. 576 Waabington. 

Scbuefer, , joiner, b. Aab near Genesee. 

Scbuefer> Jobn> Spruce near Genesee. 

Scbueble, George, laborer, b« Hickory near S jeamorek 

Scbuetz, Bicbard, blacksmitb, b. 342 Micbigan. 

Scbuetz, George, wa^on maker, b. Spring near Batavia. 

Scbuetz, Micluiel, laborer, b. Pine near Batavia. 

Scbuetz, Jobn, joiner^ b. Spruce near Genesee. 

Scbuetz, Frederick, pedler, b. 77 East Genesee. 

Scbuetz, Godfrey, tailor, Batavia near Cedar. 

Scbugler, P. L. American Express Office, b. Western. 

Scbub, Mattbew, at American, b. 67 East Tupper. 

Scbubard, Geo. meat market, comer Swan and Cbicago. 

Scbuler, Jobn M. melodeon maker, b. Spruce above Sycamore. . 

Scbuler, Conrad, grocer, b. cor. William and Walnut. 

Scbuler, Martin, laborer, b. 571 Main. 

ScbuU, Andrew, mason, b. Soutb Division cor. Pollard. 

Scbultz, Godfrey, clerk, 23 Main, b. Micbigan above Batavia. 

Scbultz, Henry, on the lake, b. Micbigan above Batavia. 

Scbultz, Louis, 94 East Genesee. 

Scbultz, Peter, grocery, lumber yard, 253 Genesee. 

Scbultz,. Cbarles, sasb maker, 48 Clinton, b. EUicott near Virginia. 

Scbultz, Cbarles, arcbitect, b. 11 Cburcb. 

Scbultz, Frederick R. printer, Brunck, Held A Co. 

Scbultze, August, 88 doodelL i 

Scbulze, Jobn P. clotbier, 16 Main. 

Scbulz, Frederick, sboemaker, b. Pratt above Batavia. 

Sebum, Frederick, Goodell Alley. 

Scbumacber, Cbarles» 151 Elm. 

Scbumacber, Pbilip, tailor, b. J. Hog. 

Scbumacber, Jobn, wbitewasber, b. 180 Elm. 

Scbumann Franz, laborer, b. Hickory near Batavia. 

Scbumes, Hubei*t, joiner, b. Goodell Alley. 

Scbumm, Frank, sboemaker. Oak near Virginia. 

Scbung, Henr^, stone cutter, b. Mulberry near Goodell. 

Scbuster, Cbristian, grocer, 387 Main. 

Scbutrump, Valentine, cigar maker, b. cor. Genesee and Hickory. 

Scbutrump, Peter, ci^ar maker, b. 129 Sycamore. 

Scbutrump, Henry, cigar maker, b. 129 Sycamore. 

Scbutz, Frederick, clerk, 234 Main. 

Scbuyler, Rev. Montgomery, rector St. Jobn's cb. b. Niag. near Pearl. 

Scbwab, Jobn, laborer, b. 571 Main. 

Scbwacb, Jobn, gardener, 20 Sycamore. 

Scbwalb, Jobn Q, joiner, b. Hickory near Sycamore. 




Schwanenkampy Joliii> joisM*, h. Wflliam Mow ffiekory. 
Schwartz, John, brick maker, h. Mulberry near Virginia. 
SchwartE, Francis, teamster, h. 47 German. 
Schwartz, George, grocer, 7 East Geneeee. 
Schwartz, Henry, mason, h. Walnnt near Sycamore. 
Schwartz, Daniel, firm D. A C. Schwartz^ h. 65 Potter. 
Schwartz, John, mason, 135 Sycamcn^ 
Schwartz, John G. joiner, b. Michigan near GoodelL 
^^ . Schwartz, Bemhard F. candle maker, h. Mi^ii^an near 
Schwartz, John joiner, h. Washington near Chippewa. 
Schwartz, Jacob, marble hotter, h. Mortimer near Genesee. 
' Schwartz, Wm. J. jeweler, 161 Main. 
Schwartz, D. & 0. grocenB, Potter near Gay. 
Schwartz, Charles, firm D. A C. Schwartz, h. Potter near Gay. 
Schwartz, Dayid, laborer, h. 969 East Genesee. 
Schwartz, John, mason, h. cor. Walnnt and Sycamore. 
Schwartz, John G. cigar maker, h. Walnut above Bataria. 
Schwartzmeyer, stone cntter, h. Maple near High. 
Schweeter, Peter, grocer, 313 East Genesee. 
Schweigle, Peter, grocer, 3^ Main. 
Schweigert, John, shoemaker* Batavia cor. Milnor. 
Schweigert, Anthony, printer, h. cor. Bataria and Mihu^. 
Schweikhast, Jacob, laborer, h. 528 Michigan. 
Schweitzer, Jacob, mason, h. 234 Franklin. 
Schweitzer, Nicholas, laborer, h. 115 Pine. 
Schwendeman, Andrew, with L. A I. J. WhitCf h. Ill Oak. 
Schwerher, Geo. chair maker, 269 Main. 
Schwiedop, Augustas, musician, cor. Genesee and Walnut 
Schwiger, Michael, barber, Phcenix Hotel. 
Schwing, John P. shoemaker, h. 70 Bennett 
Schwindeman, Matthias, carpenter, Pratt near Baiayia. 
Schwinn, John W. umbrella maker, 360)^ Main, h. same. 
Schwinn, John C. shoemaker, h. 102 Batavia. 
Schwrter, John, cabinet maker, 269 Main. 
Scobeil, Richard, engineer, h. Delaware near North. 
Scobell, Hobart, book-keeper, h. Delaware near Alien. 
Scobey, George M. ship carpenter, h. Elk near Louisiana. 
Scofield, Augustus, wagon maker, h. 51 Cbnton. 
Scott, Colin, tailor, h. Oak near High. 
Scott, Wm. K. M. D. 39 West Mohawk. / 

Scott, John S. melodeon key maker) 271^ Main. 
Scott, Nelson, Delaware near North. 
Scott, Georgje W. firm Webster <& S. h. 30 CarrolL 
Scott, Francis B. sign painter, 231 Main, h. Twelfth near Penn'a. 
Scott, James, warehouseman, Evans A Dunbar. 
Scotty Elmira, Potter near William. 
Scott, JameSf on the lake, h. Sixth near Hudson. 
Scott, George, joiner, h. cor William below Union. 
Scott, John, truckman, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Scotty James, laborer^ h. Fine near William. 


Scott, James, painter, h. eor. Walnut and Clinton. 

Bcott, Hugh, Dook-keeper, H. Hazar A Co. 

Scott, Edward T. painter, b. Tremont. 

Scott, James H. attorney at law, OT«r P. O. b. 35 East Swan. 

Scott, Mrs. J. S. milL'ner, S69)^ Main. ^ 

Scott, William, carpenter, b. A. McOormick. *- "- 

Scott, William M. b. Erastus Orookear. 

Scotten, Charles, clerk, 218 Main, b. 190 East Swan. J«^ - 

Scoville, Erastus, firm Hart, Newman & Co. b. J. Newman. ^ *t'"Jb 

Scoville, Nathan A. sailor, h. 103 Clinton. "^"^ 

Scrafford, Robert, builder, h. coir. North Division and Hickory. . ^ 

Scranton, William, clerk, 148 Main. ^ * */^ ^ 

Scroggs, Qustavus A. firm Austin A S. b. 289 Washington. 

Scruser, Frederick, tailor, h. 103 East Genesee. 

Scully, Thomas P. House's printing teL ofiSce, b. 33 Fast Swan. 

Scurr, Henry, 38 Sycamore. 

Seabrook, Samuel, grocer, 348 Main, b. 207 Oak. 

Seafordt, Henry, tanner, h. South Diviaon beyond Pollard. 

Seal, James, pump maker, b. 27 Serenth. 

Seaman, John M. clerk, 71 Main, h. Union near Clinton. 

Seamans, Porter, butcher, h. 61 Chippewa. 

Sears & Co. lumber dealers, cor. Delawsre and Chippewa. 

Sears> Selam, firm S. A Co. h. Chippewa west of Deiawara 

Sears> Thomas P. book-keeper. Mutual Insnr. Office, h. 83 N. Diy. 

Sears, Frank, clerk, H. Daw, b. 36 West Ea^e. 

Seaver, Wul A. proprietor Daily Courier, 7 W. Seneca, h. 78 Frank . 

Seaver, Thomas, clerk, 17 Main, h. Maryland near Tenth. 

Seba, James, blacksmith, h. Sixth near Carolina. 

Seckel, Geo. M. Pratt neai* Bataria. 

Seeker, John, Pine near North Division. 

Seeker, Arthur> b. Pine near North Division. 

Secor, Mrs. Martha, house-keeper at the Clarendon. 

Seeber, Christina, widow of Pnilip, Bennett near William. 

Seeber, Conrad, turner, h. Bennett near Batavia. * 

Seeger, Frederick, brewer, b. J. Scheu. 

Seelbach, Frederick, laborer, h. Sycamore near Hickory. 

Seelbach, Francis, tailor. Cherry near S^in^. 

Seely, John, machinist, h. Walnut near William. 

Seely, Mason H. com. mer. 40 Main, h. 134 South Division. 

Seely, Francis B. clerk, R. R. b. Clarendon. 

Seeman, Marinas, clerk, 71 Main, h. 36 Union. 

Seereiter, Joseph, on the lake, h. 132 Elm. ^ 

Seereiter, Jacoo, laborer, h. Ash near Batavia. 

Seereiter, Michael, laborer, h. William near Bennett 

Segal, Henry, tanner, h. Hamilton near Nia^a. 

Segoine, Wuliam F. clerk, 3 Brown*s Buildines, b. American. 

Sen), Philip, stone cutter, h. Fourteenth near V ermont 

Seib, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 42 West Tu{^ptt:. 

Seibel, J. F. A Co. grocers, 369 Main. 

Seibel, John F. firm J. F. 6. A Co. fa. 369 Main. 


Seibel, Conrad, laborer, h. Ash near Batayia. 

Seibert, K Lcholag, laborer, h, 104 Qoodell. 

Seibert, Francis, printer, Brunck, Held A Co. 

Seibold, Jacob, grocer, 176 Main, h. cor. Delaware and Ohnrch. 

Seibold, Henry, cabinet maker, h. 530 Michigan. 

Seibold, John, laborer, h. German Alley. 

Seidel, Barbara, widow of Adam, Maple near Cherry. 

Seifart, Andreas, 339 East Genesee. 

Seifried, Joseph, shoemaker, 575 Main. 

Seiflffried, George, cap maker, 20S Main. 

Seilkeimer, Jacob, farmer, h. Pratt above Batayia. 

Selp, Henry, cooper, h- Spring near Genesee. 

Seits, Eberhard, cooper, h. 59 Washington. 

Seitz, Jacob, laborer, h. High near city line. 

Selack, Joseph, Goodell near Main. 

Selbert, Henry, laborer, h. Bennett near William. 

Selbert, Francis, wagon maker, h. Bennett near William. 

Selden, Phoebe, teacher, b. 53 PearL 

Selden, John E. at House's Telegraph office. 

Selkirk, John H. architect, 326^ Main, h. 173 Franklin. 

Sell, Aueust, driver, h. 319 EUicoti 

Sell, Ya^ntine, laborer, h. Cypress near Michigan. 

Sellstedt, Laurentius G. artist, o. 31 South Division. 

Semalman, Florian, laborer, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Semon, Jacob S. lumber dealer, cor. Ohio and Wabash, h. 50 Pear 1 

Senelet, Francis, joiner, h. Boston. 

Septin, Francis, Cherry below Spring. 

Sergcnt, John, at elevator, h. Smith Blocks Seneca. 

Sergent, Mary A. recess. Rock near Evans. 

Service, Wiluam, vinegar m^er, b. J. Moffat. 

Settle, Sylvanus W. produce i^^er, Mer. Exchange, h. 169 Franklin. 

Settle, Charles H. clerk, b. HS^^Fmnklin. 

Seubel, John, barber, b. Phoenix Hotel.- 

Sevems, Oscar, cigar manufacturer, lOIJ^'Main, h. 174 S. Division. 

Seward, John, painterrh. 47 Chippewa 

Sexe, Charles, saUor, h. Louidana near South. 

Sexton, Michael, carpenter, b. M. Dalton. 

Sexton, Jason, over 233 Main, h. 79 East Swan. 

Seyfang, Geo. cabinet maker, 333 Main, h. S. Division near Pollard. 

Seyfon, George, cabinet maker, 333 Main. 

Seymour <k Wellsy wheat elevator, Ohio, cor. Illinois. 

Seymour, E. B. firm S. <k Wells, h. Niagara Square cor. Genesee. 

Seymour, Lucia M. widow of Henry R. 53 PearL 

Seymour, William, truckman, h. Eagle near Pratt. 

Seymour, Cornelius L. EUicoU near Goodell. 

Seymour, Edward, truckman, h. Folsom near Kinney's Alley. 

Seymour, Horatio, attorney at law, 1903^ Main, h« 117 Franloin, 

Seymour, Lansing, clerk, steamer Buckeye, h. 309 PearL 

Seymour, Silas M. civil engineer, h. 158 FearL 

Seymour, William H. joiner, h. Walnut near William. 


Beymonr, Hairey W. b. 0. J. Thurston. 

BeymouT, John, teamster, N. Case <& Co. 

Seymour, Henry S. b. 52 Pearl. 

Seymour, Jacob, laborer, h. Spruce near Batavia. 

Sfaab, Valentine, with Vanslj^e <fe Co. 

Shacket, Jacob, caulker, h. 39 Scoti 

Shadduck, David, musician, 161 EUicott. 

Sbadrake, Fred, painter, over 15 East Swan, b. A»h near Sycamore. 

Shafer, Frederick, joiner, h. 21 West Mohawk. 

Shafer, Philip, baroer, b. Qencsee House. 

Shafer, G^rge, shoemaker, 567 Main. 

Shaffer, Peter, carpenter, h. 299 East Swan. 

Shaffer, Christian, yinegar msiker, h. 202 Oak. 

Shaffer, Henry, waeon maker, h. Steuben near Heacock. 

Shaffer, Louis, truckman, h. Hamburgh near Railroad. 

Shaft, Joseph, moulder. Eagle Furnace. 

Shahan, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. Moore near Elk. 

Shahley, Jacob, joiner, b. Hickoiy near Genesee. 

Shaler, Michael F. 5 East Seneca, b. 24 Ellicot 

Shallow, Fred, at Belden's factory. 

Shallow, "Walter, carpenter, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

Shank, William D. steamboat agent, h. 3 Folsom. 

Shannahan, John, Niagara near Massachusetts. 

Shannon, Michael, engineer, h. 19 Illinois. 

Shannon, Jacob, painter, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Shannon, St Clair, lantern maker, Sangster <fe Sons. 

Shannon, Margaret, widow, Maryin. 

Sharidon, John, laborer, h. Cedar near Eagle. 

Sharidon, John R. grocer, Eyans near Peacock. 

Sharkey, Cornelius, laborer, h. Porter near Tan Rensselaer. 

Sharp, Adam, firm E. S. Havens <& Co. 19 Main. 

Sharp, Harriet, widow of Benjamin, 9 Court. 

Sharp, Dewitt C. stove mounter. Eagle Furnace. 

Sharp, Mary, widow of John, near Gas Works. . 

Sharp, Jacob, blacksmith, Geo. Jones. 

Sharp, Edward, wagon maker, b. T; Spicer. 

Shatter, Charles, shoemaker, h. Palmer near Maryland. 

Shattuck> Chfffles T. justice of the peace, 147 Main, b. TJ. S. Hotel. 

Sh&v^, J. tallyman, Ellis, Petrie A Co. b. CommerciaL 

Shaver, Charles, caulker, h. Louisiana near Seneca. 

Shaw, Wm. H. teacher, h. Dearborn north of Amherst 

Shaw, Winfield S. book-keeper, O. Bugbee, h. 71 Clinton. 

Shaw, John H. tinsmith, J. J. Smith <& Co. h. Carey near Morgan. 

Shaw, John P. coppersmith, 66 Main, h. Palmer near Carolina 

Shaw, James, mariner, h. Elk near Michigan. 

Shaw, James, laborer, with George Metzger. 

Shaw, C. A. lumber dealer, office cor. Norton A Water, b. G. 0, VaiL 

Shaw, Edward A. b. 21 South Division. 

Shay, Daniel, pedler, b. Thos. Murray. 

Shay, Patrick) laborer, h. Ohio junction Louisiana 

834 oomciROUii AjDyjumssB DiRacsonr. 

Shaj, WnL laborer, h. cor. Mackinaw and Chicago. 

Shea, Peter, on the lake, h. 2 Center. 

Shearman, Almon P. with American Exprees Co. h. 123 Folsom. 

Shearman, Bobert H. cashier, Hollister Bank, h. 137 Franklin. 

Shearman, Wm. P. at HoUister Bank, b. 44 Franklin^ 

Sheehan, Dennis, hotel keeper, cor. Lloyd and CanaL 

Sheehan, William, boarding house, 10 Prime. 

Sheehy, John M. blacksmith, b. Oak near Ellicott 

SBeekal, Bernard, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Sheen, Geo. joiner, b. Mrs. Pa^e. 

Sheen, Michael, laborer, h. Ohio near Columbia. 

Sheer, Charles, engineer, b. cor. Carroll and Michigan. 

Sheldon, Jacob C. b. 35 Exchange. 

Sheldon, Asa, carpenter, h. 300 East Seneca. 

Sheldon, Rey. Clesson P. pastor Niagara Sq. Bap. Ch. h. next door. 

Sheldon, James, attorney at law, over 230 Main, o. American. 

SHELDON, HOBACE T. leather polish manufacturer, 35 Ex* 

change. — See ado^, -97. 
Sheldon, Otis P. b. 35 Exchange. 
Sheldon House, Sizer block. Commercial. 
Shell, John, gardener, h. cor. 'Rhode Island and Chenango, 
Shelton, Rev. Wm. rector St Paul's C.i. h. Pearl rear St. Paul's Oh. 
Shepard, John D. 14 Delaware. 

Shepard, Sidney & Co. hardware, stoves, <&c. 54 Main. 
Shepard, Sidney, firm S. Shepard it Co. h. 58 PearL 
SHEPARD'S IRON WORBS, SidneyShepard,Ohio.— ^(Mfo.i>.7a 
Shepard, Christopher, shoemaker, 92 Cedar. 

Shepard, Chs. E. attorney at law. cor. Main <fe Exchange, b. Mansion. 
Shepard, Philo M. L. freight office, B. <& R. R. R. h. 31 S. Division. 
Shepard, Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, 88 Oak. 
Shepard, Orrin, recess. Rock near Evans. 
Shepard, John, clerk, Sternberg <& Co. 
Shepard, Wm. finisher, 233 Mam. 
Shepard, Andrew, blacksmith, h. 300 East Seneca. 
Shepard, Charles, sawyer, h. Military Road. 
Shepard, Levinea, widow, b. S. Shepard. 
Shepard, Walter, 7 West Genesee. 
Shepard, Patrick, watchman, h. Louisiana near South. 
Shepard/ Wm. joiner, h. Walden Alley. 
Shepard, John fi. shoemaker, 142 Main, h. 93 East Seneca. 
Shepherd, Mungo P. joiner, K .cor. Carroll and Michigan. 
Sheppard, James D. music dealer, 266 Main, h. Chippewa cor. Georgia. 
Sheppard, Elizabeth, widow of David, 32 North Division. 
Sherbum, Jethro, engineer, b. Southern Hotel. 
Sheriden, Hugh, truckman, h. Eagle below Pine. 
Sheriden, John, cor. Ninth and Maryland. 
Sherman, Nicholas D. teacher penmanship, 24 Cbmmercial. 
Sherman, R. J. A R. D. dry goods merchants, 205 Main. 
Sherman, Robert D. firm R. J. «fc R. D. S. b. Clarendon. 
Sherman, Richard J. firm R. J. 4 R. D. S. b. Clarendon. 

comaaujuL advikk»br nnacioaT. 385 

Sherman, Paul, firm J. Otto A Co. b. S8 Oak. 

Sherman, P. C. commission merchant^ 1 Central Wharl^ h. 36 Oak. 

Sherman, Ohas. A. W. receiver B. <& Bochrater R. R. h. 67 E. Seneca 

Sherman, Geo. A. real estate agent, 7 Brown's Buildinga, Geo. n. Sixth . 

Sherman, Eunice, widow, with J. M. HilL 

Sherman, Isaac, b. American. 

Sherman, Wm. M. b. 38 Oak. 

Sherman, Almon P. IS^ Folsom. 

Sherman, Margaret, laundress, 107 Cedar. 

Sherman, Wm. W. b. W. A. Fox 

Sherman, F. Wallace, book-keeper, L. A. Pratt, b. 31 East Swan. 

Sherman, Frank D. clerk, L. H. Prat<^ b. 31 East Swan. 

Sherwood, Merrill B. Main above Chippewa. 

Sherwood, Adam, stone cutter, D. Belden, h. cor. Fourth and Georgia. 

Sherwood, George, lumber dealer, Main below Tupper. 

Sherwood, Wm. C. cor. Niagara and Carolina. 

Sherwood, Emeline, recess, State near Rock. 

Shettleworth, Wm. painter, h. Spring near Clinton. 

Shield, Michael, on the lake, h. o Scott 

Shields, Thomas, caulker, b. Carroll near Louiaiaiia. 

Shiels, Charlee» clerk. Custom House, h. 63 Batavia. 

Shiels, Thomas, Pratt near Clinton. 

Shiels, Thomas, clerk, 54 Main, b. 63 Bai(w?ilW. 

Shilling, William, grocer, 33 East Eagle. 

Shilling, Adam, Eagle Furnace. 

ShlUiD|;, Louis, shoemaker, V. Neber. 

ShimpCI Edwin, piano maker, h. 158 East Geueseo. 

Shiner, Richard A. joiner, h. 13 Seventh. 

Shipman, John, joiner, h. 349 Ellicott. 

Shirlach, Frederick, polisher, A. Bachmann. 

Shmelzer, Frederick, tailor, h. Goodell near Elm. 

Shoemaker, Christian, joiner, h. Elnney 's Alley. 

Shoej, Heman, bricklayer, h. Seneca, city line. 

Sholes, Thomas G. A Co. i^oe store, 308 Main. 

Sholes, Thomas G. firm T. G. <fe Co. h. 304 Pearl 

Sholtua, Edward H. clerk, J. Moffat 

Shons, Hiram, Seneca near Van Rensselaer. 

Shook, Capt James, b. Western. 

Short, Pati'ick, emigrant agent, cor. Wash. & Scott, h. 154 East Swan. 

Short, John, foreman moulder, Shepard <fe Co. h. 154 East Swan. 

Short, James G. grocery and boarmng house, cor. Ohio and Chicago. 

Short, Levi, 3 Boston Block, Niagara. 

Sh(Hi;er, Michael, with Keogh <fe Co. 

Shorter, Wm. porter, h. 309 Washington. 

Shortal, Bryan, coffin fiict'y. Main n. Phceniz Hotel, h.cor. DeL A Moh. 

Shove, Louis, Fifth near Carolina. 

Shrader, Wm. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Shuh, Matthew, porter, American, h. 67 East Tupper. 

Shulteg, George W. mclodeon maker, 300 )f ain> L 346 Michigan. 

Shultz, Godfrey, with E. W. Benn^t 

330 oomamouL adykksjbur dibiotobt« 

Shnlts, Pliilip, cooper, h. Palmer near Vireinia. 

Shnlts, Frederick K. printer, Bninck, Held A Co. 

S hnlt z, John, printer, Jewett, Thomas <fe Co. 

SHUMWAT <fc GURTENIUS, attorneys at law, Spanlding's Ex- 
change. — See ach, p. 91. 

Shnmwaj, Horatio, firm S. A Curtenius, h. 40 Franklin. 

Shumwaj, Jerome B. cor. Carroll and Louisiana. 

Shurlej, E. R. P. A Co. watchmakers, cor. Commercial and Water. 

► Shm-ly, Edmund R. P. firm E. R. P. S. A Co. b. 25 Pearl. 

Shurley, Robert V. printer, 0. R. Neyitt, b, 25 PearL 

Shurley, Cosmos J. clerk, 1 Main, b. Commercial Hotel. 

Shuster, Geo. moulder, h. 72 Hickory. 

Shuttleworth, Henry J. book-keeper, Patchin Bank. 

Shuttleworth, John, 11 East Seneca. 

SIBLEY, OSCAR E. jeweler and watchmaker, 186 Main, h, American . 
i3ee odBJ>* 62. 

Sibley, John F. grocer, 300 East Seneca. 

Sickinger, Jacob, boarding house, 87 Exchange. 

Sichermann, George, mason, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Sidway, John J. grocer, 412 Main, cor. Huron, h. same. 

Sidway, Mrs. Pamell J. widow of Jonathan, Hudson near Cottage. 

Sieber, Conrad, turner, h. Bennett near Batayia. 

Sieber, Paulus, bUcksmith^ h. Ash near Genesee. 

Siebold, Jacob, gardener, h. Utica near Delaware. 

Sieffert, John C. surgical instrument maker, 217 Wash. h. 7 WilliauL 

Siegel, Gottlieb, tailor, Jefferson near Virginia. 

Siegel, Jacob» laborer, h. Spruce near Ba^via. 

Seigeltihl, George, laborer, h. Spring near Sycamore. 

Si^fried, George, cap maker, h. Walnut near Genesee. 

Sieyers, Joachim, shoemi^er, h. Batayia cor. Hickory. 

Sigle, Mrs. widow of Jolm, Walnut near Genesee. 

Sigle, William, hiborer, h. Spruce near Genesee. 

Siggerkow, Hermann, joiner, h. 73 Sycamore. 

Sigwald, Jonathan, cutler shop, 57 East Genesee. 

Siffwalt, Barbara, widow, 400 Main. 

Sikes, Samuel, with Colton <fe Co. b. J. Hortou.^ < 

Silberhom, John, laborer, h. Sycamore near MichigfttL 

Sill, Harriet, widow of Seth E. cor. Delaware and Tuj^)er. 

Siller, George, laborer, h. 106 Cedar. 

Siller, Matthias, laborer, h. Sycamore near Michigan^ 

Sim, Alexander, stone-cutter, h. Marylaud near Palni^. ' . 

Simmon, Catharine, widow of Daniel, 168 Elm. 

Simmons, James J. coul merchant, 29 Central WKarf, h. ^ Clinton. 

Simmons, Sarah, widow. Cedar near Eagle. 

Simmons, Edward B. at American Egress office 

Simmons, Edward* 115 Carroll 

Simmons, John P. Blossom near BatayiflL 

Bimon, Matthias, fumaceman, ^. GoodeH Alley. 

Simon, Adam, upholsterer, h. Mulberry near GoodelL 

Simonds, Daniel Q. trackman, h. 115 CarroU. 


Simpson, John, barber, h. ITorth Blrision near Pine. 
Simpson, Susan, widow of Cjrrus, Clinton near EUicott 
Simpson, Elisha O. ship carpenter, h. Alabama rear Ferry. 
Simpson, William A. ^ocer, cor. Washington and Perry. 
Simpson, John Fl engmeer, Buflfalo Steam Engine Works, h. 17 HL 
Simpson, William, plumbers, 99 Ninth. 
Simpson, William, cor. Sycamore and Mortimer. 
Simpson, Benjamin, ship carpenter, h. Huron near Morgan* 
Simpson, James, Miller, h. 168 East Seneca. 
Sims, EUas, Perry near Washington. 
Sims <fc Ca office foot of Main. 
Sims, Thomas, firm Sims <& Co. b. Elias Sims. 
Simson, John, laborer, h. 100 Cedar. 
Simson, Edward, turner, 233 Main. 
Simson, Franz, joiner, Genesee near Hickory. 
Sinclair, William, waiter, h. Sycamore near Oak. 
Sinderson, John, porter, R. HoUister «fe Co. h. Gay. 
Sinderson, Mrs. J. dressmaker, h. Gay near Potter. 
Singer, Jacob, cap maker, 157 Main, h. Ellicott above Tuppor. 
Siuger, Lenhardt, butcher, cor. Elm and Tupper. 
Singler, John Gea laborer, h. Main above High. 
Sinsel, William, on the lake, h. 294 Elm* 
Sipling, Joseph, printer. Express office. 
Sippel, Adam, tailor, h. Walnut near Sycamore. 
Sippel, William, joiner, h, 151 Oak. 

Sirret, Emile, stamp-cutter and grocer, Batavia cor. Michigan, 
Sister, Michael, stone cutter, h. Fourteenth near Vermont. 
Siver, John, joiner, h. cor. Peak and Green. 
Siz^r, Mrs. widow of Henry H Niagara Square. 
Sizer, Thos. J. att'y at law, 7 Court, n. cor. Ninth and Pennsylvania. 
Skeldon, John, blacksmith, Ohio, h. Fulton cor. Alabama. 
Skelly, Peter, mason, h. 29 Seventh. 
Skellj, Margaret, widow, 24 Sixth. 
Skillmgs, Roberi farmer, h. Military Road. 
Skillington, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 
Skinner, H C. u. d. over Packet Dock. 
Skinner, Henry C. House's telegraph office, 157 Main. 
Skinner, James D. draftsman, cor. Washington and South Division 
Skinner, Geo. E. firm Blossom, Skinner <fe Mabie, b. 21 S. Division. 
Slack, Mrs. Caroline, 93 East Seneca. 

Slade, Samuel, school teacher, Dist No. 6. h. 240 South Division. 
Slade, Harry, Washington cor. Mohawk. 
Slade, Harvey, brick maker, b. A. S. Raze. 
Sladky, Mrs. Leam, clothleress, 23 Commercial, h. 134 Ellicott 
Slaght, Darwin A. Carroll near Chicago. 
Slagter, George, cigar maker, 8 U. S. Hotel Block. 
Slater, Christopher, waiter, at Mansion. 
Slaughter, Alexander F. clerk, 205 Main, b. 183 Terrace. 
Slawson, Sam, printer, Jewett^ Thomas & Co* b. 73 East Seneca. 
Sleight* William, Eagle Furnace, b. W. Moffiitt. 

^ I 


Bleylon, Samuel V. carpenter, h. Fifth near Carolina. 

Sliainger, John, blacksmith, h. Harward near Peny. 

Sliter, Jacob, mason, h. 218 East Seneca. 

Sloan, Alexander, grocer, 82 Main, h. 31 Oak. 

Sloan^ Hugh, grocer, cor. Exchange and Beak, b. T. Cotter. 

Sloan, John S. 45 Chippewa. 

Sloan, Wm. P. medicine dealer, h. 22 GoodeU. 

Sloan, James, grocer, 15 Exchange, b. T. Cotter. 

Sloan, William, erocerj, 15 Exchange. 

Sloan, John, cle», Wm. Sloan, cor. Washin^n A Perry. 

Sloan, James, watchmah, Jones' yard, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 

Sloan, Capt James, Niagara near Clintoii Avenue. 

Sloan , Thomas, b. 31 Oak. 

Sloan, Mrs. A. 45 Chippewa. 

Sloan, WUliam M. clerk, over 214 Main, h. 206 Franklin. 

Sloan, William, grocer, cor. Washington and Peny. 

Slocket, Geo^e B. blacksmith, h. 46 Ohio. 

SLOCOM, ARNOLD, keeper Huff's Hotel, 8i;<fe 83 Main. See adif.p.9S. 

Slocom, G«orge, clerk. Huff's Hotel, Main. 

SLOCOM A BROTHER, keepers Merchant' Hotel, 27 Commercial 
and 52 and 54 Llojd. — See adv. p. 98. 

Slocom, Samuel Q. firm S. A Bro. 

Slocom, Chailes A. fii-m S. & Bro. 

Slocum, C. H. railroad agent, b. R. R. Hotel 

Slocum, Giles, clerk, 218 Main. 

Slocum, Burton, canal stabler, h. Church near Terrace. 

Slocum, George H. clerk, A. Slocum. 

Slocum, WillSim, grocer. North Water nesr Hamilton. 

Slocum, John, runner, h. 137 East Es^le. > 

Slocum, Samuel N. steamboat agent, 2 Western Hotel block. 

Slocum, Charles H. Cedar near William. 
J^loom William, laborer, h. Burwell Place, near Scott 

Slote, William, cabinet maker. Cutler <& Deforest 
'.Slotzer, Jacob, tanner, N. Case A Co. 

Slyter, Abraham, 34 West Tupper. 

Smades, Sherwood, painter, b. 45 Exchange. 

Smala, Francis, with Bun* A Waters, h. Spruce near Batavia. 

Small, Frederick, clerk. Burr <fe Wat^irs. 

Small, Lewis, maltster, George Benson. - 

Small, James, whitewasher, h. 134 North Dfyision. 

Smallenburg, W. J. J. Van Catz, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Smallenburg, N. W. A. Van Oats, clerk, Hersee A Timmerman, h. 
Pine near Batavia. 

Smedley, John D. firm T. Famham A Co. b. American. 

Smeker, Christoph, tailor, h. 535 Michigan. 

Smiring, Barnhai'dt, Milnor and William. 

Smith, Abel, B. firm Smith Brothera, b. Charles W. Smith. 

Smith, Mi-8. widow of Archibald M. C. 126 Franklin. 

Smith, Adam, carpenter, b. Pearl Street House. 

Smith, Albert, 68 Bennett 


Smithy Ann E. wido>r, Oonrt near Fourth. 

Smith, Augusta, widow of Laurence, 42 ITorth Divieion. 

Smith, Austin S. clerk, 198 Main, b. 61 East Seneca. 

Smith, Barnhard, tailor> 64 German. 

Smith, Benjamin R. £xchange> west of Louisiana. 

SMITH <fe BOWERS, ear infirmary, cor. Main and West Mohawk. 

8^ ado. p. 94. 
Smith Block, Kast Seneca below Chicago. 
Smith Brothers, 1 Mart bl^k, Ohio. 

Smith, Charles W. firm Smith Brothers, h. 73 South Dirision. 
Smith;^Charles, mail carrier, h. Exchange beloi^ ChioagOk 
Smith, Charles M. telegrapher, b. 43 ElBcott 
Smith, Charles^ cooper, h. Dearborn near Souths 
Smith, Charles T. actor, h. 196 outh Division. 
Smith, Christian, laborer, h. South Division near Hickory. 
Smith, Cynthia B. widow of WiDiam W. Alljpn near Main. 
Smith, Darius, ship builder, h. 109 East Seneca. 
Smith, David, firm Smith <& Clark, h. 50 Sllicott 
Smith, David C. cooper, b. Smith block, Carroll. 
Smith, Edmund, grocer, cor. Clinton and Union. 
Smith, Edward W. auctioneer, 7 and 6 Quay. 

Smith, Edward B. architect, 5 Townsend Hall>h. 103 South Division. 
Smith, Edward, at Gas Works, h. 34 Jackson. 
Smith, Edwin, firm Robinson <fe Co, h. 122 Franklin. 
Smith, Eli B. Mortimer nerr Sycamore. 
Smith, Elisha T. clerk. Marine Bank, b. Mrs. C. B. Smith. 
Smith, E^za, 50 Sycamore. 

Smith, Ellery P. m. d. 336 Main, b. 303 Washington. 
Smith, Emery W. clothier, 88^ Main, h. Niagara n. Rhode Island* 
Smith, Ethan E. with R. O. Benton. 
Smith, Francis, blacksmith, h. Fifth near Carolina. 
Smith, Francis, leather dresser, h. Louisiana near CarrolL 
Smith, Franklin B. brakeman, h. cor. Green and Beak. 
Smith, Franklin R. architect, b. 135 East Seneca. 
Smith, Frederick, Buffalo Steam Engine Works, h. German AHey. 
Smith, Frederick, tanner. Bush A Howard. 
Smith, Frederick, Steam Saw Mill, Ohio, h, 141 Elk. 
Smith, Georee, clerk, h. 124 CarrolL 
Smith, G. w: iL D. 18 Delaware, 

Smith, George, sail maker, Provoost A Ifewkirk, b. 14 Greeii. 
Smith, George, firm W. Smith ds Co. h. cor. Ellicott and S. Division. 
Smith, George, contractor, h. 25 South Division. 
Smith, George, barber, under Mansion. 
Smith, George H. recess, cor. Commercial and Dock. 
Smith, George, moulder, Norton St. Foundry, h. Hickory near Clin. 
Smith, Harriet, b. 120 South Division. 

Smith, Henry K. firm Smith A Verolanck, h. 30 West Eagle. 
Smith, Henry, clerk, Post-office, h. Niagara near I^nnsylvania 
Smith, Henry T. firm A. Losee A Co. b. Allen near Main. 
Smith, Horace, ship carpenter, h. 44 Pine. 


Smith* Jmmc S. 15 Church. 

Smith, Jaci»b, joiner, h. cor. William and Prsli. 

Smith, Jacob, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Smith, Jacob M. ship carpenter, h. Carolina near Ninth. 

Smith, Jacob, cooper, h. cor. Goodell and Mulberry. 

Smith, Jacob, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. , 

Smith, Jame8> firm John J. Smith A Ca h. 159 South DivuioB. 

Smith, James M. firm Hayen S Smith, h. 166 Franklin. 

Smith, James, fflass stainer and painter, 66 Llojd, h. same^ 

Smith, James* baker, h. cor. Fiftti and Court. 

Smith, James, tallyman, H. M. Mixer. 

Smith, James B. firm Peck <k Smith, h. 78 North Diyiu<m. 

Smith, James, mason, h. 309 Washington. <■ 

Smith, James S. clerk, K McClevey, b. 5 Franklin. 

Smith, James, ship carpentw, h. Hay ward near Perry. 

Smith, James F. foreman. Dart's yard, h. 42 Elk. 

SMITH, JAMES F. Ear Infirmary, 382 Main, h. 382 Washington.-- 

Smith, James J. 162 Exchange. 
Smith, John J. A Ca copper and tinsmith^, 191 Main. 
Smith, John J. firm John J. Smith A Co. h. 195 East Seneca 
Smith, John D. gas fitter, W. Qlenny, h. 61 Sllicott 
Smith, John B. paper haiager, h. 43 Ellicott 
Smith, John B. painter, h. 167 South Division. 
Smith, John B. Mohawk near Main. 
Smith, John Bradner, book-keeper, 3 West Seneca. 
Smith, John F. cashier Pratt Buik, b. 9 West Genesea 
Smith, John M. ship joiner, Illinois, h. 12 Qreen. 
Smith, 9ohn. M. shoe store. Commercial near Terrace. 
Smith, John M. agent, h. ^ Oak. 
Smith, John S. butcher, h. 102 East Seneca. 
Smith, John S. carpenter, Illinois near Ohia 
Smith, John Sumner, furniture rooms, in old P. O. h. 219 E. Seneca. 
Smith, John, book-bindor, merchants' Ex. h. Carroll near Xiouisiana. 
Smith, John, coffin maker, 7 Niagara. 
Smith, John, in lead factory. 

Sij^tl^ John, keepw Shades, 4 East Swan, h. 9 West Genesee. 
Smi^, John, finisher, Colligon <fe Brothers. 
Smi^, John, turner, b. A. (Sllmore. 
Smith, John, tanner, N. Case A Ca h. 234 Elm. 
Smith, John, mason, cwner Alabuna and Miami 
Smith. John, cabinet maker, h. 7 Mechanic. 
Smith, John, with Stevenson Bros. b. Genesee House. 
Smith, John, barkeeper, J. P. Miller. 
Smith, John, barkeeper, 19 East Seneca. 
Smith, John, conductor, h. cor. Hospital and Sixth. 
Smith, John, recon. Bock near Evan& 
Smith, Joseph, tailor, T. Eennett^ h. 180 Ch^ry. 
Smith, Joseph H.plow maker, h. 90 South Division. 
Smith, CoL Joseph R., U. & Army, Main above North. 


Smitli, Joseph R. m. d. Main abore North. 

Smith, Joseph, boiler maker, h. Louisiana near Elk. 

Smith, Joseph R. barkeeper. Clarendon. 

Smith, Joseph, tailor, h. 30 German. 

Smith, Junius S. 14 Central Wharf, h. 158 East Seneca. 

Smith, Lewiaon C. 155 Pearl. 

Smith, Lucy S. widow of Rev. Stephen R. 158 East Seneca. 

Smith, Lyman B. attorney at law, over P. O. h. Prospect TTHl 

Smith, Margaret, recess, Rock near Evans. 

Smith, Margaret, South Division beyond Polhord. 

Smith, Martin, painter, h. 445 Washington. 

Smith, Martin, laborer, h. 180 Cherry. 

Smith, Metcger, clerk, b. cor. South Division and Mi<»liijfmii 

Smith, Michael, tanner, N. Case A Ca 

Smith, Michael, 45 West Tupper, 

Smith, Moritz, chair maker, 307 Main. 

Smith, N'athaniel H. gri»cer. Elk near Michigan. 

Smith, Nicholas, machinist, b. 97 Washington. 

Smith, Rev. N. S. Delavan Avenue near Delawara 

Smith, Noah. H. A Co. for and com. merchants, ^9 Oenteal Whar£ 

Smith, Noah H. firm N. H. Smith A Oo. h. 138 Pearl. 

Smith, Norton, gilder, 167 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 

Smith, Oliver, architect, h. Seneca near Michigan. 

Smith, Orrin M. machinist, b. Susan Stevens. 

Smith, Orsamus B. firm Howell A S. h. 5222 Seneca. 

Smith, Orville, 218 Washington. 

Smith, Owen, shoemaker, 3 South Division, h. Fourth above Georgia. 

SMITH, PATRICK, gummith, 6 Birckhead Buildings, Commercial, 

h. Terrace near Court. — See 4tdv. p. 77. 
Smith, Patrick K. grocer, Carolina near Tenth. 
Smith, Peter, -shoemaker, Genesee near Elm. 
Smith, Peter Joseph, dyer, h. 394 PearL 
Smith, P. Anthony, clerk, 304 Main, h. 3 Niagara. 
Smith, Peter, firm S. A Wenderling, 156^ Main. 
Smith, Philip A. 229 Ellicott. 
Smith, Robert B. tinsmith, 191 Main. 
Smith, Robert, joiner, h« cor. Biitaviaand Cedar. 
Smith, Samuel, firm Tweedy <fe Smith, h. 166 East Swaa. 
Smith, Samuel, on the lake, h. Boston. 
Smith, Samuel, clerk, Mansion. 
Smith, Sarah, widow of William, 346 Washington. 
Smith, Saxadotha, carpet weaver, h. 445 Washington. 
Smith, S. Marvin, derx, Rowe A Co. b. Red Jacket. 
Smith, Sidney, clerk, J. E. Robinson, b. 9 West Seneca. 
Smith, Stephen, 233 East Seneca. 

Smith, Stephen, lumber dealer, Ohio cor. Wagh. Souare, h. 303 MleK 
Smith, Thomas G. clerk, J. J. Smith A Co. h. 98 Clinton. 
Smith, Thomas, 267 Main. 
Smith, Thomas, cooper, h. Perry near Chicago. 

mit^ Thomas, laborer^ h. Colnmbia near Qhia. 

1142 oomaROiAL adysbtisbb dibbotort. 

Smith, Mr& T. R bonnet dealer, 967 Main. 

Smith A Verplanck, attorneys at law, over 392 Main. 

Smith, Vesta, widow. Main near Allen. 

Smith, W. C. insurance agent. Brown's Buildings, h. 115 E. Eagle. 

Smith A Wendlin^, bookbinders blank book manuf^ ^^H Maii». 

Smith, Wheaton, tinsmith, 269 Main. 

Smith, WiUiMB L. G. attorney at law, h. 177 Terrace. 

Smith, William, Main aboye Chippewa. 

Smith, William, auction rooms, 4^ East Genesee. 

Smith, William W. clerk, Noah's tailor shop, h. 49 Oak. 

Smith, William C, h. Nichols* Alley, office 2 Western Hotel block. 

Smith, William, with Bush & Howard, lu Maple near High. 

Smith & Colie, lumber dealers, OarrolL 

Smith, William, lumber dealer, Carroll, h. 339 Miohigan. 

Smith, William H. clerk. Smith & Colie, b. 339 Michigan. 

Smithson, Francis, butcher, h. cor. North Division and Cedar. 

Smithwick> Richard> clerk, S. Shepard <fe Co. b. 66 Chippewa. 

Smitiiwick, William, Court near HospitaL 

Smithwick, Henry, painter, b, 10 East Swan* 

Sfoyth, Thomas G. bootmaker, 142 Main. 

Sneidwin, Adam* 5 Terrace. 

Sneidwin> John, blacksmith, D. !pelden. 

Snell, Waiter, Perry near Burwell Place. 

Snell, William S. gardener, h. cor. Twelfth and Jersey. 

Snell, Geo. W. clerk. Peck & Smith. 

Snow, Reuben G. dentist, 76 Pearl. 

Snow, William M. Delaware near Huron. 

8naw> Wm. S. foreman Courier office, h. EUicott near Goodell. 

Snow, Francis M. clerk, 138 Main. 

Snyder, William, clerk, Gothic Hall. 

Snyder, Mi-s. widow of John D. 29 East Geneseei 

Snyder, Hamilton J. dealer in clocks and jewelry, 13 Exchange. 

Snyder, Frederick, on the lake, h. 31 Sycamore. 

Snyder, George, 200 Franklin. 

Snyder, Georse, at Concert Hall, h. Huron below EUicott. 

S&yder, Charles, tanner, N. Case A Co. 

Snyder, Mrs. dressmaker, 54 North Diyision. 

Snyder, Joseph H. tailor, h. Tupper near Virginia. 

Snyder, John, shoemaker, h. Mulberry near Virginia. 

Soeder, Charles, with L. & I. J. White. 

Soergel, Lorents, labors, h. 141 Sycamore. 

Soeyyn, Peter, tailor, h. cor. Batavia and Cedar. 

Sohl, John, tailor, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Sohm, Jacob, firm Rehjm & Ce. h. cor. Niagara and Maryland. 

Soldan, Rev. Charles F. 177 EUicott. 

Sole, Hannah, widow of Rev. D. B. 3 CarroQ. 

Solerder, John, 29 East Genesee. 

SoUe, Theodore, cap maker, 171 Main, h. Michigan aboye GoodelL 

Solomon, Mrs. widow of Chai'les, 10 Beak. 

Solomon, Michael, turner 233 Main.h. 47 Cedar. 


Solomon, Loring, carman, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Solomon, Godfrey, laborer, h. Lutheran. 

Someryjlle, William/veterinary surgeon. State, h. 43 Fifth. 

Somerville, Bobert, cabman, 426 Main. 

Somerville, John, Fifth near Georgia. 

SomeryUle, Robert, cabman, h. 43 Fifth. 

Somers, Thomas, clerk, 146 Main, b. 136 East Swan. • 

Sommerlad, H. W. cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Sonneborn, Emily, cor. Batayia and EUicott 

Sons of Temperance Hall, Kremlin Block, over, S72 Main. 

Sooy, Joseph, telegraph repairer, h. 1 Beak. 

Sooy, Josiah, at House's Telegraph Office. 

Soulerin, A. tutor, St. Joseph College. 

Sour Peter, carpenter, h. Tenth beyond JeTBey. 

Sour, Joseph, turner. Mechanic, h. cor. Goodell and Maple. 

Sourbear, Theodore, chair maker, 269 Main. 

Sourwine, Michael, boat agent, h. 5 Sixth. 

Southern Hotel, Seneca cor. Michigan. 

Southworth, Joseph, clerk, h. 189 Franklin. , 

Soutre, Daniel, latxirer, h. Eagle near Hickory. 

Soutre, Isaac, engineer, h. Swan near Pollard. 

Sevan, Augustus, moulder. Baker's Furnace, h. Gtenesee cor. Wash. 

Spanjer, Wm. joiner, h. Potter near Gay. 

Spann, Newton C. printer, Jewett, Thomas <b Co. b. Mrs. Campbell. 

Spaulding, Caroline, Pine near North Diyision. 

Spaulding, Wm. carpenter, b. S. Hume. 

Spauldmg, Elbridge G. pres. F. <& M. Bank, Spaulding's Exchange, h. 

cor. Main and GoodelL 
Spaulding, John, clerk, 197 Main. 
Spark, Catherine, Pine near Clinton. 
Sparks, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 322 Main. 
Sparks, George, architect, 10 Brown's Buildin^iB, b. 322 Main. 
Sparks, Richard, waiter. Mansion, h. cor. William and Milnor. 
Spathelf, Jacob, cabinet maker, h. North Diyision near Spring. 
Spayth, Henry, book-keeper, h. 160 Franklin. 
Spearman, Simon, clerk, John T. Noye, h. cor. Niagara and Court. 
Spearman, Mrs. Emma, boarding house, 41 Court 
Spearman, Alfred S. m. d. south-east cor. Wash. <fe Ex. b. Mansion. 
Specht, Charles, J. binder, 230 Main. 
Specht, John, b. W. Brand. 
Speck, John, tanner, h. Pratt near Clinton* 
Speechley, Alfred, carpenter and joiner, b. Ohio near Michigan. 
Speed's Erie and Mich. Telegraph, 15 Merchant's Exchange. 
Speicher, Adam, mason. Hickory near Batayia. 
Spencer, Burrall, produce dealer, h. 76 Clinton. 
Spencer, Fanny A. widow of Shelden, 12 CarrolL 
Spencer, Edgar L. book-keeper, American Express office, h. 15 Sixth. 
Spencer, Solon, clerk. Eagle Furnace, h. Elk near Chicago. 
Spencer, James, baker, Lloyd near Prime. 
Spencer, John B. clerk, 54 Main, h. 338 Michigan. 



Spencer, Gea B. painter, b. Solon Spencer. 

Spencer, Mrs. L. iridow, Tnpper near Oak. 

Spencer, Chauncey, nKmlder, h. Solon Spencer. 

Spencer, John K Lloyd near Prime. 

Spencer, Obediah 0. ship carpenter, h. Louisiana near £lk. 

Spencer, Thomas, engineer, h. Swan near Spring. 

Spencer, James, railroad a^ent, b. Mansion. 

Spencer, Edward 8. Lloyd near Prime. 

Spengler, Matthew, grocer and baker, 179 East Genese& 

Sperr, Frederick, tinsmith, b. F. Weis. 

Sperre, Conrad, clerk, Pratt A Co. h. Batayia near Pine. 

Sperry, Wm. M. cleric, h. S07 Delaware. 

Spicer, Thomas, carriage maker, 7 £. Genesee, h. 36~ W. Seneca 

Spicer, Mra Seba, dressmaker, 383 Main. 

Spicer, George, shoemaker, b. 283 Main. 

Spidle, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Dearbem. 

Spielman, Wendelin, laborer, h. Mortimer near Genesee.- 

Spies, Andrew, recess, 37 Central Wharf, h. Carroll near Chicago. 

Spies, , cooper, h. Walnut near Bataria. 

Spies, Henry, baker, h. 339 East Genesee. 

Spinnegan, Henry, shoemaker, 3 Efner Block, Commercial. 

Spinnenhim, Gottlieb, laborer, h. Spring near Batavia. 

Spinner, Martin, butch^, H. Lamb, b. W m. Gregory. 

Spitznagle, Anton, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

G^itznagle, G. cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Spoke, Sarthemeger, chair miUcer, 369 Main. 

Sprague A Wardwell, oU merchants, 69 Main. 

fiprague, Noth. P. firm S. A Wardwell, h. cor. Niagara and Franklin. 

Sprague, Eben C. att'y at law, 190>^ Main, h. cor. Ellicott and High. 

Sprague, Alden S. x. n. 30 Clinton. 

Sprague, Jesse D. book-keeper, 56 Main, b. 35 Pearl. 

Sprague, Edwin A. 48 Fifth. 

Sprickman, Louis, boarding house, 4 Water. 

Sprigg, Charles B. carpenter, h. cor. Goodell and Boston. 

SpringCT, Oscar P. 150 Clinton. 

Sproe%e, William, cabinet maker, h. William near Bennett 

Squire, Capt 64 West Huron. 

Squire, Abram H. agent, Risley <b S. h. Huron. 

Stoats, Pamela* widow of B. L 117 Franklin. 

Staats, Kicholas J. b. 117 Franklin. 

Staats, Jeremiah, G»binet maker, b. 117 Franklin. 

Stacher, John, cabinet maker, 333 Main. 

Stack, Thomas, on the lake, h. 95 East Seneca 

Stacy, Francis, foreman, 41 East Seneca 

Staebel, Francis, with Knam) & Gillet 

Staebler George, cabinet maker, h. cor. Eleventh and Maryland. 

Staedal, Wendelin, mason, h. 398 Elm. 

Staedele, Martin, clerk, S. Bettinger. 

Stager, Anson, sup*t House's Telegn^h, h. 86 South DiyiaioB. 

Stagg, Mrs. Henry R. 39 Niagara 


StaM, William, payer, h. cor. Hudson and Palmer. 
Stahl, Joseph, tanner, h. 115 Fine. 
Stahl, John, laborer, h. 1 SycamorjB. 
Stahl, Peter, laborer, h. Pine near William. 
Stahlecker, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 75 Batavia. 

Btainthrop, A Thompson, soap <& canipUe makers, cor. Chi, and Perry. 
Stainthrop, Maria, widow of W m. Chicago near CarroU. 
Stainthrop, John, firm Stainthrop & Thompson, h. Niag. near Va. 
Stainbach, Francis, tailor, h. 552 Michigan. 
Stakeman, Benjamin, clerk, 192 Main, b. cor. William and Cedar. 
Stales, Wm. laborer, h. Ohio, junction Louisiana. 
Stamm, J. finisher. Eagle Furnace, h. Elk nr. Clark A Skinner CanaL 
Stambach, Henry Q. clothing hall, Com'l cor. Water, h. 13 Franklin. 
Stambach, Wm. *P. clothier, cor. Main and Ohio, h. Georgia near Chip. 
Stambach, Samuel, Batayia near Oak. 
Stambach, Peter C. clerk, H. Q. Stambach, b. 13 Franklin. 
Stambach A Wagner, shoe store, 7 Main. 
Stamber, Daniel, shoemaker, George Hess. 
Stanard, Wfdter W. pattern maker, h. Fulton near Hayward. 
Stanbridge, Thomas, teamster, h. Niagara near Auburn. 
Stancliff, James, lumberman, b. John JBooth. 
Standish, Henry, lithographer, Compton & Co. 
Stanfield, Geo. W. L., Swan opposite Chestnut. 
Stanford, John, brickmaker, h. xT'orth Canal. 
Stanford, Geore^e, brickmaker, h. East Eagle near city line. 
Stangel, Nicholas, with T. J. Dudley <& Co. 
Stangel, John, porter, 95 Main. 

Stanly, Frederick G. Amer. Express office, h. Tupper near Ellicott. 
Stanley, Henry H. clerk, post-office, b. Buell's HoteL 
Stanley, John, cor. Eighteenth and North Washington. 
Stansfield, Frederick, ornamental painter, 231 Main, h. 16 German^ 
Stanton, James, laborer, h. Ohio near Swing Bridge. 
Stanton, Nehemiah P. teacher, Dist. No. 7, h. 107 Delaware. 
Stanton, Patrick, blacksmith, cor. Wash, and Perry, h. 21 Illinois. 
Stanton, Michael, blacksmith, h. Michigan near Elk. 
Starch Factory, Hudson near Fifth. 
Stare, John, laborer, h. 49 German. 
Staring, John, clerk, h. 198 South Diyision. 
. Staring, W. M. freight agent, b. Kailroad Hotel. 
Stark, James M. carpenter, h. Walnut near Eagle. 
Stark, Wm. piano maker, 158 East Genesee. 
Stark, William, mariner, b. A Gillmore. 
Starkey, Patrick, in the market, h. Alabama near Seneca. 
Starkweather, Rodman, health inspector. Main aboye Chippewa. 
Starkweather, Oliyer 0. clerk, 194 Main. 
State, Wm. jr. upholsterer, 233 Main. 
Staterman, August, cabinet maker, h. (German Alley. 
Staub, Joseph, shoemaker, Efner block, h. 46 Sycamore. 
Staub, Joseph, shoemaker, 129 Ellicott 
Stauber, Oluistoph, joiner, h. Maple near Cherry. 


Staueh, Diebald, eating house, 5 Pearl, h. cor. Huron and Morgan. 

Stanch, Philip, laborer, h. Mulberry cor. Qoodell. 

Stanch, Joseim, cabinet maker, 233 Main. 

Staudacher, Bamtard, cooper. Ash near Batavia. 

Staudenhimer, John, harness maker, h. Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Staudt, John N. clerk, 235 Main. 

Stauffiger, Jacob, Carroll near Chicago. 

Stax, Mary, dressmaker, Fulton near Chicago. 

Stead, John W. butcher, 96 Niagara. 

Steadman, Warren Q. b. Western. 

Steam Laundry, corner Court and Canal. 

Steams, Frederick, clerk, 221 Main, b. 78 East Eagle. 

Stearns, Henry, botanic druggist, Long Wharf, h. 374 Michigan. 

Steams, Samuel, 78 East Eagle. 

Steams, Geo. C. agent for D. Colton & Co. Dart's Planing Mills, Ohio 

Basin, h. 76 East Eagle. 
Steams, Norman, firm Elder & S. b. 78 East Eagle. 
Steams, Eli, barkeeper. United States Hotel. 
Steams, Mrs. M. W. matron, Buffalo Orphan Asylum, r. same. 
Steams, Solomon, 190 Main. 
Stearns, Eli, liquor dealer, h. Carey near Morgan. 
Steams, John, express messenger, d. Western. 
Stecholz, John, joiner, h. Goodell near Boston. 
Steck, Larey, blacksmith, J. Robinson. 
Steder, Geofge, tailor, h. cor. Walnut and Sycamore. 
Stedman, Warren G. steamboat agent, b. Western. 
Steeds, WiUiara, painter, h. Hickory near Clinton. 
STEELE, OLIVER G. bookstore, printing office, and bindery, 206 

Main* h. 80 Clinton cor. Michigan.— iSfec adv.p, 59. 
Steele, Michael, hostler. Commercial Hotel. 
Steele, Thomas, ship carpenter, b. W. H. Adama 
Steele, Oliver G. jr. clerk, 206 Main. 
Steeler, John, laborer, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Steen, Peter, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 
Steenbock, Behr, clerk, 94 Main. 

Steers, Edward P. clerk, W. D. Walbridge, b. Bayley A Son. 
Steffan, Michael, grocer, 575 Main. 
Stegman, Bernhard, with Pratt <b Co. 
Stegman, John G. tanner, h. Hickory near Clinton, 
Steibel, Franz, joiner, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 
Steiger, Theobold, printer, h. cor. Kaene and Genesee. 
Steimel, August, joiner, h. Oak near Genesee. 
Stein, Charles, store, 417 Michigan. 
Stein, Jacob, tanner, h. Hickory near Batavia. 
Stein, Henry, baker, h. Hickory near Genesee. 
Steinbach, Francis, tailor, h. 552 Michigan. 
Steinecker, Matthias, Genesee near Hickory. 
Steiniger, Florian, tailor, h. 443 Michigan. 
Steinnagle, Ludwig, laborer, h. 68 West Tapper. 



Stelntel, Xavier, laborer, h. Pine near William. 

Steioff, Henrj, laborer, h. Camp near Genesee. 

Stell, Joseph, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. 

Stell, Michael, tanner, N. Case <& Co. 

Stellinger, WUliam, clerk, 44 Main. 

Stellwagen, John, dry goods and grocery, 396 Main. 

Stemler, Philip, varuisher, h. 151 Oak. 

Stengel, John, lab(»*er, h. 136 Sycamore. 

Stengel, Nicholas, laborer, h. 136 Sycamore. 

Stephan, Augustus, cigar factory, 2 West Genesee. 

Stephan, Charles, cigar factory, 2 West Genesee. 

Stephen, Francis, laborer, h. 300 Elm. 

Stephens, Susan, widow of Nathan P. 136 Elk. 

Stephens, William, tanner, h. 82 Sycamore. 

STEPHENSON, T. & CO. jewelers, 200 Main.-^«r adv. p. 62, 

Stephenson, Thomas, firm T. S. A Co. h. Delaware near Utica. 

Stephenson, John 0. clerk, 200 Main, b. Delaware near Utica. 

Stephenson, James D. G. physician, Niagara near Bouck. 

Sterling, Gray <fe Co. stor. for. and com. mer. Norton and ship canal 

Sterling, Ambrose S. firm S., Gray A Co. h. Main above Chippewa. 

Sterling, John T. book-keeper, 216 Main. 

Sterman, Samuel W. Fourtn near Georgia. 

Stern, Henry, boarding houstf, 7 Rock. 

Stem, John, cooper, h. cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Stern, Wendel, grocer, 390 Main. 

Stem, Clai'a, widow. Camp near Genesee. 

St^nberg, Chester W. tallyman, Allen, Oatman <fe Co. b. 87 N. Div. 

Sternberg, P. L. <fe Co. for. and com. mer. cor. Dock and Lloyd. 

Sternberg, Pearl L. firm P. L. S. <fe Co. h. 100 S. Division cor. Mich. 

Sternberg, Ephraim, broom maker, h. 87 North Division. 

Stetson, George I. clerk, 229 Main, b. 3 Erie. 

Stettenbentz, Anthony, baker, h. 457 Washington. 

Steven, Matthias, porter, 59 Main. 

Stevens, Susan, boarding house, Elk east of Chicago. 

Stevens, Wm. tanner, N. Case A: Co. 

Stevens, Albert, baggage master, h. Swan opp. Chestnut 

Stevens, Hobe, carpenter, h. 91 Elm. 

Stevens, F. P. A A. G. attorneys at law, 182 Main cor. Seneca. 

Stevens, Albert G. firm F. P. A A. G. S. b. Niagara Temp. House. 

Stevens, Frederick P. firm F. P. <fe A. G. Stevens, h. Del. cor. Barker. 

Stevens, Lewis, express agent and daguerrian rooms, Erie cor. Main. 

STEVENS, PEABODY S. liquor and cigar dealer, 148 Main, b. 

Mansion. — See adv. p. 53. 
Stevens, MUo, firm Guenther A S. h. 298 Franklin. 
Stevens, Charles, jr. steamboat office. Dock and Front, b. 5 Franklin. 
Stevens, S. Rodney, 530 Main. 

Stevenson Brothers, livery establishment, 301 and 303 Main. 
Stevenson, Edward L. firm Stevenson Brothers, Wash, near Eagle. 
Stevenson, Geo. P. firm Stevenson Brs. h. cor. Lafayette and Wash. 
Stevenson^ James L clerk, Stevenson Brothers, h. 121 East Eagle, 


Sterenfloii, John S. agent for Stevenson BrothesQ, b. 39 'OlinUwu 

Stewart, Helen, widow of John, h. East Seneca opp« Alabama. 

Stewart, George H. ship carpenter, h. Goodell near O^k. 

Stewart, Elliott W. attorney at law, 182 Main, h. North Eyans. 

Stewart, James, ship carpenter, h. Fulton abore Ha/ward. 

Stewart, Henry, truckman, h. 107 Clinton. 

Stewart, James, clothier, Lloyd cor. CanaL 

Stewart, John W. clerk, Post-office, h. 135 PearL 

Stewart, John, cooper, h. Elm near Batavia. 

Stewart, James, laborer, h. i50 Michigan. 

Stick, Louisa, widow. South Division beyond Pollard. 

Sttckney, Manvill, clerk, 63 Main. 

Stickney, Orrin, carpenter, h. Niagara north of Ferry. 

Stickney, Oeorge W. clerk, b. 62 Lloyd. 

Stiker, Peter, cor. Ash and Sycamore. 

Stiles, George E. at Huff's Hotel, 81 Main. 

Stiles, Rev. L. jr. pastor Pearl St M. £. Oh. b. cor. Mohawk and Mor. 

Stiles, Charles B. billiard rooms, h. Hospital near Seventh. 

Stillman, Horace, hatter, 169 Main, h. Main above Chippewa. 

Stillman, Otis, hatter, 169 Main, h. Main above Chippewa. 

SUmpson, William, com. merch't, 14 Central Whart h. 139 Delaware. 

Stiner, Jacob, shoemaker, 351 Main, h. same. 

Stiner, Michael, laborer, h. Spruce near Batavia. 

Stinitz, John, boarding house, 202 Exchange. 

Stirig, God£ried, laborer, h. William near Cedar. 

Stu-ling, John T. clerk, 216 Main. 

Stitt» John, book*keeper, £. B. Jewett <b Co. boarding house, 80 East 

Stitt, Henry H. clerk, Kiles A Wheeler, b. 80 East Seneca. 
St. Clair, James, barber, 6 Vine. 

St John's Episcopal Church, cor. Washington and Swan. 
St John's Oatibiohc Church, Mulberry near Virginia. 
St Joseph's CoUese, York, east of Niagara. 
St Louis, Mrs. widow, Indiana near Perry. 
St Mary's of the Lake Church, Louis. * 

St Moore, Alice, boarding house, 52 East Swan. 
St Remy, Edward De, French and English teacher, h. 131 Franklin. 
St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Batavia near Ellicott 
Stock, John, harness maker, 10 Exchange, b. 30 Oak, , 

Stockbridffe, Ira M. cor. Cedar and Swan. 
Stocking, Thomas R. proprietor Laundry, h. 69 South Division. 
Stockton, Thomas W. railroad office, h. 119 South Division. 
Stockel, George, grocer. Maple near Goodell. 
Stocker, Christian, laborer, n. 229 Elm. 
Stocker, Smith, pail maker, b. L. H. Bradley. 
Stockford, Jonathan, Elm near Virginia. 
Stockmar, Constantino, b. F. L. Gillig. • 

Stoddard, Newton, joiner, h. Michigan near Gay. 
Stod4vd» Goodwin, book-keeper, Jones' Tard« h. Id Oak. 
Stoe^lur, Frederick, joiner, h. 44 Bennett 


Stokes, Samuel P. eajshier PatcMn Bank^ b. Ameriean« 

Stolle, Christian, joiner, h. Michigan near GoodelL 

Stolz, Joseph, carpenter, h. Elm near Goodell. 

Stone, Thomas H. firm Ward <& Stone, b. Mansion. 

Stone, Ira 0. hatter, 173 Main, h. Jefferson near William. 

Stone, Jacob, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. 

Stone, Charles, hatter, b. 58 EUicott 

Stone, Almira, oyer 238 Main. 

Stone, Thomas, moulder, McGennis A Baldwin. 

Stone, Burr, engineer, h. Carroll below Louisiana. 

Stoole, John, shoemaker, Qeo. Hess. 

Stoot^ John, laborer, h. cor. Eagle and Pratt 

Storin, William, 456 Michigan. 

Stork, Michael, Keane near Genesee. 

Storm, William, cook, h. William abore Michigan. 

Storms, Henry, Eagle Furnace. 

Storms, Henry C. ^09 Delaware. 

StcMrms, Hiram, boiler maker, J. Newman, h. 197 North Diyision. 

Storms, James J. coppersmith, h. Palmer, near Carolina. 

Storrs, Emery A. law student, b. 291 Washington. 

Storrs, Lucius, with G. S. Hazard, h. 82 Souf^ Division. 

Storrs, Lucius, clerk, 223 Main, b. 82 South Division. 

Story, Frederick C. clerk, 140 Main, b. 135 Eaist Eagle. 

Story, Joseph, wool dealer, Hanover si (Mer. Ex.) b. 56 East Swan. 

Story, Thomas, laborer, h. Hamburgh, near Seneca. 

Story, R. tutor, St. Joseph's College. 

Story, Wm. E. clerk, 48 Main, b. IT. S. Hotel 

Stoss, William, joiner, h. 1526 Elm. 

Stoten, William, laborer, h. 32 Union. 

Stothard, William, tailor, b. Catlin's Coffee House. 

Stouk, Jacob, 4aborer, Jewett <fe Root 

Stout, Stanley, clerk, 208 Main, b. 42 William. 

Stout, William, cabinet maker, h. William near Union. 

Stout, Robert B. firm Robinson A S. b. 26 West Eagla 

Stouten,, John, Bennett below Batavia. 

Stover, Theodore, store, Sycamore cor. Michigan. 

Stow, George, cabinet ware rooms, 272 Main, b. 71 Oak. 

Stowell, John M. 138 Main, b. 33 East Swan. 

Strandgaard, Sidney, clerk, J. Pease, b. 21 South Division. 

Strass, Albert, clothier, 5 CommerciaL 

Strass, Abraham, clerk, 81 Elm. 

Strass, Joseph K clothier, 4 Commercial. 

Strassemeyer, Ernst H. mason, h. North Division above Hickory. 

Stratton, John, book-keeper, h. 17 Water. 

Straup, Joseph, stone cuUer, h. cor. Genesee and Elm. 

Strauss, Emu, pedler, h. William near Bennett. 

Strauss, Line, pedler, 169 Washing^n. 

Strauss, Adolph, pedler, 169 Washington. 

Strauss, Jouleos, pedler, 169 Washington. 

Strauss, Abraham, clerk, J. M. Gitzkey. 



Strawhower, George, bellowB maker, b. Cottage near Virginia. 

Sla^whower, Jacob, laborer, h. 256 Franklin. 

Streeter, BeDJamin, pedler, h. 65 £agle. 

Streiber, Edward, cutter, W. P. Stambach. 

Streicher, John, cabinet maker, h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Streiger, Frederick, laborer, b. 53 Cherry. 

Stremel, Frederick, Exchange near Michigan. 

Striegel, Michael, laborer, h. 61 Cedar. 

Streesenger, Peter, clerk, Otis Allen. 

Streuber, Edward, tailor, 1 Sidway Block, CommerciaL 

Stridiron, James S. foreman, A. M!. Clapp A Co. 

Stringham, Joseph, cashier) b. American. 

StroTO, Qeorge, carpenter, h. 559 Michigan. 

Strobe, Mrs. widow of William, h. Batavia aboye Michigan. 

Stroebel, Thomas, labwer, h. 104 Batavia. 

Stroh, Henry, taoner, h. Pratt near Qenesee. 

Stroh, John, grocer, h. 12 East Huron. 

Stroh, Charles, leather dealer, 351 Main. 

Strohauer, Henry, laborer, h. Cottage near Virginia. 

Strong, Phineas H. m. d. oyer 337 Main, h. 12 East Mohawk. 

Strong, John M. Morgan near Court 

Strong, Caroline B. widow a( Bushnell, Mississippi near Elk. 

Strong, Samuel, cor. Delaware and Chippewa. 

Strong, John C. attorney at law, 2 Granite Building, h. North, west 

of Delaware. 
Strong, Charles, Smith Block, Carroll. 
Strootman, Herman, shoemaker, h. 12 Elm. 
Strow, Elizabeth, 85 East Seneca. 
Strubey, Frederick, stone cutter, h. 342 Michigan. 
Strupp, Theobold, stocking weayer. Main cor. Chippewa. 
Strupp, Joseph, Main cor. Chippewa. 
Struthers, Thomas, upholsterer, h. 60 Oak. 
Stuart, Margaret, widow, 7 Park Place. 
Stubbs, Abner, grocer. Elk opp. Moore. 
Stuber, Joseph, laborer, h. 3 Sycamore. 
Stucki, Elizabeth, widow of Christian, 118 Cedar» ' 
Stucki, John, hardware and stoye merchant, 344 Main, h. same.'' 
Stuhlmueller, Henry, marble cutter, h. Ash near Sycamore. 
Stuht, John, laborer, h. Elm near Virginia. 
Stumpf, John, recess, 41 Main, h. same. 
Stumpf, Adam, tailor. Walnut near William. 
Sturm, John, cabinet maker, 233 Main, h. 75 ElnL 
Sturm, Henry, mason, h. Elm aboye Genesee. 
Sturman, Samuel W. brickmaker, h. Fourth near Georgia. 
Studdiford, Wm. commission merchant, h. 4 Boston Block, Niagara. 
Stutesman, Peter, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Stutts, John H. laborer, h. Carroll near Louisiana. 
Stutzman, Frederick, teamster, h. Goodell near Michigan. 
Suchlif, John, machinist, h. Seyenth near Carolina. 
Sudreck, John, farmer, h. 105 Ellicott 


Sadron, John, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Sudwick, Charles, driver, h. cor. Clinton and Cedar. 

Suess, John, baker. Elm near Qoodell. 

Sneg, Geo. turner, 307 Main. 

Sullivan, Danier, on the lake, h. Pollard. 

Sullivan. Lawrence, at Wilson's coal yard, h. Mississippi near Elk. 

Sullivan, Josiah, mason, h. Virginia near Garden. 

Sullivan, John, warehouseman, 18 Central Whart 

Sullivan, James, Chicago neai' Elk. 

Sullivan, James, Elk near Chicago. 

Sullivan, William, boarding house, Evans near Water. 

Sullivan, Lawrence, laborer, h. Illinois near Mary. 

Sullivan, William, b. M. McGowan. 

Sullivan, Owen, laborer, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 

Sullivan, Cornelius, laborer, h. Chicago near Ohio. 

Sullivan, Daniel, Nichols' Alley. 

Sullivan, Daniel, laborer, h. Illmois near Mary. 

Sullivan, Dennis, laborer, h. Illinois near Mai-y. 

Sullivan, Thomas, mariner, h. Indiana near Perry. 

Sully, Robert, keeper hotel, cor. Michigan and Carroll. 

Sully, James, firm L. E. Plimpton <fe Co. b. Bennet Temp. House. 

Snmmerfield, William, butcher, 87 East Genesee. 

Summers, John, joiner, h. 141 Folsom. 

Summers, William W. joiner, h. 18 East Eagle. 

Sunner, Joseph, laborer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Sunderman, William, gardener, h. Spruce below Genesee. 

Supple, James, watchman, Pratt & Co. 

Supple, Richard, grocer, cor. North Division and Elm. 

Surtz, William, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Sutcliffe, John, machinist, h. Ninth near Maryland. 

Suter, Jacob, truckman, b. 63 Main. 

Sutherland, Anson, foreman, Jewett & Root, h. 97 North Division. 

Sutherland, William, boarding house. Stow Block, Erie. 

Sutherland, William, with Dudley & Sons,' b. 71 South Division. 

Sutter, Christian, lock maker, 157 Oak. * I 

Sutter, Christian, carpenter, h. cor. Oak and Tupper. ! 

Sutton, Francis, engineer, h. Oak above Tupper, ! 

Sutton, William, firm Davis <& S. h. Seneca near Pearl. I 

Sutton, William A. 354 Washington. 

Sutton, Job C. teamster, h. North Division below Chestnut 

Sutton, Samuel, sawyer, b. Susan Stephens. 

Sutton, Charles, at Efner's livery stable, h. 37 North Division. 

Swahlen, Rev. John, pastor Ger. Meth. Ch« h. Ash near Sycamore. 

Swain, Mrs. widow of James, Fulton near Alabama. 

Swain, Benjamin painter, b. Stephen Curtis. 

Swain, James, jr. ship carpenter, h. Miami east of Louisiana. 

Swan, Russell, cooper, h. 4 Ninth. 

SWAN A SON, for. and produce com. mer. 26 Central Wharf.— 

See adv. p. 49. 
Swan, Adin, firm S. A Son, h. 110 East Eagle. 



Swan, Edmund A. firm S. A Son, b. Mansion. 

Swan, A. Augustas, clerk. Swan A Son, h. 85 Ifortih Division. 

Swan, S. E. grocery and h. cor. Korth Division and Michigan. 

Swan, Oscar M. book-keeper, Humaston A Jones, b. 110 East Eagle. 

Swan, William, cooper, h. Niagara cor. Mohawk. 

Swan Street M. E. Church, cor. Swan and Michigan. 

Swan Street Foundry, cor. Swan and Pollard. 

Swan, Luther, cooper, b. 39 Seventh. 

Swan, William, cabinet maker, h. 233 Main. 

Swan, Charles D. clerk, Hart, Newman A Co. b. Dr. Brown. 

Swsnbro, Mrs. M. nurse, cor. Tupper and Franklin. 

Swartout, Betsey, widow, 95 Oak. 

Swaiis, Abram, alderman, h. 339 Michigan. 

SWARTZ A BROTHERS, City Furnace, cor. Elk and Miasiasippi. 

5m adv. p. 6a 
Swartz, George W. firm Swarts Brothers, h. 88 South Division. 
Swartz, John firm Swarta Brothers, h. 217 South Division. 
S warts, Samuel, firm Swartz Brothers, h. North Division near Mich. 
Swartz, Jacob, pattern maker, h. 65 Spruce. 
Swartz, John O. ci^ maker, h. Walnut above Batavia. 
Swartz, Joseph, ship joiner, h. 132 Oak. 
Swartz, Jacob, Buffalo Steam Engine Works. 
Swartz, John G. 558 Michigan. 
Swartz, John, lantern maker, Sangster A Sons. 
Swartz^Henry A. law student, C. Daniels, b. 217 South Division. 
Swartz, FranK, driver, h. 47 German* 
Swartz, John, Cold Spring. 

Swartzenburgh, Wm. sUver plater, D. Taylor, h. cor. Court and Staats. 
Sweeney, Timothy, tailor, 76 Main, h. Fifth near Carolina. 
Sweeney, Edward, blacksmith, h. 34 North Division. 
Sweeney, Peter, ship ciurpenter, 216 South Division. 
Sweeney, James, clerk, 222 Main, b. 47 South Division. 
Sweeney, Thomas, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near Hayward. 
Sweeney, Miles, grocer. Pine near Clinton. 
Sweeney, John, Mup carpenter, h. 140 Elk. 
Sweeney, Owen, laborer, h. Monroe near Ferry. 
Sweeney, Patrick, laborer, h. cor. Mark and Gay. 
Sweet, Geo. W. clerk, 168 M«dn, b. 31 West Tupper. 
Sweet, Wm. C. firm O. P. Ramsdell A Co. h. 31 West Tupper. 
Sweet, Wm. boUer maker, Shepard's Foundry, h. Perry near Louiu'a. 
Sweet, Lorenzo, merchant taUor, 215 Main, h. 146 Ellicott 
Sweet, Silas, teacher, Dist. No. 8, h. 16 Sixth. 
Sweet, George W. clerk, b. 58 East Seneca. 
Sweet, Albert, joiner, b. 126 Pearl 

Sweet, Allen S. jr, superintendent on railroad, h. 57 East Swan. 
Swegles, William, boatman, h. 74 Fifth. 
Swindeman, Geo. mason, h. cor. Cottage and Maryland. 
Swob, Anthony, laborer, h. 234 Franklin. 
Sydow, Charles, tailor, h. 255 Elm. 


Bydovr, August, tailor, h. 257 Sim. 

Syfersteio, Henrj, laborer, h. Folsom near Pollar<I. 

S jlyester, Wm. moulder, h. 209 North DiyiBion. 


Taber, James H. book-keeper, IT. S. Hotel. 

Taber, Henry, grocer, North Water near Perry, 

Ta£f, Richard, spar maker, h. 99 South Division. 

Ta^gart, Thomas, laborer, h. 12 Mississippi 

Tamtor, Charles M. clerk, Thompson, Whitney A Co. 

Taintor, Henrv F. book-keeper 29" Central Wharf, Kll Oak. 

Taintor, Charles, lumber dealer, h. Delaware opp. Barker. 

Talbot, J. H. American Express office, b. Western. 

Talbot, William, whitewasner, h. Oak cor. GoodeU. 

Talcot <fe Hale, stave merchants, 3 Cobum Square, Ohio. 

Talcott <fe Thompson, attorneys at law, over 164 Main. 

Talcott, John L. firm Talcott <& Thompson, b. American. 

Talcott, William D. lumber dealer, 3 Mart Block, Ohio. 

Tallmadge, Joma. J. for. and com. mer. foot Washington, h. 147 Swan. 

Tann^, Alonz * attorney at law, h. Palmer near Carolina. 

Tanner, Harvey M. coppersmith, h. 85 CarrolL 

Tanner, Henry, cor. Staats and Mohawk. 

Tappenden, Catharine, widow, ^00 East Seneca. 

Tappert, laborer, h. Walnut near William. 

Tasker, Henry, Exchange n'ear Chicago. 

Tasteman, Charles, carpenter, h. Pratt near ClintotL 

Tate, WUliam, tailor, h. 48 WiUiam. 

Tati, William, upholsterer, 203 Main, h. cor. Nineteenth and Va. 

Tatu, Joseph F. boarding house^ opp. office Buff. Steam Engine W. 

Tatu, Peter C. grocer. Main above Huron. 

TAUNT A BALDWIN, cabinet and chair makers, 243 Main.— *»» 

adv,p. 85. 
Taunt, Emory, firm Taunt A Baldwin, h. 209 PearL 
Taunt, James F. with Taunt A Baldwin, h. 134 West Huron. 
Taylor, Dennis, carriage hardware and lock manufacturer, 2 East 

Swan, h. 24 South Division. 
Taylor, Stephen, joiner, h. 64 Court near Morgan. 
Taylor, Rodney M. grocer, 227 Main, h. same. 
Taylor, Wm. insurance agent, h. 133 Oak. 
Taylor, Calvin, grocer, 96 Main, h. Seneca near Kinney's Alley. 
Taylor, John, ship joiner, h. cor. Niagara and Mohawk. 
Taylor, Henry P. book-keeper, Pratt Bank, b. Mrs. W. F. P. Taylor, 
Taylor, Jane, widow of W. F. P. Taylor, 3 Franklin. 
Taylor, Wm. R. firm T. G. Sholes A Co. h. 304 PearL 
Taylor, John, laborer, Geo. Metz^er. 
Taylor, George, laborer, h. Ohio junction Loxusiana. 
Taylor, James, clerk, C. A. Waldron. 
Taylor, Robert, turner, h. Mississippi near Elk. 
Taylor, Duncan, skip carpenter, b. A. GiUmore, 

tU commcfTAL ibtsbtsor ncuciOBr* 

Taylor, Jamei, clotiliei dreoMr, 124 Noith 

Tmjlor, Benjamin, 106 Walnut 

Tajlor, Dayid, groeer, 44 Sixth. 

Taylor, Reuben, S8 North Divisioa. 

Tajlor, ThonuH, mariner, h^ 118 Folaom. 

Taylor, Ellen, 179 South Dirieion. 

Taylor, William, laborer, h. Perrr abore Chicageu 

Taylor, John J. on the lake^ h. 37 Jackson. 

Taylor, James, tinsmith, h. rear 214 Waahinffton. 

Taylor, Abram, tellyman, Kasson's Dispatch. 

Taylor, Samuel H. clerk, 96 Main. 

Taylor, Samuel, boarding house, Evans cor. Water. 

Teal, Stebbins, machinirt, h. Dearborn near South. 

Teal, Wm. machinist, b. L. H. Bradley. 

Teffi Wm. H. firm S. Shepard A Ca L cor. Serenth and Geovgiai. 

Teige, Thomas, grocer, Kiagara near Ferry. 

Telegraph, Gennanjninting office, Genesee Square near OhlppemL. 

Teller, Qeorge D. Ib7 Main, h. cor. Chestnut and Swan. 

Teller, Henry D. clerk, 190 Main, b. Bennetts Temperance Houaai 

Tem]^eton, Thomas» carpenter, h. 85 East Seneca. f 

Ten Eyck, M. 0. cutter, 147 Main, b. 7 OarrolL * 

Tentler, Aaron A. clothier, 136 Ellicbtt 

Tepas, John, blacksmith, h. OypreM near Pine. 

Teppel, Wm. cabinet maker, li07 Main. 

Teppman, John, Walnut near Syc^ore. 

Terry, Thomas, butcher, h. 246 FearL 

Terry, John, butcher, 99 ElUcotL 

Tessier, Charles, shoemaker, h. 24 Qreen. -* 

Tester, Wm. gardener, Virginia near Elm. 

Testman, Charles, Pratt near Clinton. 

Tetteling, Bemhard, cor. Maple and Carlton. 

Textor, Henry, laborer, h. Camp near Qenesee. 

Thayer, Levi C. painter, h. 205 North Division. 

Thayer and Anthony, forwarders, 27 Central WharC 

Thayer, Charles £L nrm T. <fe AjiUiony, h. 112 Eagle near Michigaa. 

Thayer, Mrs. Joel, Ellicott cor. Clinton. 

Thayer, Geo. H. b. Mrs. Joel Thayer, 

Thayer, Joel, 36 Main, b. cor. Emcott and Clinton. 

Thayer, N. book-keeper, O. Lee 4& Co's bank, b. cor. Ellicott A Clinton* 

Thayer, Hiram P. Delaware cor. Barker. 

Thayer, K S. cashier O. Lee <fe Co's bank, h. Delaware n'th of Ferry. 

Thayer, K <fe W. W. attorneys at law, Erie Exchange. 

Thayer, Edwin, firm E. A W. W. T. h. Washington cor. Carlton. 

Thayer, W. Wallace, firm E. <fe W. W. T. h. Carlton near Washington 

Thayer, Horatio, tinsmith, 217 Main, h. 155 East Swan. 

Thayer, Bradley, engineer, b. D. Johnson. 

Thayer, C. C. clerk, W. Monteath, b. 127 PearL 

Thayer's Patent Sperm Works Depot, 36 Main. 

Theobald, Peter, 3 Cheny. 

The6bold, Abram, blacksmith, h. 58 East Tupper. 


Theobold, Casemier, tailor, h, Michigan below S jcamora 

Theobold, Charles, lantern maker, Sangster ^ Sons. 

Theobold, George, tailor, 106 Batavia. 

Thiebold, Christopher, grocei*, 390 East iSeneca, 

Thieringer, Martin, batcher, h. cor. Washington and Burton Allejr. 

Thierman, Charles, grocer, cor. Sycamore and Elm, 

Thies, Claudius, mason, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Thistlethwaite, Jeremiah, lumber dealer, b. Niagara T^mp. Hoase^ 

Thomas, Alanson S. dining saloon,- 157 and 159 Main. 

Thomas, Calvin F. S. firm Jewett, Thomas <fe Co. h. 85 Niagwa. 

Thomas, Deberlin, omnibus driver, b. 333 Carroll 

Thomas, Ebenezer, Red Jacket 

Thomas, Edwin, prod. mer. with Fleehartyifc Tuttle^h. cor.6th AJLI 

Thomas» Elieha «f. on the lake, b. 17 Illinois. 

Thomas, George H. bonnet store, over 159 Main, h. S)5 PearL 

Thomas, George, painter, h. over 79 Main. 

Thomas, Giles G. turner, h. Washington near Clinton. 

Thomas, Horace, 99 South Division. 

Thomas, Mrs. H^ii^ 3 Niagara. 

Thomas, Jacob>^i^outhern Hotel. 

Thomas, Jsm^^L, on the lake, h. 231 East Genesee. 

Thomas, J w B^-j"'''"'' ^ Michigan near Clinton^ 

Thomtt^K H. foreman. Courier, b. 13 Seventh* 

Thom^HSseph, carpenter, h. 374 Michigan. 

Th^HrWatson G. 239 East Swan. 

William B. cabinet maker, b. A. F. Lee. 
lbs, James E. watchmakrr, 151 Main, b. U. S. HoteL 
_ Tombs, Philip, laborer, h. cor. Tupper and Goodell Alley. 
Thompson, Albertus, meat market, cor. Michigan and Eagle. 
Thompson, Augustus P. firm T. A Co. b. American. 
Thompson, Benoni, attorney at law, 152 Main, h. 116 Chippewa^ 
Thompson, Charles, carpenter, b. 14 Green. 
Thompson A Co. white lead manufacturers, Georgia cd!f. Sizthj 
Thompson, Edward, on the lake, h. 193 East Genesee. 
Thompson, Hull, firm T., Whitney A Coit, h. Chippewa near Frank 
Thompson, Isaac W. firm Tolcott -A T. over 164 Main, h. cor. Wash- 
ington and High. ' 
Thompson, James, truckman, h. Walnut near Clinton. 
Thompson A McFarlane, gas fitters, 68 Lloyd. 
Thompson, James E. firm T* A McFarlane, h. 188 Franklin. 
Thompson, Joel E. sculptor, D. Belden, h. 75 East Eagle. 
Thompson, John, carpenter, b. 14 Green. 
Thompson, John, laborer, h. 33 BIossool 
Thompson, John S. student, 270 Main. 

Thompson, Martin, butcher, cor. Eagle and Michigan, h. 6 Gay. 
Thompson, Rev. M. La Rue P. pastor First Presb. Ch. h. 80 Pearl 
Thompson, Moses, pail maker, h. cor. Niagara and South. 
Thompson, N. D. waiter, h. 71 Elm. 
Thompson, Thomas, carpenter, b. 14 Green. 
Thompson, William P. clerk, T. S. Hawke. 


Thompson, Whitney 4t Ooit, lumber dealers, foot of Llojd 

Thompson, Catharioe, widow. Water near Erans ship canal. 

Thompson, Curtis OJb, Harrj Thompson, sr. 

Thompson, Harry, Firry west of Kii^ara. 

Tomhpson, Harrjfjr. merchant, b. Harry Thompison, sr. 

Thompson, Hfnm barber, 147 Main. 

Thompson, John, h^ the Lady Elgin, h. 68 West Tnpper. 

Thompson, Joseph, 83 West Mohawk. 

Thompson, Lathr^O. pail maker, h. cor. East and South. 

Thompson, Marguet, widow of Abram T. across the creek. 

Tdomp^on, Mrs. Jane, 29 East Eagle. 

Thompson, Sarahs teacher, Dist Ko. 14, b. 11 Ofaurch. 

Thompson, William E. carpenter, h. 7 Folsom. 

Thomson Brothers, importers, 67 Main. 

Thomson, Robert H. firm T. Brothers, h. Wash, above S. Divisioit. 

Thomson, Thomas M. firm T. Brothers, h. Wash, above S. Diyjaion. 

Thomson, Wm. m. n. cor. Com'l and Water, h. Del Cold Spring. 

Thorn, Rhoda L. widow, 40 East Seneca. 

Thombury, Thomas, 44 Sixth. 

Thornton, Stephen, watchman, h. Church near Terrace. 

Thornton, Henrj Bamhard, laborer, h. 93 Oak. 

Thornton, Thomas, foreman. Prince A Co. h. cor. Fourth and Carolina. 

Thornton, John C. clerk, 170 Main. 

Thornton, James, melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. Del. near 

Thornton A Chester, proprietors Globe Mills, Black Rock. 

Thornton, Thomas, firm T. A Chester, Niagara near Aubmm. 

Thornton A Bush, distillers, Black Rock. 

Thornton, James, firm T. A Bush, h. Tonawanda near Niagara. 

Thorp, Capt Henry W. cor. Virginia and Garden. 

Thorp, NnSbhan B. boarding house, 9 and 11 East Seneca. 

Thorp, Martin, printer. Com. Adv. office, b. 5 CarrolL 

Thrashing Machine Shop, John A. Pitts, cor. Carolina and Fourtili. 

Throll, Francis, carpenter, R. C. Sage. 

Thumann, Xavier, laborer, h. Walnut near Bataria. 

Thurber, Francis, joiner, b. Levi Hicks. 

Thurston, John M. carpenter, h. Seneca near Heacock. 

Thurston, Chiles J. glass stainer, over 79 Main, h. Seventh near 

Thurston, Hiram, book-binder, Phinney A Co. h. Clinton above Union. 
Tibbey, Matthew, grocer. Cold Spring. 
Tibbitts, Henry B. melodeon maker, d. 10 Sixth. 
Tice, John, painter, h. Tupper near Oak. 
Tieger, Joseph, joiner, h. Spruce near Genesee. 
Tiffany, Augustus J. firm T. A Lockwood, h. Beak near Ezchanga 
Tifft, George W. produce com. merchant, foot Main, h. 178 PearL 
Tifft, John V. book-keeper, G. W. Tifft, b. same. 
Tilden, Eliza, widow, keeper Niagara, Black Rock. 
Tilden, Thomas B. builder, h. 11 FrankUn, office basement 
Tilden, Jared H. m. d. over 232 Main, h. U Franklin. 
TiUinghaatr Dyer, firm T. 4 H. D. Tillinghagt» h. Frank'n near JBToftii 


TiUingliast, D. A H. D. attorneyB at law, 21 Spanldins'g EzcliAnge. 

TUlinghast, Henry D. firm of U. <fe H. D. T. h. Main aboye Tupper. 

Tim, Thomas, cook, h. Erie Canal dock, near Lloyd. 

Timmerman, Benjamin, firm Hersee & T. h. 20 Goodell. 

Timmermann, Edward, cigar maker, h. Senecaj Hydraulics. 

Timon, Rev. John, bishop, h. 64 Ellicott. 

Timon, Timothy, ostler, ft. LovejoY House. 

TJphaine, Victor, firm T. <fe S^on, h. 2 West Eagle. 

Tiphaine, Victor Leoxi, firm T. it Son, h. 2 West E^glfl. 

Tiphaine A Son, wine dealers, 193 Main. 

Tippriter, Peter, Hickory near Sycamore. » 

Tisohinger, Jacob, shoemaker, 496 Michigan. 

Tischler, Burchard, mason, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Tittel, Anthony, laborer, h. High near Jefferson. 

Titus, Thomas J. captain steamer Wisconsin, h. 48 West EaglSL 

Titus, Orrin B. firm O. B. Titus <& Co. h. 49 South DiTisloou 

Titus, O. B. <fe Co. dry goods, 178 Main. 

Titus, Miss, teacher, Dist. No. 2, b. 30 Seventh. 

Tobey, B. Gustavus, clai'k, 154 Main. 

Tobias, William, clerk, 205 Main, b. 3 CarrolL 

Tobie, Edward, medical student, 382 Main. 

Tobin, Charles, clerk, 194 Main, b. 31 East Swan. 

Tobin, Patrick, laborer, h. Exchange near Chicaga 

Tochler, Halmoii, shoemaker, 220 Washington. 

Tod, James <& Co. dry goods, 338 Main. 

Tod, James, firm J. Tod & Co. 338 Main. 

Tod, James, piano maker, 55 Exchange. 

Todd, William, clerk, J. R. Fero, h. 68 Ellicott 

Todd, James, joiner, h. 126 Folsom. 

Todrig, Louisa C. widow of Rev. F. T. 205 South DiTisiOB. 

Toles, Benjamin, constable, h. 171 Franklin. 

Toll, David P. clerk, 205 Main, b. 3 CarrolL 

Tolman, Frederick, at Gas Works. 

Tolsme, F. laborer, h. Ferry near SchooL 

Tompkins, Ira G. clerk, 188 Main, b. 35 East Swaiu 

Tompkins, Joseph, miller, b. W. G. Underhill. 

Tongue, Samuel J. tool maker, L. A L J. White. 

Tooley, Levi A. warehouseman, h. 34 Seventh. 

Toomer, William D. North Division below Cedar. 

Toomey, Edward H. gi'ocer, h. cor. Seneca and Alabama. 

Torrance, Jared S. firm T. A Blanchard, h.cor. Niag. A Niag. Sqxiare. 

Torrance A Blanchard, attorneys at law, Main cor. Lloyd. 

Torrence, John, marble cutter, D. Beldcn. 

Torrey, Patrick, laborer, h. Green near Washington. 

Tosspot, Timothy, laborer, h. William near Jefferson. 

Tousley, Lucian B. firm Sears A Co. h. cor. Morgan A Carey. 

Tower, Paul, laborer, h. TJtica near Seventeenth, 

Towils, George, with D. Belden. 

Towler, Samuel, boot maker, h. cor. Boston and Tupper. 

Tewles, Iia & clerk* Mack, Pickering A Blossom, b. 125 FnmldiiL 


Town, Iiorenco, ship earpei^ter, k, Perrj near Hayward. 

Townle^, Alfred B. book-keeper, 237 Main, b. 2 Eleventh. 

Town8end, John F. book-keeper. Savings Bank, h. Delaware ^b. 'NorOu 

Townsend, David T, joiner, L 177 South Division. 

Towusend, Alexander C. mason, h. Oak near High. 

Townsend, Elizabeth, widow of Robert, EUicott near Tupper. 

Townsend, George W. clerk, 8 Central Wharf, 152 East Seneca. 

Townsend, Richard, clerk, 172 Main, b. 152 East Seneca 

Townsend, Hosea W. 152 East Seneca. 

Townsend Hall, cor. Main and West Seneca. 

Townsend's Steam Saw Mill, Tonawanda St Black Rock. 

Townsend <fe Colt, car mimu&cturers, office over 216 Main. 

Townsend, Daniel J. firm T; A Coit, over 216 Main. 

Tows, Francis H. over 216 Main, h. Main above Chippewa 

Tracy, Albert H. cor. Court and f^nklin. 

Tracy, Ann W. boarding house, 203 Washington, 

Traeger, John, wagon maker, h. Eaene. - .,^ 

Traenkle, Louis, laborer, h. Spring near Sycamore^ 

Tragnor, .James, tailor, h. 155 South Division. 

Tralles, Frederick W. cabinet maker, h. 409 Michigan. 

Trank, Christoph J. joiner, h. Spruce near Batavia. 

Trank, Virgil, moulder, b. 14 Green. 

Traufler. John, laborer. Eagle Furnace, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Trautman, George, laborer^ h. Pratt near William. 

TravaUe, Sarah, 14 Mississippi. 

Travers, Gilbert, ca])tain, brig Preble, h. Fulton near Alabama. 

Travis, Wilson, mariner, h. cor. North Division and Cedar. 

Travis, Fifpk, laborer, h. Michigan near Perry. 

Travis, ConhieimB, moulder, h. 132 Folsom. 

Treat, William, ic. d. office and house 29'iagara near PearL 

Tredo, Francis, 400 East Sen^cfL 

Tremmel, Frederick, 105 East Genesee. 

Tremont House, comer Seneca and Washington. 

Tremper, John, inventor, h. 200 Oak. 

Trenkel, J^coh, boiler maker, h. Bennett near Batavii^ 

Trevett, , carpenter, h. Sixth near Hudson. 

Treynor, James, tailor, h. F^th near Court 

Triep, Anthony, grocer, cpr. Batavia and Cedar, 

Trier, George, grocer, cor. uedar and Eagle. 

Trimlett, William CL^inter, Jewett, Thomas <fe Co. h. 83 FoIbodl 

Trinity Church, cor. Washington and Mohawk. 

Tripp, Samuel, tailor, 239 Main, h. 64 South Division. 

Tripp, Joseph, painter, h. cor. South Division and Spring. 

Tripp, Harvey, millwright* h. 13 Clinton. 

Tripp, A. F. clerk, 54 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 

Trippel, John M^ cooper^ h. Spruce near Batavia. ■ 

Tris, Charles, joiner, n. cor. Oak and Tupper. 

Troel, Andrew, laborer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Troll, Sebastian, carpenter, h. Genesee near Spruces 

Trommel, Frederick, joiner^ h^ Asb near Batavi% 


Trommer, Peter, farnacenum, h. 418 Miehigaii. 

Troug^toa, Edward, at Benson'ti Malt Factoiy. 

Trout, Henry, finiaher, S. Shepard, b. 138 Elk. 

]Qttirbridge, Josiab, x. d. cor. Fearl and Swan. 

vmrhtUJgtl Sphnum B. painter, h. 298 EUicott 

Trowbridge, L, B. book-keeper, W. D. Walbridge. 

Truax, George, cor. Union and Olinton. 

Tradeau, A. tutor, St Joseph College. 

Trudell, Manwell, ship carpenter, b. J. Pelow. 

Tmeiapelmaan, Wm. Dutcher, cor Batayia and Jeifenoa. 

Trumbull, John, clerk, 836 Maim. 

Truman, Michael, laborer, h. 103 Cedar. 

Truman, Thomas, engineer, h. 40 Jackson. 

Trummel, Frederick, carpenter, h. A^ above Batayia. 

Trump, John, laborer, h. Hickory near Batayia. 

Trunck, Lawreace, Walnut aboye Sycamore. 

Truscott, George, 37 East Eagle. 

Trufldell, Jeremiah C. mason, h. South Diyision near Pollard. 

Tryon, Qeojme H. b. 31 East Swan. 

Tryon, M. hT 4k I. C. merchant tailors, oyer 159 Main. 

Tiyon, Marshall H. firm M. H. A I. C. Tryon, h. 85 Chippewa. 

Tryon, Isaac C. firm M. H. <k I. C. Tryon, h. 85 Chippewa. 

Tryon, Samuel A. clerk, C. M. Reed. 

TubesinGN Henry, stencil plate cutter and printer, 7 East Ssneea. 

Tucker, Dayid, clerk, Bidwell A Co. b. Mansion. 

Tucker, Robert, chairmaker, P. Staats, h. 1 Terrace. 

Tucker, William C. tailor, h. 100 Foisom. 

Tucker, William F. joiner, h. basement TJnitariaui CJaEorch. 

Tucker, William, Niagara cor. Mohawk. 

Tucker, James, clerk, h. 388 Main. 

Tuhlman, Frebuch, at gas works^ h. EUicott near Virgima. 

Tuite, James, laborer, h. oyer 88 Main. 

Tumblety, Owen, mariner, h. Chicago near Fulton. 

Tunison, T. C. grocer, cor. Chicago and Elk. 

Tunnicliff, Epluraim H. clerk, cor. Chicago and Exchange. 

TunniclifiF, Van Buren J. clerk, cor. Chicago and Exchanae. 

Tunnicliff, Charles, Rough and Ready recess, I Ohio Buildings. 

Tunnicliff, Abigail, widow, 94 Clinton. 

Tupper, Benjamin S. 160 East Seneca. 

Turing, Frederick, 498 Michigan. 

Turk, Adam, at Gas Works. 

Turner Brothers, soda and sarsaparilla manu'rs Niag. near YirginiiL 

Turner, Thomas C. firm Turner, Brothers, h. Niagua near Virgiai^ 

Turner, James, firm Turner, Brothers, h. Seyenth. 

Turner, Mary, widow, h. Niagara between Carolina and Vlr^nia. 

Turner, James* produce de^er. Terrace, h. Seneca cor. Louisiani^ 

Turner, Richar(L Pine near North Diyision. • 

Turner, Chester P. pump and block maker, Ohio, h. 145 K. Diyiaionu 

Turner, Julia A. teacher, b. 145 North Diyision. 

Turner, Henry B. watchman, h. 84 OairoU. 



Turner, Ad«m, ensiBeer, h. d70 Fnmklin. 

Turner, Chipman F, lumber dealer> h. J^iagaray north of Boucir. 

Turrell, John, pedler, h. 29 Clinton. 

Turrell, Hubbard, firm T. <& Kelaey, h. 77 Delaware. 

TutUc, DaTid N. produce dealer, 10 Central Wharf, h. 37 Vet^lMtSi 

TutUe, George, clerk, 10 Central Wharf, b. 37 West £a^le. ^ 

Tuttle, RoBwell P. railroad contractor* 117 Korth DiTiaion. 

Tnttle, Arad, firm Fleehartj A TutUe, h. 44 Court 

Tweedy A Smith, hattem, 173 Main. 

Tweedy, Wm. firm Tweedy <& Smith, h. 167 Delaware cm** Tupper. 

Twichell, Abram, grocer, 406 Main, h. 197 PearL 

Tyan, Peter, grocer, Niagara near Carolina. 

Tyler, John, constable, h. Carolina below Fifth. 

Tyler, Mrs. Alpha, with Ellas Qreen. 

Tyler, Joseph K. deputy sheriff, 1l 22 EUicott. 

Tyler, James, clerk, 136 Main, b. Niagara Temperanee House. 

Terrell A Van Deventer, attomeys at law. Main near Court 

Tyrrell, M. H. L. finn T. A Van Derenter, bw American. 

Tyirell, Volney, engineer, B. <b N. Y. City B. R. K Raihroad Hqlel. 

TyrreU, Thomas, b. Qeorgia near Sixth. 

Tyrrell, John T. sawyer, n. Fulton near Cbicaga 

ITebbmg. Anton, blacksmith, J. Newman. 

Uebela&er, John, cor. Elm and Burton Alley. 

Uebelacker, Joseph, grocer, 243 East Genesee. 

Uebler, Matthias, butcher, h. Batavia near Bennett 

Uhlman, Andreas, blacksmith, h. 33 Walnut 

Uhrig, Charles, b^er, h. 571 Mun. 

Ullmer, Philip, match manufacturer. Spring below Genesee; 

trimsnlder, Fwil, printer. Telegraph Offiee. 

XJlrich, Henry, mason, h. German Alley. 

Ulrich, John, brickmaker, h. North CaiToll. 

Ulrich, Wolfgang, tailor. Hickory above Batavia. 

Ulrich, John, laborer, h. 576 Washington. 

Umber, Jacob, with J. S. Morris. 

Umlauf, Adam, mason, h. cor. Michigan and Tupper. 

Umpleby, Robert, joiner, h. Morgan near Niagara. 

Unoerfinger, Ellen, widow, h. 151 Cheiyy. 

Underfin^er, Simon, Cherry below Spring. 

Underhai, Wm. Q. miller, fi. Niagara near Ferry, 

Underbill, David, with L. A I. J. White, h. 130 North Division. 

Underwood, Cornelius S. prints, Jewett, Thomas A Co. h. 146 West 

Huron near Niagara. 
Unholz, Mary, widow of Joseph, rear of 562 Michigan.' 
Union Furnace, T. J. Dudley <k Co. near Hamburgh Can&L 
UNITED STATES HOTEL, Z. Bonney, Teirace cor. PearL— ififet 

adv, p. 99. 
Unitarian Church, cor. Franklin and Eagle. 


Itnited States District Court Boom, 17 Spanlriing's Exchange. 
Uniyersalist Church, Washlngtoii near South Division. 
Unverzacht^'Charles A. cabinet maker, h. Pr^tt near Sycamore, 
^ham, Wm. W. clerk, 205 Main, b. 5 Franklin. 
ITpton, Stephen, laborer, h. 106 Clinton. 
Urban, George, Oak cor. Genesee. 
Urban, Henry, grocer, Genesee cor. Oak. 
Urban, Louis, liquor dealer, 570 Main. 
Ursprun^, S. shoemaker. Pine near Batavia. 
Urtel, William, sash maker, b. 48 Sycamore. 
Uscholt, Baptist, gi*ocer, h. Batavia near Lutheran. 
Usher, Eliza, widow of Silas, Swan near Pollard. 
U^iof, Charles, laborer, h. 529 Michigan. 
Utley, Capt H. book-keeper, 174 Mam, b. T. Spicer. 
Utley, Horace, piano foi*te and veneer dealer, 174 Main, h. Niagara 
beyond JTiagara Square; 


Vail, George O. <& Co. marble dealers, cor. Erie and ship canaL 

Vail, George O. firm Mann, V. «fe Co. h. I^orth, west of Delaware. 

Vail, Aaron, with G. O. VaiL 

Valentine, William, mason, h. 198 Delaware. 

Valentine, George, jr. mason, rear of 198 Delaware. 

Valentine & O'Keilly, lockmakers, 10 Court. 

Valentine, Frederick, firm V. <& O'Keilly, h. Delaware above North. 

Valentine^ Jabez, mason, h. 60 German. 

Valentine, Edward, carriage maker, h. 63 German. 

Valentine, Michael, laborer, h. Nichols' Alley. 

Valentine, Hohman, tinsmith, 217 Main. 

Valentine, Mrs. widow of Israel, 27 Oak. 

Valk, John A. painter, h. Pine near Batavia. 

Valliquete, Michael, boiler maker. Phoenix Iron Works. 

VAN^ ALLEN, HENRY, proprietor Clarendon, cor. Main and South 

Division. — See adv.p, 98. 
Van Allen, Robert, at Eaton's planing miU. 
Van Alstine, Gardner P. barkeeper, 81 Main. 
Van Antwerp, sculptor, 2 Court, b. 72 Chippewa, 
Vanbaalen, Emanuel, clothier, 7 U. S. Hotel block. 
Vanbenthuysen, John, carpenter, h. cor. Delaware and Hamilton. 
Van Brocklin, Gilbert, ociuist, over 3 East Seneca. 
Vanburg, Leonard, with D. Belden. 
Van Catz Small enburg, Nicholaus W.A. derk, Hersee <& Timm^nnany 

h. Ellicott near Virginia. 
Vandam, John, tailor, h. North Division near Hickory, 
Van Deberg, Anton, j>ainter, h. Batavia below Michigan. 
Van Delden, John, ship carpenter, h. Walnut near Cllnto^. 
Van Denniken, Mi-s. 351 Main. 
Vandelven, John H. ship carpenter, h. 121 Swan. 
Vandeputty, William, carpenter, b. Pine near William. 
Vanderblas, John, William below Union. 

862 OOmOMOIAL aovsbtiskb dirxotobt. 

Vanderkemp, Garrett» cabinet maker, 333 Mais, K Pine n. Batavia. 

Vanderlip, Isaac, carman, h. 30 German. 

VanderUp, Eliaa 0. 344 PearL 

Vanderpoel, Isaac V. attorney at law, over post-office, b. 71 Oak. 

Vanderpool, Mr& widow of Daniel M. Wamut near William. 

Vanderschaaf, Frederick, 307 Main. 

Yanderschaaff, Lambertus, 307 Main. 

Vandershaaff, John, career, h. 40 Sycamore. < 

Yanderven, Henry, carpenter, h, ISK) Pine. 

Yanderwal, Derk, shoemaker, h. Spring aboye Bataria. 

Yanderwater, George, crardener, h. Delaware, north of Summer. 

Yan Deventer, James T. firm Tyrrell A Y. Main nesr Oourt. 

Yandoozer, Ifo^ P. dressmaker, 31 Clinton. 

Yandusen, Hn^h, painter, h. Cedar near Eagle. 

Yan Duzee, William S. dentist, h. Main above North. 

YANDUZEE A BARTON, engrayers, 161 Main, Commercial Ad- 

yertiser Buildings. — See Mv.p. 81. 
Yan Dmeee, Benj. O. firm Y. A Barton, 161 Main, h. Main ab. NorHk. 
Yan Dyke, Cornelius, laborer, at D. Belden's factwy. 
Yandyke, John C. marble cutter, h. Bennett near William. 
Yanepps, Hiram, 97 East Seneca. 

Yan Esterick, Frederick, painter, h. Michigan near Cypress. 
Yanhouten, Israel H upholsterer, 313 Main. 
Yan Inwagen, Anthony, 89 Soutii Division. 
Yan Tnwagen, James, book-keeper. Cutter <fr Coye. 
Yankalinod, Frederick, brickmaker, h. Porter near Yan Rensselaer. 
Yan Eleek, Mrs. William H. confectioner, 384 Main. 
Yanname, Miss R. milliner, 319^ Main. 
Yanorden, John, moulder, McGennias & Baldwin. 
Yan.Ornum, P. C. builder, h. Delaware above North. 
Yan Omam, Daniel D. mason, h. Summer near Delaware. 
Yan Ostrand, Henry, ship carpenter, h. Carroll near Chicago. 
Yan Rensselaer, Melinda P. widow of Saunders, 7 West Genesee. 
YAN S ANTYOORD A CO. dry goods dealers, 164 MsixL—See ad», 

f>. 65. 
Yan Santvoord, Samuel M. firm Y. A Co. h. 7 Boston block, Niagara. 
Yansicklen, James P. truckman, h. 144 Elk. 
Yanslyke, Evans A Co. Steam Planing Mill, Mechanic. 
Yanslyke A Co. boat builders, Mechanic. 

Yanslyke, Cornelius A. firm Y. A Co. h. cor. Franklin and Genesee. 
Yanslyke, Abraham, tobacconist, 35 Commercial, h. Car. near Sev'th. 
Yanslyke, John H. clerk, R. Hollister A Co. 
Yanslyke, Gheorge, hay merchant, h. Carolina near Seventh. 
Yaustone, John, Norui Porter near Auburn. 
Yansyle, Peter, Tenth above Pennsylvania. 
Yantassel, Edward, Belden's marble factory, h. Palmer near Md. 
Yan Tyne, Charles, Erie Land office. Brown's Buildings. 
Yan Yelsor, Benjaniin, baker, 396 Main, h. same. 
Yan Wie, Andrew, joiner, h. Fi^h near Carolina. 
Yan Wie, John, joiner, h. cor. Seventh and Hospital, 


Yanvolkraiburg, Nelflon, 84 Carroll 

Vanvolkenburg, Hiram, Green near Beak, 

Vanzee, Joiin H. type founder, h. £agle near Pratt. 

Varlj, John, carman, h. 28& Seneca. 

Varly, Peter, truckman, h. 295 Swan. 

Varlj, Stephen, with Allen, Oatman A Co. h. Carndl near Chicago. 

Varnej, M. Lafayette, at State Engineer's office. 

Vary, Samuel, overaeer, h. 159 Delaware. 

Vass, Peter, joiner, h. Pratt above Batavia. 

Vaughan, Thomas, dry goods and furniture, h. Pine near William. 

Vaughan, Maurice, auc. and com. mer. 1 and 2 Quay, h. Park Place. 

Yaughan, Daniel, auc. rooms, I and 2 Quay, h. Wash, near Clinton. 

Vaughan, Otis, boot and shoe store, 151 Main, h. Main near GoodelL 

Vaughan, George A. clerk, 316 Main, b. Capt. Whltaker. 

Vaughm, Hiram, pedler, h. 231 Carroll. 

Vaughn, Geo: C. proprietor t^» lithontrlptic, 207 Main, h. 255 Frank. 

Vaughn, James N. pedler, h. Eagle near Pratt. 

Vaughn, Patrick, pedler, h. North Division near Jefferaon. 

Vauz, John P. American Express office. 

Vedder, Edmund B. attorney at law, 2 Ex. h. Waldeu Hill, Franklin. 

Vedder, Jacob S. b. 358 Washington. « 

Vedder, Herman P. machinist, b. Southern Hotel. 

Venables/ John, cor. Niagara and Court 

Venator, Charles, engineer, h. Genesee below Spring. 

Venator, Wm. tanner, h. 130 East Genesee. 

Venn, John, waiter, h. cor. Oak and Tupper. 

Vergon, August, machinist, 44 Exchange. 

Vermehr, Augustus, joiner, h. EUicott, above Burton Alley. 

Vermylia ds Knapp, fruit and liquor dealers, 88 Main. 

Vermylia, Wm. £. firm V. A Enapp, h. 27 Carroll 

Verplanck, Isaac A. att'y at law, Spaulding's Ex. h. North near DeL 

Versch, Adam, ^ocer, cor. Svcamore and Walnut. 

Vetter, George, joiner, h. Hickory near Genesee. 

Vetter, Charles, laborer, h. Ferry, west of Hampshire. 

Vetter, Jacob S. office Michigan Central Railroad, h. 358 Waalungton. 

Viall, Abraham, teamster, h. Pine near Clinton. 

Vickery, Wm. R. sheet iron worker, 66 Main, h. 52 EUioott 

Victor, John, 127 Main, b. 13 Pearl. 

Vief, Frederick, mason, h. Bennett above William* 

Viele, Henry K firm V. A Chamberlain, h. Washington cor. Lafayette. 

Viele A Chamberlain, attorneys at law. South Division near Main. 

Vigneron, Joseph, mason, Townsend's Saw Mill, 

Vuas, B. D. printer. Courier office. 

Vilb^, Gorton, with J. A. Pitts. 

Vine, Chauncey, joiner, h. 29 Union. 

Vine, Geo. butcher. Cor. Vermont and Seventeenth. 

Viners, Charles, moulder, McGennis and Baldwin. 

Vining, Georse Wm. county clerk's office, h. Swan n«ar Ellicott 

Vinoughton, reter, 108 Folsom. 

SM ooMmaoiAL AovaanRB BntKOTOxr. 

Vinton, Heniy, keeper at penitentiarj, h. eor. Niagara and Hndson. 

Viaher, Wm. with Welch A Latta, h. Carey near Morgan. 

Voas, Robert W. bellows maker, h. cor. Steuben and Alabama. 

Voelker, Peter, butcher, h, Michigan near William. 

Vogel, Wm. cabinet maker, 200 Main, h. William near Milnor. 

Vogel, Ferdinand, joiner, h. Mortimer near William. 

Vogel, John, blacksmith, cor. Clinton and Pratt 

Vogel, George^oiner, h. cor. Goodell and Mnlberry. 

Vogelgesang, Geo. laborer, h. Pratt near William. 

Vogelsang, Abraham, tailor, h. 94 Cedar. 

Vogh, Freideriok, printer, 159 Main, h. Kaene near Genesee. 

Vogh, Joseph, grocer, cor. Carolina and Bleyenth. 

Vogh, Andras, joiner, h. 3 Ash. 

Vogler, Frederick, lock maker, h. 103 Batayia. 

V<^, Francis, 91 Pine. 

Vogt, MJary, widow of Martin, 132 Sycamore. 

Vogt, Rev. Geo. S. pastor German ETangelical Oharch, h. 192 Oak. 

Vogt, Fred, grocer/ Seneca> Hydraulics. 

Vogt, Wm. joiner, h. Pollard opp. Folsom. 

Vogt, Philip, baker, h. Pollard opp. Folsom. 

Vo^ Henry, Goodell Alley near Michigan. 

Voigt, Catherine, widow of Henry, Batavia near Michigan. 

Voigt, Robert, blacksmith, 15 East Seneca. 

Volckman, James, cabinet maker, h. cor. Palmer and Carolina. 

Volckman, Alfred, store and h. cor. Palmer and Carolina. 

Volger, Edward, variety store, 272 Main, h. 105 EUieott 

Volk, John G. shoemaker, h. 21 Sycamore. 

Volk, Adam, laborer, h. Mulberry near Gk>odelL 

Volk, WuL shoemaker, Genesee near Jefferson. 

Volk, David, shoemaker, h. Genesee near Jefferson. 

Vollmer, Casper, hardware store, cor. Mohawk and Main. 

Volo, Marcellns, sash maker, 140 East Seneca. 

Volrath, Jacob, pedler, h. 197 Cherry. 

Voltz, George, grocer, 392 Main, h. same. 

YtAU, Loais, ckrk, 392 Main. 

Volwider, Jacob, clerk, 384 Main. 

Volz, Matthew, laborer, h. Michigan near High. 

Volz, Alois, laborer, h. 575 Main. 

Von Arx, James S. hotel keeper, Batavia cor. Hickory. 

Vonhatten, Martin, 18 Sycamora 

Voorsang^, N. dottier, 3 Pearl, h. 48 Morgan. 

Vorce, Dillwyn G. Huff's Hotel 

Vorce, Eliza G. widow, 30 North Division. 

Vorce, Silas A. captain propeller Niagara, h. Ninth near Virginia. 

Vors, John, grocer, Batavia near Pine. 

Vosburgh, Peter M. att'y at law, over P. O. h. Maryland near Ninth 

Vosburgh, Natlum', clothier, 6 Carroll. 

Vosburgh, Jane, widow of N. cor. Ferry and Niagara. 

Voser, Roberta laborer, h. 94 Cedar. 


Voflseller, Nathan, canal stabler, h. Illiaoia near Slk. 

Voss, Charles, bar-keeper, 347 Main. 

Voss, Edward, gilder, h. Smjth Block, Exchange. 

Vowinkel, Charles, joiner, h. cor. Michigan and Burton Allej. 

Voyer, Louis, carver, h. 39 Union. 

Vojer, Mrs. dressmaker, h. 39 Union. 

Voyle, Philip, 17 PearL 


Wacker, Louis, opp. St Louis Church. 

Wackerman, John M. crockeiy store, h. 23 Genesee near Washiagton* 

Wachtel, Fred, laborer, h. 149 Oak. 

Wackrow, John, gardener, h. cor. Elm and Genesee. 

Wadar, William, shoemaker, 69 East Tupper. 

Wade, James, truckman, h. 54 Morgan. 

Wade, Cant William, 203 Oak. 

Wade, Isabel, widow, William near Cedar. 

Wade, William, ti'uckman, h. 54 Morgan. 

Wade, Thomas, Carey near Morgan. 

Wadsworth, Daniel, clockmaker, h. 238 PearL 

Wadsworth <& Cameron, attorneys at law, 161 Main. 

Wadsworth, James* firm W. <fe Cameron, h. Main above Chippewa. 

Wadsworth, Geo. attorney at law, 270 Main, b. Mansion.. 

Wage, John F. merchant tailor, 113 Main, h. same. 

Wagner, Valentine, paver, h. Mortimer below Gtenesee. 

Wagner, Hartman, blacksmith, h. 137 Batavia. 

Wagner, Christoph, shoemaker, h. Michigan near Cherry. 

Wagner, Kicholas, Bidwell, Banta <b Co. h. Milnor near William. 

Wagner, John, tanner, h. Pratt near Clinton. 

Wagner, Philip, firm Stambach & W. h. 10 Mississippi. 

Wagner, Christian, with J. Pease <fe Co. h. 64 Bennett. 

Wagner, Charles, laborer, h. Cherry near Spring. 

Wagner, Conrad, porter, 204 Main. 

Wagner, Francis, printer, Brunck, Held A Co. 

Wagner, Geo. clert, S. Bettinger. 

Wagner, Helen, widow, Pine near William. 

Wagner, John, laborer, h. 67 East Tupper. 

Wagner, John, mason, h. Hinckley neai* Spring. 

Wagner, John, shoemaker, h. 284 Pearl. 

Wagner, John P. joiner, h. cor. Main and Burton Alley. 

Wagner, John, Buffalo Furnace, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

tTagner, Louis, at Terrapin Lunch. 

Wagner, Matthew, clerk, 168 Main, b. 264 Pearl. 

Wagner, Michael, dairyman, h. Hickory near Batavia. 

Wagner, Peter, laborer, h. Camp near Genesee. 

Waener, Peter, teamster, h. Washington below Scott 

Wahl, Peter, Eagle -Furnace, h. Bennett near Batavia. 

Wahl, Frederick, painter, h. cor. Virginia and Jefferson. 

Wahl, Wm. sash maker, h. cor. Jefferson and Virginia. 

Wahl, Christian, glacier, h. cor. Jefferson and Virginia. 

866 oonnmouL ADT<Bn8K& tnsEctour. 

W aid, OhirlM, pstnter, K cor. Jefferson and Vir^nuu 
Wahler, Michael, laborer, h. Mortimer near William. 
Wahmhoff, Stephen H. boiler maker, J. Newman^ 
Waibel, Chnstian, boarding house. Rock cor. Maiden Lane. 
Watt, Gapt Willuun, 903 Oak. 

Waite, Baniel P. book-keeper, 237 Main, b. Genesee House. 
W^efield, Slias, pedler, h. Walnut near William. 

Wakelee, Charles, clerk, steamer , b. B. BidwelL 

Walbridge. Wells D. com. mer. foot of Wash, on Dock, h. 39 EUieot^ 

Walbridge, Mrs. widow of Geo. B. 262 Washington. 

Waloom, Jacob, carriage painter, Watkins A WiUiams. 

Walcom, John jr. tailor, o. Washington near High* 

Walden, Ebeneaer, 536 Main. 

Walder, Aueustus, tanner, N. Case <fe Co. 

Waldo, Nathan, joiner, cor. 1 upper and Ellicott 

Waldraff, Frank, shoeioaAker, Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Walcbron, Cornelius A. justice of the peace, h. cor. Sen. and Franklin* 

Waldron, Ephratm 0. with W. D. Walbridge, h. 126 South Dimion. 

Waldron, Elisabeth, widow, h. oyer Sloan^s grocery^ Exchange. 

Waldron, Thomas, waiter, IT. S. Hotel 

Waldron A Ramsey, looking|*glas8 store, 167 Main. 

Waldron, T. clerk, Niles A Wheeler. 

Waling, John, sail maker, b. Mr& Page. 

Walker, Elmore H. clerk, Niles <k Wheeler, b. Mrs. Jesse Walker. 

Walker, Geo. clerk, poet-office, h. 61 South Division. 

Walker, George M. clerk Niles A Wheeler, b. Mrs. Jesse Walker. 

Walker, Henry C. firm H, C. W. <fe Co. h. North, west ofI)elaware. 

Walker, Henry C. A Co. shipping and com. mer. Mich. U. R. R. Dock. 

Walker, J. C. firm H. C. W. A Co. h. North, west of Delawsre. 

Walker, John, dry goods merchant, 424 Main. 

Walker, Julius, jeweler, 155 Main, h. 4 East Mohawk. 

Walker, Mrs. widow of Jesse, h. Georgia, cor. Ninth. 

Walker, Stephen, builder, 216 Washington, h. 173 Delaware. 

Walker, Samuel G. firm J. Q. Dudley A Co. h. 60 West Mohawk. 

Walker, Wm. H. firm O. P. Ramsdell A Co. b. 173 Delaware. 

WALKER A CLARKE, prod, dealers, 8 Cent Wh*£— <Sfe« adv.p. 47. 

Walker, James, shoemaker, 208 East Seneca. 

Walker, Horatio N. att'y at law, 146 Main, h. 43 Elm near Clinton. 

Walker, Thomas, soap and candle maker, h. 167 PearL 

Walker, Joel L. law clerk, Eli Cook. 

Walker, John, stone cutter, D. Belden. 

Walker, William, shoemaker. Court near Hospital. 

Walker, Charles, tailor, b. City Hotel 

Walker, William J. pattern maker, T. J. Dudley A Ca 

Walker, William, on the lake, h. 95 Niagara. 

Walker, Joseph, laborer, h. Porter cor. Van Rensselaer. 

Walker, James J. truckman, b. Casper Bartley. 

Walker, Jonas, clerk, h. 67 Elm. 

Walker, S. N. 315 Main, b. 420 Main. 

Walker, William, farmer, between Amherst and Colrin. 


Walker, Lewis, blackeiiiitli, h. 80 CairoE 
Walker, Charles £. clerk, 221 Main, b. 173 Delaware, 
Walker, Emily, widow of Thomas, Carroll below Lonisiaiia. 
Walker, John, baker, William near Walnut 

Walker, , watchman, h. 132 Elm. 

Wall, Dayid, foreman, Hollowa^ A Co. h. Delaware near Allen. 

Wall, WiUuun A. barber, under the American. 

Wall, William, butcher, John Boorom. 

Wall, James W. ostler, h. Ellicott near Mohawk* 

Wall, Ann, Ellicott below Mohawk. 

Wall, Wm. ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Folaom. 

Wall, Francis, ship carpenter, h* 1 Scott 

Wallace, William, chief engineer, Brantford A Buffi R. R. 190^ Main, 

h. cor. Qenesee and Franklin. 
Wallace, William A. ship carpenter, h. North Dirisioti netr Pollard. 
Wallace, William, shoemaker^ cdtr. Ellicott and Hudson. 
Wallace, William C. ship joiner, b. 138 Elk. 

Wallenhorsty Henry F. engineer, h. Pratt near Clinton. i 

Wallis, Erastus, m. d. over 302 Main, h. 56 Chippewa. 
Walpole, Thomas, ship joiner, h. 15 Mississippi. 
Walls, John, plasterer, h. 50 Tupper. 

Walls, Thomas, brickmaker, h. swan. Hydraulics. { 

Walls, WiUiam, barber, A. D. WiUiams, L 18 William. 

Walsh, John, exchange office, 5. Sidway Block, h. same. I 

Walsh, Patrick, ship carpenter, h. Elk near Ohio Slip. i 

Walsh, John, m. d. Fifth near -Carolina. 

Walsh, Edward P. melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. N. DIt. cor. Pollard, 
Walsh, James, ship carpenter, h. Fulton near Ohio Slip. 
Walsh, Peter, ship carpenter, h. Elk near Ohio Slip. 
Walsh, Michael, melodeon maker, 200 main. 

Walsh, James, joiner, h. 181 Exchange. ^ 

Walsh, John, pedler, h. 14 Chippewa. 
Walsh, PatricK, joiner, h. Fifth near Court 
Walsh, Michael, laborer, h. Indiana near Perry. 
Walsh, Nicholas, 30 Terrace. 
Walsh, James, ship carpenter, James SulUyan. 
Walsh, James, teamster, h. Carroll near Chicago. 
Walsh, William, laborer, h. Seneca near Hambivgh. 
Walt, A. shoemaker, cor. Michigan and Clinton. 
Walter, Hugh, contractor, 359 Michigan. 
Walter, Francis, wagon maker, h. Sycamore near Hickory. 
Walter, Frederick, teamster, h. Qoodell near Elm. 
Walter, Frank, shoemaker, h. 172 Oak. 
Walter, Tobias, joiner, h. 255 Elm. 
Walter, Diebold, grocer, 67 Sycamore. 
Walter, Adam, tanner, h. Spring near Sycamore. 
Walter, Augustos* tanner, h. Hickory near Batavia; 
Walter, Charles, cooper, h. Walnut near Batavia 
Walter* Charles, lock maker, b. O. AugstelL 
Waher* Ohrntiaa, batoher» h. Batam near Benaett 

ns oomiiwffAL ABtsmsn ^hisotoet. 

Walter^ Christian, saddler, b. Jefferaon near Balayiar 

Walter, Frank, tailor, h. Mulberry above GoodelL 

Walter, George, b. If anaion. 

Walter, Henry, maaon, h. Mortimer near Batavia. 

Walter, John, tanner, K. Case A Co. 

Walter, > soldsmith, h. 353 Main. 

Walthei, Charles O. clerk, 138 Main. 

Waliher, Qeorge, shoemaker. Pollard near Seneca. 

Walton, John, book-keeper, Rowe A Co. h. Oak abore Tupper. 

Waltrap, Andrew, cap maker, 5 £. Genesee, h. Elm near Sycamore. 

Walts, Bernhardt, laborer, h. North Division near Hickory. 

Walts, Francis, cabinet maker, h. Milnor near Batavia. 

Wamhof, Stephen, boiler maker, J. Newman, h. William near Bennett 

Wandel, John, butcher, cor. Elm^and Sycamore. 

Wander, Gea tailor, h. Hinckley near Spring. 

Wander, Joseph, mason, h. HoUister near Spring. 

Ward, George H. U Church. 

Ward, Henry, bellows maker, b. cor. Steuben and Alabama. 

Ward A Stone, dry goods merchants, 140 Main. 

Ward, Hiram P. firm Ward A Stone, b. Mansion. 

Ward« James, boiler maker, h. Elk near Chicaga 

Ward, James, boarding house. Quay near Wasidqgton. 

Ward, Robert, butcher, h. Pine below Batavia. 

Ward, ThomfUB, with Ihivis and Sutton. 

Ward, Wm. grocer, 91 Exchange. 

Wardle, Wm. driver, W. Sutherland. 

Wardwell, W. T. firm Sprague <b Wm. h. Washington aK Lafayette. 

Ware, Jacob B. laborer, n. 151 ^icott 

Ware, Patrick, caulker, b. Catharine Roach. 

Warford, Lewis S. boat builder, h. 28 Jackson. 

Warhaus, Barnard F. barber, 309 Main, h. 165 Elm. 

Warhus, Frederick W. shoemaker, 157 Main, h. William near Bennett 

Warhus, Henry F. shoemaker, 3 Exchange, h. 31 Union. 

Warhus, Louis, vamisher, 307 Main. 

Waring, Mrs. Jane, 11 Court 

Warkerley, Wm. ship carpenter, h. 142 Elk. 

Warmingtoo, Robert C. tailor, Niagara south of Amherst 

Warner, Adam, cabinet maker, b. A. Rolf. 

Warner, George F. clerk, N. Wilgus, h. 52 GkiodeU. 

Warner, N. H. m. d. office and h. 301 Washington. 

Warner, Truman H. firm Woodward, W. ds Co. h. Perry nr. Hayward. 

Warner, P. S. cabinet maker, 412 Main. 

Warner, Thomas M. painter h. cor. Clinton and Pine. 

Warner, Asa B. b. 11 Church. 

Warner, Thomas, hatter, 161 Main. 

Warner, Harvey H. with B. Crooker. 

Warner, Joseph W. P. barkeeper, cor. Terrace and PearL 

Warnke, Henry, tailor, h. 253 Elm. 

Warren, Edward S. firm Thompson A Co. h. cor. Main and Tnpper. 

Warren, Henry, firm Oanr <k Warren, manager tibieatii^h* 166 Peaii 


Warren, Edward J>. book-keeper, 59 Main, h. 113 East Eagle. 

Warren, Horatio, sec'j Buff. Steam Engine Works, h. 11 K Mohawk. 

Warren, John, stone cutter, h. High cor. Ellicott 

Warren, Norman B. builder, h. 117 Clinton. 

WARREN A BROTHER, composition roofers, over 221 Main.— ^ 

adv. p. 84. 
Warren, Jonn, agent Warren A Bro. h. 79 Noiih Division. 
Warren, Mary Ann, widow, 223 PearL 
Warren, Francis O. clerk, 60 Main, h. 49 Franklin. 
Warren, Darwin C. agent, h. South Division near Spring. 
Warren, Mrs. E. A. t^arding house. Church near Terrace. 
Warren, Henr j, jr. clerk, C. VoUmer. 
Warren, William P. clerk, 223 Main, b. 18 East Eaele. 
Warren, John D. clerk, Buffalo Steam Engine Works, h. Cottage. 
Warren, Millville E. at United States Hotel. 
Warren, Henry H. firm Chamberlain A Co. h. 5 East Mohawk. 
Warriner, LV.dc Co. lumber dealers, cor. Court <fe Pearl, ds Sen. A La. 
Warriner, Israel C. firm I. C. W. <fe Co. h. Delaware above North. 
Wartinger, Wolfgang, blacksmith, h. Boston. 
Washburn, Marcellus, clerk, 172 Main, b. 31 East Swan. 
Washburn, Henry, melodeon maker, h. Huron near Niagara. 
Washburn, Alanson, at R. R. office, h. 55 CarrolL 
Washburn, Ansel L. at Telegraph office. 
Washburn, George E. lumber dealer, cor. Ohio and Chici^, h. Bark«|; 

near Main. 
Washington, Jesse, Clinton near Pratt 

Washington Street Baptist Church, between Swan and S. Diviaion. 
Washington Dining Saloon, 12 and 14 Exchange. 
Wass, John, laborer, h. cor. Chicago and Miami. 
Wasser, Anton, laborer, h. Pratt near William. 
Watch House, upper, cor. Mohawk and Pearl. 
Watch House, lower. Terrace near Evans. 
Watchen, George, laborer, h. 37 Folsom. 
Waterman, Polly, widow, 58 Fifth. 
Waterman, John, cai-penter, h. Ninth near Virginia. 
Waterman, Gladding, joiner, h. cor. Ninth and Virginia. 
Waterman, Darius W. house and ship jo.ner, 26 Norton, h. 266 Frank, 
Waters, William, with P. L. Sternberg, h. 61 Clinton. 
Waters, John, tinsmith, h. 66 Court. 
Waters, John D. variety store, Seneca nearHayscales. 
Waters, Levi J. firm Burr <k Waters, h. 10 Ellicott 
Waters, Charles Henry, clerk, b. 27 Seventh. 
Waters, Thomas, shingle maker, b. Mrs. Page. 
Water Works, Niagara beyond York. 
Waterworth, on the lake, h. William near Union. 
Watson, Stephen V. R. 37 East Swan, office basement 
Watson, Bassel, Terrace near Eagle. 
Watson, Samuel L. firm Hoyt tb W. h. 41 West Eagle. 
Watson, Sylvester N. clerk, 184 Main, b. 3 Niagara. 
Wataon, Francis, machinist, h. Carroll near Miehigai^ 


Walaon» Wcflle^r. elerk» 138 Hnau 

Wataon, Ellen, Niagara Square. 

WatBODf Isaac, enmer, Qardner's taoDeij. 

Watson, William 8. engineer, cor. Waahington aooid CaiToIL 

Wattles* Mjrtle, Swan near Chicago. 

Watts, Joseph, laborer, h. 144 Ellicott 

Watts* John, iliip carpenter, h. cor. Eagle and Hiclrory. 

Watts, George, whitewasher, h. Aah near Sycamore. 

Watts, Henrj H. ship ioiner. Bid well, Banta A Co. h. acrMs ihe Cnelc. 

Watts, Edmund, sacldler, 123 Main, b. 4 Oak. 

Watsel, Gottfried, tailor, h. Goodell near Michigan. 

Way, EUca L. Exchange near Chicago. 

WsylsDd, John T7. clerk, Buffalo Sayings Bank, h, 148 Oliaftoo. 

Wayland, Francis H. clerk, 5 Quay. 

Weaver, Geo. pattern maker, £ag£e Furnace. 

Weaver, Fredmck J. with Dudley A Sona> h. Scott near HiauatnffL 

Weaver, Kicholas, hatter, h. 238 PearL 

Webb, William, Mary cor. Indiana. 

Webb, Amos, machinist, h. 222 Carroll. 

Webb, George J. foreman Com. Adv. office, h.cor. Thirteenth and Tib 

Webb, Joseph, truckman, h. 168 South Division. 

Webb, Jesse, ship carpenter. Van Slyke 4f Co. 

Webb, Wm. exotic florist, cor. York and Sixth. 

Webb^ Exotic Garden, York cor. Sixth. 

Webb, Peter, boarding house, cor. Ohio and Liberty. 

Webb, Thomas, Eighteenth, west of Niagara. 

Webber, A Beatty, gentlemen's furnishing store, 232 Main. 

Webber, John T. firm Weber <& Beatty, b. Clarendon. 

Weber, Mary, widow, cor. Batavia and Elm. 

Weber, Philip, tailor, Michigan below GoodelL' 

Weber, Jacob, joiner, h. 180 Oak. 

Weber, John J. cap maker, 157 Main, h. Tupper above Oak. 

Weber, Christian, cigar maker, 5 Terrace, b. Railroad Hotel. 

Weber, Benedict, shoemaker, 1 Swan, h. 282 East Swan. 

Weber, Philip, paver, h. Ellicott near Tupper. 

Weber, Lewis, clerk {KMst-office. 

Weber, George D. Main above Chippewa. 

Weber, Nicholas, laborer, b. Genesee House. 

Weber, Lewis, cooper, h. 16 West Mohawk. 

Weber, Peter, tailor, h. Walnut near Sycamore. 

Weber, Daniel, laborer, h. Mortimer near Geuesee. 

Weber, Nicholas, cap maker, 154 Main, h. 238 Pearl 

Weber, John, laborer, h. Maple near Goodell. 

Weber, Joseph, gardener, h. cor. Mulberry and Virginia 

Weber, Adam, carpenter, h. Mulbeiry near Goodell. 

Weber, Michael, wagon maker, h. 135 Clinton. 

Weber, Jacob P. grocer, h. 281 Oak. 

Weber, Peter, at Eaton's Planing Mill, h. Spring near Genesee. 

Weber, Ferdinand, shoemaker, cor. Commercial and Water. 

Weber, Jacob, agent H. S. R. K. h. William opp^ Potter. 


WHUnROtai. AS>YSftT2Bll(^ DmBOTOBT. S7l 

Veber> Hermann, harnecs-^BMker. h. cor. Ham and Burton AJli^. 

Weber, FrederLcl^ shoemaker, h. North, east of Main. 

Weber, Loui8> joiner, h. Oak' near Tnpper. 

Weber, John, laborer, h. Batavia below Michigan. 

Weber, Peter, cap maker, 102 Batavia. 

Weber, John, blacksmith* h. 255 East Genesee. 

Webster, Hugh, firm Hamlin A Webster, h. 155 East Benedu 

Webster, George B. agent Irving Ins. Co. 61 Main, h. Del. cor. XTtic^ 

Webster, George 0. with F. & Pease, 61 Main. 

Webster dc Sc^ grocers, 9 East Seneca. 

Webster, SlUs, firm Webster A Scott* h. 28 CtrroU 

Webster, Ahmson, street contractor, h. 11 Union. 

Webster, William R. clerk, H. O. Cowing, b. 62 East Swan. 

Webster, William, carpenter, at Eaton's planing milk | 

Webster, David, contractor, h. 7 Union. I 

Webster, A. 8. book-keeper, 1 East Seneca. I 

Webster, Wm. C. music teacher, h. 23 Kiagarft. ! 

Webster, Aaron B. grocer* 159 Elk. I 

Webster, Daniel J. clerk, 1 East Seneca, b. 155 East^etaeck 

Webster, Wm. H. clerk, 1 East Seneca, b. 23 Niagara Squarsw 

Webster. Henry, teamster, b. 228 East Seneca. 

Wecht, Jacob, butcher, h. 105 East Genesee. 

Wechter, Lorentz, Mulberry near GoodelL 

Wechter, Joseph, grocery and K 391 Main. 

Weed, Elios A Co. forwarding and com. merchants, 17 Central Wbart 

Weed, Elias, firm K Weed & Co. h. Delaware near Mohawk. 

Weed, William W. firm E. Weed A Co. h. 176 Pearl. 

Weed, Amelia Louisa, widow. Swan near PearL 

Weed, De Witt C. haidware store, 222 Main, h. cor. Swan and Frank. 

Weed, George T. clerk, 222 Main, K cor. Swan and Franklin. 

Weed, Thomas A. law student, h. 163 East Seneca. 

Weed, Joseph, engineer, h. 228 South Division. 

Weefle, John, Niagara, south of Amherst 

Weeks, Z. h. Folsom near Michigan. 

Weeks, John firm W. <fe Prescott, h. Franklin above Allen. 

Weeks, John, warehouseman, L. H. Pratt, h. Folsom near Michigan. 

WEEKS dc PRESCOTT, safe & scales depot, 81 Main.— iSto adv, p, IZ, 

Weeks, Henry, carpenter, b. 43 Jackson. 

Weeks, Geo. 8. ship builder, h. 43 PearL 

WegeUn, John U. baker, h. cor. Union and William. 

Weglinger, Christoph, laborer, h. Lutheran near Batavia. 

Wehser, Charles, tailor, h. Maple near Cherry. 

Wehser, Charles, jr. tailor. Maple near Cherry. 

Weig, Joseph, Mulberry near Virginia. 

Weigand, Satheser, shoemaker. Spruce near Batavia. 

Wcigel, Peter S. grocer, cor. Washington and ChippewA. 

Weigel, Michael, gardener, h. High near Jefferson. 

Weigel, Wolfgang, clerk, P. Houck. 

Weil, Jacob, blaeksmith, Bennett below Batavia. 

Weil, Jacob, grocer, cor. Elk and Chicago, h. 91 Elm. 


Weil, Horrits, cimr nutker, b. 131 ElUcotL 

Weil, AaroD, pecQer, h. 438 Michigan. 

Weil, Jacob, shoemaker, h. 131 EUicott. ' 

Weil, Julius, teacher, h. 131 Ellicott 

Weiland, Frederick, joiner, John A. Pitts, h.cor. Virginia and SerenAIi, 

Weiler, Louis, watchmaker, h. 138 East Genesee. 

Weiler, Jacob, watchmaker, h. Batavia. 

Weily, Michael, cor. Ferry and Monroe. 

Weimer, John A. store, Batavia cor. Michigan* 

Weimert, butcher, cor. Batavia and Ellicott 

Weimert, Augustus, cabinet maker, with Hersee and Timmermaik. 

Weindel, John, cap maker, h. 171 Oak. 

Weinmann, Conrad, Bristol near Spring. 

Weir, Qeorge, jr. grocer, cor. Pine and 'SorHti. Diviaion. 

Weis, John, bootmaker, 242 Main, h. Blossom Alley above BataTia. 

Weis, John, Buffalo Steam Engine Works, h. Walnut near Batavia^ 

Weis, Peter, musician. Camp near Sycamore. 

Weis, Jacob, pedler, h. cor. Batavia and Pine. 

Weis, Andrew, joiner, h. 104 West Tupper. 

Weis, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Walnut near Batavi«r 

Weis, Michael, brewer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 

Weis> Conrad, laborer, h. Spring near Qenesee, 

Weiss, Charles, m. p. 19 Batavia. 

Weiss, Frederick, laborer, h. Walnut near Batayia 

Weias, Abraham, grocer and baker, cor. Commercial and Reek. 

Weisbeck, John A. jr. clerk, 62 Main, h. Ninth near Maryland. 

Weisbruch, Joseph, shoemaker, h. Genesee near Elm. 

Weisenseal, Nicholas, laborer, h. Delawaie near Forest Lawn. 

Weissenbach, John G. plasterer, h. Cherry below Spring. 

Weiser, Charles, clerk, J. <fe W. Blakeley. 

Weiser, Henry, wine and liquor dealer, 347 Main. 

Weisser, Gottfried, baker, R. Ovens. 

Weisgerber, Stephen, clerk, h. Camp near Genesee, 

Weij£uhn, Peter, on the lake, h. reai* of 65 Batavia. 

Weishuhn, Philip, 65 Batavia. 

Weishuhn, Martin, on the lake, h. rear of 65 Batavia. 

Weisz, Frederick, boarding house. Maiden Lane. 

Weit, John,"ma8on, h. Boston near Virginia. 

Weita, Jacob, joiner, h. Pratt near Batavia. 

Weitael, Adolph, cutler, 93 Main. 

Weitzel, Frederick, cap maker, h. 14 Batavia. 

Welch A Hibbard, attorneys at law, 2 Exchange. 

Welch, Thomas C. firm W. A Hibbard, h. 46 Franklin. 

Welch, Samuel M. firm Coit A W. b. T. C. Welch, 

Welch, John, laborer, h. Hudson above Ninth. 

Welch, John, cunier, h. Steuben near Hamburgh. 

Welch, Jacob, 108 West Tupper. 

Welch, Martin, laborer, b. H. Hope, 

Welch, Michael, taUor, b. Exchange naar Washington. 

Walchlffr damual, b. John Rudy. 


Wellbery, Jolm, blacksmith, Ohio near Ohio Basin, h. Fnlton n. 1a, 

Wellenburgh, Francis A. trunk maker, 164 Main, fourth storj. 

Wellinger, Christopher, Bush <fc Howard's tannery. 

Weller, Peter, blacksmith, h. 53 East Tupper. 

Weller, Dorothj, widow of Christopher, Mortimer near Genesse. 

Weller, Alexander, cor. Washington and Clinton. 

Weller, Henry, cor. Washington and Clinton, b. 53 EUicott 

Wells, WUliam, firm Seymour A W. h. 88 East Eagle. 

Wells, Barnard S. recess, 162 Exchange. 

Wells, Chauncey C. firm Root <k W. h. 172 East SwKn. 

Wells, Benjamin, firm J. Benson A Co. h. 296 Franklin. 

Wells St Hart, builders, cor. Folsom and Free Soil Alley. 

Wells, Chandler J. firm W. Js Hart, h. Michigan near Seneca. 

Wells, William D. engineer, Jewett, Thomas <fe Co. h. Fulton tt. Ohia 

Wells, Elijah, grocer, cor. South Division and Pine. 

Wells, H. C. clerk, b. b8 East Eagle. 

Wells, William, watchman, h. 43 Seventh. 

Wells, Charles K. clerk, 190 Main, b. 7 Carroll. 

Wells, Loran, laborer, h. Ohio junction Louisiana. 

Wells, William, blacksmith, h. 1 Centre. 

Wells, Edmund, brakeman, b. 62 Lloyd. 

Wells, Butterfield de Go's Express office, 157 MaifL 

WeUs, Maria A. 218 Washington. 

Wells, Thomas G. carman, b. 162 Exchange. 

Welsh <fe Latta, grocers, Niagara near Mohawk. 

Welsh, Thomas, firm Welsh & Latta, Niagara near Mohawk, 

Welstead, John, manufacturer Chapsega oil, cor. Utica and R. L 

Welte, Felix, watchmaker, h. 387 Main. 

W^te, Christian, carriage trimmer, h. Swan opp. Foundry. 

Welte, Joseph, tinsmith, h. cor. Michigan and Tupper* 

Weltz A Scnnutt, variety store, 294 Main. 

Weltz, John D. firm W. A Schmitt, 294 Main. 

Welverly, Jacob, sr. laborer, h. Indiana near Perry. 

Welverlr, Jacob, jr. boiler maker, b. J. Welverly, sr, 

Wendall, Daniel, Elm near High. 

Wendel, John, hatter, 144 Main. 

Wendt, William, moulder, h. 9 Vine. 

Wendllng, Joseph, firm Smith A W. 156^ Main. 

Wenig, Sebastian, wagon maker, h. 167 Oak. 

Wenig, Oswald, wagon maker, h. 82 Bennett 

Wenner, Louis, shoemaker, h. 108 West Tapper. 

Wenner, Danicd, farmer, h. York near Rogers. 

Wenner, G^ree, wagoner, Daniel Preston. 

Wentworth, Allen D. coppersmith, h. 'Seventh near Yirginia. 

Wentworth, Harriet, widow of Lucius, Kinth above Virginia. ' 

Wentworth, Delavan, clerk, 8 Ohio, h. 29 Exchange. 

Wentworth, David, clerk, 158 Main, b. 29 Exchange. 

Wentzel, Frederick, painter, h. Hickory near Clinton. • 

Wentz, Frederick, grocer, cor. Elm <fc Genesee. 

Wenj^ Jjunei^ lumMr yard, Batana cor. Elm, h. 373 ICichigatiL 

174' MMMBBOUft ADVMmamE mrsovome; 

Weasy Barbara, Walnut naar Sycamore. 

Wens, Jacobs bookseller, h. Spruce abore Syeamare. 

Wensel* Adam, taller, b. Hickory near Genesee. 

Wenxing, William* moulder* Eagle Furnace, b. William naar Oedair 

Wepner, Jacob, brewery and h. cor. Gknetee 4i JefiersMiu 

Weppner, Arnold, butcher, 422 Main, h. same. 

Weppner, John, butcher, 374 Main, h. 174.£a6t Qcntfacft 

Weppner, Auguatusr 174 East Qenesee. 

Weppner, Francis, butcher* cor. North Division and Michigwi^ 

Weridi^ Adam, mason, h. 379 Oak. 

Werich, John, mason, h. EUicott near Burton Alley. 

Werich, Henry, upholsters, 233 Main, h. Boston near CktadeU. 

Werle, Anthony, clothier, 15 CommerciaL 

Werle, Qeorge A. Washington cor. Virginia. 

Werner, Daniel, with £. M. Eddy <fe Co. b. 53 EUicott 

Werner, J<^, tailor, h. Bennett near Balayia.. 

Wecner, Iisuis, cabinet maker, 307 Main. 

Weacott* Martin, cab driver,, h. 96 Carroll. 

Wesley, Mary B. widow* h. 156 Niagara. 

West» Morgan L. carpenter, h. 299 Seneca. 

West, Charles IS. principal Female Seminary, h. sam^v 

West* William, joiner, h. 71 Chippewa. 

Wes^ William, joiner, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

Westcott, George, saddler, h. Carroll near Chicago^ 

Westcott, Martin, at R. K. depot, h. 84 CwroU. 

Westcott, Andrew J. b. Albert Steyens.. 

Westcott, Rufus, 228 East Seneca. 

Westcott* Charles C. clerk* 57 Main* b. cor. Eagle and Eli& 

Westerh<^d* John H. with John A. Pitts, h. Seventh near Carolina. 

Westermann, George, barber* 377 Main. 

Westermann, Henry, hair dresser and barber, 377 Main, 

Westermeier, Peter, blacksmith, h. Pine near Cypress. 

WESTERN HOTEL* Francis L. Brown, Pearl A T«p.---8^«fo.iv99. 


publiiaher& — JS^ adv, p. 102. 
Weston, Judson, b. Terrace near Chnreh. 
Weston, Andrew, Niagara north of the creek. 
Weston, Thomas A. clerk, Pratt ds Ca b. cor. Sixth and Carolina* 
Weston* Edwin W. prov. dealer. Terrace market* h. Ter. nsar ChuzslL 
Westphal, John* cor. Delaware and Delsv^an Avenue.. 
Wesf^hal, Adalbert, Spruce above Sycamore. 
Weter, Peter, grocer, William cer. Potter. 
Weter, Peter, joiner, h. 55 East Genesee* 
Weter, Joseph, grocer, 55 East Genesee. 
Wetmore, Daniel, cooper, b. Daaiiel Wilson, 
Wetter, Jacob, store, 309 East Genesee. 
Wetzel, Valentine, basket maker, h. Walnut near Batavia. 
Welzel, Jacob, tjpe caster, N. Lyman, h. 234 Franklin.. 
Weyand, Christian, shoemaker, 78 West Tupper.. 
Weyand» Augustuflu shoe]nake];»h. 167 Elm,. « 

eemanotJLL advistibir DniBovoftT. S7fi 

Wejland, Francis J. v. d. h. 73 Batayia. 

Wejland, Louis, upholsterer, h. Pine below Batavia. 

Whalen, John^ ship carpenter, h. 7 Scott 

Whalen, James, laoorer, b. "W. Walen. 

Whalen, James laborer, h. Exchange near Chicago. 

Whalen, , on the lake, h. cor. Carolina and Fifth. 

Whalen, Sylvester, laborer, b. "W. hWalen. 

Whalen, Patrick, laborer, Morgan near Huron. 

Whalen, Bridget, widow, h. Elk near Clark <fr Skinner eanal 

Wheadon, Wareham, keeper livery stable, h. cor. Huron and Petri. 

Wheaton, Willard, joiner, h. rear 8S East Seneca. 

Wheeler, Ruf us, &rm A. M. Clapp is Co. h. Erie near Franklin. 

Wheeler, Capt Frederick a 10 West Swan. 

Wheeler, HeuTv, coppersmith, S. Shepard, h. Palmer near Yirginia. 

WheeleTj I. <fr J. soap and candle manufacturers, 4 Batavia. 

Wheeler, Isaac, firm I <b J. Wheeler, h. Qenesee below Terrace. 

Wheeler, Joel, firm I. <fc J.Wheeler, h. 53 East Eagle. 

Wheeler, John H. H. receiver, Niag. F. R. R. h. Terrace near Court 

Wheeler, Ira P. printer, "Commercial Advertiser office. 

Wheeler, Hugh, joiner, h. 104 Chippewa. 

Wheeler ds Melanoon, Railroad Eating House, Exchange. 

Wheeler, Frederick S. harbor master, h. 10 West Swan. 

Wheeler, Bbenezer, b. Joel Wheeler. 

WHEELER, ESTHER, widow of Francis, keeper Wheeler's HoteL 

Commercial. — See cuh. p. 99. 
Wheeler, Francis, agent, Wheeler'» Hotel, Commercial, 
Wheeler, George L. b. George E. Briggs. 
Wheeler, John B. 120 Oak. 
Wheeler* Ransom H. bartender, 4 East Swan. 
Wheeler, Wm. F. clerk, 268 Main, h. Qenesee near T^rraca 
Wheeler, William H. 75 Carroll 
Whitaker, Capt Harry, Seneca cor. Terrace. 
Whitaker, Chauncey H. b. Capt H. Whitaker. 
Whitaker, James, blacksmith, D. T. Whitaker. 
Whitaker, Thomas, blacksmith. Perry near Hayward. 
Whitaker, William D. Maiden Lane cor. Fly. 
Whitburn, Sarah J. widow. Fifth near Court 
Whitcomb, Harrison H. printer, b. 126 PearL 
Whitcomb, Joshua M. firm Howard ic W. b. E. H. Howard. 
Whitcomb, If athan W. dentist, h. Sixth near OecH'gia. 
White, Andrew, joiner, at Eaton's planing mill, h. 104 West Topper. 
White, Augustus, in elevator, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 
White, Charles, ship carpenter, b. James Sullivan. 
White, Chester B. boardmg house, 36 Exchange. 
White, David, grocer, 7 Packet Dock. 
White, Edward, grocer, Washington near Quay, 
White, Edwin R. clerk, 205 Main. 
White, Eliza, widow, b. Alex. McKay. 
White, Francis, laborer, h. 157 South Division. 
White, Frederick C. law student b. 35 East BwvK 


White, Geone C. firm W. ^ WillJamB, h. 47 East Sweb. 
"White, Geo. W . fornaee builder, h. Carolina near Siztlu 
White, Gilbert, 41 Seyenth. 

White, Henry A. cabinet maker, 203 Main,b. 44 East Eagle. 
White, Henry G. paint shop, 79 Main, h. 116 South Diyision. 
White, Henry, clerk, 138 Main, b. 31 East Swan. 
White, Hubbard T. shoe store, 274 Main, h. Niasara beyond Y'ag^nim. 
. White, Isaac D. furniture rooms, 303 Main, b. ClarendoB* 
White, I. Jewett. firm L. <fe J. J. White, h. 30 Ewt Siraxk 
White, James. W. plane maker, L. <& I. J. White. 
White, James P. icn. 230 Main, h. 27 East Swan. 
White, James, brickmakcr, h. Seneca cor. Hamburglu 
White, James, on the lake, h. rear 15 East Mohawf 
White, James/ cor. North Washington and Bird Avenue. 
White, James, jr. rope maker, h. cor. Niagara and North La£iyett6i 
White, John J. taUyman, M. C. R. R. office, h. 207 Delaware. 
White Xioad Factory, cor. Sixth and Georgia. 
White, Leonard, firm L. <b I. J. White, h. 33 Seventh near Georgia. 
White, L. A I. J. edge tool makers, 17 Ohio, workshop 3 Indiana. 
White, Mary Ann, widow of Nathaniel, 463 Michigan. 
White, Patrick A. grocer, 299 East Seneca. 
White, Richard M. derk, 216 Main, b. 4 Niagara. 
White, Roderick R. warehousemau, h. Perry near Hayward. 
White, Samuel L. machinist* b. 158 South Division. 
White, Warren M. railroad, h. 146 East Swan. 
White, William C. merchant, h..l25 South Division.^ 
While <fe Williams^^bankers, 146 Main. 
White's Bank, 146 Main. 

Whitehead, Lewis, upholsterer, 212 Main, h. 213 South DiTiai<»u 
Whiteman, William, laborer, h. Rhode Island near ITtica. 
Whitford, Lot 0. clerk, 3 West Seneca, b. 126 Pearl. 
Whitfield, Joseph H. on the lake, h. 165 North Division. 
Whitfield, Jamfs, barber, 106 Main, h. 192 South Division. 
Whiting, William P. C firm Ford <k W. h. 270 Pearl 
Whiting, Charles, at Canada tel^aph office, h. 25 CarrolL 
Whiting, J. D. freight agent, M. C. R. R. office, b. Niag. Temp. House: 
Whitmore, John, porter, jS6 Main. 
Whitney, Thomas, firm Thompson, W. <fe Coit 
Whitney, Jonathan> blacksmitn, h. 53 Ellicott. 
Whitney, Richard, joiner, 189 South Division. 
Whitney, Francis, laborer, h. Michigan above Batavia. 
Whitney, Milo, law student, J. O. Putnam. 
Whitney, Benjamin F. dentist, b. 18 South Division. 
Whitney, David M. watchman, h. South Division below Spring; 
Whitney, John W. machinist, h. Seneca near Michigan. 
Whitney, Sarah, widow, boarding house, Chicago near Elk. 
Whitney, Lyman, 452 Michigan. 
Whittet, Capt Joseph, 62 Sixth. 
Whittet^ Elizabeth, widow of A. 60 Sixth. 


Whittlesey, Theodore H. clerk railroad office, b. T. W. Stockton. - 

Whitwell, Seth, painter, h. Wearer's Alley. 

Wiar<l, Oliver, iron finisher, b. Tremont. 

Wiard, George, iron finisher, b. Tremont. 

Wiard, Norman, machinist, h. 186 South Diyision. 

Wibirt A Hebard, grocers, 35 and 37 Ohio. 

Wibirt, William, firm otVf.dc Hebard, h. 282 PearL 

Wibirt» James S. clerk, 37 Ohio. 

Wibirt, James S. Indian doctor, 4 Commercial Hotel, Dock. 

Wibirt, G. with J. A. Pitts* 

Wicksor, John J. clerk, 25 Main, b. 41 Main. 

Widman, John, ship carpenter, h. 180 EUicott, 

Widmer, Joseph, grocer. Swan near Pollard. 

Wiederkehr, Henry, laborer, h. Spruce near Batayia* 

Wiediger, Charles, joiner, h. 246 Elm. 

Wiedrich, Michael, clerk, Pratt ds Letchworlh, h. 3 Vine. 

Wieffand, William, joiner, h. cor. Washington and Burton Alley* 

Wiehind, GottUeb, taUor, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Wiesel* Adam, Hickory below Sycamore. 

Wigele, Barthol, painter, h. 576 Washin^on. 

Wiggins, Robert, painter, h. 130 Frankhn. 

Wiggins, Dennis B. m. d. liTiagara cor. Eagle, b. 119 PearL 

Wightman, Nathan, Smith block, Folsom. 

WIGHTMAN, GEOEGE D. engraver on wood, over 156 Main, h. 

cor. Niagara and Virginia. — Bee adv, p. 81. 
Wilber, Lorenzo D. joiner> h. 132 South Division* - 
Wilber, Joshua M. joiner, h, 104 Clinton. 
Wilber, Gordon, machinist, b. 36 PearL 
Wilber, Van Rensselaer, finisher. Palmer near Carolina. 
WUber, Mrs. E. S. widow, 48 West Eagle. 
Wilbor, Albert D. pastor Swan St. M. £. Church, h. rear of same. 
WUcox, Betsy, widow of H. 233 Carroll. 
Wilcox, John, moulder, h. Louisiana near Elk. 
Wilcox, Edward, clerk, Pratt <& Co. b. Church below PearL 
Wilcox, Birdsey, 8 Church. 

Wilcox, Charles H. ic n. over 302 Main, h. 70 West Huron. i 

Wilcox, Horace N. attorney at law, b. Dr. Wilcox. 
Wilcox, Orlando A. silk dealer, h. 68 Clinton. 
Wilcox, Don C. on the lake, h. Walden Alley near Delaware. 
Wild, John, mason, h. Elm near Tupper. ^ 
Wild, Barbara, widow of Jacob, Hycuraulics. 
Wild, George, laborer, h. Maple near Cherry. 
Wilder, Jo&, Steuben near Heacock. 
Wildgansz, Christian, cor. Carolina and Ninth. 
Wiles, John, foreman, Gilbert & Co's soap factory. 
Wiley, John, cor. Genesee and Morgan. 
WUgus, Alfred W. 75 South Division. 
WILGUS, NATHANIEL, paper hanging depots 231 Main, h. 66 W. 

Mohawk. — J^ adv, p,6l. ^ 
WilgnB, Lewis L, foreman, Holley <b Johnaoni h. Elk near city line. 



Wilhelai, n«dcriek, tailor, b. Wahiit near WilliaiiL 

WUhelm, John, ahoanaker, Wahrat near Bateria. 

Wilket A Co. for. com. merchanti, Canada Dock. 

Wilkci, W. ArUiiir, firm W. 4k Co. h. Franklin near ITortiL 

Wilkeaon A Co. iron mannfactgrerg, 77 Main. 

Wilkeaon, Samuel, jr. Niagara north of Carolina. 

Wilkeaon, William, Niagara Square. 

Wilkcaon, John, south- west side Niagara Squara 

Wilkeson, Ifatthew, laborer, D. Belden. 

WUkie, Mortimer, firm W. Foot <k Co. h. 46 Fnmkliii. 

Wilkins, Edmund, painter, h. North Division. 

Wilkinson, William, mason, h. 118 West Tupper, 

Wilkinson, C. hatter, 202 Main, b. Merchants' HotdL 

Will, Heinrich, lantern maker, Sangster A Sons. 

Will* John, laborer, h. Spruce near Sycamore. 

Will, Henrj, tinsmith, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 

Willard, Ndson, firm Munger A W. h. cor. Seventh cad yermont. 

WillanL Joel, carpenter, h. Ninth near Virginia. 

Willard, J. M. <b Ij. W. for com. merchants, cor. Lloyd and Prime. 

Willard, Levi W. firm J. M. A. L. W. Willard, b. U. S. Hotel 

Willey, C. N. book-keeper, 39 Central Whari 

William Tell Hotel, cor. State and Fly. 

Williams, Aaron J. ship carpenter, 25 Sixth. 

Williams, Amos, overseer wnite lead factory, h. 39 Seventh. 

WilUama, Albert K moulder. Eagle Furnace. 

Williams, Allen, with Van Slyke <fr Co. h. 34 Jackson. 

Williams, Alfred M. 201 Main, h. T8 South Division. 

Williams, A. D. barber and bathing saloon, American Block. 

Williams, Charles H. Walnut below Sycamore. 

Williams, Charles, clerk J. B. Bull A Co. b. Geo. Palmer. 

Williamsydb Co. white lead manufacturers, cor. D^ware and Vir^^nia. 

Williams, Douglass W. general agent, over 223 Main, h. two doors 

north Niagara Square BapSist Church. 
Williams Daniel, law student, £. C. Sprague, b. 53 Delaware, 
Williams, Edward P. cook. Clarendon. 
'Williams, Edward B. shoemaker, opp. Swan St Foundry. 
Williams, Elijah P. at Exchange office, 19 Court 
Williams, Frank, civil engineer, b. Mrs. John R. William& 
Williams, Freeman, barb», foot of Lloyd. 
Williams, Qeorge S. Seneca cor. Chicago. 
Williams, George, on the lake, h. North Division near Cedar. 
Williams, Gibson T. firm Williams <k Co. Main above North. 
Williams, Henry, Forest Avenue. 
Williams, Henry, Exchange near Chicago. 
Williams, Horace, firm Clark <fe Williams, b. 21 South Division. 
Williams, Horace, boatman, h. Fifkh near Court 
Williams, Ltaiah T. attorney at law, over poet-office, b. Amerifisa. 
Williams, John F. l)onnet merchant, 265 Main, h. same. 
Williams. John, Morgan near Eagle. 
WILLUMS, JOHN W. A CO.^ggJstai, 180 Um.^-Seeaeh.p, 68l 



Williams, John W. firm J. W. W. A Co. kDelawHre ftboye Chippewi. 

Williams, James, Forest Arenua 

Williams, Jacob, mason, h. 166 Oak. 

Williams, John B. book-binder, 188 Main. 

Williams, John, grocer, h. Gay near Michigan; 

Williams, John, coppezsmith, 194 Washington. 

Williams, John, coppersmith, h. 179 EUicott. 

Williams, John, shoemaker, h. 174 East Seneca. 

Williams, John, carman, h. cor. Seventh and HospitaL 

Williams, Rer. James M. pastor Vine st chureh, K Wm. below Vfmxm. 

Williams, Joseph, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Seneca 

Williams, Joseph O. law student, b. Tremont house. 

Williams, Leonard, on the lake, h. Seneca, Hydraulica 

Williams, Lewis, lockmaker, h. 16 Chippewa. 

Williams, Mrs. John R. Delaware near Huron. 

Williams, Mrs. widow of Thomas R. 230 CarroUi 

WiUiaiDS, Marcns, l^joiksom near Chioaga 

WILLIAMS, O. H. P. shoe store, 72 Lloyd, h. 35 ElMcottH8^<i«fc.ifc 84. 

Wiltiains, Ortis, teamster, Bidwell, Banta A Co. h. across the erssk. 

Williams, Orson Y. engineer, h. coi*. Ge<xrgia and Fifth. 

Williams, Oscar, law student, b. Tremont. 

Williams, Perry D. whitewasher, h. Potter near WtUiam. 

Williains, Richard, com. mer. 18 Central Wharf, b. Americaa. 

Williams, Robert L. clerk, Lee, Abell <fc Co. h. 57 Delaware. 

Wilb'ams, S. F. intelligence office,'adjoining IT. S. Botel. 

Williams, Samuel, ci^ar maker, 62 Main, h. Morgan near £agl9. 

WiUiams, Skinner, clerk, 72 Lloyd, b. 57 East Eagle. 

Williams, Thos. coach painter, h. 499 Washington. 

Williams, Watkius, carriage manufacturer, 499 Main, h. 33 W. Tipper. 

Williams, Capt Wm. b. Western. 

Williams, Wm.' banker. White's Bank, 146 Main, h. Main above Chip. 

Williams, Wm. shoemaker, 55 Lloyd, h. Cliuton near Michigan* 

Williams, Wm. coachmaker, h. 82 Chippewa. 

Williams, William, carman, h. cor. Seventh and HoiB^itaL 

Williams, Wm. ship carpenter, b. J. Chamberlain, sr. 

WiUiams, Wm. coachmaker, b. Watkins Williams. 

Williams, Zebulon, book-keeper, 14b M|uln, b. Clarendon. 

Williamson, Joseph, jr. shoemaker, 48 Ohio, h. Louisiana near Elk. 

Williamson, Ely, PrestBuff. Steam Engine Works, h. Batavia n. Oak. 

Williamson, Jane, widow of George, cor. FrankUn and Tnpper. 

Williamson, George, with D. Belden. 

Williamson, Joseph, sr. with J. Williamson, jr. 

Williamgon, John, laborer, h. Cotton Factory. 

Williamson, James, baggageman, B. <k K. FaUs freight depot* 

Willing, Richard, book-lfeeper, Lee, AWU <& Ca h. 185 S£ Sei 

Willis, Michael, ^ip carpenter, h. IS'inth n««r York. 

Willis, George W. tailor, cor. Chestnut and Nerth Diiwogi. 

Willis, Reul^n, engineer, h. Carroll near LouisiaxMi. 

Willison, Samuel B. printer. Commercial Advertiser offiosk 

Williston, A. Q. barkeeper Raiboad Hotel 

t80 0(»ciaB0i4L ADirmBrmmR Dnsorosr* 

WOloiifl^bT, Gapt. Qwrge, h, ClAreodon. 

Willrich, Michael, shoemaker, h. 117 Oak. 

Wilaej, Daniel, Chicago near CanoU. 

Wilaon, Adam, mariner, h. Fulton near Chicago. 

Wilson, Alfred, finisher, 200 Main> b. 31 Pine. 

Wilson, Benjamin, fireman on the lake, h. Peny near MisniasippL 

Wilson, GeoiKe, hackman, h. 191 Exchange. 

Wilson, Guilford R. firm Q. R. W. dk Ca h. Main cor. Topper. 

Wilson, G. W. teleg^sph operator, b. 36 West Seneca. 

Wilson, G. R. ^ Oo. coal and iron jard, Ohio cor. Miasinippi 

Wilson, Harmann A. cabinet maker, h. William below Union. 

Wilson, James, clerk. In A. Blossom. 

Wilson, Jas. W. Niagara near Mohawk. 

Wilson, James, saloon keeper. Mansion* 

Wilson, Joseph H. 31 Pine. 

Wilson, John, ship carpenter, h. 92 Clinton. 

Wilson, Leonard, insurance aeent,4Spauld. Exchange, b. 33 Ellicott 

Wilson, Marj £. widow of John C. 94 Niagara. 

Wilson, Matthew, portrait painter, Townsend Hall* b. Mias Cntkr. 

Wilson, Mia. widow of Charles A. 375 Michigan. 

Wilson, Mariott, pattern maker, h. cor. Morgan and Huron. 

WiJaon, Marj J. widow, 95 East Seneca. 

Wilson, Robert, turner, b Mrs. E. Watson. 

Wilson, Wm. in Terrace market, h. Nichols Alley. 

Wilson, Wdl H. melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. 31 Pinei 

Wilson, Wm. ship carpent^, h. rear 7 Beak. 

Wilson, William, mariner, h. 454 Micbigan. 

Wiltgen, Henrj, shoemaker, Batavia cor. Aah. 

WincheU, Capt Joseph W. h. 76 Sixth. 

Windsor, Francis, blacksmith, h. Folsom near Kinney. 

WING ^ CO. last maken, 8 £xchange.--<SiM ath, jk 84 

Wing; Charles J. firm Wing <b Co. h. 39 Oak. 

Wing, Horace, jr. firm Wing A Co. h, 37 Oak. 

Win^eld, Walter, F. law student, Eli Cook, b. 170 FnnkliB. 

Winkler, John, laborer, h. 128 Sycamore. 

Winkler, George, chair maker, 269 Main. 

Winkler, Catharine, confectioner, 143 Elm. 

Winn, l^stram. Union near Clinton. 

Winne, Charles, x. d. h. cor. Washington and Eagle. 

Winne, Oswald, wagon maker, 78 East Seneca. 

Winship ds Atkins, oyster dealers, under Gothic HalL 

Winship, James, firm W. A Atkins, h. 56 Oak. 

Winslow, Le Roy M. clerk, 338 Main. 

Winter, Henry, tailor, h. Lafayette near Washington. 

Winter, John, laborer, h. Washington near Virginia. 

Winter, John, tailor, h. Lafayette, near Washington. 

Winter, Conrad, Ketchum Alley. 

Winter, Michael, cigar maker, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Winter, John, tobacconist, h. Ash near Genesee. 

Winter, J. Ma r shall , clerk, Isaac S. Newton, b. 42 JackioiL 


Winter, Micliael, sr. Asli near Sycamore. 

Winteler, Michael, clerk, 21 Main, b. 259 East Swan. 

Wippert, John G. tailor, h. Spruce above Sycamore. 

Wirt, Joseph O. tinsmith, h. Elm nem* GkKxlelU 

Wirt, Jacob, joiner, b. P. Messner. 

Wirth, John, laborer, h. 137 Oak. 

Wirth, Joseph, Elm near QoodelL 

Wirth, John, mason, h. Pratt near Batavla. 

Wiscoffer, Stephen, clerk, 222 Main, h. Camp. 

Wissel, Adam, tailor. Hickory near Genesee. 

WiswdUl, Daniel H. firm Candee, Renwick <b Ca h. Palmer cor. Va. 

Withers, William, shoemaker, h. 221 Pearl. 

Witmore, John, porter, 56 Main, h. 63 Main. 

Witrom, Ferdinand, tailor, h. 37 East Genesee. 

Witt, Ludwig, lockmaker, 89 East Genesee. 

Witteman, George, Goodell near Oak. 

Witteman, John, laborer, h. Mortimer near Batayi& 

Wittmer, Sanmel, machinist, h. Walnut near Clinton. 

Wittner, Chi'istian, cigar maker, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Witty, Charles S. joiner, h. Tenth near Virginia. 

Woehnert, George J. clerk, b. 83 Elm. 

Wogan, Thomas, nail maker, h. Fourth near Georgia, 

Wolf, John J. gi-ocer, 428 Main. 

Wolf, Philip, laborer, h. Vermont near Seventeenth. 

Wolf, Jacob, engineer, h. Tonawanda near Niagara. 

Wolf, Jacob, blacksmith, h. Pratt near Batavia. 

Wolf <fe Loe^ler, harness and trunk makers, 362 Main. 

Wolf, Christian, firm W. <fc Loegler, h. 10 Huron. 

Wolf, John, teamster, h. 211 East Genesee. 

Wolf, Philip, shoe shop, 136 Hickory. 

Wolf, Mathias, laborer, h. Pratt near Batavia 

Wolf, Mattice, laborer, h. Cherry above Orange. ' 

Wolf, Frederick, shoemaker, 45 East Genesee, 

Wolf, Michael, grocery and shoe shop, cor. Hospital and Courl 

Wolf, Frederick, on the lake, h. Hickory near Clinton. 

Wolf, Christian, blacksmith* h. Michigan above Batavi& 

Wolf, John, shoemaker, b. corner Court and Sixth. 

Wolf, John, mason, h. Ash near Syacmore. 

Wolf, John, laborer, h. 211 East Genesee. 

Wolf, Charles, baker, h. cor. Union and William. 

Wolf, Henry, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Folsom. 

Wolf, Christian, Hickory near Batavia. 

Wolf, John, ^oemaker, h. 195 East Genesee. 

Wolfer, Godfrey, b. Hiram Dascomb. 

Wolfert, Frederick, carpenter, b. Maple near Bmi»n Alley. 

WolflF, Christoph, barber, cor. Genesee and Hickory. 

Wolff, Margaret, midwife, comer Genesee and Hickory. 

WoUer, Joseph, grocer, cor. Michigan and Tupper. 

Wollfle, Gottlieb, clerk, b. John Rebstock. 

Wollenb«rg, Coxurad, laborer, ^^ 442 Michigan. 


MI oomotaoui. isrsftTnxB pna or o mr^ 

Wotter, Henry, Bhoemaker, h. 196 Elm. 

Wolyerton, Cspt. George W. 103 Nintih. 

Wommer, John, abfoemaker, 315 East Genesee. 

Wood, William N. blackanutli, h. 177 Delaware. 

Wood. Asa D. contractor, h. 210 PearL 

Wood, Francis, S. clerk, O. 0. Steele, h. 130 Soath 

Wood, Joel, boroe dealer, b. 104 CarroU. 

Wood, William» joiner, h. 35 Elm. 

Wood, Francis P. Niagara near Franklin. 

Wood, Amos A. blacksmith, cor. Carroll and MichignL 

Wood, Jonaa, engineer, h. Mason near Auburn. 

Wood, James L. mariner, h. Illmois near SlK. 

Wood, George, cabman, b. 99 East Seneca. 

Wood, Clark Q. runner. Merchants' HoteL 

Wood, John M. clerk, 230 Main. 

Woodard, Bamet, book-keeper, Buir dr Waters, 5 YiniBb 

Woodburj, Hiram, melodeon maker, h. 327 Ellicott 

Woodbury, George A. melodeon maker, b. H. Woodbury. 

Woodbum, Richard, laborer, h. Delaware near Huron. 

Woodland, James, blacksmith, h. 437 Mi<^iigan. 

Woodley, John, barber, h. Lutheran. 

Woodruff, William, grocer, 13 East Seneca, h. 31 CarroU. 

Woo<htiff, James E. l>elaware near Allen. 

Woodruff, SaoLuel^ baker, 392 East Seneca. 

Woodruff, Mrs. S. widow of Josiah, b. 16 Sixth. 

Woodruff, Wm. H. blacksmith, h. Hydraulica 

Woodruff, Alva, baker, h. 394 East Seneca. 

Woods, Stephenson, builder, h. 156 Pearl. 

Woods, David, joiner, Niagara between Georgia and Carolina. 

Woods, John, blacksmith, Main near North. 

Woods, Thomas, cor. Exchange and Heacock. 

Woods, James, on the lake, h. Walnut below Genesee. 

Woods, Patrick, laborer, h. Court near Fourth. 

Woods, Francis, truckman, h. Indiana cor. Perry. 

Woods, David, Ninth near Carolina. 

Woods, John, blacksmith. Main cor. Chippewa. 

Woodward, William H. bonnet warehouse, 159 Main, b. 33 R Swan. 

Woodward, Sarah, widow, 17 Batavia. 

Woodward, Albert T. North Division near Cedar. 

Woodward, Elbert A. clerk, 227 Main. 

Woodward, Warner A Ca ship joiners, cor. Water and ship canaL 

Woodward, Stephen W. firm W ., Warner A Co. h. Perry n»r Hayward. 

Woodward, Oscar B. firm W., Warner «k Co. h. Perry near Hayward. 

Woodward, David M. boarding house, 189 Washington. 

Woodward, Royal S. chair maker, b. William Hastings. 

Woodward, Alonzo, b. 9 Court 

Wood worth, George W. pedler, h. 23 OLio. 

Woolfenden, Edward, grocer, 160 Exchanga 

Worle, Michael, boatman, h. cor. Washington and Tupper. 

Wormwood* Chafes, mer. tailor, ctar. Water and CoiaU h. 19 Sixth. 

ooaoaROiAL aoyxkosxr pntxoToar. SS8 

Womer, John,8hoemaker, h. 169 East Seneca. 

Worsfield, George, aaddler, 123 Mais, b. 4 Oak. 

Worst, Charles, jeweler, h. 43 East Genesee. 

WorthingtoD, Samuel £. prod. com. mer. 22 Cen. Wli'f, b. Atnerieati* 

Wright, Ghauncey L. book-keeper, James C. Evans, h. 26 Delaware. 

Wrigl^t, Thomas H. clerk. Daily Republic. 

Wright, Charles F. druggist, 398 Main, h. 45 Seyenth, 

Wright, William F. caipenter, h. 372 Michigan. . 

Wright, Willis, on the lake, h. 107 Carroll. 

Wright, Thomas, fancy millinery store, 236 Main, h. 154 S. Division. 

WBIGHT, CLARK <fe CO. importers wine and liquors, 86 Main.--* 

See adv. p. 53. 
Wright, Josiah P. firm. W, Clark A Co. h. Kiagara Square. 
Wright, John Edward, firm Lowell & W., Johnson Place. 
Wright, James, clerk, 236 Main, b. 154 South Diyision. 
Wright, Maiden, blacksmith, h. Niagara near Hudson. 
Wright, E. with Cutler A Deforest, b. 71 South Division. 
Wright, Mrs. Slmira, 34 Blossom. 
Wright, John D. clerk, 190 Main, b. U. 8. Hotel. 
Wright, HeniT A. machinist, h. Elk cor. Alabama. 
Wright, Smitn & Co. contractors, over 190 Main. 
Wright, James, joiner, h. 200 South Division. 
Wright, Andrew R. medical student, N. H. Warner, b. SOO S. Dir. 
Wright, Isaac, shoemaker, h. Fourteenth near Connecticut. . 
Wright, Edward, joiner, h. Louisiana cor. Miami 
Wright, Stephen S. teamster, h. Porter near Van Renaselaer. 
Wright, George, on the canal, h. 8 Mechanic. 
Wuerthner, Erhart, barkeeper, N. Henry. 
Wuerthner, Jacob, Hickory near Clinton. 
Wuest, Frederick, clothier, b. 162 Genesee. 
Wuest, Adam, tailor, h. 144 Elm. 
Wufka, George, laborer, h. Walnut near Batavia. 
Wulfsofi, Hermann, clerk, 3 Commercial, b. U. S. Hotel 
Wunsch, Charles, carpenter, b. 6 Rock. 
Wurst, Frederick, joiner, h. Spruce near Genesee. 
Wurster, George, grocer, Washington near Perry. 
Wurster, John, blacksmith, b. G. Wurster. 
Wurz, Philip J. f^maceman, h. rear 104 Batavia. 
Wybrantfl, George, finisher, S. Shepard. 
WyckofF, Cornelius 0. m. n.-ofiicfe and h. 4 Erie. 
WyckofiF, Ogden, telegrapherr^t Speed's, b. 66 East Swan. 
Wyllie, Andrew, pattern maker, h. Elm near Louisiana. 
Wylie, John H. piano forte maker^ h. 87 Clinton. 
Wynhammer, Jacob, wine dealer, ^9 Main, b, 267 Main« 
Wynhammer, Mrs. shirt maker, 267 Main. 
Wynhammer, James G. wine dealer, 309 Main. 


SMer, Francis, blacksmitii, h. Hi^ new Jeffemm. 



Tale, Jolm B. 53 East Swan. 

Tatea, Wm. hatter, 202 Main. 

Yaw A Son, grocery, 44 Main. 

Tarky, Philip, laborer, h. Swan near B. R. 

Tatea, Robert, b. Genesee House. 

Taw, Ambrose P. firm Yaw A Son, h. 526 Main. 

Yaw, George R. firm Yaw <fe Son, b. 526 Main. 

Yax, Jacob, grocer, cor. Oak and Tapper. 

Yax, Nicholas, mason, h. Spruce near Genesee. 

Yaz, Darius, joiner, at Eaton's Planing Mill, h. Georgia b^w Sixth. 

Yeley, Jacob, teamster, h. Tupper near Virginia. 

Yoky, Philip, porter. Hart, Newman A Co. 

York, Michael, ship carpenter, h. Smith Block, Seneca. 

YQuell, George, lumber merchants, Erie near the CanaL 

Young, Benjamin F. 204 South Division. 

Young Charles, melodeon maker, 200 Main, h. 456 Michigan. 

Young Men's Association, American Hotel Block. 

Young Men's Christian Union, cor Main Mohawk. 

Young, Charles E. bookbinder, 159 Main, b. 124 East Swan. 

Young, William F. hatter, h. 122 East Swan. 

Young, Abraham, whitewasher, h. 79 Cedar. 

Young, Hugh, carman, h. Chippewa junction Gewgia. 

Young, Catherine, widow, 246 Franklin. 

Young, Belinda, widow of Foster, 153 East Swan. 

Young, Peter, clerk Railroad Hotel, h. 284 East Seneca. 

Young, Michael, joiner. Oak above Tupper. 

Young, Eliza, mUliner, 328 Main. 

Young, Anthony, saddler, 1 East Genesee, h. 231 Elm. 

Young, Frederick H. bowling saloon, h. 25 Jackson. 

Young, John, plumber, h. 93 Ellicott 

Young, William, b. Pearl Street House. 

Young, Nicholas, b. 144 East Seneca. 

Young, Nicholas, grocer, 83 Elm, h. 69 Sycamore. 

Young, Abraham, tailor, h. Main above Bui'ton Alley. 

Young, Elias, saddler, b. 231 Elm. 

Young, Joseph N. with D. B. Castle, b. 29 PearL 

Young, Peter, tailor, 13 Main. 

Young, Joseph J. clothier, h. 54 Exchange. 

Young, Joseph, printer, b. 148 Franklin. 

Young, Michael, agent, John Bissell, b. S. Norton. 

Young, Samuel, Swan below Michigan. 

Younglove, Abigail, widow of Robert, 168 Seneca. 

Yout, Joseph, moulder, h. Sycamore cor. Walnut 

Yunger, Charles, EUicott near Goodell. 

eomnEMCikis jjyvzKmmu oxsKmntr. MS 

Zabel, John, shoemaker, 203 East Qenesee. 

2abel, Edward, shoemaker, 202^Ea8t Genesee. 

Zabel, Gottfried, laborer, h. Michigan near Burton Alley. 

Zabel, William, bootmaker, Erie near Main. 

Zacher, Martin, butcher. Hickory near Guenther AlleT. 

Zacher, Conrad, boiler maker, h. 555 Michigan. 

Zaepfell, Martin, cor. Tupper and Ellicott 

Zahm, Michael, laborer, h. 96 Seventh. 

Zahm, Peter, mason, h. Milnor near Batavia. 

Zahm, Michael, joiner, h. 96 West Tupper. 

Zahm, John, tailor, h. 28 Seventh. 

Zahn, John, joiner, h. 225 Elm. 

Zanck, Daniel, grocer, 209 Oak. 

Zebee, William, blaclosmith, 185 Terrace. 

Zehnter, Charles, laborer, h. 94 Cedar. 

Zehnter, Baptist, tailor, h. 287 East Genesee. 

Zeiler, George, mason, h. Ash near Batavia. 

Zeiler, John, tailor, b. M. Forster. 

Zeilmann, Jtjlhn, laborer, h. Hickorv near William. 

Zeimet, John, tailor. Walnut near Batavia. 

Zeitz, Mrs. Widow of Michael, Cherry near Spruce, 

Zeitz, Francis, bricklayer, h. Cherry near Spruce. 

Zeiler, Moritz, tailor, h. 429 Michigan. 

Zelloz, John, locksmith, b. 368 Main. 

Zerfas, Peter, fumaceman, h. Pratt near Genesee. 

Ziegler, Michael J. carpenter, h. Ash near Sycamora 

Ziegler, Philip, 1 Niagara. 

Ziegler, John, laborer, h. 282 Franklin. 

Ziegler, George, High near Jefferson. 

Ziegler, Eichert, mason, h. Pine near Batavia. 

Zietz, Michael, shoemaker, h. Cherry near Spruce. 

Zill, Gteorge, stone cutter, h. cor. Batavia and Ash. 

Zillig, John G. grocer, cor. Bennett and William. 

Zimmer, Jacob, grocer, cor. Genesee and Ellicott 

Zimmer, Joseph, tailor, h. Spruce near Genesee. 

Zimmer, Mattaias, laborer, h. Spring near HoUister. 

Zimmer, John, watchman, h. Spi-uce near Batavia. 

Zimmer, Christian, clerk, Casper Blqiler. 

Zimmer, Gustavus, shoemaker, Niagara near Auburn. 

Zimmer, Martin, laborer, h. Elm near Genesee. 

Zimmer, Martin, laborer, h. HoUister near Mortimer. 

Zimmerman, Geo. lumber yard, cor. Genesee and Mich. h. 153 Oak 

Zimmerman, Balthaser, cor. Genesee and Michigan. 

Zimmerman, Christian, cap maker, 169 Main, h. 552 East Qene§9$, 

Zimmerman, Frederick, at Eaton's planing mill. 

Zimmerman, George, laborer, h. Sycamore near Hickory. 

Zimmerman, Henry, derk^ C. Vollmer. 


M6 ooMMiBOUL AiyrsBXiant dxhsotobt. 

Zimmermaii, Jacob, capmaker, 169 Main, h. 77 Bennett 

Zimmerman, Jacob, at JSaton's planing milL 

Zimmerman, Jacob, at lumber yard, h. 165 Oak. 

Zimmerman, John, jr. carpenter, h. Bennett below Bataris. " 

Zimmerman, Martin, laborer, h. 120 Pine. 

Zimmerman, Mrs. widow of Valentine, Pratt near Clinton. 

Zimmerman, Philip, fumaceman, Jewett and Koot 

Zimmerman, Valentine, Palmer's tannery. 

Zimmerman, Wm. joiner, h. Genesee cor. Elm. 

Zimmerman, Wm.Henr7, joiner, h. 34 IJnion. 

Zimmerman, William, County Clerk's office, h. 93 Sycamore* 

Zimmerman, William, with Keogh <fe Co. 

Zimpfer, Geo. furnaceman, h. Hickory near Batavla. 

Zimpfer, Martin, engineer, Eagle furnace, h. Pratt near Clintoa. 

Zink, Frantz, grocer, 573 Main. 

Zink, George, grocer, Niagara north of MaasachusettB. 

Zinkel, John, grocer, Seneca, Hydraulics. 

Zianer, Elizal^th, widow of John, Main cor. VirginiaL 

Zinns, Frederick J. tailor, h. 71 Batavia. 

Zinsheimer, Henry, cigar maker, 169 Washington. 

Zipp, Peter, joiner. Pine near Clinton. 

Zipae, Chriatian, shoemaker, 91 East Genesee. 

Zipee, Christian, laborer, h. 91 East Genesee. 

Zittel, Louis, clerk, 0. VoUmer. 

Zitter, Joseph, mason, h. Bennett below BatayiSL 

Zoebeli, Casper, laborer, h. Cedar near Batavia. 

Zolinden, Gottlieb, 52 East Genesee. 

ZoU, John, jr. tailor, h. Pine below Batavia. 

Zoog, Joseph, watchman, h. Weaver Alley. 

Zorn, Michael, laborer, h. Mulberry near Goodell. 

ZXJCE k, BROTHERS, tin and coppersmiths, 24 Commercial. 

cdv.p. 96. 
Zuck, Daniel, firm Z. <fe Brothers, b. 12 North Division. 
Zuck, Jacob, firm Z. <fe Brothera, h. North Division above Pine. 
Zuck, Joseph, upholsterer, 307 Main, h. 12 North Division. 
Zuck, John R. npholsterer, 307 Main, h. 12 North Division. 
Zu^k, Reuben, firm Z. A Brothers, b. 12 North Division. 
Zudeck, (lenry, tanner, h. 110 Clinton. 
Zwierlein, Marcus, laborer, h. Michigan near Burton Alley. 
ZwilUng, George, boarding house, cor. Terrace and LocIl 



?!jei»ci|^K|ts f(t}^ ?i(f^ii)i|f^cfi|i*et'3 

m THS 



« • 



■a. SS8 BmadwT, mtr ThnnpHn'i Balaon, 

Ciy bo ^mikr ot^lkbiaeiit dther in thk cutmtrj or in E«nv*. 

oor, tbin fbrnihiit k i . _ . 

._.. , jtSoDwiththe (ddGall«7« 

Bnuwij, omlAlDi a nutehleia ctdlecttDD of Di^oerRMjpH of Amiricsa ukd 
SnttmHn cvlftbritiH, unnqUMled on thi» cqntineDL Iti ^ddidDD to nriont Hocdak i%- 
sdl td In Mrw York fbr tbe bcM I)aBiairRD(n«> > >I»dil wu >WH<M U UH VoWl 

Th^jEfffiUM Mr tb* : 
OpeidliDf Hoomi an 





VelsranyUth^lftO. June 22d, 1862. FebniU738dt]t5& 

lUi nadiine is naore simple and darable in its mechani8iii» less liable to get wA of 
repair, and bettw adapted for doing with the greatest speed and certainty, aU vaiietiet 
of sewing in doth and katber, and ia«tmg^t, oacred, or irregular seams ttaaaanj 
other. ' 


«nd flie same machine can be naed at pleasure upon cloth or leather. The ititcb |0 
wholly cKUKB AHT 0TH8R. It IS formed by two needles supplied with thread fron^ 
•tationary spools of vaj mae desired. Only one of the needles pierces the fttbrib 
•ewed, and the threads are securely tied tooethbk and fastrvbo at bach aancK, 
Ibrmii^ a seam, which wiU not rip^ ftr stronger, more elastic and beautUtilllian aoj 
other. This is the ONLY MACHINE which makes a &ir stitch with two needles 
supplied from spools. Our patents are upon the stitch itself, and all praotieabls 
inodes of making it. 

All parties making, using, or vendkig machines, levrfof? ftom spoob ivith two 
fringe direct^ our patents, and wiU be dealt with accordingly. 

We manufacture many aises and Tsrietiea of nukddnes sdi^tod to iim diflhtenfc 
wants of community. 

Xriees of axngU Xaduaast iwAvdiiig Treadle Power and rlgkt ta «ai^ 
front $60 to $150, aooordmg to flie and style. 

Baeh madxlne is warranted, threaded ibr use, and securely boxed fbr tnmspoortar 
tion to any distance, accompanied with ftill directions for using. PBaf>hlcts 0( ii itrfa 
tag drawings, descriptions, and prices of each machine, witli NUfitEJiOUB TBSTJr 
MONIALS FROM PARTIES USING THEAf. sent to all who desue. 

JBnlmJM Mifkitforsah mpmi l^eral termt, 


Patentees and 8dle JCasnftotnxink 

mEW TORK» 94 Ohm 
mwnWSf HnygksS 

S90 mw TOBX AjrrxRTaKMxms. 



Witar Btne^ bet Kaiden Xam isd WftU Street, H. T. 





Art J FDl* PnpTirimtr 


TIm Stfe, to which was awarded tliU dig) 
»b-Te, together with the largest assortment of FIRE PROOF SAFES 
in th« world. Where, bIbo, the World's Fair Medal con he etamioed 
aod compared with the Qold Medal awarded the Bubscriber by tba 
American Institute.for the Beet FJre Proof Iiod ijafe exhibited at tha 
Tlit, in :f ew Tork, last October. 

Tb« Sobeeriber ii the proprietor, by pnrchaBe, of HALL'S CELE- 
Idedal at the World's Exhibltlun. No other Safe maker in the State 
CMl fuTsiah one withoot vitilBtiD); the Patent Law. 

SILAS C. HERRING, Nob. 135, 137 and 139 W»t«r St 


83 Jamim StrtH, Batfata. 

xaw TOBK 

Walker's Warmiiig and Ventilating i^imaoe. 

C»oklDff Euffe. LeHari . 

GEO. WALE£B, 89i Leonard Street, near Broadway, K.T 





£1. ar. a»n.-3ro3>ar cfc Oo- 


Agricultural Implements, 

Tegetable, Flower, Fruit, Tree and Grass Seeds, Greenhouse PlaBtSr 

Fruit, Erergreen, and Ornamental Trees, Guano and 

Fertilizing Powders, and Bulbous Roots. 

•8 €!haambers Street, JTetr J^arkm 

& «. nrOK. X. B. FSAXKLDr. O. P. vooo. 



(Secured bj Letters Patent,) for enclosing, 



Of greater strengtli, beautj, and cheapness than the wooden bridges 
ordinarily in use. The Composite Iron Railing is stronger and mors 
durable than the ordinary Wrought Iron Railing, susceptible of all 
the elaborate beauty of the Cast Iron Fencing, and cheaper than the 
Wire Railing. 
For particulars and sketches of designs, address 


fliMe ioaex fettexih L ftr icon Bail, wd A. 1^ Atiaotio BaO^ 




JTo. 71 Gold Sireety 

Between Beelanan and Spnioe Streeti, V. T. 

Cables, §ril5, "^m^ €m%, 




Cor4t Pod Boards, Bule Boards, Spaaash Fios^ fta &o. 
In Mhortf everything in the trade ahaaya on hani 

Persons at a distance can, by letter, haye all their orders at- 
tended to, and filled, as well as if personallj inspecting th^n, either 
in repairing, or purchasing new goods. 


MHI© ^ IPlSlf lit 



Vor the BeMptkm and DeUreiy of Goods. 



(Rmttt ^tftptif px^tBt Drhirtd, hUnt, 


Silk and Wonted, Suuak and TtLonm CiattaaM, 



Dyed and Piniahed in fhe BeBt Manner. 

Silk and SUk Dresses Watered. 

XftUA Ooftn, Caipste, Hogs, te. deaosed and i>*^«<a^4 



D. M. E37IGHT & Go. 

Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 


JVom 53 Cedar Street^ up SUHrSf 

Between William and Nassau Streets, 

Are now prepared to offer you a large assortment of good Goods in 

their line« yiz : 

AU of the latest styles of Ba6k Combs, Twist Combs, Shell, Ba£blo, 
and Horn Side and Long Combs, English Horn Dressing 

Combs and Ivory Combs. 


Steel, Pearl, Gilt, Lasting, Bone, Agate, Metal, Thread, Linen, dec, 

Im Ihl'egd, &\n'r\\'$ Spool Coffor}, %ubk9, 

Tina, Boclka and Eyes, Elaatics, Wltaleboiie, 


Stay Binding, Stay Laces, Boot and Shoe Laces, TTm'tfwg 
Cotton, Franch Working Cotton, Snspendos, Scissors, 


With a yery laige variety of other small wares, Ac, 


The Subscribers pride themselves in keeping a good assortment of 
good Goods in their line, and will make it as much for your interest to 
purchase as theirs to sell, by selling erery article as low, and most of 
the goods much lower, than can bebougl^t at any other house in New 

1). M. KNIQHT Sl Co. 

Ho. 53 Cedar Street, up Stain. 

996 vsw TOBx iwnamMMSBt%. 



SOT mrmm O m mW i (WJjp MMrf,) 




Commiirian Merduata. 

They hare always on hand a large asBortment of DUtmamck 
PrecimM JStonea an Paper, Rich Jeutdry, Gold Chain», Wat^nu, Freinck 
mid German CMd Jeuietry, at wholesale. Diamond merchantSy man- 
ufiM^toring jewelers, and retail^?, are requested to apply to them for 
their supplies ; also, oommisswn merchants, "^o buy for other cities 
of the Statea 

Having their own houses in Paris and Milan, their prices are pro« 
portionate with those of Europe. 

Business done by letter with country Merchants. (Box 3409.) 

MENDEL BROTHERS, 307 Broadway. 


■ xi K«« fML Sprisc Street New T«rk. 

Thk subscriber, from an experience of over twenty Tears, in Eu- 
rope and this country, added to a thorough practical knowledge of 
his art, is enabled to offer this substitute for a lost limb, as Hfte b^ the 
foorld affurdi. 

Reference to Professor Y. Mott, and other eminent surgeons* in 
this city. 

•9MttO*t 4fttl91««4lt «4«9» 


So arranged that the wearer can open and shut the fingeiSr giw^S 
etc., by means of the remaining stump, 
■ffyrurther information on application, or by letter, post-paid* 







424.MIlll!lil!ii!iMlif!P!lliK!Hii "^i^^. 




1:^ ills ftr tjii Sislratlinii nf Hots mfit Mia,\ 

Within ftw minutes aitm beiufir thrown into their Tieinity. 

JPrineipai MBmp^t^ 434 Br^mdtmmtf^ JTett J^ortu 


•tf Mieaai fratn the "Pi^^rUts JPtHrm 

It win be seen by the following letter from the President of the United States, to E. 
Lyon, that (be Roysl Comndmioners of the World's Fur, held in London in 1661, have 
awarded him a medal, &c., for his specimens of Magnetic Powder, for the destruction 
of insects. The experiments made with his powder, in the Crystid Palace, excited the 
astonishment of all who witnessed, and it has ever since been a popular article in Great 
Britain. The original of the subjoined eommunication may be seen at the Centrid 
Depot for Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills, for the destruction of insects and 
▼ermin, No. 424 Broadway. 

(Copy ) ExEconvE Mansion, Washington, Jan. 31, 1853. 

7b E. LyoKj No. 4SA Broadwatft New York: Sir: I have the pleasure to inform yon, 
that a Jury of the Rt^ai Commissioners connected with the Exhibition of the Works 
of all Nations at L<mdon, in the year 1851, m consideration of your having exhibited 
" q>ecimen8 of Magnetic Powder for tlie destruction of insecti^" has awarded you a 
Medal, Certificate, and a Copy of the Report of the Juries. 

These articles are in the possession of Col. Peter Force, of this city. Chairman of 
the American Executive Committee, and will be forwarded to you by such mode of 
conveyance as you shall sug^ifest. Very respectftilly, your obedient servant, 

(Sgned) MILLARD FILLMORE, Chairman of the Central Committee, U. S. 

pEXER Force, Chanrman of the Executive Committee. 

New York, October 5, 1850.— I have made a chemical examination of the Vegtta* 
hU Powden, prepared by Mr. Emanuel Lyon, for the purpose of destroying insects. 
I do not find it to contain anything deleterious to health, and what might Im consid- 
ered poisonous to the human species ; but it is very destructive to insects whenever 
they are forced to inhale the fine particles or dust occa^oned by throwing the powder 
forcibly in places whexe they frequent. JAMES R. CHILTON, M. I). Chemist. 

New York HosprrAL, June 1850— I have analyzed Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Pow- 
der, for the destruction of insects, and certify that it is entirely free from mineral or 
other corrosive poison. As tlie result of my examination, I would say that it is a 
combination of wious vegetable substances having a peculiar influence on tlfe insect 
kingdom, and that it may be used with perfect safety. In reference to its utility, its 
efitects are astonishing. I believe it to be a skillfully prepared substance by which a 
valnabls result is dbwned, which does eflfect what Mr. Lyon says, and is well deaerr- 
ing of public patronage. LAWRENCE REID, Professor of Chemistry. 

These articles rec^ved the PREHIITM at the Fidr of the Americaa lOBtitate in 
1848 and 1850. None are genuine unleai signed by, 





1853. /mA^_^ 1853. 




IieaTM AIImmij Dailj at 7 p. x. on airival of Expreas Train, and 
]f «w Tork Dadj at 6 p. x. from Pier between OortUuidt and lAbttrtj 
Streets ; connecting with tbe 




o X xo* o X x<r za .A. rr X 4 


And also, bj Rsflroad to 



Oiving the Greatest Possible Dispatch 

And comfort to Passengers, and at a Lower Price than bj anj other 
conveyance. The splendid steamer 


And another First Class steamer will compose the Dry Line to com* 
mence about the 15th May< 

For further particulars apply at the office of the People's Line^ ok 
tins Wharf between Oortlandt and Liberty sfereeto, New York. 


133H.O A/V Al Jbl cA? Oo. 

Gbraod, Semi-Orand and Six Octave DonUe Aotum Haipa, 
Ware Xooms SOJf BroaatBoy, 

A U« of prkw nsd ftKripUou cm be itcehtd t? nuil, ibigla yaiaft. 

J. F. BSOWIB, London •ndVevTwl;. 

400 inw rOBK ADTSBTISXlfEim. 



Tha only Patent Band in the United States. 

_ m 

These Bands are made from the best Oak Leather, 
are thoroughly stretched, and made to ran perfectly 
straight. They are cemented and riveted in such a 

manner as to make the joints stronger than the 

And whenever the required power is great, he 
would recommend his Inimitable Double Bands, 
which he can make of any power within one hundred 


Also, superior Lace Leather, with rivets, burrs, 
punches, sets, &c. 

The above articles can be furnished by applica- 
tion to 

Messrs. PRATT & Co. 

Hardware Merchants, Terrace St. adjoining the TTnited States Hotel, or to 

WUL K.UMBEL, Patentee^. 



PMSS WMll®lgS 





Offer for eale^ at extremely low prices, one of the largest and 
most desirable stocks that can be found in the United States, 
worthy the attention of al) krge and intelligent bnjers. 


Printtng Paper. 

Writins " 

O*loied •• 

Xavalop* - 

TIaRtte ** 

Plato " 

Bank Note " 

Siaed *• 

BauiciBg ** 

Oopylnff " 

Bkmlns ** 

Lithograpk " 

Mnsto •* 

Bilk ** 

Boaa * 

Pflteilng " 

Tack • 

Marble " 

Hattecaf ' 

Cloth *• 

BardwaM ** 

Tip « 

SampHnc ** 

ManiUa «• 

Sand •* 

Wrapping ** 

SlieatUag <• 

Sand** « 

Match Box *• 

Shoe «• 

Tea •• 

Tohaceo *« 

Carpet ** 

Candle *• 

Sugar Loaf •• 

BinderB' Boarda. 
Trank ** 

Band Bex " 
Bonnet " 
Strair « 

Card •• 


I ForPaptr ACak«n 

Wrapping Stock» 

Bope Cnttinga, 
Bleaching Powder, 
• Alnm, 
Soda Ash, 
OU of Vitriol, 

Coloring Materialfl, 

Fonrdrinier Wires. 
Wire Cloth, 
Screen Pljatea, 


Paper MaefalaeiT. 


Rope Cnttanb 


Engine Plateib 

Engine Bars, 


Deckle Straps 


Baling Pens. 


<^vd Sheets, 
Printers* Blaakeli^ 
Polishing Cloth, 
Printing Ink, 
flatin White, 
Preach Pal d Poiid'r 



Liberal advances made on Consignments of Paper and o&er Mer- 
chandise. Cash paid for Bags, and all other Paper Han* 
nfactorers'' Stock, at our Rag Warehouse, 



40d irxw TOBK ABTiBnpmJm^ 

iJto» Dealer in Homoogathlo Medicines and QomoBopatfiia^ Boob 

and Joumala 


Ib eompkto aed, or by aiiigle TJab, in Tinctarea, Dilntiim^aBd'I'ii;^ 
QTatioDs. Also, Pocket Cases of Medicines to suit all the Guides. 
Phjrsiciana' and Family Cases caiefully put up. Also, Arnica Tinc- 
ture and Amic« *^las(er, Urtica Urensr— a. spocific application for 

^i^>— — — ^— ■— — »— '* ■ !■■ » I .w ■ I I Mi l* r . > i p« » 

AMD mpoam of 

JITo. 145 Maiden. Lant, NEW YOBS. 


Importen, JDmIch^ Mid MaavfiKtmra of 


Office of Ghravesend Dye Wood XCUlfly 
WM. WAI^Ii & SOV, 

Patent Cardage KanafacturexB; 


Oillc«9 sea. J^Vwatl Mnee<» JTew Ite*. 



JrM|, ^ermair, €n^h\ & Jomtstic 

RHKiitTO cams, fisniis, TiHiiiis. 

/ AxLddtbnrOdods, tidtoblQftirKerehaiitTailorafttlothieMi. 

On the mbst favorable teroos. 

jr&9. 9diri01 Vnttiamgi. NBW TOBK. 


» ' A 



Imperten Mid Wlwletale Xtoalen in 

Hii 3111 at 

K. B. — ^A full assortment of EnglJsli, Frenoh, and Italian Pasteft* 
Pickles, Sauces, Mustard, Oils, Ac. always on hands^__,^ _ 


/ - 

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No. 101 ds 103 ttroad u%^ and SI07 Washinstoii Si^ 



Jas. Hemmings & Sons*, and B^ Bicha^* 


Jt*« 16 Maiden JLiMHe* 

Late 43 Jobb Street BIOHARD KlCHARUa 



■ni9 Union India Rubber Oonipan3r, 


SzchisiTe Htnuiacturers, under Good yearns patents, of 

Coata, Life PreaeiTen, Piano CoYero, 

Cloakflp Air Beds, Tarpaulino, 

Gapea, Pillows, Horse Ooyers, 

Caps, Cnshions, Surgical and 

Legpgina, Carriage Clotlis, Chemical Articles, Ac 

The goods made hj this Company are warranted to stand all 

P. M. WILSON, President. 
F. M. Shxpau>, Treasurer and Secretary. 



<BSvcttdar,M[\ caib atiftt ((art 0teel 0atu0 ^ SiitB 



JVb. 8 Lilerty Street, NEW YORK, 



104 Jlrirt Mt. ctr m tr mt jmmU U m M,mme, JTew IVr*. 



Oils for purposes of burning and lubricating, assorted sizes of 
Patent Sperm, Sperm and Adamantine Candles. 

QVft dB, ^^tfif SBv 91K9 




Particular attention to Levels and Transits for SurveyorB' use. 


Spetm and Whale Oil and Sperm Candle Haaiifiwtaiini. 

onue 189 nrant SireeU 

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Wholesale Grocer, and Dealer im Teas^ CoSee^ 


J^os. Y ana 9 Front sU NSW TORX. 



At tlie Termini of the HudBon BiTor, and IT. IT.Ik £riaS.Boadi. 

JOHir A. DAVIS, Proprietor. HEW YOBK. 

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A ihort Dlitanee from the Hudson Bi^er and Keir'I^Ditk k T£Ab 

Bailxoad Sepoti. 

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BBOASWAT, between Broom and Spring vts.VEWYOXK.